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CDE 34 4 Family Bonding P4



Copyright c July 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, Inter, MM, FemDom, Incest, Mdom)



AUTHOR'S NOTE OF THANKS: Many thanks to "Cummytoes" for
his idea and consulting support on portions of this story.

Title: family Bonding Part 4
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: James, naive and virginal, is engaged to
Judy, the daughter of the apparently loving, caring,
sharing, closely knit Smith family. James begins
bonding with his new in-laws during their engagement,
and after he eventually marries into the Smith family,
he discovers that outward appearances of the Smith
Family's image proves deceptive.

Judy Smith-Fiancee/Wife
Judy's mother - mother Smith
James Jackson-Fiance/Husband
James's mother -Mother Jackson
James's Aunt- Aunt Jasmine


"James! Come back here! Aren't you coming up to
watch Rod fuck me?" Judy shouted at me as I turned to
walk away. She was half way up the flight of stairs,
with Rod in tow, as they headed to my bedroom.

I froze in my tracks. I couldn't believe my
ears. I turned and looked at her as if she was crazy.

"J-Judy... Y-You can't mean..." I stammered.

"Yes she does! And don't stand there like a knot
on a log! What kind of man are you! Go standby your
woman!" I heard my aunt shout as her words cut me

I looked around. I not only saw my aunt standing
nearby with hands on her hips and with a pissed
expression on her face, but I also saw mother in the
distance coming toward me also.

In a flash, I knew my humiliation was to increase
exponentially and that the sooner I got with the
program the better. The last thing I needed was more
verbal encouragement from the combination of both my
aunt and mother.

"I-I'm coming Judy." I said as I began to mount
the stairs quickly. My eyes were still watery as I
reached the top of the stairs following the pair, who
apparently were in heat. I was so browbeat, but with
all I'd been through, I just wanted this bout of
humiliation to be over as soon as possible.

As we three entered my bedroom, Judy, my
vivacious fiancee, was quickly undressing as she
walked. Rod, her old high school flame, did the same.
The large obscene bulge in his trousers was even more
pronounced as he began to remove his pants.

Judy and Rod undressed without the least bit of
shame, while I just stood by dumbfounded at what was
occurring before my eyes.

The next moment they were passionately kissing by
the time they were close to being totally nude. Judy
had her hands wrapped around - well actually not all
the way around - Rod's jutting enormous tool. Her
hands couldn't fit around it. The head was easily
larger than a golf ball, pink-ish red and very
bloated. It was obvious it was ready to spit seed.

By the way Judy kept fondling the long shaft of
Rod's penis, which had to be at least 9 inches long,
she was apparently anxious to receive his seed also.

They were tumbling across my double bed in a
foreplay ritual. I was still spellbound as their
kissing and nibbling on each other progressed to where
Judy had engulfed the swollen head of Rod's jutting
pole of stiff meat. The mere sight of the event
before me caused me to get an involuntary erection,
even though my feelings were hurt severely. However,
the sight of her pink colored lips, stretched around
his giant cock, and moving wetly up and down his stout
shaft was so lascivious. I nevertheless was aroused
greatly and wished I was in his place.

It was then, I decided it was best for me to
leave the two, as it was rather obvious what going to
happen next.

I made about two steps before I heard my name

"James! Where are you going? Get back here!
Sit down! I bet you were going to run off and leave
me all alone while Rod has his way with me. Even if
you can't do what he's about to do, the least you
could do is have the courage to watch to make sure he
does a good job. C'mon over here, I want you closer."

Judy's voice was loud and had a sense of urgency.
I meekly did as she requested. I felt so silly and

"R-Really Judy, there is l-little I-I can do by
being..." I tried to speak, but was cut off.

"James, I want you here while we fuck! You'll
stay and that's final! Understood?"

Her outspoken dictatorial tone surprised me. I
was too shocked to speak. I passively nodded my head
to indicate I understood.

"Good! That's better. Now then, take off your
pretty pink apron and undress. You're going to join
us. Since you seem to be keen on trying to desert me
when I need you to stay, I think I know a way to have
you be a part of this and still see to my sexual well
being. Now do as I say or do you want to call in your
mother and tell her you're not showing respect for me,
the woman you soon plan to marry?"

I was reluctant to do as she ordered, but her
words and stern face let me know she meant business.
I knew I had to submit, besides I definitely didn't
want mother in on this act.

Even though I was quite cowed by her
forcefulness, in the back of my mind I was hopeful
that because she wanted me to participate, that maybe
she might finally want to have mercy and provide me a
bit of sexual pleasure, even if it had to be in the
presence of her old flame. Even though mentally sad,
the thought of some direct sexual pleasure with her
kept my spirits high. The idea of a possible blowjob
really excited me.

After taking my pants and shorts off, I tried to
shield my much smaller prick. I was no comparison to
the very much longer and thicker one Judy was still
fondling and licking as she monitored my undressing
progress out of the corner of her eye.

"Move your hands, James darling. We should have
no secrets here, especially from the man who's going
to be helping your fiancee cool her pussy down."

I saw a smirking chuckle from Rod. I blushed a
deeper red than I already was.

Next, Judy had me come closer to the bed.
In the process I could no longer hide my little, but
erect prick. I was so ashamed because I didn't know
which was the more embarrassing, having a smaller
member or the fact I was erect seeing the woman I
loved making out with another man.

"Now that's better, at least you're in the spirit
of things." Judy commented upon seeing I was stiff.

"Now James darling, I've decided that I want this
to be educational for you, since you're a virgin.
Therefore, I want to make sure you have a front row
seat to see how to properly sex your wife-to-be.
Also, you'll be participating too."

The `front row seat' Judy wanted for me caused me
to jerk upright and almost bolt from the room. But a
reminder from her of what lied on the other side of
the closed bedroom door, caused me to pause.

Rod's intervention also played a part, especially
when he became very candid about what he'd do.

"Listen wimp! If you don't respect your fiancee
and do what she tells you, I'm gonna whip your ass
and still make you do it. Now take your choice, you
can do what she wants with or without my fists upside
your head!"

Already scared before he spoke, I broke out in a
nervous sweat. I didn't have to think anymore. He
was the big brawny type. I didn't stand a chance
against him.

"W-where do y-you want m-me Judy?" I asked
softly as I hung my head swallowing what pride I had.

"I knew you'd do the right thing by me. I think
you really love me after all." Judy said with a
familiar smirk on her face as she held my hand and
guided me in position on the bed.

As I looked straight up at the ceiling, I awaited
for the inevitable. I soon heard she and Rod moving
around and positioning themselves.

In a moment I had the sight and felt the heat of
Judy's lush juicy cunt hovering right above my
upturned face. As I rolled my eyes upwards, I could
see Rod's jutting batting ram of a dick approaching
from the opposite direction as he climbed in position
to make contact with my fiancee's awaiting snatch.
And there my upward facing head, right in the middle
where all the action was soon to be taking place.

Judy had positioned herself over me in a head to
toe position as I laid on my back. Rod was going to
couple with her doggy style.

I had assumed before now that my humiliation at
the hands of Judy couldn't reach new depths before the
wedding, but as before, I was wrong once again.

"James it's so nice to know you're so close by
watching over me, or maybe I should say under me. Hee
Hee". Rod chuckled too. "Mom and Dad would be proud
of you. Now be a dear and guide it in for Rod. We
both are more than ready for this to start."

Disgraced and browbeaten under the ludicrous
guise of seeing to her sexual well being, I grasped
and passively guided Rod's heated, and enormously
stiff cock shaft, with its very swollen dick head, to
Judy's obviously wet and well-lubricated twat.

He urgently pushed a bit into her juicy sex then
withdrew a bit, then pushed again. After doing this a
second time, over two thirds of his huge dick was
quickly buried deep in Judy's delectable pussy. A
pussy I had yet to explore, except with my tongue. My
still erect prick pulsed at the sight before me as
well as the thought of the denial that's continued to
be perpetrated on me for the purpose of insuring I
remained a virgin until our wedding day.

Another unexpected circumstance I was not
counting on, being in the position I was in, was the
constant beating my face was going to take from the
movement of Rod's big, loosely hanging, hairy, cum
laden balls.

They bounced and slid and skidded all over my
face. When they weren't flopping over my nose and
lips and eyes, drops of pussy juice freely rained and
dripped on my face and lips and nose, as he pushed and
pulled in his fucking motion. I tried to turn my face
sideways to protect my eyes, nose, and lips from the
lusty rain. However, the confining space between both
of their legs and thighs prohibited me from doing so.
Also, there was no escaping the heat emanating from
the two bodies fucking so hardy, or the pervasive,
but erotic musk scented funky smell of the heated odor
coming from their joined genitals. Also inescapable
was the noisy juicy slurping and sucking sounds
created by the piston action of their coupling. I was
a prisoner of their fervent lovemaking.

This combination of sights, sounds and smells was
maddening. It was having an erotic and very arousing
effect on my aching straining throbbing prick, which I
couldn't reach or touch.

I just wanted to touch it so bad. It dawned on
me then to ask my fiancee to at least hold it for me,
since she could. Her touch would mean so much to me,
and my cock too, at that moment.

"Judy, please hold it for me. M-My cock is
aching so bad." I blurted out pathetically, as I was
indeed in need.

"Not now darling, I'll beat it off for you later.
Right now, just keep your eyes on the education Rod is
giving you on how to fuck me."

Her words really hurt me as I resigned myself to
being in misery, both sexually, physically and
emotionally as I suffered the ordeal they were about
to put me through.

To make matters worse, occasionally, Judy would
lower her bottom such that their joined sexes directly
scrubbed against my face. That meant Rod's balls
stayed in contact with my face more and his wet dick
also made direct contact with my lips and nose. It
slid across my face as it slid in and out of Judy's
very wet and drippy gash.

My face was a mess as each contact of his big wet
cock left trials of wet pussy juice across my nose,
lips and nose.

"OOOOOOOHHH! You're soooooooo gooood Rod! Give
me all your gooooood dick!" Judy cried out
frequently, as she began to moan louder than before.
I could only lay where I was and suffer in silence
waiting for this abject degrading situation to end.

Little did I know that my turn in this position
would last almost two hours. In addition, after rod
shot his first load of semen, only a few drops dripped
on my face before I was told to engage my lips and
tongue in a clean up action. His heated jism was very
gooey and I retrieved most of it with a few moments of
gulping it straight from Judy's messy looking, but
still tasty cunt.

"OOOOOHHHH JAMES! That's soooooo gooooood! Yes!
Suck my pussy! Yeeesssss! Show him you know how to
get his good man stuff out of me! You're Sooooo
gooooood!" Judy cried in an extended wailing moan. I
knew she'd had another orgasm due to my eating
efforts. At least I felt good that I'd given her a
come, even if not in the same manner as her ex-high
school flame.

Since I was being forced to do this in such a
humiliating manner, I hated I enjoyed the taste of her
and especially that I was eating Rod's jism.

By the time my lips left her well-sucked and
gaping cunt, Rod's dick was fully erect and ready for
re-entry. Besides being amazed at his being at the
ready so quickly, I just stared in amazement as it
lingered over my head. I also wondered what he was
waiting for.

"Well! What are you waiting for? He said
looking down at me from his overhead position. He had
a most cruel smirk on his face. After a moment of
confusion, it dawned on me what he wanted. I meekly
reached up and guided his wet dick to where he hadn't
too long ago removed it.

The second bout of fucking really caused the
juices to fly as Judy's cunt got a bit looser from all
the action of Rod's massive fuck ram. Hence, more of
her copious pussy juice was seeking out all around it
as it plunged and pulled in and out her repeatedly.
My face was a mess now. Little did I know it was
going to get worse.

Soon the dripping juices seem to get more syrupy.
It then dawned on me that there probably was some
residual cum deep up in her gash that was being
whipped up and now being forced out in a frothy fluid.
This froth was leaking freely in my mouth and over my
face. I had to swallow since I had to breath more and
more with my mouth, since I had to hold my nose, as
best I could, to keep it from getting clogged.

When Rod came the second time, he kept working
his dick in and out her and his main load was now
getting more frothy and slimier. It was easily
leaking out around his stiff meat and dripping off his
shaft, right onto my face and into my mouth. I was in
a miserable position.

But the real sliming was yet to come when he
withdrew from Judy's well stretched fuck slot. There
was a slight popping noise, and a few moments later a
thick stream of well whipped up, frothy, bubbly, cream
colored, melded pussy juice and jism just poured out
all over my entire face. A good deal went right into
my mouth. It was a miracle I didn't choke on the
thick hot fuck slime.

Rod did feel sympathy and threw me my undershirt
to wipe my face, but I was not allowed to get up. You
see Judy was ready for me to retrieve the rest of
Rod's fuck juices from her cunt. Again, I was able to
provide her with another orgasm with my tongue lashing
and sucking actions.

To make matter even worse for me, at this point
in their sexing, Judy had Rod direct me to lick his
balls and cock clean just as I had been required to do
for her fuck filled snatch.

The above scenario was repeated two more times as
Rod came a total of four times. He gave my fiancee a
very respectable load of his hot creamy jism, each
time he busted his nuts deep in her very receptive
pussy. The residual outpourings of fuck fluids were
even slimier and more viscous than the one before.

When Judy sat on my face after Rod's final fuck,
I was not only swallowing, but basically eating pussy
goo that had the consistency of clam chowder.


Judy and I were lying back in bed. Her head on
my chest and my arm around her shoulder. We were
discussing the event that had taken place earlier in
this same room, my bedroom.

We were both quiet and deep in thought at the
moment. My thoughts were on how I couldn't seem to get
through to her how humiliating her actions were to me.
Judy's thoughts, on the other hand were totally
centered on the thrills she got from Rod's dicking
efforts and my tonguing action. Needless to say, I
was quite frustrated with her since I perceived that
she knew what I was trying to say, but was using every
trick to thwart me.

Rod had left over an hour ago, and Judy decided
to spend some time with me rather than leave with him.

I was glad I didn't have to look him in the face
when he was leaving. You see, before he left, he
pressed the head of his softer, but still sizable dick
head to my lips and ordered me to milk him.

I sought to protest, but he quickly threatened me
if I didn't suckle his wet, pussy slime covered dick.
To make matters worse, my fiancee chided me to quiet
down and do as I was told.

Her exact words were: "James, please cooperate
and do as the man tells you. After all, it's the
least you can do to thank him for the wonderful way
he's done his part to please my pussy. Your fiancee's
pussy I might add."

Her words really hurt. However, considering what
I'd already been through, I went ahead and did
whatever it took to get this nightmare over with. I
did as `the man' told me to do.

I was still on my back when this happened. Judy
moved so as to observe us. The smile on her face
really tormented me.

After pulling his well-milked dickhead from my
lips, she remounted my face with her heated, well
fucked, oozing snatch. As she sat and settled down on
my face, they had a very wet and lingering passionate
French kiss. Meanwhile my kisser was covered with her
very wet, drippy, and very bruised, warm, soft slimy
pussy meat.

Right after getting off my face after her last
and umpteenth orgasm, Judy slumped back in bed to
delight in the afterglow of the extensive sexing she'd
experienced between Rod's giant dick and my busy

Judy only expressed delightful comments and joy
at both Rod's and my role in pleasing her so well.

She was still murmuring praises how good a
fucking she'd gotten as I told her I was going to
clean up the heavy layer of fuck slime that plastered
my face and hair.

"James, remember, don't touch your prick, I'll
take care of that when you come back." She said in a
tired, mellow voice.

When I returned, Judy was still half-awake, and
invited me to join her in bed.

"C'mon, let me have your little man so you can
get your reward for being a good fiance." She said as
she grasped and began to slowly stroke my throbbing
erection. Her soft warm hands felt so good on my hot

I was still angry with her, but her actions
pushed that temporarily out of my mind as she pulled
on my hard peter.

She pulled my erupting penis and held my
ejaculating penis next to her cunt. I spurted all
over her pussy bush, which was in a messy state of

"Don't worry dear, you'll soon have a chance
to put it in like all the other guys do." I felt
delight from the relief she provided me with her
soothing hands, but her words quickly threw cold water
over me. I was back into reality.

"I'm violating our pre-nup agreement by letting
you spurt your jism on my pussy, but since we're so
close to being married and since you were so sweet to
let Rod and I use your bed to fuck, I thought it would
be a nice treat to let you do that. But, you know
that you'll have to suck it off my muff... remember
the pre-nup agreement?"

I was about to protest, but was so frustrated at
the whole scene. I capitulated and moved into
position between her shapely legs and lapped my own
spent semen from around her moist, very warm, gaping
gash. It was easy to see that it was no where as rich
or as copious as Rod's abundant ejaculations.

Judy moaned slightly as my tongue flayed and
lapped at her tender pussy meat. However, she was too
sensitive now for any prolonged oral activity, so she
just allowed me to complete the clean up of my own
emission and then pushed my head away. I suspected
that she just wanted to abuse me one more time and let
me know my place.

I wiped my face on a towel I had with me and
moved back up in the bed to my previous position with

"I hope you're happy now. You know that wasn't
necessary for me to lick my cum..." I was cut off by
her before I could finish speaking.

"Yes it was necessary for you to lick your own
cum up. If you remember, you signed up to lick all
jism from my pussy, whenever you and I are together.

"I-I don't know why you hold that over my head
Judy? Y-You know it's unfair what's being done to

"James, fair is sucking up your own sperm just as
you sucked out Rod's stuff. And just think, you
didn't have to work near as hard since you didn't
shoot as much as he did, did you?"

"Oh Judy, I-I wish you wouldn't keep comparing me
to your o-other men. You know I-I can't compare to
them one on one. It hurts when you do that to me. I
love you, but I wish you'd just let me off the hook
instead of making me your pussy sucking slave. That's
all I am to you, and you know it." I fired back in an
angry tone.

"You're angry aren't you darling? But what you
say is not true. I really do love you, despite your
perceived claim that I'm conspiring to make you look
bad or to hurt you. I just made an observation about
the amount of the cum you shot off versus the same
amount Rod generally shoots off."

"Don't you see how humiliating all this is to me
Judy? And I know Rod will think I-I'm the biggest
wimp and wussy there ever was."

"I don't know about that James sweetie, but there
is one thing he knows."


"That he can never love me as much as you do.
When he saw you slurping up his leaking jism straight
from my twat, licking the goo from my inner thighs, as
well as lapping up the wetness from his cock, he knew
you were dedicated in your love for me. He'd told me
earlier in the day that he'd have to see you do that
to convince him that anyone could love me that much.
James Darling, you really demonstrated your love in
the most courageous way."

"You k-know I was afraid n-not to do as y'all
wanted. But Judy, w-why did you tell him to invite me
to clean up his `mess' and the lap his cock and balls
clean? T-That was so... so low of you Judy. H-How c-
can you so-so brazenly humiliate me a-at every turn.

"James darling, you really are getting paranoid
about this humiliation thing aren't you? But to
answer your question, what I did was to add a bit of
sexual excitement to the moment. Rod's ego was
heightened by what you did. Notice how harder he got
after each time he did as I asked him - plus you are
to be credited also, that is by your dick and pussy
licking so well between fucks. But, James, honey,
what you did, and did so obediently I might add, even
if I had to push a bit here and there, really added to
my pleasure."

"J-Judy, I-I can't believe this. Y-You just like
seeing me disgraced in front of your l-lovers. I-I
can't believe all this is really happening to me. The
more we date now, I-I just don't know where this
relationship is going."

"Right to the wedding altar, where all true
lovers should be." She replied in a snap of an

As we talked further, there was not the slightest
hint of her being apologetic for having had me trapped
under she and her lover's genital as they copulated.
Nor was there the least bit of insinuation there was
anything shameful about me being forced to lick and
suck both of their organs clean of hot, creamy,
sticky, fuck juices between the four bouts of long
fucks Rod imposed on Judy's eagerly receptive pussy.
We took a break from talking and were just lying
back thinking. At least I was. Judy was still
enjoying the afterglow of the heavy sexing she'd been
given. She dozed lightly as I sat up awake.

The two of us were still alone. It felt good to
have her all to myself, even if well fucked by another
man who was better endowed.

However, I was still very angry with Judy. By
the way she clung to me, any outsider would surely see
a couple happily in love with each other and
delighting in a carefree moment. However, my mental
state was far from such a state of idyllic bliss. I
was still stunned by all that I'd undergone in the
last few hours. After I couldn't take the silence any
longer, I spoke.

"Judy, are you awake?"

"Oh yes darling I am. Thanks to you and Rod, I
feel so relaxed and so good inside. Thanks for being
there for me darling. I love you so."

"W-What! H-How can you say that? The more I
think about it, I-I still just can't believe you made
m-me do what you did." I blurted out to her.

"I'm saying that because it's true. For some
strange reason, I don't fully understand, you think
that just because I like you sucking me out after a
guy gives me a great fuck, implies I don't love you.
Nothing is farther from the truth. I love you James.
We're soulmates, remember?"

I looked at Judy as if she was really insane.
She still looked beautiful even if I had a hard time
believing what she had done to me.

"Judy, I-I'm having a hard time handling this
relationship you and I have. You just run all over me
and my feelings, especially when we're in the presence
of Mother, Aunt Jasmine, your parents, and especially
your lovers."

"You know it's not my intent to do that sweetie?
You have to become a little less sensitive to how I
talk to you around others. That's then and this is
now. What matters is that we are by ourselves and as
much in love any two people can be, actually, much
more than the average couple. How many couples can
truthfully say that get the kind of pleasure that you
and I have in this relationship? I have studs that
know how to fuck and put their hot fluids deep in me.
I also have you darling, who is the greatest in
getting another man's hot sticky virile semen out of
my pussy."

"P-Please Judy, lets be serious here. Y-You're
just abusing me, pure and s-simple. Y-You claim you
love me, but you just run roughshod over me a-and make
me do some of the most humiliating of things. I-I
just have a hard time seeing where having your w-well
fucked pussy spread all across my face and eating out
other men's hot jism demonstrates love, especially w-
when I-I'm being extorted into doing so."

"Were you forced to suck my jism flavored pussy
before you found out that it was fucked flavored
snatch steak you were tasting?"

"P-Please Judy, that's not fair. I-I didn't know
any better. Y-You know I-I wasn't sexually
experienced when I did that." I replied in a pathetic
tone as she looked at me with a smirk of a smile on my

"The point, James darling, is that you loved my
dick cream flavored hairpie then. The only thing that
has changed now is that you know how it's made. Also,
you're getting a lot more cream in your creampies, and
between your family and mine - and of course a little
help from a video and a pre-nuptial agreement - we've
all made it easier for you do what you do best to
please me, as well as please your taste for sucking
creamy pussy. Face it darling, you're a natural born
sucker of cocks and creamy cunts."

"J-Judy that hurts. I-I was so excited when we
started dating. I fell madly in love with you. I
just knew things were going to be different. I
thought that at last I could strike out and be a man
of my own, a-and get away from under Mother's loving
and caring, but dominant and dictatorial ways. But it
appears now that I'm just going to be in the same
situation, as I always have, but under your
dictatorial control."

"Are you saying I'm a dictator James?"

"Judy, y-you know you're going to try and have
things your way. Y-You know you have me in a box and
you're pulling all the strings. P-Please Judy, please
don't enslave me. C-Can't you just let me go? Y-You
could convince your family to l-let me off the hook,
you know, with the contract and the video. I-I won't
ever say anything about what's happened." I pleaded
with my beautiful fiancee, as we lay close in each
other's arm.

"Now, now, James, all this is completely
un-necessary. Here suck on my tit while I think about
what you just said. Here, c'mon. Suck on it just
like you're a baby. That's it. You like that don't

I quickly suckled her delectable tit. The warmth
of being nude with her in such a cuddly way was so
delicious. I often didn't such opportunities to be so
affectionate with Judy in this manner.

"James honey, just suck on my tits, don't try to
talk. Just listen." Judy whispered in my ear as she
held the back of my head to ensure I kept my mouth on
her tit.

"I do really and truly love you. You're the one
that made me fall head over heels in love with you.
It was your innocence, intelligence, easy going
personality, even your wimpiness, and of course your
winning devilish ways with your tongue, that sealed
the deal. I had to have you as mine. James, some of
the other things you're talking about in regard to
your mother... well, you're a mama's boy and you have
to accept that. You need a strong woman to over see
you. It's too late for you to worry about striking
out on your own and being your own man. I want to be
the woman that will be your overseer. You need it, I
want it, my family wants it, and so does your family."

Judy's words were more than I expected as I
enjoyed her tasty tit, even if it was hard for me to
digest what I was being told. However, she didn't let
my head go until she'd finished her assessment of why
she couldn't let me have my freedom.

Before she stopped talking, she made it very
clear that I was hers and that I should give up any
resistance to not becoming her mate. She also
eloquently let me know that she felt it was fair to
subject me to whatever means were at her disposal to
ensure that I continued to show my love as she deemed
proper. She made it quite clear that me showing my
love for her included me being completely tolerant of
her having well hung lovers, and my willingness to
show my support for her, by being there for her with
my tongue ready to taste the results of she and her
lovers' actions.

"Now James, do we understand each other?"

"C-Can't we at least talk about alternatives
to..." I was cut off by her in mid sentence.

"Do we understand each other James? The answer
is yes or no. If you say yes, I know you intend to be
a good husband and helpmate for our happiness. If you
say no, I'll take it that you intend to be obstinate
and don't mean that you love me. It tells me you
intend to break my heart. In that case I'll do
whatever it takes to destroy you, both emotionally and
professionally. Just imagine what it would do to your
career of wanting to be a college professor, if I
released scenes from all those video tapes of you with
Dad and my brothers on the Internet?"

"J-Judy, y-you wouldn't?" I stammered nervously.

"Oh yes I would, not to mention take you to court
and sue you for anything you might ever make in the
future. Also, I wonder would you even survive the
whippings your mom and aunt would give you too. Have
you thought about that?"

I swallowed hard, then silently thought of mother
and Aunt Jasmine's probable actions. I came to the
conclusion that Judy was probably right about that

"You see my darling, when a woman is in love as
much as I, it's necessary for her to do what needs to
be done. Besides, you've already said you love me
too, and I believe you. I'm just helping you to
express it not only to yourself, but to me and others
too." Judy spoke with such an air of self-assurance
and confidence. It made what she said sound so
correct and hard to argue with, even though I was
having hard time digesting her rationale.

It was obvious that it was hopeless to persuade
Judy. Her mind was made up. I was going to be
enslaved into her loving caring ways.

"Y-Yes Judy, I-I understand." I finally said in
the end, at her persistent badgering to have me submit
to her verbally.

"Uh, J-Judy?"

"Yes James darling?"

"Could you p-please, well at least, promise that
y-you won't u-use... well, won't whip me any more
l-like you did that time in the b-basement?" I
finally got my words out. I knew I looked and sounded
totally pathetic.

"I will only do that again if I think you need it

"See! That's just what I thought. You're o-out
to abuse me. P-Please Judy! Promise me you won't

"Sorry, no can do James sweetie. I've already
promised your mom and aunt that I would give you the
same loving care and affection they did, in addition
to my wifely love. I feel obligated to keep my word,
no matter that their definitions of love and affection
includes some aspects of tough love. Which you know
means discipline when you stray from doing what's
required or expected of you."

No matter how I tried, it was hopeless to get a
commitment from my fiancee, and soon wife-to-be, that
she wouldn't subject me to corporal punishment.

In the upcoming months before the wedding, it
became crystal clear that unless I desired to be
totally ruined, I was going to be a submissive cuckold
husband, just as I had basically been a cuckold
fiance, if there is such a thing.

The most pleasant things to have happened was
that I finally finished my dissertation and I obtained
my credentials to qualify for a college teaching job.
Days later I also was accepted for an entry level
teaching position at a local college. These were
bright spots in an otherwise dismal series of events
in the other side of my personal life.

"James dear, it's less than 3 months before the
magic date." Judy said as we sat watching a rented
video at my house. mom and Aunt Jasmine were out of
town for the weekend.

"Yes I know." I replied without the enthusiasm
one would expect of a happily engaged groom-to-be.
"Judy, are you sure you still want to marry me?" I
replied back.

"Of course silly." She gleefully responded as
she leaned over and kissed me wetly on the lips. "I
just know we're going to be so happy together, despite
your imaginary perceptions that you're going to be
humiliated at every turn."

I just turned and looked at her with a blank
unbelieving stare.

"You're so cute when you look at me like that."
Judy said giggling as she moved closer to me and
leaned her pretty head on my shoulder. "You just
don't know how happy you make me James. Sure, I know
you're a bit uneasy because you're sharing me with
other men, but at least you understand I'm more woman
than you can handle. Does that make it easier for you
to accept me being shared?"

"Judy, I accept that I can't satisfy you like the
others do, but you don't seem to see that I'm
suffering at your and their hands because I, well,
I'm not as endowed nor as big and muscular or as macho
as they are. The other thing is that even though I am
in love with you, I was tricked."

"Darling, I concede you were tricked. But, I
knew if I didn't, I probably wouldn't have gotten you
as mine. I knew you were the guy for me after I
talked to you the second time at the library. I knew I
had to have you. I knew you were the fellow I could
bond with and be the happiest with. I think there is
a stronger chemistry between us now than it was before
you signed the agreement. I believe you know so too,
but just don't want to admit it. You see darling, It
wouldn't be the same for me with some macho type who
could never be true to one woman. But I know you can

Judy's words boosted my self-esteem somewhat, but
I still had yet to get over the fact that no matter
how I looked at our current or future relationship, it
seemed as if I was always going to be on the short end
of the stick.

Judy was right. I did love her in spite of all
she's done to me. Various philosophers have said, in
one way or another, that true love is true, when you
can accept the strengths, as well as the faults or
frailties of the person loved. To some extent that may
explain our apparent love for each other. She loved
me for my weaknesses and I loved her for her beauty
and brains. Unfortunately, she also had a dark lusty
side that has seduced and dominated me in the process.

However, it still was a bit hard to admit to
myself I really loved her despite all I'd been through
because of her.

The most despicable thing is that the more I
sucked her sloppy, creamed in, soft, warm lush pussy,
the more I enjoyed it. My problem was reconciling my
conscience to the fact that it took other men to give
me that perverted pleasure. The paradox was how to
enjoy the former without the latter, i.e., her other
men. But realistically, the latter part of my
argument was apparently going to be a moot point. It
was now obvious, she was going to always have her
other men.

The issue was if I was going to be satisfied, and
resign myself to that fact, or try to fight against
it. The easiest option seemed to be to accept my
humiliation and hoped things got better in the future.
The fighting option seemed bleak in regard to winning
the battle. As far as fighting, the best it seemed
that I could succeed at was getting more battle scars,
rather than actually winning battles.

"I guess I should be happy that you desired me
so. That does make me feel good. But the truth is I
don't have much choice Judy. As your husband, I-I,
well, I'll have to depend on your benevolence as you
lay down the rules." I meekly conceded to my fiancee
as I looked down and spoke softly.

I was capitulating to the uselessness of fighting
Judy, her family, and unfortunately, my family too, in
the battle to subjugate and cuckold me.

"James, darling, you can count on me doing what's
best for us and our marriage." Judy replied elatedly
as she planted a very wet and passionate kiss on my

If I didn't know it before, it was very clear at
that moment. Judy's facial expression and body
language told it all. It was apparent she was going
to delight in continuing to be the dominant partner
in our relationship and marriage, and of course, as
well as my loving and caring overseer.

The phone rang just as we broke that delightful
kiss of victory for her, and basically defeat for me.

"Hello!" I said picking up the cordless

"We're a little busy now. Can she call you back
later?" I replied to the caller. It was Rod calling
for Judy. I was pissed. The nerve of him calling her
at my place. I thought to myself.

"Okay! Okay! Don't get upset. Here she is." I
replied to him as I handed the phone to Judy. Rod got
belligerent at my earlier statement to him. He told
me `Wimp! Give the phone to my whore and stop fucking

"Hello. Hi Rod! I see you got my message to
call me here." Judy said as she began her
conversation with him. Her giving him my phone number
also ticked me off, but again I could only express
mental anguish.

I could only hear one side of their conversation,
but Judy didn't make the least bit of effort to shield
me from it. In fact she snuggled up right next to me
as they talked. Of course that disturbed me, but I
knew there wasn't much that I could do about it.

I tried not to pay attention to their
conversation, but rather tried to concentrate on the
movie we'd started watching earlier. However, there
were bits and pieces that seemed to refer to me. I
was sure it wasn't complimentary, so I didn't try to
figure out what was going on.

A few minutes later, Judy hung up the phone.
Rather than talk about the conversation with Rod, she
too concentrated on the movie and we watched it until
it was over.

"James, dear, remember you mentioned rules
earlier?" She asked as we snuggled closer after a
brief discussion on the merits of the movie.

"Oh, uh, yes." I said, caught somewhat off guard
by her switching subjects.

"Well, darling, one rule is that you're to always
give me the phone if a man calls and ask for me, no
matter where or when they call. Other times, if I'm
not available, take a message, no matter what it is,
and you are to be sure that I get it. Okay?" She
spoke low and in an emotionless monotone. It was
obvious that she meant for me to understand the
seriousness of her statement. Her facial expression
was one of malevolent smugness. I was almost scared
by it.

"Uh, O-Okay, I'll remember." I stammered as I
meekly replied. She'd softly put me in my place.

"Good. At least we have that out of the way.
Now on to something else I've been meaning to talk to
you about." Judy's tone of voice became warmer as she
went on to discuss she and Rod's high school romance
back in high school. I didn't want to hear anymore
about it, but I kept silent and listened. I could
only wonder where this was all going.

"Rod is going away for a few years on business,
to a foreign country. He wants me to abide by a
promise I made to him in senior high."

"That seems an awfully long time for someone to
demand someone to keep and honor a promise made as
young teenage lovers. After all, it's been over seven
years. What is this silly promise?"

Her answer caused me to jump straight up.

"WHAT!" I surprised even myself at the
involuntary level I raised my voice when Judy revealed
the nature of the promise.

"Yes James, I promised him that someday I'd have
his baby. Even though we thought he and I'd be
married to each other when I made that promise, he
convinced me that just because we're not, shouldn't
stand in our way.

"James, you're the love of my life. However, I
also have some lesser emotional feelings for Rod too.
Since he's going away, he wanted to leave me a
treasured momento and he's decided that it should be
his baby. Even though not as strong as my deep
emotional and intimate feelings for you, I'd still
like to express my emotional feelings for him, and to
him, by having his child.

"You also might be interested to know that he
said even though you're wimpy, he's impressed by your
love for me and thinks you'd do good helping me to
raise his son or daughter. He wants you to be the
child's daddy."

I sat with a blank stare on my face, not
believing a word I heard from Judy's lovely and
delectable lips. She went on.

"James, for him to give us such a priceless gift
is precious to me. I know it'll be such a pretty baby
with his and my features. You'll be the daddy of our
beautiful daughter or our handsome son."

Judy went on and on about the goodness of being
the mother of her old flame's child.

"James, Rod and I both agreed on one thing. That
if you loved me as much as you say you do, you'll give
he and I your blessings for him to inseminate me
before you and I are married in three months."

"J-Judy, p-please tell me this is a joke."

"This is no joke darling. He wants to do me and
I want him to also." Her eyes had that dead serious
look in them. I knew then I was in deeper trouble
than I'd ever imagined.

I pondered my next move nervously. I was in a
cold sweat as I tried to think of all sorts of things
to say to turn this potentially devastating incident
around. I ended up doing what I was most familiar with

I knelt before her pleading for her not to honor
her silly high school promise. I soon found my self
with hands folded, as if in prayer, groveling before
her. I begged my fiance not to consider letting Rod
inseminate her, and in the process, cuckold me even
more severely than I'd ever imagined. I didn't know
what else to do. I was devastated. The next thing I
knew I had laid my head in her lap and my eyes were
watery at the thought of this latest bout of utter
humiliation about to be imposed on me.

"C'mon, James, it won't be that bad. So what if
I'll be walking to the altar carrying Rod's baby.
When we leave the altar as man and wife, it'll be our
baby then. Rod has no intentions of laying claim to
the baby. Okay? Does that make you feel better?"
Judy said as she hooked her left leg around my back as
she pulled me even tighter to her. She then started
rubbing my bowed head.

Her words, which I took were suppose to be
conciliatory, really pained me. My soft sobs were now

"That's okay baby, go ahead and weep. It'll do
you good to wash your eyes out." Judy said softly,
but in a sort of warm motherly tone. The thing that
didn't help was that the implication of me crying was
useless to stop her, but that it would do me some
good. I only felt worse at the thought of having to
be so utterly and blatantly disgraced by what she and
Rod were planning to do.

Judy kept trying to comfort me with words of
consolation. She said that I'd soon get over the fact
that I wasn't the biological father and that when the
baby starts calling me daddy, I'd feel so much better.
Her words were truly bittersweet, and mostly bitter in
my state of mind.

It was then I felt the toes of her other bare
foot moving around my crotch. It was when she made
contact with my prick. I believe she and I both
became aware of its stiffness at the same time. I
wasn't even cognizant of my erection, in my distraught
state of mind.

"Whoa! What have we here! You have a woody!
James, did you get all hot and bothered from all that
talk about me getting preggy from Rod and making you a
daddy?" Judy said in an elevated gleeful tone.

Before I could move she was massaging my
straining stiff prick through the thin knit fabric of
the casual jogging pants I wore. I tried to move, but
it only seemed to trap her foot even more tightly in
my crotch because of the way I was sitting, and also
due to the way she had me clamped with her left leg.

Judy also had one arm around my head, and was
holding my right hand with her other free hand. As I
sought to free myself, she instantly gripped me
tighter with her leg and hands. It was then I really
discovered how strong she really was. I knew she was
into gymnastics and did some Judo occasionally, but
she really had a rather tight grip on me. I was held
fairly immobile by her.

My right hand was not free either, as it was
clamped against my body by her left leg. I squirmed
as I tried to break free.

"Why James, I think your body has given you away.
You're saying one thing, but your little weenie is
singing another tune. You feel mighty stiff down
there." Judy spoke with a big smile as I looked up at
her from my position, where she held my head and body
in a vise grip. Her leg even seem to draw tighter
around my back.

"You know what Jamie, I think you'd like Rod to
knock me up and have me walking down the aisle all
dressed in lacy white to become your new bride. All
this talk about humiliation being dumped on you is a
ruse. It feeds your sex drive, doesn't it darling? I
didn't put it all together before now. The hard-on
you got when Rod was fucking me wasn't just from the
sight of he and I, it was because he was doing it and
you were forced to watch it the way you did."

"P-Please Judy, don't call me Jamie. You know I
hate being called that. A-And y-you're wrong, I-I'm
not driven b-by what y-you say."

"Oh, are you sure? I feel your little rod trying
to break out of your pants. It's so stiff. Maybe I'll
have a baby from Judd, or maybe Jeffrey too. What do
you think about that?"

"P-Please! S-Stop Judy!" I urgently implored my
forceful and mischievous wife-to-be. I was fighting
the rhythmic and delightful stroking of her foot and
toes against my aching cock. I knew I couldn't hold
back if she kept up her pace. I was so surprised at
how skillful her toes functioned as fingers, as they
caressed, as well as stroked and massaged my small,
but very stiff prick.

"Or maybe, a black baby from Joe to call you
daddy would suit you better." She moaned most

It was at that point that I shuddered and made a
last ditch effort to hold back. I didn't want to make
a mess in my shorts. But before I knew it, I'd
reached the point of no return and spurted all my pent
up jism like I'd never shot off before. My release
was so strong and pleasurable. I also trembled in a
way I can't remember doing before.

Judy continued to move her toes in a circular
manner increasing the likelihood that the sticky jism
in my shorts would soak through and result in a very
visible damp spot on my jogging pants.

"Did you come good darling? You're the first guy
I ever got off with my toes. That was neat. We must
do it again some time. My! My! Look at the size of
that damp spot on your pants. Why you must've shot a
lot of cum. You did enjoy our little discussion.
Maybe I should call Rod and tell him about..."

"N-No! No! J-Judy p-please d-don't call him. L-
Let's talk please. Let m-me clean u-up first and I-
I... I-I'll be right back." I stammered away teary
eyed, totally embarrassed, and in a nervous fit, as I
rushed off to clean up, change clothes and compose

The broad smirking smile on Judy's face added to
my misery as I rushed from the room.

When I returned, Judy still wore a bright smile
that seemed to say "I got you just where I want you
now". The smug serenity on her face just added to my

"Feel better darling?" Judy said in a sensuous
tone. She still had that slight, but wicked beaming

"Judy that wouldn't have happened if y-you had
stopped when I told you to."

"James honey, are you telling me that you
didn't like me getting you off?"

"It's not that, it's, er, w-well, it's just that
it was embarrassing to c-come in my pants like that.
A-And with you rub-rubbing me that way afterwards...
W-Why didn't you take it out like you've done before?
I-I think you meant to embarrass me. W-Why do you do
me this way?" My voice cracked and was wavering as I

"C'mon over here my baby. You look so cute when
you pout like that."

"P-Please Judy, this is no laughing matter. You
get a thrill f-from abusing me don't you? That's

"I'm not mean, maybe a little mischievous.
However, aren't you're the one who seems to be getting
a cheap thrill?" She said with her smug smile still

"O-Of course not!" I tried to sound as defiant
as I could under the circumstances.

"Then why would you get a raging hard-on, when
the woman you say you love deeply, tells you she's
thinking about getting another man to make you the
daddy of his baby? And to add to the irony, he wants
to knock me up just in time for our wedding day."

"It-It w-wasn't because of t-that. It w-was
because I-I was close to you. Y-You know how excited
I-I get from being around..."

"Liar! Come look me in the face and tell me
that. Or was it because you liked the idea of me
having a black baby for you to be the daddy of too?"
Her slight chuckle after she spoke really got to me.
I knew I couldn't let that happen. I had to try and
stay in control.

"R-Really J-Judy, t-this is not germane to the
real issue here. The real issue is that it just
doesn't make sense for you to have Rod's baby because
of a silly high school promise made when you two were

"You think it's wrong to keep a promise?"

"Please J-Judy, y-you can't be serious about
this? A-And I can't believe Rod has that kind of
control over you. Y-You just want to do it to abuse
me again in the worse way. Why don't you release me
from my commitment to marry you? J-Judy, w-why do you
want to bury me in shame?"

"I love you James. I have no intentions to bury
you in shame or humiliation. You should think of it
as me giving you an opportunity to let everyone know
just how deep and un-selfish your love is for me. Who
can argue with you about the depth of your love for
me, if they, and you know that I'm having another
man's baby and you accept it as ours?"

"What! J-Judy t-that is all twisted around. You
know people are going to call me a fool. A-And worse,
they'll call you terrible names, l-like slut or

"James, I won't like it, but I can live with
that. Besides, being called a fool is less derogatory
than being called a slut or a tramp. Don't you think?
Therefore since I'll be labeled with the greater
shame, you'll not only be disgraced less than me, but
will have the sympathy of others, and will be looked
upon as proving your love in ways few men do, or have
done before willingly. Just think, you'll be looked
upon as a hero husband, and me a fallen wife. A
fallen wife who you've stooped to help rise back up
and make decent again."

The extent of Judy's illogic was so profound that
I was in awe of its twisted nature, but potential
believability. She continued to talk on. I just sat
in wonderment and listened. I listened and thought

I was truly in a quandary as to what to do about
this situation. Digging into my knowledge of
philosophy, gamesmanship, and even military strategy,
I came up with an idea. The strategy, while more of
a bluff than anything else, might succeed in changing
my fiancee's mind.

############TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 5 ########

(Maybe in August 2000)

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