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CDE 20 2of3 Aunt Cathy



Copyright c April 25, 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MM, MF, Inter, Impreg, FemDom)


Story Title: For Mother's Day: A Trilogy of Tales Where
Dominant and Cunning Matriarchs Influence Male Relatives
Into Cuckoldry

TALE #2: Aunt Cathy
Author: C.D.E.

Crane-Carla's Boyfriend/Fianc‚/Husband
Carla-Crane's Girlfriend/Fianc‚e/wife
Aunt Cathy - Crane's Aunt


Crane is very na‹ve and has been raised by very
religious parents. He gets a job offer in the same city
where his Aunt Cathy resides, after graduating from a small
church college. His aunt is not even close to being as
religious as Crane's father, her brother. Cathy sees her
nephew's stay with her as an opportunity to get back at her
overly righteous brother for his condemnation of her more
promiscuous lifestyle. Her plan, to dilute her nephew's
super morality, in her own special way.

"I don't won't you to think I'm not grateful for
introducing Carla to me Aunt Cathy, b-but I'm not sure if
what she wants me to do is the right thing when we go on
"What is it that doesn't seem right Crane?"
"W-Well for one t-thing, she says it's normal for her
to be with her other men friends when we go out on dates.
At the drive in the other night, she told me to stay in the
car while she went in another fellow's car and stayed in
the back seat with he and a friend for at least over three
quarters of the movie, including intermission. However,
she did send one of them over to tell me to go get them
some refreshments - sodas and popcorn - large buckets."
His aunt chuckled at his detailed descriptions and
"So what's the problem. I'm sure they were just
catching up on some school talk."
"I see. You know I'm new at dating Aunt Cathy, but it
seems they were doing more than talking. She even admitted
they were having sex. That is, all three of them. She
told me how she suc, er, took one of them in her mouth
while the other had intercourse with her. She said they
swapped between her mouth and rear several times. I-I
think s-she's a fallen woman. and I-I shouldn't go out with
her again. Especially since s-she wants me to. well I just
don't think it's appropriate for me to go out with her
"What did she want you to do?"
Her red-faced nephew told his aunt after stammering
and stumbling and picking his words gingerly and
"Oh that! Shucks! That's just a normal part of
dating around here. And for you, it means a whole lot. By
asking you to suck her pussy after she's been fucked by
other men is her way of saying she likes you a lot. If she
didn't care for you, she would've let you have some the
same as she did for them. You should be proud of yourself,
generally girls don't let a guy get that close to them on
the second date. It's obvious she's in love with you."
"B-But, I-I, isn't that a bit out of order?" Her
nephew said with a puzzled look on his face as he scratched
his head. "I mean, if she cared for me, w-wouldn't she l-
let me do, well do what they did?"
"If a girl loves you, she wants to know if you really
love her, the person, not just for her body. So she tests
you by giving herself to others to see if you can still
handle that. If she wants to test you further, she then
offers her self to you in a special manner, as Carla did.
She of course didn't know you were as inexperienced as you
were, but now you know what to do to return her affection.
That is if you don't want to break her heart, you know
after going and given herself to those boys just to test
your affection for her."
Her nephew looked even more puzzled, but his aunt was
heartened by the look on his face that he was beginning to
absorb some of her mixed up logic.
"I-I see. S-So you're saying I should've put my mouth,
I-I mean."
"Yes Crane, you should've put your mouth on Carla's
creamy wet pussy, where the other boys had prepared her,
for her to test you, and for you to return her affection."
Her nephew thought a few more moments. His aunt said
nothing, thinking that it was better to be quiet and let
her words sink in.
"So, if it happens again, s-she'll be expecting m-me
to do that?"
"Yes my dear nephew, she will. Now if you don't care
to date such a beautiful girl, who was obviously swayed by
your charm and wit, then don't worry about her anymore,
even though you'll probably break her heart. Is that what
you want? To break her heart?"
"Oh no, of course not Aunt Cathy. B-But I-I don't
know h-how to do what she wants. L-Like you said, I-I'm
inexperienced in these matters."
"Don't worry a bit dear, I can give you a crash course
in sucking pussy."
"Y-You will?"
"Why of course. What kind of aunt would I be not to
teach you what you need to get you a girl, especially a
girl that has gone out of her way to show you that she's
attracted to you." Said his aunt as she began to raise her
Crane was in awe as she then lowered her panties to
reveal a very dense hairy bush that instantly caused a
stirring in his loins.

CHAPTER 2 The Third Date

"Crane, I hope I didn't come on to you too strong.
It's just that when we women find a guy that we get excited
about, we tend to overdue it. I'm glad you wanted to go
out with me again."
"Carla, I just wanted to thank you for your interest,
I-I just have to be honest with you. This is all new to
me, but my aunt has helped me to se things better and has
even helped me to, well I hope, be able to show my
appreciation to you, uh. that is if you give me a second
"I surely will. Don't you worry about that. I'll for
sure find someone to fuck me tonight and let you return my
feelings for you. C'mon on. Take me by Bob's Tavern on
Wharf street."

CHAPTER 3 The Next Morning

"Don't fret a bit Crane, it sounded like it went real
well, it sounds as if she really loves you, that is to let
you suck her after she let four guys bang her. Now she
didn't mean a thing for them, but by her coming back to you
after spreading her legs, you should be proud that she
shared her hot used pussy with you."

CHAPTER 4 True Love

Three months later, Crane was quite an expert in the
art of Cunninglingus of Carla's cream pie pussy. It was at
this time that Carla indicated that the relationship was
taking a more serious term.
After a gang bang from 7 horny studs, and as they left
the couple, Crane was busy with his normal homage of
appreciation to his beloved's jism saturated and oozing
hairy fleshy fuck pit.
After he completed his task of love to her
satisfaction, she smiled as he pulled his messy slime
coated face from her well fucked and sucked crotch.
"Crane darling, you may pullout your prick and jack
off for me, that is if you haven't shot off in your pants
"He immediately knew, based on his aunt's guidance,
that her wanting him to masturbate for her, meant a more
serious milestone in their relationship."
"N-Not this time." He sheepishly replied.
"Good then, let me se your little fellow." Carla said
in a sort of condescending, but yet sensuous manner.
"Don't you think that's sort of small darling? After
all you've seen the pricks that've been going in me for the
last few months."
"Y-Yes it is Carla, b-but I-I'll jerk off for you."
"That's it show your love for me. Jack off real good
for me". She said with a heavy sensuousness in her voice.

CHAPTER 4 A Talk with his family
"So father and mother, I leave that responsibility to
her real men to take care of and I-I, will concentrate on
doing what I do best. That is, I suck her cunt."
"I-I can't believe the lascivious words and salacious
terms you use. You ought to be ashamed of your self for
thinking of marrying such a-a trollop." His father said in
an outburst.
"Now dear, let's not be too harsh. Sure, it's not the
traditional marriage you and I have or are accustomed to.
However, it appears workable for them and I have to say
that's more than I can say of many marriages of the members
in our church."
Crane's father chided his wife for her comment.
"No dear, you should be proud of your son. He for one
thing understands he doesn't have the equipment to meet his
bride's expectations. He has relegated that to her other
men, better equipped men, and instead is using his mouth to
do what he can to bring her the pleasure she needs and can
provide. They both have separated true love from sex, and
have concentrated on building the emotional love between
them. That's what's important."
"I-I can't believe you're..."
"Hear me out my husband." Crane's mom said cutting
her husband off. "They both have achieved a love that is
wide and deep. She demands unselfish love and Crane has
learned to provide it. He's achieved unselfishnes if he
has become accustommed to being with her as she has sex
with other men in his presence."

Crane's father, tempered by his wife's understanding
and acceptance of their son's marital lifestyle, tolerates
his son's situation. He however hates his sister for
letting it occur.
Crane, on the other hand is rather pleased to be the
husband of a promiscuous woman and loses no love for her no
matter how much semen she feeds him from her inflamed,
drippy, slimy pussy.
Crane has also accepted his wife choice of the stud
she's selected to sire their first born. Actually, he had
to agree after the fact, as the first time he knew about it
was when Carla brought home her first maternity dress.

---- End of tale #2----
Go to tale #3

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