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CDE 34 1 Family Bonding P1


Copyright c April 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, MM, Incest, Impreg, FemDom, MDom)


Title: family Bonding Part 1
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: James, načve and virginal, is engaged to
Judy, the daughter of the apparently loving, caring,
sharing, closely knit, Smith family. James begins
bonding with his new in-laws during their engagement.
He eventually discovers that outward appearances of
the Smith Family's wholesome image proves deceptive.

Judy Smith-Fiancee/Wife
Judy's mother - mother Smith
James Jackson-Fiance/Husband
James's mother -Mother Jackson
James's Aunt- Aunt Jasmine


"James Dear, I'm going over to Jeffrey's place.
I need to see him."
"Now? It-It's almost 8PM Judy." I responded to
my wife.
"I know darling, but I'd already promised to see
him tonight. He's counting on me coming over."
"Y-You did? B-But your father a-and your
brother a-and your uncle were over before dinner.
Aren't you too tired to go out?"
"It's been almost three hours since they left. I
feel fine. They didn't tire me out."
"I-I see." I meekly replied, knowing that it was
useless trying to change her mind, especially with
that perky tone in her voice.
"Anyway, they were more or less just quickies
dear. Are your tongue and jaw muscles tired?"
"Judy, it's a lot of work sucking and licking up
after each of them. They shoot so much cum, a-and
it's always so thick and gooey. And if they insist I
lick their dicks clean too, I can't help but get
tongue fatigue. Is it really necessary for me to..."
"Darling, before you even go there, yes it is.
We've been through this before. You know how much I
love you doing that for me after I get fucked. It
really does me good to feel your mouth on my wet,
oozing snatch, and your tongue wiggling in me, not to
mention looking down at your head between my legs.
It's so relaxing to rub the back of your head while
you're eating another man's fuck out of my cunt.
James honey, I know you love me when you do this
little thing for me. Please don't deprive me of your
"Judy, you know I love you so very much, it-it's
just that I feel s-so humiliated having to..."
"Darling, I've told you time and time again, you
are not being humiliated because you do these little
things for me and my family and the fathers of our
kids. I value your sucking efforts greatly and know
this is one of the sweetest and warmest way for you to
show your affection for me. And as far as Daddy and
my brothers, and the other men in the family, they
rave about the way you lick and clean me and mama's
pussy juice and fuck scum from their cocks and balls.
They respect you for that. You don't want to lose
their respect do you?"
"Y-You're turning things around Judy. Y-You know
they've threaten me if I-I didn't do that for them.
A-And I don't know why you and your folks demand I do
the same for your old boyfriends, I don't care if they
fathered all our children."
"James darling, I've told you before you should
discuss that with Daddy if you think he's causing them
to take advantage of you." My beautiful wife replied
with an obvious mischievous smirk of a smile.
"Y-You know what your father would say to me." I
sighed, as I replied and hung my head. We both knew I
wasn't about to confront her strong will Dad.
My gorgeous wife walked over in front of me and
lifted my chin looking straight in my eyes with her
enticing ones.
"Honey, we love each other. We both know that.
It's a deep true love. You understand that my heart
is all yours, even if I give my pussy to many other
men and have their babies to make up our family. You
must not see any of this as anything to be
disheartened about. We just had our seventh
anniversary. Our marriage is one of openness, love,
deep trust and understanding, not to mention great
support from my family. And as far as my old senior
high fuck buddies, they know you're the better man to
raise their kids."
"I-I know you're trying to l-lift my spirits
dear, b-but I just wish it-it didn't have to be this
way." I said with a sigh.
"James darling, this is the way it is. This is
reality, you know that better than anyone. My pussy
needs and adores big dicks, lots of them. C'mon, tell
me you love me honey."
"I love you Judy." I repeated after her, looking
straight in her charming hazel eyes.
"I love you too darling, deeply. You are the
husband of my dream. I don't know what I'd do without
you." She followed up with a very passionate French
kiss. The intensity of it almost took my breath away.
We both knew that when she kissed me that way,
she could do no wrong, and that I was putty in her
"Feel better sweetie."
"Oh Judy, I wish I didn't love you so. I-I can't
believe the things I've let happen to me because of
you and your family."
"You aren't speaking ill of my family are you
honey?" Judy replied with a bit of an edge in her
"N-No, of course not. I-I just mean, I-I
should've walked away when I found out what was in
store for me after we got engaged."
"Darling, just think, you'd owed me and my family
over $50,000 and you wouldn't have me, who you claim
you love so much."
"I-I know, but, I-I wouldn't feel so tormented a-
and feel so out classed. All the men that sex you
have it over me in every way."
"None can match your tongue sweetie. You're a
super sucker. mom says the same thing too. I don't
know why you feel so down, after all, you couldn't
wait to suck my cunt before you found out it was other
men's jism you were sucking up and swallowing. You
know you like my cunt after other dicks have creamed
in me. You've simply got to accept that you're a
natural pussy eater. Don't be sad because nature gave
you a taste for such a lusty delicacy, and in the
process of discovering that, you won me over more than
any macho man could."
I remained silent at her bittersweet, but true
statement. There was nothing I could say. I'd long
ago concluded that my non-macho, easily intimidated,
meek, and unassuming personality, as well as a taste
for her dick cream filled, but luscious gash, endeared
me to her. To add to that, it seemed that
intimidation of me by her father, other male
relatives, and her three former boyfriends, all of
whom were fucking her routinely, and who coerced me
into being their dick licker, lapper and cocksucker,
usually in her presence, made her love me even deeper.
The price I paid for her love was significant in
terms of my self-esteem, but yet it seemed each time
she took me in her arms or kissed me, all seemed right
with the world. Her beauty and my love for her were
obviously devastating to my dignity and pride.
"James darling, we have a good marriage, great
kids and you know it. Sure, I know you eat a lot of
the guys' jism from my muff, and they may make you
lick their dicks sometimes, or push one down your
throat occasionally, but overall, you know, we all
think the world of you, especially our kids. Don't be
hard on yourself. Your personal pride is not as
important as you think. What's important is how happy
you make those you love you. Especially me - your
wife - our kids, your family, and my family and
friends. You know my family praise you as an ideal
son-in-law. You know they think the world of you."
My beautiful wife kissed me again and embraced me
warmly. "There, your face looks brighter already.
Feel better?"
"Y-Yes, I-I guess so." I slowly replied.
"All you needed were a few good hugs and kisses."
She left me standing there as she picked up her
coat and purse. As she turned toward the door, she
looked at me as I stood there in the pinafore style
yellow and pink apron her mom bought for my birthday.
"Anyway, James darling, I won't be gone all
night. I'll wake you, as usual, when I come home.
You know I always share the experience of such visits
with you. In the mean time, be a dear and put the
kids to bed, and oh, please finish tidying up the
kitchen for me." My wife said as she stepped back to
me and pecked me on the forehead. She walked toward
the family room where the kids were.
The provocative swing of her shapely, floating
ass in the tight and revealing mini dress, made me
feel weak and aroused as usual.
I said nothing further as I saw her tell our four
little ones goodnight. She then marched out the door.
After getting the kids bathed and off to bed, I
started on my kitchen duty. I mentally sigh as I do
my chores and find it hard to believe Judy and I have
been married going on eight years. As I work, I think
back to the time we first met and how we arrived at
the situation I'm in today.


I'd just moved to Kaseyville for my first job,
after graduating from the state university.
Since my maternal aunt lived there, mother and
she agreed that I could live with her until I could
find a suitable place.
The job I had was okay, but I thought I would
like to do something else in a few years, so I decided
to attend graduate school, with the idea that I may
want to become a college professor at some later date.
After deciding to attend graduate school, I
didn't rush to find my own place. I continued to stay
with Aunt Jasmine. She and my mom were rather
pleased, since they were both the motherly type and
over protective of me, even though I was 23.
I met Judy at the college library. She was a
library assistant. As I spent many hours there, we
would encounter each other rather frequently.
I couldn't help but notice the stunning brunette
with the pleasant smile and vivacious figure. On a
scale of 1 to 10, she was a solid 12.
Over a period of 3 months, it became commonplace
for us to exchange small talk about various books that
she and I'd read. It was apparent she was well read
and had an excellent memory.
"James, may I ask you something personal?" She
said one Thursday evening as we sat in the sparsely
populated library.
"Sure." I replied.
"I'm surprised you haven't hit on me or asked me
for a date yet. Most guys would've done that 5
minutes after they said hi. You aren't gay are you?"
"No! ... Oh no!" I replied, slightly surprised
at the question. "T-The reason I, er, well I-I never
mentioned anything a-about a date or anything is that
I, well, I just assumed you were spoken for, you know
going with someone. You being s-so attractive."
"Spoken for, that's quaint. No I'm not as you
say, "Spoken For". I do date occasionally, but no
serious commitment, except to my family."
It was that conversation which led to our first
date that following Saturday night. We seemed to hit
it off rather well after that first date and we ended
up going on several others. Judy let me know that it
was refreshing that a man was more concerned about
what was on her mind than what was in her dress.
Over the span of a few months we had several
dates. She was fun to talk to, not to mention
pleasing to look at. She had a quizzical manner that
seemed to draw things out of me. I admitted to her
that I was not well versed in wooing girls or had that
much luck with them in the past.
To my embarrassment and to Judy's amusement, she
determined, rightfully that I was a virgin. I lied of
course, but I'm certain she looked through my white
"You have nothing to be ashamed of James, you
should be proud to be a 23 old virgin. Judy told me
seriously as she tenderly held my hand. I still
didn't admit I was, even if my body language indicated
I was technically a virgin. I'd tried to have
sex with two girls previously. One in senior high,
the other in college. In junior high, I was so
nervous I came in the rubber before I could get it out
of my pants. Even at 15, I was not a rapid recharger,
so I was still no good to my date for the rest of the
In college, the girl began laughing at how small
my prick was, that I couldn't keep it up because of
her ridicule of me.

When Judy first introduced me to her family, I
viewed them as the perfect family. There was her
father and mother and her two brothers. One was 19
and the other 21. Judy was the oldest.
They seemed to be a close knit and caring family,
one for the other. Her parents, while plain blue-
collar type folks, appeared to be doing well for
themselves. Her father had a local business and
seemed to be well respected and somewhat politically
connected within the town.
Judy was 22 when we first started dating. We
dated for 6 months before the question of marriage
came up. I'm not sure if it was I who brought it up
first or not, but it was out in the open and I worked
up enough nerve to pop the question. She accepted my
proposal of marriage and I put a very nice ring on her
I say nice, because her father gave me the money
for the ring.
I was in graduate school at the time and working
a day job as well, so his offer was easily accepted,
since, the ring he wanted for her was easily ten times
more expensive than what I had in mind or could
"I know you two love each other and I want my
daughter to have a stone on her finger she can see."
Her father told me as I sat speechless and astonished
in response to his offer.
Actually, her father bought the 3 carats of rings
for her. The engagement ring and the accompanying
diamond studded wedding band was an exquisite set. He
also purchased my matching wedding band, but indicated
he'd hold onto it for me.
His actions were indeed generous.
However, there was a catch to his generosity.
He insisted I sign a pre-nuptial wedding
contract. The terms of the pre-nuptial contract were
(1) Prior to the wedding, I couldn't have intercourse
with her - the exact words were I was not to "put my
penis in her vagina and I was to keep her vagina free
of semen at all times whenever she was in my
presence"; (2) A commitment to marry Judy on the
assigned wedding date; and (3) Accept all children
born to Judy in the marriage, and be a loving husband
and legal loving caring father, without question.
The terms of the contract, while worded a bit
strange, otherwise seemed reasonable. I didn't
understand the sperm clause at all, but after all,
Judy was the best thing that ever happened to me, or
was to happen to me. I often had to pinch myself to
realize that such a dark hair bombshell beauty would
fall in love with me. I also was suspicious that this
whole contract thing was just her family's way of
testing me. I was determined not to fail, no matter
the conditions they imposed.
The fact that her family took to me like a fish
to water just added to my ego. It was indeed a dream
come true to have her family go out of their way to
help out and ensure we got married.
The pre-nuptial contract had a penalty for
violating any of the conditions. They included
reimbursement of the total wedding costs, engagement
and wedding rings, and an additional $50,000 for
breaking Judy's heart.
I beamed a broad smile upon reading the penalty
clause and assumed this all might be a trick by the
family to see if I was truly committed to becoming
their daughter's husband. I eagerly signed the
document of commitment as Judy's father and mother and
their lawyer witnessed it. Judy was not there, as her
mom said she had to be home since some relatives were
stopping by.
"Welcome to the family son." Her father said as
he shook and squeezed my hand tightly.
"James, you can call me mother Smith now." Her
mom said as she embraced me and welcomed me as her
future son-in-law.
The attention they gave me was overwhelming. My
self-esteem was in the clouds.


Prior to us becoming engaged, we probably went
over to Judy's house maybe 8 to 10 times. It was
always for well-planned visits. I believe we had
dinner there each time.
To my shock and amazement, Judy eagerly and
boastfully announced to her family I was a virgin.
However, her parents seemed exceedingly pleased. In
fact they praised her for finding me. This shocked me
even more.
I was truly embarrassed. I tried to admonish
Judy for doing that, but became speechless at her
To make matters worse, her parents stressed I
should remain a virgin until marriage and frequently
reminded me of that, one way or another, each time I
visited them. They thought I was a nice boy for being
so. Even though I knew they meant well, I hated they
made a big issue about the virgin thing.
After we became engaged, my hopes of all
forgetting about my virginity were completely dashed
by the pre-nuptial contract. In fact, her parents and
even Judy became even more remindful and stressing of
that matter.
"James, we know that Judy is not a virgin, but we
expect their to be one virgin standing at the altar -
You. Therefore we must insist upon your sworn promise
that you will not violate our daughter with your penis
or your semen, and to not have intercourse until after
you two are married. Is that clear?"
I was extremely nervous when her mother made the
aforementioned statement as Judy and I sat across from
Judy's mom and dad. I knew then for sure, they didn't
take this matter lightly
I was speechless. They said if I truly loved Judy
and wanted to be bonded to her for life, I wouldn't
hesitate to swear to such a commitment.
I answered them affirmatively, even though I
originally thought the engagement would get me in my
fiancee's panties sooner than later. I never thought
I'd have to wait until the wedding night to enjoy
Judy's overwhelmingly beautiful charms.
But since that were such a nice family, I
accepted their position. I was also keen to make the
commitment too for another reason. I knew that three
of Judy's old flames from high school were still
occasionally dating and pursuing her prior to me
giving her an engagement ring.
As I mentioned earlier, I work during the day,
and attend graduate school at night and always have a
boatload of homework. As a result, I would not get
home until well after 10 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday nights. The rest of my free time was devoted
to homework and writing papers.
Well, it was against this backdrop, that Judy was
dating her old flames. She made it explicitly clear
to me and them, in their presence, and her family,
that she wouldn't permit them to have the same type of
intimate and emotional type relationship she and I
"Judd. Jeffrey. Joe. Our dates will be a friendly
type relationship, and remember, I love James. I'm
emotionally committed to him. My heart is his. You
three are just friends, buddies, chums, okay?
Remember, we are just friends and I will still do what
friends do for each other. Through me, James is your
friend too and I expect you to treat him as such."
Her speech in front of her three old boyfriends
and her mother and father was quite unusual to say the
least. I appeared to be the only nervous one in the
There was a strangeness in the air that I
couldn't put my hand on, but all three of her former
steady boyfriends promised that they would only have a
friendly non-emotional relationship when they took out
on dates while I was busy with my school studies.
They all shook my hand and congratulated me on
being the lucky guy that caught Judy's attention and
My hand hurt from their strong grips, including
the handshake from Judy's father also.
Her former flames were well built and muscular,
more like her father was. I on the other hand was of
small stature and not muscular in any way.
Judy called the meeting between me and them and
her family. It was because Judy indicated she still
had to have a social life in spite of my graduate
school studies. Her idea was to have this gathering
of everyone and "lay the cards on the table" - her
I found it difficult to counter her logic and it
was difficult not to agree, especially to such a
beautiful woman who was interested in lowly me.
I ended up agreeing to her desire to occasionally
date her old boyfriends, but yet not get emotionally
serious with them.
It really made me feel better when she made it
clear to her former flames that she would not be
intimate with them like she was with me.
Even though we didn't go all the way, we had a
rather satisfying way of ridding ourselves of the
natural lust that is bound to develop between two
healthy person aroused by each other closeness,
especially me for Judy's vivacious begging-to-be-sexed
When we both got steamed up from a petting
session, she'd let me have some liberties with her
mammary endowments, which would lead to, if she were
in the mood to letting me mouth her very luscious
Her muff bush was very appealing and mouth
watering. I had no problem doing this for her, which
she insisted was the only way she would let me have
her pussy, and it met her parent's stipulations.
Her cunt was always juicy when she let me have
some. The taste was always full bodied and had an
exotic feminine musk type fragrance. It wasn't
unpleasant and her juices were syrupy and even a bit
creamy. I delighted in her taste, especially since
she let me know she was so juicy as a result of me
getting her aroused.
I was also pleased at how well I could please her
with my oral actions. I always sucked all the juices
from her magnificent muff.
For my relief, Judy would jerk me off while I
wore a condom. She had me wear one when she does that
for me.
Even though I saw her as a warm sensitive person
and was appreciative of her keen mind and knowledge of
many literary things, her physical charms, especially
her 38 C tits and shapely 36 quivering floating ass
cheeks, made my blood heat up and my pecker stand at
The first time, I'd finally got bold enough to
insinuate that Judy and I should have sex, which was
after about three months of occasionally dating, she
let me know that while she wasn't a virgin, she
thought my virginity was special. I didn't know what
to say when she told me "I don't want to burden our
relationship with the emotional baggage of sexual
intercourse, just yet anyway".
I didn't know what to say in response to her
"Yes James, as I've told you, I've had sex with
every boyfriend I was serious about and dated,
starting in high school. That's why I'm not a virgin.
However, it might've been better had I not done so,
that way, I could more easily tell if a man truly
loved me for me or just for my body. I believe you
love me for me. By you remaining the way you until we
are married, I can be certain of your true love for
me. That really means more than anything else to a
I never did see what Judy saw in me, even though
she said I satisfied her thirst for a man that looked
beyond her physical beauty and measurement numbers of
her body.
"James, I adore talking to you and your
personality is so compatible with what I've been
seeking in a man, especially the one I want to marry.
I want you because I believe you can fulfill the kind
of commitment I need from a husband that I want to be
bonded to physically, emotionally, and legally."
Her strong words also caused my self-esteem to
rise because she stressed that my penis size was not
as important as my love for her.
Family Secret

I was constantly concerned about Judy while she
was out dating her old senior high flames.
Judd, Jeffrey, and Joe were all much more
handsome, well built, had good incomes and were the
playboy types.
I on the other hand was definitely on the nerdy
I also knew that Judy's mother was rather fond of
all three of them too when they were steadies with
Judy. She'd mentioned that to me several times, but
she always added that she didn't think they were the
marrying family man type either.
"A mother thinks about certain features she'd
like for her grandkids to have, when she meets her
daughter's possible mates. However, a daughter's
happiness is the most important thing. James I
believe you are the right person for our daughter.
You're mild mannered and respectful, not macho and a
roamer. I can appreciate that in a person. I believe
when you give your word you'll keep it. You know,
like in wedding vows. I can't say that I believe her
old boyfriends are that trusting to be faithful." She
said to me one time.
"Yes ma'am, I-I do keep my word." I stammered
around Judy's gorgeous mom, even though 16 years older
than her daughter. I also wondered was she testing me.
After our engagement was official, I was
treated almost as one of the family in regard to house
Her family became quite liberal, that is in
letting me not only visit Judy in her bedroom, but
actually encourage it, that is soon after it was
pretty sure I'd be joining the family as her husband.
Judy and her mom were stunning beauties. Judy and
her mother both walked around the house somewhat
loosely dressed. Their revealing clothing often were
sheer opaque robes, which made it rather clear they
didn't have a thing on under them.
For a long time, I didn't know how her father and
two brothers endured such a situation. Judy and her
mom are both Venus beautiful. Her mom was just older
than Judy.
But to my total surprise, that is after becoming
officially engaged to her, I was let in on the family
secret and discovered the answer as to how her
brothers handle being around so much arousing beauty.
The truth of the matter was that she was fucking
her brothers when they needed some, as well as other
male family members, including her Dad, grandfather,
uncles and other male relatives that might be passing
through town and needed a piece of ass. Her mother
serviced family members also.
Several times when I'd gone over to their house,
and before discovering what was really going on, I
often had to wait until Judy was through talking with
her brothers or her father or one of several uncles,
both paternal and maternal, who seemed to drop in all
the time and anytime of day or night.
They would always be talking with her in her
The first time it was revealed to me that incest
was occurring with Judy's immediate family was on a
Saturday afternoon. I went by to pick up Judy for
dinner at my Aunt's place. She and I had plans for a
movie afterwards.
I rang the doorbell. Judy's mother answered the
door in her most revealing outfit to date. It was
simply a sky blue baby doll lingerie set. The outfit
was sheer and skimpy, nothing more. It might as well
have been transparent. The shape of her neatly
trimmed muff was very apparent. I had to work on
hiding the rising, but slight bulge my prick made
after seeing her that way.
"Afternoon, Mrs. Smith."
"Please, mother Smith to you James. After all,
you're practically in the family."
"Thank you Misses, er, mother Smith. I just came
by to see Judy. She asked me to drop by a little
early before our date today. She wanted to talk about
"Oh yes, I think she did. Well she's back in her
room and her Dad is in there talking with her. Go
right on back, I believe they're expecting you, Just
walk on in. Don't bother to knock."
'Is everything okay?" I inquired, sensing that
there must be something important if they wanted to
talk with me.
"They just wanted to discuss some family issue
with you that you may need to know about. It's to
help you feel more a part of the family." Her mom said
with an odd, but pleasant expression on her face.
I slowly walked back to Judy's bedroom. mother
Smith stayed out front and continued watching a tv
program. As I approached Judy's bedroom door, I could
tell she and someone were in there. There were
voices. Instead of walking in, I knocked, contrary to
Mother Smith's directions.
Her father opens the door and is holding his
shorts in his other hand.
"Uh, Mr. Smith?" I said in a surprised tone of
voice, equally surprised at the sight before me. He
was only wearing a tee shirt and socks. His rather
large penis was very visible. The muggy frumpy odor
that permeated the air apparently was the unmistakable
indication of sexual activity having had been
performed recently.
"C'mon in Jamie. Judy and I were doing a little
family bonding.
"Hi darling." Judy spoke out cheerfully in her
perky voice. "You missed all the fun me and Daddy had
Judy was lying back in her bed with a sheet
covering her from waist down, but was totally exposed
the other way up. Her 38 breasts were magnificent and
firmly shaped in their uncovered and unconstrained
state. But as the situation dawned on me, I quickly
assessed what was going on, or I should say, had gone
"F-Fun! W-Why Mr. Smith, y-you a-and Judy w-w-
"Bonding, son, just plain old bonding. A father
and daughter just spending some quality time together.
Sure some folks might call it fucking or something
else, but we Smiths see it as a way of keeping our
family close together."


TO BE CONTINUED IN: family BONDING PART 2 (Maybe ready
by May 13, 2000)

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