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CDE 30 Part1 Honor of our Love



Copyright c December 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, Inter, Impreg, FemDom)


AUTHOR'S NOTE OF THANKS: To the delightful "real world"
couple who were instrumental in my creativity for this

Story: The Honor of Our Love & Marriage, Part 1
Author: C.D.E.
My name is Albert. My wife Alice and I have been
married for nine years and have a loving and strong
marriage. We have five kids, certainly more than most
families have these days. They are ages 3, 4(Twins), 7,
and 9. We may be having more, but that depends on what the
future holds for us.
The number of children we have is due to the steadfast
love between my wife and I.
We've had many past challenges, and still face daily,
new challenges to our deep love from individuals who've
sought to break up our marriage over the years. Their
efforts started even before our wedding took place.
Prior to becoming engaged, Alice and I dated for two
years. We were engaged for a year before the wedding.
During the entire three years, Alice refused to have
sexual intercourse with me. She said it was improper for
us to commit fornication prior to getting married. For the
two years we dated steadily, there was no sex of any type
between us, only steamy petting.
Typically after dropping her off at her place after a
date, I went home many nights with a tent pole in my pants
and blue balls. During this time, she would only let me
fondle her breasts through her clothes. I remember her
letting me put my hand under her dress only once, and then
she'd only let me fondle her hot furry pussy for a few
After I put a two-carat engagement ring on her finger,
she finally exposed her very delectable tits to me and
allowed me the profound pleasure of handling and sucking on
her mammary endowments. She knew I was a virgin, and
wanted me to remain that way until our wedding night.
However, to suppress my pleading to help me end the curse
of my virginity - at least that was my opinion of it anyway
- she came up with the idea of me performing oral sex on
her and me stroking my prick for sexual satisfaction.
I'd seen pictures of guys giving head to women, but
never had the opportunity to do it before. I confessed the
same to Alice.
"I haven't experienced receiving head either Albert
darling, so this will be a first for me also. However, let
me show you how I think you should do it. C'mon, lets get
you on your knees while I take off my panties."
I was very excited at being able to see her pussy for
the first time. She indeed was a true blond. Through her
careful tutelage, I was eating my first hair pie, and my,
was it very tasty.
The musk flavored taste combined with her pleasurable
moans and sighs, and the clamping of her shapely thighs
around my head was a most pleasant environment for me to be
in. I never dreamed sucking pussy could be so delightful.
She held my head to her blond crotch ever so tightly until
she had a very rousing orgasm.
I was so proud of myself for having tongued and
sucked her so well.
While she was in the midst of her orgasmic afterglow,
she looked at me dreamily and asked if I needed relief. Of
course my prick was aching somewhat fierce.
"Please take it out darling. I'd like to see you jerk
off for me." She said sweetly through dreamy eyes.
She heeded me on even when it was apparent I was
somewhat embarrassed to do so in front of her. However,
with my aching need and looking at her luscious blond bush,
I soon got over it and was stroking away as she urged me
on. She seemed rather excited for me also. That made me
feel good too as I shot off my heated load.
Finally about three months before the wedding, she
finally started handling my prick and would occasionally
jerk me off for my much-needed relief from being aroused by
her exceptional beauty.
Alice was a solid "10" in anybody's book. Our initial
meeting was at a medical office, where she worked as an
administrative assistant. I met her when I went in for a
routine physical. As I was writing a check for the office
visit, she gave me her name, phone number and asked me to
call her that evening.
I was shocked beyond belief that the vivacious blond
before me was taking even a second look at me, not to
mention giving me her phone number without me asking for
it. I was literally dumbfounded and in a mild state of
shock and euphoria, simultaneously, at this wonderful and
totally unexpected event in my rather uneventful daily
routine. I counted the minutes until a suitable time to
phone her that evening.
We started dating the next week. It wasn't until six
months later that she revealed what first attracted her to
me. It was because I was a 24-year-old virgin. She'd read
my medical file. Somewhere in it, the doctor wrote down
something to the effect I'd never engaged in intercourse.
She later told me that after getting to know me, she
fell in love with my easy going, unassuming personality,
and optimistic outlook on life. She confessed she wasn't a
virgin due to a few silly high school romances.
"Albert, promise me you'll never cheat on me and
remain just as sweet as you are now." She said to me the
night we had our first passionate kiss, which was two
months after our first date. It was official then that we
were going steady.
I was floating on air for days after that.
During the three years prior to our getting married, I
never spent as much time as I really wanted too with her.
The primary reason was that she was trying to break off, in
a gentle manner, relationships with four men she said she
had been casually dating before we started going steady.
She and I usually dated on Wednesday nights and Sunday
evenings. Since the days after each of our date days were
workdays, our dates never lasted longer than 10:30 each
night. She was busy during the rest of the week trying to
slowly break the news to her other men friends. She told
me how aggressive they were and that it would just have to
take time to wean them away from the relationships.
I offered my assistance, but she told me that she must
be courageous and do it herself.
She eventually showed me photos of the four. They
were rather handsome and all looked athletic and tall.
Their names were Ken, Kyle, Bob, and Ron.
The most shocking thing was that Ken and Ron were
black. Mind you, I'm not prejudice, but I was just
surprised that Alice, with her obviously demur personality
would be dating black men - two rather handsome well built
athletic ones at that.
Kyle had dark black hair and Bob was a red head.
After looking at their pictures, I wondered what she
saw in me. They had it all over me any day of the week,
for I was only five-seven, 125 pounds and nowhere as good
looking as these guys. They all looked like rugged male
"Looks aren't everything Albert darling." Was Alice's
reply to me when I asked why me, and not one of them. That
made me feel so much better.
Not being overly aggressive, I had difficulty in
asking how things were going in her weaning off her other
boyfriends, especially since Alice seemed sensitive about
me asking once before. That was after she went away on a
weekend trip with one of them. I think it was with Ken.
"I'm working on it darling, don't worry." Her sexy
voice put me at ease. However, when she next broke two of
our scheduled dates because she was going away for a week
long cruise with Ron, I began to worry that she was indeed
having difficulty in letting them know about us.
Her seriousness in breaking off her relations with the
guys plagued me for the whole time we were dating, and into
our engagement. Yes, she was still dating them even when
we were engaged. She still was going away on weekends with
them up until two months before the wedding.
About seven weeks before the wedding, she let me know
that she'd finally got it over to them that they were
history, and that she and I were the current event. I'm
glad she finally got them convinced. For this had gone on
long enough and I was about to put my foot down.
To formally let them know about us, she had them meet
us at a relatively expensive, but favorite restaurant of
ours, for dinner. She introduced them to me for the first
time. Their pictures did them justice. They were just as
muscular and handsome as their photos. To say I was
psychologically intimidated by them, would be an
However, it was a cordial evening and each one
congratulated me on being the lucky guy to get the prize,
Alice that is. As a means of celebrating, they decided to
give her a bachlorette party. Of course, I wouldn't be
invited. They set it up for the following Saturday night.
The four left Alice and I at the restaurant and
thanked me for inviting them to join us for dinner. I was a
bit upset that my fiancee gave each a rather passionate
goodbye kiss as they each lined up to kiss her goodnight.
Others in the restaurant also watched with surprise
also. Particularly not only the extent of their kisses, but
the fact that two of the men were black drew obvious
Sitting beside her, it was rather apparent that each
kisser's tongue probed the inside of her sweet mouth, as
they each gave her what I considered indecent French
kisses. To add insult to injury, little did I know that
Alice had told them I was picking up the tab. My credit
card took a wallop that evening.
"Albert darling, I think it was worth it so the guys
now formally know I belong to you totally. Plus, they now
know that you don't skimp when it comes to making me
The last part of her statement had to do with her
former boyfriends' concern that I couldn't keep her happy
or that I loved her as much as they did.
"I assured them that you would keep me happy and that
you loved me more than either one of them."
Even though it eventually took me three months to pay
off the bill, her sweet sexy voice and words of praise
convinced me it was a good investment.
However, aside from that, I was pleased that things
were heading in the right direction for us. Now everything
was clear for my dream girl to become my wife.
The wedding went off with out a hitch and we had a
wonderful honeymoon in Puerto Rico.
A slight irritation was that Alice was not on the pill
and presented me with a large box of condoms on our
honeymoon. I had so desperately wanted to get into her
juicy pussy, skin to skin, with only cunt juice between us.
However, even with the latex barrier, she was very hot and
wet. In order to give her the full pleasure she expected
and needed, I had to use my lips and tongue far more than
my prick, which she smiled at as she mentioned how cute my
"little fellow" was. She said that often during our
Upon returning home we went about the business of
setting up house and began the routine of being married.
Now that we were husband and wife, there were many
questions I wanted to ask of my new bride that I was uneasy
about asking before. I wanted to know more about her
relationships with Ken, Kyle, Bob and Ron during the three
years before our marriage.
However, before I could get around to asking her, she
let me know that the guys had been coming around to see how
marriage life was treating us. They first started coming
while I was at work. Alice had been looking for a new job
and wasn't currently working.
I thought that was nice of them, but I finally got up
the nerve to her to tell them that it might be more
appropriate if they came by when I was home.
"I do believe you're jealous darling. I like that.
That means you really are in love with me." She said as
she kissed me on the cheek. I liked her playful ways.
"Anyway, I've invited them all over tonight. They
should be here in about a half hour. I wanted them to know
about something special for us."
"Special? What?"
"That we're going to have a baby." She cooed as she
formed her arms into a cradle and pretended to be rocking
an imaginary infant.
"W-What!" I surprised myself at how loud I cried out.
"Yes darling, I'm almost six weeks pregnant."
"S-Six weeks! W-Why t-that means y-you were preg..."
at that point I realized I'd married a pregnant bride. I
became speechless.
She went on to let me know that the blessed event
happened at the bachlorette party her four previous
boyfriends had given her. She didn't know it until she got
there that she was to be the only attendee, other than
them. She also revealed that she didn't know which one of
the four was the father.
"They all thought that it would be a good way to get
our family started. However, the real reason they
persuaded me to let them inseminate me was that they
thought it would be a good way to see if you really loved
me as much as I told them you did." She said softly.
"What! O-Of course I-I love you Alice, b-but this is-
is so unexpected a-and y-you know it's h-humiliating don't
"How darling?"
"W-Well I mean, y-y-you having a baby from one of them
m-makes me a-a... I-I guess you call it a cuckold. Plus w-
with you not e-even knowing which one is the father, I-
"Not yet, but when the baby is born, we will." She
replied matter-of-factly looking at me as if I'd said
something totally stupid.
"Y-You're going to h-have... w-what if the baby is-is
Alice let me know that in no uncertain terms, she'd
planed on having the baby even if it turned out to be
black, or that my professed love for her wasn't as deep as
I had vowed. She quickly wanted to know if I was
prejudice. I emphatically let her know I wasn't. With that
out of the way we got into such issues as trust and honesty
and not holding anything back from each other.
"You do have a point darling. I should've told you
what happened at the bachlorette party, but would you have
still married me?"
When I stammered in replying she was quick to
capitalize on my hesitant answer.
"See! Maybe the guys were right. Maybe your love
isn't as deep as you've professed. And to add insult to
injury, just a few days ago at the altar, you vowed to
accept me for better or worse. Because of your vow, it
really shouldn't matter what happened at that party.
Anyway, I was only trying to prove the honor of your love,
and look at how you're treating me."
Before I could respond to her statement, the doorbell
rang. Our conversation was interrupted.
Ken, Kyle, Bob and Ron had arrived with little baby
gifts and were congratulating us both. It was such a
surreal atmosphere as the four, without shame, in addition
to congratulating me, handled my wife as if she was theirs.
Unfortunately, she initiated the action and encouraged them
to feel her tits and tummy, which had a very slight, barely
noticeable protrusion, which I hadn't really noticed
I was also very upset that they apparently knew about
the blessed event before I did.
I sat quietly, and totally humiliated, as the guys
talked about the bachlorette party and who came how often,
and who shot the most cum in my wife's juicy cunt. I
couldn't believe my ears. They also placed bets as to
which one sired the "bun" in the oven. It was as if I
wasn't there.
During the discussions that were going on around me,
it was clear that if I divorced her, they wouldn't be too
unhappy about it. Apparently, they'd convinced my new
bride that my love for her wasn't as strong as she said it
was. Their implication was that I couldn't weather her
having one of their babies. She told them my love was deep
and true and that it wouldn't matter. In other words, she
accepted the thrown gauntlet to defend my love for her.
Even though anyone of the four could've trounced me
like a rag doll, I was seething with anger at what was
taking place around me. I was fed up and couldn't take it
anymore. I decided to act. I summoned enough nerve and
asked them politely to leave after they'd been there about
45 minutes.
"They're our guests, Albert darling. They're an
important part of this since they were responsible for
Creating this situation." My wife said in response to my
carefully worded invite for the four to leave.
"Yeah man, one of us did all the work and you get all
the credit. See Alice, he doesn't appreciate you. We told
you marrying him was the wrong thing to do. You need a man
like me. One who wouldn't worry about whose baby it is,
but whether does it make you happy to have it. That's how
strong my love is" Boasted Ron in an outspoken manner.
"No, I'm the better man for you Alice. I know my love
is stronger than the others and your pipsqueak hubby there.
A beautiful fox like you can have as many kids as you want
from other guys, just as long as you save a little bit of
your love for me. Now that's true love." Yelled Bob.
Ken and Kyle soon added their rowdy statements to the
other "who loved Alice the most" declarations. I soon found
myself on the defensive as to whether my love for my new
bride was strong as that of her ex-boyfriends.
"I-I love her a great deal." I replied to Kyle, when
he caught me off guard asking me just how much did I
Love my new bride.
"See that Alice, he's waffling. He don't love you as
much as any one of us." Spoke Bob.
"Yeah! Drop the zero and get yourself a hero." I
think Ken is the one who shouted that phrase out, for I was
so shaken by their words that I became befuddled as I tried
to speak amidst their noisy clamoring to let my wife know
that each one was the best one for her. However, a common
theme was that any of them were better than me.
Frustrated that I was not as adroit at throwing out
snappy statement as they were, I sat red faced and
bewildered at what was going on.
"Okay you guys, enough is enough, pipe down!" My wife
shouted loudly. "Albert is my husband now. I belong to
him. You guys had your chance and didn't take advantage of
the opportunity to ask for my hand. I know Albert loves
me, and he'll do whatever it takes to show me his love is
genuine. So you guys just back off."
I was moved by my wife's words and extremely pleased
at her timely intervention.
I knew the real story now. The guys were
intentionally trying to break us up by impregnating my
wife. I concluded that even though my beautiful new bride
was a willing party to their insemination of her, she did
it to prove the strength of my love for her. I was
determined not to let her down.
After they left, Alice came over and sat on my lap. I
felt totally different about us after they left. My anger
had not only dissipated, but I'd resigned myself to the
fact that in order to keep my new bride, the baby she was
carrying was part of the package too. I let her know my
"Alice, I'm sorry for getting angry. I-I better
understand what's going on now. They're really jealous of
us. They're envious of you marrying me instead of one of
them. That's why they talked you into letting them
impregnate you at that party. I should've known you were
too weak to resist them. After all, it took you almost
three years to let them know about us, and convince them
you were no longer available." I said in a confident tone.
"I'm glad you're so astute honey. I do have a
weakness with them." She whispered in my ear as she kissed
and embraced me warmly.
We talked further about how to deal with her old
boyfriends in the future, if they dropped by to interfere
with our marriage. As we did so, I thought to myself of
one consolation that came out of all this. That at least
now, I could put it in my new bride, unencumbered by
rubber, since she was now pregnant.
I told Alice that in order to let Ken, Kyle, Bob and
Ron know that they couldn't break up our marriage we had to
come up with a strategy.
It was her idea for us to practice a non-violence
political technique called aggressive passiveness and
assertive non-interference.
"What?" I asked.
"It's simply a technique where you ignore or play
along with what your political adversary does. You do so
to let them see that what they're doing doesn't phase or
deter you. In turn, when they determine that it's a
useless expenditure of their time and resources, they give
up interfering with you."
I marveled at the simplicity, yet brilliance, of what
she said. However, I didn't like the way this policy of
aggressive passiveness and assertive non-interference was
going to be carried out.
First of all, it would entail me ignoring their
lascivious lusty sneaky ways of trying to break us apart.
By doing so, they would see that I was not getting frazzled
or wasting my time worrying about their silly antics.
Instead, it would show that I was secure in my manhood and
had no reservations about the love my wife had for me.
Additionally, my non-interference with them would
demonstrate the solidity and strength of our marriage, no
matter what they did.
On the other hand, Alice was to eagerly give into
their demands and permit them to have their way with her as
proof of the depth of my unselfish love and trust of her.
I wasn't happy about her idea, but Alice seemed to
think it would work effectively. I didn't have anything
better to offer, so I very reluctantly agreed to try it
out. Besides, she'd already set the initial groundwork for
the strategy by letting her former boyfriends impregnate
"Darling, I'm so glad I married a man who understands
intelligent tactics and stratagems. And thank you for
loving me so. I don't know what I'd do without you."
Alice said as she kissed me and praised my agreeing to her
Over the next few months, Ken, Kyle, Bob and Ron
dropped by our home, usually unannounced, including when I
was home. They'd come in and made themselves at home.
It was not unusual for one of them to have my wife sit
on their lap. They'd raise her maternity top to check on
her swelling tummy, while she and I were watching TV. It
bothered me a bit when any of the four started doing that.
They also did other things including caressing her belly,
fondling her heavy swollen tits, and fingering her cunt.
However, I soon got accustomed to their actions since it
was happening so frequently. Until she had to stop having
sex in the eight month, it was not unusual for them to lead
her by the hand to our bedroom and fuck her while I was
left watching tv or reading the newspaper.
Sometimes, especially on Friday nights and the
weekend, all four of them would be there together, at all
hours of the night and day, to check on her and to fuck her
in the process. Often, those waiting their turn to be with
her, would carry on small talk with me as one or more of
them would be in the master bedroom fucking my wife.
Alice told me I would get use to this technique of
aggressive passiveness and assertive non-interference. I
was amazed at how right she was. Soon I was desensitized
at my wife essentially being their slut. I think I could
see it in the mood and faces of her former boyfriends that
they took her for granite as being an easy piece of ass.
She said, because of that, they'd soon get tired of her and
stop coming over altogether to fuck her.
I was hoping it would be sooner than later.
"Look at the bright side darling, with all the help
you're getting, you haven't had to work your tongue as
much. Have you?" She said smiling as she pecked me on the
I could only blush and softly reply that she was
It hurt a bit to know that her former boyfriends
didn't have to eat her pussy to get her off, like I did.
They were very skilled cocksmen. She told me so. In fact
they didn't suck her cunt at all.
"Don't be silly dear, just think of it as another
reason that they know they can't take me away from you
darling. It shows them that you're willing to do whatever
it takes to get the job done. They aren't willing to give
a commitment like that." She replied, when I told her how
bad I felt about her telling them I had to eat her muff to
satisfy her, and that they were far better in the prick
department than I. Her words were a needed boost to my
fracture ego.
My wife delivered a 7-pound boy who looked just like
Kyle. He won the pot they'd put up for the bet. I thought
it was nice of him to split it with me.
Not that I'm prejudice, but I felt relieved that the
baby was white. I'd been on needles and pins the whole
time Alice was pregnant, worried about the problem of
having to deal with us having to explain my wife having a
black baby.
After my wife returned from the hospital and we were
getting use to the routine of having a new baby in the
house, Ken, Kyle, Bob, and Ron would drop by to see
Kyleton, which my wife named him. She said naming him
after the biological father would send a signal to her
former boyfriends. The indication being that we weren't
afraid of others knowing they'd convinced her to get
pregnant by one of them, since it was with the intent that
it'd ruin our marriage, which it didn't.
She let me know that we were a solid partnership and
that nothing her former boyfriends did, would break her
love for her husband or cause her to leave me. Her strong
words of resolve really boosted my self-esteem.
Alice got her figure back in no time by exercising and
dieting. She looked as beautiful as ever.
This just added fuel to the fire for Ken, Kyle, Bob
and Ron. It was not unusual for them to convince her to
get all dolled up and go out with one, or all, of them on
the town to prove that I didn't love her enough to let her
have such freedom.
I wanted to get a babysitter and go along with them,
but my wife wouldn't hear of it and insisted I stay home.
"I'd feel so much better if you cared for our son
while the fellows require me to go out partying as part of
their silly antics in saying you don't love me enough to
let me do so. Plus, if they know you're here doing that,
they'll know you're more of a man than any of them are."
My chest automatically rose with pride as my wife praised
me while her four former beaus watched and listened.
I was holding Kyleton in my arms at the time. She
gave he and I each a quick, but loving, light peck on our
foreheads. She did it in a way so as not to disturb her
beautiful makeup. She then said goodbye and walked out the
door with Kyleton's real father and her three other former


I was still using condoms as my wife was still not
using the pill and she didn't like using a diaphragm.
Our son was four months old when she told me the news.
"The fellows kept telling me that they knew for sure
your love wasn't deep enough for me to have another of
their babies. And I said you were. They said I was
bluffing and threw down the gauntlet again. Albert, as I
was defending the honor of your love for me, as well as our
marriage, I let Ken, Bob, and Ron have me unprotected
tonight. They will continue to sex me until I test
pregnant. It was decided that since Kyle had already
fathered Kyleton, he would be excluded this time. Kyle of
course, like you, will have to use rubbers until I'm
confirmed pregnant."
I wasn't pleased that the guys were starting a new
offensive at trying to break Alice away from me. I was
very pleased at her defending my honor and love for her. I
just didn't like the way it was being done.
I was also worried about the black white thing too.
Here again, not because I'm prejudice, but that I didn't
want to have to deal with the hassle of having to face the
problem of my wife delivering a black baby.
She tested pregnant about six weeks later. Again the
guys formed a pool of money as they bet on who was the real
father. Again as before, they went through the ritual of
coming by to feel up and grope my wife as she began to
swell up in a mother-to-be way. They of course sexed her
up until the doctor told her to stop having intercourse
prior to delivery.
My wife really put her best on the outside as she
accommodated their demands for frequent sex. She said she
wasn't happy about letting them fuck and sex her so
wantonly, but she felt she had to let them know that they
couldn't break us apart with their sexy looks, robust
sexual stamina, and big cocks.
Again I was on needles and pins as I waited for the
delivery date.
"Honey, you shouldn't worry in the least about our
baby being black. If I have a little chocolate drop of
joy, it will further demonstrate even more so that you love
me." My wife said in reply to my concern about our newest
family addition possibly being black.
This time Alice delivered a girl. It was clear that
it was Bob's child since he was the only red head. Alice
named our new daughter Bobbie Jean. Again, I was relieved
that at least the baby was white, even if not mine.
I was sure the four guys would finally leave us alone,
now that it was abundantly clear, Alice and I were strong
enough to handle all of their thwarting attempts to
interfere and weaken our unshakable marriage.
However, it didn't stop them from doing tawdry,
raunchy silly things like calling me to give messages to my
wife from them. If they couldn't reach me directly at the
office, or home, they'd leave messages on our home
answering machine for me to call them back.
"Dear, you know if you don't return their calls
they're going to take it as a sign of weakness." My wife
advised me when I told her I wasn't going to dignify their
silly actions by making return calls to them.
To make sure that I wasn't afraid of them, I did as my
wife advised and returned every one of their calls and
even, at her insistence, gave them my cell phone number.
Even though it showed them I wasn't intimidated by them, it
did cost me to take their calls on my cell phone. That
really bothered me, but my wife thought it was worth the
An example of one of their messages would be: "Hey Al
old buddy, give your slut wife a message for me, will ya?
Tell her, no panties, no bra, I'll pick her up at nine.
Also, don't wait up for her. And by the way, lay out that
dark blue micro mini dress for her to wear... you know, the
thigh high one I bought her that has a hemline that's even
with the bottom of her pussy."
As you can see, such messages were meant to be
emotionally inflammatory and cause me to be jealous as well
create a rift in our loving marital relationship.
They didn't achieve their objective. In fact, in
regard to my wife's dates with her antagonistic old
boyfriends, she even asked me to help her prepare for them.
I at first thought it was just an additional bitter
pill for me to swallow in this whole unfortunate matter,
but my wife kept reminding me we had to fight the battle
the way we were doing.
"Dear, I know you may get a little weary being in the
roles of a baby sitter to our kids and a housekeeper too,
when the fellows insist I go out with them. But honey, it
also means a great deal to me for you to be a part of
giving me emotional support too, as I prepare to do battle
with them. Just knowing you're helping me get ready for my
dates with them, even though it's so they can have their
way with me, really helps my mental outlook and morale to
keep fighting the battle."
I didn't want to cause my wife's morale to decline, so
I acted like a good soldier and did what I could to assist
her. She had me doing such things as paint her nails,
brushing her hair, cleaning or polishing her high heels, or
selecting sensuous sheer undergarments or a sexy dress for
her to wear. I also occasionally had to iron a blouse or
dress for her while she would be showering, especially if
one of the old boyfriends called and only gave her a short
time to get ready for a date.
In addition to the above, I'd already been doing what
she lovingly referred to as her "pussy barbering". That is
keeping her natural blond pussy bush neatly trimmed and
Another thing she required me to perform, which sort
of grew into a ritual before she left on any of her dates
with the four guys, was me kneeling, saying "I loved her"
and kissing her cunt.
She said that really boosted her morale each time I
did that. She seems to have this sparkle in her eyes each
time I looked up from my kneeling position after kissing
her manicured cunt as she wished.


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