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CDE 20 1of3 A Mother's Advice



Copyright c April 25, 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MM, MF, Inter, Impreg, FemDom)


Story Title: For Mother's Day: A Trilogy of Tales Where
Dominant and Cunning Matriarchs Influence Male Relatives
Into Cuckoldry

TALE #1: A Mother's Advice
Author: C.D.E.


"It's to the point that every time we make love now,
it's only after she's been with him or his buddies. I-I've
pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the only way
I'll have her to myself is after she's been used and full
of some black man's cum in her. She even has the smell of
semen and their cocks on her breath. I tried to get her to
at least clean up some before we get together, but she is
quick to tell me that's the way they want her to be. She
tells me my choices are their way or no way. T-This is all
so hard on me mother."
"I know it is son. However, like we've discussed in
the past, you're in a very poor bargaining position. You
love her, and she's assured me she loves you. But we both
know she needs their big cocks."
"By the way, can you believe she lied on you?"
"She did? How son?"
"I meant to tell you this the other day, but you
weren't home. She said you encouraged her to forget about
my suggestion of leaving her black lover and his friends,
but to instead build our marriage around them. Can you
believe that?"
"Vern Dear, I know this may be hard for you to accept
now, but she didn't lie. I told her that."
"W-What! H-How could you mother?"
"I thought you might be a bit upset, but my reasoning
is that now that she's been exposed to not only bigger
cocks - much bigger than yours I might add - but also the
stamina and excitement of big black dicks, the only way I
see for your marriage to achieve stability is for her to
continue being the slut she is for them. You on the other
hand, have to also accept the situation of her being their
woman, and adjust accordingly."
"Son, it's obvious you and her love each other. But,
you just can't give it to her with your small prick and
your tongue, no matter how hard you try. You can't help
that. Those are physical things beyond your and her
control. Let her lovers take care of those things. You,
on the other hand need to concentrate on the deep love you
too feel for each other. That's really the only way you'll
be happy, and she'll be happy. You see son, if you push
her to make a decision, I'm afraid you'll lose out, even
though she loves you."
Mother and I talked further and the logic of what she
said was so logical even if I didn't like what I was
"I-I understand where you're coming from, but I-I
guess I'm having a hard time understanding her seeming to
like humiliating me with their sexual prowess. It-it
really hurts when she compares me to them. I-I just know
she does it to hurt me."
"I won't rule that out, but son you have to accept her
doing that to you because, after a woman has been sexed by
better men, it may cause her to be that way from time to
time. Her actions may be conscious or subconscious.
Either way, it may give her a cheap thrill to see your
reaction. The pleasure of such a thrill may be so
pleasurable to her sadistic streak - which everyone has in
them - that it's unavoidable that she won't taunt you in
some way, even though she loves you and even feels sorry
for you. Dear, the bottom line is that she is crying out
for you to show your love when she does things like you
"S-She is?"
"Yes. And it's up to you to rise above petty self-
esteem selfishness on your part. Admit or agree with her
that you not as good as her black lovers. It's the truth.
So say so."
"S-So by doing so, it s-sort of takes the wind out of
her sail so to speak?"
"Yes, that the attitude sweetie. And in regard to her
coming to you used and smelling of their spent sperm, both
in her, and on her in dried splattered splotches in her
hair, on her tits, her clothes, and so forth, you must
accept and deal with it, and show her your love as a
loving, faithful, husband."
"H-How? Give her a bath?"
"Yes dear, but with your tongue."
"W-What! You're saying..."
"Yes son, I'm advocating it's best for you to overcome
your reluctance to lick and eat her lovers sperm they've
left in and on her. Show her your love. An emotional as
well as physical love, only you can give her at such
moments when she opens her bra to let you suck on a cum
coated tit, or parts her legs and presents you with her
fuck bruised sloppy slimy cunt leaking their abundant spent
"E-Emotional... physical love?"
"Yes son, emotional because you're there for her and
accept her as the way she is. The way her men want you to
have your wife. The way she wants you to have her. In her
eyes dear, you're her pussy whipped wimpy husband dear.
She wants you to show her you are. You do so by showing
your physical love. Passionately French kiss her.
Overlook her blowjob breath and that she's swallowed
several heavy wads of fresh hot jism, or that her tongue
and lips have lapped and kissed their big black cocks and
hairy balls. Savoir the kiss and consider the taste and
seminal fragrance as an exotic attribute. Next move to her
breast and also love her as you normally would. Don't
dwell on the dried cum drops and dregs on her tits and
tummy. Just lap them up and keep on your journey to the
heart of the matter."
"Journey? H-Heart of the matter?"
"Her pussy, silly boy. And when you kneel before her
parted legs and staring right into her well fucked oozing
twat and messy sperm soaked bush, don't be uneasy or
reluctant in the least about going down on her. Dive into
it with gusto. Look upon this as your realm of love making,
where you're the master. Mouth, tongue, suck and eat your
wife out like there's no tomorrow. Think of what the
others have done before you as only foreplay to prepare her
for you, for this moment of love. You'll find she'll have
an orgasm second to none. If you do all I've told you,
you'll never have to worry about her leaving you or some
other man taking her away from you."
"I-I see. Y-you think I-I could really keep her
"Of course you can sweetie. Don't fight being what
you are in this situation. You're her wimp husband. You
love her. She loves you and wants your love as only a
wimpy husband can do so. That's your secret and your
strength to her dear. Now go save your marriage and keep
your wife from possibly from leaving you."
I kissed mom and thanked her for her advice before I
left for home. On the way home I thought over every word
of her advice and accepted her logic. I knew that the only
way to execute her plan was indeed to check my macho pride
and self esteem at the door and do what she said.

CHAPTER 2 Using Mother's Advice

Mother's advice worked to the tee. Now Marsha and I
are so much closer. It's been two months since I started
following mother's counsel.
I've pretty much gotten acclimated to the taste of and
consuming other's men's sperm from my wife. My tongue
spends far more time in her cunt than my five-inch prick.
A typical scenario is for her to come in from a date
and I give her `mouth love' for as long as an hour. She
relishes straddling my face and rubbing her cunt all over
it as I suck out the draining spermy dregs her lovers have
shot deep up her pussy. Sometimes she'll get on the phone
and talk to her lover or a girl friend as she's grinding
her oozing cunt on my upturned face. She often let them
know what was going on, especially if she gets breathless
and got off as she's talking.
I at first was surprised to find out she'd let her
girlfriends and lovers know of me eating up fuck fluids
from her. However, she seemed so proud of me for "eating
her cream pie", I didn't stay angry for long after she told
me she'd told all her lovers I ate their "dick cream." She
also let me know that they didn't disrespect or think bad
of me for doing that.
"They all tell me they see it as rather natural for
you doing that. I see it as being really romantic of you
darling and I just love you being my pussy sucking stud."
Marsha has a way with words. I wasn't sure if others
might take what she said as a compliment, but I did.
Just as mother said, my wife really did need for me to
just be myself.
I've found that by basically not doing anything, or
more descriptively, being a doormat and being more of a
wimp, my marriage and relationship with my wife, and her
lovers has gotten so much better. There is hardly any
tension between them and me and her. She's recently
started inviting them over to our house and our bedroom
while I'm there.
Marsha and I have a very stable marriage now. Six
months ago, I never thought this possible. She has three
steady lovers - all black studs - and they are a fixture in
our marriage.
Marsha has repeatedly let me know that she won't
tolerate me being unfaithful to her. I have accepted that
and have accepted that the marriage is only open in regard
to her, and her dating and sexing other men.
I have pretty much accepted my hubandly role. I get a
bit jealous occasionally, especially when I watch or help
her get ready for her dates with her lovers.
I'm pretty much a house spouse when it comes to social
activities and going out. I don't seem to really have the
time anyway, with all the housework that has to be done.
You see, even though my wife doesn't work, her lovers
come by many times during the day while I'm working and tie
up her with getting all the cum from their black poles. As
a result, she just doesn't have the time to get everything
done. Additionally, they also want her to go out with them
in the evenings also, so that means that I have to fill in
around the house.
"yes Marsha dear." I replied to my wife's call as she
was walking in the door with two shopping bags one evening.
"Which one of these do you like best?" She asked
holding up what looked like two long blouses. One was a
blue floral print, the other a pink floral print.
"They both will look pretty on you, since you have
blue eyes." I paused before asking "But aren't they a bit
big for you?"
"They're maternity tops darling, the matching skirts
are here in the bag."
"M-Maternity tops! Y-You're..."
"Yes darling, we're going to have a baby." Marsha
smiled and embraced me as I sat. She next sat on my lap
and told me all about her visit to the OBGY and revealed
that she was almost six weeks pregnant.
As she talked, my mind reminded me we hadn't had
regular intercourse in two months. She'd been jacking and
sucking me off during that time.
"B-But M-Marsha it, uh, the b-baby c-can't be..."
"Can't be yours? No it's not darling. It has to be
either Ted, or Lane, or Rufus. One of them is the real
father. But you're going to be baby's legal daddy. Aren't
you excited?"
"B-B-But Marsha, t-the baby will be b-black."
"Only half darling, but that won't matter. It will be

"Yes Vern I know she's going to have a baby. You
should be proud that they've selected you to be the daddy
of their baby."
"But mother, h-how can I feel pride in being not only
truly cuckolded in such a b-brazen manner, but be made a
fool of. I-I'll be humiliated beyond belief." I replied
with a tone of anguish.
Copyright c April 25, 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved
"Now, now. You not only can feel pride, but also
should show pride at your wife having another man's baby.
It doesn't matter that the man is black and the baby also.
What's important is the love between you two. The formula
is simple. You want her and she wants his baby. Therefore
if you want her, you want her and the baby since it's a
package deal."
Once again, I heeded mother's advice. Eight months
later, my wife and I were the new parents of Lane's baby
son. He looked just like his biological father.
Mother adores her new grandson and has lectured me
repeatedly about not treating the baby as less than my own
son. She has made me promise so several times, including at
least three times in Lane's presence.
Knowing that the child is innocent and legally mine, I
wouldn't do otherwise, and especially so since `our' son is
also part of the woman I love so dearly.


Five years later, Vern and Marsha's family includes
four children, including a set of fraternal twins from
Rufus and a daughter by Ted. Vern is the dutiful father,
who is the primary babysitter for his young family, as his
wife still frequently dates and entertains their children's
real fathers and their friends.
Vern understands and accepts that his wife will
continue to be a slut for black cocks and that he will only
get whatever loving is left over after her lovers have
enjoyed her charms.
Vern still credits his mom with helping him save his
marriage and keeping it on a solid footing.

----END OF TALE#1----
Go to tale #2

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