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CDE 24 The Rescue



Copyright c August 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit. This
story may be freely distributed for personal use with this notice

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MM, MF, Inter, MDom)



STORY: The Rescue
Author: C.D.E.

Sam - Husband
Sandy - wife

My wife, Sandy, is an officer in the local school Parent Teachers
Association. As Part of a state sponsored program, she was selected to
visit several remote Canadian School Districts to meet with and discuss
educational policies with her Canadian PTA counterparts.
Unfortunately, the twin engine charter plane in which she was
travelling crashed. Due to the bitter winter weather conditions, she
and four other passengers were trapped in a densely wooded mountainous
area. I later learned that the other passengers were four hunters from
our town. She and they were the only survivors. The pilot, copilot
and three other passengers didn't survive the crash.
After the first two weeks, I'd pretty much give up hope of
ever seeing my beautiful wife ever again. I was extremely depressed
over having lost her. My life was pure misery the whole while she was
missing and presumed dead. She was the best thing that ever happened
to me. I knew I'd never find another girl as pretty as her or who
would be interested in me the way she was. We could talk about
anything. I truly loved the woman.
I can't describe the joy I felt when word came that she'd been
located and wasn't injured. This was almost three months later after
being reported missing.
Upon her arrival at home, she told me all about how the four
hunters were able to find an abandoned cabin in the wilderness and
secure food for them to survive.
"You looked as if you didn't lose any weight by not being
stranded in the wilderness." I commented to her.
"No Sam darling I didn't. In fact I gained a few pounds from
eating all that salmon, bear and moose meat." She replied.
She told me of several exciting experiences in having to rough it in
the wilderness. Then she dropped the bombshell.
"Darling, you know we'd been working on having a baby before we
"Uh, huh." I replied as I sipped on coffee.
"And you know it was my time of the month and we didn't have an
opportunity to have sex before I left town."
Again I replied "Uh, huh."
"Well darling another reason I'm a little heavier is that, well,
I-I'm two months pregnant."
It took me a few moments to recognize the gravity of what she was
telling me.
"Y-Y-You're saying t-that o-one of t-the hunters got you t-
"Yes darling, one of them is the father." She replied
"W-Which one? D-Did he r-rape you?"
She went on to tell me that there was no rape and that after the
first week or so, it became harder for them to not address their basic
need to restrain from having sex. She wanting the four handsome single
men and them her.
"You must remember darling, I had my diaphragm, but
the spermicide ran out and I'm afraid the virility of the guys just
overwhelmed the diaphragm by itself. After all, the guys needed some
almost every other day. You know, the thing about having to work so
hard every day cutting wood, finding food and to gather enough snow and
ice to melt for drinking and bathing. In other words, they would have
a hard time sleeping some times and having sex with me helped them to
get the rest they needed for the next day's work. It also helped me get
rest and to keep my sanity, since there was no tv or radio. That was
sort of part of my duties, you know to be their sexual relief. You see
honey, I don't know which one of them is the father."
I swallowed hard at her words. I was almost speechless as she
went on to tell more than I wanted to hear. That is, about the size of
their members, how much cum they shot off, and their sexual stamina.
It was obvious they each were better hung than me and the smallest was
at least twice as long as my four and a half inches and twice the girth
I let my wife talk on. It seemed very obvious she was not forced
to do anything that she didn't want to do.
"As you can imagine dear, we became very close because of the
situation we were in."
"W-Well now that you're back, I understand all you've been
through, after all some stranded parties even resulted to cannibalism."
We both chuckled a bit and it seemed to relieve the obvious
tension building up in the room. But I knew I had to say what I had to
"B-But Sandy d-dear, that's all behind y-you. Y-You know I love
you very much. M-More than anything. After you have an abortion, this
will all be..."
"No abortion. I want to have this baby honey. It means a lot to
"I know it might be a little difficult for you to understand, but
this baby was made with the greatest of love by the five of us. I-I
just feel it would be a sin for me not to have it. Plus darling, the
doctor who examined me in Canada, before I came home, advised against
an abortion, even though I was within one week of it being possible,
that is before it's too late."
Sandy went on to let me know that the four hunters all lived in
the local area and she had invited them over to dinner this weekend.
None of them were married.
I was against her doing that.
"Honey I think it's only fair for you to meet them, after all I
am your wife and one of these men will be the biological father of our
first born. What are you objecting to? Are you saying you don't want
me anymore? You want a divorce?"
"Oh, oh n-no Sandy. n-nothing like that... y-you know you mean so
much to me, b-b-but you h-have to realize h-how embarrassing it-it will
be for me."
"I'm glad you're not deserting me darling. You had me scared for
a moment. You know I love you so very much and I know this will be a
test of love for you, that is for you to accept another man's baby as
our own, but I'm afraid I must insist, because I feel I would be
letting the fellows down if I didn't have this baby for them."
I tried to be diplomatic in finding another ways to change her
mind about getting a second opinion on abortion as well as inviting the
potential fathers over. Nothing worked. She was intent on having me
prove my love and in the process, become an inadvertent cuckold.
She only smiled and kissed me as I complained about my
involuntary cuckoldry.


The four hunters arrived almost at the same time. They were all
taller than me, handsome, and well built.
There names were Dave, Theo, Yancy, and Lorenzo.
Dave was blond. Theo was red headed. Yancy was green eyed and
had dark brown hair. Lorenzo was an Italian with a swarthy complexion.
I cringed at the thought that the baby would probably look
nothing like me.
With me being a bantam weight and short, I was easily mentally
intimidated by the heavily masculine appearances of the men.
It was obvious they had more confidence than I in this situation
and showed it. They all had firm grips and each hurt my hand as they
shook it. I wondered if that was some sort of signal to me.
My wife and the men seemed like long lost family and I was the
only nervous party.
My wife wore maternity clothes for the occasion, even though she
really didn't need too.
I was taken aback as she invited the four to readily feel her
slightly swollen tummy and reminded them often through out dinner that
one of them caused it. I turned red in the face at her boldness. She
even let the men touch her swollen breast to let them see how much
bigger they were than before. I was outraged, and made a mental note
to tell her so after the group left.
All through out dinner she had me hopping about getting things
for our guests, as she and they both implied she shouldn't be on her
After I'd served desert and coffee, I cleared the table. It was
then that my wife opened the discussion about the baby.
"Guys, I think the best thing to do is to consider us all as part
of a team in this matter. My husband has agreed that he will treat the
baby as our own and as such, the baby will carry his last name.
However, I think that the biological father should be given some say in
the baby's Christian name, and or the middle name. Do we all agree?"
Our four guests were eager to agree, but I thought that was not
an appropriate subject for strangers, even if they had all contributed
to impregnating my wife.
"Er, honey c-could you and I have a word in the kitchen while our
guests enjoy their coffee." I spoke softly.
"Darling, if it's about the baby, we have no secrets from the
fellows. We're all in this together. We're a team on this. What's on
your mind?" Her tone was rather business like.
"I-I just thought, y-you and I should make decisions like t-
that..., you know about the baby's name. T-That's all."
To my surprise she put my suggestion to a vote. The motion was
defeated for lack of a second. I couldn't believe she'd invoked
Robert's rules of order on me. My face was flushed at her actions. To
say I was humiliated as the four men looked down the table at me was an
I was silent pretty much the rest of the meeting until a motion
was put on the table by Dave which stated that since my wife was
pregnant, that the men should continue to have intercourse with her
until they could get their lives back in order.
I looked at him like he was nuts. My mouth flew open but no
words came out. I couldn't believe his outrageous and brazen motion.
However, it was quickly seconded and to my ultimate chagrin, my wife
even voted for it. I was the only no vote.
I objected but was ruled out of order by my wife, who acted as
chair for the "Baby Team" meeting.
"Honey the motion has been approved and carried. You can't
object now. I realize you're my husband, but you must realize I too
have been accommodating the sexual needs of these four men for three
months, I too need an adjustment period to get my life back to normal.
And darling, believe me, you need their help with me now. I discovered
that I was multi-orgasmic in the process of taking care of their
demands, and now I need what they need as part of their readjustment."
After my wife made her comment, which put me in my place nicely,
I sat in a state of quiet bewilderment as the group began to make up a
schedule of when they would come by to sex my wife.
I had to excuse myself and throw some water on my flush face as
they sat discussing their various schedules and calendars of events.
When I returned shortly they were coming to closure on a total
Looking at it, I could see during some of the men's visits, some
times I would be at work and others I would be at home.
I finally worked up enough nerve to speak and asked that it not
be while I was at home. I thought this was the least I could do since
I couldn't turn the tide against me.
"Honey, let's see how this works out and we'll try to accommodate
your wishes after the first couple of weeks or so." My wife replied in
a matter-of-fact tone to my concern.
The others agreed with a verbal chorus of yea votes and the
meeting was adjourned and to my surprise each of the men rose from the
table with well formed outlines of large erections in their pants.
Dave then went over and kissed my wife on the mouth, most
sensuously, and the others freely groped her right in front of me.
They totally ignored me.
"W-What the hell are y'all doing!" I surprised myself at the
strength of my voice, that's how surprised I was.
"Oh honey you were out of the room when it was decided that they
would get some tonight before they went home. We will start the
schedule of them coming over tomorrow. We're going to the bedroom now.
We'll be done in about 2 to 3 hours. Honey please do me a favor and
take care of cleaning up the kitchen and I promise we'll try to be
through by 11:30 or so, and then you and I can get together. This will
give you time to do the dishes and enjoy all your tv shows." MY wife
said almost non-chalantly as she left the room with her arms around two
of the men and theirs around her, and two more following. She lead them
toward the master bedroom.
I stood there with a dish towel in my hand looking like I'd been
struck by lighting.


"Morning honey, did you sleep well?" My wife said as I came in
the kitchen to the smell of hot coffee.
"I'm surprised you're up so early a-after all you w-went through
last night."
"Darling, I'm use to handling four big cock men like the guys.
That's what I was trying to tell you. I don't feel the least bit
tired. In fact I'm a little horny. I know you're probably not up to
it since it takes a while for you to recharge your batteries, but would
you eat me out again after breakfast?"
I almost choked on the coffee I was drinking in response to her
"Y-You really mean that?"
"Yes darling. I want to feel your mouth on my pussy again. I
really miss it. The fellows aren't into eating pussy. That's why I
begged you to do me last night. I hadn't had my snatch eaten since we
last saw each other."
"I-I was going to talk t-to you about that Sandy. Y-You've
changed. I-I didn't k-know you would do w-what you d-did last night.
I-I was shocked that..."
"That I sat on your face with my sloppy cunt when I told you to
lay on your back." She said smiling.
"Y-Yes. W-Why are y-you laughing at me?" I asked stunned at her
"I'm laughing with you darling. I felt you trying to wiggle out
from under me but it was such a thrill feeling your talented tongue on
my well fucked bush. You settled down eventually and tongued me off
like I wanted you to. The taste wasn't that bad was it?"
"W-Why are you trying to humiliate me so Sandy? Y-You had my
head locked under you, I-I had to keep on s-sucking and swallowing
their stuff to breath. I-I still think it was a dirty trick to do
that. M-Making me eat their cum a-and rubbing my face in it too." I
said in a sour tone.
"Darling I'm not trying to humiliate you like you keep saying.
I'm just trying to readjust from a traumatic episode in my life in
which I've discovered so much more about myself sexually. Yes it was a
dirty trick, but for some strange reason, I wanted to do that to you.
It really felt good too darling. That is, feeling all their hot goo
sliding out of me into your upturned mouth. It was really good.
Please promise you'll do it for me again. I'll suck your cock if you
do. You know you've been trying to get me to do that for a long time.
I wasn't sure if this was the same woman I married. How could
she have changed so much in such a short period of time?
I accepted her deal, even though I was not sure eating other
men's spent sperm from her gloppy twat was a good trade, even though
her wet messy slimy heated snatch was more palatable that I thought it
would be.
As she wanted me to, I ate her out again after breakfast and
several more times during the day. I had to admit, she was more of a
live wire even for my tired tongue, not to mention my prick.
That night, two of the hunters, Lorenzo and Theo came over for
some pussy, because they were in need. They were off schedule, but my
wife was glad to see them.
When Dave and Yancy came over per the schedule, I answered the
door. They didn't wait for me to invite them in, they just walked past
me as I held the door. It was really more liked, pushed past me.
I don't know why I was surprised at them doing that, Lorenzo and
Theo did the same when they came over earlier.
They were surprised to see Theo and Yancy leaving, however they
high fived each other and joked a while because my wife was getting
showered up for Dave and Yancy.
I looked at tv trying to ignore the sounds of heavy sexing and
sensuous moans and groans coming from our bedroom. I tried not to
visualize the men shooting their heavy hot loads deep in her, but I
couldn't help it.
About two hours later Dave and Yancy left. My wife had the two
men tell me to come back to see her as they were leaving.
"She want's to see you." Dave told me. "Yeah, she's all yours
now." Yancy said in a tone I didn't appreciate. I didn't say
anything. After all he was bigger than me, plus maybe he really didn't
see anything wrong with what he said.
That was the problem with this whole arrangement. The four men
knew they were better at sexing my wife than I was and it made me feel
so inadequate and helpless. To my further embarrassment, my wife had
admitted to me that she'd told them, while in the wilderness, I was not
as well endowed they were.
I arrived in the bedroom to find my wife with her legs parted.
Her bushy cunt was simply a gooey leaking slimy mess.
How about a 69? Or do you just want to snack on my creamy
snatch." She said with an eagerness in her tone.
"H-Honey d-do I-I have to..."
"You promised darling. Pleassseee, pretty please with honey on
it. C'mon, get out of those clothes and let me play with your little
thing and give it some mouth action. I've given head to everyone else,
I might as well give you some."
Her talk made me feel so much like a second fiddle, well really I
guess more like a fifth fiddle.
As I got in to our messy bed the dampness of the others fucking
fluids was so evident as she positioned me once again like I was last
night. As she lowered her sloppy gloppy pussy over my face the strong
pungent smell and dripping slimy drops splattered on my face before her
thick bush sealed out daylight and made contact with my face. Soon, my
face was smothered with soft hot wet gooey slick slimy hairy cunt lips.
Next, rivulets of spent jism and pussy juice flowed heavily right in to
my sucking mouth and flitting tongue.
Soon I felt her lips on my erecting prick. It felt great. As in
her cunt, when we made love, I didn't last long. It didn't seem to
bother her as she greedily devour the small gusher of jism I fed her.
She kept right on grinding her wet bush on my face as she stayed in
place until I got her to the orgasm she was looking for.
After cleaning up and changing the semen saturated sheets, we
laid in each others arms and snuggled prior to certain sleep.
I let my wife know that I hoped her readjustment wouldn't take
too long as I wasn't sure if I could continually take eating out the
huge loads of jism the fellows were shooting off in her.
"They shoot quite a bit don't they darling?"
"Uh, huh." I replied softly.
"Don't worry, you'll get use to it." She replied as she dozed


Over the next few weeks Sandy really became swollen. And the
fellows still kept her busy with their ever ready erections.
To my chagrin, and she and the hunters' delight, the sonogram
showed she was carrying twin boys.
I was kept busy with a lot of the housework and grocery shopping
as she was tired both just being pregnant as well as still taking care
of the four hunters, who not only stuck to their schedule with clock
like precision, but also came between their scheduled visits when they
couldn't wait for their scheduled appointments. My wife always found
the time to accommodate them.
I complained that the guys didn't appear to be trying to wean
themselves off my wife, but they, and neither Sandy seemed to concern
themselves with my constant complaints. The answers were all too
familiar - "Just one more time." The bad thing about it was that my
wife was singing the same tune.
Sometime after the sixth month, her doctor told her to abstain
from intercourse until after delivery. I was glad to hear this and
hoped the steady coming and going of the hunters would finally cease.
However, they still came by for my wife's delightful blowjobs. I was
upset, as usual, but what could I do.
To make matters worse, I got another surprise when Sandy finally
went in to deliver "our" dual bundles of joy.
To all our relief, she had no complications, but the twins, were
from two different fathers. Over the next few weeks it became apparent
that Dave and Theo were the biological fathers. One baby was blond and
the other a red head, not to mention they had each of the men's
respective facial features.
Sandy and I confided to the doctor what the situation was and
asked how could such a thing happen. While rare, he let us know that
there had been several documented cases where sperm from different men
had simultaneously fertilized a single egg. He went on to add that the
two men would've had to have had sex with my wife pretty close
together. She smiled and blushed as he chuckled unprofessionally and
commented that she must've had fun conceiving. I wasn't amused.


Sandy was in the hospital almost a week. Each day, one of her
hunter lovers would visit, especially Dave and Theo, the proud "real"
fathers. My attempts to discourage them were overruled by my wife.
The hospital staff looked at me in a strange way. I knew the word had
leaked out on me and that they knew what was going on, even though no
one said anything. The smirking smiles from nurses and aids told the
whole story. Each visit was so humiliating as it seemed that so many
of the staff went out of their way to tell me or emphasize how "my
son's" were doing.
During this week, at least at home, it was peaceful, as I began
to prepare for the arrival of our new additions. There wasn't the
constant visits by my wife's four lovers. However, on the day before
she was to come home, not only was the peacefulness was to be broken,
but also my state of mind.
Dave came by unexpectedly after I'd come from home from my daily
hospital visit.
"Hi Sam."
"Dave! I didn't expect you. Anything wrong?"
"No, I just came by to see if you could help me out with a little
"Uh, me? What kind of problem?" I asked quizzically.
"First lets look at this video I brought over. Here let me pop
it in. It's not bad quality either considering the poor lighting."
Dave said as he pushed the video tape in the VCR.
I almost fell off the sofa as the scene unfolded on the screen.
There we were, me and sandy in our bedroom, in an all too familiar
scenario of me snacking on her snatch after a heavy fuck session with
one or more of the hunters. To make matters even worse, on this
particular night, we didn't do our usual 69 due to her swollen tummy.
After sucking my wife's gloppy twat, she was too tired to suck or jerk
me off. Instead she encouraged me to do so since she was too exhausted
and fell off to sleep as she watched me do myself.
"Before you say it, no Sandy had nothing to do with this.
Remember the time I left my gym bag in your room and you didn't see it
for a couple of days? The small video camera was hidden in a secret
compartment. It did a pretty good job. Don't you think?" He said with
a serious look on his face. I was to much in shock to worry about
video quality.
"B-But w-why did y-you do this?"
"To confirm my suspicion that you were a pussy and cum eater."
I blushed deeply at the comment. I was trying to get some sense
of what was going on here and why the video. However, before I could
speak, Dave let me know the reason for his visit.
"What! Y-You want m-me to s-suck your c-cock o-or y-you're going
to show this to people?" I stammered in a nervous shock.
"C'mon, it won't be that bad, after all you've tasted all our
jism from your wife's snatch. You'll just be getting it fresh this
"B-But Dave, I-I'm not gay a-and I-I'm not a c-cocksucker.
T-That's perverted." I said as he walked toward me and I away as I
backed away from him.
He groped his crotch. The outline of his erection was very
noticeable. He next unzipped his fly and freed his large erection. It
immediately lengthened and straightened out and jutted toward the sky.
Never had I seen such a massive display of horny manhood so close as he
held his big hard-on and quickly closed the distance between he and I
as I froze in shock at his actions.
Before I realized it, he had his big strong hands on both my
shoulders and had pushed me toward and down in a chair nearby. When I
realized anything, my face was on the same level as his rigid
protruding cock.
He pushed it toward my lips and almost made a hole in one, but I
turned my head too quick. However, a drop of his precum did get
smeared over my lips. Instinctively, after regaining my orientation
and understanding what was happening to me, I tried to wipe the syrupy
fluid from the entrance to my mouth. As I did so, one of his big hands
grasped my head and turned my head back to meet his swollen bloated
pink dickhead. As I opened my mouth to protest, he forced his
battering ram of a cockhead right between my precum slick lips.
"That's it, don't fight it. Just suck it like you do on your
wife's tits." He said in a combination of moaning and sighing as he
held my head. He also formed a giant fist with his other hand which he
held in front of my face and warned him he'd make me toothless if I bit
him. To say I was intimidated by his fist, which seemed as big as my
head at the moment, was an understatement. I stopped struggling. He
was in control and there was no doubt about it.
It's needless to say I was scared, but the more I got accustomed
to the hardness and heat of his rigid flesh being pushed and pulled
between my well stretched lips, I settled down. sucking his cock, or
more aptly, his using my mouth as a receptacle or surrogate cunt,
really wasn't as repulsive as I envisioned.
Even though I was more than intimidated by his strength and power
over me, I was awed by the size of his tool. It was the strangest
thing, but as I was being used and told to purse my lips tighter, I
thought of how my wife's mouth and pussy accommodated this monster.
"That wasn't that bad was it?"
"Y-You bastard!" I sputtered out in automatic self defense as I
laid there with the residual taste of his jism in my mouth and the
thick coating of it on my gums and tongue. The taste wasn't that bad,
but I knew I couldn't share any of my personal thoughts with him.
I got up and headed for the kitchen sink to wash my mouth since
it was closer than the nearest bathroom.
"Did you get it all?" I heard him say. I presumed he was
talking to me about swallowing all his thick hot jism. Just as I was
about to reply with a "Go to hell!", the others came into the area
where we were. They each had video cameras.
I froze in fear, fright, and whatever else you can be when it
quickly dawned on me that my forced cocksucking had been videotaped
from two different angles.
To make a long story short, my wife's four lovers, didn't let me
rinse my mouth out. They did let me have something to drink, more of
their jism. I ended up swallowing a lot of that evening. I was called
their "mouth pussy".
With the evidence they had on me, I became their cocksucker on
demand. They extorted me into almost total submission on this. I gave
up trying to fight them, because I knew it was hopeless. I couldn't win
either way.
I didn't want my wife to know, or anybody else for that matter
about my situation. The way the video was edited, it did indeed look
consensual. I was trapped and knew it. Little did I know what else
they'd planned to use it to black mail me for.


It was with total unbelief that I found myself being coerced into
voting to allow her other two lovers, Yancy and Lorenzo to impregnate
and have babies by my wife for us. My wife was ecstatic at them
wanting this and more delighted at my concurrence, or more aptly, lack
of objection.
I've always wondered if she knew of them blackmailing me, but I
said nothing. I had my choice of being a cuckold or being exposed as a
cocksucker. I made my choice. I am now a pussy whipped wimp cuckold
for her, and a cocksucking husband for her four lovers, the current and
future sires of our children.


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