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Archived Sex Stories

CDE 17 Fly On The Wall



Copyright c MARCH 1, 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(MM+/F, MM, MF, Inter, Impreg, FemDom, MDom)



Note of Thanks: To FEC for his editorial proofing and
helpful enhancing comments.



Have you ever heard the expression "I'd like to be a
fly on the wall"? Well the series of story vignettes
below are just that, observations of a fly on the wall, as
it makes its sojourn from house to house. Just imagine the
tid bits of intimate and interesting things you might hear
if it was easy to be an unobtrusive silent party to the
going ons in the houses in your neighborhood. However,
things may not be as interesting in your neighborhood as
the events observed by our winged spy below. Lets listen
in as it makes its way into the first of several abodes.

"You think he would be willing to let me have some
now, er, without a condom? It's been over two years. I-
I've learned my lesson." The man said to the woman sitting
across from him. "O-Of course, it would only be after he's
finished with you . Or-Or his buddies too, I-if it was a-a
group night or something." He added seeing she was slow to
"Has it been that long? You're right. Frankie Jean is
15 months old. That's right, you had to use rubbers even
when I was pregnant with her didn't you?"
The man looked sheepish and nodded his head to
acknowledge her.
"Y-You think he might let me?" The man asked again.
"I don't know. You'll just have to ask and see."
"I-I was wondering if-if you could put in a good word
"Now honey, you know I've told you before you had to
work all those things out with him. You're my husband, but
after all, he's the real man in my life and the father of
our kids. I have to respect him when he tells me that he
doesn't want me butting in between you and him."
"I-I guess you're right Gail. I-I'll just have to
ask him myself like you said." Her sheepish husband
"He really punished me good this time. Six months of
total sex denial by you, except to lick you out after he or
his buddies were through using you. I-I got so tired of
jacking off after seeing you and him or his friends sexing
it up. Then just as my six months was up, you got pregnant
and he only would let you give me some once a month, but
only if I wore a condom. And I think the only reason he
agreed to that was you suggesting I get a second job and
have my paycheck sent to his bank account."
"If you remember honey, I think what swayed him was
you agreeing to work as a janitor cleaning toilets. Am I
right? He really was suspicious of your sincerity. So was
I. The idea of you kneeling in front and cleaning toilet
bowls showed him that you're prepared to be subservient."
Once he found his tongue again her husband continued.
"Well I-I hope by now he knows, and you too, I've really
learned my lesson and that I'm really sincere. I-I know
when you had Frank Junior, I should've realized my place
then, but certainly with Frankie Jean, he should see I
really know my place in the order of things. You know with
you having his two kids and all and them calling me Daddy.
All the neighbors know that I've been taught a lesson when
we go out walking with two tan skin kids that look just
like him."
"You're a good Daddy to them too. He recognizes that
too honey. You should use that as justification too when
you beg him to let me give you some."
"Oh thank you dear. That's a good idea. Also, I
guess I could remind him of the special gifts I bought him
with those part time third jobs I got during the Holidays."
"Yes that's right. He really adored that gold chain
you worked so hard to buy him for his birthday. You should
mention that too."
"Thanks! I will. I sure hope he'll let me have it
bare skin. I'm so tired of that latex feeling."
"Honey I just had an idea." His wife blurted out.
"Yeah, what is it?" George said curtly as he busily
wrote down the things he'd accomplished for Frank, his
wife's black lover and family stud.
"Darling, if you really want to make a hit with Frank,
why don't you consider asking him if you could suck his
dick. I think that would go over quite well." Gail said
beaming at her idea.
"It would express your contrition in a well meaning
and firm manner, as well as show you hold him in high
"B-But dear, it - it would be so humiliating a-and
"You're worried about your silly pride aren't you
honey? You think it's shameful for you to suck a dick
don't you?"
"Well yes! men j-just don't do that to each other.
U-Unless they're gay."
"I know you're not gay as well as him. You like pussy
don't you?"
"Well yes. What does that have to do with ..."
"Gay men don't care for pussy. So therefore as long
as you like my pussy whether you eat it or fuck it, we all
know you're not gay, so you can suck dick without the least
bit worry of us thinking you're that way."
"W-What! Do y-you mean, er, oh, forget it." Her
husband said flustered trying to reason out his wife's
logic. "I-I know you care quite a bit for him, b-but I-I
don't know if-if I can do..."
"Never say what you can't do darling. Think on the
idea before you write it off as a possible solution."
"O-Okay dear. I won't. But I just hate to be thought
of-of as a-a cocksucker. It-it just sounds so degrading."
"DING DONG!" The door bell rang. "That must be your
mom. She promised to watch the kids while Frank and I went
shopping and while you're at work this evening."
"Hi Gail dear. Hi son."
They both greeted George's mother warmly. Soon after,
his wife left for her shopping date with Frank. Before she
did, she told his mother of his idea to get on her lover's
better side.
"Son, I really think Gail has got the right idea.
Sucking Frank's big dick would help to alleviate the
tension between you two."
"M-Mother! You'd a-agree for me to become a
"Yes . After all, it's not like Frank is a stranger
or something. And besides, it's for the good of your
marriage and to show him just how much you respect him as a
man. Remember dear, he is a far better man than you'll
ever be in the bedroom."
"I-I know that by now, b-but I-I just hate being t-
thought of as a-a cocksucker. That word just makes me
"Well son, one thing in your favor is that you already
know what his cum taste like, that is since you've eaten so
much of it out of Gail's pussy. So it's not the gooey
slimy taste that's troubling you?"
"Uh. It-it's just the thought of b-being known as a
"Well, hummmm. What can we do here. We need to do
"Well son. If you must know. Frank confided in me
sometime ago that he thought that you sucking his dick
occasionally, would help y'all get along better."
"He-he did. W-why that son-of -a..."
"Watch your mouth. I will not have you using that
sort of language around me, and especially about Frank.
Now apologize this instance!"
"I-I'm sorry mother. Please forgive me."
"That's better. I happen to agree with him. I think
him shooting some loads of his hot jism down your throat a
few times a month would help you better remember your place
and help you feel better about being in it too."
"Y-You do? ."
"Yes. And also, there is a way to give him head
without actually sucking his cock."
"Just open up and engulf his shaft with your lips and
then you can move your mouth back and forth sliding your
licks over his shaft or let him do the same thing by
humping your face. It's very easy, and that way you won't
have to worry about being considered sucking on him.
I suggest you try doing it that way until you feel more
confident about sucking and getting over your silly phobia
of being considered a cocksucker."
"W-Well I never..."
"Kill that pesky fly! I tried to swat him earlier and
missed!" His mother shouted.
Our winged multi-legged spy noted being detected and
narrowly escaped destruction as it flew evasively to avoid
being squashed and managed to escaped as one of the
children opened a door to come in.
Our friendly fly flew around for a while until it was
able to secure entrance into another neighboring home.
Lets listen in to what the fly is hearing at this second

"Van you have to admit they are a handsome couple. And
I bet they would make us some pretty grand kids. Don't you
think so Margie?"
"I sure do. I'm sorry son, but mine and your father's
families just don't seem to have beauty genes. Dear since
you've accepted as much as you have, I really don't see why
you can't yield a bit more and condone him being the father
of all you and Valerie's children."
"I-I can't believe y-y'all are saying this. J-Just
because of one accident and now the other two kids we
wanted have to be t-theirs too?"
"We understand how you feel sweetie." His mom said as
she stood and hugged her red faced son. "But you know you
have a weak bargaining position. She loves you. But if
you show any lack of love and devotion, what would you do
if she decided to leave you?"
"L-Leave, uh, I-I, s-she w-wouldn't. I-I mean, er, ."
"You never thought of that did you sweetie? But it's
quite possible."
"Your mother's correct. You see my daughter does have
a special love for you, but she also have a special love
for Earl too. And that love is even stronger now that they
have a baby together." Spoke the other lady in the room.
"No dear, your best bet is to be conciliatory and
"Here she comes now Van. She's pulling in the driveway
as we talk. Why don't y'all go in the back and talk when
she comes in."
Apparently the woman entering the house was the man's
wife. Soon as she entered they all exchanged greetings as
she handed the baby she was carrying to the apparent
beaming grannies. She then gave her less than cheerful
husband a peck on the cheek.
They did go to a back bedroom to discuss their problem
of his wife wanting to have another baby from her lover,
who apparently started out being just a sex buddy.
"Van sweetheart, I know how tough it is, but you know
how I want to feel when I'm trying to get pregnant. You
know you just can't do that for me."
"I-I know Valerie. I-I know Earl is-is much better t-
than me at p-pleasing you... a-and now that the baby has
come along, I-I just don't know what use y-you have for me.
"Oh stop talking silly honey. You know I love you.
There's no reason why we still can't be happy and in love
as ever before. Of course, you'll have to adjust your
attitude somewhat, just as you did when you went along with
me having the baby, even though it was an accident between
Earl and I."
"I-I know. B-But now, it-it's even worse. He's made
me the laughing stock of the neighborhood already. He
didn't know I was in the hardware store the other day. He
was just bragging how much little Earl looked like him.
Everyone knows he's the father. Even my own mother doesn't
even try to hide it . A-And I couldn't believe she went
along with y'all wanting to name him Earl Jr. Valerie,
it's tough enough facing everyone with just one of his
kids. B-But with all of them his, I-I'll be nothing more
than the cuckold wimp of the town."
"Darling, you're being overly dramatic. Of course
it's natural for a new father to brag about his baby. You
can't blame him for that. And as far as what the town folks
say, just ignore them. The love you and I have is none of
their business."
Van and his wife talked for another hour. Their moms
even brought the couple coffee after they'd been back there
so long. They left the young couple to work out their
Seeing that his wife had more resolve to only have
Earl as the family sire, Van capitulated, basically
expressing in so many words that he had no choice expect
to accept things on his new wife's terms to keep her happy
and him in her life.
"Thanks so much darling. I just know the three of us
and the kids will be so happy and in love. Let me call
Earl and tell him about you agreeing." His wife said as
she kissed him once more before reaching over to the phone
and dialing.
"Hello! Earl darling . I'm okay ... Yes ... Yes ...
He's right here. We just came to an agreement. He has
accepted us having more children... No you won't have to
pay any child support since they'll be our children... Of
course you'll have visitation rights, for them as well as
me... ... any time you want day or night, my body is
available to you anytime ... Oh, I see. Let me ask him or
do you want to talk to him?"
Van shook his head signaling to his wife that he
didn't want to talk to his wife's black lover and stud.
"He just left the room Earl. I'll go ask him. I'll
be right back."
She carefully placed the phone receiver under a pillow
on the bed as she talked to her husband.
"W-what! T-The nerve of him." Her husband replied
with an incredulous look on his face. They talked a few
moments before his wife seem to bring the steam out of her
husband when she reminded him of something.
"Honey, I don't want to sound mean, but if you recall,
you've only had sex with me twice after our honeymoon, in
which his jism hasn't been in my pussy or on my breath.
This will just make it permanent. Please, don't mess
things up over such a small trifle. Plus, you know I'm very
fond of you sucking his heavy loads out of my cunt. You
know what pleasure that gives me. You want to deprive me
of that?"
Van signaled agreement to his wife's wishes. It
showed that he felt even more defeated in his attempt to
retain some manly pride, but even that was all gone now in
order to stay with the woman he loved.
"Earl honey, he's agreed. He can't have me unless you
have me first, and he will always suck my pussy afterwards.
And, if I'm not to tired, he can have some later. Van
honey, see that fly over there on the wall swat it for me."
Sensing danger of being splattered, our winged
eavesdropper took flight and barely managed to escape into
the kitchen and out an open door. Our intelligent fly
friend got carried by the wind to another neighborhood and
managed to slip into an open garage door and into a
nook of an interior room of house number three. He settled
down after his hasty journey to survey and hear what he
could. Lets listen in also.

House # 3

"This is the last straw mother. I just can't see
wearing baby doll pajamas for him. I-I've got to draw the
line somewhere."
I understand your feelings Stanley, but don't you
think it's better you check your pride and do what's right
for your marriage and family?"
"Family! That's a joke. Our three kids are all his.
My wife can't seem to go a day without mentioning his name
to me or reminding me that he's the father of our kids in
one way or another. It-it just hurts so much mom to have
been in the back ground for eight years."
"You may have been in the background, but it was for
the good of your marriage. That's the important thing."
"I-I guess you're right, but it just seems that I've
gone so far in trying to please her and him. When she
insisted on having sex with him first on our wedding night,
I gave in. Later when she insisted on me sucking their
love juices up after they screwed, I gave in, hoping
that it would be the last straw in keeping and pleasing
her, but no, she wanted more from me. I gave in when she
got pregnant with his first child. I gave in also with the
second. After you three all brow beat me, I wore rubbers
so our next child would look like the first two, since she
wanted to only get pregnant from him."
"It just made sense dear."
"I know that's what you kept telling me mother. And
doing the first child, y'all talked me into being his
cocksucker, which continued after the baby came. It wasn't
a temporary situation as I thought it was going to be."
"He enjoyed it so much, I thought he was right to
demand you continue to be there for him also."
"And then if that wasn't enough, doing her second
pregnancy, I got coerced into letting him screw me up my
ass. I-I just don't know how I sank so low. I really
can't believe I kept on letting him do that to me after she
delivered their second child."
"You know it wasn't all that bad. Remember you
telling me how relaxed you were after each time he used
you? And by the way, in the eyes of the law, the children
are yours, irrespective of him being the biological
"Okay - okay. You're legally right. He reminds me of
that too. But I still say, now that she's pregnant for the
third time, his demand that I dress up as a transvestite
and come to his bed as a woman is-is just too much."
"Now, now, I think you'll look so much prettier all
dressed in a nice lavender and pink lacy sheer baby doll
with bright pink make up and black mascara. I could do
wonders with your hair for the occasion, maybe even have
you wear some fancy bridal lingerie instead of the baby
doll." His mom mused with her hand on her chin.
The smell of food overtook our fly friend's desire to
stay any longer, so it simply made its way toward the
kitchen. After a brief forage, it flew out through a door
Again after floating on the breeze our insect spy
found another location to observe the household activities
of another abode. This is the story of House #4.
Copyright c MARCH 1, 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved.

"Mother Henson, t-they filled her with so much of
their stuff."
"You mean their cum?"
"Y-Yes t-that's right. T-hey made me watch each time
they took her. And a-after each one w-was through, I-I was
forced to lap her clean."
"She said you really did a good job too Dan. She
really boasted of how well you sucked. You did the best
you could under the circumstances. You have nothing to be
ashamed of."
`But I-I can't believe she doesn't want to file
charges against them now. I know she doesn't want to hurt
them, b-but it just seems..."
"She admits she did tease them a bit before y'all went
to your suite. And you have to give them credit, they did
give you chance to get some before they came in to get
"I-I can't help if-if she was just so-so beautiful and
the way s-she handled me, I-I just couldn't hold back
before I-I got in her."
"Pre-mature ejaculations happen Dan."
"I-I know. I-I was so mad, cause it takes me so long
to b-be ready again."
"Like a couple of days or a week right?'
"N-Not all the time, b-but s-sometimes it does."
"But mother Henson, is it-it right for her to be
inviting them over for sex just because s-she liked what
they did to her on our wedding night.? It's just so
unfair. I-I think divorce or-or maybe annulment is..."
"You'll do such thing! Just because she is getting
the pleasure she needs is no reason for you to go off
halfcocked and become irrational."
"A-And to add insult to injury, s-she wants me to-to
still suck her c-cunt after they've used her. I-I just see
that as being too unreasonable."
"Not even if you're good at it? You've done it on
several occasions already, why not continue? She loves
having your head between her legs after they have made her
all juicy and gooey. She really gets off good with your
tongue on her bruised puffy twat."
"It - It does become inflamed from their b-big things
a-and they shoot so-so much jism. A-And t-their stuff is s-
so s-slimy too."
"Didn't one or two of the fellows have you suck on
their big dicks on your wedding night?"
"Oh, I wish she hadn't told you about that. Y-Yes. It
was Rufus a-and Leroy. T-They made me lick them c-clean."
"Have they wanted you to do it again?"
"I-I don't want to t-talk about it anymore if you
don't mind. T-This whole thing is j-just to much for me
to handle easily."
"I understand Dan, but the best therapy is to talk
about it. I'm family now, so there's no reason for you to
be ashamed of being open with me. You see, Donna and I saw
Leroy the other day at the Supermarket where he works and
we got to talking. He told us how you filled in for Donna
one day when he came by and she wasn't home."
"H-He did? W-What did he..."
"He told us how well you blew him. Of course he did
say, you became irate the first time he asked you to do
him, but after he pretended he was going to take Donna from
you, you came around and did your duty. He assured us that
you must really love her to do that for her. In fact he
said both he and Leroy have both had you swinging on
their dicks several times over the past month. Is that
"O-Oh mother Henson. I-I could die. T-They both
promised ...Sob! T-they weren't going to tell ... Sob! ...
anybody. I-I... Sob!"
"Now, now Dan, there is no reason to cry. Donna and I
think you did such a sweet thing. We both think you should
continue. We told your mom and she too thinks that was a
wonderful thing. She's also delighted that Donna likes you
sucking her pussy clean too. She was worried you couldn't
keep a woman happy, but she said she'd plan to talk to you
about all of this too. She and Donna said they thought by
me talking to you first, it would help you better warm up
to your role as a loving devoted and faithful cuckold."
The two talked some more before the lady, apparently
the man's mother-in-law left. About an hour later another
woman entered and the following conversation ensued.
"Y-Yes mother. I-I have gotten u-use to the taste of
their cum."
"That's good son. And I'm glad you've gotten over
being ashamed of having other men sleep with your new
bride. After all, we both know they can give her what you
"Y-yes ma'am. I-I understand. It's been seven months
now, b-but I've adapted."
"And now that y'all are planning to start a family,
I'm pleased you're doing your part so well."
"I-I was upset at first, b-but I could see that she
wanted to get started as soon as she stopped with the
"So you're already using condoms then?"
"Y-yes ma'am, I-I started last weekend."
"Lets see, with it taking about two months for the
pill to lose it's effect. I say, hummmm, she'll be
pregnant in about three months knowing how virile Leroy and
Rufus are. Maybe sooner than that."
"T-That's what she says too."
"She told me they bought you a gift or something. She
didn't get a chance to say what it was."
"It-It was a gross of condoms."
"How thoughtful. That'll help you save money for the
"I-I guess so. B-but with her being so tired when
they're through with her, and after I-I suck her out and
she gets off, she just doesn't seem to have time for me to
put it in a lot of times, so I-I just jerk off, l-like you
told me I should rather t-than getting up-upset with her."
"It works out better doesn't it?"
"I-I guess so."
"Of course it does. You do get some of her pussy,
that is you eat it. At the same time, you please her like
a good husband should, and then you please yourself. Plus,
I bet her pussy is so stretched from their big cocks, you
probably get more enjoyment from jacking off."
Her son just blushed and looked sheepish.
"So you see, being a cuckold isn't all that bad is
"I-I've accepted it and adapted to what she a-and
y'all expect of me. I've finally gotten use to Rufus and
Leroy and their friends coming over all times of the day
and night. It has made it easier on me rather than always
having to get up and open the door for them all the time, I
just gave them keys as Donna suggested."
"That was a good idea, after all you do have to get
your sleep since you do have to go to work early. By the
way, Rufus really boasted about your fried chicken. He
says you cook for him every Friday night now."
"Y-Yes. It-it's almost like a regular event now."
"You feed him, and I understand he feeds you
"H-he likes to watch Friday night tv w-with me on the
floor between his legs giving him head. It-it maybe hard to
believe, but he keeps his penis in my mouth over three
hours. He always shoots at least four loads and seems to
stay hard the whole time until his last come."
"See why sucking dicks is so important for you? If you
hadn't tried it first hand you wouldn't have a first hand
knowledge of his and the other black men's sexual prowess."
Her subjugated son just simply nodded in agreement.
He went on to also tell her of another of Rufus's friend
named Jeff, who keeps him busy on Saturday night doing the
same thing.
"That's wonderful. That keeps you from being bored
while Donna is out with the fellows... and out of trouble
too. We never want to hear of you being unfaithful with
another woman. However, helping her take care of her men
friends is okay. It's really great that y'all are bonding
so well."
Instinctively fearing detection, our multi-eyed and
multi-legged insect agent took flight, and after some
wandering around the interior of the house, managed to
escape back to the great outdoors and into one more house
where there was the smell of food. However, he again came
across some conversation of note. Lets listen in too.


"I-I can't believe they said that to you."
"They did honey. They just feel you didn't seem
sincere. It's like you were doing it to get it over with.
They still think you're prejudice and a bigot."
"W-What? A-After a-all I-I've done?"
The woman nodded.
"The mere fact I-I sucked their b-big cocks s-
should've indicated I wasn't, not to mention standby while
they date and sex you all the time. Not to mention I-I
always suck you out after they're through. I-I didn't want
them to know that, b-but y-you told them about it. I-I
"Darling they think you're just using them to do for
me what you can't. And as far as you sucking my pussy out,
they just say you're doing what you like doing. Which I too
think is true, but no matter honey, all in all, they just
want you to show more eagerness and genuineness about
accepting them."
"If what I'm doing now doesn't satisfy them, then w-
what else can I..."
"For one thing honey, how about agreeing to do them
on a continuing thing, rather than limit it to just that
one time?"
"Y-You mean s-suck them w-whenever t-they..."
"Yes dear, whenever they want you to do it. Tell them
all they have a standing invitation to be sucked off by
you. That can't help but see your offer as a gesture of
sincerity and full acceptance."
"That must be Jeff. He's a bit early. Do I look okay?
You know I always want to look right for my man. Guess what
I'm not wearing any panties so as to be more available.
Gotta run darling. As usual, don't wait up. By the way,
your mom called. She said she'll be
bringing the kids by in a hour. She took them to the zoo
today. I left dinner for you and them in the fridge. As
usual, all you have to do is pop everything in the
The beautiful wife pecked her husband on the cheek as
she dashed out the door. Her husband just sat there for a
long time sipping on a drink he poured from a bottle of
scotch. He appeared deep in thought. An hour passed before
the sound of children could be heard running in.
"Daddy! Daddy! Grandma took us to the zoo. We saw
the elephants, tigers, bears and a gorilla." Three coffee
colored skin youngsters spoke in almost perfect unison.
The man, obviously not their biological father,
greeted them and had further conversation with them before
he agreed they could go out to play before dinner.
"Hi son, I see you're doing dinner. I like the new
"Vicki got it for me. It does help to keep stains off
my clothes. I really don't like this color or the flower
embroidered on it. She says it purple, but you can plainly
see it's lavender. She started to complain about me not
liking anything she buys me. I kept it and wore it to keep
the peace."
"A good marriage requires compromise from time to time
"I know mother, b-but it seems like that's all I do is
compromise and give in to what she wants or needs."
"Oh it's not that bad son."
"How can you say that mother. Right after our
marriage, I was faced with an annulment because s-she said
I-I couldn't consummate the marriage. Claiming I-I was
just too small and that she needed more than my tongue."
"You know she was right."
"W-Well maybe, b-but having to accept her openly
dating other men, and black men at that, was just a lot to
swallow, but I did. Soon she had as many full time regular
lovers as there was days of the week."
"Son, you have a beautiful wife who has healthy sexual
needs. You can't handle all of them for her, so her other
men help out. That's all there is to it."
"I-I guess you're right mom, but it just seems so
unfair that for the last eight years, I've had to play
virtually second, no eighth fiddle, to all her studs. Do
you know I don't get a chance to have regular sex with her
for over a month sometimes? They really consume her time.
Sure she always has time for me to eat her out after
they've filled her, but she has so little time for me to
put it in. She claims she's too tired a lot of the time
when it's my turn for intercourse. I-I have to jerk off
many times."
"I understand son, and like I told you before there is
nothing wrong with you doing that to release your pent up
fluids. Masturbation is an accepted means of relieving
your sexual pressure. Remember the pastor saying that?
Remember? It was when I asked him to counsel you when you
wanted a divorce after she got pregnant with your children,
the twins?"
"You keep saying our children. You know very well
that they aren't..."
"Shush! You know I told you not to talk that way.
She's your wife. No matter who puts it in her, whatever
comes out is yours. The babies are legally yours. End of
story. They're my grandkids and your children, end of
story. Now say you're sorry!"
"I-I-I a-apologize m-mother. I-I didn't mean to get
you u-upset." Her son stammered nervously. It was
obvious, that even as a grown man his mother intimidated
"That's better. Now like I was saying, it's perfectly
normal to masturbate. The pastor also encouraged you
sucking her cunt, especially after her real men love her.
Remember him saying you should not be scared of the taste
of her filled juicy cunt?"
"Y-Yes ma'am."
"And remember how nice of him to help you get
acclimated to the taste. How he went out of his way and
sexed your new bride right in front of you and gave you an
opportunity to eat her out with him there so he could
advise you how to do a good job of it? He gave both of you
some good pointers. Remember him telling your wife how to
mount your face and move her cunt? And remember how he had
y'all come back for several weeks to check on your
"It was more like a year. That was humiliating too.
Having to watch him do it to her and then have both of
them direct me h-how to clean her up with my mouth
afterwards. He really seem to like her straddled over my
upturned face and have her give him head while I-I
sucked their fuck juices out of her draining pussy. I was
glad he was transferred to another city."
"I'm warning you. Don't speak ill of the pastor."
His mother's face showed her displeasure at his remark.
"I-I didn't mean anything wrong mother. It's - it's
just that I feel so downtrodden at times. I'm - I'm
virtually a slave in my own home."
"How can you say that son?"
"Can't you see it? Her black lovers literally rule
our lives. Everything centers around them. They come and
go all times of night. Her priorities are based on theirs.
She has me loan them money I know I'll never get back.
They all have their own house keys. They come in and have
me get out of my own bed so much, I just started sleeping
on the couch in the den."
"Didn't she have a folding cot put in the bedroom
last month so you wouldn't have to leave?"
"Y-Yes b-but I-I hate it . having to l-listen...
a-and watch them have sex."
"We've gone over this before. It's your obligation as
her husband to be near your wife whenever she feels she
needs you, even if it's when she's with other men."
"I-I know she gets off knowing I'm there and can't do
anything about it but look and listen. She really enjoys
it when her lover calls me over to lick and suck her clean
of his cum. T-They all want me to clean her cunt between
"Like I said, it's your duty to please your wife in
such little ways."
"It-it may be my duty, b-but it's so humiliating. All
her boyfriends shoot so much cum too. I-I also hate having
to lap the man's genitals clean between their sex bouts, b-
but they all want me to do it. S-so I have to. She really
likes seeing me degrade myself doing that."
"How many times have we both told you that orally
administering to her men after they've sexed her was not
degrading or anything to be ashamed of. Not only did the
pastor tell you that, he had you practice on him the whole
time he was helping and counseling y'all. Remember him
telling you it was just a way of paying your respects to
the better man?"
"I-I do. I-I guess my pride keeps getting in the way.
H-he said that I-I would have to fight that."
"And you should. I really thought you were beyond
letting your silly macho pride get in the way of being a
supportive, loving, faithful husband and good father."
"I-I do want to be a good husband, but sometimes I-I
feel so overwhelmed by it all. I-I feel so stressed at
times. Take for instance, Lloyd and George said I acted
like I was prejudice because they were black. I don't know
how they arrived at that conclusion. After all, they're
the real fathers of our children. They don't pay one cent
of child support. They have complete run of the
house. I-I don't know how many hundreds of dollars I've
loaned them - which I don't expect to get back. So, after
listening to them and Lillie and you and her mom, I-I
agreed to suck them off to completion and swallow their
semen, as well as my wife's other five regular black
studs - you know, a-as a gesture of my good faith that I'm
not a bigot or prejudice. Well, now they're saying that I
still showed insincerity when I did them. Can you imagine
that mother? Now they want me to be available to give them
head on demand, anytime they desire, to completion mind
you, not just licking them clean. And to top it off,
Lillie agrees with them."
"Why are you against becoming a cocksucker for them my
dear son? It's just your silly pride isn't it.?"
"I-I just don't see it that way. It-It just seem like
I'm going beyond being respectful. It's l-l-like I'll be
their mouth whore."
"Such harsh words. No dear, they won't see you that
way. Sincerity is not something that you can demonstrate
by doing something once. It may take hundreds of times.
Sucking their dicks whenever they want you to, and
swallowing every drop of hot spunk they give you is the
right thing for you to do son." His mother had a
serious countenance on her face.
"Y-You really think so?" The beleaguered look on her
son's face showed the look of pending resignation to do
what he really didn't want to do.
"Yes dear. It's for the continued healthiness of your
marriage. You really have to keep your macho pride in
check, for it will overrule the really important pride.
That of being a good husband to Lillie and a good daddy to
the babies she'll be having by her other men. Remember,
they are her real men,."
"I-I see." Replied her weary son with the look of
complete capitulation on his face as he let his mom envelop
him in her arms with a tight hug.
"Speaking of babies, you know she and Liston are
working on one now?"
"Y-yes, they told me two weeks ago."
"And you didn't tell me? I know, you wanted it be a
"N-Not really. I-I was trying to talk her out of it.
She's thinking of having kids from all her studs she's been
dating for at least two years. S-She says in two years she
gets to know if he really likes them enough to have their
"What's wrong with that?"
"What? Well for one thing, all of her current lovers
have been dating her for at least two years. I-I just
don't know if we c-can afford that many kids. And what if
she has another set of twins?"
"Don't you dare try to dissuade her. I want my
grandkids. If need be, you'll just have to get a second
job. Lillie is built to breed. She loves to be pregnant
after being bred by a man with the right equipment. I
don't mean to hurt you son, but you know she's told
you that many times. That's why it's important to suppress
your macho pride, it'll only cause you mental anguish."
"I-I know. She says it's like a boil. The best way
is to stop the pain is to lance it. She says the best way
to rid myself of the anguish of her sexing and being bred
by men better than me is for me to be constantly reminded
of that fact. When she was pregnant, both times, she
constantly reminded me each morning that the baby wasn't
mine. I had to acknowledge that the better man had knocked
her up, and before going to work, I had to kiss her swollen
belly every morning and every evening after I came home,
and thank her for having another man's baby for us."
"That's so sweet and loving." His mother replied
smiling at her obviously subjugated son.
"Damn fly!"
Our winged eavesdropper, once again detected and
cursed, made his getaway to another part of the house, hid
various places until the morning and departed into the
great outdoors at the first opportunity. He rode the warm
morning air before being drawn toward the smell of
breakfast at another dwelling. He easily entered a cracked
door and began again his listening vigil.
Copyright c MARCH 1, 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved.

Our fly friend observed a brunette, dressed in a long
robe and a towel around her head, cooking breakfast and
children and a man at the breakfast table eating.
The man was in business attire, the kids obviously on
their way to school. Moments later, the kids rushed off in
the direction of the door after getting kisses and hugs
from the man and woman, obviously their mother and father.
After the two girls left for the school bus in front
of their house, the front door slammed. It was then the
wife unloosened her robe such that it hung open in front.
Her shapely tits and well shaped dark bushy cunt were
clearly visible. She next removed the towel from her head
and let her rolled up hair fall loosely down. She next sat
down at the table with a cup of coffee and crossed her
legs, not bothering to worry about the unfastened robe. It
was now obvious that the robe hid her true beauty. It was
very obvious now that she was totally nude underneath the
open robe. She was voluptuous.
"I-I wish you wouldn't do that. You know I need some
bad. Y-You just want me to get a hard-on while going to
work. Y-You're just being a cock tease. H-He's coming by
today isn't he?" The man asked with a sour look on his
"Yes. This morning in fact." The woman replied as
she leisurely sipped her coffee.
"Donna why do you do this to me? Y-You know I tossed
and turned all last night. You could at least have jerked
me off s-since you won't let me put it in."
"You know the rules darling. You don't get in until
after Dan has had me first and says it's okay for you to
have some. That includes jacking you off." She said with
a smug smile.
"D-Donna w-we've been married for 10 y-years. H-How
can you treat me like this if-if you love me?"
"I do love you very much darling. I love you more
than Dan. I just demand more of you than him."
"B-But how can you say that when y-you've had two
children from him?"
"Simple, I wanted to get pregnant from him. We've
been through this all before. I wanted him to be the
father of `our' children dear. I knew his babies would be
prettier than yours, but I know you'd be a better daddy for
them. Dan isn't the family type. Besides he's better
equipped for baby making."
"D-Donna y-you know it h-hurts me to-to hear you say
"Darling you simply have to get over it. There is no
reason to live in the past. He's given us two beautiful
daughters. You know you adore them. You know you like
"I do, but..."
"No buts honey, the truth is that Dan is the better
man and I selected him to sire our babies. Now since you
claimed you love me, you should be okay with all this and
put your foolish pride on the shelf and be the good husband
and daddy I want you to be."
"Y-You know I love you so much... a-and I try hard to
be a good husband to you and father to the children. B-But
it-it's so humiliating to have to continue to play second
fiddle to him all the time. Now that we have the children
can't you let him..."
"Let him go? No way. For one reason, he's too good
in bed to let go. You know you're not man enough to take
up the slack if he was to leave. Besides darling, I want
another baby for us."
"W-What! N-No Donna... please don't do this to me
"Why not. Our youngest is now seven and it would be a
good time for me to get us another bundle of joy. Dan said
he wants a son for us."
The couple went into a another involved round of
discussion as to whether the woman should have another
baby. That seem to be the only issue and there was no
discussion about who the biological father was to be.
"Oh Donna, h-how can you do this to me. I-I've been
faithful just like I promised you a-a-and..."
"Dear, please! Lets not go down that road again. I
know you've been faithful. Otherwise I would've left you
before now. You know that don't you?"
"Uh..., I-I k-know you s-said you would. B-But d-did
you really m-mean it?"
"Of course darling. The only reason I stay is because
I love you. You seem to forget that. You seem to keep
equating sex with love. Remember darling, my love is for
you. You have total control over it. Dan has control of
my pussy and what goes in it. You get what comes out of
it. Whether it's his fuck juices he leaves in there for
you to taste, or the beautiful babies he's given us.
"Y-Y-Yes d-dear. O-Okay... I-I do."
"Good. Now you better hurry and get to work. We
don't want you being late. I love you dear, remember
that. You're good at loving me and Dan is good at fucking
me, it's as simple as that. Okay?"
"O-Okay dear." Her husband replied with an air of
resignation as his wife kissed him and walked toward the
door with him.
As the two neared the door, the sound of a key in the
lock could be heard. The door opened. A tall muscular
built man could be seen. The husband cringed and the wife
cried out in joy as she leaped toward the new figure on the
scene and wrapped her arms around him.
"How ya baby?" The new man on the scene roared in his
deep masculine voice.
"SMOOCH." The sound of a juicy kiss was loudly heard.
The lady's husband stood frozen as if spellbound, as he
watched the spectacle before him as the man reached around
and caressed the naked body of the woman's torso underneath
the open robe she wore. She immediately opened her legs
for his benefit. Quickly she unzipped his pants and put her
hand in his fly.
As the stranger and the man's wife broke their
passionate embrace, the tall man looked in the husband's
"Howdy Howard."
"H-Hi Dan." The husband replied meekly as he looked
up at the taller man who still had his big muscular arms
around the inside of the woman's robe.
"Well I guess you best be on your way to work. I'll
take care of things around here while you're at the
office." The man referred to as Dan said to the husband as
he, the husband, silently moved toward the open door.
"Dan, I told Howard you and I are going to start
making another baby as soon as the pill wears off in
another two weeks or so." Howard's wife said.
"Yeah Howard, I'm gonna go shopping for a boy. Didn't
stroke her right the last time." Spoke the tall man, whose
name was apparently Dan.
"Howard is thrilled about you knocking me up darling."
The woman said giggling.
"You're as good man Howard. Maybe this time instead
of just holding my balls as I fuck her, maybe it'll be
better if you lick them too while I'm creaming in her good
The man named Howard cringed and turned even redder as
he looked stunned at the other man's words.
"That's a good idea. That should get your cum heated
up even more. You think of everything darling." Howard's
wife replied as she pecked her lover on the face and laid
her face on his chest.
"See you later Howard." Dan said as he and Howard's
wife walked back into the hall way to the bedrooms.
"I'll call you later at work dear. Have a good day.
And don't jerk off at work! Now that Dan is here you can
have some tonight after you get home." His wife added
without even looking back at her pathetic pitiful husband.
After a moment or so, Howard finally moved toward the
door to apparently make his way to work.
Our fly friend, seeing the open door, quickly flew
toward it, preferring the open doors to the rather
predictable activity that would be going on inside the
Our friendly spy fly made his escape into the fresh
morning air and flew over the cuckolded husband's car as it
left the driveway.

As our fly spy flew away, he pondering all that he'd
heard over the last few days. After a prolonged period of
thought and reflection, he came to the conclusion that
truth is sometimes harder to believe than fiction.

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