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CDE 27 Marital Distrust



Copyright c November 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, Inter, Impreg, FemDom)



Story: Marital Distrust, Jealousy & Confrontations
Author: C.D.E.

Mrs. Davidson-Wife's mother

It amazes me that there are so many divorces. If more
couples would just sort things out there would be no need
for breaking up happy loving relationships. It seems
people who profess to be in love with each other often
breakup over the most trivial things. I even heard of a
couple divorcing because one of them preferred the toilet
tissue roll to be placed on the bathroom fixture one way
and the other wanted it to roll the other way. How silly.
However, the biggest culprit in breakups seems to be
one spouse being jealous or distrustful of the other
spouse, usually husbands distrusting the actions of their
wives with others.
But I understand how it can happen. Especially if
both parties are not ready for a heavy commitment as
marriage. Marriage is based on give and take. Many people
don't realize that there may not be equal giving and taking
for each spouse. One spouse may have to accept more
responsibilities than the other in order to keep the
marriage rock solid.
Take for example the situation between my wife Deloris
and I. She trusts me and I her. It's the hallmark of our
deep love for each other and the cornerstone of our
marriage. Copyright c November 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved
I trust her to be the independent free spirit she is.
Sure, she goes out with other guys, but when she's through
skylarking, bar hopping, partying, etc. with them, I trust
her to come home. She hasn't failed me yet. On the other
hand, she trusts me to be there when she comes back. She
made me promise her that I'll always be faithful and always
be there for her. She's promised me that she'll always
return. Now that's the kind of trust more marriages need.
We are approaching our eighth anniversary. We have
four wonderful children. Jackson, age 8 - our mischievous
redhead son; Julie age 6 - our blond "Barbie doll"
daughter; Samantha, age 4 - she keeps a beautiful tan year
round; and Randall, age 2 - our newest family member, who
so much favors his Italian ancestry.
Another thing that robs the love out of a marriage is
confrontation. My wife and I have agreed that we would try
to avoid confrontation as much as possible with each other.
We even added that to our wedding vows. Promising to avoid
finger pointing and assigning blame, but rather working to
solve the problem.
"Dan darling, I knew for sure I really was in love
with you when you went down on me the night of the
Centerville football game. Remember?"
We'd been married about two years and was looking at a
love story on TV, when my wife brought up the topic of when
she first fell in love with me. I was just about to
respond, but she resumed talking before I could speak.
"It was the evening you'd picked me up at the school
after we'd returned on the school bus from Centerville.
You ate me out so beautifully. I just knew I was head over
heels in love with you after you didn't say a thing when I
revealed that you'd just lapped and sucked up the cum of
the three guys who I'd made out with before you came to
pick me up."
"Er, well Deloris, you know I loved you, but the other
reason was that I was very inexperienced sexually, uh, far
less than you at the time. Remember you told me you were
all wet and sticky because you were thinking of me? So I-I
really didn't know that wasn't the real reason your pussy
was so juicy, gluey, raw and puffy." I replied, with a
slight blush.
"I did mislead you, but when you told me my kiss was
very flavorful, I got this sudden urge to have you do me.
Remember me telling you that if you liked the flavor of my
kiss, you'd love the taste of my pussy?"
I nodded to her.
"Well the truth is, besides getting laid on the bus
three times - you know, by Ricky, Jack, and George - Coach
Hudson also talked me into giving him a blowjob before I
came out to meet you."
"Y-You mean I-I..."
"Yes honey, you had a cum flavored kiss, courtesy of
him." Copyright c November 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved
"But Deloris, w-why didn't y-you ever do t-those
things for m-me? We did have a serious relationship, e-
even though you were dating others."
"It was because I loved you Dan. If I didn't love
you, I would've given you blowjobs or let you put it in
like the other guys. You would've lost respect for me and
taken me for granite as an easy piece whenever your dick
got hard - just like most of the guys did. No, Dan, I
wanted it to be special for us. That's why I wanted you to
jack off for me and wait on our wedding night for us to
have intercourse, and not before.
"You were very, very special to me Dan darling and you
made me feel so good when you ate me out that night. I
couldn't help but fall in love with you, especially after
you raved about how delicious my pussy tasted when you
slurped up all my love goo. You really vacuumed my pussy
good. In fact, you were the only guy to really suck my
pussy. Sure a couple of guys kissed it before putting
their meat to me. But you did it upright. Because of that,
I decided then and there that only you and I would share
such a special pleasure. From that night on, I promised
myself that you would be the only one I let suck my pussy,
and especially so after I got fucked by other guys. That's
why I got your sworn promise before I told you what you
really tasted."
"I-I didn't know you were even having sex with guys.
I just wished you'd let me know t-that's what you were
doing b-before you got me to promise and swear that I'd do
that for you anytime you wanted me to."
"Well if I'd done that, you and I may not have been
together now. And also, I'd be wearing somebody else's
name. No Dan honey, I think telling you later, after
getting your irrevocable promise, helped us bond our
relationship and marriage much tighter."
I couldn't argue with her on that. But anyway, I did
grow fond of her used dripping twat, even though I never
admitted it to her again. Since she wouldn't permit me
regular sex, it was a way of me being intimate with the
girl I loved.
However, after knowing what her love goo really was,
I'd cringe whenever I'd see or walk pass one the guys whose
jism I knew I'd eaten out of her luscious snatch. She has
held me to this teenage promise all these years.
Unfortunately, she knew when I made a promise, I stuck to
After that incident in our senior high days, a pattern
was set. Our relationship pretty much became confrontation
free and we were able to have a tight, though somewhat non-
conventional loving relationship and eventual marriage.
It was obvious that the woman I loved needed other
men. men who were better endowed, I might add. However, I
gave her something they couldn't. That was the
exhilarating feeling she got from me eating her creampies.
I was still hopeful that Deloris would eventually
finish sowing her wild oats, so to speak, that is outgrow
her need for other men and that her love for me would cause
her to become focused on just me.
It's still a bit a bit humiliating for me knowing that
I'm eating her lover's jism, but after all, marriage is
give and take right? She takes their cum and gives it to
me. I in turn give her a feeling that she says no one else
can. She says by my doing this for her, I'm putting my love
in action. I do love her and need her in my life even if
this is what she requires of me. I'm almost sure I couldn't
have won her over otherwise. More about that later.
We have worked this all out over the years so our
marriage is pretty much confrontation free on this and
other matters.
The first real test of our anti-confrontation vows came on
our wedding night after we had blissful sex.
"Darling, it's better we deal with the problem than
worry about how or why it happened." My wife said to me
after she revealed that she was pregnant by one of her old
Even though thoroughly shocked at her revelation, I
was at a loss for words. All I could think of was to ask
if she planned to have the baby. Copyright c November 1999 By C.D.E.
ALL Rights Reserved
"Yes darling, I want to have Jack's baby for us."
She went on to tell me how pretty his baby would look
with her looks and Jack's handsome rugged features.
I asked if she'd intentionally got pregnant. You see,
Jack was not one of my favorite people. He and I just
didn't get along that well in school. He was always
taunting me about my manhood and what a wimp and sissy I
was. It was bad enough I had feasted on his jism from my
fiancee's pussy before we became engaged, but now to have
her carrying his child was even worse.
"No darling, it was actually his idea. He had me
get off the pill. He thought it would be a great wedding
gift for us, since he said he didn't have much money for
anything valuable. So I thought that was nice of him to
offer such a thoughtful and really priceless gift for us.
Our first baby." My new bride said with dreamy eyes as she
cuddled up to me as we laid there in the bridal suite.
I was at a loss for words as well as what to do about
this situation.
"Darling, I probably should've told you about his gift
while we were was making it, but he thought it better to be
a surprise for you." Said my beaming new bride as we talked
about the "gift" my high school nemesis had given to us.
"Darling, they say confession is good for the soul.
So now that we're married and promised to be devoted to
each other, I must let you know that even though I never
fed you creampies during our engagement - you know to show
you I was being faithful to you - I obviously wasn't. I
was having sex with several guys. Jack is just the one who
convinced me to get pregnant. I know it was somewhat wrong
dating other guys, but I needed their big cocks and I
needed you. I know you wanted me to be happy and I needed
those big cocks to be happy. I really missed sharing those
moments I had with the guys with you - that is by letting
you taste the results of them screwing me - but I didn't
want to give you any reason not to make me your wife, even
though I often wanted to feed you my creampies. Even
though you say you don't, I really think you like eating
Deloris sounded so sincere in her confession as I gave
her an incredulous look. Even though I'd been tricked and
utterly humiliated, the wonderful look in her eyes and her
expression of need for me caused my anger to subside - to
even my own amazement.
We talked on and on into the night. I will remember
our wedding night as basically setting the pattern of rules
of behavior for the remainder of our marriage.
My new bride revealed very candidly that even though
she truly loved me, she would need to have sex with men who
had large penises. She said if I truly loved her, I would
agree to this.
I tried to express myself without being
confrontational, but I just wasn't having much luck.
"Dan, are you being confrontational?" My new wife of
a few hours sternly said with a raised voice as I tried to
discern how we should or could explore other options, such
as therapy for her where other guys wouldn't have to be
involved or have sex with her.
"You are too being confrontational! And to think,
just this afternoon, you swore not to be that way in front
of several dozen people. You are a sham! And to think of
all the trouble I've gone through to make this a happy
occasion. I got pregnant from jack for us. I had to
secretly slip around behind your back and have sex with
different guys and pretend I was faithful to you during our
engagement of 5 months. Just imagine, five months of not
having you slurp up their hot jism from my wet cunt. You
don't know how much agony I went through not feeling your
mouth on my creampies. It's just not the same having you
suck my pussy with no dick cream in it. If I knew you were
going to act this way, I wouldn't have married you."
I worked to calm my new wife down and could see that
she was indeed upset at my questioning of her actions. In
spite of all that'd happened, I was now worried about
losing my new wife, especially since she mentioned over and
over the possibility of an annulment and the talk of her
getting an abortion if that happened, since I wasn't man
enough to be the daddy of another man's baby.
"I... SOB!...I've got to go... SOB!... somewhere and
think... SOB!...." My new bride cried out as she hurriedly
dressed and ran toward the door sobbing.
All alone in the large bridal suite, I felt
lonely without her already. By the time I threw on pants
and a shirt and went looking for her, I couldn't find a
trace of her. It was then I decided to enlist the aid of
my best man, and best friend, Julius. He was staying at
the same hotel, as were other members of the wedding party.
When I reached his room and was about to knock on the
door, out stepped he and Deloris.
"Just the person we were coming to see." He said as I
stood there with my curled hand raised to knock on his
"Dan, I can't believe you're treating Deloris this
way... and on your wedding night too. C'mon. Lets go back
to your suite and talk about this."
I was not only speechless but dumbfounded at his
attitude and his words. He walked with his hands around
the waist of my new bride and I walked in a daze besides
Julius was a smart guy in school but also a handsome
jock. He was intelligent and got along with everybody. I
couldn't help but envy him for his combined physical and
intellectual ability.
As we walked, I discovered the reason he and Deloris
were coming back to our suite. Julius's girlfriend was
asleep and he didn't want to awaken her. Between the heavy
sex he'd given her and the wine she'd consumed, she was
out like a light.
Julius and Deloris seemed rather chummy as he
comforted her on our short walk back to the bridal suite.
They never seemed to have much to say to each other before.
That was strange in a way, since he was just the type
of guy Deloris seemed to attracted to when she was dating
me and bringing me her love nest filled with other men's
"Dan, I can understand why you may be surprised at
what Deloris has told you, but not wanting to accept your
responsibility as a new husband and daddy is beyond belief.
I thought for sure you were more honorable than that."
"W-What!" I blurted out in disbelief at what he'd just
"Dan, Deloris came to crying her eyes out because you
are being confrontational after you swore in front of the
minister and the public that you wouldn't. I can't believe
that. Is it true? Tell your best friend it's not."
I rambled on trying to give Julius my side of the
story and to understand what seemed like double talk from
him. Deloris added her two cents worth from time to time,
as we three discussed the whole situation. It was then
that I discovered that Julius, while my best friend had
known what a slut Deloris was before I met her and that he
indeed had fucked her several times too. But that didn't
stop him from trying to mend our current rift.
"Dan, I know what I'm going to say will bruise your
ego, but you really don't have what it takes to please a
fine woman, and an excellent piece of ass, like Deloris
I was shocked and wide eyed at my best friend's words.
Deloris seemed rather pleased at his words and was blushing
and smiling in delight.
"You can give her great emotional love, but you lack
the equipment and skills to give her the real physical love
she needs. Your five incher just won't do it. Sure your
tongue does a great job, but she needs more than that. You
know that. She needs a real cock that can drive her the
distance and fill up her garage. Plus I know she loves to
have the bottom of her pussy touched. Understand?"
Still speechless at his candor, I could only nod that
I understood his analogy.
"So it's not her fault you can't give her the manly
things she needs. Therefore, since you're only able to
give part of what your new wife needs, there should be no
lack of honor on your part of not getting in her way as she
seeks and gets the other portion of sex you can't provide.
An honorable husband would support his wife in this
endeavor just as you did when you were dating. Yes you
should not only continue sucking her cum filled pussy as
you've done before, but not be upset over the fact that she
was inseminated by another man."
"Dan, honey, I truly love you. We were meant for each
other, but like Julius said, I occasionally need other men
that can dive deep and swim the distance, unfortunately you
can't." Deloris added as I had to accept another
humiliating metaphor being dumped upon me. I sat silent.
"And Dan, her having another man's baby should not be
a crisis for confrontation. It should be a time of joy,
especially since the other man is not laying claim to the
child. It's clear Jack wants the baby he planted in
Deloris to call you daddy. You should be ashamed for not
accepting the gift in the spirit in which it was intended."
Julius was in law school and it showed. However, as
he and I and Deloris talked, he did persuade me that I did
need and love my new wife in spite of her promiscuous
faults, and that I should've understood that she wasn't
going to change overnight.
I let them both know that I had reconsidered my
position and that I would not be confrontational or seek a
divorce or annulment. They both seemed pleased at me
telling them that.
However, they both became enraged when I suggested
that my new bride should seek therapy for her sexual
addiction to other men and their heavy duty equipment.
"After all, size is not a significant issue in a man
satisfying a woman sexually. It's just an emotional state
of mind." I added.
The look on Deloris's face in response to my statement
was obviously that of anger. Julius also had a hostile
facial expression.
Easily intimidated, I was instantly cowed when they
both stood and approached the chair where I sat.
"You don't get it do you Dan? Therapy ain't gonna
help you keep this good woman. This is!"
Julius shouted at me as he pulled out his rather large
7 inch plus cock.
"Get over here Dee and get my dick hard so I can show
my friend, and your pipsqueak husband, what kind of therapy
you need. And don't get up! If you do, I'm gonna leave my
fist print on your face!" Julius yelled as he directed the
last part of his statement at me.
I sat frozen to my seat. To say I wasn't scared would
be a lie. Julius was quite muscular and capable of
knocking me out cold without even trying.
My new bride had a smile on her face as I sat and
timidly watch her grasp and slowly lick Julius's fine
specimen of manhood.
She had yet to place her lips on my much smaller
prick. Not only did I have to watch her sensuously lap and
noisily suckle his well formed cock to an erect state, my
fear of having to watch her get fucked by him in my
presence was realized as he directed her to the bed and
into position to receive him.
Again my best man warned me not to move as he placed
himself between her shapely parted legs and positioned the
head of his large golf ball size swollen dickhead at the
entrance of my new bride's pretty pouting pussy lips.
When hard, Julius's dick was well over eight inches
long and rather thick. He had to be almost two inches in
diameter. I had to admit his cock looked impressive even if
posed to fuck my new wife.
My humiliation was great. There was absolutely
nothing I could do except watch the scene unfolding before
"OH yeeeeesssss! That feeeels soooo goood!
OOOOHHHHH! Yesssss!" Deloris cried out as Julius began to
push his truncheon of hard flesh in her beautiful gash.
In no time they were fucking like two animals in heat
while I was relegated to the sidelines to watch. In no
time I had an involuntary erection, which surprised me
since it usually takes me time to recharge for sex.
"SLURP!... SLAP!... SLURP!... SLAP!... SLURP!...
SLAP!..." The persistent, but unique sound of their
coupled wet genitals meeting and separating seemed to fill
the room. My best man and new bride functioned as well
lubricated machines. As I watched, I was cuckolded not
only on my wedding night, but it occurred in my wedding
I'd heard of men having staying power, but this blew
my mind as my friend and best man, fucked my new bride for
over a half hour straight before giving her his load. I
counted four orgasms for her over the half hour. Each
seemed louder than the last. I had to be impressed,
considering he'd already fucked his girlfriend several
times earlier that night.
I was also impressed how much of his big tool Deloris
took in her cunt. His point was well made. If she
delighted in being deep fucked, I was no match and neither
was therapy a substitute for a big long hard dick for her.
As they both came tumbling down from their sexual
peak, and laid tightly together for a few moments before
stirring, I almost wanted to applaud them for their
I had been totally intimidated, humiliated, humbled,
and put well in my place by these two. However, the
strange thing is that it seemed proper for then to have
done this to me. I was truly perplexed at my emotional
state of mind. I was mentally exhausted and browbeat from
their sexual demonstration.
"Understand better now?" Julius said looking over at
me as I still sat and looked sheepishly at him as he used
my formal wedding shirt to wipe the pussy and fuck slime
from his softer, but still long and sizeable penis.
After dressing, he had me walk with him to the door.
My new bride laid just where he'd got off her, legs parted
and her pussy, a slimy mess.
"Dan, she's a good woman. Sure, she's more than you
can handle, but that's what friends are for. When I'm
around I expect to drop in and fuck her, as does many of
the other guys. You don't have to worry about her getting
the dicks she needs."
I again looked at my friend as if he was not from this
planet. He went on.
"You're the right man for her. You're a wimp,
everybody knows that. You know it too. But with her you'll
be a wimp with a beautiful wife. Without her, you'd be
just a plain, unnoticeable insignificant wimp. How many
girls were attracted to you in school other than Deloris?
Zero right? You were attracted to her and she to you.
Therefore, I think you two were meant to be together."
I let him know I understood where he was coming from,
but wished it didn't have to be that way.
Reluctantly I shook his outstretched hand to reaffirm
that our friendship was still intact, in spite of his
fucking demonstration and threats to me.
After a few more words of advice, he departed to his
room by saying "You married some good pussy there, and
should be proud she's carrying your name. She'll make you a
good wife and will be a good mother too."
"I saw you shaking hands, does that mean you're still
friends?" My wife said as I returned to the bed where she
was still laying on her back, legs open and one hand
holding her loose pussy lips closed.
"Yes, we're still friends, even though I don't think
it'll be like it was before." I replied as I sat on the
side of the bed looking at my new bride's magnificent
exposed tits, which still had Julius's reddish handprints
on them.
"It'll be better. He has helped us negotiate our
differences and get our marriage off to a good start, don't
you think?" She said looking over at and reaching her free
hand toward me.
I knew I was too weak to resist going down the path
she and Julius had laid out for me. I held her hand. I
knew it sent the signal that I had capitulated in accepting
her as she was, and that I would be the type husband she
desired. That is, one who is a faithful cuckold. And I
should add, one that eats her other men's abundant cum from
her adulterous, wet, used, pussy. She soon let me know
that was what she wanted me to do next for her.
"Dan sweetie, give me a kiss." My wife cooed
I did. I needed it. It was slightly stale and I
attributed it to her having suckled Julius's big member.
Nevertheless it was good being close to her again. I
didn't feel as lonely as a hour or so before.
"C'mon give me the feeling that no big dick can. I
want your mouth on my pussy. No, it's your pussy. I'm
carrying your name now. Give your pussy what it needs
after another man's big dick has used it."
Without saying a word, I positioned myself to lap up
Julius's spent deposit of semen from my new bride's leaking
bushy muff.
This would be the second time that night I'd
sucked jism from her pussy. The first time was earlier
when tying to get her off after my futile effort to do so
with my much smaller and less robust tool. I had to resort
to tongue and lips and in the process consumed my own
spunk. For some reason, I suspected that me eating my own
stuff out of her would not have the same impact as that of
another man who'd fucked her.
As I lowered my face into her well fucked sloppy slimy
crotch, the joyful smile on her face led me to believe that
my suspicion was correct. Her facial expression could only
be described as one of ecstasy.
Later, after I had finished my husbandly oral conjugal
duty, I was hard again and mounted her for a good minute.
I couldn't hold back a second longer.
Her pussy was quite loose form Julius's much larger
tool, but I was thankful for the opportunity to once again
to have the pleasure of normal intercourse and come in her.
After shooting my wad, my prick shriveled. I laid
there enjoying the closeness with my slut bride and
suckling on her delectable heavenly tits, even though my
best friends hand prints were still very evident on the
flesh I was mouthing.
I didn't feel slighted when Deloris asked me "Are you
still in me darling?" For after seeing her in action, I
felt even less of a man in her eyes and in a strange way,
beholding to her for her loving me and wanting me as her
Later, we lay cuddled and drifted off to sleep as
newlyweds in love.
She went to sleep before me as she lay in my arms. I
looked at the beautiful woman that was now my wife and
carried my name. As I too drifted to sleep, I mentally
thought of what I'd have significant to say about my
wedding night years later.
I'd have to remember it as when I lost my virginity.
I'd have to write that my new bride married me pregnant
with another man's baby in her; another man gave her the
best fuck of the night, and I sucked out another man's jism
from her well fucked cunt.

By the way, during her pregnancy and after the birth
of our first child, the real father, Jack came by often,
even when I was at home. They were usually at my wife's
invitation, I might add. These visits were awkward for me,
but as my wife said it would, I soon got use to his
presence as he shared the growing years of "our" son,
including the pregnancy phase.
I had to resign myself to my new bride having a baby
from one of the guys I hated the most in senior high.
However, as they say, time heals wounds. I had to be civil
to Jack. I simply had to overcome negative feelings and
not let them interfere with my marriage. Eventually, I had
to accept him as a frequent visitor to our home, to our
bedroom, and in my wife's pussy. Our first child, Jackson,
strongly resembles Jack. Deloris insisted on naming him
after Jack.
It did take some getting use to Jack caressing her
swollen belly and tits right there in front of me as we sat
watching tv during his visits. My new wife thought it was
good to have him watch her progress through her pregnancy.
I didn't, but I knew she'd accuse me of being
confrontational if I said anything to the contrary.
Therefore, I went alone with her desire.
Usually, before he left from his visits, he and my
wife would say their good-byes in the master bedroom, while
I was left to watch TV. After she delivered, I watched
"our" son while they said goodbye. Always after their
good-byes, Deloris would invite me to suck her wet slimy
oozing muff that "our" son's father had left her with.
The first time she did this, I was shocked at her
behavior. However, since I'd sworn to a confrontation free
marriage as well as my infamous creampie promise, I did as
she desired. I put our son to bed and went to our master
bedroom and did my duty.
I'm not sure why my lovely wife gets off by having her
lover's thick jism sucked out of her tasty, but slimy
heated twat. She says it thrills her to know it's sliding
down my throat and being consumed by me. Anyway, I go
along with her wanting me to do so.
I always get a chance to have normal intercourse with
her afterwards. Sometimes she requires me to tongue out my
own cum and sometimes not. However, we are a very loving
couple and we both feel we have a relationship that is very
strong, stable and built on the highest degree of trust. A
trust as I discussed earlier.
Over the years, Deloris has had other lovers.
Our other three children are the results of her being
fucked by my best friend Julius and affairs with other
lovers. As with Jack, the father of our first born, I
share her cunt with Julius - Julie's real father - the
other two real fathers, and an assortment of other men she
fucks around with.
Sometime after "our" first child was born, Deloris let
me know that she'd only consider getting pregnant from a
man who could get to the bottom of her cunt and directly
inject his sperm into her cervix on contact. I knew this
was a clear message to me that I would not be fathering any
of the children in our marriage.
I said nothing when she revealed her impregnation
policy to me. She knew, I was too weak willed and
intimidated by her and the fathers of our children to
complain, or confront her, or them for that matter. She
and they knew, I knew my place.
In fact it was my best friend Julius who told me he'd
beat me up if I didn't be a good daddy to his daughter,
who is Julie. He encouraged the other fathers to give me
the same message. They are all well built and hunks in
their own right. I of course took their warnings
As you can imagine, with her lovers and all these real
fathers visiting from time to time, I'm kept rather busy
babysitting as well as tonguing my wife's wet messy pussy
after her men leave. The real fathers or her other lovers
also take her out on dates or away for the weekend. One
time she went on a week long cruise. She came back
impregnated with our fourth child.
My wife has told me it's condom time again for me. I
guess that means she's planning on letting one of her
lovers inseminate her again.
I overheard she and Sam talking the last time he was
here. He's the father of our daughter Samantha. By the
way, he's black. He said something about wanting her to
have a son for us, from him.
It's hard for some guys to keep their wives happy for
a sustained period of time, but I believe, with the help
I'm getting, I'm doing a pretty good job. Sure, others
might say I'm paying a steep price, but I look at it as an
investment in a stable long term relationship and marriage.
How many of either of those have you seen lately?
Additionally, it's not always easy being in a marriage
with the responsibilities and pressures I have, in trying
to be a good husband and daddy. However, my wife and the
real fathers of our children say I'm doing a great job.
Occasionally, I grit my teeth when things get hectic
as I remember how I got into this all this and how things
could've been different. Yet I remember my vows as a new
husband and the advice my best Friend Julius gave me, on my
wedding night after fucking my bride in front of me.
When Jack and Julius and the other real fathers of our
children come by, the kids know them as "play uncles". The
real fathers all seem to exhibit this smirking smile when
they refer to me as the daddy of their biological
My wife also exhibits a similar smile when they say
that too.
I do love my wife deeply, and sure, it was upsetting
to find out that my new bride had been knocked up by
someone else and that I'd never even gotten the chance to
put it in her prior to our wedding night. However, from
what you've read already, my unassuming nature and mild-
mannered personality was probably a factor in my accepting
the situation. Copyright c November 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

Deloris's mother is also to be given some credit too.
It was her who first told me that sucking her daughter's
pussy was the best way to get next to her and woo her away
from her other high school dates, who were far more
handsome than me.
I tutored Deloris in algebra. That's how I came to get
close to one of the most popular girls in senior high.
That gave me an excuse to go over to her house from time to
time. One evening when I came by and Deloris was not home,
her mother and I had a chance to talk.
She made me blush when she told me she knew I had a
crush on her daughter.
"Yes Daniel, I know you really like my daughter, but I
know you don't have the looks or equipment to get or keep
her attention."
With a more than beet red face, I looked at her
strangely, embarrassed and puzzled at how she could tell I
had a small cock.
"I bet you want to know how I know?"
In response, I shook my head sheepishly.
"By your basket. Your crotch. There's no sizeable
bulge. It's easy to tell you're not hung like the other
fellows that take her out. To help me improve my wooing
odds, her mother, Mrs. Davidson, started teaching me how to
perform Cunnilingus, or the art of sucking pussy.
She also swore me to secrecy for teaching me to do
this. Therefore I never revealed any of this to my wife
Deloris or anyone else before. Please don't tell anyone
Well anyway, it was exciting to go down on Mrs.
Davidson. I couldn't help but get an erection during these
secret sessions we had, as I let my lips, tongue and mouth
explore her womanly exotic bushy snatch.
"Go ahead and jack off Daniel, it's not good to leave
with your little thing aching so." She said the first time
she noticed I was sporting a hard-on after my first lesson
in pussy eating.
She encouraged, actually more like demanded, I jerk
off while I knelt before her.
This became the routine for us at these pussy sucking
lessons she taught me. Many times it seemed that my
masturbating got her excited too, as she would pull my face
back to her "hairpie" for another sucking session as I was
jacking off.
I found that rather pleasant also.
It was so exciting to suckle and mouth her inner pink
pussy flesh. It gave me such a thrill to have her hold my
head so tightly to her heaving gyrating crotch as she got
off on my face. The feeling of having my head held in a
thigh lock, with her shapely legs crossed behind my back
was rather nice too.
She also taught me breathing techniques and several
different positions when sucking pussy.
Mrs. Davidson, also introduced me to the concept of a
creamy hairpie. However, I didn't know what it was at the
time. Mrs. Davidson also called the gloppy milky goo as
love secretions from her pussy. The first time she had me
eat it from her, her reddish pink gapping cunt lips was
oozing the thick slimy stuff from her warm wet gaping pussy
lips. Copyright c November 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved
It had a peculiar taste I wasn't accustomed too, but
through Mrs. Davidson's guidance I became accustomed and
fond of the slimy tasting love secretions.
"Now Daniel, my love secretions are because of my love
for my husband, but when Deloris gives you her love
secretion, you'll know it's true love between you two."
Mrs. Davidson's said to me.
I asked her if her husband ate her goo too.
"No, he doesn't Daniel. You see, real men... er, what
I mean is that men who have sturdy equipment just see the
goo as us women being in heat and ready for a good fuck.
They then just take their manly equipment out and fuck us.
The goo is just a good lubricant to them. But with you
it's a little different. To you it becomes an ambrosia of
love. You have to approach the situation a little
differently. You have to stick your tongue in where a, uh,
well, a real man would otherwise push his dick in."
Mrs. Davidson told me not to become shamed over the
label of her not referring to me as a "real man".
"I don't mean to hurt you with words Daniel. That's
definitely not my intent. You should not let it bother you
for someone to say you're not a real man. We both know the
situation. You want my daughter to be yours. There is
heavy competition out there. You have to win her over. We
both know what you have to do to get there. Don't we?"
Processing all she said, I sheepishly nodded my head
and accepted the fact that I was competing with "real men"
and may have to do things real men wouldn't do in order to
be successful.
I had already been sucking her daughter's cunt for a
while, before the Centerville game night when Deloris gave
me what I thought was her love secretions - that is due to
her love for me. When I did taste Deloris's love goo that
night, I was so elated and excited. I ate Deloris's
reddish pink, gaping, gamy, slimy cunt out ravenously. It
was a wonderful moonlight night as I brought her to several
orgasms until her pussy was too sensitive for even my
tongue to touch. I was so proud of my accomplishment.
Later when Deloris informed me what her love goo
really was, I was speechless because I knew that her mom
had also fooled me too. I had eaten Deloris's father's
semen from her mom, and now had just eaten the spent sperm
of three guys that'd fucked her daughter within the last
few hours.
I confronted Deloris's mother at our next secret
meeting. Copyright c November 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved
She knew I was upset at being taken advantage of
because of my sexual ignorance.
"Daniel dear, I didn't really lie to you. I just
didn't tell you that the goo was not all mine. Yes, a good
part of it was my husband's secretions, that is from his
balls. But Daniel, don't get upset, I knew you'd
eventually find out what was going on. I had to introduce
you to eating a creampie made by another man, because for
some men to hold onto the woman they love, this will become
a necessary part of their love making to keep that woman in
their lives. Do you understand now why I had to introduce
you to, and help you get acclimated to the taste of used,
well fucked pussy?"
Mrs. Davidson's tone was sincere and even motherly, as
she talked to me. Even though I'd been tricked, she'd
convinced me it was for a good cause. I knew she was
correct, and that there was really no need to be angry with
"I believe you'd make a great husband for Deloris and
be a stabilizing influence on her. My husband and I both
like you too. Otherwise, do you think I'd be wasting my
time doing all I've done for you?" Copyright c November 1999 By
C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved
In the end, I not only apologized to Mrs. Davidson,
but thanked her for her faith in me and for all she'd done.
"You're welcomed Daniel. You just be faithful to
Deloris, stay non-confrontational - which shouldn't be hard
for you - and of course, not break your promise to her,
that is of sucking her creamy pussy when ever she needs it.
You two will be the tightest of lovers."
I asked Mrs. Davidson if it was okay for me to try and
get her daughter Deloris to have regular intercourse with
me, like she was doing with many other guys at school.
"Daniel, you may run the risk of losing her if you do.
You have to show and continue proving to her that you are
special for her. You have to let her know you're different
from the other guys she dates. Sure she'll put out for
them cause they`re handsome jocks and that they'll hound
the hell out of her for some. She'll also need the feel
and action of their large robust cocks and a good long
lasting fuck that such men can give a girl. However, you
on the other hand, have to play a different tune. You'll
sing to her pussy with your mouth. No Daniel, don't try to
be like the other guys that fuck her. Your best role is to
be the guy that sucks her. My advice is for you to be
content to do as she's letting you do now. Eat her out
when she brings her cum filled cunt to you, and it's best
if you continue jacking off for your relief. Tell her you
do that and that you're staying faithful to her. Don't
worry, she'll let you know when she's ready for you to put
it in."
As usual, Mrs. Davidson still had me eat her out as
well as jack off for her at that session too. She and I
continued to have our clandestine meetings over the years.
She has helped me with other situations in our marriage.
Her advice has been invaluable in helping Deloris and I
keep our solid marriage on track and non-confrontational.
Copyright c November 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved
Her guiding theme over the years has been that I
should understand that I'm the real husband in the marriage
if not the true real man in her, their family, or my wife's
"Daniel, you may not be the real father of any of the
children your wife has had, but you should be pleased that
they have your last name, legally yours and that they call
you daddy. Even though your wife puts out for many men and
bring her cunt full of the experience back for you to
taste, or to raise as one of your kids, she still respects
you as her real husband. That is very special and you
should be proud of being her loving husband, and her as
your loving wife. She always returns to you, no matter how
frequent or how long she stays away with her bigger dick
handsome lovers. You therefore should respect her highly as
your wife, and hold her in high esteem for her good
qualities, no matter that others may perceive her as a slut
and you as a cuckold."
I value my mother-in-law's wisdom and eloquence.


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