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CARWASH cum had formed the top

<HTML><FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>"Car Wash" (MMF, cons, oral, exhib)<BR> <BR>
WARNING: This is a complete work of fiction which contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. Any resemblance between this and a real event
is coincidental. If you are a minor you should leave this newsgroup
immediately. And if you are offended by this kind of material then.....why
the hell are you here?<BR> <BR> I wrote this story. You may save a copy of
it if you like. Please don't change it or sell it or pass it off as your
own work. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy.<BR> <BR> NOTE:
This is the sequel to the story "A Night Out". You can read the previous
story to get a little background but you don't need to.<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

"Car Wash"<BR>


Copyright 1999 by Velvet Rose<BR> <BR> My boyfriend Steve likes to
have sex in public. Mostly we did a handjob here and some heaving petting
there. We didn't do anything more than that up until a month or so back.
We had sex in his car in a theater parking lot just as some movie-goers
came out. It was real exciting and a big turn on, but Steve wanted more.
Getting caught was my biggest hang up. So I had to think of a way to
fulfill my guy's needs and be out of site. For a while it was all we
thought about.<BR> <BR> One Saturday afternoon Steve and I were out washing
his car. There's one of those self washers in the parking lot of my
building, with sprayers and sponges and all that. I was wearing a tank top
and cutoffs and Steve was wearing khaki shorts and light colored
T-shirt.<BR> <BR> "I think I'll go grab a sandwich. Want something to
eat?" Steve asked.<BR> <BR> "No thanks I'm almost done," I replied. We had
been standing on opposite sides of the car as we spoke. As I made my way
around the other side Steve had a big grin on his face.<BR> <BR> "What's so
funny?" I asked.<BR> <BR> He glanced down at my chest. When I looked down
I saw that the front of my shirt was completely soaked. I hadn't even
notice! You could see my tits and rock hard nipples right through the
flimsy material!<BR> <BR> "Oh shit!"<BR> <BR> I turned off the water and
looked around to see if anyone else was watching the peep show. The street
was just a couple yards away but I didn't see anybody. Steve took off his
shirt and tossed it to me. I opened the back-seat door so I could change
in semi-privacy. Steve was on the other side of the car door with his arms
resting on the edge.<BR> <BR> "Jesus, Carrie! You just love to give a show
don't you?" he teased as he tried to grab one of my boobs while I slipped
on the shirt. I slapped his hand away.<BR> <BR> It was pretty funny.
Imagine if someone had walked by and seen me like that! My boyfriend must
have had the same thought, judging by the growing bulge in his khakis. I
gave one last look around and pulled him inside the car. Once we got
inside we were all over each other. Our hands rubbing and squeezing any
body part we touched. I ran my fingers over his bare chest. I love men who have little or no chest hair. A whole lot of body hair in a big
turnoff for me.<BR> <BR> I leaned down and started flicking my tongue at
one of his nipples. This drives Steve crazy! I had just started sucking on his other nipple when we heard a noise that made us both jump. A car
had pulled up next to ours and two young guys got out to wash their
vehicle. They had parked less than six feet away from us. We both laughed.
The windows to our car were tinted. We could see them but they couldn't
see us.<BR> <BR> Steve pulled off his shorts and freed his hardening cock.
A drop of precum had formed at the top. His cock is 8 inches long and nice
and thick. I love to get on top and ride him. My pussy was aching to do
so right then but I had to wait. I was content to just suck on him while
people were outside the car. I started by licking his shaft up and down,
and then swallowing as much as I could. He started to moan softly as I
bobbed my head. His cock was now very stiff and pointing straight up. He
pulled my head of his dick and told me to take off my shorts. I slid them
off and leaned back against the car door.<BR> <BR> Steve spread my legs
apart, putting one leg over the seat and the other up against the back
window. He managed to bend down in the cramped space and come into contact
with my pussy. He immediately found my clit and sucked on it gently. I
had to bite my lower lip to keep from screaming! I was in ecstasy! The he
started to finger fuck my cunt. Soon he had two then three finger pumping
in and out of me. The car started to rock back and forth. No doubt that
the people outside noticed. When my orgasm finally hit me I couldn't keep
quiet any longer.<BR> <BR> "Fuck yes! Yes! Finger fuck my pussy! Fuck
me! Oh yessssss!"<BR> <BR> After I'd relaxed a little bit, I looked down at
Steve with my cum all over his face. He got up and kissed me hard, tasting
my juices. When we stopped I remembered the people outside. One guy had
left but the other was still working on his car. He kept glancing in our
direction as he worked.<BR> <BR> "Stevie, I don't care who is outside this
car. I want you to fuck me right now!"<BR> <BR> Steve definitely didn't
need any convincing. He held his cock in his hand and slid it into my
slick pussy hole. He moved his hips slowly, building up speed, and then
started to slam into me. His balls bounced off my firm ass. I was still
wearing Steve's shirt so I squeezed my tits through the material. Steve
was working hard and it showed with the sweat dripping off his body. We
were screaming and moaning so loud that I was sure that we could be heard
outside. Any passing by could tell what was going on just by the rocking
of the car!<BR> <BR> I had another earth-shattering orgasm as Steve pounded
my pussy. I could feel my cum seeping into the upholstery. A few seconds
later I could feel Steve's cock jerk a little and a rush of hot cum spray
inside me. We were both out of breath. I leaned up and kissed him again.
We stayed like that for about a minute or so. Steve slid his cock out of
me. He was still pretty hard. He sat down on the seat next to me.<BR>
<BR> "That was amazing Carrie! Whew! We gotta start having more sex in
this car."<BR> <BR> I laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. We looked
over to see if our audience was still there. He had finished his car wash
and was now leaning against his car and watching ours. His erection was
clearly outlined in his shorts.<BR> <BR> "Baby, I have an idea," I said to
Steve, "Let's have another go at it and let our peeping tom in on it
too."<BR> <BR> He obviously couldn't tell where I was going with this. But
he trusted me and was too horny to object. He nodded his reply while he
slowly stroked his cock. I rolled down my window and stuck my head out.
The young man looked very surprised to see me and embarrassed that he got
caught. "Hi there."<BR> <BR> "Uh, hey," he feebly replied. He looked
about 20 years old. He had dark, curly hair and a nice healthy build.<BR>
<BR> "Did you enjoy the show?" He nodded yes. I motioned for him to come
closer. "Listen, even after all that my boyfriend is still hard and wants
to fuck me again. And I hate to think of you out here all alone with a
hardon. So why don't I give you a blowjob while I get fucked from
behind."<BR> <BR> His eyes light up and he had a huge grin on his face. I
bet he never got an offer like that before and he definitely wasn't going
to pass it up. He told us his name was Jimmy and he'd love to do it. I
pulled my head back in and turned to Steve. He looked almost as surprised
as Jimmy. I kissed him and told him it would be fun. And with that I got
on my hands and knees with my head to the window.<BR> <BR> Jimmy unbuttoned
his fly and fished out his prick. It wasn't as thick as big as Steve's but
it was at least 7 1/2 inches long. It was quite hard and his cockhead was
deep purple. He held it in his hand and leaned in through the open car
window. Steve was moving around in the seat behind me. I moved my head
forward and took the juicy cock <BR> in front of me into my mouth. I
hadn't been with another man for sometime so a new cock to suck was a
welcome change. I managed to deep throat all of it without gagging. I
moved my head slightly back and forth, wanting to savor this new dick.
Jimmy moved his hips back and forth and gently fucked my face.<BR> <BR> I
felt Steve slip into my already cum-filled pussy. He kept most of his dick
inside me and gave me short, quick thrusts. At the same time Jimmy slowly
moved his cock in and out of my mouth. It was heavenly! I managed to
support myself with one hand and rub my clit with the other. We kept this
up for several minutes. Soon Jimmy and I were cumming at the same time.
He shot three good spurts of his seed down my throat. Steve came soon
after. cum dripped down my thighs. Steve collapsed breathlessly on top of
me and Jimmy clung to the side of the car. All of us panted loudly and
tried to calm down.<BR> <BR> When I finally opened my eyes I saw Jimmy's
softening tool hanging in front of my face and felt Steve's shrinking prick
still inside my drenched pussy. They were still recovering from their own
orgasms. I was drenched in sweat and my legs and cunt were sticky with
cum. The three of us were a real site. This had definitely been a great
day washing the car.<BR> <BR> THE END.<BR> <BR> </HTML>

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