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CDE 20 3of3 Mother Knows Best



Copyright c April 25, 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MM, MF, Inter, Impreg, FemDom)


Story Title: For Mother's Day: A Trilogy of Tales Where
Dominant and Cunning Matriarchs Influence Male Relatives
Into Cuckoldry

Tale #3: mother Knows Best
Author: C.D.E.

Fiance to be - Norman
Fianc‚e to be - Nora
Norman's mother
"I agree with her Norman. It's unacceptable for you
to stop eating her other men's cum from her pussy. I know
you feel a little slighted, but it makes a woman feel good
to be sucked out after a good juicy fuck with a sizeable
dick. You can't give her that or fill her, but you're
apparently doing a great job of cleaning her out. That
makes her happy and that's all you should be concerned
Norman couldn't believe his ears.
"Y-You really m-mean that mother?"
"Yes dear. And since you were eating her out already,
you should continue even though you now know her cunt is
full of other men's semen."
"I-I don't know mom, I-I just don't feel the same way.
I-I have to think of my self esteem .. and to make matters
worse, she still d-doesn't plan to let me have intercourse
until our wedding night. Can you believe she still wants
me to come into our wedding a virgin? She's nuts!"
"She's not! And I will not have you talking about
Nora that way. She's just the girl for you. I also
applaud her wanting you to be a virgin until the wedding
night. I'll be proud that my son is a virgin."
"B-But it's okay for her to be a slut?" Norman's eyes
reflected his total bewilderment as he raised his voice as
he spoke.
"Men have had it that way for centuries. I think turn
about is fair. Anyway, since you're the lesser male in all
this, you really should be thinking about after you're
married. Do you think you can keep her pleased with your
little thing? And you know she's going to need more than
your mouth."
Norman settled down and thought for a moment.
"Y-You're right ... I-I hadn't thought about
afterwards. I-I probably should just forget about Nora.
I-I do love her, b-but thinking I could hold on to a woman
like her was a-a pipe dream. I-I'll just tell her it-it's
all over. S-She can be with her other men all she wants a-
and I won't have to worry about my pride."
"That's not the way son." His mother walked over and
held his head to her breast as she bent over and hugged him
as he sat. "True, you can't hold onto her with out other
men helping you, but you can be a good husband and be a
part of her life." Releasing her embrace, she then looked
him straight in the eyes. "But Norman, it has to be on her
terms ... and you have to accept them unconditionally. She
sincerely loves you even though you might have to undergo
some humiliation in being her husband. But just being the
husband of such a beautiful woman should more than make up
for that."
Norman and his mother talked some more. She even got
her mollycoddled son to sheepishly admit, he'd found his
steady girlfriend's creamy hair pie delectable and relished
the taste until he discovered she was feeding him fucked
gooey snatch, made slimy by other men's dicks.
"Norman, as your mother, I not only knows what's best
for you, but only want what's best for you. Understand
baby? You should not be put off by her trickery to make
you her spouse. After all, what's good to you, is good for
you. Her pussy is good for you, as well as what other men
put in it, because what they put in her, helps you keep
Norman, depressed at his predicament and somewhat
perplexed by his mom's cunning words, just nodded
affirmatively at her statement. However, her very
encouragement and sanctioning of him marrying a promiscuous
woman did seem to make things better, even if it would
cause him a bit of humiliation.
"And son, go ahead and put that ring on her finger.
Show her you really care for her. It'll also send a signal
to the men she'll be dating that she's yours, even though
they maybe fucking her at the moment."
"I-I never thought of it-it in that way." He replied
in a reflective manner.
Norman decided to swallow his remaining pride and give
his mother's advice a try.

As she did sometimes, Nora came by Norman's house in
the wee hours of the morning, on her way home from her
dates. Tonight it had been two big horny black studs. She
presented Norman with her soggy, jism saturated, wet messy
cunt to lick and suck. As he ate her she seemed wilder
than ever before. He was sure his mom would be awaken by
her fervor.
THAT'S IT SUUUUUUCK MEEEE!" She shouted as she came
She slowly settled down and helped poor Norman get off
by jerking him off after slipping a condom on him. When
she first reached in her purse and put it on him, his mind
raced at the possibility she might let him have some of
what he'd been sucking on and which many men had pushed
their cocks into. But his hopes were soon vanquished as
she stroked him and had him tell her he loved her and all
that she was doing. It was hard not to do as he felt the
delicious feeling of her hands through the latex sheath.
Before she sent him down to sleep on the couch while she
slept over in his bed, he remembered her saying something
about him getting use to wearing a rubber.
The next morning, Nora stayed for breakfast. She was
up and in the kitchen helping Norman's mother before he
came in.
"Morning darling." She said to Norman as she kissed
him lightly on the lips.
"Morning sleepy head, looks like you gave your future
bride quite a workout last night. No wonder she loves you
"I do mother James. He's such a good pussy sucker.
He really does know how to clean up a messy cunt and make a
girl feel heavenly."
"Are you sure you're hungry Norman, after all you ate
last night."
The two women giggled loudly as Norman's face turned
more beet red. He couldn't believe how his own mother was
adding to his humiliation. Was it to condition him for his
future role as husband of a slut? If so, then she was just
being a good mom, and he shouldn't think badly of her.
As the three ate breakfast, the jokes and puns
continued, especially since his mother cooked him cream of
Norman, face flushed and embarrassed sat quietly while
the two women basically carried the conversation. The talk
was about his fianc‚e lovers of the previous evening. She
talked openly of their sexual prowess, the size of their
genitals and the volume of the jism they shot off. His
mother totally encouraged this by the types of questions
she asked of her son's future bride.
"You know Norman, you should get to know Nora's men
friends better. Maybe go out with them along or with she
and them. Dear, I know you may be slightly shocked at
this, but I think you should consider sucking their big
dicks for them from time to time. You know, as a way of
letting them know that you don't feel threatened by them
sexing your future wife and that you love and support her
seeking her happiness."
Norman almost choked in response to his mom's words.


"Dear, you know Nora is going off the pill two months
before the wedding?"
"Yes mom. She wants to be fertile on our wedding
night. She wants to start on our family right away."
"Son, I told her to go off now. That'll give her 12
good weeks for the effects to wear off."
"Okay. That sounds good to me."
"Now son, you do know that she will still be seeing
her `real men' while she's off the pill."
"I-I guess as much. Yeah we talked about that. She
said she'd tell them and they would probably use rubbers."
"Nora just called. She couldn't catch you at the
office before you left, but she let me know that after
talking it over it over with all her men friends, all eight
of them, none want to use condoms."
"W-What? Eight! I-I thought she w-was only dating
three ...Eight!"
"Yes eight. And also, they don't want her using any
spermicide or other protection. They feel like it will
interfere with their lovemaking. They all agree on one
thing .. that you sucking her out is the best and most
natural method of birth control for her."
"W-What! T-They can't be telling her what to do! W-
Who the hell do they think they ..."
"They are the men who're fucking your fianc‚e dear.
The ones who can take her away from you." His mom exhibited
a wicked smug smile at her son as she looked him in the
"I-I know, b-but d-don't they know s-she might get p-
"Not if you do a good job dear of tongue douching her
pussy quickly after she's been freshly fucked."
"Oh no, t-they want t-to get her pregnant."
"The possibility is there that she could be walking
down the aisle carrying someone else's child. But a lot of
that's up to you."
"Up to me! No, Nora has to insist they use rubbers
and she should use something too. Why not a diaphragm?"
"They're messy and inconvenient. No dear, she's
already told me, she's going to abide by their wishes.
There's not going to be any protection used. Either by her
or them. She feels she owes it to them to do as they
"Them! What about me?"
"Norman, remember I said you may have to put up with
some humiliation because you're marrying a slut. And you
know over the last few weeks I've tried to condition you to
be the perfect husband for such an arrangement for the
woman you love dearly I might add .. and who loves you
"H-How can she love me and be so callous. It's almost
as she might want to have a baby from one of them. B-both
of you have helped me accept being cuckold even before I
was married ... but this ... t-the possibility of her
having another man's child .. I-I ... Hey wait a minute!
An abortion! She could ..."
"Wrong answer!" His mother interjected quickly.
"There will be no abortion! Put that out of your mind. We
are talking about my grand kids here."
"T-Then w-what is the answer. Surely I couldn't ..."
"The answer is simple. If there is an accident and
she gets impregnated, she will have the baby and it will
carry your name. You will be the father and that's the
answer. And yes you can be a loving father to another
man's child that will be calling you daddy. Norman, you
know how good you are with kids."


Nora confirmed everything his mom had told Norman.
"But surely Nora, you don't have to let them dictate to
you, you can lay down the law and tell ..."
"Norman, before you even go there, let me say that,
unlike you, they lay the law down for me. I lay the law
down for you. You know your place that I want for you.
Now they have made a decision. I will abide by it, which
means you will have to also. The decision is final. You
will be my only birth control. They want it that way ..
and I want it that way. And since you claim you love me,
you want it that way too. Tell me so."
Norman had never seen his fianc‚e so imperious and
demanding. He was dumfounded as well as cowed.
"I-I do love you s-so very much Nora b-but ..."
"Quit stalling! Tell me you're going along with the
program or you're out!"
"O-Okay ... I-I want w-what y-you want. I-I'll do w-
whatever needs t-to be done."
"That's the way I want my husband to be, not


Over the next twelve weeks Norman's mother got her
wish that he get know more about Nora's studs. It became
commonplace for him to suck on their big poles whenever
they desired. Whether it was before or after they fucked
her or if they dropped by and she wasn't there.
His rationale, instilled in him by his mom, for
accommodating them was that the more of their copious loads
of sperm he could intercept, the less of it that would not
end up in his future bride's cunt.
However, despite all his mouthing and tonguemanship,
his new bride let him know on their wedding night that she
was over a month pregnant. No wonder she was so radiant
and cheerful he thought to himself. It seems also that he
was the last to know.
His bride, doesn't know who the father is. She'll
have to wait until the baby is born.
Norman was bewildered that his mother seemed as
gleeful about His wife having another man's baby as she
"Norman it's my grandchild too, no matter that you
didn't put it in her." Was his mother's smiling reply when
he asked her why she was so supportive of his wife being
impregnated by her lover.
Norman was finally able to have intercourse with Nora
and to touch and handle her luscious tits. He thought it
so wonderful to finally be able to have these extra
conjugal privileges. As far as intercourse, she was rather
stretched, but he delighted in just being able to be in
her. Sometimes she still jerks him off from time to time
when she didn't feel like putting up with his feeble
attempts to fuck her cavernous cunt.
The baby was a healthy 7 pound boy and it was obvious
it belonged to one of her studs named Frank. The baby was
named Franklin by Nora.
A few weeks later, Nora was back on the pill and all
her activities resumed. Norman ended up doing a lot of
babysitting for their baby son, while she continued to see
and sex her various men friends and their friends.
A year later, she let him know that she was ready to
have another child. In the same breath she showed him a
large box that was a present from her studs. It was gift
wrapped. Norman was speechless when he opened it. It
contained a gross of condoms.
"Honey, they want you to wear these while I'm off the
pill. The other eight guys want a chance at me having
their baby. They say, that after they each of them get me
pregnant, then you can get a chance at me having your
Norman had a most incredulous look on his face. Her
lovers had decided that his wife was to be a breeder for
them. As a consolation prize, he could finally get a
chance after she had their babies first. Norman, realizing
that might take 12-15 years, had the resigned look of
defeat on his face, knowing that his wife wouldn't want to
have his kid after having all those of her lovers.
Norman's wife kissed him as she exhibited a malicious
smile. It was apparent she was enjoying her husband's
plight of being so well humiliated and subjugated.

---END OF tale #3---

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