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CC 01 movie called Baise Moi blushed again


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Copyright Hecate 2002
This story may be downloaded for personal use.
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Command and Control (FF+, Hum, D/s, Mild WS,
BDSM, Latex, Toys)

By Hecate (
Part 1: Intrigue
(1) The Beginning

After graduating top of my class in
Probability and Statistics, I applied for and
got a position as a risk assessor with an
insurance underwriter. My inexperience meant
I only got the less important customers to
start with, but after a few months, I was
starting to get more significant clients. I
worked as an analyst, apportioning risk and
effectively setting the premiums we would
charge to customers based on their profile.
It was actually interesting. I got to meet
lots of diverse people and covered everything
from individuals to small companies. As I was
just starting out (I was only 22) I wasn't
paid that well, but I knew that that would
change in the future. Still, it was quite
difficult for me, paying for an apartment,
running a car and all the rest. If it wasn't
for the intriguing cases I worked on, and that
future promise, I might have changed career.
That promise helped though, as did my boss,
Kerry Stone. She was always friendly and
helpful, encouraging me all the time. After a
few weeks, I relied on her a lot and she
seemed to welcome my company and my questions.
In fact, she made a lot of difference. She
even took me out to dinner a couple of times,
knowing I was pretty broke and couldn't really
afford to pay for myself. All in all, despite
the money, I was pretty happy.

I'd been there a couple of months when I was
asked to look over a deal that we'd done. Or
rather, that had been passed by my
predecessor, a woman named Sophie Trent. And
that was when things started to change...
(2) Funny Business

Sophie (I was soon calling her that as if I
knew her, which, by the time things had
happened, I did, but that's for later) had
passed a high-risk policy for what seemed to
be a fairly low rate. And the policy had been
called upon by the insured, a medium-sized
company named 'Themis, Inc.'. I had to look
the name up. Themis was the Greek goddess of
Justice and Wisdom; I thought that was a
clever choice.

Apparently, one of their clients had been shot
and the company was claiming, as it was liable
for the hospital bills as part of its contract
with their client. Quite normal business
practice but . . . with their line of
business, and their clientele, I had to admit
they didn't seem to be paying much for their

The company itself was interesting. They
provided exclusively female bodyguards, and
only for women. There were a few well-known
names on their client list, but most I had
never heard of. The company had offices all
over Europe, the US and Canada and looked very
successful. I was interested to see that their
Board was also exclusively female. It was good
to see women breaking into what was supposed
to be a tough, macho and man's world.

As I delved deeper, it seemed to me that
Sophie had very carefully inserted figures
that subtly altered the risk, a point here, a
point there, until the final calculation
resulted in a lower figure than it should have
been. That lower figure would have been
factored into the premiums with a resultant
smaller charge. I couldn't see that it had
been anything more than deliberate. Now I was
worried. I had never had the responsibility of
something like this before and I had to make
sure I got it right.

I went to Kerry's office with some
trepidation. Yes, she'd been very kind to me,
but she did appear to genuinely like Sophie
and often told me how good she was and how sad
she'd been to see her go. So, I wasn't sure
how she'd react to my tentative conclusions. I
really hoped she'd go through the figures too
and come to the same conclusion.

I knocked on her door and heard her sing a
"Come In!" Her voice was mellifluous and it
always seemed to me that she sang her
sentences. Sometimes, I was so enchanted
listening to her I lost track of what she was
saying! She didn't come across as if she
minded my lapses, though.

I entered a bit gingerly, but she just beamed
at me and said, "Hi, Jennie! Sit down. What's
the matter? You look worried."

It all slipped out in that honeyed voice of
hers. Kerry had wonderful, sleek auburn hair,
and to me she always looked stunning. I'd seen
her give several men at the company polite
brush-offs, so I guess I wasn't the only one
who thought that. She dressed in a very
businesslike way, almost formal and starchy,
but there was always some aura that made her
exude a sexiness which even I felt, and I'd
never thought of women as sexual partners. In
a way, it made me feel safe, in another, well
. . . .

I sat and looked at her. "I was given a
project that Sophie had worked on and . . .
er, I think I've found some discrepancies?"

She peered at me, her eyes widening slightly
and I felt almost as if she was looking inside
me. She had a gaze that was virtually

"OK. Well, let's see, who gave you this to
work on? It didn't come through me."

"When you were away last week, one of the guys
from claims came to my office and gave me the
file. He said it needed a thorough analysis."

"Who was it?"

"Rob Burwell."

"Why you do you think he picked you?"

"Oh, that's easy," I smiled. He's been trying
to hit on me for weeks. I guess he thought if
he gave me something seemingly important to do
I might look on him favourably. Men!" I

She laughed. "Right. Well, I'm not surprised,
an attractive woman like you. . . "

I blushed slightly, looking down. That was the
first compliment about my looks that she'd
ever paid me and I was moderately

"Don't blush, silly," she said. "I've never
believed in false humility." And she laughed
again, a tinkling laugh, with a hint of
sensuality and . . . what? Strength?
Whatever, it was a power that almost sent a
shiver through me.

I looked up to see her pinning me with that
gaze again.

"So, what's the story then, Jennie? What did
you find that made you come to me?"

I explained what I'd done, how I'd gone
through everything, and told her I was worried
because she seemed to think highly of Sophie,
and what I'd found seemed quite deliberate.

She sat back in her chair and was lost in
thought for a while, and then she turned her
laser-like stare on me again and said, "Hmmm.
Well, that does seem odd. And you *are* good.
You know what I think of your abilities.
Still, Sophie was excellent too. We do need
to get to the bottom of this, and it's the
weekend tomorrow."

She paused, as if something had just occurred
to her.

"Are you busy this weekend Jennie? Could you
spare the time to go over this with me on the
computer? We could come into the office
tomorrow, and maybe take the stuff to my house
on Sunday and work through the day? I can
sort out food and stuff, I know you can't
afford to eat out much"

I smiled. "Of course, Kerry! It's not as if I
do much at the weekends anyway. Just slob out
and vegetate really, apart from chatting to
friends on the Net. I'd be glad to sort this
out with you. And thanks, yes, you know things
are a bit tight for me. I appreciate that."

That's settled then," she smiled. You just go
and finish up and take the rest of the
afternoon off. Relax and we'll brainstorm it
this weekend."

"Hey, thanks. I could do with a rest. Worrying
about this has used all my nervous energy. And
thanks for being so kind."

"See you tomorrow then, Jennie," she said, and
I left.
(3) Work can be fun

I just pulled on some casual clothes that
morning, jeans, sweatshirt and a pair of comfy
shoes and drove to the office. Kerry was
already there, sitting at her computer.

She looked up as I walked in and gave me a
radiant smile. She looked really pleased to
see me, even though she knew I would be
coming. I smiled back and relaxed. Her
presence, her attitude, gave me confidence.

I had downloaded all the information to a
laptop the night before and we directly linked
the computers so in her office I could go
through what I'd found piece by piece - what
appeared on my screen appeared on hers, so I
could talk her slowly through it. It took all
morning just to do that and about 12.30 Kerry
suggested we broke for lunch.

We went to a little cafe just down the street
from the office. I'd never been there. It was
too expensive for me, but as Kerry had
promised to treat me I was excited to see what
it was like. The food was gorgeous and, well,
so was the company. She entranced me with her
looks, her voice and her manner.

"So, Jennie, you've worked with me for a few
months now. I hope you're enjoying it?" she
said with a grin.

I grinned back. "Yes, of course. You've been
so supportive and I really appreciate what
you've done for me. You've made me feel so
welcome and helped me out so much. I'm so glad
to have a manager as nice as you."

I blushed as I said it. I hoped I wasn't being
too gushing, but she really had been good to

She gazed at me. There was something in her
eyes that I couldn't decode, but it made feel
warm and I thought, but would never have said
it, loved. So much so that my breathing
started to become a little heavier and if I
hadn't known better I'd have said I was
slightly aroused. I was sure that was just me
though. I'm sure she had this effect on others
as well. It was just her. She had this knack
of making people adore her or, at least,
that's how I saw it.

I must have looked strange or something
because her look changed to one of concern and
she said, "Jennie, you OK?"

I nodded slowly as I passed from my reverie
and back into normal space.

"Uh, sure Kerry." I smiled. She looked
relieved and said, "Well, Jennie, I hope we
can at least be friends, not just colleagues.
When I first met you I just knew we would be
closer than just workmates."

"I'd love that," I said.

She smiled again. "Good. You're quite
brilliant at what you do, and I love the
sharpness of your mind and," she hesitated
slightly, "I'd like to get to know you better.
I was so pleased that you came to me over this
problem - it has the added bonus that we can
enjoy each other's company over the weekend."

I don't know why, but that made me feel
joyous. It was as if she was someone I had
been looking for. I was still new at the
company and would never have presumed to ask
someone older (she was about 28 I'd have
guessed) and with much more experience to
spend time together. Especially my manager.

We chatted a little longer and then went back
to the office, her being professional as
usual, me with a warm feeling inside. Things
could only get better!

We spent the rest of the afternoon discussing
what I'd shown her without coming to any real
conclusion. As this could be serious neither
of us wanted to come to a hasty decision. We
went our separate ways, and each took home a
laptop with all the information on it. She
gave me directions and told me to come round
to her house about 11.00 the following
morning. I was slightly surprised at where
she lived - it was very upmarket. Only
slightly surprised because I knew she drove a
BMW soft top and it was certainly in keeping
with that. I just thought to myself that in
six years I'd hopefully be earning what she
obviously was.
(4) Feeling cold?

Kerry had told me to bring some nicer clothes
with me for Sunday as she was planning an
evening meal in a more expensive restaurant.
I spent the remainder of Saturday evening
before I went to bed sorting some things out.
I wanted to get it right. It somehow seemed so
important that I dressed properly for her. It
was as if I was going out on a date and wanted
to impress. I couldn't really see that, but
that was how it felt to me. In any case, I
spent a couple of hours preparing what I would
wear, and packing everything carefully away so
it wouldn't be creased. I really wanted to
have an effect on her.

I drove over to her house. It was less than
modest and I felt a bit embarrassed parking my
slightly battered car in front of that house.
I rang the bell and she quickly opened the
door. She'd obviously been waiting for me, I
was bit late, as the traffic was worse than
I'd thought it would be, and I started to
stutter an apology. But, she just put her arm
round me as I entered and told me to calm
down, which I did immediately. It was
comforting that arm, and her manner was

She took me upstairs to what I later found out
was one of her six bedrooms and told me to
leave my clothes for the evening there. Then
we went back down to her study, linked the
laptops and started working through the
figures again. Doing it together like this
pointed out to me one thing I hadn't noticed
before: although Sophie had done all the work
and signed it off, Kerry had countersigned it.
I started to think I must surely be wrong
about what I'd thought I'd found. I was sure
that Kerry wouldn't be part of what seemed to
be a fairly trivial, though still possibly
fraudulent, adjustment.

When we broke for lunch I wasn't anywhere near
as confident of what I had found, and I told
Kerry so. We were in the kitchen where Kerry
was preparing what looked to be a delicious
lunch of salad, seafood and some kind of
sauce, with a gorgeous-looking pineapple
sorbet for dessert.

"I'm glad you trust me that much," she said.
"I hope that you find that I'm worthy of that
trust." She smiled at me and I bathed in the
glow of her approval, happy that she was being
so nice about it all.

We sat down and had lunch on the large patio
behind the house. She had a wonderfully big
garden, a medium sized pool at the end, and a
beautiful selection of plants - scented,
architectural, and just plain attractive.
Eating in those surrounding was such a
pleasure. I just sat back and admired the view
while we chitchatted about life in general. I
learnt that she had worked for this company
for five years, that I was close in guessing
how old she was, and she was 29, and that she
loved films, art and music, but that she liked
nothing more than to just relax with friends
and enjoy people's company.

For my part I told her I loved the cinema as
well, wasn't really into art, but loved
classical music (mathematicians often do). And
that I was from a small town and that I found
the city just one big experience after
another, most if it nice, some occasionally a
little worrying, but that I treasured it here.
It was so much more exciting than where I came

After the meal we went back to work. I was
pleasantly full, really relaxed, and the work
no longer seemed a chore. I just felt I wanted
to be in her company for as long as possible.
She drew me in like she was magnetic - a
powerful force that I wanted to be drawn to
for as long as possible.

The afternoon wore on and at last we reached a
conclusion. Kerry told me that while it was a
little odd, she wanted to see what claims
thought first, and why they had passed it
across. She didn't believe that Sophie
would've deliberately altered the figures and
she wanted to talk to Rob before we decided
whether to pass it as OK, or flag it for
further investigation by a team.

I was relieved. Kerry had much more experience
and would know what, and how, to do this. She
told me to go up and get ready, told me where
the bathrooms (!) were and suggested I had a
shower and got changed for the evening out. I
left the study and heard her pick up the phone
to make a call, no doubt to tell Rob that she
wanted to see him tomorrow.

The bathroom I used was luxurious. So much so
that I decided to take a bath rather than
shower. There was no rush, and I felt very
comfortable here in her house. I lay in the
bath, relaxing, but thinking of what we had
discussed. I still had a small, nagging
feeling in the background, but I couldn't do
anything but completely trust Kerry. I just
couldn't. I didn't know why either, and I
think it was that that nagged at me more than
anything. Still, I was looking forward to the
evening out, so I mentally shrugged and
pampered myself. I was intrigued to see where
she'd take me and whether she would relax with
me too.

I towelled myself down and sprayed myself with
Coco. I loved that perfume and I hoped she
would too. Like I said, I felt I was going on
a date, so I behaved like it. I felt excited
by it. As I put on one of my best sets of
underwear, a lacy black concoction, I realised
my nipples were getting hard, as if I was
expecting - what? I wasn't sure. I just knew
that I hadn't felt like this in a long while
and although it was with a woman, I didn't
care. I had my fantasies, and women featured
in them a lot. In fact, I realised that my
hottest fantasies were always about women and
that men hardly ever featured. So, this was
making me learn about myself too. I always
analysed things - it was my nature - but this
was hitting me on an emotional as well as
intellectual level. I grinned to myself -
Jennie, I thought, you could be in for an
interesting night!

I pulled on my black stay-ups and then slinked
into the little black dress I had brought with
me. My LBD was a standard part of my wardrobe
- short skirted, with a flounce, and cut
fashionably low at front and back. I always
felt a million dollars in it. And, finally, my
gold choker - given to me by my best friend at
university (who had a rich daddy), it felt
good to wear and was sort of my good luck
charm. I felt great. Happy, relaxed and
looking forward to the evening.

When I walked downstairs she was ready and
waiting and we both burst out laughing as we
looked at each other and went "Wow!" She was
dressed in a burgundy top and skirt, short
like mine, but otherwise plain, with a small
gold necklace with teardrop pearl. She looked

After we calmed down she stared at me and
said, "Hey girl, you look good enough to eat!"

I blushed slightly, aware of the double
entendre and tried to cover my confusion with
a "So do you!"

She smiled and gave me my first surprise. We
were going to the first night of an art house
movie called "Baise-Moi". I blushed again. The
translation from the French meant, "Fuck Me"!

We walked out to the car and she opened the
passenger door for me and ushered me in, her
hand touching my bare back lightly. I felt
goosebumps where she touched me and I shivered
slightly. She asked me if I was cold, and I
said "a little". I could hardly tell her that
her touch had excited me.
(5) Warming Up

The film was interesting, but not great. The
characters weren't well defined, but the story
was provoking. It was about a woman who had
been raped, hooking up with a prostitute. They
then proceeded to have sex with random men
before killing them. It was a sort of revenge
movie, spoilt by indiscriminate killing
outside the obvious revenge acts. The sex was
very explicit and I watched both the screen
and Kerry and saw how she looked away whenever
the camera got really involved with the men's
bodies. I was pretty sure now what her sexual
preference was. Which was great, and rather
different to me as I'd never really been sure
what I wanted. It was just another example, to
me, of Kerry's confidence and belief in
Things started to get much more interesting
when we drove to the restaurant. Her chat
became more personal as we drove along. She
asked me about boyfriends (two) previous
relationships (two - anyway those that were
long enough to be worth counting) and skirted
around whether either of those two were with
men or women. I chuckled to myself as I
thought she was deliberately avoiding what was
obvious to me.

Then it was my turn and I asked her the same
questions, knowing I was putting her on the

The first thing she said was, "No, I haven't
got any boyfriends, nor am I likely to. I
thought you might have realised - I'm a
lesbian. Well, I'm a lesbian to you - to men
I'm a dyke". And she laughed out loud.

I couldn't help joining in with her infectious
humour and I laughed too, not quite sure why
she said that, so I asked her.

She said," Haven't you noticed? men love the
idea of 'lesbians' but hate the idea of dykes.
Lesbian gives a man an image of two horny,
good-looking women making out. dyke makes them
clutch their groins for protection!" And she
laughed again, as did I.

I was glad she'd been so honest with me. It
made things much easier for both of us. So I
asked her about relationships.

"Oh, I've had a few, but only one long-term
one, which I'm in now."

Again, my emotions betrayed me. I was
disappointed. I'd got so attracted to her I'd
been hoping . . . still, at least we could be

But she must have been watching me because she
said, "Hey, that doesn't mean, if the
situation arose . . . I can tell you that she
won't mind at all. Really." And she grinned at

I must have been *so* obvious! I blushed
deeply and was glad we were in a car in the

Kerry made a right into a car park and we were
at the restaurant. I got out, slightly
relieved to be on neutral ground. I was
getting so wound up in this woman that I
wasn't sure how I'd react to whatever she said

We sashayed in, getting admiring glances, even
if I do say so myself. Being with her I felt
so confident and instead of wilting at the
looks like I normally do I just strode through
the lobby feeling great.

The waiter obviously knew her and directed us
to one of the better tables. We sat down and
he gave us both menus. I looked across at
Kerry and asked her what was good. She offered
to order for me, so I let her. I had noticed
she seemed happiest when in control, and I
knew I'd enjoy whatever she ordered.

After we'd eaten our main courses, while we
were waiting for dessert, she turned the
conversation to sex. Like women do. She asked
me outright whether I preferred men or women,
then sat there, gazing into my eyes, while she
waited for my answer. So, now, I had to come
to a conclusion about myself. I didn't feel I
could be less than honest with her. The thing
was . . . .

"I don't really know, Kerry. I went out with a
few guys at school but never found it
particularly enjoyable. They were so immature,
and I don't think I've yet met a man who
wasn't. I had one particular girlfriend at
University, the one who bought me this choker
when I graduated. We kissed, but never got
beyond that. When I was young I did play
around with one or two other girls, like you
do, investigating really. But never anything
serious. And so, this may be hard to believe,
but I'm really inexperienced. Sorry."

I don't know why I tagged the 'sorry' on the
end. It just felt like the thing to do.

She smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. At
least you answered me honestly, and I like
that in women." And she laughed again, not
loudly, but a throaty laugh that made me feel
wanted and wanton. Just chatting like this was
arousing me. Not a lot, but enough so I
noticed. I was feeling drawn to her even more,
and it was making me so confused at the same

I just sat and watched her as she picked up
her glass and drank, and felt myself heat up
even more as the pink tip of her tongue chased
a droplet running down the outside of the
glass. It was as if my eyes were fixed on her
tongue and with a start I knew I was getting

She looked mischievously at me and said, "So,
what do you do for fun?"

Given the topic of conversation I immediately
blushed red. Was she really asking if I
masturbated? Or was it an innocent question?
No, not innocent I decided, but deliberately
double-edged, wanting to see how I'd cope.
Because she was driving Kerry was drinking
juice, but I'd consumed several glasses of
wine and I blamed that for blurting out, "Oh,
you know warm baths, shower sprays, warm bed,
toys." I grinned and said, "What about you?"

She grinned back, patently pleased that I'd
taken up the challenge.

"Me? Oh, I play games, mostly with my lover,
but sometimes with others. I'm sure you'd
enjoy them too."

And there it was, I thought, an open
invitation. I was feeling rather hot now. I
knew/could feel that my nipples were
protruding through my dress, and I could
really feel the wetness between my legs. She
was turning me into a quivering wreck just by
talking to me. This smart, sexy, intelligent
and powerful woman had pulled me into her like
a bee to flowers. I didn't know what to say,
and just blurted out something, again. It was
as if my inhibitions had been disengaged from
my mouth.

"Oh, games sound fascinating! I'm sure I
*would* enjoy them."

I nearly curled up and died. What was I
thinking of! I started to worry about what
would happen now if she said something that I
couldn't agree to.

"You do? Oh good. I knew you'd be the
adventurous type. Let me make this suggestion.
Starting now, and until next weekend, we'll
play some of my games, and if you enjoy it,
fine. If you don't, then we'll still be

I felt so relieved I immediately said yes, I'd
love to do that.

Just then the waiter arrived with our
desserts. As soon as he'd gone she leaned over
to me and said, "you realise this means you do
what I tell you for the next week? The games
won't work otherwise."

I nodded.

Then she whispered to me, "Good. So let's
start as we mean to go on. You're wearing
panties and bra?"

I nodded again.

"OK. Go to the ladies and remove them both and
put them in your handbag. Then come back to
the table."

I felt my cunt twitch as she said it, nodded
weakly and got up. It was the way she said it.
It was simple enough, but I just didn't feel I
could argue whatever she'd said. I was glad
she didn't know that.

By the time I got inside a stall I was feeling
weak at the knees and terribly excited. I
unzipped my dress and got my bra off, and
zipped up again, putting my bra in my handbag.
Then I pulled up the dress. My panties were so
wet there was a big damp patch on them and I
could smell myself. I knew I was aroused, but
I hadn't realised how much. I quickly pushed
them down and stepped out of them, putting
them in my bag on top of my bra, and snapped
the bag shut. I got some paper and dried
myself off as best I could, feeling the
slickness as the paper rubbed across my cunt.
Then I flushed the toilet and stepped out,
walking on slightly wobbly legs back to our

Kerry was waiting for me with a big grin on
her face.

"Have you done it?" she asked.

I nodded, dumbly. Then came the bombshell.

"Prove it!" she said.

"I, I . . . how?" I said

"I'm sure you'll think of something. You have
until coffee."

I was perplexed. Then I realised what I
thought she wanted. I reached into my bag and
pulled out my underwear, hiding it under the
tablecloth. Then I deliberately dropped my
napkin, and slid down as if to get it. As I
did, I reached under the table and dropped my
under things in her lap.

I sat up again to see her look down and smile.
She looked up at me and said with a grin,
"Mmm. Not bad for an amateur."

I grinned back, all the while wondering what
else I could have done.

We finished our desserts quietly, eying each
other with little secret smiles.

The waiter cleared away the debris and brought
us coffee. It was then that I felt one of
Kerry's feet sliding up the inside of my
thigh. I thought she was sitting lower, but
hadn't understood why. Now I knew. And my
temperature was rising even more.

I sat there transfixed; my legs slightly apart
as I felt her silky smooth, stockinged toes
stroke the insides of both my thighs, and then
she said, quietly enough so only I could hear,
"Open them and sit forward!"

I didn't have to be told what she meant and I
obeyed her without thinking. I open my legs as
wide as the table would let me, still covered
by the table cloth, and sat as far forward on
my chair as I could. Covered as I was, I felt
naked as her foot crept higher until her toes
were resting on my wet cunt. I couldn't
believe I was doing this in a public place,
with people all around, but to my surprise, it
made me feel even more aroused.

I sat there while she played with me, stroking
her foot over my cunt, fondling my clitoris
every now and again, almost making me jump in
my seat, until I was a just a bundle of nerve
fibres centred on my cunt. And all the while,
she kept drinking her coffee and making small
talk as if nothing was happening.

Then she stopped, and I felt her foot slide
down from between my legs. She just looked at
me as I sat there, feeling like a jelly, high
with the sparks that cruising up my spine and
making me see stars.

I was dumbfounded again. She called the waiter
for the bill, paid it, and said it was time to
go. I was so turned on now I would have said
yes to anything and she just wanted to walk
out as if nothing had happened? I couldn't
think straight, but somewhere in the back of
my mind I was glad that she didn't know how
much she'd affected me, how I would have
completely surrendered to anything if she'd
asked me. No one had *ever* made me feel like
this before and I wanted it to go on forever.

We walked out together. She confidently,
walking tall with quick steps, me following
along behind, slightly wobbly and almost dying
to come.

We walked to the car saying nothing. Then as
we got there, she turned round and said, with
a twinkle in her eye, "Enjoying yourself?"

I couldn't help but grin and say, "Oh, god,

We both got in the car. And she turned to me,
smiling. She leaned over and whispered in my
ear, her warm breath making me melt.

"You're doing very well. Now, put a hand
between your legs, scoop up some of that
wetness and suck it off your fingers."

A bolt of electricity shot through my cunt as
she whispered to me. I'd never done that
before. It seemed so decadent, so sexually
charged. And I wouldn't refuse, and I'm sure
she knew that.

I slipped a hand beneath my skirt and pulled
it out. You could see my fingers glistening
with my juice from the car park lights. I
turned to face her and sucked my fingers,
running my tongue round and round them. I was
stunned to find the taste was so nice and
resolved to do it again. But most of all, I
had the urge to taste Kerry. But this was her
game and I had to do what she wanted, not what
I craved.

"Good," she said. "You learn quickly. Now, a
few things before we go home. Whenever we're
playing over this week, you will call me
Mistress, and I will give you instructions by
saying that your Mistress says . . . . That
way we can keep thing separate from the rest
of our lives. And, anyway, I think it has a
nice ring to it, don't you?"

I just smiled and nodded. It made it sound
more fun.

"And," she paused for effect, "Under no
circumstances are you to touch yourself or
masturbate in any way unless I say you can. Is
that agreed?"

"Uh, yes," I said quizzically. But I

"It doesn't really matter what you thought
does it? It is *my* game. And I can assure you
that you'll be thanking me by next weekend,"
she said gleefully.

I was astounded by what she said, but she just
looked at me, staring deep into my eyes, and I
just nodded. How could I not? In one evening,
she'd already made me feel, more excited than
I'd ever felt in my entire life. I wanted
more, much more, and I knew Kerry was the
person to give it to me. I'd often wondered
why people do things, outrageous things, and
now I understood that Kerry could make me into
one of those people. I was scared and
exhilarated all at once and full of wonder
about what lay ahead. I had no idea how I'd
succumbed to her so quickly. Why was I just
giving in? That thought would haunt me for
the next week

End of Part 1
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