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CDE 32 The Judgement


Copyright MARCH 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit. This
story may be freely distributed for personal use with this notice

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content Codes:(M+/F, MM, MF, Inter, FemDom, Fem, MDom)


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This tale is for many of my readers who have
suggested I do more FemDom/Feminization oriented tales. When I
first started writing erotic pieces for my own consumption long
before the birth of the internet I wrote such tales like the one
below. Many I also had transcribed from my type written pages to
my new PC word processor in the early 80's. This story is one of
several that I thought was lost. This tale is quite old. As with
this one, if I release more of these old FemDom/Feminization
tales, I will include "(FD/F)" in the title so readers will be
able to distinguish them from my primarily cuckold theme works (if
FemDom/Fem is not their cup of tea). As always, your comments are
welcomed. This is my second release in this series. The first was
"Husbanette (FD/F-1)".


ABSTRACT: A cunning and very dominant wife not only severly
subjugates her wimp husband, but his passive mother as well.



As Brendan sat in the court awaiting the judge, little did
he know his wife, her sister, and his mother-in-law were
conspiring to affect an elaborate hoax upon him and his mother to
ensure his wife's utter and complete domination of him.

The entire proceedings looked so official. The only thing
that initially concerned he and his grieving mom was why the
court was held at midnight. But that concern went away as soon
as the charge was read against Brendan - Attempted Assault.

Brendan's family attorney was in the confidence, and pay, of
Brendan's wife. The $5,000 she gave him was more than enough to
get him to go along with his wife's cunning scheme. Her having
slept with him also contributed to influencing him too.

Brendan admitted to the court that he told one of his wife's
black lovers, when he caught them in the bed, `I could kill both
of you, I'm so mad.'

Unfortunately for Brendan, his wife corroborated her black
lover's charge.

Both Brendan and his very naive mother wondered why they
were brought in the back service entrance to the courtroom, which
looked like it hadn't been used in a long time, which it hadn't.
It had been sealed off and was scheduled to be converted to a
storage room. When one of Brendan's wife's black boyfriends told
her of this, the idea of a fake trial to put her timid husband in
her power was born.

Brendan's lawyer pleaded with the fake Judge Burnbottom to
have mercy on his client as he pleaded him guilty and threw his
fate on the mercy of the court.

"Well Brendan, you've got your self in a pretty mess, all
because you couldn't control your temper. Are you sorry for the
way you acted?

"Yes ... Yes ma'am." He replied, voice quivering.

"You should be. From the testimony, Mr. Willis was seeing
to the sexual satisfaction of your wife, something you haven't
been doing too well. He was actually doing you a favor and you
threatened to kill him. Well the penalty for a serious crime of
that nature, even with a heat of passion plea is 7 to 10 years.
Do you think you could survive that length of time with hardened

Both Brendan and his mother broke down sobbing, neither
unable to reply clearly.

"That's okay. I understand. I think some other alternative
form of punishment is sufficient for you considering you've never
been charged with an offense before. This is my judgement. You
are to be on probation for 7 years. Doing that time, you will be
released in the custody of your wife. You will be under her
authority and are expected to atone for your rude life
threatening behavior by explicitly obeying her. In addition, you
are to receive a sound whipping, for the crime for which you are
charged, twice monthly for the duration of your probation period.
Your wife is authorized to administer the same, or designate
someone for that purpose. The court will designate the severity
of your flogging as well as the instruments to be used. Each
event is to be videotaped and provided directly to me. After
reviewing each one, I will inform your wife of the length and
severity of the next punishment session. The first session will
take place in one week, at which time your wife is directed to
use a folded thin electrical extension cord, and to lash you 20
times, with all her strength, with no more than 5 seconds rest
between strikes."

At hearing this bittersweet news, Brendan stopped crying but
the look of shock on his face told the terror he felt. His wife
had used the cord on him before. He knew the pain she could
inflict. He mentally sighed as his mother whispered in his ear.

"Baby, it'll hurt, but it's better than jail."

The judge continued.

"In addition Brendan, for compensation, Mr. Willis is
granted free room and board at your house for as long as your
wife desires him there or until your 7 year period of your
probation is up. I warn you Brendan, any corroborated complaints
about your behavior towards your wife, her friends, Mr. Willis,
or his visitors to your house will result in the court
terminating your probation and transferring you to the state
penitentiary for the remainder of your probation time, but not
less than 5 years. Rose Thomas, I expect you to do your duty in
modifying the criminal behavior of your husband. If not, this
court will find someone who can. This court is adjourned."


"Excuse me Mistress Rose, you said you wanted to see these
as soon as they were ready. Do they meet with your approval?"
Spoke Brendan's mom meekly as she held up two more ornate lacy
maid's uniforms she and her son had completed sewing during the

"Why Ann, I believe you and Brenda have outdone yourselves.
How much did he do?"

Brendan mother beamed as she explained her son's
contribution in helping her sew up dresses and uniforms for him
to wear as the new housemaid in drag. In just three weeks he had
14 custom maid well fitting maidservant's uniforms.

"You two make such a good team. Since he's such a mama's
boy, I'm glad you took my advice and joined him doing his
adjustment period. It has really helped him so much to have his
mommie adjust the same as he has had too." Spoke his wife.

"It has been an experience for me too, but you're right, he
is such a sweet thing, I'm so glad I could help him adapt to his
new role as Brenda the maid. Secretly, I like his feminine name
you gave him. And he looks so cute in his uniforms."
"He does. And you've done an excellent job in helping and
encouraging him along this new path he's to travel. I adore
seeing both of you dressed alike as you clean, cook and do

"It has been fun, you know just like mother and daughter.
But seriously, I did want to talk to you about those old
mattresses he and I have been sleeping on... on the floor, in the
basement, can't I just get the ones from my house and ..."

"No. I think the feel of comfort deprivation must be real.
The judge has tasked me to help him understand what the
consequences of his actions could have been if he went to prison.
I take my duty seriously. I can't let the judge down."

"I ... I understand. You're right of course."
"Of course I am. And I can cause him to get sent to prison.
Don't forget that."

"No ...No, I won't."

"You were here when the Judge came by and indicated that his
accommodations were excellent. Also she lauded you for
participating and subjecting yourself to the same treatment to
help your baby out. She too thinks you too make a wonderful
team. She said it was so touching to see you holding his hand
while I whipped him, and then to see him holding your hand as I
whipped you."

"I ... I never expected to get whipped like he did. You hit
me as hard as him."

"Of course! He would've seen through anything less."
"You're right of course. I guess it's just like when you
slapped me just as hard as you did him for breaking your rules, I
was able to identify with what he was feeling as we consoled each
other and salved each other's welts and bruises."

"Precisely, I want you two to share such moments. It's good
for both of you. And I must admit, it did me good to slap you
around and beat your ass too."

"I could tell you did. It hurt, but I tried to be a good
role model for him, as you wanted me to. He now understands that
pain and the way you treat him is a necessary part of his
routine, and your love, instead of fearing it."

Brenda's mom wanted out now that she'd got her son on the
right track to accept and adapt to his new role.

Rose complimented Brenda's mother for all she'd done in
showing her son the importance of accepting his ass whippings,
dressing in drag and submitting to Rose's will.
"Your job isn't quite done yet."

When Rose told Ann what she wanted, she gasped in horror.

"Don't be so melodramatic, you and I both know he's perfect
fairy material, and a lot of it is your fault!" Rose shouted at
Ann, who began to cry and sob at the charge that she was
responsible for her son's softness and mollycoddled ways.


Ann went about her duties as she had the lingering taste of
Mistress Roses's sperm flavored pussy on her breath.

Her bottom was still aching from the whipping she got
earlier for being soft on Brenda as her son. Ann didn't try to
fight the aggressive Rose, since she even felt deserving of it.
After her thrashing, she crawled behind Rose as she led Ann
to Rufus Will, who was still in the bed. Ann was made to suck
off his big black stiff cock and thoroughly enjoyed what she was
being made to do and secretly felt good about doing this as a
precursor to teaching him to do exactly the same thing. Later
she watched as Rufus and Rose had a rousing bout of fucking. Her
duty afterward was to tongue clean them both. She'd never sucked
a cock or sucked on used pussy either.

She was 47, and 20 years older than Rose, but like her son,
she respected Rose's authority and masterful ness. She therefore
knew that Rose was cunning, so she wasn't really surprised when
Rose told her she'd sold her house while she'd been supposedly
role playing. She felt she deserved that for being fooled into
being cooped up here for almost a month and giving Rose and
Rose's sister that power of attorney so they could pay the bills
and see about the house while she was there with Brenda.


"Yes baby, I'm gonna stay right here with you. But now it's
time for us to get you on better terms with Mr. Willis."

After she told him, Brenda was confused but horrified.
"It's okay baby. All you have to say is `Please Mr. Willis,
take my mother. Make her your whore. This is my apology and
peace offering to you.' That's all there is to it baby. And
don't worry a bit, I'll be right by your side. This'll prove
that you accept and respect him and that there are no hard
feelings. Don't pout baby. I know this may seem unusual, but we
are in an unusual situation. Remember dear, we're doing this to
keep you out of prison. Now lets get your chin up and a smile on
your face."

Reluctantly, Brenda, nervous, did exactly as his mother
asked of him. He felt so flushed and embarrassed as Rufus
laughed loudly at him, then called him a fag as he accepted his
apology and then pulled Brendan's naked mother over in the bed
with him.

His mother yielded totally to Rufus and without being told
sought out to fondle and handle his long thick love tool as Rufus
deep tongue kissed her.

Brenda, as directed stood by insignificantly with his hands
folded in front of his as he watched the two on the bed prepare
for hot wet sex.

His eyes were glued to his mother's mouth action on Rufus's
enormous nine-inch ebony erection. His mother's white mouth was
stretched so much as she gobbled the bloated dickhead.
As they were ready to couple, his mom called him over to
kiss the head of Rufus' cock and then directed her son guide it
into her juiced up pussy.

Trembling and nervous, he did as directed and then went back
to his position of observation nearby.
He was surprised at how easy his mother absorbed the length
and girth of the big black dick. It was almost as if she'd done
this before. She had, but this was done at Rose's insistence,
who'd got Ann and Rufus to practice three times before doing it
for her well tricked husband.

"His penis was so big. Didn't it hurt?" Brenda asked his
mother as they were preparing for bed after returning from their
encounter with Rufus Willis.

"No baby, it felt real good. You see that's why your wife,
I should say Mistress rose likes big black cocks. They make her
feel real good. No offense sweetie, but your little thing can't
compare to Mr. Willis. By the way you seemed to enjoy mouthing
him too."

"You ... You think I did a good job mother?"
"Real good for a beginner honey. You lost some of his jizz
when he shot off the fourth time, but you weren't expecting that,
so it's not totally your fault. With practice, you'll learn when
to expect a man to shoot. Did his cream taste as good as I said
it would?"

"It ... It was better than I thought. It was very warm and
real creamy and syrupy all at the same time."

"He's some man. He came in your mouth first, then twice as
y'all were sexing and then he came when I was sucking your pussy
juice off his big prick."

"How did you find the taste of all that dick cream you ate
out of me? Was it as good as I told you?"

"It was so yucky looking as it oozed and ran out of your
pussy, but it tasted better than it looked."

"You've only been sucking unused pussy up to now, but from
now on you can expect to suck plenty of jism soaked pussy from
now on. Especially mine and your wife's, after she's had sex with
Rufus and his buddies. You must learn to eat pussy real well as
it's one of your strong points and one of the few things you do
rather well."

"I-I never thought I'd be sucking other men's stuff from
your or Mistress Rose's pussy."

"Well things change dear, and it's as natural as you licking
Mr. Willis' big fine cock and sucking my cunt as you did


"And his dick and the cum he shot off?"
"His dick was of course smeared with pussy juice, but the
taste of his hard smooth black meat was rather nice. I guess I
liked the feel of my tongue on his shiny cockhead the best and
laving his pee slit."

"You did look so contented sucking his dickhead. Was his
cum hot?"

"Real hot and gooey as he came on my tongue. The flavor of
it was far stronger than when I sucked it from your cunt."

Mother and son continued to share thoughts as they prepared
for bed in the basement chamber that was now home for them both.
"How is that baby?" She asked her son as she secured his
hands to the harness he wore and which was attached to the bed to
keep him from playing with himself as well as to ensure that he
slept on his back.

"It's okay. I wish I didn't have to wear this."

"Mistress Rose, your wife wants you to. That's what
matters. And now she wants me to take off your cock restraint so
it can get plenty of air while you sleep."

"Oh please mother, don't take it off. I ... I get so hard,
it ... it aches. It almost feels like it'll break."

"It's not going to break silly. I know it's a wee bit
uncomfortable, but it's all part of your mind control training.
Try to think of other things rather than your own needs. That's
the purpose. Just think, it's already been 3 weeks, just one
more week before she lets you jerk off again."

"Couldn't you do it for me, you know like she doesn't have
to know."

"Heavens No! You should never be untruthful with your wife.
If she wants you to undergo a certain punishment, you should do
so and be honest about it. after all she has a purpose in
requiring you to be punished. And you should remember it's
always for your own good."

"Yes ma'am. You're right of course."

"Of course I am. Now just one more catch and there! Your
little friend is all free, ready to enjoy the night air."
Ann had a smirk on her face as she looked at her helpless
son all trussed there and his little prick stiff and throbbing.
She thought how strange it was that in helping Rose out, she too
found she delighted in subduing her own milksop son. To torment
him further, she exposed her thick hairy bush and full tits, as
she paraded back and forth before him as she got ready to go out
with Rufus.

"In the tight quarters, Brenda couldn't help but notice his
mother's beautiful hairy bush and bouncing big knockers. His
prick pulsed and trembled at each time she passed.

"Rufus wants me to meet some of his friends tonight. When I
come back I'm sure to have some more cum in my pussy, I'll wake
you up for a nice midnight snack."

Rufus came to the door "Come on slut! We got to go. That's
good. That's all you need to wear. Here's your coat. The dudes
are waiting to meet you."

He looked in the dim room and saw Brenda all trussed up in
the bed.

"My, don't you look cute. But hey, thanks for bringing me
your mama to fuck. I'm gonna carry her over to meet some mo
brothers so they can jump her big pussy. Hey baby, before you
run off, aren't you gonna let him kiss you goodbye? That's
right, come here, straddle his face and let him kiss your pussy
before we leave to get some mo dicks in you."

Ann did as she was told, delighting in the thrill of doing
as the black man told her and knowing that she was shaming her
son in the process.

With the memory of her hairy pussy on his lips, he watched
as his mother left with Rufus. She was wearing only a baby doll
pajama top under the overcoat he gave her.

No matter how he tried, Brenda couldn't will his turgid
prick down. Finally, hours later he drifted off to sleep
mentally fatigued with his aching cock.

He wasn't sure how long he was sleep, but he was awakened by
his wife.

She'd just come in from turning tricks for Rufus.

"I called Rufus earlier, he told me about the nice gift you
gave him and how you sucked his dick and your mother's cunt clean
after they fucked. That really shows respect for him as well as
sincerity on your part honey for atoning for your errant behavior
toward him. I know he's going to have a very favorable report to
the judge for you this month. To celebrate your introduction to
flavored muff, I brought you some cream hair pie."

His wife straddled Brenda's head the same as his mother had
earlier and settled her moist reeking hairy pussy right over his
face. Before making contact, she pulled a plug from her fuck
hole that was holding back the jism in her.

"That's it baby, suck all that good black dick cream out of
me. OOOH! It's so good to feel it draining. SUCK! SUCK ME!
That's it! Be a good husband! Lap me good. OH! OH!"

Moments later his wife had a rousing come on his face. She
held his face there as she scrubbed his face with her wet sloppy
matted muff.

"That was great honey. You suck divinely. My report will
be very good for you too this month. You really vacuumed me out
good. Nine customers fucked me tonight without a rubber, so I
think you tasted a lit bit of each of them." She spoke gleefully
as she wiped his face with a warm towel like one would a child.

"Mistress Rose, thank ... thank you. Can ... Can I ask you
a favor?"

Rose's gleeful tone changed to her more authoritative one as
she responded to his request.

"No. Your mother must receive the same treatment as you.
Otherwise, how could she have been so helpful to you if she
hadn't gone through the same experiences as you? Besides, she
wouldn't have it any other way. She told me so. She's bearing
your burden too, so don't ask me to cheat her of the experience.
And I certainly don't intend to shortchange her. Remember the
other morning when she dropped some food on the floor?"

"YY...Yes ma'am."

"Just like I slapped you to the floor the time you did that,
so did I with her. I also made her lick it up because she
should've known better, especially since she's a role model for
you. Because of her seniority, I also spanked her later with a
perforated paddle to remind her of her responsibility. Now you
understand why it would be an injustice to do as you ask?"

"Yes ... Yes ma'am." Brenda tried to sound upbeat but it
was with a tone of resignation.

"Dear, you two have been such a wonderful team. You saw how
pleased the judge was when she came by last month to witness your
whipping in person. She was very satisfied that there was no
trickery. That is, that I was swinging hard and making the cord
sink deep in the skin of your bottom. She complimented you on
the way your bottom was jumping and wigging to each blow. She
was even more impressed with your mother's bigger bottom as it
wiggled and reddened under my lashes. Speaking of that, you know
I forgot to tell you she said thanks for the pop corn I had you
pop up for her for the occasion."

"Next time is only 4 days away, has she ... she said if the
punishment will stay the same for next time?"

"Honey, I know how much anxiety you have every time it comes
around for your little thrashing, so that's why I haven't
bothered to tell you that she's so satisfied with your current
level of acceptance, that she wants me to take you off the cord
and instead use a tawse for 20 slaps and add 5 lashes with a
riding crop."

"Oh no! Please Mistress, not a riding crop. It'll hurt so

"Now, now. You know what the alternative is don't you? Is
that what you want? Do you want to go to prison?"

"No! No! I don't want to go. I ... I'll have to ... to
persevere somehow." Brenda spoke in a low broken voice. It was
obvious he was fighting back tears.

"That's the spirit honey. This time we're going to tie you
down real good, so the only thing you have to worry about
wiggling is your cute little tooted up bottom. Aren't you gonna
thank me and Rufus for getting the whipping horse for you?"
"Thank ... Thank you Mistress."

"You're quite welcome dear, from both me and Rufus. Don't
look so despondent. Why look, your staff has drooped. Here,
maybe that will help get your spirits up. There, that much

His wife's soft hands and pleasurable manipulations soon had
his aching prick back to its former raging state.
"By the way, if it'll help you sleep better, on the way home
I saw Rufus and your mother in an alley near the docks. All she
was wearing was her pajama top and there were two lines of black
tricks waiting to get to her. One was for her cunt and the other
her mouth. Rufus was having a grand opening 10 dollar special
with her tonight."

Rose slammed the door behind her. She had a wide grin on
her face. She felt so good at all that'd happened tonight,
especially the look on her husband's face as she walked out.

Poor Brenda, he was somewhat angry, but he knew there was
nothing to do but accept and adapt to what was happening. He was
also angry that his prick wouldn't go down.


"Sweetie you did a fine job of fondling and handling all the
men's cocks. Mistress Rose said they really liked your soft
hands and adored the way you sucked and licked the pussy juice
from their balls."

"I tried to do my best mother, just like y'all told me I

"That's good baby. And you've been very good at pleasing
your wife so that she or Rufus haven't had a thing to complain

"I'm sorry I got you in this mess mother, you know having to
hustle on the streets, along with Rose, for him."

"I don't mind doing it to keep you out of prison baby.
Plus, I've gotten to like being fucked by so many hard up black
men. I see why your wife likes big black dicks so much. What
are you sketching dear?"

"Oh, just doodling."

"Let me see. Why that's a fine drawing of Mr. Willis and
his hard dick. You've got all the details down perfect baby,
even the way his left ball hangs lower than his right. That is
really good honey. Why don't you hang it over your bed."
"You think I should?"

"Yes. It'll show how much respect and admiration you have
for him."

After her son did as she suggested, he showed her some
smaller drawings of Rufus's buddies, whose majestic pricks he's
also been intimately involved with. Each drawing showed the
black studs with jutting erections.

"Why you've outdone yourself. These are all very good. I
know Dan. That's a very good likeness of his uncut dick. And
here's Lane and his mushroom shaped cockhead that's so much
bigger than his shaft."

Brenda and his mom discussed each of the 9 black men he'd
sketched. Paying particular attention to the features of their
large erections and other significant masculine features captured
by her now well sissified son. He'd experienced each of their
big fuck tools several times. His mother had only been with 5 of

"Then you think I should continue to sketch each new dick I

"Why of course, sweetie. And add a little footnote about
what you liked best about sucking his cock. You know, if I
didn't know any better, I think you have grown fond of nigger
dicks." She said giggling.

"I ... I guess so." Brenda blushed as he spoke. His
admission was embarrassing him. " It just sort of, you know,
happened. At ... At first, I thought it was nasty and perverted
to do it and just another punishment I had to endure. But... But
after you showed me how easy it was to suck his thing and ..."
"Dick dear, not thing. Remember Mistress Rose telling you
to say dick from now on?"

"Thanks for reminding me. Well, as I was about to say, I
sort of enjoyed sucking his smooth hard shaft and smooth swollen
shiny dickhead. I also found his sperm, er, I mean his cum,
didn't taste that bad either. And then after sucking his and
other men's cum from you and my wife's, er I mean Mistress Rose's
pussy, I guess I've developed a taste for it. And then as he
passed me around to more and more of his friends, I got to know
them pretty good, and, well, got to liked sucking their big dicks
and having them shove 'em up my bottom. They seem to get so much
pleasure out of me sucking them off and ... and fucking me, it
... it makes feel good knowing I ... I make them feel good."

"That's so sweet, and you should feel good about yourself

After having gotten him to open up and talk, his mother
beamed with pride as her effeminate son described features he
adored about black dicks and how he liked fondling and orally
administering to them.

"If a stud wants me to blow him with his cock stuck through
his fly, I'll of course do so, but I really like it best when his
whole crotch is open. You see ... I like to nuzzle around the
base of his .. ..his dick and lap his soft hairy balls."

"I agree with you dear, open crotch is definitely better.
It definitely allows you greater freedom to show the man how
appreciative you are for having the opportunity to give him


Brenda, gagged and trussed up tightly as a Thanksgiving
turkey, felt so helpless on the whipping horse. The
anticipation of waiting was almost as bad as the actual
punishment. Suddenly, heard voices and footsteps

"The judge wanted me to verify that the instrument you're
currently using is delivering the impact performance she feels is
required. That is why I requested this little demonstration
Rose. Good I see you have the subject secured as I requested."

The mock state disciplinarian inspector opened the case she
was carrying to reveal a variety of flagellation instruments,
neatly arranged and secured by clip fasteners.

"You're not going to use those ... he's so fragile."
Sputtered Brenda's mother as she gasped in horror at the
array of pain inflicting instruments.

"So this is the mother? If she's getting the same treatment
as her son, judging by her attitude, I sense your knotted
extension cord is losing its effectiveness. A properly trained
subject would know not to make such an impolite outburst."

"My apologies, Ms. Burnman. We recently took her off the
regular treatment that her son was receiving because her, er,
assets were being interfered with due to the healing time of her
bottom. However, you're quite right, I do believe she's
forgotten the purpose of these treatments."

Ms. Burnman then turned to address Brenda's mother.
"You see a properly trained subject understands that he or
she has no say so over the instrument of treatment. The
subject's only concern should be to learn the lesson of obedience
and to willingly adjust its attitude and behavior as required.
What is your name?" She spoke her name meekly, cowed by the
woman's obvious air of authority.

"Well Ann, are you saying your son is more fragile than you,
a woman?"

"Er, I just meant ma'am ... er ... that he's a delicate lad
and ..."

"And that he wasn't man enough to take such treatment?"
"Well ma'am , er, not quite in those words, but ... but
something like that." Replied Brenda's mother as she stammered
before the imperious Ms. Burnman.

"Would you say you're softer than your son?"

"Er, yes ma'am, a little bit softer."

"Well then Rose, to show his mother that we're not out to
harm her mollycoddled son, but rather to rehabilitate him, what
would you say if we asked his mother to be our pre-tester. That
is, we test each, er, impact instrument, blow for blow, on her
first and then on the main subject. That way, if it shows we're
being over effective on Ann, then we'll know we're close to our
target affectivity on the subject."

"Excellent idea Ms. Burnman. Well Ann, do you agree to be a
good mother and be a pre-tester for Brenda?"

Feeling tricked and outsmarted, Ann looked dumbfounded.

"Ma'am, you .. you mean I .. I have to get be ..."

"Ann, think of as sharing a significant experience with
your son. I understand this is not new to you, is it not?" Ms.
Burnman asked the terrified Ann.

"No but ..."

Ann was cut off before she could finish.

"You do want us to have the right impact prescription for
your baby - your mama's boy, don't you?"

"Yes ... Yes ma'am, but ..." Ann was now trembling
slightly at the thought of being lashed again.

"There's no time for hee hawing, the only butt we need here
is yours."

Brenda could hear but could do or say anything but listen
and cry at was being imposed on his mom.

Ann stood there like a deer caught in the headlights as Ms.
Burnman approached her staring deeply into her eyes.

"Ann, a good mother would do this for her son. You're a
good mother aren't you?" Ms. Burnman, a half a head taller than
Ann, placed her hands on Ann's shoulders as she stood directly
in front of her.

Visibly trembling and to choked up to speak, Ann nodded
affirmatively before the well dressed imperious Ms. Burnman.
"Good! I know you're just nervous from being anxious to help
out, so let me help you off with your clothes."

Almost before she realized it the woman had stripped her
nude except for garter belt and nylons.

As Ms. Burnman unhooked and let Brenda's mother's ample
tits fall free, Ann was surprised at the liberties the assertive
woman took as she handled her large mammary endowments.

"My, you definitely should have no problem getting men to
sink their tools in you. Nice tits, soft chubby ass, and a big
fuzzy bush, just what some men would love to work on."

"She has, shall we say, plenty of black men who find much
use for her assets every night." Spoke Rose smugly, who had been
silent just watching Ms. Burnman, in reality a friend of hers,
expertly con and cower Brenda's mom into submission.

"Good for you Ann. I just hope you're not wasting all
that jism. Are you getting your mama's boy to suck it out of
your pussy? It's good for prissy namby wambies like your son to
taste the dick cream of real men. It really helps them stabilize
their lives."

"Don't worry Ms. Burnman, at my insistence, his mother
started her baby on that some time ago and it has benefited him
greatly, so much so, he's had the confidence to start sucking big
black dicks. And I must add, she was there when he sucked his
first dick and swallowed his first load of hot scum."

"That's so wonderful and touching. Ann, I knew you were a
good mom and mentor. Now c'mon over here so we can get you
comfy." Ann felt so humiliated, as the woman led her by the
hand. Yet deep within, something was telling her she deserved
what was happening to her.

Since there was only one whipping horse, Rose and Ms.
Burnman secured Brenda's mother to a large heavy table. She was
bent forward over it with her arms and legs chained to the four
stout legs. They used a ball gag to complete their work.

"Rose you must get another horse for Ann. I think she'd be
more comfortable and also be by her son's side at this important
time. And since we'll be doing these reviews every few months
for the next seven years, I'm sure it'll be well utilized."

"You're so right Ms. Burnman. I'm sure she won't mind
turning an extra trick or two a night to pay for it. That is
with her being the good mom she is."

"I'm sure you're correct Rose, especially since she's been an
excellent role model for Brenda."

"Well Rose, your venerable extension cord passed the test,
but as I showed you, in order for you to get the same size welts
I get with the single braid short whip, you have to really exert
yourself and swing twice as hard. But as long as you do and get
the excellent results you are, I must approve you to continue to
use it. However, I'm certain the affectivity will not last
beyond the next evaluation period. In the mean time, I'd suggest
you phase in the single braid and the crop. After that, I'm sure
we will work our way to a light cane."

Mistress Rose thanked Ms. Burnman and chatted while she
repacked her case of pain inflictors.

"They were so quiet, I almost forgot about then while we
were talking technical stuff Rose." Spoke Ms. Burnman as she
walked toward the back of the room where Brenda and his mother
were still bound and gagged. They were both cried out and were
only quietly whimpering as a result of the severe testing that'd
been done on their asses, which were a maze of purple and blue
and red welt marks.

"It was such a pleasure meeting both of you and whipping on
your asses. Ann you've nothing to worry about, your mama's boy
has quite a robust set of ass cheeks. I've asked his wife to
slowly increase his prescription of discipline, he'll notice the
increased impact of the new instruments, but rest assured, this
will keep the judge satisfied and your son out of prison."

"Thank Ms. Burnman Brenda and Ann for all the help she's
been." Rose said as she un-gagged her effeminized subjugated
husband and his enslaved mother.

"Th ... sob ... thank you ... for helping my ... sob ... my
son." Ann meekly spoke as she sobbed and tried to slowly stand
up after being released.

Brenda followed suite with his thanks as his wife let him
remained bound, indicating she wanted his ass to air cool another
half hour before any salve was applied, which was to be done by
his mother.

Ms. Burnman asked Ann to walk with her and Rose to the door.
"Ann you're to be congratulated for sticking by and
supporting your son the way you have. Even thought he's 27 and
married to a fine woman like Rose, you're doing a good job of
weaning him from your apron strings to Rose's control. Secondly,
your instilling in him that being whipped by his wife is just a
normal part of a loving marriage, and a further sign that you're
an excellent mother for your mama's boy."

Ann blushed and thanked Ms. Burnman for her sincere
compliments, not knowing it was all Ms. Burnman could do not to
crack up laughing at Ann who was something of a simpleton anyway.
Ms. Burnman's curiosity was raised as she decided to dump some
more on her to see if Rose was right about how stupid Ann really

"And lastly Ann, I know you're a simple and insignificant
woman, but I must say your teaching your baby to suck fuck slop
from your cunt, and how to suck big black dicks, puts you in a
class by yourself." Smirked Ms. Burnman as she spoke.

"You're too kind ma'am, but I can't take all the credit,
Mistress Rose and Mr. Willis really are responsible for me
knowing what was the proper things to do to help keep my son out
of jail and to keep the judge satisfied that the probation would
work out."

"Anyway, keep up the good work and continue to be the fine
roll model for him by giving your pussy to many different black
men. Let him know he can do the same thing with his pussy mouth
and ass. Rose you did say you wanted him to get out more with a
lot of the black men you're dating right?"

"Oh yes! Most definitely, and his mother has been most
supportive of me. Haven't you Ann?"

"Oh yes! Mistress Rose knows that my baby is not that good
in bed, but he's good with his mouth, so I've been working with
him on that and she and Mr. Willis have found me so many dates.
I'd never been with black men before, now I seem to have them
wanting me every night. I really feel good after pleasing them
all when they come with their big hard things and need to shoot
off. Brenda loves pleasing their big dicks too."


It was 3 AM Sunday morning and Brenda's mother was just
returning from a rowdy gangbang where she was the center of
attraction for 18 horny black laborers. She literally looked
like something the cat drug in, but she had the most blissful
smile on her face.

As she entered their combined bedroom, she dutifully pulled
the door tightly, which locked it. It could only could be opened
from the outside now.

She gently shook Brenda as she removed her jism stained

"Hi mom, I must've dozed off. How did it go tonight?"


"You do look happy and content."

"I am. I'd just turned my eighth trick when Mr. Willis
picked me up and took me to this farm, where 18 black laborers
had me for over six hours. They had me in every which way. They
were so horny."

"You certainly smell like they shot off a lot of cum."
As Ann pulled her semen soaked panties off, Brenda could
only gasp as the messy semen plastered mass of dense hair that
was his mother's pussy bush. The familiar cunt plug stuck out
noticeably from the fuzzy mass.

"Wow! I've never seen your muff so sticky with fuck gook."

"And there's more inside me too baby. You're gonna eat good
tonight. C'mon and get it, I can see your mind is on tasting my
muff rather than listening at me. I'll just lay here and let you
suck my bush clean before you get to the main course."

And that's exactly what her sissified son did. His mouth
didn't emerge from her slimy soggy reeking muff until a half hour

"That was delicious mom."

"Thanks baby. I've got two more surprises."


"Yes. The first is that when Mr. Willis was tallying up the
receipts tonight, he congratulated me on turning my 1,006th trick
tonight. A good gang bang couldn't nave been a better way to do

"Oh mom, I'm so happy for you."

The two embraced.

His mother held up a little key and asked him if he knew
what it was.

"It . It's the key to my chastity belt. Where ... Where
did you ..."

"And the other surprise honey is that as a way of
celebrating my achievement, he and Mistress Rose wanted you to
share this occasion with me, sort of a reward for your sustained
good behavior. You can finally put it in baby. Isn't that nice
of them?"

Brenda was so excited as his mother opened the lock on the
confining device. As soon as he was free of it, he was in his
mother's arm and eagerly fucking her with reckless abandon, not
giving the least thought to morals or incest. His only focus was
on enjoying the object that he'd mentally lusted after for so
long as they shared the tiny room cell. He recounted the
countless times he'd sucked her out and paid homage to her with
his tongue.

He didn't last but four minutes, but too had a most blissful
expression on his face as he laid in his mother's embrace panting
and settling down from the super come he'd experienced.

"Was it good baby?"

"Great mom."

"Well baby, how does it feel to be a mother fucker?"

The two laughed.

After being the dutiful son and sucking his jism from his
mom's well used pussy, they laid back and savored the moment.

Mentally, they both were celebrating the achievement of
something that they both had wanted to happen. They were
secretly thanking circumstances for helping it to occur. Brenda
relished being in his mother's arms as her lover and so did she
as his whore.

"Mother, thanks so much for sticking with me all these

"You're welcome baby. That's what mothers are for."

"I guess things have been a little tough on us, but at least
we have each other." Her son said softly as he sucked on the tit
his mom offered him.

"Yes dear, that's the important thing. we're here for each
other and you're not in some awful prison cell."

"You're right mother. I guess I have a lot to be thankful

"We have baby. We have a lot to be thankful for. Your wife
and Mr. Willis have tricked and taken advantage of us, but
overall, we really couldn't be used by two nicer people."

"I thought the same thing. You know I .. I love Mistress
Rose deeply and even though she really beats my ass, I know she
loves me too."

"She does baby."

"And I think Mr. Willis cares for us too, even though he's
always putting us down."

"He does. I could tell that from the way he was so gentle
with you the first time he fucked you up the ass with his big

The two continued to talk on about the future six years of
probation to go and about their good fortune of being under the
control and rule of a dominant and abusive, but benevolent black
master and white mistress.

### END ###

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