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CDE 33 Trials Tribulations



Copyright c March 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MM, MF, Impreg, Humor)


Story: Trials & Tribulations
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: A husband laments about the things he has to
contend with, due to his wife being a good Samaritan.


You know, it gets me how many trials and tribulations
a husband has to endure, to keep even a good marriage

If it's not my wife's old boyfriends accidentally
interfering with our ironclad marriage, it's other men,
even friends of mine, who inadvertently cause problems for
our marriage also.

Let me try to explain what I mean. I'll start with
her old boyfriends first.

Her old flame, Jim, has accidentally managed to knock
her up twice in our fifthteen year marriage. My wife,
Jenny, felt sorry for him because of the problems he was
having with his significant other both times. She claimed,
each time, she hated to see him walking around moping and
with a hard-on. To lift his spirits, she lifted her dress
and pulled her panties down for him. Well, both times he
got rid of his hard dick, and we got two additions to our

Her explanation was the same each time she
accidentally got pregnant from Jim. "I can't help it if
Jim buys such cheap rubbers and they fail" was the reason
she gave me. "You can't hold me responsible for him not
buying quality condoms. After all, I did more than enough,
as his friend and helping him out, by giving him some."

In both instances my wife let me know that abortion
was out of the question. I was very upset each time, but
she and I reconciled. I ended up being the daddy of the
living, breathing results of her accidental dual sins.

The same identical thing happened with two of her
other old boyfriends. Again we reconciled and I forgave
her making the same mistakes again. When you're in love as
deep as we are, it's easy to forgive a loving spouse for
accidentally making mistakes.

You see, one of my wife's main character flaws is that
she's just naturally too good hearted. She seems to go
overboard in being helpful to people, especially men.

My wife is extremely beautiful. I've told her several
times she doesn't have to put out just because she makes
other men's cocks hard when she's around them. But alas,
no matter how hard she tries to keep from being the good
Samaritan, it gets to her if she goes too long without
helping some poor guy out who gets an aching boner from
being around her, or ogling at her charming figure.

She often feels sorry for some of my best friends too,
especially Paul, who comes by to see me often. Generally,
it's when I'm not home. We have two children that he's
fathered also. I've asked him to call first to see if I'm
home before he comes by, but he always seems to forget to
do so. It seems when I'm there at home there is less of a
chance that she weakens and offers him or others help for
their aching hard-ons. Well anyway, as a result of Paul's
forgetfulness to put on a condom, she's pregnant again from
him. This is his third contribution to our relatively
large family.

Jenny doesn't like the pill or diaphragms. She thinks
it's the man's responsibility to use birth control
protection. "After all, if I'm putting out, it's the least
they can do to put on a good quality rubber" is what she
always says. She's also rather religious and doesn't
believe in abortion either, hence our 9 kids, with number
10 on the way.

I must be the only one she has sex with that remembers
to use protection faithfully, since I've yet to father a
single one of our 9 kids, including number 10 in the oven.
As I mentioned previously, she's confirmed to me that she
believes it's Paul's baby.

Paul, and some of the other friends of mine that come
by to see me, as I mentioned before, often come by our
house while I'm not there. Several times, I've arrived
just as they were coming. Not coming over, but coming in
my wife's delectable cunt. Early in our marriage, I would
raise a stink. That is for her feeling sorry for them
because they got horny from being around her, and
especially if the man, in a fit of passion forgot to put on
a condom. After the first few times I rebuked and scolded
her. She pouted angrily, and claimed that she got pregnant
because I wasted time scolding her, when it would've been
more productive trying to help her get the other man's
virile jism out of her. She's the one that proposed to me
that sucking her semen filled pussy would be an effective
means of extraction and pregnancy prevention.

"Darling, I know you have some difficulty when I feel
sorry for them and give in to the fellows when they have
erections, but I trust you to do a better job and a more
thorough effort of drawing out their sperm than them. Plus
they are often tired from fucking me and probably don't
like messing with their hot spent sticky semen. The same
stuff that caused them to fuck their buddy's wife in the
first place. So darling, it's just natural you have a
vested interest in preventing me from becoming pregnant. So
I think you're the better candidate to suck it out of me."

After I thought about the logic of what she said, I
had to reluctantly agree. She did make sense. So now if I
walk in and she's got a sloppy cunt from a condom failure,
or forgetfulness on the part of some man she's felt sorry
for, I say nothing. I generally sigh with chagrin at the
task before me, but immediately get on my knees and bury my
face in her sloppy wet, slimy, bushy, sperm soaked snatch.
She thinks I've prevented at least three pregnancies so

Timing is everything, so I've told her to call or
page me (Yes! I got a pager just for that purpose.) so I
can rush to meet her to suck out some man's virile jism
that somehow managed to get shot off in her unprotected

It really gets me that the guys who use my wife's
pussy don't have the decency to put on, or use quality

I do love my wife very much, in spite of her
affliction for being detrimentally helpful and good-
natured. She's still a very good wife and an excellent
mother. I can tell it's her calling to be a good mother.
Our pastor has even told us that it was my wife's talent to
breed and take care of children.

The problem is that it costs so much to raise kids
these days. My mother-in-law proposed an idea for a more
aggressive strategy toward pregnancy prevention for my
"always want to be helpful" wife.

I was shocked by her proposal. Besides being extreme,
I couldn't fathom her thinking of such a thing.

"I haven't discussed it with Jenny. I wanted you to
think about and see if you were man enough to embrace this
innovative concept." My mom-in-law said.

I was reluctant to even think about her idea, even
after her continued discussion with me about it and why I
should not be ashamed of performing it. After much coercion
and nagging me to be decisive and do as she suggested, I
decided to try her strategy idea out with several of my
closer friends. That is, those that can't seem to come by
when I'm at home.

I talked to my wife about it and she thought the
approach was wonderful and demonstrated what a wonderful
husband I am. You see, my mother-in-law's proposal was for
me to offer to suck the cocks of men who are affected by my
wife's charms and have aching cocks. The idea being to
circumvent them from getting their sperm in my wife.

All of them have taken me up on my offer several
times, including the pastor of our church. He has
routinely asked me to stay after services each Sunday, for
the last three years, so that he can relieve his heated
erections with my mouth. He says he gets aroused from
watching my wife in church services and that my mouthing
him makes him resist temptation. He's coated my tonsils
with a lot of his heated viscous cum over the years.

Another thing, five of our children belong to a
combination of the Pastor of our church and the Church
Board of Deacons. You see they are a result of my wife
going with the pastor and deacons to semi-annual retreats.

After the third pregnancy that she attributed to the
retreats, she convinced me that I should accompany them to
be a birth control preventive. The Pastor and deacons
agreed, but they ruled that I would not be allowed to
witness my wife being with them in their retreat services.

They use my wife as an example in their recurring
retreat series on sexual temptations by church leaders. The
purpose is to test the will and resolve of our church
leaders to resist carnal temptations of the flesh.

As I said earlier, my wife is very religious and is an
eager and willing participant in church activities. She
and two other wives seem to be always sought after by our
church leaders for these retreats.

Myself and the husbands of the other two wives are
heavily encouraged to let our wives participate in these
retreat services.

My boss is a deacon in our church, so therefore I had
to take that into consideration each time I think about
opposing her participation. Many times my boss reminds me
personally that he is looking forward to these retreats and
how unhappy he would be if my wife didn't participate.

I should mention that one of our sons strongly
resembles my boss. Jenny even named him after my boss
because of his spitting image resemblance. It's possible
that my boss could be the real father since he's one of the
deacons that had experienced sexual temptation failure with
my wife, 9 months prior to our son's birth.

My wife has brought our son to my office several
times. The boss always beams when she brings in our son,
whose Christian name is the same as his. He insisted he
become our son's Godfather. Hence, that's another reason I
find it difficult to say no to my wife's active
participation in the retreat activities.

The other wives who participate have husbands whose
bosses are also on the Deacon Board. I know each of them
and we all have similar personalities. That is, we are
easy going and don't like conflict or confrontations.

At the retreat location, the temptation testing
involves my wife and the pastor, as well as each deacon.
She and one of them have to spend two hours alone in a
motel room where there is a tv playing XXX videos. An ample
supply of condoms is also placed in the room along with a
selection of alcoholic beverages and snacks. She has never
said so, but I believe my wife's role is to dress
provocatively, that is by wearing scanty lingerie. The
actual temptation testing is secret and what I'm writing
here is what I've been able to discern over the years in
bits and pieces from my wife and the other husbands whose
wives participate in the semi-annual event. Even though the
pastor and each of the deacons have failed the test each
time they were alone with my wife - twice a year for the
last seven years - they all agreed that they are becoming
more resistant to such temptations.

In preparation for these retreats, my Jenny and the
other participating wives I mentioned, are told to get off
their birth control pills at least 2 months prior to the
retreat date.

The purpose, I was told, is to increase the
seriousness and realistic nature of this temptation testing
of our church leaders. The idea that they may impregnate
another man's wife and have that permanent flesh and blood
symbol of their failure walking around is suppose to cause
them to evaluate the further importance of the impact of
their failure.

However, my opinion is that our church leaders really
don't seem to let that bother them, as myself and the other
two husbands I mentioned before, have several children by
the leaders in our families.

Also, the minister comes by to collect and hold all
our wives' birth control pills to ensure they abide by this
two-month period. He also gets sworn promises from our
wives that they won't permit any of us husbands to have
intercourse unless we use condoms. I guess the only good
news in all this is that he also brings over a large box of
condoms for us husbands, courtesy of our church, whenever
he comes by to collect our wives' birth control pills.

When I was allowed to attend the retreat services at
the remote location, I was required to remain in my room
while the actual testing was going on in another part of
the complex. I was on call in the event of a temptation

Each time I've attended the retreat, not only were
there temptation failures, but in addition there were
numerous split condoms and condoms accidentally slipping
off. My boss and the pastor seemed to keep forgetting to
put theirs on.

Several of the deacons, as well as, the pastor often
came by our room, after getting my wife's help in the
retreat services, and had me remove the last vestiges of
their temptation, for that night anyway, by milking the
last bit of cum from their rather large cocks. Since that
first time, the pastor has been using me routinely to mouth
his rigid arousals.

Another thing, it seems like all the men I've sucked
to date are all much larger than I. I was also amazed at
the size of the residual loads I sucked or milked from the
pastor and the deacons.

I'm glad I was at the retreats, otherwise all that
extra thick hot viscous cum would've ended up in my Jenny.
Alas, all plans don't work out too well. She still got
pregnant two more times after I started going with her. But
she told me that if I hadn't been there we would've had
more than those two additions to the family. That was some
solace to me.

She's currently two months pregnant and the pastor and
the deacons still want her at the retreat tomorrow. I'm to
drive her up to the remote rural resort. We were already
told that there would be no condoms used since she was
already inseminated.

I didn't see the need for me to attend since she was
already with child, that is due to Paul, as I mentioned
earlier. However, she and the minister and deacons desired
me to accompany her so as to keep in practice at sucking
her semen filled pussy as well as their cocks.

The pastor spoke to me about this. "My son, in order
for a skill not to become rusty, one must diligently
practice it, even when there is no purposeful task at hand
to apply it to."

I suspect the group will find plenty of practice for
me. Additionally, Jenny, besides wanting me to lick her
drippy slimy cunt, said she wanted to also see me milking
the church leaders' fuck-slime coated cocks, as she'd never
seen me suck a dick before.

So, anyway, there it is, my story of how my marriage
is withstanding the various trials and tribulations caused
by the well-intended actions of a loving wife, who is
always willing to help others in such an unselfish manner.


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