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CDE 25 Husbanette(FD F 1)



Copyright c August 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit. This
story may be freely distributed for personal use with this notice

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MM, MF, Inter, FemDom, Fem)


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This tale is for many of my readers who have
suggested I do some FemDom/Feminization oriented tales. When
I first started writing erotic pieces - long before the birth
of the internet - I wrote little tales like the one below.
Many I also had transcribed from my type written pages to my
new PC word processor in the early 80's. This story is one of
several that I thought was lost due to my forgetting a code
word to an old encryption program I once used on floppies,
i.e., to hide my naughty drafts from prying eyes. I recently
re-remembered the code word and therefore have access to some
of my very early works. This tale is quite old. As with this
one, if I release more of these old FemDom/Feminization tales
of mine, I will include "(FD/F)" in the title so readers will
be able to distinguish them from my usual cuckold themes (if
this is not their cup of tea). As always, your comments are
Story : Husbanette(FD/F)
Author: C.D.E.

Husband: Al (a.k.a., Alice)
Wife: Cora
Al's wife had built on his mother's discipline training.
She'd gotten him well trained into accepting any and all
punishment she wished to inflict on him. Through
psychological humiliation and skilled brainwashing, he was now
very tractable and slavish.
Yes, his wife's punishment was painful, but after it was
over, the joy of knowing he'd been forgiven by her seem to
outweigh the pain.
His wife, Cora had trained her mollycoddled young husband
to not move or pull away as she slaps him hard. He has been
so well trained in how to prepare himself for her whippings
that she need only give him a soft spoken command and he
sheepishly strips off the necessary clothing exposing those
parts of his tender flesh she wishes to blister with one of
the many whips, canes, or straps she had for him.
Al, who is also made to dress effeminately most of the
time, is frequently addressed as "Alice" by his wife and his
own mother.
Alice can always count on his mom and his sister and aunt
to back up and support his wife in her total subjugation and
humiliation of him.
His wife and all his female relatives mentioned above,
have black boyfriends and lovers.
Alice has never put it in his wife of five years once. He
has only been able to consummate the marriage sexually with
his tongue. Even when they were dating, his wife only let him
eat her out. She didn't even allow him to feel or suck on her
well endowed tits. She was saving this treat until after
marriage. Typically, after he mouthed her off when they were
on a date, he was allowed to jerk off under her supervision as
she let him look at her exposed breasts and lush hairy muff.
Unknown to Alice, his fiancee was know to be a common
tramp to the black men in the town. She made her self
available for all sorts of sex with any and all black studs
who had a hard-on. She was a favorite and willing participant
in gang bangs where she was the only cunt for groups of black
men. She boasted to her friends about having had over 40
trains pulled on her and having enjoyed the big black dicks of
over 500 different men. She was only 23.
After Alice purchased the 3 carat engagement and wedding
ring set for his beloved fiancee, and the wedding date set,
she stepped up her already severe domination of him.
His mom and sister knew of his wife's activities, since
they ran in the same circles. Alice didn't know it, but his
female relatives and fiancee were in on a cruel conspiracy
against him.
To further increase his need to do her bidding, his wife
to be, slipped a male chastity belt on him the same night he
presented her with an engagement ring. She kept the key to
the locked device and she demanded to be present when it
needed to be removed for his baths. In fact she treated him
like a baby and washed his small genitals. As she did so, she
would often and repeatedly comment on his "bird size wee wee".
Alice thought it was special for her to fuss over him like
this, little did he realize the psychological conditioning he
was undergoing.
Alice, who was accustomed to jerking off frequently,
with and without his fiancee's supervision, found this
pleasure now subject to her whims now due to the constraint of
the device he was wearing. She no longer let him jerk off as
often as before, not until he had performed all the tasks and
chore she demanded of him. Often, even after he did them, she
wouldn't permit him to play with himself because she found
some minor flaw with how he did her bidding. To further put
him on edge and to frustrate him, she also denied him the
taste of her moist fuzzy muff, a treat he was almost addicted
Alice's family totally backed his fiancee as he
complained of his fiancee's treatment. His complaints were
expected by the scheming women. This set the stage for
something new in Alice's relationship - his corporal
punishment by his fiancee. At first it was over the knee
spankings. Within a few weeks, he was being slapped and
whipped with a riding crop for the slightest violation of her
many rules. As he often got slapped or beat in the presence
of his family, his mother often complimented him on having a
woman who loved him enough to beat an discipline the way his
fiancee was. This type of subtle brain washing made Alice
think positively about what was happening to him as he walked
around often with his fiancee reddish hand print on the side
of his face and welts she put on his bottom.
With the wedding date only two weeks away, his fiancee,
started acting coolly toward him, not even bothering to punish
and whip him as often as before. She wanted to delay the
wedding two more months. As glad as he was to have a reprieve
from her constant "love licks" he now feared losing her - "his
prize". He found himself willing to do whatever he could to
change her mind. She toyed with him and coerced him into
agreeing her being able to date other men to see if he was the
right one for her husband. Of course, Alice's family went
along and encouraged him to allow his fiancee's wish.
Satisfied he had a chance to make her his even at the expense
of sharing her, he felt relieve that he wouldn't loose her
completely. Especially since her domination and punishment of
him resumed back to previous levels.
Alice's fiancee played this trump card several times. The
wedding was postponed several times and each time he gave in
to her. Also doing his ordeal, something else was going on
that Alice was unaware of.
Alice, who already, was a little too effeminate for his own
good, was being given doses of female harmones by his mother
under the guise of vitamins. In conjunction with this, his
fiancee began to denigrate him as a man and show him what her
idea of real men were. The effects of the harmone caused him
to accept and understand his fiancee's needs. He found it
very easy, for some unknown reason to wear more feminine
attire, identify with her womanly needs and even go on a
double date with her, as a TV, with two black men his fiancee
Alice found himself attracted to the two men, and found it
fascinating when his fiancee had him sit and watch the two
"real men" make love to her. He never had the opportunity to
do that to her, but for some reason, that didn't matter that
much as he watched them. After the trio were finished, Alice
who was sexually aroused, and still wearing his cock lock, did
feel somewhat left out, even though he enjoy having watched.
As if reading his mind, his fiancee suggested that Alice do
his part by sucking her pussy. The two black men laughed and
agreed with her. They both didn't want Alice to be left out.
The pressure of their eyes on him and the absence of
having tasted her pussy in a while drove him to answer his
need to be intimate with her in the only way she really
permitted him. Her sloppy gloppy hairy gash looked so messy
and nasty, but the gamy smell and strong scent of semen seem
to override that. His need to sample this new concoction was
great. He loved it and brought his fiancee to a rousing
climax as well as consuming the slimy discharges put in her
wet dripping pussy by the two big black dicks.
As a reward, Alice was permitted to jack off for his fiancee
and the two black studs. His need was so great, he didn't get
shame until after he got off. However, his date pulled him
over and cuddled up with him, as did his fiancee's date. This
made Alice feel better. So much so that he agreed,
reluctantly, to fondle and lick his date's big fine tool. The
feel of his tongue on the heated hard black meat was good.
"That's it baby, show the man you know how to respect him,
be a good sissy cocksucker." The comment from his fiancee
seem to make everything alright. Alice felt relieved that his
fiancee, his defacto mistress, condoned not only what he was
doing but that it was a proper way of paying respect to black
Once he had the swollen dick head between his lips and saw
his fiancee mouthing her date's dick also, he followed her
lead and worked on his date's cock in the same manner.
Both Alice and his fiancee went home with several loads of
hot jism in their tummies and the taste of black dicks in
their mouths.
"You were wonderful tonight dear. I'm ready for the
wedding now that I know you know your place. You're going to
be the perfect husband for me."
Alice was somewhat confused by all that'd happened, but
was heartened by the news they would get married.
She was driving and had her arm around her transvestized
fiance, gripping him securely as she talked of the happiness
they would experience being married.
Alice sat silent and insignificantly as he resigned
himself to his fate as a slave sissy husband to this beautiful
assertive woman he'd worked so hard to make his wife.
At the wedding, it was Alice who wore the wedding gown,
marched down the aisle and was given away by his mother. His
mother cried in joy as the couple was pronounced "Woman and
Alice learned for the first time what being a husbanette
meant. It meant he had vowed and agreed to a lack of manliness
and his role would be of total dedication to his bride and
total subordination to her in the marriage. She could do no
wrong. He was married to his wife, his mistress, and was
always expected to be loving, loyal, faithful, and obedient.
However, his new wife, on the other hand was only married to
him to the extent as one would be a "master to a slave". The
female minister's exact words.
On his wedding night, Alice was given another surprise.
His new wife's favorite black stud took Alice's asshole
virginity, as his new bride looked on.


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