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CDE 34 3 Family Bonding P3



Copyright c July 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, Inter, MM, FemDom, Incest, Mdom, )



Title: family Bonding Part 3
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: James, naive and virginal, is engaged to
Judy, the daughter of the apparently loving, caring,
sharing, closely knit Smith family. James begins
bonding with his new in-laws during their engagement,
and after he eventually marries into the Smith family,
he discovers that outward appearances of the Smith
Family's image proves deceptive.

Judy Smith-Fiancee/Wife
Judy's mother - mother Smith
James Jackson-Fiance/Husband
James's mother -Mother Jackson
James's Aunt- Aunt Jasmine


Aunt Jasmine

As Judy and I walked to my Aunt's door, the
delightful aroma of food could easily be detected. I
was sure that at least I could count on my Aunt's good
cooking to ease the depression, hurt, as well as the
shame and disgrace I felt at that moment from the
earlier events I'd been subjected to. I thought surely
that the day couldn't get any worse than it had
already. However, as things go for me, I was wrong

I used my key to open the door and let Judy and I

"Hello James baby!"

"M-Mother! I-I didn't know you were coming." I
replied in total surprise.

"Yes dear, I wanted it to be a surprise. And this
must be my beautiful new daughter-in-law to be. I must
say Judy, the photo he sent me doesn't even begin to do
you justice."

"Hello Mrs. Jackson, happy to..."

Mother cut Judy off.

"Mother Jackson, dear. We're practically family.
Come give me a hug." mom said to Judy.

I had mixed emotions about my mother being there
at this particular time. I knew eventually, she had to
meet Judy. I guess I was hoping later than sooner,
even if the wedding, if one was to take place, was only
6 months away.

You see, my mom is rather strong willed, like my
aunt, and often they can embarrass me with their over
protectiveness. They both still see me as a juvenile
and often treat me as such, instead of the adult I am.
Some may even think they treat me as if I'm a mama's
boy. I was hoping mom didn't revert to such a
protective mode tonight, especially after all I'd been
through earlier in the evening.

My aunt is a great cook. She cooked all my
favorite items, including macaroni with plenty of
cheese. As I ate ravenously, mom and Judy were
exchanging small talk. I closely monitored their
exchanges for any hint of talk that could be
embarrassing to me.

However, as soon as word of the pre-nuptial
contract surfaced, I knew it was time to be vigilant
and be ready to intervene and not have the conversation
focusing heavily into me and Judy's personal
relationship. Again, this turned out to be a disaster
for me.

"You are too beautiful dear, I'm sure the guys
hound you for pussy a lot, don't they?"

"Mother!" I blurted out, not believing my own

"Shush! Baby. I'm talking to your lovely
fiancee." My mother directed her comment at me without
even looking in my direction.

"I do get propositioned a lot mother Jackson. men
are always after my body. That's why I fell in love
with James, he looked beyond that. He and I
communicate and have a loving and deep emotional
relationship above the skin deep level."

I was even amazed at Judy's very diplomatic reply.

"I'm so glad to hear that you and James are so
emotionally connected. Also, Judy dear, from talking
to my sister, I want you to know that as his mother,
I'm pleased you also understand the significance of
James's virginity and that it is a treasured asset for
him to bring into your marriage."

"Mother! Please! This is not the time or..."

"James! Please! It's okay for your mom to talk
about what's important to her, and also to me, for that
matter." Judy abruptly replied as she gave me a stern
look this time. Again, I felt belittled in the worse
way as she continued with her reply to my mom. As I
looked around, I could tell that both my mom and Aunt
seemed pleased at her action. I felt even worse upon
discerning that.

"Oh yes mother Jackson, I agree with you
wholeheartedly. In fact I think of it as a sort of
dowry he's bringing with him. My parents, and my
family for that matter, are pleased that I'm marrying a
chaste groom."

"James, you have a sensible girl with high moral
character. She's right to have you come to the altar as a
virgin and dismiss your efforts to give in and do otherwise.
If playing with you little thing is necessary to maintain
it, then that's the way it should be nephew."

I cringed in total and absolute embarrassment.

"Yes, I totally agree. I've told James that I will not
be a party to him throwing away something so precious. I
definitely want him to be my virginal bridegroom. I'm just
so lucky to be marrying him." Judy replied with a big

"Judy, you've got yourself quite a catch there. Now
that y'all are virtually married, that is because of the
contract, I presume in order to keep yourself comfortable,
sexually that is, you have trained James in the proper art
of oral sexual satisfaction until you're wed? Him putting
his mouth on your cunt does not constitute any violation of
or compromises his virginity, but keeps you relieved while
you wait for the wedding day."

"M-Mother please!"

"James! Shush! I'm tired of repeating myself. You'll
get your turn to speak. Until then, please be quiet!"

Mother's words caused my face to turn even redder, as
all the other eyes in the room seem to look right through

"Oh yes. James has excelled in that department. He's
quite a natural when it comes to pleasing me with his mouth.
I guess it's alright to say this now that we're all
practically family."

"Yes we are dear, be as candid as you wish." My Aunt
replied eagerly.

"He's just loves to suck my pussy. Don't you James?"
I was more than blushed at the explicit nature of the
discussion and of Judy's candor.

"P-Please, c-can we c-change the subject and..."

"Nonsense! You've been so eager to talk, well now talk
and tell us something you need to talk about!" My Aunt
interjected loudly. "This is a critical and important topic
for newlyweds. Now answer the question!"

I looked at my Aunt. Her eyes were focused hard on me.
I knew the best thing to do was answer Judy.

"Y-Yes Judy, I-I do." I replied with my head hung low
as I ate another forkful of macaroni.

"Dear, be forceful, speak up. Tell her so like you
mean it. Do it again for me." My Aunt said.

"D-Do I-I have to?"

"Yes! Tell your fiancee you love sucking her pussy!
Say every word! Now!"

I could tell my Aunt was on the verge of getting upset
with me.

"J-Judy, I-I love sucking your pussy very much." I

"Thank you darling." Judy replied smiling with a
slight smirk.

"Very good James, that's the positive way you should
speak when telling the woman you love, that you love doing
things for her."

"Judy, you can be very candid when you answer
this next question. I'm a modern women, who only wants
what's best for my son, and you as his future wife, as
well as what's best for the stability of your future
marriage. Judy, in regard to having adequate sexual
relations, I presume a smart girl like you already
knows that my son is not, well, er, not well equipped
to handle your total bedroom needs. I assume you've
made plans to get my son some assistance in that

I was more than devastated by the question and
was too speechless to speak except to gasp at my
mother's question. Judy was a bit surprised, but her
answer was quicker than I thought it should be.

"First of all, mother Jackson, I truly love James.
However, you're correct, his penis size will require me
to seek some adjustment in our planned sexual relations
because of his shortcomings. Yes I have tentatively
considered the help of three former boyfriends to aid
my future husband in his bedroom duties."

Judy's firmness and confidence as she replied so
quickly, left me little comfort as I wanted to crawl
into a one-inch hole. Not only was I speechless, I
felt even more belittled.

"Since we all know you're the experienced partner
in this relationship, can I also presume these three
men are also rendering assistance to you now during
your engagement?"

"Yes ma'am you can." She said without blinking an
eye. I was still stunned by what was going on around
me. I was flabbergasted. Was I dreaming? This
couldn't be happening at the dinner table with my
mother and aunt, could it?

"Good! Smart girl! James, your future wife is not only
beautiful, but sharp and is preparing well to make your
marriage a stable, and solid long-term loving affair. You
must be sure and do your fair share. Have you been giving
her oral caresses after she's had physically satisfying sex
with her studs?"

I almost fell out of my chair at that question. As
best I could, I tried desperately to change the subject. I
was severely reprimanded and made to respond. Having to
admit that I'd sucked other men's semen from my fiancee's
cunt, especially in front of my own mother and aunt was so
debilitating. Worse were the smirking smiles by all three
of the women. Their eyes seem to burn me as they looked
upon my embarrassment.

"James is so lucky to be marrying an experienced and
beautiful girl like you. He's been a bookworm most all his
life. Now Judy dear, after you're married, we know it's
going to be necessary for you to keep your lovers because
you not going get all the satisfaction you need from my
nephew's tongue and his rather small thing. However, being
as intelligent as he is, I'm sure he'll understand that he
has to take a backseat, frequently, to better equipped men.
James you do understand what I mean, don't you?"

Mother words and her direct style of giving her message
to Judy, not only made me blush even deeper, but almost made
me choke on the food I'd just put in my mouth. All I could
do was nod affirmatively for her. Everyone at the table

To my chagrin, the three continued to talk as if I
didn't matter. Realizing that it was useless to deter the
three from emasculating me more, I continued to try and get
some enjoyment out of the only thing I could at this dinner,
the food.

Hurting inside, I could only listen as my vivacious
fianc‚e responded to question after question from my aunt
and mother about her three real men - Joe, Jeffrey and Judd.
I was sure that Judy wasn't going to reveal her family
secret, but she didn't.

Judy's face was bright and warm as she described the
penises of each of her studs in response to one of the
questions asked her. To my utter amazement, she warmly held
my hand as she went into graphic details, about not only the
sizes, both erect and relaxed, but also what oral attentions
each man liked done to his cock.

My face went blank as I listened to what was being
said. My shock was complete. I was totally speechless,
especially when she added "They all like me to lick and suck
their balls too. I like doing that for them anyway. It
really makes me feel close to the man I'm fucking when I do
that for him."

Mother and Aunt Jasmine had the brightest smiles on
their faces as they seemed to hang onto every word Judy

"I think Joe shoots the biggest load of cum, however,
Jeffrey and Judd aren't far behind." Was her reply to which
one gave her the most cum when she performed blowjobs to

"Yes, I have a few times, but of course he wasn't aware
of it." Judy said with a smirking smile and winking at me,
as she replied to Mother's question about if she'd ever
kissed me right after sucking one of her real men's dicks. I
was totally humiliated and emotionally drained after such
lewd talk and belittlement, the likes of which I'd never
even dreamed of, not in my worst nightmare.

After more similar talk related to how well the sex was
with her three studs, the talk suddenly tuned to a topic
near and dear to both my Aunt and mother - corporal
punishment of unruly males.

I know it was all over for me now. I knew that my
family secret was about to be put on the table. I didn't
have to wait long. I was doomed.

"Jasmine has already indirectly implied to you, that we
are strong proponents of behavior modification via corporal
punishments for James. It is because of it that he has
turned out to be so well mannered and trustworthy. Now,
since he is soon to become your husband, Jasmine and I see
it as important that we properly pass the baton to..."

"Don't you mean the paddle?" My Aunt injected, to
which the room filled with laughter from the three. I
didn't see anything funny at all about this discussion.

Mother and Aunt Jasmine went on and on about the
benefits and merits of properly applied punishment to keep a
new husband on the straight and narrow.

I knew it was useless to say anything, so I just sat
and finished my dinner. The others had eaten only about
half of their meal and now seemed to have much more interest
in the current topic of conversation, which they were deeply
engrossed in.

"James, we're going downstairs, finish eating your
veggies and no dessert until you finish." mom said as
she stared at me hard before leading Judy and Aunt
Jasmine with her, as they went to the basement.

Again, I was being treated as a juvenile, but I
know I dare not say a thing to the contrary. I almost
knew it was too late to try and salvage any semblance
of me being the soon to be husband and master of my
domain. Judy's family had pretty much taken care of me
ever having any hope of doing that. Now with what my
own mom and Aunt were doing, it was pretty certain that
their actions would forever seal me against even
thinking about dreaming of being assertive with Judy in
anyway. It was obvious my future was doomed. It
appeared my fate was to be one of forever being
subjugated and humiliated at the hands of beautiful,
but dominant women.

I was very concerned about what my mom would be
telling Judy about the basement corporal punishment
equipment and both of their philosophies about
disciplining me. Here I was hoping to get away from
all that and here it was surrounding me all over again.

After finishing my dinner, I cleared the table. I
was fairly certain that the others did not desire to
return to their cold plates. I also didn't want mother
or Aunt Jasmine to order me do so in front of my
fiancee. Especially, since they were sure to make me
wear an old fashioned, long white, lace trimmed
pinafore. They got it for me to wear when doing
kitchen duty.

"JAMES! COME DOWN HERE!" The loud cry of mother
summoning me broke me from my depressing reverie as I
sipped on after dinner coffee. I took another sip and
headed toward the basement door.

"This won't take but a moment of your time James
dear. We wanted to show your future wife how this
whipping table would look with you properly mounted to
it. You know what they say, a picture is worth a
thousand words. Be a dear and come over here so
Jasmine and I can secure you to it. We wanted Judy to
see how to properly secure you down should you ever
need some refresher discipline. This is going to be one
of your wedding presents."

"Isn't that nice of your mother and Aunt to give
such a wonderful antique?" Judy said.

"An antique, James, that can be pressed into
service should you determine that it need be, by your
negative or unruly behavior, that is." Aunt Jasmine

The three women continued to talk about the
craftsmanship and surface finish of the old wooden
device. But then their conversation quickly turned to
the real functionality of the table.

For the countless time that day, I was speechless.
I stood there stunned as it was proposed that I
demonstrate how a person is secured to the device for
punishment. Slowly I was able to speak.

"W-What! P-Pleases Mother... I-I just..."

"James sweetie, please don't whine and waffle in
front of your fianc‚e. It's time to be a man and show
her you're not squeamish over giving a little
demonstration. Now if you're going to be obstinate,
and non-cooperative, this could easily turn into more
than a demonstration. You get my drift?" The harsh
look on her smiling face signaled to me once again that
my will or say so was not important.

"Y-Yes m-ma'am." I hung my head as I replied
demurely. I was choice-less in the matter and all three
women knew it.

The whipping table mother referred to was an
antique that had at one time been used in a turn-of-
the-century state reform school for wayward teens.

The heavy oak table had a series of large iron
rings for securing an individual as he was bent over
forward, at the waist, across the flat, slightly
inclined surface. The arms would stretch forward and
be secured to a one set of heavy iron rings. The mid
thighs would also be secured as well as the ankles.
With these strategic parts of the body anchored, about
the only movable part was one's protruding ass cheeks.
And to be honest, the allowable motion was really more
of a wiggle than any serious movement.

I was no stranger to the table as a teen. mother
had it shipped to my aunt's place the first time my
aunt and I had a disagreement about me staying out past

Upon hearing the news of mother shipping it out, I
quickly gave up trying to convince Aunt Jasmine of my
need to stay out beyond midnight. It didn't matter, my
aunt wrestled me on the table the same day it arrived
and I paid dearly for my attempt at setting my own
curfew, or lack thereof. Even though I was an adult,
Aunt Jasmine has weight and height on her side. She
easily subdued me. She had me across the whipping
table in no time at all.

The two other times, I was too scared to not
voluntarily come down and willingly - even though
pleading, begging, and crying for mercy and forgiveness
- let myself be bound and punished.

When I moved to my aunt's place, I thought sure
that I would have more freedom than I had at home.
However, the day after I arrived, it was apparent that
my aunt had other ideas. Additionally, mother was not
only encouraging my aunt in her dominance of me, but
orchestrating a lot of it.

I meekly positioned myself at the table and my
aunt and mother did the rest. As they secured me to
the table with the super strong Velcro type fasteners,
they lectured to Judy. About the only thing I was
thankful for was that they hadn't made me drop my
pants. That would be a sure sign that this was going
to be more than a simple tie-down demo. However, as in
other instances in my life, I was soon to be proven
wrong once more.

"There now, see how easy that is Judy dear.?"
"Yes, mother Jackson, the fasteners make quick
work of getting him tied down.' Judy commented. I
hated the gleeful tone in her voice.

The three women soon turned to the variety of whipping
instruments hanging on the wall. I was left tied to
the table and totally ignored as they discussed several
of the homemade extension cord whips made by mother and
Aunt Jasmine. For some reason both had an affinity for
electrical cables, from thick to thin ones. I really
hated the folded thin gauge electrical extension cord.
It really stings for a long period of time.

"Judy, of all the these I still think this simple
folded extension cord is my overall favorite." I heard
mother say as the three walked back toward me. I of
course was still bent precariously across that infernal

"Proper wrist action and downward force is
necessary to impart your message to the subject. It's
too bad, James has been so good lately, otherwise it
would be great if I could give you a first hand
demonstration." I heard mother sigh after making her

I didn't like the tone of her voice or the nature
of the conversation.

"Mother Jackson, you're correct, James has been
very mannerly and always the proper gentleman with me
lately. However, as you mentioned earlier, if he isn't
reminded occasionally of what will happened if he
doesn't continue to be well behaved, he may slip back
into doing things that are unacceptable."

"Yes, I did say that. But what is your point dear

"Well, I was thinking that since it's been almost
a month since his last time on the table for corrective
discipline, maybe a brief demo could count as a
deterrent, even though he hasn't done any bad deeds.
Additionally, demonstration strokes could also count as
credits against future misdeeds on his part."

"I love your idea! James, you definitely have
good taste in selecting your new bride." My mother

"Excellent idea Judy! He's bound to get into
trouble in the future, probably before the wedding.
Didn't you mention earlier that he mentioned something
about trying to lose his virginity and that he even
brought up the subject of possibly having another woman
aid him if you didn't?" Aunt Jasmine interjected.

"In all fairness to James, he didn't say any of
that, I merely advised him I would not tolerate him
with other women even though I would be seeing other
men, as I am now and after we're married."

"P-Please M-Mother, I-I don't think that an actual
w-whipping d-demonstration will serve no..." I finally
managed to get my wits about me to speak when I was
literally shut up.

"This is another accessory that will come in quite
handy. We call it a vocal cord protector." My mother
said of the short strip of duct tape she placed over my
mouth. I didn't even see her put it on me, as my back
was to the three of them.

"There now, we can continue our conversation
without being rudely interrupted. Judy, you're after
my own heart. I like your forward thinking. Yes, I
quite agree with you. A little preventive treatment
does go a long way. Plus James dear, you'll get credit
for the few licks we're going to give you against
future trouble you're bound to get into. I don't know
why you should have any objections to this little
demonstration, and especially so since it's for your
new bride to be." mother spoke as she began pulling at
the belt on my trousers. I tried to prevent her as
best by pressing the buckle against the tabletop. I
could only cry out in a mumble with the tape over my

"WHAP!" I heard the sound of the wooden paddle
hitting something. A slit second later, I felt the
impact on my tooting ass cheeks. The hurt from the
paddle was minimal since the jeans I wore softened the
blow, but the shock was greater. However, mother
really got my attention.

"Stop fighting me James! If you don't let me
unbuckle these pants easily, I'll get a bullwhip and
whip them off you in shreds!" Her threat quickly
calmed me down. I knew now that it was totally
hopeless for me. I was going to be whipped, not only
in front of my new bride to be, but probably by her

"Yes, the welts from last month are all nicely
healed." Aunt Jasmine commented as soon as I felt air
on my rear end.

"Yes his bottom is in an excellent condition for
this demo we are about to perform." Spoke mother.

I felt several hands running over my upturned
bottom, which I know was slightly trembling from
anticipatory fright on my part of what was to come.

"Now Judy, with the folded extension cord, you
want to apply your strokes with the proper swing and
strength to be assured that the proper message is
received by your husband. Too little force in your
swing and he thinks you're playing with him, which
leads him to believe you're not serious about punishing
him. Remember each instrument must be applied with
varying degrees of force to get the best performance."

As mother went on with the technical aspects of
corporal punishment, I was mentally cringing and saying
my prayers that they weren't going to do an extensive
demonstration on me with every whipping instrument.



"UMMMMMMPPPP!" My scream came out as a loud
muffled noise. The surprised lash by mother caused me
to strain against the constraints as the biting sting
seemed etched on my bottom. I wiggled uncontrollably
as if trying to shake off the burning pain left after
the impacting thin cords. mother had truly caught me
off guard.

"Now see that was a well placed stroke and applied
with proper force. Now you'll notice that was applied
such that it's placed at a diagonal across his ass.
The idea is do a diagonal series from bottom left to
top right and then the next series from bottom right to
top left. After you do that, then you can apply a few
level strokes across the middle of his bottom. The
purpose is when he sit down, he'll really feel that he
has had a proper punishment as the welts heal. Now you
try it dear. Remember, with this thin extension cord,
to get your point across, the best technique is to
swing with all your strength and then back down from
there rather than to go lightly at first."



I reacted violently to my fiancee's first blow.
For she did indeed seem to take mother's advice about
using all her strength.

"Good stroke. Now apply several rapidly to get
your first diagonal done."


"Very good! Now the other side." I heard mother's
voice as I moaned loudly and jerked and tugged
violently against the iron rings. My ass cheeks were
ablaze with stinging burns. My poor ass cheeks were
quivering and my muted sobbing taking second place to
the technical instructions going on behind me.

After Judy finished using the doubled thin
extension cord, I just knew that the three would let me
up. Again I was wrong. There was to be no mercy for
me. My fiancee was then instructed in the use of the
whippy cane and allowed to place 5 very well placed
strokes over the mass of welts I'm sure were already
swollen quite well without the bruising blistering
effect of the cane.

Only after a few minutes of technical discussion
on welt formation was I freed from the table.

My sobbing was uncontrollable as I immediately
reached to rub my stinging burning ass.

"Just look at our big baby with all those tears.
You come right over to mommie so I can show your future
bride how to apply ointment to those welts."

"T-That's... SOB!... O-Okay, I-I'll... SOB!... D-
Do it... SOB!... my..."

"You'll do no such thing, now stop being stubborn
and come across mommie's lap like a good little boy."

Again, knowing the possible consequences of
further resistance, I hung my head and walked toward
where mother was sitting. My face was a mess as I
continued to sob and cry. I tried not to look my
fiancee in the face, but out of the corner of my eye,
even through my profuse tears, I could see the most
pleasant countenance on her face. It was more than
obvious she was enjoying my misery, degradation, and

I winced and jumped as the rubbing ointment was
massaged into the welts, a few of which had broken the
skin. All the while, my aunt and mom praised my
fiancee at what a wonderful first job she'd
accomplished. All I could do was sob as softly as I
could, as I was frequently reminded by mother and Aunt
Jasmine, that if I were more of a man I wouldn't be
such a crybaby.

Intermixed with the talk about Judy's performance
were frequent references to `my weenie' and how it was
indeed imperative for my fiancee to seek outside help
for her sexual needs. My shame was great. All I could
do was take the continuing verbal abuse and be thankful
it wasn't physical.

Later upstairs, I was not allowed to wear my pants
or underwear, only my shirt and the lacy white
pinafore, so that air could speed up the healing of the
welts I also wore.

Dressed in this manner, I was required to serve
after dinner coffee to Judy, mother and Aunt Jasmine.
As I expected, there were numerous comments about the
designs on my rear as I walked around serving the three
of them.

As I was in no condition to drive Judy home, she
called Joe, one of her three full time lovers, to pick
her up. I was in the kitchen when he arrived and I
overheard her introducing him to my aunt and mom when
he arrived at the front door.

I easily heard Aunt Jasmine and mother praising
the two how well they looked together. You see. Joe is
I also heard that he was taking Judy back to his
place and that she'd probably sleep over. My guts
burned upon hearing that, but what could I do. I knew
I didn't have the slightest say so in the matter.
I was more thankful that neither Judy, or my aunt
or mother, make me come out to see the couple off.
Based on this small act of mercy, I thought to
myself, maybe the three of them did harbor some concern
or respect for my feelings as a man and the obvious
emasculation I was being subjected to.

However, what was to happen just six weeks later,
back in this very same house, let me know just how much
respect the three had for me. I've always thought of
the incident as the `Rod Incident'. But first, I must
tell about the events that occurred between now and


Judy called to see how I was doing the next
morning. Soon after inquiring about my still aching
ass, she soon let me know how wonderful Joe and his
dick treated her.

"James, the only thing missing was your tongue
darling, getting a good tongue lashing and slurp-up
from you on my wet drippy pussy really caps off an
evening well for me. I missed you my love, but I knew
you were a bit too emotional to be fun after our
basement adventure."

"A-Adventure! Judy, t-that's truly an
understatement. Why couldn't you have just refused
mother's invitation to whip me? After all, it's not
like things are going to be that way when we're
married." There was a moment of silence from Judy.

"Only if you need it James darling. Besides, your
mother has reared you to be respectable and mannerly.
If a few strokes now and then are needed to keep you
that way, you can't blame me for continuing to do what
is necessary to keep you on the right path. Anyway,
not to worry, you can expect me to only punish you when
you absolutely need it or when I feel you need to be
reminded of your commitment to me." Her tone was firm
and confident.

I sensed it was better to continue this
conversation at a later time, as I knew where it was
heading. The problem was I didn't really have any idea
of how I'd change her mind anyway. After all, she had
all the cards and my own family helped stack the deck
against me.

I changed the subject and we chatted a few more
minutes before she informed me she was on her way over.
Her reason for coming had me pleading with her not to

"P-Please Judy, please don't a-add to my
embarrassment. It-It was bad enough you saw mom
rubbing ointment on me. I-I just couldn't have y-you
take me across your..."

"Why I'd love to have you come across my knees and
rub ointment into your bare bottom. Why darling, what
kind of fianc‚e would I be if I didn't tend to you?
After all, I helped blister your cute little bottom
didn't I?"

Judy literally hung up on me as I continued in my
attempts to deter her from coming over to administer
rubbing ointment to my still bruised bottom. I sighed
as I hung up.

True to her word, my fianc‚e arrived and did as
she had indicated she would. mother and Aunt Jasmine,
also overruled any and all objections I had.

My face was redder than a fresh beet as I lowered
my pants and laid across her lap for the ointment
massage. Not only did she take longer than necessary,
her kneading of my ravished backside flesh hurt. As I
winced in pain, all three women urged me to be more
courageous and to show more `backbone'. My shame was
complete and total, as I arose and had to thank her,
per mother's request.

The rest of Judy's visit was devoted to further
discussion with mother and Aunt Jasmine about her date
with Joe. The three women wouldn't hear of me leaving
the room during the explicit and detailed account.

Since I could more easily sit on my beaten bottom,
Judy and I did date that evening, even though it was
overshadowed by me having had to be treated like a baby
earlier by her, as well as be present as she recounted
her bed date with Joe. On my date with her that night,
I was treated to something I hadn't had lately, the
taste of her cunt without another man's sperm running
from it. She also jerked me off, which was rather

Within a few days, Judy and I were back on our
regular dating arrangement, which included several
visits to her home. Even though fearful of what to
expect, I nevertheless had to go, since it appeared
that I could do nothing to stop the marriage train I
was on.

Her father had me on my knees the very next time I
was over at her house. He quickly had me making up for
the botched blowjob I gave him before. He collected
within an hour of my arrival. The surprising thing was
that no one at the dinner table thought it unusual for
her father to have me follow him to the front room,
after the meal.

"C'mon Jamie, I'm gonna watch tv and feeling your
mouth wrapped around my dick would feel good about now.
My hot dick cream will be your dessert." Judy's father
said loudly as he got up from the table and proceeded
to walk toward the family room.

No one at the table reacted in the least to his
loud, bold announcement. In fact both Judy and her mom
were carrying on a side conversation and her two
brothers another.

"Damn it Jamie! Didn't you hear me! I want your
lips on my dick before my show starts!" Judy's father

The sound of his deep voice sent a chill down my

"James darling, run along. You don't want daddy
mad at you again, do you? Go show him you're going to
be cooperative." Judy said, interrupting her
conversation to speak to me.

"He'll be right there Daddy!" Judy shouted toward
her father. She then turned back to me. "Remember, we
have a basement here too." She said as she leaned over
and whispered to me, so that the others wouldn't hear
her. She had a snide smile as she spoke. I
immediately picked up on her implication and jumped up
out of my seat and headed after her father who was
unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants as he was
walking toward the next room. I followed with a
flushed red face.

The other family members looked at me as if I'd
done something wrong for hesitating to do as Mr. Smith
had commanded of me.

Mr. Smith dropped his pants and positioned me on
my knees such that I could focus all my attention on
his cock and balls. He had me lick his huge, but soft
hairy scrotum before starting on his large shaft and
enormous cockhead respectively.

As I knelt there with his very stiff dick nestled
firmly in my mouth, he held his big hand on the top of
my head as he slowly palmed it and used my mouth to
slowly jack off his big erection.

All I could do was to hold onto his muscular
thighs and keep my lips pursed as he told me. I was
his passive mouth pussy and there was little I could do
about it.

Besides the sound of the tv show he was watching,
all I could see before me was his long shaft as my lips
slid back and forth, as well as his thick patch of
pubic crotch hairs. I soon got accustomed to the feel
of his large dick in my mouth and I was vigilant to any
signs of his pending ejaculation. Other than that, I
just mentally sighed and knelt helplessly letting
myself be used by my dominant lusty future father-in-

After about twenty minutes of being mouth fucked,
I felt his already bloated dickhead flare in size. I
knew then he was about to blow his hot jism in my
mouth. I fortified myself to receive his spermy
outpouring. As expected, he flooded my mouth with a
sizeable load of his thick spunk. I had to swallow
fast due to the force and volume of his hot, spurting,
viscous ejaculate.

I congratulated myself on accomplishing my forced
duty without gagging or choking. However, he wasn't
going to let me off that easy, he held me there so that
his still semi-hard penis could `linger and soak' - his
words - in my mouth. I was in no position to argue.

His hot sperm was not my only creamy dessert that
night, for Judy's mother also had me eat her creampie,
and so did Judy too.

Judy's mom had been fucked by some male relatives
that'd dropped by while I was sucking her husband off -
which incidentally took over an hour - he continued to
soak his huge dick between my lips as he watched two of
his favorite tv programs. Later, after he let me go,
Judy's mom called me to eat her creamy hairpie. While I
was doing Judy's mom, I believe Judy was sexually
entertaining Judd. I thought I heard his voice, but
with Judy's mom's thighs and legs clamped tightly
around my head, I couldn't be sure.

Finally, Judy, my fianc‚e, ordered me to mouth her
slimy oozing snatch. It was then that she confirmed
that Judd had come by and fucked her earlier, but in
addition to him, an uncle and her youngest brother,
also had a go at her.

The sad thing was that everyone had expected me to
do all the things I did without hesitation. When I
showed the slightest bit of surprise or hesitancy at
performing their requests, I not only was looked at as
if I was stupid, but was casually reminded of the
videotape and the pre-nuptial marriage agreement. Judy
even whispered `Basement' to me a couple more times.
Helpless and hapless, I meekly hung my head and did
everyone's sexual bidding.

It seemed that every time I visited my future in-
laws for some event, such as dinner, a cook-out, or a
swim party, the lusty acts that occurred were some
variation of the previously described events.

Additionally, as more and more of the Smith's
relative got to know about me, they also joined in and
contributed to my sexual subjugation and debasement.


It was now approximately six weeks after the weekend
where mother met Judy for the first time. If you remember,
it was also the time where mother and Aunt Jasmine did their
infamous demonstration, that led to my ass being blistered
by my fiancee as a demonstration whipping project.

Well this particular Friday night, Aunt Jasmine and
mother - who incidentally was back in town this weekend -
both were pissed off at me this particular weekend because
they thought I was too sassy with them when they questioned
me about coming in about 10 minutes after my curfew, twice
during the week.

So to show me they were still in control, even though I
was an adult, mother decreed I was to be grounded for the
weekend. She ordered me to stay in the house the entire
weekend, that is, from Friday night until Monday morning.
She even called Judy and told her about my punishment.

I was utterly embarrassed, humiliated and devastated to
have my mom call my fiancee and tell her such a thing.

However, even though fuming, I knew what to expect if I
didn't do as she decreed. I didn't want to use any of the
whipping credits I'd gotten six week ago. Either way, I
knew I'd end up the worse for it all if I made any more of a

I thought things couldn't get any worse that weekend,
but they did. To my utter shock and surprise, Judy and her
date for the evening, an old high school flame named Rod,
dropped in unexpectedly that Saturday night.

Rod was in town visiting family. His wife hadn't
come with him.

As I was doing the dinner dishes and tidying up the
kitchen when they arrived, mother and Aunt Jasmine made sure
I came out wearing a new pink pinafore mother had brought me
as a gift, to help quell my `aggressive manishness' - her

As I stood by looking totally foolish and feeling like
a wussy mama's boy, they sat on the love seat, arms
intimately around each other. Judy introduced me to him as
her fiance, as she preened over her dazzling three-carat
diamond engagement ring.

Neither one of them seemed to be concerned about the
affections they were exhibiting toward each other in front
of me or in my family's presence. My family seemed quite
pleased at what was going on before us. I was surprised at
what was occurring before me, even if mother and Aunt
Jasmine knew of my fiancee's need for cocks bigger than
mine. I know they supported her in her promiscuous
endeavors, but to allow her to come into our house and
flaunt her promiscuity, with me present, was brazen on
Judy's part and showed no respect for me, as a man, on the
part of mother and Aunt Jasmine.

Getting back to Judy and Rod, I became even more
speechless at the way his hands cupped and massaged her
shapely rear end as well as stroked the white expanse of her
inviting white bare thighs. All was revealed in the tight,
thigh high mini skirt she wore.

To make matters worse, Rod applauded me on the open
relationship that Judy and I had.

"You're some man to let your lovely fiancee party and
sleep around while you stay in and do kitchen chores. My
hat goes off to you."

To add to my total humiliation was mother's added

"James is rather proficient at doing domestic household
duties and believes in dressing efficiently for the work at
hand. He really is looking forward to doing the same in his
own kitchen after he becomes Judy's spouse".

Speechless, I almost fell down at her obvious
implications from her phraseology- `My own kitchen' and me
being Judy's spouse versus her husband'. I was emasculated
by my own mom in front of my future bride and her lover for
the evening. I wanted to shrink through the floor. I was
too flabbergasted to respond.

My face was bright red the whole time they were there
as I stood by like a maid in waiting, wearing a long, bright
pink, scalloped lace trimmed apron, while this much more
handsome well built man was in possession of my fiancee.

Judy was very amorous with Rod as her free hand seem to
constantly stay hear the vicinity of his crotch as she
rubbed his leg and thighs as they talked with my family. I
tried to leave the room, but no one would hear of it.
To my total embarrassment, mother revealed why she'd
grounded me and made it very clear that I was a mama's boy.

Both Judy and Rod beamed smug smiles at my additional
emasculation by no less than my own mom.

Mom then went on to let him know that she worked hard
to instill in me essential domestic skills she thought would
make me a good catch as a husband.

"Rod, Tim is so sweet to me. He's so good at domestic
stuff, especially cleaning up wet sloppy things." She
winked at me as she spoke. My heart seemed to skip a beat
at Judy's obvious hidden reference to my frequent mouth
douching of her's and other fucked pussies. "He is such a
darling and he looks good in an apron too, doesn't he?"

I wanted to crawl in a hole when she said that.
However, mother quickly added that she'd put several on
order as her wedding gifts to me.

"They'll be an assortment of pink, lavender and
sunflower yellow pastels. I also ordered pansy floral
designs for them also." mother added with a gleeful tone in
her voice.

Again, I wanted to sink right through the floor.

"Don't be ashamed Tim, some men make excellent cooks
and are better at domestic duties. Pride yourself on your
talents." Rod added. I guess his comment was well meaning,
however I wished he'd kept it to himself.

I thought the worse was over after that little episode
and hoped the two would leave. However, it was not to be.
Rod had been a jock at another senior high in a near by town
when he was dating Judy. Judy kept encouraging her old
flame to recall his feats of sportsmanship. I squirmed and
moved as I might get up and leave, but mother gave me a
quick cold stare that told me that if I did, I'd be sorry
and probably that my bottom would end up being blistered.
Cowed, I sat and endured the jock talk.

"My James was not muscular enough for such rough
sports, but he was vice president of the science club." My
mother interjected. Again, another well-meaning comment
that could've been easily interpreted as a left handed
comment and would better have been left unspoken.

Rod and Judy seem to get more intimate, more cozy and
even more brazen in their touchy feely actions. I wanted to
cry out but was again speechless. She was most brazen as
she leaned over on him as they talked of how a cop almost
caught them screwing in the back seat of a car back in their
high school days.

My face turned even redder than before.

"Tim, you've got yourself quite a catch here. She's
gonna make you a great wife, especially in bed. She can
really take care of business between the sheets. I wish my
wife was half as good."

I almost fell out of my chair at his brazen brash
comment. However, it seemed others in the room took it as a
compliment for Judy's sexual talent and experience. I
couldn't believe what was happening.

"We are proud to have Judy committing to become a
member of the family and take my James as her spouse." My
mother interjected.

I looked at mother and couldn't believe her continued
overt put down of me. Again, she'd called me a `spouse',
not a `husband', but a `spouse'! I was seething with silent
shame and anger.

"Oh! Look at you Rod sweetie, all this talk has given
you a woody. I thought you were trying to hide something
with your hand." Judy's raised voice caught everybody's
attention as she again brought the news of Rod's hard-on to
everyone's attention. "We'd better get you over to your
motel and take care of it." She giggled as she pecked him
on the lips and grasped the rising bulge in his crotch.

I would've sunk through the floor if it were possible.
Thoroughly humiliated and disgraced, I was glad for them to
be finally leaving. However, little did I know that all
that had occurred was just the beginning, rather than the
end of my degrading ordeal.

"Judy! Shame on you. Being almost family, why don't
you take the young man up to James' room and help him
relieve his erection. My, he does have a nice boner there.
Much, much nicer than my James."

I couldn't believe mother's statements. I was blushing
the deepest of red as I saw my own mother, standing and
observing the imprint of Rod's large swollen cock through
his trouser fabric.

"James, go turn back the covers on your bed and spruce
up your room for your fiancee and her guest." mother
shouted to me.

This was a night of un-beliefs and strangeness. I was
more than dumfounded that my fiancee was going to be
sleeping with an old boyfriend in my bed. I almost couldn't
move, but my Aunt Jasmine helped me up and tugged my arm as
she helped me toward my room, and what I had to do.

"James, hurry up with the room and come back here and
tell us when it's ready." mother shouted in a loud voice as
I ascended the stairs to my bedroom.

"I'll come tell them." My aunt replied.

"No! James will do it. After all, Judy is his

As I climbed the stairs, tears began to swell up in my
eyes in response to mother's words.

It didn't take but two minute to prepare my room for my
beautiful fiancee's tryst.

I tried to present a calm exterior and image as I
walked back down the stairs to inform the couple that my
room was ready for their sexual liaison.

I still found it hard to believe Judy and my own mother
had placed me in a difficult degrading situation like this.
"T-The room is ready." I softly said as I stood facing
Mother, Aunt Jasmine, and Judy and Rod.

Judy quickly led Rod up to my room as I stood there.

"Judy is really lucky to have such a great sport for a
future husband. Thanks for letting us screw in your bed."
He said as he passed me. I said nothing. I looked down to
avoid his eyes as well as for him not to see my watery ones.
TO BE CONTINUED IN: family Bonding Part 4
(Maybe mid August 2000)

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