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CATHY stretch pants made some velvety


The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

Cathy Takes Control By Cactus Juggler 1998

"Cathy, come on. Get off of me." I said to the beautiful Filipino girl sitting astride my chest.

"What's wrong Tom, are you embarrassed about being beat up by a girl?"
She asked sweetly as she clenched her thighs even harder against my arms
and head.

She had me trapped in a really humiliating position. I was on my back,
with my arms stretched out above my head. My arms were pinned in this
position by Cathy's thighs. She was sitting on my upper chest with her
crotch just touching my chin. It was humiliating, but erotic too. I mean,
my face was right in this gorgeous girl's crotch. It had started out with
me tickling her. She and I were studying in my apartment, and while we
were taking a break, I had started tickling her on the couch and soon she
was laughing so hard she was in pain. She kept telling me to let her up,
but I kept tickling her. Finally she managed push me off balance and off
of the couch. Well we ended up sort of wrestling around on my living room
floor and, before I knew it, I was lying there trapped under her as she
caught her breath.

"Come Cathy. Get off." I told her.

I struggled under her, but she had me pinned pretty well.

"Are you trying to tell me you don't like this?" She said.

As she said it, she reached down with both hands and pulled my face up
into her crotch!

"Do you think I don't know you've got the hots for me? It's pretty
obvious, you know." She told me, still pulling my face into her crotch.

She was right, I did have the hots for her. And I had for years. She
was gorgeous. She had the perfect body, slim in the middle and beautiful
curves every where else. She looked extra hot today with her skin-tight
stretch pants made of some velvety material and a really tight top
stretched over her big chest. I'd been trying to get in good with Cathy at
least a year before I had met my current girlfriend, Angie. Cathy was a
computer science major like me, and I'd helped Cathy so much with her
programming assignments that she had stopped even trying to write them.
she'd just tell me that she couldn't figure it out and I'd do it for her.
Angie didn't get along well with Cathy, and she'd freak out if she found
out I was writing Cathy's programs for her. I knew Cathy was using me, but
I loved being around her. At least I had until she went berserk. I gasped
for breath as she let my head fall back to the floor. She smiled down at
me, trapped there beneath her.

"You know you like it. I bet you wish I was naked, so I could really
rub my pussy in your face. That would be like a dream come true for you."
She said.

As much as it would normally have turned me on to have my face in her
crotch, it was still pretty humiliating to be trapped by a woman like I
was. I tried to buck her off of me, but she easily rode my body and kept me
pinned. She just laughed at my attempts to get free, and it made me even
madder. I tried to kick my legs up and grab her with them, but she just
scooted forward and avoided them. As she leaned down and slid forward she
sat her crotch right on my face! Suddenly I couldn't breathe as her crotch
settled over my nose and mouth, leaving only my eyes uncovered. She smiled
down between her thighs at me as I dropped my useless attempts to dislodge
her with my legs.

"Where'd you go, Tom?" She laughed down at me from her dominant

If I was humiliated before, well that was multiplied a thousand times
now. I found myself being smothered under the crotch of this beautiful
girl, and I was truly helpless to stop her. I was really not getting any
air, and I guess she could tell how frantic I was getting by the look in my
eyes, because she lifted herself up and let me catch a little breath.

"What's wrong Tom, are you having trouble breathing?" She laughed,
before sitting back down on my face.

She started to rub her crotch roughly up and back against my nose. My
nose was sinking deep into the crotch of her stretch pants and I could
*smell* her.

"Mmmmmhhh. You know, I *like* this! I think this is a good place for
you." She , as she continued to stroke herself on my face.

I was starting to get light-headed from the lack of air. I tried
uselessly to cry out but my cries were muffled under her. She must have
noticed something, she lifted up a little again and let me breathe. I
gasped for air under Cathy as her crotch hovered just above my face.

"That's it Tom, take a nice deep breath. Take a deep breath before
you've got my pussy in your face again. I'm going to get off on your
face." She laughed before settling back down on my face.

She returned to rocking forward and back, rubbing her crotch roughly in
my face. She began moaning slightly, using my face for her pleasure. The
knowledge that she was using my face to get herself off just made it all
the more humiliating. That she was using *me* like some sex toy for her
amusement. When she finally let me breathe again, she stayed off my face
long enough for me to manage a few words between sucking breaths.

"Cathy....please of me.....I can"t.....breathe..." I gasped

"I don't care. *I'm* enjoying this. I could do this all night." She
told me.

Cathy really began to rub her mound in my face as she settled into a
smooth rhythm, using my nose to get to herself off. It was like she had no
thought for my safety as she sat there atop me, using me. Soon I could
feel her wetness, even through her panties and stretch-pants.

"Take a breath, that's all you'll get." She told me, lifting herself up
for the briefest moment before sitting back down on my face.

She continued like that for a while, masturbating on my face until I
almost passed out, then letting me catch a breath before continuing. I was
getting weaker and weaker from the lack of oxygen as she all the while kept
rubbing herself in my face.

"God this is great. I could just ride your worthless little face all
night." She laughed.

As she continued to mash her crotch in my face I began to see flashes of
light as I approached black-out. Each time I thought I was going to pass
out she let me catch a breath again and it just went on and on.

"How are you doing down there?" She cooed to me as she lifted herself
off my face for a moment.

I couldn't even answer her, all I could do was gasp for breath. I was
barely conscious. Cathy lifted my limp head and pulled it up in her crotch
then let me drop back to the floor. I was totally helpless.

"I can just do whatever I want with you now. You're like a rag doll."
She mocked me as she jerked my head around.

"I think I'm going to get more comfortable." She told me as she climbed
off of me.

She stood up and began stripping off her pants! I was hardly in any
shape to fight her as I watched her step out of her stretch pants.

"I bet you've wanted to see my body for a long time now. Well here's
your chance to see my naked pussy!" She told me as she pulled off her
panties, leaving her shirt on.

"Angie....Angie will be....home soon.....please Cathy..." I begged her
between tortured breaths.

"That little bitch? Maybe I'll just throw her down and ride *her* face
too!" She laughed with an evil smile.

I tried to move, but I was just too weak to stop her. Cathy grabbed my
hands and easily pinned them down to the floor before she squatted down and
slapped her hairy muff in my face. She was *really* wet. My nose and
mouth were soon slick with her wetness as she began rocking back and forth
again. I was totally immersed in the aroma and sensation of her pussy grinding in my face.

"Well now that you've got it up close, how do you like it? I bet you
love it." She laughed.

After a while, she lifted up to her knees and let me breathe for a
moment. She grinned evilly down at me as I tried to catch my breath.

"Tell me that you love it." She ordered me.

"Cathy....please.....let me up...." I struggled to say.

My right temple exploded with pain as she slapped me with vicious force.

"I said, tell me that you love it." She told me angrily.

I wish I could say I wasn't, but I was afraid of her now.

" it." I said.

She didn't say anything else, she just sat back down on me and returned
to rubbing her wet sex in my face. Again my breath was at her mercy as I
smothered under her hot body. She finally let me breathe again, but now
only to change her position.

"Why don't we try this way?" She said as she turned around, facing my
feet as she returned to straddling me.

I found myself staring helplessly up as her absolutely perfect ass
descended towards my face. Grabbing my head between her feet to hold it
upright, she sat smoothly down onto my face. My face was jammed up into
the crack between her beautiful ass-cheeks as she smothered me in this new

"You've been kissing my ass, figuratively, for a long time now. Now
lets see how you like kissing it for real!" She laughed above me.

She had smothered the will out of me. I was weak and helpless. Broken.
I was terrified by this beautiful asian girl, awed by her total mastery of
me. I felt Cathy begin to caress herself, her fingers smacking me on the
chin as she stroked her wet pussy. Her ass ground down even harder onto my
face as she leaned back so that she would have better access to her crotch.
My whole world was ass now, her soft cheeks totally swallowing up my face.
Like something happening far away, I could barely feel and hear the obvious
sounds of Cathy's ever more urgent rush towards climax. I heard her crying
out as I felt her ass twitching convulsively on my face. She didn't let me
catch even the slightest bit of air during her lengthy orgasm, she just sat
there oblivious to the fact that I was smothering under her. I was
insignificant to her, just a toy for her to play with. My burning lungs
ached for air, and my brain was starved of oxygen. My vision flashed light
and dark as the darkness came to me...


I awoke groggily to find Cathy, now dressed, standing over me. She
looked more beautiful than I had ever seen her before. It was like she
glowed. She was perfect, and she knew it. My face was a little bit crusty
with her dried up juices and I could still taste and smell her aroma on me.

"From now on you're going to whatever I tell you, is that clear?" She
told me, nudging my head with her foot.

"Yes." I couldn't resist her.

"You've had a huge crush on me forever. And you've been doing my school
work for me. As well you should, I'm obviously better than you. You're
just a weak pathetic little moron. So it's obvious that the next step for
you is to become my slave." She told me.

Slave? Was she crazy? Before I could even tell her she was nuts, she
suddenly kicked me in the head!

"Kiss my foot." She ordered me.

I don't know why I didn't try to fight her, but I just meekly did what
she wanted. She held out her foot and I lavished kisses upon it, hoping to
avoid more pain. She had completely broken my spirit. Suddenly her
fingers were in my hair and she was yanking me up to my knees. Turning
around, Cathy held my head near her round behind.

"Now kiss my ass!" She commanded.

I soon felt the now familiar sensation of her beautiful ass on my face
as I eagerly buried my face in her rump. She put her hands on her hips and
started laughing at me as I knelt there behind her, kissing her ass.
Pushing me away, Cathy sat down on the couch and motioned for me to come to

"Crawl over here." She said, and I did it.

I was now kneeling in front of her at the couch. Reaching down, she
again yanked my hair painfully as she pulled my head so that I was looking
up at her.

"Now beg to be my slave. Beg to worship my beautiful body." She ordered
me haughtily.

"Please let me be your slave Cathy. Please let me worship your body." I
begged her.

"You're worthless. You deserve to be treated like dirt by a beautiful
woman like me, don't you?" She asked me.

"Yes Cathy." I answered, and she yanked my hair viciously.

"That's mistress Cathy. Do you understand?" She shouted at me.

"Yes Mistress Cathy." I managed quickly, my scalp screaming with pain.

Cathy threw her legs up over my shoulders and pulled my face down into
her crotch. Her thighs clamped down on my head and my face was pinned down
into her crotch. As I smothered once more in the crotch of this gorgeous
woman I could smell even stronger the scent of her arousal. She held me
there clenched between her thighs and ignored my muffled attempts to cry
out for my release. She easily held my hands in my still-weakened state as
I tried to struggle free. After my earlier experience under her ass, the
feeling of being asphyxiated immediately evoked complete panic in me. She
held me there, helpless, with my face wedged in her crotch with my ears
covered by her thighs, but I could still hear her laughter above me.
Suddenly she stopped laughing.

"Looks like somebody's home." She said to me.

Shit! That had to be Angie at the door. I frantically tried to
struggle free, but Cathy had no trouble keeping me on my knees in front of

"Hi Angie, how're you doing?" I heard Cathy say.

"What....Tom! What the hell is going on here?" I could barely hear
Angie saying with my face still rammed into Cathy's crotch.

"Nothing's going on. Tom's decided to become my slave-boy, that's all.
He's busy sniffing my pussy just now. Don't mind him." Cathy told her.

My face had been in her crotch for at least thirty seconds now, and I
was getting light-headed again. My struggles weakened as I began to pass
out again. I could hear the sounds of Cathy and Angie shouting, but the
words just didn't seem to register anymore. Suddenly I could breathe again
as Cathy pushed me away and stood up over me. I slumped, barely breathing,
against the couch with all the strength of a wet dishrag. I was vaguely
aware that Cathy and Angie were still shouting at each other, and then they
were fighting. I could only barely muster the strength to turn and see
what was happening as they grappled.

Angie was nowhere near as hot as Cathy, but she was still an attractive
girl. She was about the same height as Cathy, but slimmer. She had a
reasonably pretty face, but it seemed downright plain next to Cathy. While
Angie had a great butt and a slim figure, she was pretty small chested and,
again, having Cathy there to compare her to didn't help. They contrasted
sharply as they struggled, Cathy's dark brown hair and tan skin compared to
Angie's dirty blond hair and pale white complexion.

I lay there slumping against the couch, dazed and confused as I watched
them struggle. They were rolling around on the floor now, and it was easy
to tell who had gotten the upper hand. They were sorting of sitting facing
the same direction now, with Cathy's legs wrapped around Angie's midsection
from behind. While squeezing Angie's body with her legs, she also had both
hands wrapped up in Angie's hair. Angie was screaming at the pain Cathy
was inflicting on her. Cathy looked calm and confident as she totally took

"You're not so mouthy now, cunt." Cathy said as she continued to
viciously pull at Angie's blond hair.

I realized with a start that I found watching Cathy beat up Angie really
erotic. Cathy just seemed so powerful, so completely in control of

"Get off of me you bitch!" Angie shouted back as she fought desperately
to keep Cathy from ripping the hair from her head.

Angie's attempts to hold her hair down and stop the pain, just allowed
Cathy to get a better position, twisting Angie's body so that she was
trapped sideways in Cathy's scissoring legs. Angie realized too late what
the power of Cathy's thighs could do around her middle as she felt the air
getting squeezed from her lungs. Angie dropped her hands to Cathy's legs
and tried to pull them apart, but the asian beauty's legs were just too
strong. Again I was amazed at how erotic I found the sight of this
beautiful terror dominating my girlfriend.

"What's wrong, cunt? Can't breathe?" Cathy taunted her.

Cathy moaned as she applied even greater force to Angie's gut, shaking
the trapped girl's entire body with each savage squeeze. I was so weak I
was still only able to watch as Cathy tormented my girlfriend. Gasping for
air Angie made eye contact with me as she desperately fought to pry apart
Cathy powerful legs.

"!" Angie gasped out as Cathy continued
to squeeze the life out of her.

"Him? He's not going to help you. He's mine now, he's my slave. Look,
he's getting a hard-on just watching me beat your sorry ass." She laughed
at Angie.

I realized with a start that Cathy was right. Along with beginning to
regain my breath and strength, I was also sporting a bulge in my pants.
Cathy continued shaking Angie with her legs for another minute or so, and
Angie's struggles seemed to get weaker and weaker. When Cathy suddenly
twisted Angie around she was helpless to stop her. Now Cathy had Angie
scissored so that the two girls were facing each other. With both hands,
Cathy pulled my girlfriend's face down into her ample bosom. Angie's arms
and legs flailed about ineffectually as she found herself in the double
trouble of Cathy's crushing scissors and her smothering chest.

"This is what a real woman's tits feel like. I'm not built like a
little boy like you." Cathy mocked Angie's small chest as she smothered the
girl in her large bosom.

I could barely hear Angie's muffled cries now, as Cathy set about
smothering her with a vengeance. The whole time she jeered and taunted at
the helpless girl.

"Maybe I'll let you kiss them before I make you eat my pussy. You'd
love that, wouldn't you?" Cathy laughed at the now barely struggling girl.

"Mmmmmphh! Mmmmmmmph!" Came Angie's desperate muffled cries as she
began to asphyxiate.

Cathy finally let Angie's head go, and Angie was so weak she could only
lay her head their on Cathy's magnificent chest as she gasped for air.
Laughing at her, Cathy released her body scissors and pushed her victim's
head down. Grabbing Angie's wrists, Cathy held her arms out of the way as
she wrapped her legs around Angie's head. Letting her captive's wrists
drop, Cathy pulled the girl's face deep into her crotch and then locked
down her thighs. Angie was now lying face down between Cathy's legs, with
the asian girl's thighs keeping her head trapped there. I had just been
where Angie was now, and I new that she was smothering in Cathy's crotch,
able to catch only the tiniest breaths. The smell of my new mistress's sex
was the only thing filling her lungs now.

"Get something to tie her hands." Cathy ordered me, startling me a

"What? What should I get, mistress?" I asked her, correcting myself.

She smiled briefly at my choice of words as she lounged, leaning back on
her arms as Angie struggled hopelessly between her legs.

"Get a pair of this cunt's pantyhose, that'll do." She ordered me.

I struggled to my feet, finding that I was still a little disoriented
and went to the bedroom to find the item. I quickly returned with a pair
of pantyhose in hand.

"Pull her hands behind her back and tie them." She told me.

"We are going to have some *fun*." Cathy told Angie as I easily captured
her hands and began tying them behind her.

She barely resisted at all as I tied her wrists tightly together. Once
Cathy was satisfied that Angie's hands were secured, she rolled the
helpless girl over onto her back. Sitting at first on Angie's upper chest,
Cathy slid back onto the girl's stomach. Reaching down she tweaked Angie's
nipples viciously through her shirt.

"You call *these* tits? These are pathetic." Cathy laughed at her, and
Angie cried out with pain as she fought to catch her breath.

Cathy began to pull of her shirt while she let her victim catch a few
breaths. I watched almost hypnotized as her pendulous breasts, held up and
together by her red bra, came into view. She tossed her shirt to the floor
and, cupping her own chest, looked down at the panting face between her

"Now these, these are a real woman's tits." Cathy gloated and then
reached down to steady Angie's head.

Leaning down over her, Cathy shoved her chest down into Angie's face. I
watched amazed at the spectacle before me, with a raging hard-on, as Angie
smothered in Cathy's ample cleavage. She laughed that familiar laugh as
she rubbed her chest in my girlfriend's face, depriving her of air for what
seemed like way too long. Only to lift up and let the girl catch a breath
before smothering her again.

"Are you ready to beg for mercy yet? If you ask nicely I might let you
off with just licking my pussy." Cathy told her, lifting her boobs off
Angie's face.

Angie took a moment to gather her breath before she was able to answer.

" hell.....bitch....get off of me!" She managed.

"Bitch? Don't even try to pretend you little lezzy. You know you want
it. Here's a little preview." She told Angie as she sat upright and began
to move forward.

Angie looked terrified as Cathy sat with her crotch on Angie's upper
chest and throat.

"Are you ready for it? Here it comes." Cathy laughed before moving

"No! Please don't simmmmmmmph!" Angie was cut off as Cathy sat on her

"Oh shut *up* already." Cathy told her as she rubbed herself in Angie's

Cathy rode Angie's face with glee, periodically pausing to let the girl breathe before smothering her again. At each pause, Cathy called for her
to give up.

"Are you ready to do what I tell you yet?" She asked my girlfriend.

Angie just lay there gasping, and Cathy waited for a moment.

"No....get off of me!" Angie said.

"I don't think so. I'm going to sit on your face until you admit that
you actually *want* to eat my pussy." Cathy told her, sitting back down on
Angie's face.

"You know riding your worthless little faces is a lot of fun. I should
have done this a long time ago." She told me, as I stood there like a moron
watching her smother my girlfriend.

My cock strained painfully in my pants as I watched Cathy rub her crotch
in Angie's face for a while more before asking her again.

"Ready yet?" She inquired.

"No!" Came Angie's reply, and Cathy just sat back down on her face.

"Come on, give up. Your boyfriend here doesn't realize it, but I *know*
that you have just as big a crush on me as he does. I see the way you look
at me. Why don't you just give in?" Cathy asked Angie as she let her catch
a breath.

" of me.....please." Angie begged, plaintively.

"No. Admit it. Admit that you want me." Cathy told her.

"What...did....I do to you? Please of me." Angie plead,
still gasping for breath.

"Maybe a taste of my ass will bring you around." Cathy smirked, climbing
off of Angie and turning around.

With her hands tied under her and Cathy's feet holding her head in
place, Angie looked helplessly up as Cathy's ass approached her face.

"No! Please! Pleammmmmmmph!" Angie begged in fear before Cathy's ass
stole her voice.

It was amazing to see just how deep Angie's face disappeared into the
crack of Cathy's beautiful heart-shaped ass. Cathy just wiggled her ass
evilly in Angie's face while the trapped girl starved for air.

"It's hard to believe you could get any man at all with these." Cathy
said, reaching down and twisting Angie's nipples again while she continued
rubbing her ass in the girl's face.

Cathy pinched Angie's nipples cruelly as she continued riding her face.
Angie gasped loudly for breath as Cathy finally let her breathe again.

"Ready yet? Ready to admit you want to be my slave too?" Cathy asked

.." Angie begged.

Angrily, Cathy sat back down on Angie's face.

"I can just sit here all day you know. You might as well give up. Well
Tom, it looks like Angie wants to just sniff my ass all day. Get over her
and kiss my breasts in the meantime." She said as she removed her bra,
freeing her heavy breasts.

I was transfixed by the sight of them. Her breasts were so incredible,
so perfect, I was mesmerized. As I knelt down and lowered my mouth to her
breast I was thankful that Cathy had taken charge today. Thankful that she
wanted to use me. I didn't care how. I softly kissed her breasts as she
ran her fingers through my hair like a child's. She seemed pleased with me
and that made me happy.

"You've been ripe for this for a long time. isn't it obvious that you
should serve a strong beautiful woman like me?" She asked me.

"Yes mistress Cathy." I answered her, just glad to have an opportunity
to see her naked chest much less kiss it.

"That's it, just worship my tits like a good little slave. Let's see
how the tit-less wonder is doing." Cathy said, lifting her ass off Angie's

I didn't pull my mouth away from Cathy's chest so I couldn't see Angie,
but she must have been doing pretty bad. I could hear her coughing and
gasping for breath, and it went on and on. Gradually I heard her begin to

"Give up yet? Ready to admit it? Ready to admit that you want me?"
Cathy asked her.

"Yes." I heard her softly sob.

"And you admit that I'm a better woman than you?"


"So much better, so much stronger and more beautiful that you realize
you should be my slave. isn't that right?"


Cathy quietly pushed me away and climbed off of Angie. Standing up she
slowly slid down her pants. She stepped out of her pants, and then her
panties followed and she was standing there in her naked glory.

"This is what you want, isn't it?" Cathy said, caressing her own crotch
as she straddled Angie.

The was a long pause, with only the sound of Angie's soft sniffles
before she finally managed to reply.

"Yes." She sobbed, ever so softly.

"What was that? Louder!" Cathy shouted, suddenly destroying the quiet.
"Yes." Angie sobbed, louder now.

"This. This is what you want. Say it. Say you want to lick my pussy.
Say it you little worthless cunt!" Cathy yelled forcefully at her.

"I....I want to lick your pussy." Angie admitted, her face flush with

Moving over Angie, Cathy held her mound sex about an inch over Angie's
tear-stained face. The smell of Cathy's arousal was so strong I could
smell it from where I was.

"Kiss it. Kiss my twat." Cathy ordered.

Angie looked torn for a moment, before giving in and craning her head up
off the floor and planting her lips on Cathy's wet muff. Cathy smiled at
Angie's submission and then roughly sat down on the girl's face.

"Eat it! Eat my pussy." Cathy commanded, and it was obvious from her
facial expression that underneath her Angie was obeying.

"You. Suck my tits while your little lesbo girlfriend tongues my
snatch." Cathy told me crudely.

I wasted no time in returning to her glorious breasts. I sucked hard at
one of her dark brown nipples as she rode Angie's mouth. Cathy moaned and
shuddered as she furiously humped Angie's face.

"You're worthless.....both of're just
for me to play with................ohhhh...........that's it you worthless
cunt............suck my Filipino
pussy.........ohhhh...............ohhhhh...........I'm going to cum on your
face.........all over your nasty ugly little
hhhhhh!" Cathy cried out as she climaxed on Angie's face.

Cathy seemed kind of dazed for a moment before she let out a long sigh.
She sat there on Angie's face, shaking with the strength of her orgasm
while I continued to suckle at her teat. She pushed me away as she lifted
herself just a little bit off of Angie's face. I was astounded to see
Angie's tongue still reaching up and stroking at Cathy's puffy lips. Cathy
let her slurp for a few moments before climbing off of her. I still had a
raging hard-on bulging in my pants as Cathy stood laughing softly over the
two of us. She began to dress herself, while she chuckled at the sight of
us. Me, kneeling there with a huge bulge in my pants, and Angie laying
with her hands tied behind her back and her face wet with Cathy's juices.

"You morons are my slaves now. Don't forget it. I'll explain later how
worshipping me is going to change your lives. I'll be back in a couple of
hours. You'd both better be here waiting for me." She told us as she
finished dressing.

"You both know you want it. Want me to own you. Just accept it." Cathy

Crouching down next to Angie, she sniffed at the tied girl's face.

"You smell just like my cunt." Cathy told her, and started laughing.

Angie began sobbing anew, humiliated by the realization of what she had
just done.

"Why don't you lick my cum off of your girlfriend's face?" Cathy told

As I lowered my mouth to Angie's face I began to lick and suck Cathy's
secretions up.

"You can untie her whenever you want. I'll be back in a bit. Look at
you two, you're so pathetic." Cathy laughed before strolling regally out of
the apartment.

I continued licking Angie's face after the door closed, and when I got
to her mouth she surprised me with a deep tonguing kiss. We kissed
passionately for a moment, and I realized that she was just as aroused by
Cathy's domination as I was. I rolled her over and undid her hands and we
had the best sex we'd ever had, right there on the living room floor.
Afterwards we didn't really no how to act. We both were humiliated pretty
badly. We didn't really talk to each other, I think we were both trying to
get our heads straight. Both wondering what was going to happen when Cathy


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a wet grin urging I story


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