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CDE 30 Part2 Honor of our Love



Copyright c December 1999 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, Inter, Impreg, FemDom)



AUTHOR'S NOTE OF THANKS: To the delightful "real world"
couple who were instrumental in my creativity for this
Story: The Honor of Our Love & Marriage, Part 2
Author: C.D.E.
PART TWO &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

I do get a bit sad at times knowing that I've put so
much effort in my pussy barbering only for one of her ex-
boyfriends to enjoy it first by using his big tool to make
her well manicured pretty blond bush all wet, messy, and
slimy, not to mention stretching as well as making her cunt
raw and inflamed.
However, even with all the consternation caused by
them, I thought it was becoming obvious that her old
boyfriends were indeed tiring of bothering with us and were
going to let us be. I say that because, for ten straight
days neither of them called or came by. Not only did my
wife need the rest from being their concubine and whore, we
both needed a rest from their constant harassment.
I thought sure now that at last we were on the road to
marital bliss. I was also sure now we could start planning
to have our own child, to go with the two we'd had with the
help of her former boyfriends. That was not to be.
The reason they hadn't been interfering is because
they'd all been out of town for some reason or the other,
in regard to their jobs.
Our daughter was slightly over 11 months old when my
wife's former boyfriends started another round of maneuvers
against our marriage. I could see they were again serious
about taking my wife from me.
It started one Saturday night when they and my wife
came in around 3AM.
I had just gotten our daughter back to sleep after
giving her a bottle, and was on my way back to bed when
they walked in. My wife looked in total disarray. There
were milky stains on the bodice area of the expensive black
mini dress she wore, as well as the smell of jism in her
hair. I presumed the four had probably wiped pussy juice
from their cocks with her hair.
As from previous outings, I knew she'd been thoroughly
fucked by the four. She came in my arms and gave me a
passionate kiss. Her kiss reeked of alcohol. I also knew
she'd recently sucked one of their cocks by other odors on
her breath. There was also the fresh taste of semen on her
tongue and gums. I'd experienced this before so I was
undaunted by it. I was just glad she was back in my arms,
even if sexually used and well fucked.
"Darling, you're so good to come home to." She said
sweetly, as she broke the slimy kiss. As she did so, a
ropy thread of goo, more than likely jism mixed with
saliva, briefly extended between our parting lips.
"Honey, the guys are at it again. They say your love
still isn't as deep as you profess. I told them it was and
that you would have no hesitation in proving it."
I was about to speak when my wife put a finger to my
lips. I kept quiet as she told me what they said I
wouldn't do to prove my continuing love. I looked at her
wide-eyed, after she told me what was desired of me.
I'd never done that before. What they wanted would
be humiliating to do even without her four former
boyfriends standing there. With them looking on, it would
be totally degrading. They'd really sunk low this time.
I also was bothered by what Alice didn't say.
However, I guess that little matter was an obvious and
foregone conclusion and that this current matter had to be
addressed first. The four guys were all standing around us
as she still had her hands around my neck, at arms length,
looking in my eyes with a most pleasant smile on her face.
I quickly glanced the faces of her four previous
boyfriends, who were standing in a semi-circle around us.
I could see the beginning look of victory smiles on their
faces. That did it. I knew I had to do what had to be
done, no matter how degrading. I couldn't let my wife
down, after all she had committed the honor of our
marriage, so to speak.
I nodded and softly let her know she was correct.
"I knew I could count on you darling." She replied
before telling me how to position my self as she hiked up
what little hem there was of the micro mini she wore. She
was wearing no panties, so it was easy for her to position
her moist, hot, gluey, jism smeared blond pussy bush over
my upturned face, as I knelt before her.
It was rather obvious she'd been the target of heavy
sustained sexing. The smell of her messy bush was ripe and
gamy, yet had an enticing stronger exotic feminine odor,
than I was accustomed to.
I let my tongue delve into the hot wet gaping pouting
folds of her slimy, raw, very fucked muff. The taste of
her was very much different with the flavorings of her
former boyfriends' cock and cum. The taste was stronger
than her jism flavored kisses, but yet palatable. I
remember it took a bit of time getting acclimated to
kissing her cocksucking, semen coated lips and tongue, but
I did. I suspected I'd have to get use to this too.
With the suction of my lips, I began to draw out the
remnants of what was apparently a sizeable load of hot jism
that hadn't too long been shot deep up into Alice's
luscious snatch.
I grasped her naked buttocks as I orally administered
to her. She moaned very sensuously and came so loud that I
was sure it would wake the baby. I was lucky, it didn't.
Her four former boyfriends left after I rose
triumphant from my knees. My face was smeared with slimy
fuck juices. I beamed a broad smile as I saw the obvious
looks of disappointment on their faces. They left our
house smiling, but I knew they were smiles of defeat.
Alice and I left the room arm in arm, content with one
more victory over our marital antagonists.
"Honey that was so wonderful. You really ate their
cum out of me good, really, really good. It felt so good
to have you do it with them standing there watching. You
gave me a super good come too. They know now for sure that
you're seriously committed to this marriage by willingly
eating and cleaning up their jism from my cunt as they
watch you. Darling, to make sure they never forget your
marital devotion, I want you to suck my pussy from now on
after they fuck me. It'll clearly signal to them that my
pussy belongs to you, no matter who fucks me." My wife
said as she wiped the drying melded fuck juices from my
In the bed, as my wife laid back wearily, she parted
her legs to receive me, and handed me a condom almost
I had expected this.
"I know you knew by the mere fact I had cum in me, the
guys have challenged us again. That is, that our marriage
can't stand another baby from them. Well anyway, they kept
pestering me about it and calling you all sorts of names.
I held my temper as long as I could. However, I couldn't
take it when they called you a wimpy chicken. That's when
I stood up to them darling and told them they could do me
again, so we could prove them wrong one more time. In fact
Albert, this challenge also covers two pregnancies. Since
it'll only be Ken and Ron doing me this time, the one that
is not the father the first time, will have a chance to do
me for the second pregnancy."
This bit of news was like a double whammy. I wasn't
happy about what I was hearing in the least. There was no
uncertainty now about my worse fear becoming reality.
There were going to be black babies in our growing family,
since Ken and Ron were both black.
"Well on the plus side, you won't have to worry if the
baby will be white this time darling." Said Alice, as I
looked dejected by this latest turn of events.
"It was their combined cum you sucked out of me
tonight honey. Like you, Kyle and Bob will wear rubbers
until... well, you know the routine." My wife said
I resigned myself to the challenge being accepted by
my wife was for both of us, that is, in response to this
latest gauntlet being thrown down. The honor of our
marriage had again been committed. I slipped on the rubber
and decided to instead concentrate on getting what others
had been enjoying all evening.
As was her usual practice, my wife checked to ensure
that my condom was on securely.
Not only was Alice's cunt loose, she was not that
responsive. Bless her heart, I knew she was tired from
partying with her former boyfriends to demonstrate to them
the strength of our love and solidity of our marital bond.
She was asleep, as I humped her with a prick far smaller
than those that had gone before me. I suckled on her well
groped, cum smeared tits and finally shot off, with a
pleasurable sigh, into the prophylactic I wore.


Twins resulted from Alice's third pregnancy. Ken was
the father. She named them Kenny and Kenita. The next
year, the fourth pregnancy was of course due to Ron. It
was a boy, so he was simply named Ronald II.
Of course all the children carry my last name and I
accept them as mine and treat them as such. My wife and
the guys constantly praise me for what a good daddy I am.
I spend a lot of quality time with the kids. I'm their
baby-sitter when my wife is out proving to the guys that
just because she's acting like a slut for them, our
marriage is solid, very intact, and they don't have a
chance of tearing up apart.
Our children grew on me and it didn't take me long to
get use to being the daddy of three coffee colored and two
white kids.
I discovered no matter which color, kids are the same.
However, when we as a family were out together, say at a
grocery store, and someone might asked if our three coffee
colored bundles of joy were adopted, my wife would quickly
let them know she was their natural mother. She also sort
of worked it in that she had them while we were married. I
often would cringe and blush when she revealed that bit of
There would always be that certain look directed at
both of us, especially me. No matter how many times I got
that look, I always had a hard time dealing with being
thought of as an obvious cuckold. It seemed to not be a
problem for her at all.
Whenever I would try to admonish her for being too
open in telling others about our situation, she would give
me the same message, even though it might be worded
"Albert honey, it only shows that our love is solid,
and a little thing as me having babies by other men, while
we're married, just shows you're not an insecure or
apprehensive husband. That's all. Please don't make
mountains out of mole hills darling."


Alice's four old boyfriends are pretty much convinced
that it's useless to try and break up this very strong
marriage Alice and I have. However, they still come around
with an occasional challenge and try to shame Alice and I
into accepting them.
One of their latest little dirty tricks was betting I
wasn't man enough or loved her enough to kiss her when she
had a mouthful of Ken's jism.
I was dismayed at such a raunchy low life thing even
being suggested. It was bad enough I was sucking their cum
from her luscious pussy. I urged Alice to not dignify
their request with an answer. Almost immediately the four
began calling me a chicken and making clucking noises.
"See! We told you were marrying a wimp and a coward
Alice. Do you pick up a lot of his feathers when you
vacuum the carpet." Yelled Kyle. The four broke out in
resounding laughter.
My face became flush with anger. Alice had a slight
smile on her face as she walked over and put her arm around
me. She whispered in my ear amidst the loud laughter.
"Darling, we must do it. I can't let them get away
with ridiculing you like that. We must present a united
front. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. You'll
be fine, after all, you do eat their cum out of my pussy.
This will be pretty simple for you. I have faith in you
baby. OK?"
Even though I agreed with her about me doing her
delectable pussy with their stuff in it, I tried to
dissuade her from reacting to this latest dirty trick of a
challenge from them.
"Albert, are you sure you aren't what they call you?
Maybe they're right about you. Here I am willing to
embarrass and degrade myself again totally for your sake,
and you're willing to still walk away without a fight, and
to make matters worse, I'm doing all the work. I'm sucking
his dick, not you. All you have to do is kiss me and
swallow. It's not like you're sucking his dick. Are they
right about the man I married?"
Alice's words were persuasive, and before I knew it, I
found myself on the defensive in reference to my manliness.
I gave up trying to sort out what was right or what was
wrong with this whole scene. For now, the woman I cared
about and loved, was starting to have doubts about me. I
knew I had to act, no matter how I felt. I knew I couldn't
let her down, no matter that I was still angry with her old
boyfriends for causing this situation.
I hung my head and said, "You can count on me Alice.
T-They're wrong. I-I'd never let you down."
"That's better darling, I knew you'd do the right
thing and stand up to them." Alice replied as she
whispered in my ear. She also kissed me before announcing
"My husband and I have decided to accept your silly
challenge to let you all know, that it takes more than a
big dick and some jism to come between us or make us back
down from demonstrating our love for each other."
I stood silently by and didn't say a thing as she
accepted their challenge and knelt before Ken as he dropped
his pants and exposed what had to be the largest penis and
set of balls I've ever seen on a man.
While Kyle, Bob, Ron, and I watched, Alice knelt
between Ken's knees and began showering kisses and licks to
his large erecting black penis. His member was a superb
specimen of manhood. The shiny, stretched and bloated
bulbous dick head was rather sizeable, and my wife's saliva
made it even glossier as she playfully lapped and suckle
it. I cringed over and over as I watched her tongue flick
in and out of the eye of his dick head.
This was the first time I'd seen his tool, even though
my wife has described it to me often. Ken has the largest
dick of the four. She often shows me how he's stretched
her cunt with his large prick after he's fucked and flooded
her with his copious loads.
The blowjob she performed on his ebony prick rivaled
any XXX video I'd ever seen. It was so sloppy and juicy as
her saliva drooled from her lips as she eagerly worked on
his stiff dick. I hated it, but the sight of her very
white skin, contrasted to his darker complexion, combined
with the sensuous sucking sounds of her actions, caused me
to get an involuntary hard-on.
The wanton eager licking, lapping and suckling as she
laved juicy adoration up and down his lengthy rigid black
shaft, sent shivers through me, and right down to my much,
much smaller, but very stiff prick.
The other thing that bothered me was that she seemed
to maintain frequent eye contact with me as she eagerly
worked on his huge erection. Looking into her eyes while
she handled, fondled, and orally caressed his awesome
member and balls, made me feel so inadequate. The smile on
her face didn't help matters either. When our eyes met, it
was I who broke contact first, as I hung my head to divert
my eyes away from the scene before me. It would usually be
for a short while, because what was going on before me
demanded to be seen.
Seeing her so lovingly and tenderly lap, lick, and
slowly mouth his rather large hairy dark brown balls
horrified, as well as excited me. She lingered on each of
the two orbs for what seemed like an eternity. I knew the
pang of emasculation and discontent was present on my face.
I know the four guys were glad to see that. It was just so
hard for me pretending otherwise.
You see, Alice had never come close to doing the same
for me I was observing her doing before me now. On my
birthday, and maybe as part of our anniversary lovemaking,
she may have given my small peter a peck or two with her
pretty lips. However, she'd never given my less impressive
equipment the royal treatment this black man was receiving
before my eyes and the others.
I made it a point to ask that she do the same for me
after the others left.
As Ken closed his eyes, moaned loudly, and began
ejaculating in her pretty sucking mouth, my wife gathered
and held the spewing, thick, viscous, fresh load of white
slime in her mouth. The other thing that got to me was that
she seem to be looking right at me the whole time he was
filling her mouth with what seemed like endless spurts of
his hot cum.
I hated watching the scene because the sight and sound
of what was happening almost made me come in my shorts.
Having collected his huge load as best she could,
Alice rose from her knees and came over to me with her
bloated jaws full of the outpouring of Ken's big black
I didn't notice it until she was about to put her
mouth on mine, that there was a gluey dollop of semen
hanging from the corner of her tightly clenched, red
lipstick coated lips. It got compressed and added to the
sliminess of the passionate, very sloppy, French kiss, she
gave me, until all of his cum was transferred from her
mouth to mine. There was quite a bit of it. Even though
quite upset, I couldn't help but be impressed by the
quantity of it. I swallowed all of his still warm, creamy,
pudding thick, jism.
The taste of almost pure semen is much stronger than
when mixed with pussy juice, but I didn't have any problem
adjusting to the taste of the fresh load.
Again, we were triumphant in beating the four at their
own game. I smiled victoriously as I licked some residual
remnants of his viscous sperm from my lips. I relished the
look of defeated smiles on their faces.
To rub it in, my wife boasted that we'd do that as
often as they required, as a way of letting them know our
love was complete.
"And Albert will swallow as many blowjob loads from my mouth as you four can give me. Won't you darling?"
She said looking at me with dreamy eyes and an air of
"Yes darling, I will." I replied back somewhat
slowly, pretending I had the same level of confidence as
she, even though I was groaning mentally at what I was
agreeing to.
There were many, many more loads I sucked from her
sweet lips since that first time.


Being true to my own promise, after our four
tormentors left, I asked my wife to give me a "sloppy
blowjob" just like I'd witnessed her give a short while
It was obvious that I'd struck a sensitive nerve with
my request. I was not only caught off guard at her
vehement reaction, but also cowed, as she firmly stood
before me and violently shook her finger at me, as she
continued delivering her tirade of words. I wondered if I
shouldn't have used the word "sloppy" to describe blowjob.
I hastily and timidly offered as sincere an apology as
I could muster and inject into the torrent of words being
directed at me.
"Apology accepted." My wife replied as she calmed
down more quickly than I thought she would. I'd never seen
her so angry before.
"Albert darling, I didn't mean to yell, but you know
our love means so much to me and I just hate it when the
guys keep telling me I made a mistake in marrying you. I
just see it as necessary for me to show them that you do
love me, no matter the cost of what I have to do to prove
them wrong. You're the best thing that has ever happened
to me. So when I hear you asking me to do for you, the
same lascivious, indecent, wanton, sluttish acts I
routinely do for them, it really upsets me. I just don't
expect you to see or treat me as a slut, the way they do.
After all honey, I am your wife."
She truly made me feel guilty for what I'd asked of
her. I could tell that my lovely wife felt betrayed by me
as she continued to let me know her feelings.
"You know Albert, I suspect in your heart, you think I
acted like a slut with the guys before I met you. It's
simply not true. Of course, I don't have anyway of proving
it, since they'd never tell the truth under the current
circumstances. I wonder if you can really see how upset
they are that I married you, rather than one of them?"
The sincerity and depth of my wife's hurt at my
actions really made me feel even more blameworthy. I chided
myself for being so callous.
As we embraced, kissed and made up, I repeatedly
apologized for being driven by my lust and promised my wife
I would not be so insensitive again.
"Please make sure you don't do it again darling."
Alice said softly, but in a somewhat stern tone, as she
gave me another juicy kiss. I was so glad to have been
forgiven by her. Her embrace made me feel so much better.
Our kisses still had the flavor of Ken's semen.
"Honey, I'm rather tired and still a bit tense
from our little spat about you wanting me to be sluttish.
Do you mind making me a martini?"
"Oh no, not in the least. I'd be glad to dear." I
replied. I was eager to do anything to let my wife know I
was truly apologetic for asking her to do for me, the same
vulgar sex acts she did for the guys.
"Thanks. You're such a dear. Please bring it in
the den. I want to sit by the fireplace."
I returned with her drink and also one for myself.
Not only was I tense from her reaction to me asking her for
a blowjob, I was also horny. I hadn't had a chance to have
sex with my wife for over two weeks. She'd been so busy
proving to her former boyfriends how much I loved her and
that I wouldn't fall out of love with her no matter how
they sexually used her.
The light cast by the flickering flames created a very
romantic and cozy setting in our combination family room
and den. The kids were over at her mother's place so we
were all alone. I just knew this would be conducive to
getting my wife in the mood for sex with me.
"Thanks." She replied as I handed her the drink.
"Hmmmm, you really make a great martini, Albert
darling. This is just what I need, after all the guys put
me through this afternoon while you were at work, not to
mention what you saw them do to me this evening. By the
way, you were marvelous the way you kissed all Ken's cum
out of my mouth. You were always a good kisser anyway. He
shoots a lot of thick stuff doesn't he?"
I half-heartedly acknowledged that she was correct, as
I had no interest in talking about Ken's jism, especially
since I'd really been an unwilling and coerced recipient of
"Darling, do you mind kneeling and massaging my feet?
It would feel so good to have you do that."
I did as my wife desired of me. As I began to kneel,
with drink in hand, I couldn't help but admire how sensuous
she looked. She was lying back in the recliner and the hem
of her very short skirt was hiked up to the upper part of
her inviting and slightly parted white fleshy thighs. From
the vantage point on my knees, the sight of her bare pussy
caused my aching prick to palpitate. I proceeded with the
She'd started me doing this for her over the last few
years. Since, when she came in from dates with the guys,
her feet would be tired from having had danced with all
four of them so much. She loves to dance.
I had to admit, I was getting pretty good at massaging
her shapely feet.
"Ohoooo... Hmmmmmm... Yessss... That's sooooo good."
Her moans were so sensuous and sexy. My prick was
throbbing something fierce now.
I did one foot, then the other. She rested one foot
on one of my shoulders while I was massaging the other.
Her moans and sighs of pleasure continued as I kneaded the
soft bottoms of her soles.
As I massaged her foot, her peeking cunt was even more
visible and inviting.
"That felt so wonderful. Thank you dear. Would you
mind doing something else for my feet?"
"Sure. What do you want me to do, massage them some
"No darling, I want to give each foot some nice long
"K-Kisses?" I said as I looked at her with a puzzled
"Yes honey, just give my feet some deep kisses. That
would be the perfect compliment to your wonderful massage.
Pretty pleasssseee." She cooed. She sounded so sweetly.
How could I resist, even if it was out of the ordinary for
her to ask me to do that.
I proceeded to kiss the last foot that I'd massaged as
it was still in my hand.
I can just imagine how strange I looked on my knees
doing what I was doing.
It was easy lavishing wet kisses on the instep and
toes, but when she directed me to lick and kiss the bottoms
of her feet, I felt a strange momentary sense of
subservience. I just knew it had to be me, because I knew
that Alice loved me too much too much to even think of
subjugating me.
"That was delightful, now the other one." My wife
"As I let go of the foot I'd just orally adored,
instead of placing it on my shoulder, she used her big toe
to trace the outline of the modest, but noticeable pole
tent in my pants. The touch was rather pleasant, but
surprised me.
"My, my, you're rather stiff aren't you honey. How
long has it been since you and I had time to get together?"
"W-Well dear, the fellows have taken up so much of
your time, and you said you were too sore or tired to give
me some at other times. It's been two weeks and three days
since I've last put it in."
"Oh Albert honey, I didn't mean for you to suffer all
this time. Next time sweetie, you go right ahead and jack
off if you get too horny waiting for me if I'm too busy
dating or tired out because of the guys screwing me. Ok?
I'm sure we both agree that their dicks have priority for
my pussy, especially since if I didn't make myself
available to them when they wanted me, they'd be tormenting
and harassing us even more, not to mention mercilessly
castigating and accusing you of false love for me? You
know we can't have that occurring."
"I-I just wish I-I didn't have to jerk, uh, I mean get
o-off that..."
"I know it's been hard for both of us dear, but when
you're in a struggle with such cunning antagonists as the
guys, sacrifices have to be made. After all, do you think
I like making the sacrifice I make by having you lick their
fuck juices out of me? I feel totally degraded when I feed
you a muff full of their jism, but I do it to let them know
that you aren't phased by them trying to shame us or
destroy our love with such a lewd act. No darling, if I
can relinquish myself the way I have, then certainly you
can stroke your prick rather than assaulting my tired body
after I've sacrificed by letting them fuck me until they're
"I-I see." I replied softly at my wife's explanation
and admonition to me.
"Albert, unbuckle your pants and push them and your
shorts down. I want to see your prick."
I quickly did as she asked. My level of expectation
for her to have mercy on me was high.
"Stroke your cock while you do my other foot. Don't
come yet, just do it slowly as you kiss my feet."
This was more unusual, but with my prick straining and
the possibility of some hot juicy pussy as a reward, I did
as I was told.
Again, as I licked and kissed the sole of her feet, I
again had this sensation of being putdown by my lovely
wife. I was sure it was nothing more than my imagination,
as the feeling went away as soon as it came, because with
my wife's obvious and professed concern for me, her running
roughshod over me was highly unlikely, if not impossible.
"That's so delightful Darling. You kissed and tongued
my feet exquisitely. I definitely want more of that in the
future. However, now that we're on this subject of
sacrifices. You know the sacrifices I've made to make you
look good in front of the guys. You know, to show them
that you truly love me in spite of how they use me, and at
the same time that you're above being jealous or insecure
with your manhood. I've just thought about all of that and
realized that you really haven't done something special to
show me you really love me or appreciate the sacrifices
I've made for you and the marriage."
"What? I-I don't understand?" I replied, rather
confused by what she said.
"Honey, you know this all started out because the guys
thought your love wasn't deep enough or unselfish enough to
endure me having their babies or them having their way with
me. Remember?"
I nodded that I understood.
"I've been having their babies to prove them wrong.
That is, that you'd still want me after I had their kids
and would love me just as much as before."
"Or more Alice dear." I added.
"That's so sweet. That's why I love you so darling.
You're so caring. But that doesn't change the fact that
the guys and I have simply been screwing and fucking up a
storm so that I could basically prove your love for me, to
them. Now darling, I think you need to do something
special to prove your love to me."
"Uh... oh, I-I think I see what you mean." I replied
very slowly as it sort of came to me what she meant.
"Do you understand what I'm saying?"
"Uh, yes dear, I-I think I do." I replied. Even
though it wasn't totally clear, I didn't want to appear
dull witted, for I picked up early in our relationship that
my wife was mentally sharp, along with being beautiful.
That's why we agreed that she would manage all the
household finances.
"Good. I don't want you to do anything that's
elaborate, just something that'd show me that you're
willing to do something special if I ask you to. Ok?"
I simply nodded agreement.
"While you're kneeling, I want you to beat your meat
for me darling, and then shoot your juice in your cocktail
glass. I think it'd be so sexy and intimate for me to sit
here and watch you do that for me."
My wife sounded so sensuous as she spoke, as well had
a strange smile I don't think I've ever seen before.
I opened my mouth with the intent of protesting. The
only word that came out was "But..." However, just as
quickly, she put her finger to her lips signaling me to be
"Please, Albert honey, we've had one little
misunderstanding tonight, lets not go for another. Please
be cooperative darling. Show me you're as caring and
concerned about my feelings, as I've been about yours. Ok?"
Her words came out so sincere and heartfelt, I knew I
had to do whatever she desired of me.
I slowly started stroking my erection. It felt good
to me. Not as good as her wet warm pussy folds would have.
However, she and I had been through so much together, I
know I couldn't bear to disappoint her over something so
trivial as me masturbating for her.
I was really horny, so I knew it wouldn't be long
until I shot my wad.
As I was positioning the glass to catch my jism and
had it position I looked up to see my wife's delicate foot
in my face.
"Kiss it while you're pulling your peter darling."
I tilted my head to her extended foot and licked and
lapped it as she desired and directed me. A minute or so
later I came with a impulsive jerk as my balls emptied
their contents, with so much pleasure to me, into the glass
I was holding. I caught every drop and dribble as I shot
my pent up cum.
"Milk every drop in the glass darling. That's it."
My wife said with a sense of urgency as she keenly directed
my actions.
"There, I think you've got it all. Not near what Ken
or the guys shoot, but respectable."
I definitely didn't want to be compared to Ken and the
guys at that moment, especially as I was enjoying what
afterglow I could from my sexual relief, even if by my own
For me, I had put a sizeable load in the cocktail
glass. Over two weeks of stored up spunk, even if it was
less than half of what Ken normally shot off.
As I was about to put the glass aside and was thinking
what a good idea it was to catch my stuff, that is, so as
not to stain the carpet, my wife stopped me.
"Darling, the rest of what I want you to do is drink
it for me. It would mean so much for me to see you eat
your own cum, especially after jacking off for me." She
said in a heavy sexy whispering type voice.
Again, I started to open my mouth. I'm sure the look
of protest and surprise was on my face. Again her finger
of warning quickly went to her lips.
I kept quiet.
"Honey, please don't spoil this magic moment for me.
You know I don't ask much of you. And you know I'm always
giving of myself to make you look good to the fellows.
Drink your jism for me. Besides, you've been swallowing
the fellow's jism, what's the big deal about eating your
I couldn't fault her logic in my emotional state at
the moment.
I slowly put the glass to my lips with its milky white
creamy consistency, which was mixed with a bit of the
martini that was still in the glass
As I drank the mixture, it was easy to tell that even
with out the martini portion, my cum was not as rich as
that of her former boyfriends, however, the alcohol did
make it easier to swallow.
I was surprised at my lovely wife wanting me to
consume the spermy cocktail, but she exhibited the biggest
smile as I slowly turned the glass up and let the slimy
contents slide down my throat. She was so loving and warm
to me afterwards.
As at other such tender or special moments for us, I
can't hold any residual anger or resentment against her. I
guess that's what true love is all about, forgiving and
forgetting, and of course making sacrifices.


As I lay in bed with my sleeping wife's head on my
shoulder and my arm around her, I still didn't fully
understand why Alice wanted me to do what she'd asked of me
earlier in the evening. However, she seemed extremely
pleased at me jerking off and drinking my own jism for her.
I always try to be cooperative and a good helpmate of a
husband. But doing that particular thing, to show her I
loved her, really threw me for a loop.
I do wish I'd been able to get off in her lush, wet,
warm, soft, and furry blond cunt, but that was not to be.
Since it takes a few days for my sex batteries to recharge,
I couldn't even get it up even if she was interested in
letting me have some after I jerked off. Such is the way
it is with us less endowed guys.
I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that her
four former boyfriends are going to keep her busy, that is,
subjecting her to their sexual desires, and that she'll
have to work me in for sexual intercourse on a non-
interference basis to their needs. Except, of course, when
there is a need for me to perform some oral administration
for her jism soaked, used, well-fucked pussy. Otherwise I
have my hands to get off with as my wife had suggested I
Sure, I wish it didn't have to be this way, but it's
rather apparent the guys don't have a high opinion of me as
a husband worthy of the beautiful creature I married. I
know they're going to keep trying to take her away from me.
If I falter in any manner in not supporting my wife as
she's demonstrating to them that we have a very tight and
dedicated love for each other, they will succeed. So in
that regard, I've come to the conclusion that I have to do
what I have to do, that is, to not let them divide our
dedicated close love for each other.
Alice and I had a similar discussion before she
went to sleep in my arms.
"Honey, I know it's sad that they'll have a higher
priority on me and my pussy than you. But we must keep on
showing a united front in our relationship as we face them.
Neither of us can be wavering in regard to our
responsibility to the other. It's pretty clear what I have
to do to keep their hostility and dirty tricks to a
minimum, as well as to show that you're very self confident
in your love for me and that there is not the least hint of
masculine insecurity on your part. In other words Albert,
the more I pretend to be their wanton slut and allow them
to fuck me, and the more you support me while I'm doing
this, the better you'll look as a man and worthy husband in
their eyes."
Her words helped reiterate to me that both she and I
were doing what was best for our marriage and us. I went to
sleep quite content and at peace with myself.

As part of the daily routine of our marriage, I'm
consuming a considerable amount of her old boyfriends'
spent jism.
In addition to the numerous blowjob loads she kisses
into my mouth, I'm also continually sucking my wife's used,
well fucked and filled pussy.
For some reason, the four like seeing me do that over
and over again. Alice seems to like me showing them how
good I can clean up her sloppy, semen soaked snatch with my
mouth, and that I'll do it as often as necessary. I of
course, do it as continuing proof of our shared deep love.
If I'm lucky, I manage to have normal sexual
intercourse with my wife about once a month. The other
times when I need relief, I have to jack off. Alice
encourages me to do that.
Her former boyfriends still consume a considerable
amount of her time. However, they are not as rowdy and
harassing as they were originally. I have to agree with my
wife. Her time spent with them is an investment in us
being able to have more peace and stability in our
marriage, even if I don't get to put it in nowhere as much
as they do. On the other hand, I must say I suck her pussy
far more than they do. In fact, as I've mentioned before,
they don't suck it at all.
Alice, of course still goes on dates with them to
prove that our love is unwavering. The four still are
trying to break us apart and fracture our love for each
other, that is, by demanding sex from her whenever their
cocks get hard. But I'm resolute in my love for her, no
matter how much she puts out for them.
She's on the pill now, and thinks that we have a large
enough family, even though she might change her mine about
us two having a baby later. On a more practical note, I'm
currently working a part time job in addition to my regular
job. I don't think we can afford any more kids.
Additionally, with such young kids as we have, Alice
doesn't work since she says she needs to be a full time
mother to our brood.
Of course we don't ask her four former boyfriends for
any support. I don't want them to think we need them in
any way. However, we do take any donations they
occasionally offer.
But giving credit due where it's due, they do buy
birthday, Christmas and other gifts for all "our" kids.
I hope he was bluffing, but Kyle did mention something
about possibly challenging Alice into having a little girl
for him. I also overheard Bob say something similar about
wanting her to have a son for him. I cautioned my wife not
to worry about them offending me in any way. I told her I
didn't care what names they called me.
"Please Alice dear, don't commit the honor of our
marriage again, just because they get you all riled up, or
jeer or annoy you over a frivolous or trivial matter." I
pleaded with her one day.
She told me that she'd try to restrain her self from
committing the honor of our love and marriage again. But
she warned me. "There is just so far I'm going to let them
go in slandering your good name, or trying to shame you or
our marriage. I don't care how many babies I have to have
by them, or what despicable sex acts I have to perform for
them to prove them wrong. Darling, you're the love of my
life. I'll do what has to be done." The patriotic fervor
and spirit of her words caused me combined joy, pride,
anxiety, and dread. I respect her greatly for her
commitment, but I hope she doesn't give in to their
juvenile teasing and taunting.
So as can be seen, we're busy raising our family and
keeping our adversaries, her four former boyfriends, at
bay, as best we can. Our kids know them as their play
So, all in all, what started out, as an all out
assault against our marriage is currently a relatively
peaceful and somewhat stable accord. I just hope it doesn't
flare up into a battle again.

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