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CC 02 sucking it was almost


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Copyright Hecate 2002
This story may be downloaded for personal use.
It may not be reposted without permission.
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This story contains scenes of an adult nature
and should not be made available to minors in
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region or local area and do not download or
read this story if it is illegal to do so
where you live.

Command and Control (FF+, Hum, D/s, Exhib, BD)

Part 2: Monday

By Hecate (
(1) A Long Night

Kerry dropped me off at my small apartment,
electrifying me with a kiss on the lips before
she told me to wait and see what would happen
next. I staggered to my home, still
incredibly horny and wet, and aware that I
couldn't do anything about it. Which made me
hornier still. But I was determined to 'play'
this out.

I started getting ready for bed, wondering how
I could sleep feeling as I did, when the phone

"Hi, my little plaything!" said Kerry.

A frisson of lust slithered down my body and
straight to my cunt.

"Mistress says that you should bring your
laptop to work tomorrow and go to her office
first thing. Wear your normal office clothes,
but don't wear a bra, and wear one of those
nice tight, white shirts you seem to like.
That's all. See you tomorrow!" She giggled and
put the phone down.

Hmm, I thought, one of *those* shirts. She
must know that if I took my jacket off my
nipples and areolae would be obvious to
anything more than a casual glance. Still, I
was going through with this, so I'd do what
she said. Meantime, how the hell was I going
to sleep?

I don't know if it was nervous exhaustion or
what, but I drifted off to sleep quite easily
once I'd had a shower and read for a little
while. Well, a kind of sleep, anyway. I had
such vivid dreams. All sexual, and all
featuring Kerry telling me to do more and more
outrageous things. When I woke, it wasn't my
normal slow, dreamy waking up. Instead I woke
with a start, orgasming to a vivid dream of
Kerry ordering me to my knees to lick her
cunt. The bed was wet with my secretions
beneath me as I almost screamed with ecstasy.

As I gasped for air I stared into space,
filled with wonderment that I should be so
aroused, that this should happen to me, just
from my dreams. I also wondered if Kerry would
consider this as breaking our agreement.
Should I tell her? I knew I would if she asked
as I'd resolved to be honest about what was
happening to me.

I lay back for a while, ruminating on how my
life had changed suddenly, over one weekend,
and imagining what it could be like in the
future. I tried to analyse why Kerry was able
to do this to me, why I was happy to let it
happen. But my sexually-befuddled mind
wouldn't give me any answers -- none that made
sense anyway. OK, she was gorgeous, and she
turned me on, and I loved the feeling of
confidence she gave me, and her voice was just
yummy, and . . . . I grinned -- so many good
things, why I was I fooling myself - I was in
(2) Monday Morning

Somewhat shakily, I got up and went for a
shower, washed my hair, had breakfast and did
all the things I'd normally do. By the time I
was finished I felt almost normal. Then I went
to get dressed, and I found my excitement
rising as I got ready. I laid out a nice suit,
business short-skirted, and one of the white
shirts as she told me. I put on some panties,
but left the matching bra, and then pulled on
a pair of stay-ups. (Don't you just hate
pantyhose? Apart from being restrictive, it's
so unhygienic. Must have been invented by a

I buttoned up my shirt and pulled on my skirt,
tucking the shirt in and pulling it down. I
looked in the mirror. I was a C-cup and I
could just about get away with no bra with
this shirt as it held me tightly. But, it was
fairly sheer, and I had been right - not too
much of an effort was required to see my
breasts clearly. I shrugged, and then I
grinned into the mirror. Wondering what she
was going to do with me today was making me
horny again. After such a long time of
pleasuring only *myself* this was great! I
put on my jacket, grabbed the laptop, my
briefcase and keys, and left for work.

I drove there safely, but quickly, smiling to
myself all the way. I'd put my jacket on the
back seat, and with the air-conditioning on I
soon found the cold air had made my nipples
conspicuous. Stopping at one junction, I saw a
guy in the car next to me staring. I grinned
and pulled away as soon as I could. This was

I put my jacket back on when I got there,
glanced at my watch and saw I was the earliest
I'd been since I worked here. I chuckled to
myself, put on my jacket and raced to the
elevator. I got to Kerry's office 20 minutes
before work officially started, and was glad
to see her door ajar and hear movement inside.
I tapped on the door and marched in.

Kerry looked up from her desk. A big smile
played on her face.

"My, you *are* early! I wonder why?" She
cracked up, not able to keep down the mirth.

"Hi Kerry," I said, feeling the hilarity
myself, but mixed with desire and trepidation.

"Sit down and I'll explain," she said.

I sat in front of the desk across from her and

"We linked the two laptops over the weekend
with a wireless connection. Leave it like
that. Don't plug it into the LAN and no one
can see when we send messages to each other."

She passed me over a box.

"Go back to your cubicle, install this, and
then connect using the chat facility and tell
me that you're ready. There are instructions
inside. And one last thing: unless someone is
with us, when you can call me Kerry or Ms.
Stone, I'm Mistress till the weekend,

Keeping a straight face I looked her in the
eyes and said, "Yes, Mistress!" Again, I felt
myself almost falling into her eyes. I just
loved everything about her and being alone
with her, even at work was arousing me.

"Good girl! Off you go then. Let me know when
you're ready." She looked down at the papers
in front of her and I got up and left. I could
feel her eyes boring into my ass as I walked
out and deliberately swayed my hips for her.
As I went through the door I'm sure I heard
her let out a deep sigh.

I hurried to my desk and opened up the laptop.
Then I opened the box. Inside was a camera.
Not one of those cheap web cams, but a good
quality one which could be connected to the
laptop, used in the same way, but giving
better quality pictures. It even had an
adjustable stand. I set it up as per the
instructions, called up the chat ware, and
sent 'I'm ready'.

She sent back, 'Good. Now set it up so I can
see the upper half of your body, then just
leave it like that and get to work. Set the
software to ping so that you'll know when I
send you a message. And take that jacket off!'

I guessed that was coming. My cubicle was in a
corner, so unless someone came into it, or
stopped by the entrance, my braless state
wouldn't be obvious. It was only if I went out
that people would have a real chance to see. I
removed my jacket hoping no one would decide
it was a good time for a chat.

She just sent a '<g>' followed by 'Talk to you
l8r' and that was it.

I called up my next piece of work and that was
it for about the next two hours.

About 11.00 I heard the soft beep which told
me a message had arrived. I opened the laptop
and called up the message.

It said, 'Mistress says, open the buttons on
your blouse sufficiently to allow your hands
to enter'.

I looked quickly and there was no one near me.
I did what she said and sent back, 'Done,

She replied with, "I know; don't forget I can
see you <g>'. Quickly followed by, 'Now play
with your breasts and make your nipples as
hard as you can.'

I shuddered with lust and the fear of
discovery as, one side after another, I played
with my breasts, caressing them, squeezing
them, pulling on my nipples until I couldn't
believe they could get any harder. All the
time I knew she was watching.

I sent back to her, 'Like this Mistress?'

She answered straight away. 'Yes, my little
plaything'. Now, button up your blouse and go
and get yourself a coffee.'

I did as she said and reached round for my
jacket, but stopped as I heard the beep again.

'No! No jacket!'

I responded, 'But people will see!'

'Ah, so you don't want to play then?' she

I looked into the camera, imagining her at the
other end. I felt aroused. I was warm and
didn't really need the jacket, but . . . she
had me. I was trapped. I so *wanted* to do

I looked at the camera and grinned. I got up,
leaving my jacket behind and went to the
kitchen. I tried to cover up as much as
possible, crossing my arms over my breasts,
but the feel of my arms if I held them tight,
or the brushing of my shirt against my breasts
if I didn't, conspired to make my nipples stay
hard. As I walked I could feel my cunt lips,
by now starting to engorge, rubbing against
each other. I was getting so hot, knowing the
situation I was in, and knowing that Kerry was

I passed several people on the way, and most
just smiled and brushed past, but one guy
looked straight at my chest and could see the
grin forming on his lips as I hurried past
him. I got to the kitchen without any other
incident. There were a couple of women in
there and, naively, I assumed they wouldn't
notice. I poured myself a coffee and, like I
normally do, turned round and leant against
the counter. The two women both smiled at me.
I recognised them as being accounts clerks.

Then I saw one whisper to the other and they
both grinned and looked at me. I was leaning
back with one hand with a cup and the other
against the counter. I knew they could see.
They could hardly miss it the way my nipples
stuck out. I just smiled back and hurried out
of the kitchen. I knew they would be passing a
little story around. But, what the hell, I
thought, can't a girl forget her bra once in a

I grabbed some blank paper from a printer as I
walked by it, and held it with one hand over
my chest whilst my other held the cup, and
made it back without seeing any more knowing

I sat down and looked at the laptop.
Unsurprisingly a message appeared, 'Very good.
I told you I thought you'd enjoy this'.

She must have seen my flushed face as I sat
down. Along with the nipples attempting to
pierce the front of my blouse, I must have
looked quite excited.

'Now, my dear, you can get on with your work,
but, I want you to keep those nipples erect
until lunch. How you do it is up to you. I
will meet you then. Wait for me - we're going
out to lunch together.'

'Yes, Mistress,' I typed and grinned into the
camera again.

The hour-and-a-half till lunch was purgatory
and heaven all wrapped into one package. I
kept teasing myself so I was aroused and my
nipples were hard, but by the time lunch came
round it would have been more difficult to
make them soft again. They had turned into
hard throbbing points that I didn't think
would go down again unless I had an orgasm. I
was wet between my legs and my breathing was
noticeably heavier. A couple of people had
dropped by, and seeing me had asked if I was
OK. They would have known if I hadn't managed
to hide my nipples from them. They were so red
now they shone like beacons through the white
of my blouse. I just said I had a bit of a
cold and hoped they wouldn't guess.

Kerry turned up on time. She allowed me to put
my jacket on with one condition. I had to undo
the top three buttons of my blouse, which
opened it to the middle of my cleavage, and I
couldn't shut my jacket. I agreed, of course,
and thought that I wouldn't have a problem.
The first problem arose as I moved. The weight
of my jacket kept brushing against my nipples
making the excitement just the pleasurable
side of painful. The next was when I got
outside. It was a very warm day and the jacket
was really superfluous. As we walked along to
a nearby cafe, my rising temperature was
making me feel a little light-headed. Kerry
saw this and carefully guided me with a
discreet arm until we got there.

We sat in the shade, away from other people,
for which I was thankful, and our waiter
quickly came and allowed us to order. While we
were waiting, and both sipping mineral water,
we chatted.

The first thing Kerry did was ask me how I was

I grinned. "How do you think? Horny and hot."

She grinned back. "So you're enjoying this
game then are you?"

"Oh, god, yes. I don't think I've ever been so
excited, emotionally and mentally. I don't
know exactly why, but you seem to know what
will get me to a fever pitch. I'm so grateful.
You're making life so much more interesting."

"Well, after I got my Math degree, I studied
in psychology. I can read people very well.
Plus, you're intelligent enough to really
appreciate what's happening. Arousal starts in
the head. Your imagination does a lot of the
work. I knew you'd enjoy my games. Still, this
is only the beginning, it'll get more
interesting later on."

She giggled and looked at me with that stare
which sent shivers through my body. Yes, she
had worked me out well. And despite a little
trepidation at what she'd said, I was looking
forward to the coming days immensely.

"Hmmm," I said. I think you know me too well

She just smiled. The food arrived and we ate
in a companionable silence.

When we'd finished eating, she looked across
at me and said, "Aren't you hot?"

I knew what she wanted, and I was hot in both
senses of the word. I smiled and removed my
jacket. I looked down, my nipples weren't
sticking out as much now. The constant
stimulation had stopped and they had finally
retreated a little. I could still feel them
throbbing, but not as much.

She leered at me, looking straight at my
breasts and said, "I'll bet you never thought
you could get so horny just from playing with
your nipples!"

She kept looking at them which gave me a warm
feeling there again and I knew the blood had
started to flow back. The damn thing was that
she was right. The constant arousal had made
me awash with desire, and the thrill of trying
to avoid getting caught, and of knowing a few
people had seen me made it all the more

I told her how it had affected me and how it
was affecting me now, and then I asked her
about this afternoon.

"More of the same, but I have one or two
different things for this afternoon. C'mon,
finish your coffee and we're going back to my

We both finished up. I put my jacket back on
and Kerry didn't demur so I knew it was OK.
We walked back slowly together. I asked her
if she wasn't worried that people would see us
together and come to a conclusion she might
find difficult to deal with.

She looked at me and said, "No. I run the
Department and there are only two people I
answer to - they both know my preference. I
told them when I joined the company. I'm not
bothered if people know I'm a dyke, and
they're not bothered because they know, so
there's no possible leverage for anyone
outside the company. So, no security problem,
and what I do in my own time is none of their
business. Of course, they may not be quite so
happy about what we're doing, but who's going
to tell them?"

She gave me a big grin, and winked at me. I
giggled, and we finished walking back in
(3) Monday Afternoon

When we got to her office, she locked the door
and told me to take my jacket off and sit on
the desk. Just the fact of being alone with
her, and being at work made me excited. She
walked up to me and started unbuttoning my
blouse. I got goose pimples as I felt her
hands and fingers against me, and I started
shaking slightly, not from fear, but from

She pulled my blouse out at the bottom and
then peeled it back, leaving my breasts

"Mmmmm. Nice!" She said. "Mistress says play
with your nipples until they're hard again."

She stood back and waited.

I could feel myself getting wet again as she
gazed at me. I started to play with my
breasts, staring back at her, my eyes hooded
with lust as I did as she said. My nipples
throbbed with excitement and I began breathing
deeply. I knew that she had got me so excited
that too much of this would make me come. I
also knew that she hadn't told me I could and
wondered what would happen if I did. That
excited my imagination even more.

Suddenly, I felt her hands on my wrists. I
think I'd closed my eyes, and I hadn't heard
her get closer again.

"Good, but you can stop now. Arms down by your

I obeyed. It was becoming a bit of a habit
already and I'd only just started playing this

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a
gold chain. I wondered why she was carrying a
necklace in her pocket. I soon found out that
it wasn't a necklace.

She told me to hold a breast in both hands and
make sure the nipple stood out. That wasn't
difficult, they felt so hard. She reached
across and opened a clasp at one end of the
chain. She fitted the clasp around the nipple.
It clamped fairly tightly and I knew that my
nipple wasn't going to soften again any time
soon. Of course, the other end had a small
clamp on it too and she repeated the
procedure, leaving me with two clamped nipples
joined by the gold chain. She stood back to
admire her handiwork.

"Mmmmm." she said again. "That looks very

It felt good too. I tried moving and there
were little, but noticeable tugs on each

Then she moved back in again. She pushed my
legs apart and stood between them. Then she
ran a hand up my thigh, over my stocking top
and onto the soft, bare flesh of my inner
thigh. I let out a small moan, an almost
imperceptible 'Oh!' She moved her hand higher,
and ran on finger down the crease of my
panties where they had been sucked into my
cunt lips. I shivered with anticipation and
arousal. To my disappointment she pulled her
hand back. Then she looked at the finger,
moved her face closer to me and breathed,
"Mmmm. Wet," before putting the finger in her
mouth and sucking on it. It was almost more
than I could bear. I desperately wanted her to
make love to me, even just to allow me to come
in front of her. Anything. I was so hot.

But she pulled back again. She looked at me,
her eyes filled with lustfulness, her arms
akimbo, exuding power and making me hunger for
her even more.

"Button up," she said, "it's still a work day.
Time for you to go back to work." I could see
a grin playing around the corners of her
mouth, but she didn't give in. Disappointed,
and so excited I wondered how I was going to
get any work done, I buttoned up my blouse,
tidied myself, and put my jacket on.

She waved me out, whispering in my ear as I
left, "I'll be watching!" And she trailed a
hand across my buttocks as I went out the

Somehow I got back to my desk without coming.
I felt so close. But Kerry obviously knew just
how far to push me, and it was plain she'd
been in situations like this several times. It
was beyond me, though, how she could resist
taking things further, while I was getting
more and more desperate. Surely she must be
feeling very aroused? Her control was
amazing. But hell, did I love every minute of
it. She must have known that I was craving
her, craving release, so much that I would
have done most anything, but she kept leaving
me hanging, like she felt I hadn't reached
fever pitch. I felt I had, several times.
Maybe she knew better.

I sat down to try and work. By concentrating
really hard and not moving around a lot I was
able to do the easiest parts of my work. I
was glad that this week should be easy now
that . . . I hadn't remembered till now about
that work we'd been doing. With all that had
gone on I'd forgotten to ask Kerry how it had
turned out. She'd got me in such a state that
it hadn't crossed my mind till now. I thought
I'd ask her before I left tonight.

Oddly enough, I got a message across the LAN
from her a short while later.

'Rob called in sick, but I've talked to his
boss, Judy Harton, and we've sorted it out
between us. Basically, it's case closed. So
don't worry about it.'

I was glad about that. Kerry had showed how I
probably hadn't read things quite right. It
still nagged at me a little, but the way I was
feeling, I couldn't have cared less. If Kerry
said that was it, then that was it.

Then the laptop bleeped softly again.

I looked at the message, and I had the
proverbial 'sharp intake of breath'.

The message said, "Mistress says I want to see
your breasts again. Now."

I got up and looked through the gap in my
cubicle. There didn't seem to be anyone about.
I got up and peered round the corner. Everyone
looked to be working at their desks. As long
as no one else came in . . . .

'Bleep'. 'I said now!'

I sat down and made sure I was facing the
camera directly. I unbuttoned my blouse,
grabbed each side and pulled it sideways,
pushing my breasts out towards the camera. As
I did so, I felt a flood of wetness in my
panties, and a throbbing in my clit. My
nipples were aching from the constant arousal
and the tiny clamps around them. I couldn't
think straight anymore.

'Bleep'. "Very good, girly. You can cover up
now. I won't bother you anymore, but come see
me before you leave tonight."

I typed back, shakily, 'Yes, Mistress.'

There was only an hour to go and I made it
through by the simple expedient of closing
down my work and concentrating on playing

I waited until most people had gone before I
went to Kerry's office. Her door was opened
and I walked in. She was finishing talking to
Judy Harton, and she passed me on the way out,
smiling and saying goodnight.

Kerry got up and closed the door, locking it
as she had earlier.

"You've done really well," she said, "I'm
proud of you. I hope you can keep this up. If
you do, you'll get a reward at the end of the
week." She just smiled, but her eyes
smouldered, and I felt another shiver.

"I wonder what that could be?" I beamed. "I'll
certainly look forward to it. I'm sure I can
keep this up no matter what you come up with.
It's just *so* exciting and *so* imaginative.
I've never felt thrills like this before. I'm
sure you realise what you're doing to me?"

She laughed. "Of course, but that's half the
fun. The other half, well, you'll have to get
through to the weekend to find out! In the
meantime, we ought to get those clamps off.
Open your blouse for me."

I unbuttoned and pulled back my blouse. She
checked out my breasts again, with the little
gold chain hanging between the nipples.

She strolled forward, taking her time. Then
she unclamped first one nipple, then the
other, and removed the chain. I could feel the
blood coursing back into my nipples, an
intoxicating cross between pain and pleasure.

She watched my reaction and said, "I think
that deserves a little reward. She moved close
and took my right breast in her mouth, covered
my nipple in saliva and gently flicked her
tongue across it several times. Then she
repeated this with my left breast and pulled
back, leaving me standing there, knees weak,
nipples wet, cunt wet.

"Now", she said, "a couple of questions. Did
you obey me last night? No touching?"


"So you didn't come last night then?"

That was the question I'd been dreading. "Um,
well, actually, I woke up this morning coming,
but I hadn't touched myself, really, you had
just left me so horny it just happened . . .
." My voice trailed off.

" I did wonder. Well, I'll let you off as it
was your first time, but next time - well,
you'll see. Anyway, just to make sure I have a
little present for you."

She reached down and pulled a package out of
her briefcase and handed it to me. It felt
quite heavy.

"Don't open it here. Open it just before you
go to bed and follow the instructions. I'll
know if you don't. Just be a good girl and do
it right and we'll see what tomorrow brings.
Oh, and take the laptop home with you and
connect it to the mobile. I'll have a message
for you in the morning before you go to work."

She smiled again. I loved that smile. I loved
the way she looked at me. I loved the power I
could see coursing through her. And I loved
what she was 'making' me do. Of course, she
wasn't really forcing me; I was doing it of my
own free will. She couldn't really make me do
anything I didn't want to do, but the fantasy
was exciting.

She moved close to me and gave me a quick
kiss. I would have melted into her arms if she
hadn't moved away again.

"OK, time to go home. I'll see you tomorrow in
my office again, first thing. Now run along
and be a good girl."

Slowly, I turned and left. I looked over my
shoulder to see her staring at my ass as I
(4) Monday Evening

I got home exhausted and on edge. Not that I
was edgy in a bad way, I was horny and had
gone through a whole day of being teased. I
sat down with a coffee and contemplated the
day. I wondered if I could last out. Kerry was
making me so that I was on tenterhooks all the
time, questioning what would happen next. But,
I told myself with conviction, I was enjoying
it so much I just *had* to go through with it.

I made myself a light meal, I wasn't
particularly hungry, had a glass of wine and
decided the best thing to do was have a
relaxing bath and go to bed. Of course, I also
wanted to find out what was in the package.

I soaked for a while, in a candlelit bathroom,
and pampered myself, being very careful when I
washed to not put too much pressure on my
nipples nor to clean between my legs more than
was necessary. It would have been so easy to
just lie there and give myself one orgasm
after another. But, I managed to refrain and
felt very proud of myself.

I wrapped up in a soft towel and gently
stroked myself clean. My whole body felt
sensitive and it was difficult, now I'd
relaxed, to stop my mind wandering to sexual

I padded out of the bathroom and into the
bedroom. I stopped and stared at the package
on the bed. My anticipation rose, as did my
heartbeat, as I started to unwrap the parcel.
Inside was a small box and a piece of paper. I
unfolded the paper and read.

'Inside the box you will find a pair of
handcuffs, keys, and a short metal chain. You
are to put on the handcuffs, wrap the chain
round a convenient part of the bed that will
prevent your hands touching your body and lock
yourself up for the night. The keys can be
attached to any part of the chain, allowing
you to open the handcuffs and the padlock on
the chain in the morning. Now, you have no
chance of making yourself come.


I shivered with delight, the naughtiness of it
all heightened my desire, and despite what had
gone on during the day, I felt my nipples
hardening again. I followed the instructions
to the letter and chained myself to my bed, my
arms and hands to one side, unable to touch
myself, but still quite comfortable. I lay
back and got to sleep quite quickly, my dreams
filled with sex.


In the darkness the door opened slowly,
quietly. A figure appeared, dressed in black.
The person on the bed had kicked the covers
off and her nude body shone where a small gap
in the curtains let the moonlight play over
her. The figure pointed a device at the bed
and, if you strained very hard, a soft
clicking could be heard. Then the figure
departed, as silently as it came, closing the
door softly behind it.
End of Part 2
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