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CDE 34 2 Family Bonding P2


Copyright c May 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, MM, Incest, Impreg, FemDom, MDom)



Story Title: family BONDING - PART 2

ABSTRACT: James, načve and virginal, is engaged to
Judy, the daughter of the apparently loving, caring,
sharing, closely knit, Smith family. James begins
bonding with his new in-laws during their engagement.
He eventually discovers that outward appearances of
the Smith Family's wholesome image proves deceptive.

Judy Smith-Fiancee/Wife
Judy's mother - mother Smith
James Jackson-Fiance/Husband
James's mother -Mother Jackson
James's Aunt- Aunt Jasmine
About A Smith family Secret

Her father went on explaining the benefits of
bonding. However, my mind seemed to shut down as I
stood there trying to assess what had apparently
happened before I'd arrived.
Out of the fog of confusion in my mind, I heard
Judy's voice coming through to me.
"James, I know this may not be the best way to
show you one of our most guarded family secrets, but
since you're committed to become a part of the family,
you had to be told." She said with a relatively
bright smile.
"That's right Jamie, the direct way is the best
way sometimes. Anyway, my little girl here is quite a
good piece of ass. I may be a bit biased, but the
proof is in her pussy. Her brothers, her uncles, and
both her granddaddies say she's an excellent fuck too.
She's got a milking cunt that really knows how to draw
all the cream out of a stiff dick."
Upon hearing her father's crude, but
complimentary, remarks, I felt weak in the knees and
had to sit. I flopped down in a nearby chair. I
could feel my face becoming flushed.
"Daddy you're so sweet to praise my pussy the way
you do."
"I'm just telling the truth, baby doll." He
replied as he leaned over toward her face and they
both gave each other a deep juicy French kiss. I
hoped this was all a bad dream, from which I hoped I
soon would awake. That was not to be.
"James, I guess there is something else I have to
tell you... well, actually, I want to show you."
"W-What?" I said slowly.
"Come over here." She spoke. I slowly got to my
feet as I move the short distance to the bed where she
"This is what I want to show you. Remember all
the good eating you've had from here? Daddy and the
guys made it all possible." As she spoke she whipped
the sheet away covering her lower body. Her legs were
spread wide and my eyes instantly focused on her wet
messy and obviously jism-smeared snatch.
It took a moment to for me to realize what she
meant. It then dawned on me that the love juices that
I thought were naturally hers, were the result of her
coital sessions with other men.
"J-Judy, h-how could y-you do this to me." I
stammered, as I had to sit again. This time, it was
on the bed besides her.
"I just wanted to test to see if you were indeed
a virgin, if you weren't you would've know what a
fucked cunt looked like. You didn't, and after you
willing placed your mouth on my oozing muff and ate my
cream pie so good, I knew I wanted you James."
"Go on son, you can go ahead and root around in
her bush and slurp up all that fresh dick cream.
Don't mind me. Besides, didn't you agree in the pre-
nuptial contract to make sure that whenever you were
with my daughter, before the wedding, you would make
sure there was no jism in her snatch? Well, it's
before the wedding, and you're with her now and I'd
say it's time you do what needs to be done, namely
getting all that dick juice out of her muff." Her
father snidely injected as he pulled his underwear up.
The impact of that statement in the pre-nuptial
agreement came crashing down on me mentally as I
absorbed his words.
"Would you James darling? Show Daddy how much
you like eating my creamy choohie."
"J-Judy! A-Are you crazy?"
"Now son, don't speak to my daughter in that
The boom of her father's voice made me refocus my
attention away from Judy over to her father, who'd
quickly moved right beside me, where I was sitting on
the bed.
"Didn't you say he liked the taste of your gash
before baby?"
"He sure did Daddy, every time I gave him a
chance to eat me. He's eaten your cream out of me
several times." Judy replied with a slight pout on
her face. She also added that over the months we were
dating, I'd also tasted the jism of both her brothers,
all male relatives who'd fucked her during that time,
as well as the cum of Judd, Jeffery and Joe.
I couldn't believe her revelation. Me a sperm
eater? I thought to myself.
"What's the matter Jamie, you think your mouth is
too good to put on my baby's cunt after she showed you
how your pussy cream pies were made? Are you trying
to say Smith jism in Smith pussy ain't good enough for
you to eat any more?"
He grabbed me by the collar and lifted me off the
bed with one hand and raised his other hand, which was
now a giant fist. The biggest I'd ever seen.
Judy's father was a big man. Six foot three and
rippling with muscles.
"Maybe I ought to rearrange your teeth and see
if..." He snarled looking me in my scared horrified
eyes. Luckily Judy interceded on my behalf.
"Daddy! Please don't hurt him! He's just over
loaded from us revealing so much to him at once.
Aren't you James sweetheart?"
I nodded yes quickly, still watching to see if
Mr. Smith's big knuckles were going to come crashing
into my face.
"You still like my pussy don't you dear, very
well in fact?"
Again, I nodded affirmatively. I was just too
nervous to speak. I was still watching her father's
"I can't hear you James darling." Judy spoke
louder than the first time. I knew what she wanted of
"Y-Y-Yes! I do." I said in a distress tone of
"Then apologize to Daddy. Tell him you're
"I-I'm sorry Mr. Smith."
"You sure are. And I thought you were going to
make a good son-in-law. I've still got a good mind to
whip your ass and sue you too. Remember that
agreement you signed." He bellowed back at me.
"No! Daddy don't! I still love James. I want to
marry him. You do love me James, don't you, or does
Daddy have his way?" Judy asked in a sensuous cooing
voice. I looked over at her. She had this strange
half smile, half smirk on her face.
"Y-Y-Yes I-I do love you Judy." I quickly
replied, hoping this was good enough to get her father
to back off with his threatening fist.
"Then you don't mind showing Daddy that you do
love me, do you?" Judy said.
"B-B-But Judy, c-can't we t-talk first..." I
stumbled and stammered trying to negotiate with Judy,
since I feared where she was going with her
statements. It was then that I saw her father begin
to raise his fist again. I paused, then capitulated
and said what I knew what she wanted to hear. "I-I
don't m-mind." I said meekly, knowing I didn't have
much choice.
"That's better. That's the kind of attitude I
like to see in a future son-in-law that wants to marry
my little girl." Her father said. I was amazed at
how easily his mood changed when I became agreeable to
doing what Judy wanted.
He moved back over and pulled up the same chair
I'd been sitting in earlier.
"Okay honey, scoot that cute butt of yours to the
edge of the bed and let your future hubby prove his
love to you and that he's worthy of becoming a Smith
Judy did as her dad ordered. Nothing had to be
said, I knew what was expected of me. Judy spread her
legs wide. The white expanse of her inner thighs did
look so inviting, even if her upper inner thighs were
wet with trails of leaking fuck slime.
"C'mon James darling, do me like you've done me
so many times before. Nothing has changed, it's just
as good as before." She crooked her finger beckoning
me to kneel and then moved her hand right to her jism-
smeared pussy. It was obvious what she wanted and
what I had to do.
The funny thing was that I knew I had to lick and
suck her cunt because her dad wanted to see me eat his
cum out of his daughter, but the other thing was that
I had indeed become hooked on her slick, juicy, tangy
muff, even though I was not aware of it's true
Doing what had to be done, I guided my head to
her well-fucked crotch and began my tongue work to
affirm my love. Judy soon held my head as she ground
her juicy snatch in my face. There was a lot of gunk
in her cunt, more than I ever remembered. I had to
assume that all the other times, I didn't get the full
treatment as I was here.
After a lot of tongue work, I soon had her
moaning in her customary manner and finally she
achieved a loud rousing orgasm.
After letting go of my head, she leaned back with
the dreamiest smile I'd ever seen on her face.
"Clap! Clap! Clap! You can sure handle her hot
twat. I didn't think you had it in you. Welcome to
the family." Her father said as he further applauded
me for my "tongue and suckmanship" - his words.
He left Judy and I alone, but before he did, he
warned me against "breaking his little girl's heart"
and made me promise that I would prove my love, as I
had before him, anytime she desired of me.


"Judy, this is so overwhelming. T-To find
out you've been having intercourse is bad enough a-
and t-that y-you've had me licking you afterwards is
devastating, b-but to find out that one of your
regular lovers is y-your dad... w-well it's so much to
have to handle." I told my obviously promiscuous
"I know it is James sweetheart, but Daddy and
Mama and I came to the conclusion, the direct way is
the best. You see us doing it, and bingo, it's out in
the open. No long explanations." Judy replied in a
rather cavalier fashion.
"But Judy, w-why, after all this time, didn't you
let me make love to you."
"James, we've gone over all this before. You're
a virgin and that's the way I want to marry you. It's
a quality for which I'm proud of for you. By the way,
so are your aunt and your mother too.
"Y-You've talked to my aunt a-about that?" I
replied nervously.
"Sure. She knows you've never had none - maybe
except your fist." She giggled a bit.
"That's not funny Judy. I-I don't know why you
went behind my back and talked to Aunt Jasmine without
telling me." I said with an edgy tone.
"Well James, maybe you should talk to her about
talking to me about your sex life and use that same
tone with her. Do you think she'd take you to the
basement and teach you some manners?"
"B-Basement, s-she told..."
"Lets just say that she let me know that your
attitude seem to change quite a bit after she takes
you down there and have a talk with you. She said
after we were married, she'd tell me more about how to
keep little mannish boys from forgetting their place.
Would you like to tell me what goes on in the basement
or should I guess about what your strong willed Aunt
Jasmine meant?"
On my first attempt to speak I got choked. I
couldn't believe my Aunt had revealed our family
secret, so to speak. I would be devastated if Judy
knew Aunt Jasmine had taken an extension cord to my
backside not less than three weeks ago for breaking a
plate, while I was doing the dishes.
"Uh... A-Aunt Jasmine just l-likes to stretch
things a bit. T-That's all."
"Maybe I'll ask her about it later this evening
when we have dinner over there." Judy replied.
"I was thinking about that, a-and m-maybe that's
not a g-good idea after all that's happen Judy. I-I
just know that I wouldn't be in the mood and..."
"We're going James darling and that's that. You
know how much effort she's put into this dinner.
It'll be all right honey. Speaking of food, would you
like another little low calorie appetizer? I feel
some more of Daddy's jism running way down from the
back of my pussy. C'mon, lay back so I can sit on
your face."
"What! J-Judy, you can't be serious."
"Yes I am darling. Or do you want me to call
Daddy and tell him you're not keeping your promise."
I know I must've turned pale, because the mention
of his name sent a mild shiver through me as my mind
conjured up an image of his giant fist.
"C'mon, layback right here." Judy said patting
the bed. She went on to tell me how to position my
upward facing head. I could tell she knew I didn't
want any part of confronting her father. I meekly
followed her instructions. I truly felt browbeat.
"Perfect! She said as she swung her shapely
gorgeous torso over my skyward facing face. She
positioned her curvaceous bottom and delectable cunt
over my head. A cunt that it seems was only available
to my tongue, but open to many other's hard cocks.
"Oh yeeees!" Judy shrieked in a slightly loud
voice. As she made contact with my face and began to
scrub my face and seek out my open mouth and flitting
After about fifthteen minutes, she dismounted my
face which she'd used like a saddle. My face was a
sloppy mess, as she was right, there was quite a bit
of her father's jism still hiding in the farthest
recesses of her apparently deep and stretchable gash.
Even though I hated being treated as a clean up
man for her semen soggy pussy, I couldn't deny that it
wasn't un-pleasurable eating her out. It was the
principle of the matter that bothered me.
I hadn't really noticed it before, since so much
had been dumped on me in such a short period of time,
but I had a throbbing hard on. I needed relief, even
though I was depressed and very upset about finding
out the real story about my lovely fiancee.
As I said, my face was a slimy mess, so the first
thing I thought I should do was wash up. I did so in
a nearby bathroom around the corner from Judy's
bedroom. Upon leaving the bathroom, I heard noises
from a nearby bedroom in the other direction down the
short hallway. The door was slightly ajar.
From where I was standing it was easy to see
Judy's mom sexually couple with Judy's two younger
brothers. One had his sizeable prick in her eagerly
sucking mouth, and the other, also exhibiting a large
cock, had it buried deep in his mom's cunt as she
kneeled on all fours.
I was again shocked beyond belief at what I was
seeing. I briefly stood there in a dumfounded state
before returning to Judy's room.
I sat down in a daze as I discussed what I'd seen
with Judy.
"Oh mom is just bonding with them too." Speaking
of her brothers in regard to the scene I'd just seen
and was asking her about.
"I-I see. Judy forgive me, b-but this all so
much of a surprise for me. Y-You know the incest
Judy gave me some background on when the incest
started. She told me that she and her father didn't
really get it on until he discovered here doing her
brothers. She was 19 at the time. She'd been sexing
both her brothers for a while before that.
"Daddy called it bonding when he and I started
fucking. Simple bonding, he would say. And you know
what darling? He was right, the whole family came
closer together. mom joined in also and that really
bonded us all together. Later other relatives joined
in. I've always use the pill so there won't be any
unwanted pregnancies."
"I-I see." I s all I said in reply. "This is all
so new to me Judy. But Judy, where do we go from
here, especially now that I know you're also having
sex with your old boyfriends. Surely, you don't
expect us to still consider ourselves engaged."
"Why not James sweetheart? I still need them to
give me what you can't, especially since you're going
to have to remain a virgin until we're married."
"Married! Judy, you can't be serious about
that... after all this... and me finding out what you
and Judd, Jeffrey, and Joe have been up to behind my
back, not to mention the men in your family."
"James, you must realize I love you, no matter
everything you've mentioned is true. I want to make
you my husband. The guys are still just friends, just
like I said when I first introduced them to you. As
friends, we just fucked on a friendly basis. Friends
helping friends out. Their dicks get hard and my
pussy gets hot. We come together and satisfy each
other's need. Hardly no emotions, just lust. You and
I on the other hand, have a true emotional love. You
and I are connected beyond our physical beings. Of
course, what you do to my pussy is sensational. Also,
you and I can talk about anything and have touched
each other's innermost intellectual souls. That has
never happened with any other men I've dated. You're
the one for me James. I truly love you, no matter
that you're not physically matched to my sexual needs.
I need your emotional and intellectual connectivity.
I believe you need and love me the same way."
I just marveled as Judy talked. I did appreciate
much of what she said, but I also had my pride.
"Uh, Judy, I-I understand, b-but what happens
after we get married? I-I know and I-I suspect you do
too, t-that, well I-I'm not as, well, as well as
endowed as your dad or your brothers, or your old
boyfriends either."
"You're not. I'm sure I'll hardly feel your
prick in me. But what is your point?" She said with
a puzzling tone of voice.
"Well, uh, if you know that I-I won't be able to
fulfill your needs then there is no need for us..."
"When people love each other they find a way
"But if I can't do what you need, then who ..."
"Who will do it for me? The same men who've done
it for me before sweetheart. Daddy and my brothers,
and my other male relatives, and of course Judd,
Jeffrey and Joe too."
"Y-You mean t-that e-even if w-we get married y-
you'd still..."
"Of course darling, why not. I'll have more than
enough pussy for you and them too. Nothing will
change much except I'll be wearing your name and of
course you'll finally get to put it in. You'll lose
your virginity to me, all proper of course, under the
auspices of marriage that is."
I-I, Judy I'm having a hard time b-believing I'm
hearing you say this. I-I..."
For the umpteenth time, I was cut off one more
time as her mom walked into Judy's bedroom.
"Hi James, I wondered if you and Judy were still
"Yeah, we were just talking." Judy replied to
her mom, who walked into the room wearing only an
open, and very sheer robe. She was obviously nude
underneath, and to my utter amazement was holding her
pussy lips together.
"Now that you've been properly welcomed to the
family, I want to welcome you in my own way too. Judy
tells me you're a real good pussy eater. You mind if
I try him out dear?" Directing her question at her
daughter, with an air that she didn't have to ask me,
only her daughter.
"Sure mom, you don't mind sucking mom's pussy do
you James honey? She's wanted to have someone eat her
cream pie for so long. You're the first for me.
Please make her happy and be the first for her too."
"Yes James it would definitely make a good
impression on me. After all, I will be your mother-
"Sure he's going to eat your creamy box lunch
honey, ain't you Jamie? Or do me and the boys have to
take you downstairs and have a talk about being
disrespectful to my wife?" Mr. Smith walked in the
door just as his wife finished her request
Cowed, and plain scared to death, for the second
time, I assumed the position of a cream pie eater and
buried my face again in a wet, hairy, slimy, gloppy,
and well fucked, Smith pussy.
This time Judy's dad and two brothers watched me
as I gave slurpy heavy suction to Mrs. Smith creamy
pussy pie. The men all cheered me on and their mom
was in seventh heaven as she gyrated and rotated her
shapely, but sloppy, bush against my tightly held
face. She was very vocal. After about 10 minutes or
so, she finally came with an obviously super orgasm as
a result of my continuous tongue action.
"Oh James, that was something. Judy you have
good taste in pussy eaters. He really knows how to
I could only blush and cringe at such a dubious
and unflattering remark, even though I seriously
believed Mrs. Smith thought she was praising me.
"Jamie, you did a right mighty fine job. I like
you son. From now on, you get the honor of being the
family pussy eater for both my wife as well as our
daughter, your bride to be."
"Oh thanks honey, I really like that. You always
do good things for me. Plus it'll give me and James
more time to know each other better." His wife added.
"That's right mom, you really get to know a lot
about a person when they suck your cum filled pussy
out." Judy added.
"Hey Mom, I think it's really cool to have my
scum sucked and eaten out of you and sis." Judy's
youngest brother injected his thoughts into the
"Well I guess I better take a quick shower unless
somebody wants some more of me. James and I are
supposed to be at his Aunt's house in less than two
hours. I better hurry." Judy said, as she left to
shower after her father and brothers didn't
acknowledge that they wanted to sex her anymore.
Judy's action and the family's response to it, was
done so casually and so naturally, that I was in total
awe and amazement. This indeed was a different family
lifestyle than I'd ever imagined for the Smiths.
Her mom now wore the same dreamy expression I'd
seen earlier, as I glanced over at her lying back on
Judy's bed. Still not believing what had taken place,
I reached for the towel I'd had earlier to wipe her
mother and brothers' fuck juices from my face. Her
mother's cunt, had tasted as good as her daughter. Of
course, I could never admit to that.
As I was wiping my face, I heard Judy's youngest
brother asking his mom for some more pussy. She
rebuffed him.
"Aren't you satisfied dear?" His mother replied
to his request.
"Seeing him do you like that got my dick up
again." He commented.
"Well I'm tired and my pussy needs some rest."
His mother commented wearily. "Why didn't you ask
your sister for some?"
"She was in a rush."
"Then You'll have to wait for a while or go jerk
off. Now leave me alone so I can finish enjoying the
afterglow of having both of you boy's fuck slime
sucked out of me so wonderfully, thanks to my
delightful, soon to be new son-in-law." She commented
as she threw me a kiss. I blushed even a deeper red
than before. My face was hot.
"Hell! Jamie! Since you were partially
responsible, that is for eating his mother's creamy
box so good, I think you ought help out here. I think
it'd be a good idea to for you to take care of his
"W-W-What?" I stammered in complete confusion
and utter surprise as to what Judy's father said and
"You heard me! Suck his dick! You're
responsible he got hard and you're responsible his
mama's pussy is worn out! So it's only natural you
fill in for her. Now get on your knees and open you
I was stunned beyond belief once more. I
couldn't believe Judy's dad was going to make me a
cocksucker too, after all else had been done to me in
such a short period of time.
I eyed the door, but knew I couldn't make it. I
saw Judy's brother, the one with the hard dick, and a
sizeable one I might add, advancing toward me.
Mr. Smith seemed ready to pounce on me for the
slightest sign I wasn't going to submit to his son.
My heart was in my mouth as I concluded my only
chance to get out of this with teeth was to let
another Smith shoot cream on them.
The younger son's prick was at least 8 inches
long, thick in diameter and quite swollen,
irrespective of the fact he'd screwed his mother very
well not less than an hour ago.
"On your knees Jamie." Mr. Smith bellowed. Like
a robot, I knelt. Really my knees just seem to give
way at his command. Now I was right in front of his
son's jutting, blood gored dick head. The penis glans
were so shiny and distended. I'm not a penis lover,
but I couldn't help but thinking what a magnificent
tool the younger son had. There was pre-cum in the
eye of his ready prick.
I didn't know anything about sucking cock. It
dawned on me I should say so.
"M-Mr. Smith, I-I've never s-sucked a..." I
stammered, but was quickly cut off.
"No problem, just start licking his cockhead, let
him push it in your yap and keep your teeth out of the
way. Then you just suck and slurp like a baby. Don't
worry, my boy will tell you ain't sucking him right.
And Jamie, if you bite him, you gonna lose some teeth.
Got that!"
I was too scared to answer. I just nodded my
head I understood.
When I turned my head back to his son's looming
cock, he pushed it right to my lips. I licked my
first taste of hot pre-cum. It was slippery, and a
bit slimy, but not bad tasting. A few licks and I
could tell by his moans, and the pressure of his
dickhead against my lips, that he wanted to make my
mouth his pussy.
"Oooooh, that feels good and wet." I heard him
moan as I parted my lips and he easily slipped the
head in, as well as about three inches of his rigid
shaft too. I truly had a mouthful now. He pulled
back a bit and pushed even deeper now. My mouth was
truly stuffed.
"That's it Jamie, you got the hang of it. You're
a natural. Just slurp and suck, that's all you got to
do to get your reward." I still hated Judy's dad
calling me Jamie and even more for what he was doing
to me. The idea of a load of his son's cum a reward
was disgusting, but I knew I was helpless not to do
other than I was doing.
I was surprised at how quickly I got accustomed
to the feel of his big stiff member between my lips.
I also got my breathing technique under control. I
was really concerned about Judy's brother's
ejaculation catching me off guard and me choking on my
"reward", as his dad put it.
I didn't have long to wait for the cock in my
mouth to spurt and spewed its load of fresh hot semen.
To my surprise, I was able to swallow all of the hot
white slimy fuck fluids. The taste was similar to the
taste of when I first tried a glass of milk with a raw
egg blended in it. The biggest difference, his jism
was rather creamy and very warm as it gushed over my
tongue and gums. I knew he or his father wouldn't
tolerate me not swallowing it all, so I did.
Mr. Smith's son obviously enjoyed helping me do
my first blowjob, because he held my head to his cock
for at least 5 minutes after he came. His father
encouraged him to do so and for me to suckle and
"milk" his 19 year-old son. I had no choice but to do
as I was told.
"Plop!" His son pulled his dick from my mouth
and the sound emitted was like that of a popgun.
I was glad that scene of embarrassment was over.
I started to get off my knees as I wiped my mouth.
"Stay there Jamie, I think you got another
customer." In disbelief I looked to my left and now
the other son, the 21 year-old one, held his sizeable
fuck tool and it was jutting obscenely out just like
his younger brother had previously.
I was speechless and looked at Mr. Smith with
pleading eyes not to make me degrade myself again. He
seemed to read my mind as well as my eyes.
"You've done one, what's another one, especially
since you already on your knees and hot and ready to
lick and suck. He said.
I knew it was hopeless. Once again, I licked,
lapped and open up for another Smith prick. Besides
having to suck his son's well-proportioned cocks, the
sad thing was that each of them was at least three
times bigger than mine.
As I sucked and slurped on this next son's hard man
meat, I thought of the fact that Judy was accustomed
to such big meat. Yet if she loved me as she said she
did, it was obvious that wasn't a priority for the
type of husband she wanted. She knew I was
significantly less endowed.
It was slowly dawning on me that she needed or
wanted, a weaker man than the type she'd grown up
around. One that was more sensitive, but who she
could control and wouldn't interfere with her apparent
need for multiple big cocks.
Macho men such as her father or brothers or her
old boyfriends would be jealous and territorial.
However, a more modest, actually less endowed and
meeker personality like me, even though intelligent,
who she could control through her beauty and other
means might be more to her liking, since she's
somewhat strong willed too.
I wondered how I could be thinking of such a
thing as I was on my knees being subjugated and
disgraced in the worse manner as I was. It about this
time I sensed that the next Smith prick was about to
erupt and shower my gums with his hot thick cum.
"Ooooooh Yessss! Here it coooomes! Hold my
balls! Hold them Jamie!" I quickly did as he
directed me. As he yelled as he started spurting his
heavy semen in my sucking mouth, I could feel a slight
tremor in his rather large balls. Afraid of letting
them go to soon, I held them for the time I had to
milk the dregs of his jism as he soaked his softening
penis between my lips.
I was so glad when his completely soft dick
slipped from my lips, even though it left a long ropy
strand of goo between my lips and his dick that
stretched at least a foot until it broke as he walked
I thought, finally this part of my nightmare was
over. Again I started to rise. I desperately wanted
to wash out my mouth, for my mouth was feeling gluey
and slimy from all I'd been forced to do.
"Don't move, just one more to go. I snapped my
head to see Mr. Smith coming from the other direction
with his much larger and more massive member. He had
it exposed and at the ready. It stood out like a
small club.
"P-Please Mr. Smith, I-I simply c-can't do
another one. P-Please let..."
"Dry up Jamie! You won't have to do hardly any
work this time at all. I'm gonna help you out." He
said loudly. "Here hold my balls."
I was still kneeling and mortified even more by
his much larger tool and bigger balls. He was before
me before me in an instant and had pushed his much
larger, but just as swollen penis head toward my slime
coated lips. He just pushed. My lips parted and my
mouth filled with his huge erection. I held his huge
balls. They were overflowing my smaller pale white
I managed to keep my wits about me, trying to
gather solace in the fact that at least he was the
last cock I had to worry about.
Just as he said he would, he did help me. He
started slowly fucking my face as he grasped the back
of my head. I literally was being faced fucked.
I worked hard to keep my teeth out of the way and
to accommodate his actions as he treated my head as a
fucking device.
"Oh Yeah! You got some good mouth pussy here
Jamie!" He shouted as he jacked off his big boner with
my head. This went on for somewhere between 5 and 10
minutes before he shot off what was surely the largest
load of the evening I had to eat from the smith men.
To make matters worse, unknown to me until it was
too late, Judy's Mom, who was lying back on the bed
watching the forced oralism of me, had pulled Judy's
handy cam video camera off a nearby shelf. She'd
recorded virtually every suck and swallow I was forced
to perform on her sons' and now her husband's stiff
erections as they made my pursed lips and mouth their
private fuck receptacle.
I had been thoroughly used and vanquished, I was
beyond resisting them, it was a simple matter of
trying not getting beat up and surviving the ordeal.
By the time I realized I was being videotaped,
Judy's dad had just begun his ejaculatory spurting.
As usual, it was to be a sizeable load of semen from
his large dick.
Shocked at what Judy's mom was doing I pulled my
mouth free of her Dad's spurting dick. What would've
been just a normal regular run-of-the-mil blowjob in
which the man being sucked, jism was dutifully
consumed, my action caused the making of a XXX quality
cum scene blowjob with her Dad's sticky gooey cum
stretched all over my face and ropy strand drooling
from my lips as well as splattered on my startled
Seeing her with the camera, I made a futile
attempt to get up and put my hand in front of the
camera lenses some six feet away. I never got more
than a foot, as her irate husband grabbed me and
almost held me up with one hand. I was thoroughly
berated for not letting my mouth stay wrapped around
his gushing cock."
"You owe me another blowjob! Actually as many as
I want! Got that!" Again, I was cowed even more than
before. I was afraid I was going to get clobbered by
his powerful fist, even after all I'd done to prevent
from being beaten. His fist was clench and ready for
action. I just knew I was a gonner. In the midst of
that I'd almost forgotten about his wife and the
"Stop Honey! Now take it easy honey. I startled
him when he saw I was taping him. He didn't mean no
harm. It was just an accident. Right Jamie dear?"
"Y-Yes ma'am" I meekly said. Thankful for her
intervention even though I noticed she too was now
calling me Jamie. I hated it when people called me
Jamie. But this was not the time to exert myself or
complain about such a small thing.
"You see he said so dear. Now Jamie, tell my
husband, that you're really sorry for pulling your
lips off his dick as he was shooting off, but will be
more than happy to make it up to him as many times as
he and the boys need you to fill in for Judy and I."
Not knowing what else to do, I capitulated and
basically committed my mouth as a surrogate pussy for
the Smith family men. To make matters worse, her
husband threw in the further condition, that other
family men could also count on me for head too, if
they needed or wanted me to do them.
I just knew this couldn't be really happening,
for I was on the verge of tears after he let me go. I
fought hard not to cry. It was awful.


"James, you really are going to have to do
something about your attitude. You know I love you
and so does mom and Dad, And you know my brothers like
you a lot. Probably more so now that you've sucked
their dicks. And don't worry about Dad, it'll be okay
with him. He'll get over you pulling off his dick
just as he was coming. I'm sure you can understand
they way he felt. He's willing to forgive and forget,
why can't you? After all, he agreed to let you suck
him some more to make up for one little silly
"I-I-I don't believe I-I hear what you're
saying." I-I've got to pull over so we can talk about
this." I said as I pulled just inside the entrance of
a nearby park.
"By the way Judy, thanks for letting me use your
toothbrush. My mouth was so gummy and gluey f-from doing
you a-and your mom as well from swallowing your brothers'
and Dad's thick cum. I-I just had to brush before I left
there." I said in an embarrassed manner.
"Of course darling, we are a partnership, bonded by
love. We will share so much on this journey of commitment
to each other." Judy replied in a sweet cooing voice, as
she placed a kiss on my forehead. She sounded and looked
so delectable. However, she used that "B" word again -
bonded. I was beginning to see it as a four-letter word
even if it wasn't.
"But seriously Judy, you really think I-I'm the
right guy for..."
"The right guy for me? Of course you are, James
darling. I really love you. Surely you aren't going
to let a few little, well, er, not so little, cocks,
and some other men's hot sperm interfere with the
obviously deep love and affection we have for each
other, are you? I know I love you and I'm sure you
love me too, don't you?" Judy spoke in a warm wooing
I hated it when she talked that way. It had a
way of soothing me down whenever things were going
"J-Judy, I-I'm having a hard time dealing with t-
this. Y-You're so cool and clam. Y-Y-You were h-
having sex with..."
"Bonding darling, bonding with my brothers and
Dad. It's us doing such things for each other that
build up the warm, nurturing, and close relationship
we have as a family.
"Judy, it r-really hurt to know about you having
in-intercourse b-behind my back, but with your family
members and old boyfriends is-is a lot to deal with.
A-And that doesn't even touch on all the other things
I was forced to do... and now that y-your mom has that
video, I-I just don't know what to do."
"That's easy, you're going to accept me, love me,
and become my husband."
"Judy, w-why are you doing this to me? Yes I do
love you. You're the girl I could only dream of
dating, much less planed to be married to."
"Remember we talked about this some time ago
James. Looks and prick size are not everything
sweetie. You have other things I need besides those
things. You're caring, you're understanding, gentle,
and most of all, we can talk about the books we've
read as we take long walks and share tender moments."
"B-but when we're not doing that and you have the
urge to be with your o-other men a-and family members,
w-what about me?"
"You can find something else to do while I get
help for your inadequacies in that area. However,
you're not to get involved with another woman! That
is O! U! T! OUT! You are to remain faithful!
"Y-Y-Yes. Q-Quite clear." I replied meekly as I
stuttered and stammered. I was caught off guard by
her sudden, point blank assertiveness.
Judy and I talked for a while more. It became
rather apparent, she had no inclination of releasing
me from my commitment for marriage and that the
videotape her mom made was also now a part of the
persuasion tools she held over my head. I gave up
trying and decided to resume driving over to my aunt's
house for dinner. Besides, I was hungry.
"You mean you're still hungry after all the
creamy appetizers you've eaten?" Judy replied at my
remark of being famished.


This Summer - circa 2000)

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