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CDE 18 Runt of the Litter



Copyright c March 7, 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, FemDom, Impreg)


Story Title: Runt Of The Litter
Author: C.D.E.

Husband-Harold Robinson
Wife-Helen Robinson
Harold's Mother-Ma
Harold's Father-Pa

Neighbors of Harold and Helen Robinson thought of them as a
wonderful couple. They had four young children, who all had the strong
Robinson facial resemblance. They were considered an ideal family.


Harold was so proud of all he'd accomplished in the last five
years. He'd gotten his Ph.D., a good paying job, managed to distance
himself from his hick farm family, and found the girl of his dream,
He intentionally didn't tell his family he'd gotten married until
after the wedding. He simply didn't want them to show up.
He and Helen had a June wedding and went on a honeymoon cruise.
Harold didn't let his family know about his marriage until late July.
"Harold, you little rascal. So you think you're man enough to
get married and not tell us. Well now that you've done it, when are
you planning to start your family?" His mother's voice roared out of
the phone receiver as she spoke.
"Not until next year about this time. Helen is still working on
her masters degree and another full year, including a summer session
next year, should enable her to finish it up almost exactly a year from
"Okay son, I'm sorry you didn't see fit to invite us, your kin,
to your hitching ceremony, but you be sure and let me know when y'all
plan to start breeding. I'm obliged to pass on the family secret that
us Robinsons do the best breeding in the fall, around hog killing time.
So keep that in mind when you mount your new bride to make me a grand
Harold cringed at what his mother was saying as well as the way
she said it. She next wanted to speak to his wife Helen. He passed
the phone to his new bride and stood by as they talked.
His mind wandered back to the family house and how he yearned to
get away from that farm, his family and their rural lifestyle, which
was bound in superstition and folklore.
Harold mentally patted himself on the back for his good fortune
of getting a college scholarship and being able to live away from home
enough to rid himself of the Hill Billy accent he once had.
He was the smallest of the eight sons his mother had. He was a
bantam weight in the truest sense of the word, even smaller than his
four sisters, all who could and did beat and whip him occasionally as
they grew up. His brothers were also not to kind to him either,
primarily because his mother use to protect him from the harder farm
work that the others did and were better built to do. She called him
her runt of the litter. In fact he hated his nick name "Runt" given
him by his family.
"Your mom is quite interesting and quaint." Helen said to Harold
as she hung up from her conversation with her mother-in-law. She
doesn't sound near as bad you claimed. I really must meet your
I hope you don't have to." Harold replied in a soft but slightly
sarcastic manner.
"I don't believe you sometimes Harold. Well anyway, your mom was
insistent that we not start having children until she comes up and
tells us the Robinson family tips to good breeding." Helen chuckled as
she spoke.
"Yes, she said the same to me. I'd never heard of any such
secrets the whole time I grew up in those back woods. However, most of
us kids were born in the Summer, so I guess mother had to be
inseminated in the Fall."
"Well any way darling, she made me promise that we wouldn't start
without her coming up and talk to us first. She seemed pretty serious
about this because she said to make sure I call her as soon as I stop
taking the pill so she can get an idea of when to plan her visit. She
wants it to be when I'm close to being most ready to getting pregnant."
Helen said with her hand on her chin.
"Well that's one promise I don't want you to keep. In fact if
anything, I'd like to have you all nice and preggy well before we see
mom or dad, if he's coming. I really don't want either of them coming
here. We can go see them." Harold replied.
"I think you mean that."
"I do Helen. You just don't know how much I've tried to distance
myself from my family. They were always making fun of me when I was
growing up."
"Well Harold honey, you must not get stuck in the past. You're
an adult now. Anyway, I did promise your mom, I'd let her know and I
always keep my promises. Besides, I don't intend to get on the bad
side of my mother-in-law, who I haven't even met yet."

Harold had forgotten all about the promise his lovely wife had
made to his mother over a year ago. He'd been concentrating on his new
research project at work and the only thing else that perturbed him was
the marital relations between he and Helen. They both were virgins
before marriage and she refused to let Harold have sex with her prior
to the wedding. They only petted.
When she and Harold did consummate their marriage sexually on the
honeymoon cruise, he knew Helen was disappointed at the size of his
penis and his sexual stamina.
She'd only snuck peeks at her two brother's genitals and was
under the misleading assumptions all men had similar size equipment and
could last as long as she'd heard from her older brother's wife, her
When Harold didn't meet her expectations, she soon got over her
disappointment when Harold saved the day by muff diving her to as many
orgasm as his tongue could do before getting tired. His pussy sucking
often had to be done after he tried to give her pleasure with his
Four-and-a-half inch prick. Hence, he often had to taste and consume
his own ejaculate as he sought to please his beautiful bride.
To avoid tasting his own jism, he changed around such that he'd
begin sucking her shapely snatch first, get her off at least two times
and then mount her. It didn't seem to matter, for that seemed to make
her need to get off even more. Therefore he found himself having to
tongue her to satisfaction and still have his face in the spermy mess
of his own doing.
He was keeping her satisfied as best he could, even though he
knew she really wanted him to become a better cocksman. She let him
know in a light hearted way, getting off with a cock was different than
by a tongue. "The few times you've done it darling makes your tongue
action feel even better. I guess what I'm trying to say is that a good
cock fucking orgasm, is analogous to baking the cake, and a good after
fuck suck, really puts the icing on it. That is, your lapping, and
sucking makes what's already been built on better."
Harold noticed that his wife's selection of words were changing
over the year they'd been married. When questioned about it, she just
mentioned that she'd known them all along, but the girls at work used
them so frequently, she too found herself using them more frequently.
Helen and Harold went to sexual therapy to see if his performance
could be improved. It was, but it was far less than Helen found
herself desiring of him. However, she did love everything about him
and decided that it was not worth breaking up a marriage over. After
all, she thought, she'd heard of too many real cocksmen that were only
good just for sex and not much else including faithfulness. She knew
she could count Harold to be devoted and loyal to her. She knew he
loved her very much.
She resigned herself to her loving devoted Harold and the future
of him getting her pregnant. She'd completed her degree requirements
and knew that it was time to start working on her motherhood degree, as
she mentally chuckled at her pun. As she did so, she thought about the
promise she'd made to her mom-in-law.
She knew her husband was against them coming up, but she thought
it was time for him to get over being embarrassed at his family.
Without consulting him, she called his mom. They had a good long
talk and the date was set for them to arrive. Helen had gotten her
pre-pregnancy physical and had stopped taking her pill just two days
ago. Her OBGY had estimated that the residual effects of the birth
control should subside in about 5-6 weeks. Harold's mom was scheduled
to arrive in about four weeks and wanted to spend about four weeks with
her and Harold. Again Helen committed them doing so without Harold's
knowledge. She figured it couldn't do that much damage.


"Helen, one of the first things to successful breeding is good
stock. Now I brought along Jed, Harold's older brother who has sired
several yunguns and has proven himself. Show her yo quipment." Her
mom-in-law shouted to her son.
Helen, totally embarrassed at what Harold's mom was suggesting as
well as Jed exposing himself without question. She tried not to look
at his exposed genitals, but something in her not only made her look
back, but soon she was staring at the marvelous well formed manhood
that hung between his muscular legs. His penis was at least eight
inches long and with a sizeable girth. Very much a better specimen
than her poor husband, Jed's brother.
All my boys got good baby making tools cept Harold. That's why I
wanted to talk to y'all so you'd have a good breeding. With Jed
helping Harold out, you'd be mated and mounted properly, which I
suspect you ain't had since you been hitched."
Helen felt weak in the knees. Harold's mother's idea was
certainly logical, and she was right about her son. He really hadn't
"mounted her properly" since they were married. She knew she shouldn't
even be thinking that it was all right to get pregnant from her
husband's brother, but the more she thought about it, the less
resistant she became to the idea, especially as she had her eyes locked
on the sizeable manhood before her and her mind running overspeed
trying to imagine what it feel like to be filled, stretched, fucked and
flooded by it.


Later that evening, when Helen revealed to Harold about the
affair with his brother and him how she'd weakened and submitted to
temptation and done as his mom had wanted, Harold went ballistic.
"Helen! H-How could you do this to me?"
"I know it was wrong darling. But at the time it seemed oh so
right. And with your mother there encouraging me, I gave in. And
Harold, you know what?"
"The more I think about it, the less I see wrong with what
"Your brother gave me a moment of ecstasy I've never had before and
which you're unable to do for me. So what really happened is that he's
just giving you some brotherly assistance, nothing more. It's not like
he's some stranger I picked up to do me." Helen spoke confidently.
Harold, rather than try to confront her logic was too emotional
to deal with the facts, instead he just wanted to lash out against what
his he saw an intrusion by his family.
His mother knew her son would be upset, but she was prepared for
that eventuality.
"Mother! I-I can't believe you caused this too happen." Harold
said to his mother in an irate tone of voice. "And Jed! You're my
brother! H-How could you do this to me!"
"It was easy, especially with your wife being so pretty."
Harold's brother replied, who was also sitting nearby.
"Harold dear, I understand you're upset. And yes, I started all
this. Lets go out on the patio and talk. The fresh air will do you
good. Your face is flush."
The two went out and only after a few moments of discussion, her
son's mood radically changed as he became more subdued and less
belligerent in his manner and tone of voice.
"M-Mother... H-How d-did you find out..."
"I had a little money from a few years ago when the soybean
prices went right through the roof. I'd been wanting to know how you
were doing away in school. So I got me a private detective to find
out. That's when he learned that you were sharing an apartment with
this homosexual fellow who dressed like a woman. Now he didn't know if
you were gay or not, but he found out there were rumors that this here
he-she, I believe Rose Marie is the name, sucked you off when you
needed it. I must admit, this picture of the fellow does look nice for
a fake woman. Did you take him to bed?"
"I-It was not what it seems." Replied Harold in a shaky voice.
He went on to explain to his mom how he was desperate for a cheap
place to stay and how Robert Nelson, a.k.a., Rose Marie, gave him a
break on the rent. The only stipulation was that Harold would let him
suck his cock a few times a month.
"I-I was desperate for a place mother... a-and it seemed l-like a
good arrangement at the time. Beside, I'd known him before I
discovered he liked dressing as transvestite, that is in women's
clothes. It wasn't like he was a total stranger. Besides, he only had
the urge to do me when he was dressed up. He would always tell me it
was no fun dressing up if he didn't get a little cock from a man once
in a while. He said it heightened the feminine experience to serve a
man while dressed in drag, that is in women's clothes."
Harold and his mom continued to talk about his past. She let him
know that it would be there secret, but that she would not only tell
his wife and the other family members, but the company he worked for,
if he went against her plans to help him.
"Y-You w-wouldn't..." Her son stammered in disbelief at what he
was hearing.
His mother assured her son she'd do whatever it took to ensure
she had healthy grandkids and to help him keep his wife happy and
marriage together.
Harold was devastated at his mom's determination to subjugate him
to her will.
They next moved to his mother's idea of his brothers being a
surrogate father for he and Helen's kids.
"With you being the runt of my litter, I didn't know if you were
gay or not and I shore didn't want my grand yunguns to come up that
way. I told yo Paw what I was up to and he fully approved. He's the
only other one that knows about what the detective found out. He also
said you were a mama's boy. You know how he is. And you really are,
that's why I had to do what I could to help you get your family off to
a good start. But now, I suspect that since yo wife done sampled Jed's
cock, she ain't gonna be totally satisfied with just your little thing,
no more. Now here's my plan to save your marriage and keep this
beautiful girl your wife."
Harold sat down in the lawn chair and almost felt like crying as
his mom laid out her scheme to ensure that his wife Helen was bred
properly. He'd been concerned about his wife finding another man to
give her what he couldn't. That is, using her analogy, to bake the
cake the way she wanted it, so to speak. But based on what he'd heard
from his wife and now from his mother, he knew his mom was probably
right, he didn't think he could come close to competing with his
brothers or the other Robinson men in the manhood department.
Harold knew that his only hope to keeping his wife, if it wasn't
too late, was to do as his mother was proposing, even if for the wrong
reason his mom was talking about. That is, that breeding requires good
breeding stock. The implication being that he, her son, was not good
breeding stock.
He truly hated it, but he had to give his mother credit for her
scheme. It would raise no outside suspicion and not jeopardize either
his wife's or his careers and they would have the family they wanted.
Children that would all look like Robinsons.


"Helen, I-I, well, after talking with mom, have reconsidered what
she is proposing, a-and have agreed to s-support her plan. T-That is
if y-you're willing to go along w-with it." Harold said stammering as
he hung his head as he spoke to his wife. His brother and mother were
both present.
"Harold darling, you're so wonderful and understanding. Yes
darling I accept. I'll gladly let all the Robinson men help us by
breeding me to ensure we have healthy strong babies." His wife's words
were like burning embers in his shorts, but all Harold could do was
accept the situation he found himself in. He mentally cursed his
association with the tv Rose Marie, a.k.a., Robert Nelson.
Minutes later after kissing her husband on the cheek, she led his
brother Jed back to the bedroom for some more of what he'd given her
"She's taken to it like a fish to water." Harold's mom
commented. The lusty look on Helen's face was evident to everyone in
the room, much to Harold's chagrin and embarrassment.
"M-Mother, surely, I-I will at least h-have a c-chance to help
make her pregnant too, w-won't I?" Harold softly asked of his mother
who was definitely now the power broker in his marriage and his
"Son, just as I told your wife, and just like on the farm, we
only breed good stock. I know it hurts, but no, as the runt of my
litter, I don't think it's a good idea for you to be the real daddy of
any of your yunguns."
His mother's words caused Harold the greatest hurt and shame all
at the same moment. His tears came easily now as he got up and walked
Harold's mom stayed with Harold and Helen for over a month. Jed
only stayed a week and then left, but he was replaced by another of
Harold's brothers - Johnny. This arrangement where another brother and
also any uncles or cousins would spend a week with Harold and his wife,
especially in bed with his wife, went on until Helen proudly announced
that she was pregnant.
During this time, Harold was relegated to using condoms, when he
was able to have intercourse at all, with his wife, who now basked in
all the dreamy sex she was getting from the other Robinson men. She
confided to her husband that his in-laws were great cocksmen and made
getting inseminated all that much more fun.
Other times when not able to have intercourse with his wife, who
was busy opening her legs for other members of his family, Harold
simply had to jack off. To his further humiliation, his mother would
not hesitate to ask him at the breakfast table if he had done so from
time to time.
"Harold honey, I know you're a little downtrodden about how
things are going, but if you look at it from the way your mom is, we're
giving our kids a good start and precluding the possibility you might
have some malady in your genes that might cause them a health problem.
You know because of her saying you were the... well I won't say it, but
you know what I mean." Helen said to her dejected browbeaten husband.
"I-I understand Helen. I've been called Runt in the last few
weeks more times that in the last eight years." Harold sighed as he
looked at his lovely wife and held her soft hand. He let her know that
he could detect that she now had a rosier glow each day, which he
attributed to all the good sexing she was getting from his kin.


"Harold, give me and Pa a tour of your fancy root cellar."
"Mother, It's a wine cellar, not a root cellar. Sure I'll show
you." Harold replied in a not so cheerful mood after coming home from
a grueling day at the office.
"This is a nice cellar." Harold's father said.
"Yeah, the previous owner really had a fall out shelter here
below the basement. I had new stairs put in and the roof and the walls
shored up and sealed. It's dry and cool." Harold commented to his
"It's quiet too. Why I bet you can hardly be heard upstairs if
you shouted, especially when this heavy door is closed." Harold's dad
said as he pointed to the heavy door that the previous owner had
"Harold, we really wanted to talk to you, that's why we asked you
to bring us down here. You see son, we don't like your attitude. You
seem sour about the good deed we're doing for you." His mother said.
"Yeah son. We just wanted to make sure your wife gets a proper
mating from the best Robinson stock." Harold's father added.
"H-How can I be happy about all of this. Y-You two are
blackmailing me a-and to m-make matters worse, y-you've turned my wife
against me. S-She thinks what you two are saying is alright. I-I know
she likes their b-bigger cocks b-but..."
"No buts son, this is for your own good and the good of the kids
we're making sure you two have." His mother said cutting him off.
"Your mother's right son, your attitude stinks, plus, it sounds
like to me you're ungrateful for all the trouble we done went through
to help you and your marriage."
"That's right baby, Helen also tells us you've been less
affectionate and don't seem to wantta suck her pussy like you been
doing before. She'd like you to do it after your brother mates her,
just the same way you did after you shoot your stuff in her. It makes
her feel good to be sucked out when she'd sloppy. You've sucked your
own cum out of your wife's pussy, what's wrong with sucking your kin's
cum out?. What's fair is fair."
Harold was caught off guard by his mother's statement. He
couldn't believe his ears. He was speechless.
"S-She told y-you that?"
"Yes she did. My daughter-in-law and I have grown quite close
since we've been spending more time together the last week or so. She
says you're really a good pussy eater. I'm proud of you son. That is,
that you've found a way to please a woman, even though you don't have
the sturdy tools like your brothers and the other Robinson men." His
mom replied with a subtle sense of motherly pride as she smiled while
looking at her shamed face son.
"You know Ma, I ain't never had no urge to suck your pussy."
Harold's father interjected.
"That's because you're a full man. I don't expect you to,
especially after you done made my thing messy. But our Harold ain't
that way. Nature made him that way to make up for what he ain't got.
Sucking pussy is alright for him."
Harold felt like a ton of humiliation had been dumped on him,
even though done with parental sympathy. He felt two inches high.
Harold, upset that his wife had revealed what he considered an
intimate aspect of their marriage, replied angrily to his parents.
"First, Helen shouldn't have told you all about what we do in the
bedroom. Secondly, it's bad enough I've gotten blackmailed into going
along with your plan mother. There's no way I'm going to be clean up
man for all the mess the other Robinson men make."
"Ma, it sorts of sounds like to me that he's not only got a bad
attitude, but a little sassy too."
"You know Pa, I was thinking the same thing, and you know what
the best cure for a sassy yungun is?"
"Yep, sure do. And I think Harold here maybe needs some of that
to clear his mind and appreciate all his folks have done out of the
goodness of our heart."
"Well son, that does it. We done determined you need a little
attending too. Pull your pants down. This here fancy root cellar is
just as good as the wood shed. It'll keep the noise down. Pa close
that door and lock it."
"Pull my pants down, w-what do you mean? Father, uh, W-What are
you closing the door for?"
Harold snapped his head back toward his mom who'd walked over to
him with a roll of duct tape in one hand and her old fashioned, thick
handle hairbrush in the other.


Harold stood in a corner of the totally dark wine cellar. His hands
and ankles were still secure with layers of duct tape, wrapped on by
his father.
Harold's naked rear was a massive ache and well bruised from the
prolonged spanking his mother had given him.
Her demanding that he stand in the corner to reflect on why he
was punished was the biggest insult to Dr. Harold Robinson Ph.D., yet
he was helpless to do otherwise. His mom had been unmerciful until she
got him to promise and swear that he'd make no difference in the cum in
his lovely wife's cunt, that is whether it was his or the other
Robinson men, when he sucked her pussy.
His ass cheeks were still aflame as he sought to relieve his
discomfort by wiggling and shaking as he stood in the corner. His
mother has also put a blindfold over his eyes and stuffed his ears.
The purpose, so he'd not hear her coming back to check on him. The
reason, as part of his punishment, he was to recite and count a
thousands times, the phrase "I will always suck the cum from my wife's
pussy after other men have fucked her."
Needless to say, Harold was completely humiliated at having to be
treated as child, but he knew his options were limited to almost
The other thing that Harold lamented was his mother letting him
know that his sisters would be coming by to check on him from time to
time, when she couldn't, and she'd authorized them to punish him also
if they felt like he was not being a good cooperative husband, or daddy
to the kids, whenever they came along.
Harold knew he was in a vise and that, cooperation and
capitulation, to the family plan being imposed on him was really his
only way out.


"Honey that was nice of you and your mom to agree that your
father could help out too. He's so nice."
"W-What are you talking about Helen?"
"You know, him sexing me last night while you and your mom were
in the wine cellar. He said you two thought it was a good idea for him
to come fuck me too, especially your mom, since it would take the edge
off his randiness and she wouldn't have to work so hard to please him
later when they went to bed. You really do have wonderful parents. I
don't care what you say about them Harold."
Harold again outmaneuvered, looked bewildered and could only
shake his head at his wife's revelation that his own father had fucked
her too. To make matters worse, since he had to suck his wife's messy
slimy sloppy twat before he could get some, that meant he'd also eaten
his father's spent semen too.
After the incident of the severe paddling his mom gave him,
Harold was nevertheless pleased to be in more frequent intimate contact
with his wife's sex, even if it only meant eating her out more often,
and even it he'd been literally beaten into doing so.
The routine was pretty much set. After bringing her to bed
shaking orgasms with his tongue and in the process, clean up her sloppy
jism saturated cunt, his wife would carefully watch him put on a condom
and ensured that it was still on as he, her husband, sexed her for up
to four minutes, which was about the maximum he could hold out before
Again Harold felt so un-respected by his wife as she insured that
he didn't have an opportunity to share in the baby making that other
members of his family would be contributing to.
His wife wasn't that responsive as he worked toward his sexual
relief, and basically laid there unmoving as Harold stroked himself in
In fact Harold could tell that his wife's cunt hole had been even
more stretched in such a short period of time, that he was sure that if
it hadn't been, he wouldn't have lasted as long as he did. It also
didn't help matters that she told him that she could hardly feel him as
he labored to sex her after his brothers', and occasionally his father,
much more stout and robust cocks had paved the way before him.


"Honey, you've added to my glow too. You know, buy putting the
icing on the cake. Remember what I said about how you sucking my pussy
adds another dimension to the good feeling I get from sex?"
Her husband remembered well what she was talking about. He hated
to be reminded that all he was good for now was lapping her bruised
well fucked cunt lips and sucking out the fuck juices made and left
their by better men, his father, brothers and uncles.
Doing pussy clean up provided Harold an opportunity to at least
have more opportunity to be near his wife intimately than the few times
he was able to have normal intercourse with her, which was rather
infrequent, maybe once every two weeks. But by doing clean up, her
luscious pussy was available for his tongue almost daily, as his
mother and the other Robinson men liked the idea of him keeping his
wife's cunt freshened up between each time they shot their huge wads of
jism and flooded Helen's cunt. Each large load they shot off made a
mess. Harold's mouth was useful and it also added to his wife's
pleasure at the same time.
Once when they were alone, Harold's wife made a revelation him.
"Harold honey, you're an incredible husband. I adore you so much
for giving me a fantasy some women only dream of."
"What are you talking about Helen?"
"You know, about me being basically a slut, but all under the
safety and respect of your family. I know at first you were not into
what your family proposed, but I've really been impressed by your going
along with them breeding me in order to ensure we have healthy little
Robinsons, and to compensate for your shortcomings. Thank you
Harold, again hurt by well meaning words for the countless time,
and hurt very much by this whole scene and situation he found imposed
on him, knew that it was no use to complaining anymore. His philosophy
now, accept what you can't change, or as he mentally thought, `If you
can't beat `em, you might as well join `em'.
"Helen, as you said, I was against this whole arrangement, but I
have to admit, and I really I very much hate to admit, that it has b-
been good for you... a-and I know your sexual well being is important.
You know I truly love you."
"I know you do darling. And I realize you've had to put your
pride on the shelf, but that really shows what a good man you are."
"Thanks Helen, t-that means a lot to me."
"You will always be my prince charming, even though I want and
need you sucking my pussy after your father, brothers, uncles and
cousins fuck me. You will still be the man I adore, no matter that
you'll have to use rubbers while the other Robinson men will have my
pussy unencumbered, hot and wet, skin to skin, while they breed me."
"P-Please Helen, p-please don't say anymore. I-I get the
"Oh I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to come across rudely. Please
forgive me." His wife rolled over toward him as they lay in bed. She
kissed and hugged her downtrodden husband. "Sweetie, you know I don't
mean too hurt you, no matter how the words come out. Just remember I
love you."
Harold, knew that he couldn't get angry at his wife, even for the
stale semen flavored kiss from sucking his own father's cock.


Robinson men folks are always stopping over at Harold's house, as
many are truck drivers, eleven in fact, including several cousins and
uncles. They all made it a point to stop over and service Helen while
Harold baby-sit the kids of their growing family.
Helen, however, always insisted that her husband come in and put
the "icing" on the cake that the other Robinson men baked. He
continues to be humiliated at doing so, especially in the presence of
his kin, but he did what he promised his mother as well to do what he
could to please the woman he loved. He always does a quality job of
orally cleaning up the slimy mess that is constantly being made In her
well fucked cunt. He indeed swallows a lot of thick frothy fuck cream
from his wife's well stretched gash.
Several times, Helen went away on trips with her in-laws and left
Harold at home to take care of their growing brood, now numbering four.
Harold was trying to dissuade his wife from having another baby, but
she seemed keen on the possibility of one or two more.
Whenever she was away, he was often under the watchful eye of his
sisters, mother, or some other demanding Robinson woman who came to
oversee him. They kept a keen eye out to ensure he was a faithful,
devoted daddy and took care of the kids. If they felt he wasn't being
a good parent, out came the hairbrush and Harold's rear would show
their displeasure. Also, during these time when his wife was away
being sexed by better Robinson men, Harold was only allowed supervised
masturbation. The only other real sex he got was when his matronly
overseers demanded he sucked their twats, which was often. This was
also his wife's only approved way for him to have sex when she was away
being fucked by other Robinson men.
One time she was gone for four weeks and came home pregnant with
their third child.
Harold resigned himself to the fact that his role as head
of the family was strictly a figurehead one, which his wife quickly
reminded him of when it seemed he forget. She also was quick to remind
him that his in-laws, the sires of their children had a big say so in
whether or not she was to get pregnant again.
At the Robinson family reunions, which Harold hates going to, his
wife gets a terrific sexing at these occasions, gang bang style.
Harold has to be content with sucking many, many loads of fresh
Robinson dick cream from her more than well used snatch. Harold,
literally stands by while the other Robinson men use her to their
hearts content. His wife loves theses events.
Also, during the reunions, Harold is made to wear a frilly
pinafore apron and work in food preparation, the same as the women,
which further diminishes his stature as a man in the Robinson
clan/family. The Robinson women, feeling pity for his wife, encourage
their well endowed husbands to help Harold out, that is by urging them
to fuck his wife. While at the reunions, Harold is forced to put his
tongue to good use lapping up many Robinson women's sperm saturated
pussies, other than his wife's. The other Robinson women adore him for
orally servicing their well fucked hairy muffs.
Harold, despite all he's been through, and knows he will continue
to experience and be humiliated by, knows that his wife really cares
for him. However, he's discovered that she enjoys the sexual power she
holds over him. He knows his place now, and his wife, mother, and the
family constantly remind him of it.


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