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CDE 34 5 Family Bonding P5



Copyright c August 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, Inter, MM, FemDom, Incest, Mdom, )



AUTHOR'S NOTE OF THANKS: Many thanks to Spa8110 for his
idea on Monday Night Football in this part.

Title: family Bonding Part 5
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: James, naive and virginal, is engaged to
Judy, the daughter of the apparently loving, caring,
sharing, closely knit Smith family. James begins
bonding with his new in-laws during their engagement,
and after he eventually marries into the Smith family,
he discovers that outward appearances of the Smith
Family's image proves deceptive.

Judy Smith-Fiancee/Wife
Judy's mother - mother Smith
James Jackson-Fiance/Husband
James's mother -Mother Jackson
James's Aunt- Aunt Jasmine
I decided that it was time to stop being weak
kneed and stand firm up against Judy's effort to
hopelessly cuckold, dominate, and disgrace me. I
remembered the saying that a strong offense was the
best defense. I hoped by being firm, I could at
least get her to be more reasonable and come to her

If she was really intent on having the baby by
Rod, then nothing I do would deter her. However,
surely she must have some moral consciousness about
what was fair and afford me some respect as the man
she was truly in love with.

I would be counting on that respect to come
forth if I stood up to her on a significant issue
such as this. I was assuming that she'd seen me cave
in too many times, and simply lost respect for me
along the way. So my plan was not to passively agree
to her blatant scheme of having Rod's baby.

I also thought that maybe she was just bluffing
and all this was just a test to see if I had the
courage to stand up to her. I began feeling very
confident that a firm stand and personal resolve
would turn the tide for me. Therefore, I figured if
she saw me with more backbone, she wouldn't try to
run over me as she literally had talked of doing.

I figured I had nothing to lose, and could only
increase my esteem in her eyes. After all, I thought
I'd already hit rock bottom in respect to being
browbeat and downtrodden by her, her family, and my
own family.


I decided to get Judy and I fresh drinks before
I sprung my strategy of exhibiting strength before

"Thank you James darling, you make a great

"Thanks." I said with an air of confidence.

"James, I'd like for you to call Rod and talk to
him about this situation too. I think he'll back me
up in saying that if you truly love me, you'll agree
to me having his baby."

"Of course he will, what do you think I am Judy?
A fool! Listen, this silly idea of yours and his is
dead on arrival with me!" I said raising my voice
for emphasis. "You're not going to have his baby!
If you're going to have anybody's baby, it'll be
mine! Understand?"

"James! What on earth is the matter with you?
Why are you raising your voice and talking to me in
that tone?" Judy said with some alarm in her voice.

So far so good, I thought to myself. I assumed
that my show of strength was having the desired

"Now, Judy my love, I won't be calling Rod,
because Rod can go to hell with his crazy idea. I be
damn if he's going to dictate to me that he can knock
my future wife just because he wants too." I said in
a brazen cocky confident tone. I continued to be
even cockier. "Just because he's going to be out of
the country for a long time is no reason to leave us
his little bastard to remind either of us of him.
Sure, he's bigger than me, but that doesn't mean I
have to give into him, and neither do you, even if he
does have a bigger cock."

"I see. James, I need to think about all
you've said. Would you please make me another drink
and excuse me, while I go freshen up." Judy spoke in
a much less belligerent, but in more of a softer
monotone voice.

As I made a new batch of drinks, I felt
extremely confident that my strategy was working very
well and that maybe this whole relationship might be
turning around because of my ingenuity. I savored
the subdued way Judy was acting before leaving the
room. However, as with many things in my life, me
patting myself on the back was somewhat premature.

When Judy returned, she was indeed a different
person, but not the persona I was expecting.

"Well James, I've thought about all you've said
and I've made up my mind as to what needs to be done.
That is, if you haven't changed your mind and decided
to call Rod as I asked you earlier."

"Not by a long shot, Judy my love." I said in a
caviler gleeful tone, without even turning around to
face her.

My back was to Judy as she entered the room. I
was still mixing the drinks and feeling an air of
confidence I'd never experienced outside of my

"Then, that means I guess I'll have to try and
persuade you, love." Judy's voice had a different
tone than what I expected. I had just picked up our
two drinks and had started to turn around when I
heard this unexpected noise.



I heard this second louder noise at the same
time I felt the impact of something hitting my
thighs. It seemed to cut right through my knit
jogging pants. The pain was immediate. I fell to
the floor. The two drinks I held went tumbling in
the air.

"OUCH!" I heard myself cry out almost
simultaneously and as unexpectedly. As I hit the
floor, It was then that I saw Judy standing over me
with one of mother's home made whipping instruments.

I'd only been whipped once with the monster Judy
held in her hand. I was a teen at the time. The
whipping instrument was a homemade device guaranteed
to inflict pain. It was a thick, but skinny black
automobile fan belt. The handle was a loop of the
belt itself, that was taped together to make it so
that it wouldn't slip as it was being used. It had
weight and flexibility. It was perfect for whipping
and inflicting pain.

Realizing my plight quickly, I sought to scamper
away from my tormentor.

"So love, just as your mom said you would, you
do need some behavior correction from time to time.
Well, I can tell you that those few credits you've
got on the books from the demo whipping I gave you
earlier, won't help much, because you need quite a
bit of persuasion to compensate for your unruly
`mannish' behavior."

""J-Judy! P-Please dear... T-This is-is not the
way t-to handle our problems. L-Let's sit d-down and
talk a-about..."



"OUCH!" Judy had swung again at me so fast and
made contact with my upper thigh so quickly I was
stunned. Her actions were like a blur. I tried to
scamper further away, but soon heard the noise of the
fan belt cutting through the air again.



This time she caught me on my upper butt. The
blow stung severely, even through the pants I wore.
The impact also caused me to loose my footing. Before
I knew it, she was right on top of me. Escape was
almost impossible now as she quickly sat down on my
back, facing my feet, and proceeded to rain lash
after lash on my upturned buttocks. I was pinned
down. Her weight was on my back and I couldn't move
no matter how I tried to turn and roll. She'd
braced her feet to either side of me. It was next to
impossible for me to get up.

Judy had 2 inches of height on me, but
apparently was also much stronger than I.







Don't... SOB!... PLEASSSSEEE Don't Hit me again. L-
Let's talk! SOB! PLEASE!." I was begging and
crying. I was crying and begging. Neither seemed to
deter her from lashing me with a vengeance.

Judy's shouts to me, her increased breathing
sounds - that is from exerting herself by lashing me
so hard - and the steady rhythmic swinging and
impacting of the fanbelt created a terrifying blend
of sounds.

"So... Gasp!" "Whooosh!" "SMACK!" You don't
want to be cooperative with me... Gasp! Then that
means you need a little "Whooosh!" "SMACK!" Attitude
correction and adjustment to... "Whooosh!" "SMACK!"
persuade you of your responsibility... "Gasp!"... to
be at one with your wife. "Whooosh!" "SMACK!" "Gasp!"

I was in pain in the worse way. I thought
things couldn't get any worse, but it was then that
she bared my butt by pushing down my jogging pants.
The first lash on my naked flesh caused me to buck
even higher than before. What a difference that thin
layer of knit fabric made. My legs were flaying
around in all different directions as I tried to get
leverage to get from under her. It was to no avail,
as she even struck my legs and thighs with that
infernal fanbelt, when they got in her way. The pain
was intense.


"Whooosh!" "SMACK!"

"PLEASE!... SOB!... JUDY!... SOB!... NO! NO!

"Whooosh!" "SMACK!"


"Whooosh!" "SMACK!"


"Whooosh!" "SMACK!"

OUCH! NO MORE!" My arms flayed in all directions as
I tried to grab something to try and pull myself away
from under Judy. The effort was totally useless. I
also beat the floor in front of me with my fists. I
was frantic and the pain was great. I had to do
something to help me dissipate the pain that was
emanating from my rear and seemingly radiating
through my whole body.







I was a crying slobbering mess, but my fiancee
went on at least another 30 seconds as I continuously
conceded I'd do anything she wanted of me.

Finally she stopped. Even though she did, my
bottom was so well bruise and stinging, it quivered
all by itself as I sought to move it to quell the
fiery blaze that seem to emanate from it. I don't
think but one whipping I got from either my mom or
aunt came close to the one my fiancee had just given

"Gasp!... Now listen to me James. Did I
Gasp!... hear you say you'll... Gasp!... do all I
asked of you?" She asked of me as she was trying to
catch her breath.

"Y-Yes... Sob!" I replied sobbing and
slobbering uncontrollably.

By the time she let me up, I'd capitulated on
everything I was fighting against. I was back to
being the wimp I was before, and with the throbbing
pain in my rear to boot. I knew I'd been whipped

"James, if you won't tell them, I won't tell
your mom and aunt about your need for this little
scolding. Is that okay, or do you want them to know?
I wonder if they may give you another whipping also?"
Judy said in a smug tone.

"N-NO! Sob! Please d-don't... Sob!... t-tell
them." I replied softly sobbing. I suspected she was
correct in her assumption.

We both now knew she again had the upper hand
and her position was even stronger than before in our
relationship. We both knew I wouldn't be trying to
assert myself for a very, very long time, if at all.
I'd been thoroughly beaten and knew it.

Judy sat back and rested after her workout of
beating my ass black and blue. I laid on the floor
whimpering and sobbing, right where she left me. I
was thankful for the lashing to have stopped, but it
was obvious that not only had my strategy failed, it
had failed miserably.

"Whew! That took some effort James darling.
But it was worth it to give you the treatment you
needed for your mannishness. Your mom said it would
pop up from time to time. But don't worry, I'll
gladly take care of it for you. That is, when you
need help in ridding yourself of such fits of macho-
ness. Doesn't it feel good to be your old self

"O-Oh Judy, w-why... sob!... d-did you have to
Sob!... Have to hit so... Sob!... h-hard?" I
stammered as I sobbed and whimpered like a baby.

It took a long while for me to quiet down and
stop sobbing. My rear was still a blaze of pain.
Judy demanded I come across her lap so as to rub
ointment onto my bruised and swollen bottom. I
refused at first but when she insisted, I knew I had
little choice as she held up the ointment and pointed
to her lap.

While I was making drinks earlier, she'd
apparently snuck down to the basement and brought up
the fanbelt whip and ointment.

"Ouch! P-Please Judy, don't rub so hard. It
hurts." I cried out as I once again lay across my
fiancee's lap like a small child.

"Keep your hands away and let me do just as your
mom showed me how. Remember the ointment must be
rubbed in real good to do its job of reducing the
swelling, and to heal these welts. By the way,
aren't you going to thank me for treating you so
quickly to rid you of that attack of mannishness and
trying to be a macho asshole?"

"P-Please Judy, I-I'm just not in the m-mood

"James darling, it doesn't take much to be
mannerly and say a simple thank you. You use to be
much more polite than that. Maybe you need a bit
more treatment from our little friend here to get you
back to being your old self." Judy's tone was
serious, yet it had a bit of eagerness that scared

"N-NO! No More! T-Thank you Judy f-for h-
helping me g-getting o-over being m-mannish. Thanks
so much for helping m-me be my old self a-again." I
stammered and stumbled over my words until I got out
what I knew she wanted to hear.

"Now that sounds like your old self, confident
and yet mannerly. Now darling, if you ever feel an
attack coming on again, just let me know and I'll get
our friend here, Mr. Fanbelt, or another of its
friends, and try to cure you of the malady, no matter
how much it tires me out laying into your rear.

"Y-Yes Judy, I-I understand." I mentally moaned
and sighed as I replied and winced from her continued
ointment rub down of my still aching rear end. I
knew with a fair amount of certainty that me ever
trying to exhibit any sort of manly control in this
relationship was gone forever.

I was almost as glad for Judy to stop the
ointment rub down as I was her whipping of me.
However, the rough massage did seem to help the pain
in my bottom. She allowed me to re-dress. She then
directed me to clean up the spilled drinks.

Later, she cuddled me to her, not so much like a
lover, but more as a child she was consoling. I
found it difficult to look in her radiant, but
beautiful smug smiling face. I was her subjugated
wimp now, without question, and we both knew it.

After a bit of trying to convince me that she
did me a favor by whipping me, she finally got back
around to what caused her to beat my ass in the first
place. I dreaded this moment was coming.

"James, now that we've discussed this, I want
you to call Rod and discuss it with him. After all,
it's him that wants to hold me to my promise and have
his baby for us. He's convinced me why I should let
him plump me up. I want you and he to have a man to
fiance talk, so he can convince you. Maybe you'll
persuade him not to do me. Anyway, call him darling.
This is a good time, as his wife is out of town
visiting her mother."

I picked up on the fact that my fiancee didn't
afford me the respect of referring to me as a man,
when she talked of a `man to fiance talk'. However,
I figured it was best if I didn't say anything
inflammatory that would cause her to get Mr. Fanbelt
talking again.

I dialed Rod as she instructed, not having the
slightest idea of what I was going to say. It was a
most miserable feeling. Below is the narrative of my
conversation with him - the best I remember it.


Rod: "Hello"

Me: "R-Rod?"

Rod: "Yeah! It's me. Hey isn't this James?"

Me: "Uh, y-yes."

Rod: "Well, what does Judy's wimp want at this time of
night. You're lucky my wife is out of town or I'd be
real pissed at you disturbing me now. You aren't by
chance calling for Judy are you?"

Me: "Uh, w-well, y-yes."

Rod: "Well shrimp, what do you want? You call to tell
me you want to suck my dick again, or is it about me
filling your new, soon-to-be bride's tummy with my
baby? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

What he said and how he said it, as well as the
sound of his laughter really made me angry.

Me: "L-Listen Rod, t-there's no need to be sarcastic
a-and to p-put me down. B-But listen, the reason I-I
called is about this b-baby promise."

Rod: "Good! I want to knock your bitch up and give
y'all a personal wedding present from me. Judy was
mine first and I thought she should have something of
a personal momento from me, since she's going to get
her name changed soon."

Me: "B-But a baby. T-That's so much to ask of a ..."

Rod: "Listen wimp! That's what I want! Plus, you
know she wants me to plump her up too. A woman wants
to get knocked up by a man with a slab of dick meat
she can feel putting the juice to her, as he stretches
her and probes the bottom of her cunt... not a bird
dick like yours, that she can't even feel."

Me: Rod, I-I know you've got it o-over me when it c-
comes to s-sex... a-and that y-you're the better man
in bed... b-but p-please don't do this to us. W-Would
you release her from her promise... please?"

My voice trembled and I was nervous and sweating.
I pleaded desperately with my fiancee's old high
school flame. Judy, who was sitting beside me, seemed
to be smugly enjoying my miserable plight.

Rod: "Sorry shrimp, I told Judy I wanted her to tell
you about this. I didn't want it to be a surprise to
you that I wanted her off the pill and unprotected.
I'm going to be boning her hard and deep over the next
few weeks. I'm going to be doing some serious baby
farming. I'm gonna plant my seed deep in her fertile
juicy twat patch. Anyway, by now, you know she wants
my baby. You know I'm not forcing her to do anything
she doesn't really want to do. Since you claim you
love her so much, you'll accept what she wants to do.
And you must love her from all the stuff I've seen you
submit to. Stuff I'd never do for the love of any
bitch. Well anyway, that's another story. But listen
wimp, the reason she and I talked about being open
with you... and you should appreciate us being open.
Don't you?"

Me: "Uh, w-well, I-I guess so."

Rod: "Good! The reason is that if she has my kid and
you gonna be the daddy, I want to make sure its
treated no differently than if it was your own kid. I
expect my kid to have loving and caring parents and a
warm loving home environment. Understand where I'm
coming from wimp?"

Me: "R-Rod p-please don't call me wimp. L-Look, is
it m-money you want? I-I don't have much..."

Rod: "Fuck you! Money ain't the issue! Now listen to
me! You listening!"

Me: "Uh, y-yes Rod, I-I am."

Rod: "Since it's a foregone conclusion I'm gonna fuck
your slut bride-to-be and fill her up for you by your
wedding day, do you promise to be a good daddy to my
baby and be a good husband to her too? I-I want to
hear you say it exactly like that, word for word."

Me: "Is it-it really necessary for m-me to..."

Rod: "Damn right! Do as I say wimp or I'm gonna make
it a point to whip your ass good the next time I'm in
town, which, by the way, will be in three days."

Me: "O-Okay! I-I-I promise to b-be a good d-daddy to
your b-baby a-and a g-good husband to Judy t-too." I
replied stammering nervously and out of fright at this
new threat. To my chagrin, Judy's face lightened up
into an even brighter smile as she heard my words.

Rod: "That's better. Isn't it wonderful when a loving
couple reaches consensus on an issue. I'll see y'all
in a few days. Is Judy there?"

Me: Y-Yes."

Rod: "Give her the phone."

I meekly handed Judy the receiver as I slumped
back defeated and knowing that I was going to be
cuckolded in the worse way, even before my wedding.

After Judy hung up, she let me know me that I
would have a fighting chance to stop her from getting
impregnated with Rod's baby. My eyes opened wide in
anticipation of this bit of good news.

"Darling, Rod said he'd permit you to be my
natural oral birth control. He thought it only fair
to give you a fighting chance to thwart his plan for
me. He says if you're effective at preventing me from
becoming pregnant with your mouth, he'll not bother us
again about keeping my commitment to him. I really
think that's very fair of him, don't you James

I said nothing but hung my head in utter
disappointment at her statement.

I'm not the dumbest person in the world. I knew
losing this battle only opened me up to losing it
again if she wanted a baby from Jeffrey and/or Judd.
At least they were white, and even if cuckolded, at
least we, or at least I, could claim they looked like
distant relatives.

Even though the baby from Rod wouldn't look like
me, at least it would be white. Maybe Judy's threat
of a black baby was just that. A black baby would be
the ultimate symbolism of cuckoldry and represent a
great measure of utter humiliation and disgrace to me.
Maybe things were going to be bad for me with her
having other men's kids, but at least I should be
thankful if they were all white.

Her threat to me earlier of a black baby had
of course caught me off guard. However, I couldn't
explain me having such an intense climax at the very
mention of being the daddy of a black baby. It
worried me later at the implication she'd made of the
incident. However, I didn't have time or wanted to
even think about that for the moment. I had my hands
full worrying about being the committed daddy of
another man's white baby.
For The Wedding.

True to this word, Rod inseminated Judy. I really
put my best sucking efforts into vacuuming up every
bit of his viscous, cream colored spermy fluids from
her pussy. I of course knew I didn't have much chance
of preventing her insemination. But since Judy had
expected me to be a sucker, literally, for them
anyway, I thought I'd give it my best. After all,
sucking up his abundant loads of rich semen was the
only tool I had to fight with in this battle.

Each time he and Judy mated, they insisted I be
there and in the same up close position I'd been in
the first time they had sex in my bedroom. Nothing I
said could deter them from wanting me in that abject
degrading position, while my bride-to-be was being

"James darling, I want it to be said that you
were very close by when our first born was conceived."
Judy said with total sincerity. Rod only smirked and
chuckled at her words.

As I manned my position, I was again inundated
and drenched with flying and drizzling fuck juices.
Rod's loads were so copious. I almost knew from the
start that with his deep injections into Judy's womb,
she couldn't help but get pregnant. Over the 12 or so
times they coupled for the express purposes of him
impregnating my fiancee, I ate huge quantities of his
hot gooey ejaculate, melded with her abundant pussy

Within five weeks of her first insemination
coupling with Rod, Judy was announced pregnant. I was
sad and yet glad. Sad because I would forever be
cuckolded by the actions of those two, but glad that I
didn't have to any longer be drenched in their fuck
juices and be a prisoner of the hot, humid, dripping
copulation grotto between their coupled sex organs. I
was also sad because, everyone still held me to my
commitment to be a virgin on our wedding day. Hence,
still only my tongue could invade her delectable
snatch, even though she was fully knocked up by
another man in time for our wedding.

The other sad thing was that Judy didn't hide any
of these activities from either her family or mine.
Also even sadder was that both of our families
fervently supported her fulfilling her commitment to
Rod. It really hurt to be chided by my mother and
aunt for not wholeheartedly supporting my wife-to-be
in keeping her pledge to her old high school flame.

Both my family and hers, without the slightest
bit of reservation or hesitancy, agreed that Judy and
Rod would make a prettier grand baby for them than one
by she and I. Both families seemed surprised at my
recalcitrance on this whole matter.

When our wedding day came, Judy marched down the
aisle toward me at the altar, dressed so exquisitely
in an expensive, lacy white wedding gown, with a long
white satin train. She was so beautiful, even if she
was almost two months pregnant with the child of
another man, when we said "I do".

I also wasn't happy in the least about Judy
wanting me to ask Jeffrey, Judd, and Joe to be my best
men. Mind you, I didn't say best man, but best men.
She wanted all three of them there standing there with
us at the altar. I was glad Rod had already left on
his trip abroad. I'm sure if he hadn't, Judy would've
probably insisted he be there too.

I was rather upset at her for demanding I do
that, but she reminded me that I'd promised to be
cooperative, otherwise, it was apparent that I needed
an `anti-mannishness' treatment. That caused me to
calm down and be passively cooperative.

It also hurt for me to ask her three lovers to
participate as best men, as she requested of me. I was
not only incensed at doing so, but was beyond
embarrassment when I did so.

Being almost 2 months pregnant didn't cause Judy
to show significantly in her wedding dress, but there
was a slight bulge. However, before her walk down the
aisle, she'd already eagerly revealed to all her
friends that she was expecting. I was around several
of her girlfriends when she told them at the wedding
rehearsal party. Almost in the same breath she let
them know that my virginity was still in tack.

This led to her friends snickering as well asking
her or speculating as to who the father was. Her
answer, "You'll find out when the baby is born." Such
talk, with me being present, caused me all sorts of
embarrassment and facial contortions. Nothing I said
to Judy would deter her from making me more miserable
or looking foolish. She only kept reassuring me that
I looked like a hero in her friend's eyes.

"James darling, just as I told you, all my
friends think very highly of you that you haven't
deserted me just because I'm pregnant with another
man's baby. They look upon you as an honorable man.
You're a hero, just like I said you'd be. If anything,
they're gossiping about me in a negative manner, not

The other embarrassing part of the wedding was in
the public statements of affection and commitment we
made to each other. I didn't want to say anything,
since I was basically a coerced partner. However,
mother and Aunt Jasmine wouldn't hear of that.

I complained about the words virgin or virginity
being used in the original statement that was written
for me.

"James, tell you what, if we don't use virgin or
virginity, will that make you happy and stop your
complaining?" Aunt Jasmine asked.

I replied in the affirmative, confident I'd won a
minor concession in getting back some of the manly
respect due me. After all, a man doesn't go around
shouting he's a virgin and hasn't had intercourse
before, especially at his wedding.

I promised them that I'd stop complaining and
memorize the new statement since they removed any
reference to the word virgin.

I don't know why I can't ever win especially when
going up against mother or Aunt Jasmine, or Judy for
that matter. The rewritten statement was per our
agreement, but it still embarrassed me. However,
they'd already had my promise and they held me to it.
Again, I felt so used and abused. I just wished I'd
read their statement before promising to read it sight

The other thing was that I had to memorize and
recite the statement from memory. They made me
practice and recite it endless times prior to the
wedding. The statement was a disgrace coming from a
man, but it was what they wanted and, unfortunately,
what I'd committed to say. Judy and her family
thought the words were delightful. It read:

`To my beautiful Judy, the love of my life, I pledge
my heart to thee and only thee. I'm very proud to be
bonded to you, even though inexperienced in coital
matters, I offer myself, and my love, to you, and ask
that you accept me as yours forever.'

I heard Judy's public statement for the first
time at the altar. It read as follows:

`James, you are the true love of my life. I accept
you as mine in your state of virginal innocence and
will ensure in whatever manner I need to, that your
love remains mine, and mine alone. I know that as we
bond our lives and start upon this journey of marriage
together, as well as start our family, we will be so

I went first with my statement, so I didn't hear
Judy's statement until after I'd recited mine. After
hearing her speak, I turned noticeably redder in the
face. Once again, I knew I'd been conspired against
by Judy and my folks. Hearing a few noticeable
murmurs and giggles from the audience didn't help
matters either.

I asked myself why did she have to mention the
two things that pained me so, that is, my virginity
and the matter of starting a family, when she knew she
was already pregnant by another man. I was an abused
spouse even before I left the altar.

I felt so put down by what was happening to me,
but could do absolutely nothing except suffer in

Judy wore a very bright and radiant smile through
out the ceremony. It brightened even more when the
female minister announced us `woman and husband'.
Another verbal slap in the face, I thought to myself
as we newlyweds kissed each other.

"You're mine now." She whispered as we broke the
salute. I didn't know what to think. I did truly
love Judy, as I've said numerous times, but I just
felt like I was a prisoner in the engagement and I
suspected the marriage would be even more of a prison.

It was wonderful to get away together by
ourselves. We went to Bermuda. It was such a
paradise of a setting. Judy and I really bonded on
this trip. It definitely reminded me why I really fell
in love with this incredibly beautiful woman.

The utmost thing on my mind was finally being
allowed to put it in my new bride. Making love to her
was indeed a dream come true. From having been so
intimately close to her, as she had been sexed by her
father, brothers, other male relatives, and most
recently with Rod, I knew I couldn't come close to
holding a candle to what they had done, to her pretty
pouting juicy pussy. However, I humbly did what I
could, and tried to make up the difference with my
tongue and lips. I was so happy to just have her all
to myself and for us to be by ourselves.

Even though the issue of Rod's baby was just
beneath the surface of all our `What we're going to do
when we get back home' conversations, we found so much
to mutually talk about other than that, as well as to
enjoy the sights on the beautiful island we were on.

After a few conversations directly dealing with
her lover's child, I approached the matter impartially
and rationally, even though the way the whole
situation was thrust on me was anything but that.

I assessed that what was done, was done. My new
wife was carrying another man's child and it was a
foregone conclusion that we were going to raise it. I
finally approached the matter as `let bygones be
bygones' and that we should look toward the future
with a clean slate.

I also knew I had to accept the reality that our
honeymoon would be over, in more ways than one, when
we reached home. I knew that the other men in her
life, would be a necessary and continuing part of our

A year after the wedding and the honeymoon, we
were in a stable marital pattern.

Our baby by Rod was a boy. Judy named him Rodney
James Jackson. I was a bit upset that she named him
after Rod, but I guess I shouldn't have been
surprised. However, the fact that she gave him my
Christian name as his middle name, and, and of course
my last name, did do something to my ego. I can't
explain why though.

Having not been around babies much, the little
fellow stole my heart. He had many of Judy's
features, but there was no doubt he strongly resembled

Judy's and my families were delighted that I
acted like the doting new father, even though both
families were praising that Rodney had the handsome
features of his mother and real father.

I tried to not let such comments get to me
emotionally. I had come to accept my lesser status in
our marriage and had come to be at peace with myself
about it. It's obvious that both families, and my
wife, prefer me to be cast in that light, otherwise
why would they all have so overtly conspired to
subjugate me?

My job at the college was going great and I
really liked what I did for a living. Judy only
worked part time since she wants to spend a lot of
time with our infant son, Rodney James. I also spent
quite a bit of quality time with him too, because I
was usually his baby sitter when my wife was out on
dates during the week, or away with her lovers on

My life, at this time, even though one of
subjugation and submission, to my wife, her family,
and of course my family, was somewhat in balance. I
guess a better word would be predictable.

I say predictable because I can count on some of
the previously mentioned folks making sexual demands
on me. I guess demands is a nicer word than outright
sexual abuse.

As you know from the earlier part of my story,
the Smiths had long been performing son-in-law sexual
abuse of me. It started soon after I discovered the
practice of incest in their family.

Of Judy's folks, it's primarily her Dad and mom
who uses me as a sex toy whenever it's convenient for
them to do so.

Mother Smith is quite demanding about me sucking
her creamy hairpie at least once a week, with twice a
week being the norm. Sometimes, she wants me to do so
even more frequently than that.

Whenever I'm over at Judy's house to do mother
Smith's bidding, it's at these times I never know when
I'll be called on to suck a big stiff dick or two or
three or more. If Mr. Smith is there, it's almost a
certainty, he'll want to soak his big slab of prick
meat between my lips just because I'm there. If other
relatives are there and they need, or want some head,
it's a sure bet I'll be forced to oblige them.

One particular Smith family ritual I hate is
Monday night football. It all started out as Judy's
idea for me and her Dad to find some common ground to
improve our relationship. From my perspective, the
only way that was going to happen was if he stopped
forcing me to be his forced cocksucker. I told her

"Please James, you should try to be positive and
flexible here and not dwell on your trivial peeves."
My wife said after I expressed myself.

She continued to talk as I glared back at her. I
was speechless at the her categorization of my
complaint being a "trivial peeve".

"Look, darling. I know Dad is a bit forceful at
times, but I think it would be good if you made the
first step in trying to improve the relationship
between you two. After all, you're the one always
complaining to me about the situation between you

"The reason I do Judy is that y-you and your
mother don't seem to help me out when I ask y'all to
deter him from making me do those things. I-I know
his abuse won't stop unless y'all help me out."

"First of all darling, Dad and the other men are
not abusing you. You're just fulfilling a need for
them. That's not abuse. You're use to the taste of
jism and they need somewhere to put all the excess
jism they have to give. That's all there is to it,
no more, no less."

Finding it useless to convey my point, I went
along with my wife's idea of viewing Monday night
football with my Father-in-law.

To my surprise, for the first half of the game,
he was rather civil and concentrated on the game. He
was very verbal about the plays and the players. I
was not a sports fan, so I just listened and pretended
not to be bored, which I was.

Things were going fine with he and I spending
some traditional quality time together. The problem
started at half time. It was then, he appeared to
become a bit yancy. He was on his third beer by now
and that's when I noticed that he started rubbing his
crotch in a more noticeable fashion.

As the third quarter began, it was then that he
reached out with his big hand and powerful arm and
grabbed me.

"C'mon Jamie, I need you to intercept my dick
with your lips." He said so after pulling my face to
his crotch. The swollen bulge, which was not there a
few moments ago, was clearly evident as he forced my
face to his crotch.

"Mr. S-Smith! P-Please not tonight. Can't we
just w-watch the game and n-not do..."

"Damn it Jamie, don't be fucking difficult! Get
on your fucking knees and wrap your lips around my
dick. It's hard and needs some attention. Now do as
I say. I don't want to miss any of the game cause of
you. You want me to tell Judy you weren't cooperative
with me? Maybe I'll suggest to her she needs to take
you to the woodshed and whip your ass." He chuckled
after he spoke. I knew that Judy just might take his
advice seriously.

Again, sensing that capitulation was the only way
out of another odd situation I found my self in, I
moved to my knees between his legs and helped him
slide his trousers down. His exposed crotch and huge,
but familiar and very erect penis loomed before my

Moments later, he guided his swollen dick head to
my lips and I did as he wanted. I had successfully
intercepted his cock. He warned me he just wanted to
suck on him slowly, as he moaned that he just wanted
to `wet and soak his dick'.

He kept me on my knees with my mouth wrapped
firmly around his big tool for the remainder of the
game. He only let me up for air once. That was when
he went to get another beer, and I believe a potty

When he returned, his large member was semi-hard
as it swung to and fro as he walked. You see, he had
taken off his pants and was wearing only a shirt, T-
shirt and socks.

After he sat down, he pulled me back to his
pinkish dick head after opening the fresh beer and
taking a swig.

"That's it. Just a slow suck is the way I want
you to do it." He moaned as he felt the return of my
mouth and the resulting wet warm-ness upon his dick

Not to belabor my point, but Judy's Dad used me
as a cum dump that night and insisted upon my presence
at Monday night football there after. When I sought
to decline to be present the following Monday night,
Judy openly threatened me with a whipping for being
uncooperative, anti-social and against her parents.
Again, fearing corporal punishment and pain, I quickly
surrendered to her desire and her Dad's demands. I've
been his Monday night football dick warmer ever since.


Jeffrey, Judd and Joe, were also to become a
part of the sexual abuse imposed on me.

The three got involved in the act of sexually
mistreating me about four to five months after Judy
and I returned from our honeymoon. Since Judy was not
as sexually available as she was before coming
pregnant by Rod, especially in the seventh through
ninth months, the three of them turned to me to be
their depository of the many loads of sperm that
normally would be deposited into my wife.

"Darling, the three guys want you to do for them,
the same thing you do for Daddy sometimes, since I
won't be able to take care of them on a full time
basis. You know, until after the baby is born." Judy
said to me one day, out of the blue.

"What! Now surely they don't expect me to become
their cocksucker too. Your family keeps me busy, and
full too, I might add, taking care of their..."

"Before you get in a tizzy, darling, it was Daddy
that suggested it to them and me the other day. He
said that since you're my husband, they should expect
you to be of some use to them while I'm out of
commission." Judy replied cutting me off.

"Y-You m-mean your father told them that?" I
stammered in surprise at her revelation.

"Yes he did. He let them know that you should be
responsible for draining off the build up of sperm on
their balls." Judy said in a matter-of-fact manner.

"It's bad enough he uses me as the Smith family
cocksucker and pussy licker, how can he just offer me
up to them too?"

"You know how big hearted Daddy is."

"B-But Judy, w-why can't they just jerk off like
I-I have to do when you're too tired to give me some,
cause you're out sexing them. I-I'm s-sorry. There
is no way that I-I'm going to do them. Please tell
you father that I can't do..."

"You'll have to tell him dear. I'm just passing
on a message. I can tell you right now, jacking off
is something that won't go over well with them. By
the way, I've heard masturbation is not necessarily
good for men with big cocks, like Jeffrey, Judd and
Joe. I've heard that they should ejaculate in as
close to a pussy like environment as possible. You
know, like a warm wet mouth engulfing their stiff

"W-What! I've never heard of anything so
ridiculous. What about us men who aren't so well

"I've heard it poses no potential dangers to
little prick guys. In other words, it's okay for
y'all to beat your meat when you need to." Judy
replied. She then added, "James Maybe I should have
the guys come over, and the four of you work this out.
Then they can go back, or you can go to Daddy and tell
him your decision."

"N-No! Judy, Please don't. The last thing I need
is to be surrounded by three hard up guys with stiff
cocks. They could easily overpower me and I-I could
end up being mouth raped or worse." I replied with a
genuine tone of terror in my voice.

"James, don't you think you're over reacting
about this whole thing?" Judy said in a softer tone.

"O-Over reacting? Of course not! I-I don't
won't to be their cock..."

"Why not darling, I suck their cocks for them.
Why can't you too, for me, while I'm having this baby
for us?"

"W-What? A-Are you now saying you a-agree with
your father?"

"What I'm saying darling, you've sucked dicks to
completion for my folks many times. You've also
suckled on Rod's cock several times, not all the way
though, but what's wrong with giving head to Jeffrey,
Judd and Joe since my cunt won't be available to them
for a while?"

"W-Well, uh, Judy, it-it's the principle of the
matter. T-That's why. I-I shouldn't have to suck
anybody's cock, period. B-But y-your father and
mother have that video o-of me a-and..."

"You really don't have a good reason, do you
James? You're just bringing up excuses, especially
about my mom and Dad, aren't you Mr. college
professor? It's your ego isn't it?" Judy's tone of
voice was now becoming belligerent.

I knew that this discussion could end up turning
ugly and in the end be detrimental to me. It was
obvious that now Judy was interested in me sucking the
dicks of her lovers. In fact I began to wander if
this wasn't her idea all along for me to be their
surrogate mouth cunt. I decided to try and present a
strong argument based on decency and fairness.

"J-Judy, Y-You're starting to get angry with me
now. Why? W-What have I done wrong? Isn't it fair for
me to resist doing something s-so perverted? And now
I'm being asked to do it for men that are also still
in competition with me? N-No Judy, it's not my ego
and I'm not making excuses."

"Yes, darling, I am starting to get angry because
I see you as trying to be obstinate. I was hoping you
saw Jeffrey, Judd, and Joe as sort of, well, as
husbands-in-laws, rather than competition. Really,
there is no competition. I'm yours and you're mine.
Okay? Secondly, perversion is in the eye of the
beholder. Neither of the guys would think of your
mouth on their throbbing dicks as perverted. You'd
simply be stepping in for me. Since I'd be out of
service for a while, you'd be filling in for me by
letting them shoot a little of their jism down your
throat. That's all. Is that too much to ask of my
loving caring devoted husband? Or do I have to see if
I can get Daddy to change your mind?"

I sat silent for a moment. She knew I didn't
want to confront her father in any manner. I was
basically scared of him and Judy knew that. I knew it
might be hopeless, but, I still didn't want to give in
and willingly become a cocksucker for Jeffrey, Judd
and Joe.

It was at that moment that mother and Aunt
Jasmine dropped in for a surprise visit. In a way I
was relieved, because I assumed their visit would give
me an opportunity to formulate a possible way out of
this latest turmoil before me. Little did I know at
the time that their visit would do just the opposite.

After greeting them and making a pot of coffee,
we sat around the table talking. Us drinking coffee
and Judy a big glass of juice. She was off coffee
while being pregnant.

As we just chit chatted about a little bit of
everything, mother just happened to ask how things
were going with us. Judy and I replied almost
simultaneously. I answered "Great!" Judy answered
"We're having a bit of a problem."

To my unbelieving ears, Judy laid out everything
about Jeffrey, Judd and Joe, right before mother and
Aunt Jasmine. I was stupefied. I almost couldn't
talk. I couldn't believe she was doing this.

"So, James, you're saying you're too good to suck
their dicks, even though Judy does, and even though
you've sucked Judy's Dad's dick, her brother's and
that of several of her uncles and cousins?"

Mother's words caused me to be speechless. I
could only look at her.

"It also seems that Judy's Dad thinks enough of
you to be Jeffrey, Judd and Joe's dicksucker, why are
you fighting it?" Aunt Jasmine added in a perturbed

"It-It's the principle of t-the m-matter. Y-You
see..." I tried replying but was cut off.

"What I see is that you're being silly about
technicalities, and worse, creating a worrisome
situation that adds negatively to Judy's mental state.
You should be trying to create an atmosphere of calm
and tranquillity for her. After all, she is carrying
the first born of your marriage and my first grand
nephew or niece. You're not trying to get revenge for
Rod being the real father, are you? You swore that
was not going to be a factor in you being a good
husband and daddy." Aunt Jasmine interrupted in an
angry tone. I knew this situation was on a downward
slide for me now. I was on the defensive.

"O-OH no! Nothing of the sort. I-I..." I tried
again to reply. Again, I was cut off.

"James my son, the best way for you to redeem
yourself is to contact Jeffrey, Judd and Joe. Then
let them know that you're ready to suck them off
whenever they need you to, and as often as they need
you to. You should not have your pregnant wife
worried about her lovers having blue balls or finding
stray pussy, when you're available and have the
experience to keep their balls from becoming bloated.
Understand me young man!"

Mother's tone of voice, body language and use of
the term `Young man', meant I'd better do as she says
or face the pain that was sure to follow. She and
Aunt Jasmine looked as if they were ready to pounce on
me at the slightest provocation. I knew if they got
on my bottom in the mood they were in now, I probably
wouldn't be able to walk for 4 or 5 days. I
capitulated and took the path of least pain.

To add to my embarrassment, while the three of
them were sitting and looking at me, I had to call
each of my wife's lovers. To my utter degradation and
chagrin, each of the three men were home and answered.

I was hoping to have reached their answering
machines. In front of my grinning wife and stern
faced mother and aunt, I had to offer myself to the
three men. It was very difficult for me telling the
men I was available to be their mouth whore on demand,
while the three women in my life who I cared the most
about, were watching and listening.

"Darling, don't forget to mention that you'll
suck them all to completion, swallow all they spurt,
and milk them afterwards for as long as they want."
Judy interjected as I was talking to Jeffery, who I
reached first. To my despair, she made it very clear
that I was to use her exact words.

On the subsequent calls to Joe and Judd, Judy
made it a point to remind me twice to tell them
exactly the same thing I had told Jeffery.

"Remember darling, don't forget to say you'll
suck, swallow and milk." Judy whispered out loud to me
each time, while I was on the phone with Judd and Joe.
Her actions made all three phone calls even more of a
horrific, as well an abject debasing experience.

As I hung up the phone after the last call, I was
a nervous sweaty wreck. Before they left, mother and
Aunt Jasmine congratulated my wife on doing the right
thing in telling them about our `bit of a problem'.
They congratulated me also for making amends by
agreeing to become a `dicksucker'- Aunt Jasmine's
words - for Judy's lovers.

The two also reminded me that it could've been
much worse for me if I had to give up some ass, to the
three, as well as head.

I shuddered at their words after thinking about
my rear being rammed with giant fuck tools the size
and length my wife's three lovers possessed.

Judy consoled me after they'd left and let me
know that she was proud of what I'd done.

"Darling, I love you even more, for what you did
so courageously tonight. Don't be so sad. You know I
don't think any less of you because you'll be sucking
dicks for my folks as well as my lovers. You simply
must not look at such little things, as this, that may
be asked of you, as being humiliating. If anything,
the more little things you do for the good of this
marriage, the more I think of you sweetie. No matter
what you may think, there is no competition. I love
you much more than any of the other guys. You're my
one true love. You're my soulmate and helpmate."
Judy cooed to me in a soft sensuous tone as she held
me tightly to her swollen tummy, which held the
kicking baby put there by another man.

It was sometime after our son Rodney James
reached 18 months of age, when I came home from work
to find Judy and Jeffrey, Judd and Joe seated around
our kitchen table drinking coffee.

I was quickly intimidated by their presence.

Judy was holding our infant son, Rodney James.

The other reason I had to be intimidated was
because of the fact that I was still a `dicksucker' -
using my Aunt Jasmine's term - for the three men.

If the reader recalls, I had been involuntarily
inducted to perform in that role while Judy was
pregnant with our son. However, my wife's three studs
still demanded I suck their dicks even after my wife's
pussy was back in operation as their sexual
recreational playground. I complained to my wife
about their continuing demands on my mouth, but she
didn't see any reason for me to be upset or concerned.
I remembered her words on the matter.

"James honey, I think it's good that they still
want you to suck for them. Besides, don't you think
it helps maintain a certain bond and camaraderie
between you and them and me?" Judy replied in a very
matter-of-fact tone and caviler manner as she brushed
her hair. I remembered she and I having had more
serious discussions about the weather, than this
particular subject.

Her attitude clearly sent a message to me. She
wanted me to still to be her lovers' dicksucker. I
knew if she wouldn't intervene on my behalf, it was
hopeless for me, to unilaterally stop them from using
me as a sucking semen receptacle. I never answered her
question. I simply shook my head and walked away,
knowing that it was futile in trying to deny them
without her support.

"Hi Honey." Judy greeted me as I made my way
toward the table where everyone was sitting. The guys
chimed in with their own individual welcomes.

"Darling, the guys wanted to have a serious talk
with us." Judy said as I nervously sat down next to
her. Our young son eagerly sought out me to hold him.

I was glad to have him squirming in my arms. It
helped to lessen the tension and emotional strain I
felt from facing the three men, whose enormous fuck
tools had been pushed between my lips many times.
Each had busted their nuts in my mouth many times over
the last 20 months.

In fact, Joe had creamed down my throat just last
weekend. He had a raging hard-on when he came by.
However, Judy and the baby were over at her parent's
house. I tried to have him wait until her return, but
he wouldn't hear of it. He demanded that I mouth his
heated, hard black meat immediately. He left two
boiling loads of his semen in me when he departed.

"I made this a bit stronger than usual. You'll
appreciate it after the guys tell you what they want."
My wife said as she handed me my after work highball,
and took our baby son back in her arms.

I sipped my drink and noticed its extra strength.
As I did so, I wondered what in the world these guys
wanted that they didn't already have.

"James, you've been such a good husband to Judy
and an excellent daddy to Rodney James. You've
exceeded all of our expectations as to you being a
decent and caring daddy to Rod's kid. Therefore, we'd
like to make you a daddy three more times." Spoke

"W-What! What are you talking about!" I

To summarize, the three went on to let me know
they'd be proud to have me be the daddy of their kids.
They each basically expressed that since I'd married
the girl they each wanted, and since she was mine and
not theirs, that it was only fair that she have their
kids, since she couldn't be a wife to each of them now
or bear them kids as their legal wife.

It had been a busy day for me at the college, and
the double talk rationale I was hearing gave me a

"That's a bunch of crap and y'all know it." I
said rather boldly and loudly. I was so glad that our
18-month-old didn't understand what I was saying.

"It may be, but if you don't go along with our
program, we're going to release all the video tapes we
secretly shot of you sucking us off over the last few
months." Jeffrey replied back with a smirk of a grin.

I was startled and sat in silence. I was once
again being blackmailed for something I'd been forced
to do in the first place. I turned red with
embarrassment. I turned to my wife for comfort or
support at my obvious predicament. All I saw was that
famous Mona Lisa type smile on Judy's face. It was
certain that she delighted in me being cooled down -
so to speak - once again after attempting to be

To prove their point, the three left a copy of
the secret video. It was very incriminating proof of
me performing Fellatio on them. They were very
skillful in their video taping to be sure their own
faces didn't show. It appeared I was going to be
extorted me into agreeing to further cuckoldry in the
worse way.

"Darling, I know it's a dirty deed the guys are
pulling on you... well both of us. But I'm willing to
do what I have to do to protect our family and
marriage." Judy let me know that she wasn't opposed to
having the babies of her three lovers, even Joe's
black baby, but she did want my blessings. She said
with an odd smile.

I of course wanted to know how serious they were
about exposing me.

"They seemed rather serious about doing this
darling. I think they really want me to have their
kids for us. They seem to think they can't lose. If
they expose you, that is if you don't do as they
desire, you'll be ruined and have to leave town.
They're counting on me staying and being available to
them, cause you won't be able to get a job anywhere
else. They seem to have thought of everything." My
wife said.

I was suspicious of my wife's complicity in this
matter. However, I knew fate was against me, whether
my wife had helped conspire against me or not.

To make a long story short, over the next few
years, our family grew by three additions.

A daughter by Judd, whom Judy named Judsonea. A
son by Jeffrey, who was named Jefferson. A daughter
by Joe, who was named Josephine. Along with many of
my wife's genetic attributes, each of the three
children had a very strong facial resemblance to each
of their respective real fathers.

At each of the planned mating sessions, between
my wife and each of the guys, leading up to her
insemination by each, it was required that I be in
that same up close position as when Rod impregnated
her with our first born.

At the first mating party, which I violently
opposed, but had no choice other than to attend, my
wife let the three guys gang bang her to their heart's
content. It was her idea that she would have a
contest to see who could knock her up first.

She was thrilled at so much heavy sexing. In my
position, on the other hand, I almost drowned in the
continuous stream of fuck juices that rained and
drizzled and poured down on poor me. The three horny
studs, all with full bloated balls, eagerly mounted
and unleashed torrent after forceful torrent of hot
viscous semen into my gorgeous wife's hungry hot wet

They were full, and the amount of their spent
fuck slime that ran back out of her very receptive
gash and onto my face and right into my mouth was
abundant. I'm sure I ate over a pint of spent semen
and pussy juice at each fuck session of my wife and
her three lovers.

I spent so much time between my wife and her
lover's coupled genitals, that I became very
intimately familiar with many things about my wife's
three lover's sizable penises and balls.

My wife's lover Joe, had the overall biggest cock
and balls. The longest cock belongs to Jeffery.

Jeffery and Judd didn't seem to mind their balls
flopping and sliding across my upturned face. Joe, on
the other hand, had me holding his big black balls as
he fucked my wife. He also had the audacity to have
me lick and mouth his hairy velvet nut sac every time
he shot his hot jism deep in my wife's juicy twat.

Despite the outrageousness of what he imposed on
me, I have to admit there was something strangely
erotic about the contrast of Joe's blackness against
my wife's unblemished white flesh, as the two of them
coupled as one and became a pure fucking machine right
over my nose.

Usually after the three man gang bang was over
and the departure of her three studs, Judy and I were
left alone to ourselves. It was doing these times
that she took care of my need for sex.

Generally, she'd kiss me passionately as she
pulled and stroked my rigid peter until I blew my pent
up load. A much less smaller load than that of any of
her three studs.

Even though legally her husband, she and her
three studs had decided that I was not to put my cock
in her warm juicy snatch until she was declared
pregnant by one of them. This would be the case for
each of the three pregnancies caused by her three

Judy was very passionate and affectionate when we
together after her gang bangs. She was used and
smelled of heavy sex and other men's fuck fluids, as
we embraced and kissed.

I hated having her in this fashion, but she
wouldn't have it any other way. Her breath reeked of
having sucked her three stud's dicks for a prolonged
period. She was and still is very fond of me licking
her magnificent boobs and sucking her tits at such
times. However, I might add that at such times, there
are generally many splotches of splattered jism on her
breast. So I had to contend with that also as I
enjoyed her natural beauty during these tender loving
moments with her.

I have to admit though, her affections toward me
during these loving moments appeared to be very
genuine, even if a bit degrading to me. I gave up
trying to figure her out, but instead concentrated on
being with and enjoying my wife as best as I was
allowed to, both by her and her three lovers.

My wife was tested pregnant one month later after
her first set of insemination contest orgies with the
three. It was not known who the father would be until
the baby was born.

Even after being announced with child, Judy
continued to let her three lovers pull a train on her
each weekend until her doctor prevented her from all
sexual activity until delivery. Well actually, not
all sexual acts. She was still allowed the pleasure
of my tongue on her pussy and even had her OBGYN write
out a prescription that I should continue to lick and
orally caress my wife's pussy for her sexual comfort
and pleasure up until the time of delivery.

As I read the doctor's note, I thought to myself
that this was the first time I'd ever heard of a
prescription for pussy licking. I immediately
suspected my wife's doctor as part of a vast
conspiracy against me. Never the less, I lapped her
pussy just as the doctor prescribed. I'd come to the
conclusion that it was almost useless to fight the
forces against me.

A few months later, our daughter, Judsonea was
born. Judd was beside himself with pride that he had
beat out his other two cohorts in knocking my wife up

A year after Judd's baby was born, another mating
contest was held between Jeffery and Joe. Jeffery won
the contest. Our son Jefferson was born.

A year after Jeffery's baby was born, Joe got his
wish and our daughter Josephine was born.

Position Incident

When Judy first proposed that I should assume the
same disgraceful position for her insemination by
Jeffery, Judd, and Joe, as when Rod and she mated to
produce our son Rodney James, I became livid and
vehemently opposed her idea.

She'd told me that she thought it would be
`sweet' of me to assume what she called my `mating
view position'. However, in the end, my protest only
resulted in a bruised ass for me. Judy decided I
needed another severe treatment from Mr. Fanbelt, that
is, for my recurring attack of being uncooperative.

I refer to that episode in the early part of our
marriage as the "Surprise Visit". What follows is how
it all happened.
############TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 6 ########

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