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CDE 26 An Illness An Affliction



Copyright c September 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MM, MF, Inter, Impreg, FemDom)



AUTHORS NOTE: The two stories below demonstrate how an
idea can be carried in two different directions, but share
strong similarities.
1st Story: The Illness
Author: C.D.E.
The assistant invited me in. My wife was already in
the office with the doctor. I sat beside her. She greeted
me with a peck on the cheek.
She had been having problems remembering where she'd
been at times, especially after having gotten provocatively
dressed and then disappearing until the wee hours of the
night. Also it apparently seemed to only occur when I was
out of town on business. I typically travel once a week
and am gone for at least three nights.
Apparently she'd been shielding this illness from me
for quite a while, until I arrived home a day early from a
business trip and was there when she came in at 3 AM,
disheveled and obviously raped. That is because she reeked
of semen and heavy sex.
Upon seeing me at home and in her condition, she
confessed about the sleep walking type illness that caused
her to dress and go out at the strangest of times. She
also told me that she thinks there may be a connection
between the many strange phone calls she's been getting for
someone name Susie Q. Her name is Susan, and she always
insist upon being called that. I knew she would never
agree to being called Susie.
"Well, all the tests are in, including the hypnosis
analysis, and I'm afraid we have good and bad news." The
Doctor said in a professional tone.
He went on to explain that my wife was suffering from
a split personality condition where the other personality
was a nymphomaniac and desired to date many men, manly
black men.
"Yes I know that's a shock to both of you, the
Hypnotist also gave your wife a polygraph test and she
passed. That is, he confirmed that she's acted out her
role as a black man's white slut, and has been doing so for
over five years."
"What? We've only been married for 3 years!" I
"Well anyway, Mr. Smith, that's the good news, that
is, we know what the problem is. The issue now is what do
we do about it?"
I inquired about treatment and medication.
The doctor replied that the only successful treatment
was Implementation Role Play Therapy.
"R-Role playing?" I stammered.
"In other words Mr. Ruston, you have to become part of
the role playing. You have to assume the role of the
cuckold to help your wife get well. You have to be
prepared for strange black men to come by your house,
whether you're home or not, and sex your wife. Because of
your wife's mental state while being affected by this
condition, it'' not uncommon that the most abject
degradation and humiliation may be demanded by her of you,
or her having her black lovers possibly force them upon
you at her request."
I inquired what type things. The doctor paused for a
few moments and spelled out what he meant.
"I could use clinical names, but in layman's terms,
the most common acts would be for you to orally attend to
your wife's vagina after her strange men friends have
ejaculated in her. This is a most common act required by
women in her state of mind when affected by this malady.
Additionally, she, or the men friends may also require you
to perform oral cleanup duties for them, or all the way to
completion, that is where you take the men's ejaculate in
your mouth and swallow it. There are some other things
they may be required of you, but I think you see the
"I-I-I g-guess I-I do." I replied flush in the face
and stammering.
The doctor and my wife and I talked on. We were
joined by two of his assistants, one a beautiful blond, she
looked hard, and a big muscular black man.
"Francis I think we have to do what the doctor is
recommending. Yes it'll be a little difficult on you, but
if you really mean you love me as much as you say you do,
you'll go through the therapy."
After more talking and soul searching, I reluctantly
agreed. The doctor complimented on doing the right thing.
The therapy was to start that same day.
My wife left with the big black man. The doctor and I
talked a moment before I joined my wife with Black male
They were nude and she was sucking his huge cock. I
knew she was putting the best on the outside as she
appeared to enjoy doing so for his benefit, you know not to
hurt his feelings.
He was indeed huge. The doctor selected him for his
size because this is the type man my wife's alter ego sort.
"Honey, see how big he is. Come take a lick. You
might as well get use to it, after all, you'll be cleaning
him up after he fucks me and then you'll be coming here
three times a week to suck him off too." My wife added.
"And after Nurse Glenda uses the dildo kit to open up
your ass, you'll be getting that twice a week too. That's
part of the Deluxe therapy treatment package y'all bought."
The black man interjected.


Well, the therapy seem to be working somewhat. My
wife still goes out, but her memory is much better. She
has 5 regular black studs that come by. She demands I
orally clean her after each leaves or while they're there
if necessary. That is, if her pussy needs refreshing for
them. I know them all and they know me, but don't count me
as they come to be with my wife, namely when they get
The therapy has helped me deal with being and feeling
inconsequential when they are there.
Also, since I don't get to have regular sexual
intercourse with her often - it's been over a year now - I
have been getting off through masturbation and often I come
when the men have intercourse with me, that is when they
fuck my ass. It's actually better than I thought it would
I was devastated when my wife announced she was
pregnant by one of her five regulars, or that it could be
from one of their 30 or so friends, who she occasionally
fucked. The doctor was more elated than I, because he said
that the baby would aid the chemistry of trace elements
that was causing the imbalance in her brain, which was
causing the affliction. However, he let me know that it
might take several babies before the body heals itself in
this manner.
I groaned loudly.
"Additionally, you definitely are not to discourage
her from having more babies and you should probably buy a
large supply of condoms, as in order for the psychological
part of this therapy to work, none of the children can
biologically be yours." The doctor added with a serious
look as he stared me in the eyes.
I groaned even louder.

###END OF story #1###

Story #2
Story Title: Affliction of Love
Author: C.D.E.
Sandy's Mother-Mrs. Jackson
"Stanley, Dr. Morgan is simply saying that the therapy
is working, he's not saying she's cured of her
psychological affliction."
"I know Mrs. Jackson. I was just hopping she was,
well you know, closer to being normal."
"She will one day, as long as you provide your
continuing support and devotion to her needs. You are not
giving up on her are you?"
"Oh no, you know I love her too much. I-I just wish
that I didn't have to do all the things that's required of
Dr. Morgan's therapy."
"I understand how you feel and can see that you could
possibly feel some slight humbleness. However, it's all
for a good cause... her long term well being that is."
"I-I understand, b-but it's so painful sometimes to
see her going out with her other men and I have to stay
home and baby-sit the kids. Who incidentally, none of
which belong to me."
"Stanley Jones! How many times have I told you to not
even think negatively of the children? I don't mind you
venting because she's going out with men other than you,
but I will not tolerate you ever hinting anything
despairingly about the children. Understand? Do I have to
call your mom over and us have another talk with you about
this subject?"
"O-Oh n-no ma'am. I-I'm sorry. P-Please forgive me.
I-I didn't mean anything negative about the kids. Y-You
know I care for them j-just as if they're mine."
"In the eyes of the law they are yours Stanley."
"I-I know Mrs. Jackson. I-I didn't mean for my
statement to be interpreted in a negative manner."
"Okay, I'll take your word. But I warn you, your mom
and I love our three grandkids even if you're not the
biological father."
"I love them too. It-it's just that I wish Dr.
Morgan's therapy did encourage her using birth control
protection more often, t-than relying on her lovers to use
"Stanley we've gone over this so many times. You know
Dr. Morgan's therapy strives to make Sandy inwardly see the
dangers of her yearnings to date and sex different men,
while unprotected and running the risk of becoming
pregnant. However, her getting pregnant three times has
increased her responsibility for her actions. That is
clearly evident. Why she's stayed on the pill longer and
longer after having each baby."
"I-I know Mrs. Jackson... a-and I'm thankful for her
progress, b-but, well what I'm trying to say, it's been
stressful on me all these years."
"I know it has Stanley. She knows that she's blessed
to have a good and understanding husband like you who
steadfastly adhered to his vows and accepted his wife for
better or worse, in sickness and health. As your mother-
in-law, you know I praise you for how good you've been to
her and the children."
"Thanks for your praise Mrs. Jackson. It's good to
hear your compliments after all I've had to go through the
last six years after it was discovered that Sandy had this
subconscious desire to be a wanton slut and come home to me
inseminated by other men."
"Even with her condition, she still saw you as a
pillow of stability in her world. Otherwise she could've
left you and you wouldn't have anything - her or the
beautiful results of her affairs."
"I-I know you and mother have both told me that
countless times. I-I guess I see your points, b-but I just
wished things could've been different."
"As I said Stanley, I understand your plight, but at
the same time I know you understand your responsibility to
your wife."
"Dr. Morgan constantly reminds me every time Sandy and
I go in for our counseling sessions."
"By the way, y'all went two days ago. How was it?"
"I'm afraid Sandy maybe getting the urge to go off the
pill again."
"Yes. I'm afraid so. As usual, Dr. Morgan, didn't
discourage her. He only asked her if she was ready to
accept the consequences of becoming pregnant again. Her
answer was that she did. She also went on to say that it
still felt good to have children by other men for our
family, especially since I've been such a good father to
the three we already have. I really became irate at her
answer and told her so in no uncertain terms. It was then
that Dr. Morgan reminded me of my wife's condition and that
I must be patient with her until she fully understands her
actions and the consequences of those actions on our
"He is of course correct. Don't you think?"
"Y-Yes, of course. Again, sometimes, I forget."
"Well anyway, what was her answer to Dr. Morgan's
"Well, it seems that she has this weird idea that
she's getting me to prove my love for her by being a slut
to other men and that her getting knocked up is a bonus."
"Stanley! I will not having you using words like
`knocked up' and `slut' in this house! Please, my daughter
is a decent girl. She just has a malady that we can aid in
curing her of, not by condemning her actions. Remember, we
all have to be supportive toward her, especially you."
"Y-You know I am Mrs. Jackson. I-I'm sorry for m-my
choice of words."
"Apology accepted. Now go on."
"Yes ma'am. Well anyway, seeing my reaction, the
doctor had us take a break. It was during the session
break that he had a talk with me and persuaded me to let
Sandy know that I did love her but that she didn't have to
go to such extremes to have me show her I only had a deep
and true love for her. I did as he requested, as I have in
the past. Well anyway, I apologized to Sandy for my
outburst and did as Dr. Morgan requested when our session
She accepted my apology and we kissed and made up.
She let me know that she still had not changed her mind
about bringing home other men's babies to me.
I just looked at her with wild eyes. It was then that
the Dr. Morgan asked me if I could come up with a better
way of me proving my love that had such permanent
implications, that is with the same impact as daily seeing
the fruits of her three previous bouts of blatant adultery,
and yet loving her nevertheless.
"I thought for a long while. When I couldn't match
what she'd done already, Dr. Morgan advised that I should
continue to think on the question until I could come up
with a good answer. In the mean time I was to accept my
wife's methodology as sound.
"I was quite stunned at the doctor's obvious
concession and actual endorsement of what she's been doing.
I-I can't help it if I couldn't think of a quick reply. In
fact, I really got upset with her and Dr. Morgan, for he
complimented her for her foresight and told me to think
about what my wife had said as he ended the session. I was
fuming, because all he did was condone her assertion that
she's helping me prove my undying love to her by me
accepting her infidelity and bringing home other men's
babies into our marriage."
"Stanley, I can somewhat see your point, but can you
really fault her logic?" His mother-in-law replied.
"W-Well no, but I-I don't see why she has to humiliate
me the way she does. I'm looked on as the biggest cuckold
and fool in town."
"Stanley, showing love to someone often means ignoring
what others think. She often tells you that doesn't she?"
"S-She does Mrs. Jackson, but it-it's hard to ignore
when people snicker and giggle behind your back and look at
you funny, especially when we're out with the kids. I
really wished the, I-I mean o-our kids had not been by
three of her old flames. Especially since she specifically
told me that they weren't good marriage or father
material." Stanley spoke pathetically.
"And all three have praised you as the better person
in that department, that is you'd make a good daddy for
their children."
Stanley also thought the three men's compliments were
humiliating also, even though well meaning.
"Another important subject Stanley. Now you know
you're still expected to provide your part of the therapy,
you know to suck her cunt clean of her lovers jism whenever
she comes home all loaded up with a cunt full of their
"I...sigh! ... know. Plus anyway, if it'll help
reduce her chance of becoming pregnant by them, it's
probably beneficial."
"That's the right attitude Stanley. Don't walk around
looking like everything is gloom and doom. Things are
looking up. Like the doctor said, he's sure Vivian is close
to snapping out of this little affliction, after having
maybe, two or three more babies."

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