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CDE 16 Test of Love



Copyright c 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, M/F, M/M, InterR, Impreg, FemDom,



NOTE OF THANKS: To the reader, who wishes to remain
anonymous, who provided input, as well reviewed and did an
editorial proofing of this story.

STORY: Test Of Love

"Gary, my daughter must really love you, for you're
the only steady boyfriend I ever remember her having." I
squeezed my beautiful new wife's soft hands at her mother's
comment, as we sat enjoying after dinner coffee.
"He knows I do very much." Replied Carol, my 24 year
old wife of two months, as she kissed me lightly on the
"You're new in town Gary, but even though Carol was
very popular and always had dates in high school, she still
didn't have a steady. Did you dear? I don't remember
one." Her mom asked.
"Now that you mentioned it, I can't recall going out
with the same fellow on a steady basis, even though I did
date several of the guys more than once." She replied.
"Come to think of it dear, since high school, you
still haven't had a steady boyfriend either, have you, that
is until Gary came along?"
"No I didn't. I just sort played the field, dated
occasionally, you know, a lot of one night stands until the
right man came along. And that was you darling."
My new bride looked at me dreamily and again kissed me
on the lips, however this time it was a juicier kiss. I
enjoyed the smooch but I was more concerned about breaking
the embrace to let her know she shouldn't confuse the term
one night stand with occasional dating, as it left the
wrong connotation and gave the impression of one time sex
with each occurrence, or with each different man she went
out with.
My new bride was about to reply to my comment of
clarification about `one night stands', but her mom spoke
"Gary, what if my daughter had been with many
different men in the way you mentioned? Would it make a
difference now? You say you really love her, or are you
like a lot of men who think a decent woman shouldn't have
sexual freedom, or a sexual reputation, so to speak, like a
man? Do you see anything wrong with marrying a well
experienced, or as polite society might say, a promiscuous
woman, or they might even call her a slut?"
Realizing a trick question by my mother-in-law, I
quickly answered.
"My love is very deep for your daughter Mrs. Young, I
wouldn't let her past interfere with that." Again my wife
and I kissed, even flicking tongues in each other's mouths.
While enjoying the smooch I applauded my answer and had
assumed their was little to be concerned about her having a
promiscuous past. After all, for the eight months we dated
prior to our wedding, Carol didn't give me any pussy, that
is except to eat, and then afterwards she jerked me off. It
took us three months to get to that point. I couldn't even
get her to give me head until our wedding night.
"That's easy to say Gary, but do you really mean it?
Do you think you're really man enough to accept a woman as
your wife who's been with a lot of previous lovers? Do you
think you could pass that test of love? I know you say you
do, but faced with the reality, I'm sure you'd do like all
other men, run away."
"I assure you, I'm man enough to face the music Mrs.
Young. Carol is the best thing to happen to me and I love
her very much." I said raising my voice slightly. I
apologized afterwards for getting loud.
"I love you too darling, very much, but mom is right,
I wonder if you really do love me as much as you say you
do. In fact I was going to have a similar discussion when
we got back home, but I guess this is as good a time as
any. The first thing I'm going to say is what I'd planned
to tell you before we got married, but my fear of losing
you overruled me doing so. Gary you're so nice, and the
first man that's treated me like a lady. You didn't try to
get in my panties time you met me. I finally gave into you
after about five months, but you were nice enough not to
persist or hound me into giving you some sooner, like on
our first date, as all my other dates did."
"D-D-Did?" I almost spat out the sip of coffee I was
drinking as I sputtered in response to her statement.
"Y-You h-had, uh, d-did it with others..."
"Yes darling, I did it with several men before." She
replied holding my hand with a firmer grip and looking
pensively at me. I was pale in the face and knew it.
"You see Gary, you're more like other men after all.
They can't handle being married to a woman who's more
sexually sophisticated and experienced then them."
"No-No, t-that's not it Mrs. Young, I-I, uh, it-it's
just that I-I'm surprise since, er, since we didn't..."
"No darling, you meant too much to me for me to go all
the way with you before our wedding night. I wanted our
relationship and sexual consummation to be special. I
didn't want you to see me just as a sex object." Carol
said with a mild, but strange smile on her beautiful face.
"H-How m-many o-others?" I blurted out before
thinking that it might be better to continue this
conversation in a more private setting, and without my
mother-in-law present. My attempt to retract my question
and leave for home was stymied by my lovely new wife.
"No dear, we might as well continue this, for I have
something related to what we're talking about, that I have
to share with mom and you later anyway." She said in a
more confident tone.
"Now darling, I mean it when I say I love you dearly.
I do. Remember that. You're the nicest guy I've ever met
and been with. And yes, I've been with a lot of guys
darling. Like mother said, you said you can pass the test
of love, but I'm getting the feeling maybe you can't.
Maybe our marriage is a mistake."
Not knowing what else to say, I assured her I did love
her, but wished she'd been more up front about her previous
"You wouldn't have give me the time of day darling
afterward if I'd told you the truth. I wanted you from the
first time we talked. A woman in love does what she has to
do to get her man. She deceives if she has to. You were
what I wanted."
Even though angry at her, her brazen expressions of
desiring me enhanced my ego and cooled my anger.
"You asked how many? Well first of all, let me say, I
really didn't have boyfriends per say, you were really my
first boyfriend and steady fellow. The rest of the guys
just wanted to get in my panties. I let them Gary. Yes
darling, I know what one night stands mean. I can only
tell you that I must've been doing them about two to three
times a week or more like, six to nine times a month since
I graduated from senior high six years ago. You do the
arithmetic. That's how many. Not all of those were with
different guys, but I guess that about 80% of the time it
was with different men. Truck drivers, salesmen, married
men, co-workers, farm workers, Hispanics, black men,
construction workers... In short, I've been to bed with
many, many men. And darling, that doesn't count what I did
in junior and senior high. I could go on how I kept the
high school football, basketball and baseball teams happy.
Yes darling, you would've thought of me as a slut. But I
thought of myself as satisfying my needs and those of the
guys I was with. I didn't fall in love with them. I fell
in love with you. The test of love really means can you
separate our love, from what I did before and currently do
with other men."
"C-C-Currently d-do?" I stammered out after a moment
still trying to absorb and process the dump which she'd
laid all over me. There was so much to take in. The fact
that she'd been with anywhere from 340 to over 500
different men before me, not counting junior and senior
high. I thought of those men getting free, and the first
time around, what it took me eight months, two carats of
engagement and wedding rings, and marriage to get. I also
had this tortuous mental picture of a long line of men, 500
to be exact, with their pricks out waiting to fuck my wife.
I was the last in line and when it was my turn, she only
allowed me to suck her cunt and then jerked me off.
"I've been struggling with this for a while Gary,
actually since we were engaged." Her perky voice brought
me out of the nightmarish mental stupor I was in.
"You see darling, I do care for you and love you very,
very much. You and I can have those long talks that are so
dear to me. We like to read some of the same books and
share the same tv shows. But honey, I have been dating
other men, even while we were engaged and even since we've
been married. You see darling, even though you suck my
pussy good, I need more of what other men have and you
"W-What's that?" I was taken aback by her candor, but
managed to speak out after a moment.
"Their big dicks." My new bride spouted out her words
so effortlessly, I could only look at her in an astonished
Besides looking pathetic in the eyes of my wife, I had
to endure the presence of her mother also. And as if that
wasn't enough of an audience, Carol's Aunt was in the
kitchen, unbeknownst to us all, and had heard just about
everything. As she walked in the room, my heart sank even
more at her words.
"Betty didn't I tell you he had a little dick and
probably was a good pussy eater?" Carol's Aunt Helen
roared to her sister, Carol's mom, as she walked in with a
cup of coffee. "But don't worry little fellow, I know
you'll make a good husband for Carol and a good daddy when
the kids come along." Carol's mom agreed by nodding. At
least that helped take some of the sting away that lingered
over me, but I still had more to hear from my wife. After
a belated greeting to her Aunt Helen, I got up as to excuse
me and Carol so we could have a more private discussion,
but again, the group, almost in unison, directed me to sit.
It was apparent that the discussion, and my embarrassment,
was going to be a family affair.
"Gary darling, I want to do this in front of the
family because I think it's best for them to know if you
truly can be the husband I'd dreamed of having."
"C-Carol, p-please c-can't we discuss t-this in
private. Y-You must realize t-that this is a lot for -for
me to take in, e-especially with all your family here and
"Yes darling, I know it is." She placed her hand on
my chin looking me straight in the face. Her gaze was
nothing less than intimidating. I knew this couldn't be
the same woman I'd married. She went on.
"I'm sure just learning your new bride is a slut for
big cocks is a shock to you. I don't mean to hurt you with
what I'm about to say. But I want to make sure that you
understand that if you'd been better equipped, I wouldn't
have to get what I need elsewhere. Now would I?"
I sat stewing in my own juices. I didn't know how to
answer. I was like a computer caught in an endless loop
that would only cause it to crash if some one didn't cut
the power. I had three set of probing female eyes staring
at me. My face was bright red. I was perspiring
profusely. No matter what I could think of, I couldn't
think of anything to save face. Would I crash like a
"Gary, honey, your silence has answered for you. You
don't have anything to be ashamed of. You can't do
anything about it, so just let her real men take care of
the rough stuff... you know, the hard fucking a woman needs
occasionally, and you do what you're more suited for... you
know, clit licking and twat tonguing."
I stared at Carol's Aunt Helen like she was not of
this earth.
"Carol, who is the fellow who's been helping out my
sweet son-in-law." Carol's mother spoke as she held my
hand in a consoling manner. I knew she meant well, but her
question came out in a condescending manner, whether she
knew it or not.
"Actually mom, it's Jeff, Kent, Dave, and John. But
John has been more interested in me since I've been
My wife said looking like a kid who'd been caught with
her hand in the cookie jar. I'm sure I looked devastated,
which I was.
"Oh I see. I remember him. He was the handsome
rugged good looking one. I always thought you and he would
make pretty babies."
I looked at my mom-in-law with an open mouth. She
still held my hand and smiled.
"Gary darling, I know you've gone through a lot here
tonight. I'm not sure if you're going to divorce me
tomorrow or not. If you do I'll understand. I'll
understand you not being man enough to pass the test of
love we talked about earlier. But I want you to know,
you've made me the happiest woman for the last two months.
You've been good to me, and for me. Maybe because you're
such a good husband and doing what you can in bed, in spite
of your shortcomings, is why I get such enjoyment from
cheating on you. I know if you leave me, it won't be the
same. In fact the fellows probably won't even want to see
me as much. They get a thrill from doing me because I'm
married. Because they get that thrill, they really give me
a good fucking. It's a male ego thing if you know what I
"I do!" Spoke Helen. "Studs like screwing married
gals. I've heard many of `em tell me that. They say it
ain't the same thing with a single gal." Her crudeness was
obvious as I listened, not believing my ears. "Gary honey,
you hubbys don't know what a prize you've got until you
divorce them. Then they lose their value by not being
married. And of course you lose out too, since you won't
have the prize that all the men wanted in the first place,
that is, when she had your ring on her finger. If I were
you Gary, I'd stay and be her muff sucker, do what you can
with your little tool, and be satisfied being king of the
hill. That is, the hubby of the prize pussy that everybody
wants and a few get. Just cause Carol is sleeping around
with four guys ain't no reason to break up a happy
relationship. It ain't like she's letting an army do her."
Carol's Aunt Helen was known to be "loose" and crude.
Now I wondered did it run in the family.
"If you do divorce me, I guess I'll be doing one
night stands all over again. I guess I could blame you if
that happens. But I wouldn't, well not totally anyway.
Actually, you have every reason in the world to divorce me
darling. If you knew how much I've deceived you to get you
to marry me, you'd hate me."
Puzzled, I couldn't help but asked what else she did.
I couldn't think of anymore degradation she could dump on
"Well honey, before we married, several times when
you'd pick me up for a date, I'd just gotten out of bed
with one of my lovers. And after our dates I'd return back
to my place and into bed with them. I often let you suck
my pussy after I'd been with them. Of course I'd clean up
some, but you did eat traces of their jism. I didn't start
out to serve you my jism slick cunt. However, one night
you were insistent on eating me before I had a chance to
wash my pussy. So I let you. You told me I tasted extra
good that time, so I decided to continue serving you used
pussy from then on."
Again, I was dumbfounded and my face turned beet red
one more time. As if reading my mind, Helen handed me a
bourbon. I generally don't drink hard liquor on the rocks,
but this was welcomed. It settled my nerves. At the same
time, I noticed my prick was stiff. How could this be?
What was wrong with me?
"Son, don't feel ashamed in the least, Carol's late
father sucked his cum out of my pussy several times. He
didn't seem to mind. Of course that was the only way for
him to get me off. That is, he'd start off fucking me then
had to finish me off with his mouth. I wished I'd been
adventuresome enough to feed him some other man's cum. He
probably would've liked it." Carol's mom still held my
hand as I gave her an incredulous look after she spoke.
"Yeah Gary, a lot of bird dick fellows like their
pussy creamy. I've Served up a few sloppy hair pie
platters in my time. Hey! Maybe you'd like to eat me out
sometime after I pull a train." Helen roared out.
I took a bigger swig of the bourbon and felt my prick
pulse at her crude remark. Again I asked myself what was
wrong with me? I deduced it was the liquor and shock of
what I was hearing.
"Actually, Aunt Helen, I've dreamed of him eating me
out after I was freshly fucked and my pussy overflowing
with my lover's jism."
I looked at my wife like she'd lost her mind. At the
same time, my prick pulsed as it was straining against the
fabric of my pants.
"P-Please Carol, uh, I-I can't believe we-we're
talking a-about these type of things. P-please let's go
home and t-try to sort..."
"Before we go though, I have to tell you about how
naughty I was at the wedding. Did you ever wonder what I
was doing in the bridal chamber or why I was so late coming
down the aisle?"
"W-Well, I-I, well no. I-I just assumed you needed
extra time to get ready."
"Actually, I was cleaning up from getting a quick fuck
from John. Actually, it wasn't that quick, since he was in
me so long that I had time to suck Jeff, Kent and Dave off
as he fucked me. John is the only one that got my pussy
while I was in the bridal chamber. Remember the
wintergreen breath mint? You told me you were surprised I
had it in my mouth when I kissed you at the altar. You
knew I don't like the flavor of wintergreen. But it was
the only flavor they had. I didn't want to kiss you with
the smell of there heavy loads of jism on my breath."
My prick pulsed again at the outrageousness of my
wife's words. I looked at her wild eyed as I remembered
the incident.
Her mother was holding my right hand and whispering
words of consolation, as I sat and had past unknown gross
humiliations dumped on me. She appeared to be trying to
sway me not to consider divorce. The recurring theme was
that "Carol is basically a good girl and will make you a
good wife even if she'll be a slut for other men."
Carol had been the prettiest girl I'd ever been with.
I too was surprised she took interest in me and that we had
so much in common. After being married, I discovered my
small prick didn't please her by itself, since I was a
short comer and her cunt was not that tight. I could
barely stay in her hot juicy cunt for longer than three
minutes with out coming, and that was wearing a rubber. I
knew whenever I'd be able to get in her raw, I probably
wouldn't last that long. I'd fooled myself into thinking
that my tongue was going to be enough of a complement to
please this voluptuous creature with her haunting hazel
eyes, jet black hair, and alabaster skin. Now I know I was
wrong. On the other hand, could I live with being a
cuckold? I was leaning toward divorce, even though I loved
her a great deal. I assumed that divorce was probably the
best option.
"Now Gary darling, there is one more thing. I want
you to hear this, because if you have not decided to
divorce me because of my previous confessions, then what
I'm about to say may cause you to walk away. This will be
the true acid test of whether you truly love me, want me to
be your wife, whether you want to remain my husband, and
whether you truly are the man you say you are."
The seriousness of her tone was such that it almost
seemed fitting to have a drum role in preparation for what
she had to say.
"Gary darling, I believe we were meant for each other,
but what I have to say now will determine that. Darling,
you know I told you I was never on the pill, that's why we
use condoms. You haven't had your prick in me once without
latex wrapped around it. Well you see, I was on the pill
with all the other men I've been with and they didn't use
rubbers. I got off the pill about two months before the
wedding. I had every intention of being fertile for you,
so we could start our family on our wedding night. I made
my lovers use condoms when I went off the pill. But When
John came to the church to fuck me before the wedding and
saw me all dressed in white, it did something to him. Like
Aunt Helen said, he saw me differently now since my name
was about to be changed. I became a prize to be re-
conquered. He threaten to tell you about my past, himself
and the others guys. He was going to stop the wedding if I
didn't let him have me unprotected. I didn't want to do
anything to stop us from getting married. I at first told
him no and that you wouldn't believe him. That's when he
told me he'd go home and get a video of me gangbanging him,
the guys and a few of their friends. I knew that you'd be
swayed by that. I concluded you might get upset at seeing
me let 25 guys gangbang me. I didn't want to lose you
darling. I gave in and let him do me unprotected for that
one time. That's was all he wanted. Since then, he's used
condoms when we got together after the wedding. That is,
until last week, when I-I, let him know I was pregnant
with his child."
With one hand being held by Carol and the other by her
mother, I creamed in my shorts. It was one of the most
powerful ejaculations I ever remember having. Both women
felt me shudder as I jerked my hands away and stared at my
wife with a shell shock look.
"P-P-Preg, er, p-pregnant." I stammered nervously and
sat up in the chair. There was total silence for a moment.
It seemed like a thundercloud of disgrace fell on me.
"What! H-How c-could..." Before my wife could say
anything, her mother and Aunt got up and came around where
Carol was to congratulate her. As my latest shock subsided
I remembered the mess in my shorts. I quickly went to the
nearest bathroom to clean up. I cautiously got up and left
the table, so as to not press against the fabric of my
trousers, for fear that would accelerate transfer of the
dampness from my shorts. Out of the corner of my eye I
thought my wife gave me a funny look but I dismissed it as
I hurried to take care of the task at hand.
I was successful, the inner fabric was slight damp
from my cum, but it didn't soak through.
When I returned to the dinning room, the women were
talking about baby names, baby room decorations and
maternity clothes. I stood and paced the outer room. Both
to control my bewilderment of what was happening to me as
well as for a more practical purpose of ensuring no stain
showed on my trousers.
This time I insisted Carol and I go home. I stormed
out and waited in the car. Moments later she came out.


Tension was thick between Carol and I as we drove
"Gary darling, I know how you feel. I love you and
still want to be your wife, even though I may need to
occasionally visit other men for sex. And that's all it
would be for."
"Carol, p-please. I-I'm having hard enough time
trying to-to absorb everything that's happened in the last
few hours. I-I guess one thing is that . . ., I-I feel so
different a-about you now."
"You don't love me anymore?"
"No, no, it's just that, a-after finding out you're
so - so, I, uh, guess the word is, so-so much more
experienced and been w-with a lot of men who are far b-
better than me in bed. . ., w-well. . ., I-I just feel so
inadequate around you now." I nervously revealed to her.
"Darling, what you don't have between your legs you
more than make up for it with what's between your lips.
You're an excellent pussy sucker. Take my word for it."
"I-I know you're just trying to make me feel better,
"No darling, I'm sincere. You make me feel real good
when you're working on my muff with your mouth. You've got
me spoiled. The guys don't like the idea of putting their
mouth on my pussy, they just like to fuck. I need both,
their dicks and your tongue to keep me satisfied. It's the
best of both worlds." She interjected as she interrupted
I asked if she was serious about something she'd said
earlier in the evening.
"Yes honey, I was. I really would like to have you
eat me out when I'm filled to the brim after a good
fucking. I just think it'd be so romantic to have you
sharing the hot love juices me and my lover made. Love is
sharing and I'd love to share my pussy with you in that
special way."
I was glad for the darkness, so that my facial
expression was hidden as I turned into our driveway. It was
a mixture of bewilderment and hurt. Earlier today, I was
living a dream of having thought I'd found the perfect
girl. The dream I'd been looking for. Yet what I discover
now is that what she wants of me is the same as that of a
nightmare from my past. I couldn't help but feel that my
destiny was to be humiliated and debased for the enjoyment
of others.
We sat and talked further. The weight of my
humiliation was taking it's toll. If I hadn't fought it,
I'm sure I would've broken into tears.
There was some sporadic and repeated discussion of
some of the topics that had surfaced earlier in the
evening. I avoided any talk about her pregnancy and
concentrated on prior events in her life that she'd kept
from me.
She peppered her explanations with why she deceived
me. That is to win me over and become my wife. It was
consoling that she desired me. It made me feel good. It
was a very delightful consolation, considering I had never
before had such a beautiful woman say such things to me.

CHAPTER 3 A Few Days Later

"C-Carol I-I don't know what to say. Y-You mean a
lot to me too and I-I love you a-and I-I could possibly go
along w-with you discreetly seeing y-your other m-men on
the side, I-I now know I-I can't t-take care all of your
needs, b-but having his baby. I-I don't ..."
"It'd be our baby darling. It would be our bundle of
"Carol dear, I-I still don't know. From that picture
you showed me, you doesn't look anything like me. Plus
he's blond and Nordic. We both are dark. People around
here would know in a flash that..."
"Is that all you're worried about! Yourself? What
about me darling. Don't you think they're going to talk
about me too?"
"Y-You're right, B-But you're sure you don't want to
have an abortion. It would be so easy to get..."
"No darling. No abortion, I want to have this baby
for several reasons. One, because it was conceived in
church. Two, John gave me a super fuck, and three, even
though it's not yours, it was conceived because of you.
That is, I loved you enough to let John do me unprotected."
I listened at my wife sympathetically, knowing full
well there was something wrong with the total picture she
painted, even though I could understand some of the
"D-Do y-you care for John? Er. do you l-love him?" I
asked apprehensively.
"It's hard not to care for him some, you know with him
being a fuck buddy for so long and all. Yeah I care for
him a little bit. He's settled down a bit. He use to be
wilder. But if you're thinking I'd leave you for him, no
way! You've got it all over him, that is except in the,
er, well you know what I mean."
I was thankful my wife didn't go further.
"Gary darling, it's been a couple of days, and I know
you're still trying to decide whether to go for divorce or
not, but I want to ask you something."
"Sure." I replied.
"The other night when I told you I was pregnant,
did..., c'mon over here. Let me look you in the face while
I ask you this. Now that's better. Did you shoot off in
your pants when I told you?"
My reaction and squirming to her surprised question
gave her the answer she was looking for.
"Gary don't be ashamed. I love you even more knowing
that you did that." She said hugging and kissing me
She told me her suspicions were confirmed when she saw
me go to the bathroom at her mother's place and walking a
little funny after she felt me shudder at the table. She
then went on to let me know she'd heard about men who got
excited at their wives having other men's babies.
"No! No, y-you've g-got me wrong Carol, I-I." She
grabbed my crotch and got a good grasp of my five inch
prick. She wouldn't let go. There was nothing I could do
as she held me and looked in my eyes.
"Look at that, you're just as hard as can be. Just
talking about me being knocked up by my lover and us making
you a daddy has got you all aroused. Settle down honey.
Let me do this."
My wife knelt down between my legs, took out my
erection and proceeded to give me a much needed blowjob. I
just relaxed and laid back on the sofa as she worked magic
with her pretty lips. Her loud slurping was all I could
hear as she fondled and alternately lapped and sucked my
little member. Just when I was ready to come, she held
back and started to talking to me and breathing and licking
me slightly.
"Slurp..., you want me to have his baby don't you
dear... slurp".
She had my straining prick out of her mouth but was
gently lapping around the shaft as she talked.
"I'm pregnant by another man... Your wife... And it
felt good getting fucked and knocked up too."
"Pleasssseee Carol, d-don't do this to-to m-me. P-
Pleaseee." I pleaded with her not to mentally torture me
the way she was. My pleading was to no avail. She knew
she'd discovered a side of me that I didn't even know was
"He creamed in me right in the church while you were
waiting at the altar. I came down the isle with his cum
and his baby in me dear, isn't that something. My pussy
was still leaking his jism, under the white wedding gown I
wore, when you said "I do"."
I was squirming and trying not to come. Her words were
effecting me. It dawned on me what she was doing. I had to
fight it. I felt that my manly self respect was on the
line. Why should I be aroused at another man inseminating
my new bride, even if she was a slut.
She was trying to get me to come with out being
touched. She wanted her words to do the job. She was
extorting and exploiting me with her new found weakness in
me. I tried to block out the humiliating scenes she
Soon I had my aching prick under control. I didn't
want to come all over myself. I wanted so desperately to
beat her at her own game. Just when I was in control, she
placed one of my free hands on her soft exposed mid riff
beneath the short tank top she wore.
"Do you feel the baby in my tummy kicking yet darling.
The baby John and I made for us." The feel of her softness
and her cooing sensuous torturing whispers broke through my
defenses. We both knew it was too early for what she was
saying, but it had the desired effect.
Just like before, I erupted like a volcano. cum was
all over me and the furniture. I was shaking. The release
was so intense, so pleasurable.
I just slumped back and let the wave of pleasure and
shame flow through me. I knew I was beaten mentally by her
words and actions.
She used her lips to milk the last dribbles out of my
shrinking shriveling prick.
Her soft wet suckling action on my prick was so
"C-Carol I-I really don't think this is a good idea.
A-A picture of him was g-good enough. Meeting him at our
house is not a good idea." I pleaded.
"Darling you can't hide from him forever. I want you
two to become good friends. After all, you know I still
see him once a week for sex anyway."
"I-I know. P-Please, don't remind me." I said softly
feeling so confused and downtrodden at the turn of events.
Here I was two months after my wedding and finding my
whole world turned upside down in a few days. The girl of
my dreams turns out to be one of the most well known sluts
in town. She's pregnant by another man because she tried
to keep her secret from me, and now she's discovered I have
a fetish for being a cuckold. Why can't I walk away. Sure
I love her, and it would be so easy to renege on the test
of love criteria my mother-in-law brought up. Why? I asked
my self. Why me? I could walk away, but if I could
believe her, was I really the cause for her being pregnant?
"Get the door dear, while I get the drinks." My wife
called out. I wanted her to answer the door.
Her answer, "You're the man of the house, you get it."
I wondered if she did that intentionally. Here I was, the
so called man of the house, opening the door for the man
that was her big dick lover and who'd knocked her up on our
wedding day. Angrily, I went to the door.
"Howdy partner. John Svenson." The tall muscular
Swede said as I opened the door. He was well over six-two
and had muscles everywhere. I was in awe at his size and
good looks. He dwarfed me. I was only five-seven. The
photo I saw didn't do him justice. He looked like a model.
"H-Hi! Was all I could muster. His grip was very
strong and his hands seem twice the size of mine.
He sort of walked past me rather than wait for me to
invite him in. To say I was intimidated by him was an
My wife joined us.
"Hi John darling." She said as she went right past me
and into his big arms. They kissed like long lost lovers.
Carol wore a green wrap around for the occasion that
matched the color of her eyes. She, the dress and him were
a beautiful scene even if I was seething with jealousy,
anger and envy at what was going on before me.
"I see you've met the hubby." She said as they still
looked at each other and neither at me as they sat down on
the love seat and left me standing up. She snuggled up to
him and his arms was around him and rested casually as he
kneaded one of her 38C boobs. I was speechless at their
brazen disregard for me.
For some reason I was expecting more discretion, even
if they were "fuck buddies".
"Gary dear, please bring in the drinks. They're on
the table in the kitchen." She glanced at me briefly and
returned her eyes to the Nordic prince.
I needed something to do to relieve the tension I felt
in the air. I did as she asked.
As we drank and went through some small talk, the
tension in the air was evident, more so between me and them
rather than between John and me. It was apparent he didn't
count me for much. I was easily intimidated anyway, even
if he didn't know so.
They finally got around to the dreaded subject of why
he intimidated her into becoming pregnant.
He had some lame excuse that because she was about to
get married and dressed in white turned him on more than
usual. I remembered Carol's Aunt Helen's words about
married women being sought out because they were supposedly
off limits.
I almost fell out of my chair at my wife's cavalier
attitude about forgiving him for what he'd done. She even
seemed to imply that she was glad he knocked her up. They
both seem to gloat as to the wickedness of what happened
and snickered about me standing at the altar while they
were coming so blissfully.
They both apologized for laughing at me, but couldn't
seem to stop. Needless to say I was thoroughly flustered
and pissed.
I knew right then and there that divorce was the right
thing for me, even though I still loved this beautiful
We talked some more before my wife let me know they
were going to the bedroom to be alone.
"Gary darling, if you don't want to be out here by
yourself, please carry that package on the table over to
mothers and entertain her a while. We'll be through here
about eight. And if I'm not here when you get back, John
and I might go over to the next town for some dinner and
dancing. Don't wait up for me. Luv ya." Said my wife as
she winked, blew me a kiss and slammed the bedroom door as
I stood looking pathetically while she and her lover went
into our bedroom for an obvious sexual interlude. I was so
angry. Did she want me to divorce her or was she certain
I'd not leave her?
I was mad at both at them and myself. My prick was
rising and I couldn't control it. The sooner I got out of
the house the better.


I drove over to my mother-in-law's house to drop off
the package Carol wanted me to deliver. While there, she
also wanted to talk.
"Gary, sweetie. It's all going to work out. Divorce
doesn't solve a thing. It only breaks hearts." Carol's
mother said as we sat over coffee. I acknowledged her
statement by nodding as I sipped.
"I know my daughter's promiscuous Gary. But I did a
little checking up on you and you've got an interesting
past also."
"W-What do you mean? Carol's only the second girl
"Oh I wasn't talking about your pathetic attempts with
Gail, your previous girl friend. Oh don't look so
surprised. Carol told me about that soon after you told
her. No, I'm talking about this." She said as she handed
me a photo that almost caused me to faint. My worse
nightmare had become a reality.
"W-Where d-did y-you get..."
"A private detective got all the goods on you. He
secured it from one of your former blackmailers."
"P-Please M-Mother Young, I-I c-can explain. P-Please
d-don't tell Carol. I-I-I..."
"Don't bother trying to explain. The detective got
the whole story from the evidence he uncovered. Your
college roommate and a friend of his made you their
cocksucker and blackmailed you for three years. They
don't know you've moved here to our town, but the detective
scared them enough. They won't bother you for fear of
jeopardizing their own careers. Anyway, none of their
faces, only their respectable members show up in the pics."
Spoke Mrs. young as she looked closer at the photos. She
went on commenting about them.
"They aren't the best quality photos since it was
apparent they were taken with a hidden camera. However,
these certainly portrays you as seeming to be a willing
little faggot pussy. Oh did I mention, I also have a photo
of you being fucked up the ass too? Here it is." She
handed me a glossy 8X10 with a broad sickening smile on her
face. I could only look away as I tore it up with watery
She intimidated me into telling her the whole story of
my nightmare of three years.


In a mental flash the whole sordid history of how I
was tricked into being my black roommate's cocksucker raced
through my mind. My mind seemed to do a frame by frame,
high speed, slow motion take of this strange nightmare I
endured for three years. I say strange, because the first
time I was tricked into tasting Jake's huge black dick and
hot spewing semen, I was drunk. We both had been drinking.
I was more drunk than he. What started out as a casual
uninhibited drunken comment by me about how "handsome" his
big tool was, gave him the idea I was a latent cocksucker.
Being inebriated, the trickery he employed led me to
first holding and stroking his giant member, and then
eventually to a bet that I wasn't man enough to jack off
his now steel hard erection. I took up the dare and
somewhere along the way his huge dickhead ended up between
my lips and me sucking on it. I awoke the next morning
with the taste of his jism in my mouth.
Jake was quick to let me know how good a blowjob I'd
given him and that he'd want more in the future when he
couldn't find pussy. He said my "white mouth looked good
wrapped around" his black dick. I turned red in the face at
his comment. I quickly let him know that what happened,
wouldn't happen again and that it was just a
misunderstanding and an unconscious act due to my drunken
state. I vehemently denied that I was gay or a cocksucker,
even though he never used those words at the time. I asked
for his sworn secrecy on the matter. He said he'd think
about it before leaving in a rush for a morning class.
That worried me all day.
That evening I brought up the matter of him swearing
to never revealing that I'd sucked his cock while I was
drunk. He was waiting for me to bring up the matter. For
it was then that he showed me a rather blurry black and
white photograph, which he'd taken at the moment I was
swallowing his large load of hot semen.
The photograph, while out of focus, clearly showed
enough detail of me with at least four inches of his eight
incher between my lips. I broke out in a cold sweat and
was speechless as I looked at the image.
During the drunken blowjob, he'd reached over and used
his nearby 35 millimeter camera, which was loaded with high
speed film, to take the up close, out of focus shot, which
was about eighteen inched from my face. I didn't remember
the camera since he didn't have to use a flash with the
ultra high speed film.
He'd developed the film in the college darkroom and
was quick to let me know that if I didn't help him out when
he needed "stress relief" in the future, I could look for
the photos to be plastered around campus as well as sent
home to my parents.
My pleas of mercy went unheeded and to make matters
worse, he had me fall to my knees and do him again at that
moment just so that he and I had an understanding of his
power over me.
Over time, I became a rather proficient cocksucker for
him. He told me I'd adapt to his extortion. I did. I too
was amazed at how one can adapt for survival. The taste of
his hard dick meat and his hot gooey jism became second
nature to me. It was strange but I never lost my
friendship for him. True to his word, he basically used me
for when he couldn't get some from his many girlfriends, or
when he needed stress relief before a big exam.
Sometimes, he'd wake me up in the middle of the night
and poke his rigid ebony erection with it's turgid bloated
dickhead right in front of my face for a quickie suck. It
was strange, but over time, I grew to appreciate being
needed by him, even if in such a perverse way.
This lifestyle went on for almost two years until his
buddy Lester caught me giving Jake head one morning at 2AM,
when Jake had trouble sleeping. Jake had accidentally left
his dorm room key in Lester's room. Lester used it to walk
in on us without knocking.
Lester wanted in on the action. Jake agreed for
obvious reasons of not being labeled a homo. I of course
didn't seem to have any choice in the matter but to accept
getting use to another black dick spurting and spewing hot
sperm down my throat.
In no time I was settled into orally accommodating the
two of the most popular black studs about campus. Lester
was a decent fellow and basically placed the same demands
upon me as Jake. I can tell you, during mid-terms and
final exams, I was kept busy swallowing a lot of hot creamy
cum from the two.
It was sometime in the last half of our senior year
that Jake and Lester came up with the idea of "double
teaming" me. That is, both of them doing me
simultaneously. I wasn't receptive to being fucked in the
ass. Both, who were never really dominant over me in the
past, became dictatorial. I cringed before the two
muscular men.
Our past relationship had been more of a symbiotic
one, like that of a benevolent master and faithful servant.
I and they knowing our roles and accepting and adapting to
However, it was clear that what they now wanted. They
let me know that I was expected to get myself ready to give
up my ass cherry within a week and gave me instructions and
the necessary prepackaged enema solution and dildo
Knowing I had no choice, I hung my head and did as
they wanted. I was worried about being injured by their
big rods, but after reading the instructions for the ass
fucking materials I was given, I came to the conclusion it
was imperative that it was also in my best interest to
prepare my self as best I could to preclude injury.
At my deflowering, Jake had the honors. I was
surprised at how easily it was for me to accommodate them
both. One big dick in my mouth and the other in my ass. It
didn't take me long to accustomed myself to their fucking
rhythm. They thoroughly used me, and to my surprise I also
felt a strange feeling of relaxation after being skewed by
their two huge black erections.
My "womanly" role for them went on until graduation.
After graduation, they also managed to look me up when they
came through my home town. I wanted to break it off, but
they wouldn't hear of it and kept the threat of exposure
over my head. That is until I left my home town and moved
to my current location and marriage to Carol.


"Very interesting story, Gary. Now I know for sure
you're a wimp. Including adapting to intimidating
situations and taking the place others desire for you. By
the way, tearing up that 8X10 will cost you $20, that what
the private dick charged me per copy. Of course I have more
where those come from."
I pleaded with her again not to say anything to
"I-I'll go ahead a-and leave town and give Carol a
divorce, so-so she can be with her guys. If-if that's what
you want. I-I guess it-it makes this whole thing easier
"Are you kidding! John and that sorry ass bunch don't
give a damn about no baby and marrying and taking care of a
family. They just wantta fuck and make babies for somebody
else. Forget the divorce. In fact I want just the
opposite. I want you to stay and be the good husband my
daughter wants you to be. She loves you and you love her.
Your only problem is that you've got to change your
attitude about her having other men's children for you to
be the daddy of, as well as accepting your role as a loving
well behaved husband. As long as you do that, I won't ever
mention these photos."
My mother-in-law made me an offer. She helped me see
it was better to be viewed as cuckold than perceived as a
cocksucking, dick up the ass faggot. Especially since if
I didn't agree to her terms, she would made sure that the
photos followed me everywhere I went. I would be ruined
"Deal?" She said standing over me with folded arms as
I sat. knowing I had once more been held in the vise grip
of fate and had to do what others were imposing on me. I
"Y-Yes ma'am. I-I accept your deal." My face was
flushed red.
"Good, then lets go to the basement to seal this
arrangement." Curious as to why the basement, but too
browbeat to ask questions, I meekly followed her.
Once there she turned and said, "Drop your pants and
pull down your shorts."
"You heard me right. Do as I say and then bend over
the arm of that old recliner." She said matter-of-factly
as she seemed to be unraveling an electric extension cord.
It was thin and white.
"B-But w-why?"
"Simple, I'm going to give you twenty good lashes with
this extension cord. It will seal our deal and at the same
time remind you of your agreement."
"It-It will? P-Please..., can't w-we j-just shake..."
"NO! You must have a reddened ass. You must feel the
pain to remind you of your place. You're a wimp Gary.
Wimps needs to be reminded of what they are?"
"What? P-Please mother Young. P-Please d-don't..."
"Now get busy or the world will know just what a
cocksucker you are. Get those pants down!"
Tears of fright and shame were streaming down my face.
I pleaded. The more I did so, the more insistent she was
that I was to be whipped. Knowing she wanted my ass and
was getting impatient, I submitted to her will. I didn't
see any other way out.
"P-Please d-don't hit too hard. I-I can't stand
pain." I pleaded as I bent over the arm of the big old
easy chair and recliner with my naked ass cheeks jutting
out. I felt so vulnerable and exposed.
"I'll be the judge of how hard is enough."
"WOOSH!" I heard the sound of the first powerful
downward swing of the cord.
"WHAP" was the sound of the folded cord impacting my
jutting white ass cheeks.
"OUCH!" I yelled and a split second later the searing
pain seem to go through me. My buttocks quivered
"That hurts! Please Mrs. Young! No more please!" I
shouted as I tried to get up. That only made her angry.
She grabbed my right arm, folded it back toward my upper
back and pressed down unmercifully. Besides being bigger
than me she was also stronger. She had me pinned down.
That was all there was to it. All I could do was flail my
free arm and legs and wiggle my naked bottom as she lashed
me again and again with the painful thin electrical cord.
"OUCH! Oh please mother Young, SOB!, Please! Please
don't hit me anymore!" I yelled and pleaded as I felt my
tears beginning to run like rain from my eyes.
"Be still and take your lesson like a man!" She
shouted as she lashed me with quicker strokes in a double
time type manner. Needless to say, the pain was also a
double whammy too. My ass seemed on fire. To make her point
about me to stop all the flailing of my legs and wild
wiggling of my hips, she cut me across the upper part of my
thighs and accused me of making her miss her target, my
upper ass cheeks. I knew she knew this would only cause me
to wiggle more. She knew I had no control.
"Please! Please... SOB!..."
"OUCH!... Please mother Young, I-I'll..."
"OUCH!... SOB! a good husband ... SOB!..."
"OUCH!... P-Please ... SOB!...I-I-I'll... SOB!..."
The sounds of me begging for mercy, the swish
of the thin cord and the impact of it on my tender white
flesh filled the air. She laid into me unmercifully all
the while talking to me as she laced my rear with welts.
"You should think my daughter for even giving you the
time of day less much talking about a divorce. You little
wimpy cocksucker twerp! Stop that wiggling and hold still!
You need this as mush as I need to give it to you!" She
shouted as she whipped me well beyond twenty strokes of the
After a good three minutes of a steady whipping, I was
never so glad to feel the last swish and burning trail from
the impact of her mighty lashes. I was crying profusely as
I was allowed to stand. She smiled as she looked at me
rubbing my welt laced swollen ass cheeks, shaking from the
lingering pain and crying like a baby. The pain was still
intense as I sort of wiggled and shook as I moved around
the room trying to ease the hurt I was feeling.
"There! That wasn't so bad was it. You'll remember
our deal better now with that little extra bit of
reinforcement. Won't you?"
"Y-Y-Yes... SOB!... ma'am." I said rubbing my welt
laced stinging bottom as if that was going to get the sting
and burn away from my truly reddened bottom. After a bit,
Mother young made me bath my rear in warm salt water. Her
rubbing the wet white salt over the red welts almost made
me jump straight up, even though it did reduce the swelling
She seemed overly pleased at my small but steady
erection that seemed to not go away as she later rubbed
salve on my upturned ass after the salt water bathing. She
made me lie across her lap. She wouldn't let me administer
the soothing salve myself. Her rough rubbing of my rear
was also painful.
"After all, this is the least I can do for you, my
dear son-in-law. And you will of course thank me for doing
so - won't you?"
"Y-Yes m-ma'am." I replied meekly.
Little did I know she wanted me to show my thinks by
putting my head between her parted legs and tonguing her
bushy snatch to a series of orgasms.
I meekly did as she requested. She was very hairy and
wet. I really got my fill of pussy juice from her, as well
as pubic hair burns, if there is such a thing, as she
rotated her dense bush around my mouth and face. I think I
got her off three times.
Before I left, Carol's mom again injected another bit
of bad news to me.
"And Gary, you and I will get together once a month
like this to review your attitude. If you do something
that is bad or negative, you'll be given a demerit. A
demerit will be worth five lashes. A merit will be worth
three points, and will only wipe out three lashes. And
Carol will know you and I have these session. I'll call
them marital discipline sessions and you'll not object to
them. I'll say nothing of what you and your friends have
done in the past. However, Carol will also be allowed to
issue you demerits, merits, as well as administer any
needed discipline to you also."
I wanted to protest, but the look on her face let me
know she was in no mood to hear it. On the other hand, I
was whipped, both literally and mentally, and we both knew
it. I simply nodded to her conditions. I just couldn't
believe this was happening to me, but the ache on my rear
told me it was no daydream. I knew there was no recourse
for me. I had to go along with her program.


Carol and I stayed together. I didn't divorce her as
I'd planned, thanks to her mom holding the knowledge of my
past over my head. I was never sure if Carol's mom kept her
word about telling Carol, but my wife readily adapted to
the idea of working with her mother in disciplining me.
The baby she and John made turned out to be a girl,
our very blond daughter Johnella.
I got accustomed to being a new daddy and settled into
my new role with relative ease. That is, the role of being
a cuckold whose wife continued to date her other four men
as well as use corporal punishment on me when she and her
mom determined it was required.
Her stud lovers openly came and went as they pleased
from our house. They each had door keys.
I was surprised to learn that Jeff, one of her four
lovers, was black.
I agonized over the possibility of having to deal with
a black baby if she by chance got pregnant by him.
I just happened to mention that to her as we were
lying in bed one night.
"You aren't prejudice are you?" She asked me.
"No, of course not. It's just the public reaction of
having to deal with such a thing, you know how people would
look at you and everything. You know what I mean."
Carol acknowledged what I was saying but also added
that I shouldn't worry about what others say. "Once they
get over it, they'll accept it and move on to some other
juicy gossip." She added.
"Honey, I-I know you said you only wanted to have
babies from other men, not me. H-Have you changed y-your
mind about..."
"No darling I haven't. You know I don't mean to hurt
you by saying that, but unfortunately it just not the same
getting pregnant by you. Plus your equipment... well we
don't need to go there. You know what I mean."
I was glad she stopped. She'd already hurt me enough
with her words, even though she was trying to be sincere
and direct not hurtful- I guess.
"T-The only reason I asked is -is that with Johnella
getting to be a year old. You'd said something about
getting pregnant again about now. H-have y-you decided
w-who the n-next father is going to-to be?" I had a tough
time getting the question out as I stammered.
"You've just made the decision." She replied as she
looked me straight in the face in the dim light of the
There was a long silence. It took me that long to
accept that she intended to add a black baby to our growing
I could see she was looking for me to plead with her
not to. And from knowing her much better now, I knew it
was pointless to try and change her mind. If anything my
pleading with her not to humiliate me by her actions would
only guarantee it happening. "I-I see." Was all I said as
I breathed a deep sigh of resignation knowing that the die
was already cast.
"You're such a good husband darling. You put up with
me and show your love for me by letting me do what I need
to do to meet my needs. I love you so." My wife said
kissing me.
As we both dozed off to sleep, I knew her need to
cuckold me was what she was talking about and that my
acceptance of it was the reason she loved me so.
It was a paradox, but in a strange way, I did love her
very much, even though her mom had blackmailed me into
staying and accepting her slut daughter for a wife. Not
just a slut who went out with other men, but one who also
had other men's babies for me to raise and be the daddy of.


Jeff was excited about being the next father of our
While she and Jeff were trying to make a baby, me and
her other men, were restricted to latex around our pricks.
It would be this way until she was confirmed pregnant.
That is except my tongue. When she wanted me to use my
lips on her, I of course got in her wet gloppy gamy cunt
raw and juicy, in fact, very juicy and very gooey too, as
her lover's semen was so viscous and copious.


Our daughter was spending the night with Carol's mom
and Carol and I had the evening to our selves. She and I
were watching tv when she spoke.
"Gary, honey, Jeff is coming over tonight. I'm at my
most fertile this week."
"O-Oh, Is t-that right? D-Do you want me to l-leave?"
I stammered at her announcement.
"No silly. You know I like you around when my men
come over. But tonight is sort of special, that's why I
wanted mom to keep Johnella."
"Special?" I asked.
"Yes darling. I want you to be in the room watching
Jeff and I as we mate tonight."
"W-What! P-Please Carol. It-It's bad enough just
being in the s-same house w-when they come over... a-and
just hearing you moan and scream as t-they make love to
you, b-but..."
"Not love dear, they're just sexing me. You and I
make love. Now don't let me have to remind you of that
again, otherwise I may have to give you a demerit. You
don't want that do you?" My wife interjected with a
smirking smile.
"No! No I-I don't. I-I'll remember dear." I replied
quickly. She knew the mentioning of a demerit always gets
my attention.
"But d-do I-I have to be..."
"Yes darling, I want you to be there as Jeff helps us
add to our family." She replied cutting me off. I sensed
that it was useless to say more against her desire. "W-
Whatever y-you say dear" was all I said as I silently went
back to watching tv waiting for the arrival of "our" guest,
my wife's black lover.
He arrived promptly at 9 PM. I didn't have to get up,
he had his own key.
He walked in, waived at me and went straight over to
the love seat and embraced my wife. She of course greeted
him warmly and with open arms.
I was totally ignored as they started their heavy
foreplay, which included titty rubbing of her exposed mams,
sensuous French kissing, and finally the probing of his
hand under her skirt as well of her caressing the huge
swelling bulge in his trousers.
I tried not to look, but it was difficult not to
steal a glance of the spectacle a few feet away from me.
Dejected, I tried to prevent from getting aroused, but to
no avail, I soon had a much, much smaller tent pole in my
I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being
unzipped. I tried not to look. Moments later there was
the unmistakable "Slurping" of a blowjob in process. I
turned and could only be in awe of the size of Jeff's
stately manhood being wrapped by the white lips of my
lovely but sluttish wife. He was thick and at least eight
plus inches long. I turned away, squirming in my easy
chair. My hands were starting to tremble at the tension
building up in me. I gasped the arms of the recliner to
ease the arousal in me from having to view and be near such
a sordid scene and knowing I could nothing about it but
"Lets go to bed Jeff sweetie and get to working on
this baby." My wife said after pulling her pink lips off
Jeff's black long shaft. She then lead him to the bedroom
after he stepped out of his trousers and left them on the
"Come along Gary. After all, as the future daddy, we
want you there to be a part of this."
I meekly obeyed my wife, fearing a demerit if I
didn't. I followed them, hoping that my erection, though
much, much, smaller would not be noticed as we three went
to the master bedroom.
No sooner than we entered the room than my wife and
Jeff were tearing each other remaining clothing from each
other. Just as they were about ready to couple, my wife
beckoned me over as Jeff was about to point his stalwart
rigid jutting member right at my wife's pouting hairy cunt
"Gary darling, give me a little head to get me ready."
My wife said looking at me.
As I was trying to determine how I was going to do as
she wanted, Jeff didn't move out from between her parted
legs, but sort of raised his knees and shifted a bit so
that my head could gain access to her heated cunt. He was
sort of suspended over the back of my head as I laid on the
bed face down in her hairy juicy lush snatch.
"That's good enough." Jeff said in his heavy voice
after I'd tongued for about a minute. I quickly scampered
from under him and off the bed, but not before feeling his
heavy balls sliding across the top of my head as I worked
my way out from between him and Carol. By the time I got
free and on my feet, I heard him again.
"Aren't you going to put it in? After all this
is your wife."
Carol and he looked at me as if I was stupid. Their
eyes seem to burn me as I stood there. I quickly snapped
out of my brief trance, when my wife asked if I wanted a
demerit. I reached over and guided his large black
erection with its golf ball size and very bloated dickhead
right to her pretty pouting wet vulva. His black shaft was
rigid to the touch and warm. Moments later, he was slipping
and sliding in and out of her like a well oiled piston into
a well lubed cylinder of flesh.
All I could do was do as my wife intended, that is, to
standby and look in awe as the well built muscular Jeff
thoroughly enjoyed her. My prick was throbbing, but I was
too shy and partially afraid to rub it in the presence of
the two. Besides, my wife was frequently looking over at
me. I suspect it was to catch me doing just that.
The sound of the two fucking was loud and juicy. The
meeting and pulling apart of wet tight fitting genitals
created a squishy sound that could only be appreciated or
described by being in close proximity to the coupled pair.
After what was obvious his first release of a blast of
his bountiful hot virile jism into my wife's fertile baby
ready womb, Jeff worked his dick into her wet pussy a few
more times as I'm sure spurt after spurt blasted her
cervix. He held his cock deep in her for at least five
minutes. I knew he was making sure his sperm stayed in
place to do its intended job. All I could do was standby,
be miserable, try to mentally comfort my aching burning
prick and be the obedient cuckold wimpy husband that my
wife intended me to be, as another, better man worked at
impregnating her in my very presence.
I didn't want to believe that this form of abject
humiliation, berating and belittling of me would be routine
for all "our" future children inseminations she'd plan to
have done by her studs. I knew I was lying to myself as I
saw the look of bliss on her face. It was both from Jeff's
thorough fucking and I suspect from the fact I was in
attendance no more than four feet away. I say so because
of the frequent smiles and winks she directed at me while
being fucked. I knew she knew I looked and felt pathetic,
and emotionally drained having to endure this ordeal. It
became apparent to me that my misery and subjugation
contributed to her pleasure.
"SPLOP!" Was the sound generated as Jeff slowly
pulled his softening member from my wife's very wet cunt.
"Okay Gary, it's your turn now." She said looking me
straight in the eyes as swiveled around such that her
parted legs were aimed in my direction.
I knew what was expected of me. Flushed and
frustrated, but knowing what had to be done, I move over to
the edge of the bed and positioned my self so that I could
perform the oral service she desired.
To say her hairy muff was a slimy mess would be an
understatement. It was gloppy and sloppy and saturated
with Jeff's thick abundant dick cream. Cream that I now
knew she intended for me. I went about my task as I used
my tongue to began work on her jism soaked bushy pussy.
I of course was acclimated to the taste of spent sperm
and had tasted all of her lover's semen after they'd made
deposits in her.
After cleaning her as best I could, Jeff pushed me out
of the way when he was hard again.
The cycle was repeated three more time that night.
Additionally, I had to lap and milk and Jeff's huge penis
between fucks. After the fourth time, he had me give him
virtually a tongue bath to clean my wife's pussy juices
from his cock and balls.
She and Jeff had many repeat session like the one I
described until she was finally made pregnant by him.
I was glad that she was finally pregnant so that I
could have her without a latex barrier on my prick.
While I was worried about the embarrassment of facing
the town's folks with our black baby, she brought me the
news that Jeff had made twins in her and that we had to
plan on two bundles of joy rather than just one.
I cursed under my breath, but knew I had to go along
with the show. I gave up even trying to come up with witty
things to say when people were sure to stop and
congratulate us on our new arrivals.
A few months later, I was the new daddy of a fraternal
pair of mulatto children.
My wife was so excited at having her lover's babies.
They were named Jeffery and Jeffelena. She and her mom
named them. I had no say so in the matter. It was so
embarrassing giving the nurses information as the father of
record, me, when it was obvious I wasn't the biological
father. It was even more so, as they stared at Jeff when
he came to the hospital often to see my wife and the
babies, which both favored him so much. To add to my
humiliation, he and my wife often passionately kissed in
the presence of the nurses and aides during each visit and
always when I was present. The hospital staff just looked
at me with cruel smirking smiles. All I could do was
sheepishly cringe, blush and, hide my unwelcome erections,
caused by such abject humiliations.


"Honey I have to give you this demerit. I just don't
think your attitude was proper last night when Kent came
over and told you to get out of bed so he could be with me.
You saw how hard up and in need he was, and yet, you
protested. He had to use force to push you out of the way
to get in bed and fuck me. No matter what you say darling,
I think the demerit should stay."
"P-Please Carol. Please give me a chance to make it
up. I-I was just sleepy. a-and it was just a gut reaction.
Please dear, I-I have over ten demerits now... a-and that
doesn't count y-your mother's. P-Please! Please help me
out dear. I-I'll make it up a-anyway you want me to.
Please don't cause me to get fifty lashes from you alone
this month." I continued to beg and beseech my wife for
My wife held her hand to her chin as she appeared to
ponder my plea.
"You know it's not my idea to whip you, but mother
insists on your obedience and I have to go along with her
to keep peace between her and me. Okay, how about you call
up Kent and apologize directly to him and let him know that
he won't ever have anymore trouble of you having a bad
attitude in the future."
Knowing I was beaten and virtually without options, I
thanked her profusely and slavishly as I did as she
As I dialed him, I thought of how she'd just blamed
her mom and saying she was only participating in my
corporal punishment every month "to keep the peace".
PLEASE! I thought to myself. If that was the case then
why was she giving me so many demerits, many for the
filmiest reason, except as an excuse to berate me and
ensure my very subordinate place in our marriage.
As I was hanging up the phone, after loudly
apologizing to her lover, so she could hear me, I saw her
scratch the demerit out in her little note book. I
breathed a sigh of relief and now concentrated on trying to
mentally make my prick's hardness go away. Abject
humiliation still tends to make me get an erection. I was
glad I was wearing the old fashioned white pinafore so the
small tent pole in my pants was hidden.


As I stood over the sink doing the dinner dishes, I
heard my mother-in-law talk about how pretty her three
grandkids were. She was talking about our blond daughter
and fraternal set of coffee colored twins. Their
respective biological fathers were John and Jeff. Carol
was now pregnant for the third time. We knew it was going
to be a girl. Kent, who is a red head, was the father this
"I'm sure she going to have red hair, since girls take
after their fathers." My wife's mother said talking to my
wife gleefully.
"And Gary, your new daughter will look so cute with a
big bow in her red hair. Don't you think so?"
I cringed at the embarrassing debasing question as she
stressed "your". I knew what was expected of me. "Y-Yes
ma'am, you're right. She will." I replied softly as I
continued working on the stack of dishes trying to work up
more merit points.

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