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CC 04 video camera one corner


Copyright Notice:

Copyright Hecate 2002
This story may be downloaded for personal use.
It may not be reposted without permission.
Placing this story on a website other than one
which is entirely free is forbidden. The story
may be placed on an entirely free website
subject to the author's agreement. The
author's rights pursuant to the Berne
Convention shall in no way be abrogated by any
permissions given, or by any unauthorised
publication. All Rights Reserved.


This story contains scenes of an adult nature
and should not be made available to minors in
any jurisdiction. The author shall not be
responsible for the breaking of any local,
national or international laws by anyone who
in any way makes use of this story. Please
follow the laws of your particular country,
region or local area and do not download or
read this story if it is illegal to do so
where you live.

Command and Control (FF+, Hum, D/s, BDSM,
Latex, Toys)

Part 4: Wednesday

By Hecate (

(1) Morning

I never used to be able to get out of bed in
the mornings. Now, I was leaping out,
wondering what the day would bring. What game
would we play today? What new situation would
she put me in? Could I really do anything she
said, or was the sex clouding my mind so much
I was fooling myself. Always the questions,
but always the excitement of the unknown.

As usual, I washed and breakfasted, but
knowing what had happened so far, I padded
around in the nude until I was ready to open
the next envelope and package.

I opened the message first. Inside was the
usual typed message that said:

'Mistress says all you have to do is wear the
enclosed item in the padded envelope. Just a
couple of suggestions: you might need some
talc, and you might like to wear black today

I put down the message and pulled open the
padded envelope. The bag had an odd smell and
there were only two items in there. I realised
what the first was when I pulled it out of the
bag. The smell was latex and it was a folded
latex garment. The second was a tube of KY,
which made me stop in my tracks. What the

I opened out the garment. It was a body, all
black, one piece. I felt it and it seemed
smooth until I got to the bottom. I could feel
something hard inside. I turned it inside out
and gasped. Wow! Inside the crotch were two
moulded dildoes, a small one at the back and a
larger one at the front. Obviously that was
why the KY was in there. And I knew that to
get a garment like this on I would have to
talc it well. I wondered if she thought I
would find it difficult to wear all day. Apart
from getting warm, I didn't see why I should
have too much of a problem. Oh, I knew I'd be
excited - the idea of it alone aroused me -
but I thought she had said things would get
harder? I'd fingered my ass before when I
masturbated, but I'd never used anything. It
was going to be an interesting experience.

I smiled to myself; this time she wouldn't be
able to get me into such a state. I went back
upstairs with the body and the KY and
carefully rubbed in talc all over the inside.
I selected a dark grey suit with a charcoal
blouse, and some black stockings.

Now to get in it! I reversed it again, so it
was the right way round, and laid it on the
floor. I stepped into the leg holes and
carefully pulled it up, rolling it as I went
so I could finish by rolling it over my torso.
I got to where the front, longer dildo was
just touching my cunt, picked up the tube of
KY, and lubricated the dildo. I knew it
wouldn't need too much lubrication as I was
already moist from anticipation. I inserted
it part way and then reached round and gave
the small anal dildo a good dose of KY. Then I
bent at the knees and pulled the body up,
relaxing and feeling the two dildoes enter me
fully. I stood carefully, feeling them move a
little inside me, then rolled up the rest of
the body. I discovered when I came to cover my
breasts that there were small holes around the
nipples that would allow them to expand out of
the latex. Mmmmm! That was interesting!

I smoothed the latex over my body, and put my
arms through the attached straps. I slowly put
my blouse on, then my stockings, skirt and
jacket. It felt fine, if a little warm, until
I started walking. Then I realised that if I
were moving normally, because of the give in
the latex, the two dildoes would move in and
out of me. Well, I knew I could cope with
that. I was stuck in an office anyway and
didn't get around much. Even the short walk,
if we went out for lunch, while it would be a
bit of a trial, wouldn't be impossible.

I smiled. I was going to win today!

However, I resolved that I'd try, when I
could, to move as carefully as possible. So I
slowly made my way to my car, got in and
started the engine. Ooooh, another little
thrill! As the car came to life I found that
the vibrations through the seat seemed to be
reflected through the dildoes. It was OK, but
I knew that by the time I got to work I'd
definitely be horny! I'd still win though!

When I got to work, I knew I was wet. Unlike
the previous days though, I walked slowly and
calmly to the elevator from the garage, and
walked carefully to my desk, normally, but not
hurrying. I wondered what Kerry was going to
say or do today. I put the cameras back, and
found that the bending over action was making
the dildoes move too. I tried to set up what I
called the 'underskirt' camera first to get it
over with quickly. Soon, it was all done, the
laptop was on, and both cameras were working.
I settled back to do some work. I could feel
the dildoes all the time, but they were
keeping me at a level of excitement I had no
trouble dealing with, especially after

I was a little disappointed to find that Kerry
hadn't mailed me by 11.00, so I went to get a
coffee. I passed Alana Simon in the corridor;
she worked in claims doing the same job as
Rob, and I asked about him.

"I don't really know," she said. "Evidently
he has some mysterious illness."


"Well, I heard that someone called the
paramedics. Apparently, they found him slumped
in his car, like he'd been going to work and
collapsed. They took him to the clinic but
he's been unconscious since Monday."

"How odd! I hope he's going to be OK, even if
he did keep hitting on me." I giggled, and
Alana smiled, saying "Hey, he's done that to
*all* of us!"

I grinned, wished her a good day and went to
the kitchen. That was really strange. I
couldn't get it out of mind. Still, these
things happen, people do get sick, even if
they're young and fit. I made myself a coffee
and walked back to my desk, enjoying the
pleasant sensations coming from my groin and
ass, and the feel of my blouse rubbing against
my hardening nipples - Kerry had got me so
that I was beginning to feel that being horny
at work was normal!

I worked for another hour or so and was
beginning to wonder what was happening when I
got a bleep on my laptop. It was an
interesting message and it made me wonder if
Kerry had something planned which was going to
make life difficult for me.

'I see you're wearing your body <g>!'

I blushed. I knew after three days of this I
shouldn't, but I did. The awareness from that
sentence that she could see me wearing the
body, by looking up my skirt, made me turn

'Something different for today. We don't
usually get out of the office, and normally
the policy agent would do this, but a dear
friend of mine wants to discuss her policy and
I managed to wangle it so that we could both
go this afternoon. You'll like it; the place
is out in the country. Lots of fresh air! <g>
Anyway, be ready at lunch time. Clear your
desk as if you were going home. I'll drop you
back at your place when we've finished. See
you in half an hour in my office.'

I cleared my desk straight away. I knew I'd
need to have a pee before I went and with this
body I needed to strip to be able to pee. And
I wanted to get to the ladies room before the
lunchtime rush, otherwise other women might
have wondered why I was in there so long with
so much rustling going on! By 12.25 I was
ready and walked steadily to Kerry's office.
Her door was open and I strolled in. She was
talking to Judy, who had her back towards me,
her hands on Kerry's desk and was bending
forward slightly, giving me a nice view of her
rounded ass. I stood there and admired, and
saw Kerry look past her for a second. I knew
she realised what I was doing/thinking.

Judy left, flashing me a smile, and I was left
alone with Kerry.

"Enjoy what you saw, did you?" She said.

"Um, yes, who wouldn't?" I grinned at her.

"Maybe I'm making you too erotically

"Oh, no!" I said quickly, giggling.

She smiled back. "Good. You've got your
briefcase and things I see. We'll take my car,
and I'll drop you home, and then pick you up
in the morning. Your car will be safe in our

I laughed. "Damn! I was hoping someone would
steal it so I could claim on the insurance!"

Kerry laughed back and gestured for us to
leave, and we went down to the garage giggling
at the thought of claiming for a car stolen
from our own company's garage. I got into
Kerry's car again, and we were off. I wondered
how on earth she could get one over me this
(2) Afternoon

As we headed out of the city we chatted about
work, the weather, anything but our game or
where we were going. Finally, I asked her if
it was a farm we were going to?

"Sort of," she said. "It's half a farm and
half a stables. My friend and her partner farm
the area, but her partner deals with that. My
friend runs a riding school. It's a nice quiet
part of the country. I'm sure you'll enjoy

"How long to get there?"

"Oh, about 40 minutes," said Kerry. Then she
asked, "Have you ever ridden?"

I said no. I came from a small town and there
wasn't any opportunity, even if my parents had
had the money.

Then I settled back. Kerry's car didn't
vibrate as much as mine, so I wasn't getting
the vibration feeling in the internal dildoes.
I still felt on an edge though. My cunt was
definitely wet and I was aroused enough so
that I could just feel my clit beginning to
rub against the latex.

Kerry must have realised what I was thinking
because she started smiling and asked me if I
was feeling OK.

I was determined to outlast her game today and
I just smiled and said, "Fine, thank you."

We just gossiped for the rest of the journey
about the usual rumours that go round an
office. I even asked her what she knew about
Rob, but she repeated the same story that
Alana had told me.

Kerry suddenly turned and swept the car round
a corner onto a farm track. Well, it was
gravelled, but it was still a track. The car
bounced rather more up the track and I felt it
all over and especially through my two latex
friends. For the first time, they really began
to have an effect on me, so I was glad when
Kerry turned again, pulling onto a level drive
and stopped in front a largish farmhouse.

I was sweating by now and Kerry gave me a
knowing look as she turned and said that we'd
arrived. I tried to stare back, but ended up
looking down. I knew she knew. She knew I knew
she knew, and, well, you get the picture. The
up-and-down of the car on the track was
definitely something that would have got to me
after a while, and I knew I wasn't supposed to
come unless she told me I could. For the first
time, I really wondered what would happen if I

Anyway, we got out and Kerry pressed a buzzer
on the door. After a minute or so a lean,
obviously muscled, brunette opened the door.
She said hello to Kerry and they hugged, then
Kerry introduced us. The brunette was Laura
Burns, and she was the one who ran the riding
school. As she turned and invited us in, I
couldn't help admiring the strong thighs and
pert buttocks in the tight jodhpurs that Laura
was wearing. I was continually amazing myself
now. I never used to check out women like
this. Hell, I never used to check out
*anyone*! I'd effectively been neuter for so
long that I was overwhelmed at how Kerry had
got me into such a sexually-aware state so
quickly. And at how I'd gone along with her so
easily. I still didn't know why really, other
than her demeanour, and the way she was able
to gently persuade me. And, of course, that
voice which seemed to drive straight to my

Laura was very friendly and we went through
some of her problems with the new policy and
solved them straight away. Kerry was very well
briefed as usual and I thought it wouldn't
take too long. I though that maybe I'd be
able to go for a (slow and careful) walk
around some of their estate after we'd
finished. There were a couple more problems,
which Kerry again sorted out with her usual
alacrity and Laura seemed satisfied. She
offered us a drink. Kerry chose mineral water
as she was driving, and I did the same, aware
of my latex undergarment and aware that I
didn't want to have anything that would make
me want to pee too often.

We sat back in their comfortable leather
chairs (now that was an interesting
experience; latex sliding against cloth
sliding against leather), discussing the
merits of various actresses (from which I
assumed that Laura wasn't interested in men
either). Then her partner walked in confirming
my suspicions. Tara Lombardo, her partner, was
lean, tanned, about five foot four and every
inch *not* your average farmer. In fact, she
looked cute. I couldn't resist and asked her
what she farmed.

She looked at me in amusement, obviously
having had this sort of effect before, and
said in a broad accent, a sort of mixture of
New York Italian and Virginian, "Ahh farms
bulls little lady!" Then she burst out
laughing, and so did the three of us. When
we'd stopped, in a rather cultured accent she
said, "I was a geneticist, but I preferred
working with the animals directly. So I
decided cattle breeding was what I wanted to
do. I set this place up, added some staff so I
could go on trips every now and again, and it
all went from there. On one of those trips I
met Laura. She was mad about animals too,
especially horses so hence the riding school.
It's more fun than being stuck in a lab all
day and don't let anyone ever tell you cattle
are stupid - I swear the bulls can tell when
it's milking day!" And she burst out laughing
again, as did Kerry and Laura. I was a few
seconds late until it clicked that she'd said

I felt so at ease with these people;
notwithstanding the fact that Kerry and I both
knew what I was wearing underneath my clothes.
The only problem I'd had so far was that
laughing so hard had really made my latex
friends move around inside me. Otherwise, I
really liked Laura and Tara. I could see why
Kerry was friendly with them. They were a lot
of fun.

Then Laura asked if we'd like to go for a
ride. Kerry was all for it, but I explained
that I'd never been on a horse in my life and
I'd probably slow them down when I kept
falling off. (Apart from which, with my latex
undergarment I wasn't sure if I could manage
to get on in the first place. It was a bit

Laura looked at Kerry and said, "Perhaps a
quick lesson?"

"Oh, yes!" said Kerry.

She looked at me, full of enthusiasm and said,
"Laura has a great machine to teach you the
basics. It has a saddle, stirrups, and
everything, and it's motorised to allow you to
learn the required movements. C'mon, it'll be
fun. We could go for a short ride afterwards."

I must have looked dubious as I looked round
at the three women because Laura said, "It'll
be no problem. I have to clear up here. Paper
work. I'll be an hour or so. Tara has some
work to do too, but could meet us. And Kerry
can show you the ropes while we're getting
finished. And I'll lend you some riding
clothes when you're ready. You won't need them
for the machine, but afterwards you can come
back to the house and change, and we can all
go for a ride together."

What could I say? I knew nothing, and as she
explained it, it all seemed so simple. So I
just smiled and said OK. They were nice
people, and I knew Kerry wouldn't get me into
anything I couldn't handle.

Tara went off to finish whatever she was
doing, Laura said she was going to her office
to finish up, and Kerry led me out through the
patio doors to a whitewashed building out
back. Inside it was very spacious and smelt of
straw and sawdust. Kerry explained that this
building contained the machine room, some
offices and a sawdust ring for training the
horses and pupils indoors, when the weather
was bad, or when the pupils were real

I was beginning to warm to the idea when Kerry
opened a door and ushered me into the room. In
the middle was a machine, with saddle etc., as
Kerry had described. thick piles of sawdust
surrounded it. I asked her about that and she
told me it was in case anyone got too
enthusiastic and fell off. I gulped. It wasn't
too far to fall - I could see the machine
wasn't horse height, more pony height, but I'd
never done anything like this before.

There was some equipment hanging on the wall
and I saw a thick black wire leading from the
machine to a box hanging on the wall that I
assumed was the controller. Otherwise, the
room was fairly bare apart from a couple of a
cupboards and a small table. As I looked
around I noticed one thing I thought was odd -
a video camera in one corner. I asked Kerry
about it. She said they used it to make
training films, but not to worry; there was no
red light on it so it was off. I relaxed.
Well, as relaxed as I could be in a hot latex
body with two dildoes inside me, moving every
time I moved anyway.

I looked at the machine again. I looked at the
jacket and short skirt I was wearing. I
remembered Laura saying something about riding
clothes. I looked at Kerry, and said, "My
clothes aren't exactly suitable."

She looked me up a down, a lascivious gleam in
her eye.

"No, they're not. That's why you're taking
them off - all except the body of course."

"KERRY! What if someone comes in?!"

"Nobody will. The stable staff have gone. The
farm staff don't come in here, and Tara and
Laura are going to be busy for an hour. Enough
time for some fun and games," she said,
grinning wickedly. "And anyway, if you give up
now you lose. No more games and no more me. Is
that what you *really* want?"

I had to trust her. I had no choice if I
wanted this to continue, and oh, did I want
it. Visiting here, knowing what I was
wearing, and that the other women didn't know,
except for Kerry, was so exciting. Actually,
though I didn't say this to Kerry, when I
thought about it, like at the park, the chance
of getting caught was exciting too. I knew I
was being manipulated, but the way Kerry did
it left me wanting it to happen even though
the same questions came to my mind every
evening. Why am I doing this? How far will I
go? I felt I was getting to a point where, if
I completed Kerry's week of games, there would
be no going back to my old life.
Intellectually that was worrying. Emotionally,
for some reason, it seemed what? Satisfying?
Not quite - fulfilling, that was it. And
gratifying. And on so many levels. Kerry
attracted me like a moth to a flame. I was
frightened and so excited at the same time.

Still, what she was suggesting . . . but I
knew in my heart that I would follow through.
I looked at her. She stared back at me. I
looked down and unbuttoned my jacket. She
pointed to two hooks on the back of the door.
I hung my jacket on one, then my blouse on the
other. I turned round again, fidgety, looking
at her as I undid my skirt and slipped it down
my legs to fall at my feet. I stepped out of
it. She told me to remove the stockings too,
and I unclipped them and draped them over the
blouse and suit.

I stood there, arms half folded protectively,
as if she hadn't been watching my every move
anyway. My sudden shyness was more coquetry
than timidity. I was playing to *her* gallery.

She looked me up and down, seeing the tight
latex moulded to my body, the dampness around
my upper thighs where wetness had slicked out
at the side of the latex from my heightened
arousal. The way it held my breasts, pointing
towards her, the nipples stiff and red. She
sighed a sigh of contentment. I could see the
lust in her eyes, and the way she ran the tip
of her tongue around her lips betrayed a
yearning, a hunger to do more than just look.
The air was redolent with the stable smell,
but above it was the scent of female arousal,
wafting through on the air, tantalising the
senses. You could almost taste the sex.

"Of course," she said, "I don't want your legs
to get sore, or your hands to hurt from
holding the reins, so I've got something for
your legs and arms." She pulled out two
squishy black latex squares. I unfolded the
first. They were latex stockings. The second
were latex gloves. I struggled a little to
put them on, but when I'd finished, only my
head, my shoulders (apart from the body
straps), a little of my upper arms and a small
patch of pink between my groin and the
stockings remained uncovered. It was
restrictive, yet exciting. The latex pulled on
your skin as you moved, slid against you,
sensitised you all over, not just the obvious

She just motioned towards the machine and I
walked over, my mind muzzy, my legs heavy, my
cunt wet, my nerves excited with anticipation.
I knew she had planned something, and now I
was finding out what it was, and I was sure
that I was going to feel, yet again, more than
I had ever felt before.

She walked across to help me. She showed me
how to mount the 'horse' and I felt her
fingers linger against my latex covered ass as
she boosted me up.

I tried to sit slowly, but realised that I
would have to stretch my legs quite a way to
get them over the 'horse's' body. The stretch,
and the slight thump when I finally sat had
made the dildoes move inside me, stoking the
heat coming from between my legs and making me
feel heady. With my legs stretched across, I
felt open and vulnerable. I felt the pommel
pushing against my latex-clad cunt, forcing
the dildo deeper.

Kerry walked over to the wall and pulled down
the black box I had noticed earlier, the
control box. She turned a dial slightly and I
felt the 'horse' move underneath me. All the
while she was explaining how to 'sit' on a
horse, and how to move my body in tandem with
a horse's natural rhythm. it was quite
pleasant, made more so by the rocking motion
it induced, moving the dildoes inside me,
gently in and out as the latex tightened and

She turned the dial slightly more and told me
I was now at a gentle walking pace.
Apparently the machine was so sophisticated
that if I used the reins properly it would
turn, and she showed me how to pull first one
side, then the other to make the machine turn
like a horse.

It wasn't as hard as I thought. Despite the
arousal from the movement I had no problems
coping - with that or the machine.

Then she moved the speed up to a trot and told
me to try turning again. I wasn't really ready
for the increased speed, or the increased
movement. My brain moved from controlling the
'horse' to between my legs and the added
sensations. As I tried the turn I slipped, and
nearly slid sideways off the saddle. I grabbed
the reins and held on, just.

Kerry looked concerned and asked me if I was
OK. I shakily said yes, I hadn't been ready.
She nodded and said there were some straps
that could help, just to give me confidence.
She went to one of the cupboards and pulled
out what looked some thin, soft leather ones.

Kerry came across and tied them to some anchor
points at various places on the machine. I
hadn't noticed these when I got on. She asked
me to stand slightly in the stirrups. Then she
tied them across my legs, and round my hands,
attaching my hands to the reins. The straps
meant I couldn't move too much and it felt
much safer. To my surprise, they also pulled
me forward so my cunt was hard against the
pommel and my ass was partly off the saddle.
She said this was a better position for when
it got faster.

She started up the machine again. This time
she only gave me a minute on 'walk', then
moved through a slow trot to a fast trot. And
then I found out why women liked riding. The
pommel was rubbing against my cunt, pushing
the dildo hard in me, and just catching my
clitoris on the upward stroke. The first time
I saw stars. I hadn't realised. And, because
my ass was partly in the air, every move meant
the dildo there plunged in and out in a steady

I knew I was in trouble unless she told me I
could come. If she went faster I thought I
might lose control. I concentrated as hard as
I could to keep my arousal at a level I could
cope with.

She stood in front of the machine, watching
me. I saw her move the dial up again. The
motion became faster and faster. Now she
wasn't waiting for me to get used to it, she
was moving it slowly, but persistently,
upwards. The pressure on my cunt and the
movement against my clit got more and more
frenetic. At the same time I could feel the
other dildo fucking me in the ass. At these
faster speeds, there was also a vibration from
the machine making both dildoes vibrate inside
me. And all the time Kerry was watching me,
watching my face as the waves of arousal grew
stronger and stronger. I knew my cunt was
drenched and that it wouldn't be long before
the motion, the pressure, and the dildoes made
me explode.

"Please, Kerry, can I come?"

"Kerry?" she said.

"Mistress! Please, Mistress, may I come?!"

With a broad grin she just said, "No. Control

So this was it. I knew I couldn't stop. And
the last time I'd come without permission
she'd insinuated there'd be a price to pay. I
couldn't hang on any longer, despite knowing
that. The friction, the heat, was all
combining to make it impossible. I felt the
undulations of the machine against me, and the
passion and pleasure flowing through me. I
started gulping air, my breathing got faster.
I looked down and saw my hard, throbbing
nipples pointing out of the holes in the body.
Kerry jammed the dial across and I came.

"Omigod! Kerreeeeeeeeee! I'm going to come . .
. !"

My head flew back and I screamed at the top of
my voice, my cunt and ass clenching on the
dildoes, my clit screaming from the upward
stroking and vibration of the machine. I felt
like my whole being was centred between my

I felt, rather than saw or heard, Kerry
turning the speed down. My head lolled
forward. In some corner of my mind I was
disappointed. I knew if she'd left it there I
would've come and come. On the other hand, how
bad would the price be if I had?

She left it at a slow trot. It was keeping me
aroused without pushing me over the edge. She
came up to my right had side and slipped her
hand under my ass, holding me underneath. She
pulled her hand out and looked up at me.

"You've soaked the saddle. Even the latex
couldn't hold it all in. My, my, you don't
have a lot of control do you? I did tell you,
you couldn't come, didn't I?"

I nodded.

"But you came anyway, didn't you?"

I nodded again.

"Ah, well, now you're going to discover what
happens when you can't control yourself."

I looked on as Kerry placed the control box on
the floor and pressed a button. Then she
dialled in a number.

"That will move the speed up automatically, to
the level I selected. Meanwhile, you're going
to pay for coming when Mistress told you not

I sat there, moving with the 'horse'. I didn't
object. After all, I could rationalise that I
was tied there and couldn't do anything about
it, even though I knew the real reason was
that I couldn't say no. If I did, the games
would stop and I couldn't bear that, or losing
Kerry's attention.

The 'horse' started to speed up, slowly,
evenly, but already at a speed where I was
feeling my arousal climbing. At first, Kerry
just stood and watched. Then she went to the
equipment hanging on the wall and pulled off a
riding crop. My body tensed; surely she wasn't
going to . . . ?

As my body moved with the horse, she ran the
tip of the crop up and down my latex-clad
legs. Then up and down my back till it was
resting on my ass. Then she pushed it between
my legs from behind, twisting and turning it.
I could feel the crop's movement lighting a
fire between my cunt and ass, making the
feeling merge across the whole of my groin.
Then she started to talk to me, in that
gorgeous, panty-wetting voice.

"You've been naughty, haven't you? You deserve
some punishment, don't you? In fact, you're
looking forward to it, aren't you? You want to
make amends, don't you? You want to please
your Mistress, don't you? You want to atone.
You want to come when Mistress let's you?"

All the while I was nodding and the feelings
between my legs were growing again. Swelling
as a thundercloud of lust in my head, stroking
the nerve endings all the way from cunt,
through my spine, to my brain. The insidious
chat made me feel I should be agreeing; the
debasement of my position only added to the
thrills. Finally, I was just saying, "Yes.
Yes, Mistress. Yes please, Mistress." Over and
over, in a kind of sexually administered

I felt the crop move from between my legs and
rest on my ass. The thinness of the latex
allowed me to be aware of the sensation, at
the same time transmitting it across my body.
I felt the crop disappear and then . . . .

"Thwack!" I cried out the first few times, but
then Kerry began a rhythmic slapping of my ass
with the crop, almost hypnotic. I realised
that the 'horse' must have reached the level
set as it hadn't gone any faster for a few
minutes. It was at a level that was bringing
me slowly on without threatening to make me
come too soon. But now, I felt the heat on my
ass from the strokes of the crop. A heat which
was invading my cunt and making me
unbelievably stimulated. As much as I was
welcoming the impending orgasm, I was inwardly
horrified that I was going to come, not from
the ministrations of the machine, but from the
cropping that Kerry was applying. She knew all
too well what was happening and started to
lash me harder.

The thudding of the crop against my ass filled
the arena. That was all I could hear and my
rapidly increasing breathing. My eyes went
dark as I felt and heard my body betraying me
to Kerry, betraying something that I couldn't
believe - I was enjoying it! I was welcoming
the crop, pressing my ass back as much as
could. Moving my body so that my cunt pressed
against the pommel, then moved back to make a
better target for Kerry. I could feel the
latex slickly sliding against my cunt as I did
so, adding to the pleasure, my wetness
lubricating it, the dildoes moving up and down
inside me.

I screamed to Kerry, "Please Mistress, make me
come!" She just lashed me faster with the
crop, the stings on my ass merging with the
pleasure from the dildo in my ass, the one in
my cunt, the pressure on my clit, and now the
latex sliding across my clit, stroking it.

Almost there, Kerry, just said, "You may come
now, Jennie. Come for Mistress," as she
continued to use the crop. I swear it was her
voice that sent me over the edge, coming,
screaming, crying, swearing undying love, as I
came and came and came with a force I never
knew possible. Even as she stopped the
machine, and put the crop down I felt orgasms
still twitching through my cunt lips. I don't
know how many times I came, but it was more
than ever before. Like a washed out rag, I
slumped forward on the 'horse', exhausted.

She came to the front again, and ran her hands
through my wet hair, soaked with the sweat of
exertion. She grabbed my hair and pulled my
head up, moving her other hand under my chin
so it only stung a little. She looked me
straight in the eyes, a few inches away from

She kissed me full on the lips and said, "Well
done. You're playing the games superbly. Only
two more days to go and then we have the

She giggled, kissed me again and said she'd
get me a couple of towels from the cupboard
and indicated that next door there was a
shower. She brought me the towels, undid the
bonds and helped me off. She told me I could
take off all the latex and store it my bag to
take home, and that was it for today. Then she
laughed and said, I hope you're ready for a
*real* horse!"

(3) Evening

The ride with me, Kerry and the other two was
very pleasant. They gave me some jodhpurs and
some riding boots to wear, and a nice gentle
horse. We never went faster than a walk, and
while the sensations in my groin were still
there it was never more than pleasing.

Kerry drove me back after we'd said our
goodbyes, and we chatted as if nothing had
happened in that room at the farm. Nothing
more was said when she dropped me off other
than to remind me to use the cuffs and chains
as I had last night. Kerry told me she'd be
around about eight to pick up. Then she gave a
quick peck on the cheek and I got out and went

I relaxed for the evening, soaking in a hot
bath again, contented, musing on the wonderful
estate that Tara and Laura had. It wasn't
till I got out that I started to think back to
the afternoon's events. I didn't really want
to countenance why I had got so aroused the
second time, why I had succumbed to being
cropped, why I had enjoyed it so much.

I was very confused again, and slightly
troubled by my reactions. But the sensations
had been marvellous and the orgasms out of
this world. It was almost as if I had been
transported to a magical world. A world where
I could do anything and let myself flow
without inhibition. It was a world I wanted to
inhabit more and more, despite the
contradictions of my mind.

I went to bed, happy and confused, tied as
instructed, and wondering what the next day
held for me.

End of Part 4
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