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CC 03 camera before got started


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Command and Control (FF+, Hum, D/s, Exhib,

Part 3: Tuesday

By Hecate (

(1) Morning

I woke slightly stiff from having my arms in
the same position all night. But once I'd
undone the cuffs and the chain and walked
around a bit I felt fine, though there were
faint marks round my wrists. I felt turned
on, but nothing like the previous morning, and
nothing I couldn't cope with. I remembered
some of my dreams and again they all featured
Kerry. They were vague memories though and I
could only remember one little snippet where I
was tied to the bed and Kerry was standing
over me, grinning. Remembering it sent a
thrill through my body and I smiled and
sighed. She was having a remarkable effect on

I made myself some breakfast and then went to
check the laptop. When I took it off standby,
there was a message already waiting.

'Mistress says you are to wear the suit with
the shortest skirt that you have. You may wear
a bra as long as it is skimpy. You are to wear
white panties and high heels.

Be prepared for an interesting day <g>'

I wondered what was in store for me today. I
went upstairs and had a quick shower and got
ready for work, following her instructions. I
had a white panty-and-bra set where the bra
was almost non-existent, and the panties were
sheer at the back with only a small modesty
panel at the front. I put on my stay-ups as
usual. Then I put on my cream summer suit. The
jacket was cut with a deep vee at the front
and the skirt reached well above my knees. It
hid my stocking tops when I stood, but I had
to be careful when I sat down.

Dressed, I grabbed my briefcase and the laptop
and headed off for work. Kerry hadn't told me
to met her today, so I went straight to my
desk when I got to work, opened the laptop and
set up the camera as before. I got started on
some work (a boring small company check) and
waited to see what would happen.

I got a message about half an hour later on
the company system 'inviting' me to Kerry's
office. She grinned when I came in and the
first thing she did was to ask to see my
wrists. The marks were still there. She told
me that she was glad I was being good, and
gave me another one of her surprise packages.
She told me to go back to my desk, follow the
instructions in the pack and await a message
on my laptop. Then she told me to lift my
skirt and show her that I'd obeyed her
instructions about my panties.

I lifted my skirt, my temperature beginning to
rise again, and she made me stand there awhile
as she looked at me. I felt myself start to
get wet from her gaze, and because I was
standing in her office displaying myself to
her. Yet again, she was giving me a thrill by
'making' me do things.

Satisfied, she told me I could go, but not
before she had got up, told me to turn around
and stroked my ass several times through my
clothes. Whatever she had in mind today, I was
primed and ready before I left her office. I
sashayed out, deliberately teasing her by
wiggling my hips as I left.

I got back to my desk and sat down. I was
dying to open the package. I unwrapped it and
inside was another camera. I read the
instructions and set it up. It plugged into
the other one with a reasonably long wire, but
it was different as it had a clamp attached to
the top of it. I sat back and waited for the
message on the laptop. I couldn't work until I
knew what was going to happen. Again, the
anticipation was making me very excited.

After about fifteen minutes the laptop bleeped
and I pulled up the message and read it
through. I shuddered as a bolt of electricity
surged through me, from my cunt through my
breasts, to explode in my head. Kerry was
pushing me further and it was just exciting me
more. I reread it.

'Mistress says attach the camera to the bar at
the back of your desk UNDERNEATH. Make sure
it's pointed directly at your chair. Use the
onscreen display to make sure I can see up
your skirt and sit as wide legged as you can.
From ten o'clock, you are to masturbate every
half an hour for five minutes, but you mustn't
come, and you must do it at your desk so I can
see you. You can only touch yourself through
your outer clothes or your panties. Then get
to my office at 12.35 when we'll go out for
lunch. Until then, apart from these
instructions, you are to work as normal. ;-)'

Fat chance, I thought. I looked at the clock.
It was 9.58. In two minutes I was going to
have to sit at my desk and pretend I was
working while I masturbated and Kerry watched.
I was glad she didn't want me to come. I knew
that I was going to be so horny that I was
bound to make a noise if I did.

I set an alarm on the laptop for every half an
hour starting with ten o'clock. It bleeped
almost immediately. I snoozed it for five
minutes, looked to see there was no one near
me, and placed a hand on each breast over my
blouse. Like yesterday, I played with my
breasts, pinching my nipples through the soft
material of blouse and bra. I stroked the
curves of my breasts, leaning back in my
chair; legs open so Kerry could see my panties
underneath my skirt. Before I could move a
hand downwards, the alarm bleeped. I cancelled
it and tried to get back to work until 10.30,
my nipples throbbing and wetness forming in my
cunt . . . .

I kept my legs as wide as possible while I
worked. The shortness of my skirt meant it was
quite easy to give Kerry a revealing view. I
tried to concentrate, I really did, but the
whole time I had half an ear on the laptop,
waiting for the next alarm. I got a little
work done, and then I heard the bleep again.

I repeated the procedure with the alarm and
then settled back. This time I kept one hand
on my breast, while the other slid up my thigh
and under my skirt. I ran a finger across my
panties, straight up the centre between my
cunt lips. I pushed a little so that my
panties were tight against my cunt and stroked
myself in a rhythmic fashion, at the same time
pulling on my nipples through my clothes with
the other hand. The five minutes came up so
quickly it seemed, and I was left aroused and
slowly panting.

Every half an hour I repeated this as she'd
instructed. I could feel myself getting wetter
and wetter until the last time I felt my
panties sticking to my cunt, sucked into to
the crevice between my swollen lips, with my
distended clitoris pushing them out again at
the top. And all the time, Kerry was watching
and I knew it. When the alarm came up this
time, I put everything on standby and gingerly
got to my feet. My legs felt unstable and I
had to hold onto the desk for a minute or two
before I could go to Kerry's office. It was
about six or seven minutes later that I
finally got there.

She was standing by her door with a large bag
in her hand waiting for me. I looked
quizzically at her.

"What an enjoyable morning you've had," she
said, "so now we're going for a relaxing
picnic in the park before your afternoon
exertions." Then she laughed. A glorious,
full-bodied laugh full of humour and sexual

(2) Afternoon

We strolled out to her car. I say strolled,
but with me it was more a sort of wide-legged
walk as I tried to keep my thighs from
pressing my cunt lips together and making me
even more horny.

I settled down, thankfully, in the car. Legs
together to give my thigh muscles a rest,
knowing I wouldn't have to worry till we got
to the park. As it happened, we got there
fairly quickly but by then my ardour had
subsided enough for me to walk reasonably.
Kerry obviously had a spot picked out, as she
didn't stop at the first couple of obvious
places. She stopped at a place that allowed
shade from the canopy of a big oak and pulled
a rug out from her bag. The she laid some
plastic containers on it and told me to sit
down. I did so carefully, knowing my skirt
would be a problem, but I wasn't too worried
as there was no one anywhere near us.
Although, after I'd sat down a blonde woman
(who looked gorgeous, I might add) came and
sat about fifteen feet away and to the right
of us.

Kerry had brought some delicious sandwiches,
iced tea, and a small freezer box containing
caramel and chocolate ice cream. We sat and
ate quietly. She didn't tease me or anything,
but I could feel her eyes boring into me the
whole time. She still hadn't seen me
completely nude, but I felt as if I had no
clothes on with her looking at me. It was as
if she could see through me, through my
clothes and through my mind to a place that I
didn't even know existed inside me.

Finally, we were down to the iced tea. She
looked at me and said, "So, is Mistress
treating you to your liking?"

"Mmmm, yes," I replied. "I didn't think it was
possible to get this turned on all the time
without coming. And I didn't think anyone
could read me as well as you do, or get me to
do the things that I've done so far. In fact,
I wouldn't have thought up these ideas on my
own. Now, I think there's a lot of things,
some of which I probably don't even know
myself, that you could get me to do."

She grinned, "A lot?"

She picked up on that straight away. Actually,
I didn't know if I had limits anymore,
certainly not with her, but I wasn't going to
tell her that. I just smiled and said, "Yes, a

"Hmm," she said, "well, let's see how much is
a lot shall we?

I wasn't sure what she was going to say, but I
just nodded. I didn't feel fear, but there was
an ache in the pit of my stomach. It wasn't
from what she would say, but disquiet within
myself. I was wondering how far *I* would go.

"Pivot round, legs together so you're facing
to our right."

I did as she told me. I could see the blonde,
also on a rug. She was lying on her side, legs
stretched out, leaning on one elbow. She
appeared to be reading a paper, but I couldn't
really tell as she was wearing dark glasses in
the sunshine. I looked at her more closely.
She looked good to me; full breasted, wearing
a tailored trouser suit, the jacket by her
side, and with a cream, semi-transparent
blouse on top.

Kerry slithered up behind me, her voice a
whisper as I felt a hand slide up my back and
rest lightly on my shoulder.

"Now, legs together, pull you legs toward you
until your knees are comfortably bent."

Again, I complied straight away. Too quickly
for my peace of mind in fact.

"Good." Her hand moved so she was lightly
stroking the back of my neck. She leant
forward a little so her lips were almost
touching my ear. "Move your feet apart so that
they are as wide as they can go without moving
your knees."

I started. I knew that if I did that the
blonde would be able to see all the way up my
skirt to my panties, though only a small
triangle as my legs were still together. But,
I obeyed with only a short hesitation.

Her hand kept massaging my neck and I felt her
tongue just slide across my earlobe. I
shivered with pleasure from her caress, and
knew I was getting wetter. The only thing, I
had asked myself was, was it because she was
touching me or was it because I was half-
displaying myself to the unknown blonde?

Kerry whispered to me again.

"Gradually let your knees fall apart."

I couldn't do it, could I? My body betrayed my
questioning mind as my legs slid apart,
seemingly of their own volition.

Now I felt Kerry's tongue tip on the nape of
my neck for a few seconds, leaving a wet trail
as it slithered away to be replaced by the
hand again.

"You're a very good plaything for Mistress,"
she said, as I perceived her other hand
sliding round from behind and resting beneath
a breast, cupping it gently. My eyes were
hooded and my breathing heavy as I stared at
the blonde, looking for any sort of reaction.
I knew that now, she could see all the way up
my skirt and probably see the large wet patch
I knew was there, both from this morning and
from how I was feeling now.

Kerry started murmuring in my ear again.

"All morning I've watched that wet patch grow.
I've seen you stroke yourself repeatedly. I
saw your panties get so wet I could see your
cunt lips. And now she can see it, a stranger,
seeing right to the heart of your sex. Showing
yourself to her, a wanton woman so inflamed
with desire she shows herself to anyone her
Mistress pleases...."

It felt as if my whole body was throbbing with
desire. My skin felt alive as if a thousand
fingers were crawling across it. Without
stimulation, my nipples were erect and hard,
my cunt swollen and wet, so wet that if I
weren't wearing panties I would have dribbled
my juice onto the rug; my clitoris, hoodless,
standing against my panties, pushing out and

I was panting with lust, close and yet so far,
trying hard to do as I had been told and not
to allow myself to come.

Kerry's sweet, sexy, commanding voice
continued to roll over my inhibitions, making
me feel so alive and so abandoned. It was like
she'd tripped all my fail-safe mechanisms and
beaten them. Inside my head I was a mass of
conflicting emotion overlaid by hunger that I
never though possible.

Then she said to me, "I'll bet my wanton woman
would dearly love to come. To feel the
release, to flood her panties with girly come
and make her Mistress happy".

I swallowed, before saying, in a cracked and
quaking voice, "Please, please can I come!!!?"

"Yes, just this once, you can, but only by
doing what I tell you."

My body betrayed me again, forcing my mind,
desperate for release, into telling her how I
really felt, "Please, please, ANYTHING!"

"Look at the blonde, straight at her, stare
into her sunglasses, imagine you can see her

I peered straight forward. Maybe it was my
imagination, but I was sure I could see some
movement behind those glasses.

"Now," said Kerry, "move your right hand down,
open your legs wide and stroke yourself
through your panties. Slowly, mind. When I
tell you, you may come."

I started to stroke myself, still staring at
the blonde. She had obviously been feigning
disinterest as she looked straight at me and I
saw her tongue glide sensuously out of her
mouth and lick her lips. Then, she moved one
hand down her body, undid the top of her
trousers and slid a hand into them. I could
see the small movements of her hand as she
played with herself while watching me.

I was *so* close now. I could only touch
myself lightly, running my fingers up and down
my swollen cunt lips through my panties, but
never going near my clit that was straining
against the material. I was trembling waiting
to hear from Kerry. The humiliation of the
blonde watching me and seeing right between my
legs as I toyed with my cunt made the
situation so much more exciting. I couldn't
believe I was doing this, and all because
Kerry told me to.

I felt Kerry's hot breath next to my ear.
"Come for me, my slut!"

I think it was the word slut more than
anything, but I quickly moved my fingers to my
clitoris and stroked it hard. I erupted,
almost screaming, filling my panties with my
come juice, shuddering, my hand pressing hard
on the centre of my feeling, my brain
exploding, my eyes seeing stars, a roaring of
blood in my ears, my hands tingling with
sensation. So alive I could never go back to
being my old self.

As the orgasm subsided I peeked through half
closed eyes at the blonde. She saw me and
moved her hand from her trousers and licked
her fingers, almost making me come again. I
just sat there, shattered, my world changed
forever. Despite my constant doubts, I knew
that from now on my thoughts of doing anything
Kerry said, even if I didn't quite believe I
could, I really would do, whatever it was. But
I still couldn't bring myself to say that to
her. Her games were so fantastic, so mind
warping, that I almost wondered if she was
doing something to me, drugging me or
something. I would never have done anything
like this six months ago. Now I wouldn't dream
of going back to my previous lifestyle.

I snapped out of my reverie and looked up. The
blonde was walking towards me. I turned round
and looked at Kerry, but she just smiled. I
waited. The blonde walked up and said, "Thank
you, girly. Please *come* again sometime!"
Then she burst out laughing and walked slowly
away, disappearing into the distance, still

I turned back to Kerry. She looked at me
knowingly and said, "I seem to remember we
were experimenting to see what you meant when
you said there were lots I could get you to
do. It does seem you were right," she giggled.
"I have lots more planned for this week, so I
hope that you'll feel as happy doing what I
say for the next three days." A leering grin
appeared on her face, and she winked at me.

I couldn't help but laugh and nod. Apart from
the sex, she was making me feel so happy.

I looked down between my legs. My panties were
see-through with all the wetness, and I could
smell my juices wafting up from them. And I
hadn't got a spare pair.

I looked at Kerry, who, as usual, seemed to
know what I was thinking. She picked up one of
the snap bags the sandwiches had been in and
said, "Well get them off then!"

I pulled them away gently from my cunt,
strands of juice sticking to them and forming
a stringy mess as I pulled them down and
popped them into the bag Kerry was holding

"I guess you're going to have to be really
careful this afternoon wearing that short
skirt. Still, I won't get you to do anything
else - just make sure the cameras are working
properly so I can *see* you. You can remove
them at the end of the day so the cleaners
won't find them, and then you can put them
back tomorrow."

"Yes, Mistress," I said with a smile.

We got up and took a leisurely walk back to
the car; then we drove back to the office. The
afternoon was uneventful, though, knowing what
Kerry was seeing, I was turned on all the
time, even if not with the force that had
happened at lunchtime.

Just before I was due to leave, Kerry sent me
the usual message about coming to her office.
This time she gave me two packages, one for
bedtime and one for the morning. The first
package was quite weighty; the other, a padded
envelope, was relatively light.

She also gave me two other envelopes, one
marked bedtime, and one marked morning. Then
she walked up to me, put an arm round me and
kissed me. Not a quick kiss this time, but a
long, slow, erotic, tongue-tasting kiss. Then
she pulled away and said, "You're doing well.
I have high hopes for you, sweetheart." I
wondered quite what she intended, but left
when she told me she had some work to finish
up. I felt quite proud -- not sure what she
really meant, but happy enough anyway.
(3) Evening

I vegged in front of the tv for the evening,
my mind wandering to the lunchtime events.
Every time I thought about it, I could feel
myself getting turned on more and if it hadn't
been for Kerry ordering me only to come when
she said I could, I would have been
masturbating all evening. My poor toys, in my
bedside drawer were being sadly neglected.
But, I thought to myself, before Kerry, *I*
was being sadly neglected, and I was thankful
that we had got close.

At bedtime I opened the first envelope, and
package. In it were two chains with a cuff and
a lock at each end. Tonight I was to chain my
feet to the bed, with my legs as wide apart as
the anchor points would allow, and with my
hands cuffed as before. I shivered at the
delicious thought of how I would look if
anyone could see me, open and restrained.

I followed the instructions to the letter. I
felt wanton, abandoned, and so very sexy,
lying there with my legs spread, my cunt on
view to anyone who was able to look. I fell
asleep, horny, and with a smile on my face.


Like the previous night, in the darkness the
door opened slowly, quietly. The same figure
appeared, dressed in black. The figure stood
against the wall facing the bed, pointed a
device at the bed and, the same soft clicking
could be heard. Then the figure departed, as
silently as it came like the night before,
closing the door softly behind it
End of Part 3
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