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CDE 34 6 Family Bonding P6



Copyright c August 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, MF, Inter, MM, FemDom, Incest, Mdom, )


Title: family Bonding Part 6
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: James, naive and virginal, is engaged to
Judy, the daughter of the apparently loving, caring,
sharing, closely knit Smith family. James begins
bonding with his new in-laws during their engagement,
and after he eventually marries into the Smith family,
he discovers that outward appearances of the Smith
Family's image proves deceptive.

Judy Smith-Fiancee/Wife
Judy's mother - mother Smith
James Jackson-Fiance/Husband
James's mother -Mother Jackson
James's Aunt- Aunt Jasmine

I at first thought my wife wasn't serious about
me actually assuming the `mating view position'.
However later, after seeing that she was dead serious,
I tried to recant my violent objections to doing as
she had requested of me. You see I was most fearful
of getting another whipping from her if she could
claim I was not being cooperative with her. However,
she wouldn't accept my apology. She instead deemed
that I was to be whipped for my own good. I pleaded
and pleaded for her forgiveness as I followed her
around the house like a puppy. She finally told me
she would consider my apology and would let me know
later that evening after returning from shopping.

I was on pins and needles for over three hours,
awaiting her return, as well as her decision.

Sometime before she returned, mother and Aunt
Jasmine dropped by unexpectedly for a visit.

Within 20 minutes of their surprised arrival, Joe
dropped by unexpectedly. I don't know why I say
unexpectedly, since he and Judd and Jeffery come by
almost anytime they want to. They might as well have
their own house keys.

A few minutes later, Judd and Jeffery showed up
also. I didn't think anything about this. In a way,
I was almost glad, as I was sure that Judy would more
than likely be too tied up entertaining them and have
less time to be concerned about punishing me for
something I'd already apologized for, as well had
agreed to do, even if it was an abject disgrace to do

It was about ten minutes after Judd and Jeffery
arrived that Judy's mom and Dad arrived. Their
presence really took me by surprise.

"Howdy Jamie!" Mr. Smith roared.

"Hello James, how my favorite son-in-law?"
Judy's mom asked.

"H-Hello Mr. Smith, mother Smith, uh, I-I'm doing
fine thank you." I replied. The surprise of seeing
them was evident in the tone of my voice.

I invited them in. They knew everyone. I got
them drinks.

The Smiths do occasionally visit, but I've always
noticed that neither of them have ever made me perform
sexual acts for them at our house. With this
knowledge of the past, I felt better that nothing of
consequence would happen tonight other than an
impromptu gathering of both Judy's and my family as
well as her three lovers.

I easily mingled with everyone and served drinks.
I was careful to avoid my father-in-law in the event
he had plans that might include my mouth meeting up
with his dick.

Mother, Aunt Jasmine, and mother Smith carried on
some spirited conversations with the guys about
sports. Mr. Smith, as usual, was glued to a nearby tv

As They talked, I served drinks all around. My
Aunt and mom have always treated the guys in a
congenial manner, and have even referred to them as if
they were like big brothers to me. I could never
figure that one out. However, I knew that she and my
Aunt had no qualms about saying that the three were
manlier than I was. mother Smith had a similar
assessment and has routinely likened the three as her
pretend son-in-laws. A label, while fairly close to
the truth, irked me nevertheless.

Mother and mother Smith watched Rodney, while I
played host.

Later, Judy finally arrived. After greeting
everyone and carrying on some small talk, she
whispered something to Aunt Jasmine as I was walking
out to the kitchen for more drinks.

When I returned, Aunt Jasmine and our young son
Rodney had left the room and there was a silence in
the room as I walked in.

"James, put the tray of drinks down." Judy said
to me. Even though caught off guard by her imperious
request, I nevertheless did so.

I didn't think anything of her request at the
moment, but a split second later, I had good reason to

"James, darling, for your own good, I've decided
to punish you for not eagerly embracing my request to
assume the `mating view position' we discussed. Yes,
everyone here knows about this." Judy's words shocked
me. I was speechless and horrified. Terror filled me
as I listened to my wife continue.

"We all will be going to the basement in a few
minutes for your punishment. All here will witness me
punishing you. But first, I want to say that I am
doing this for your own good so as to help you see the
error of your obstinacy and the positive value of
cooperation in this marriage. Severely treating this
latest bout of mannishness you've experienced, can
only be for the benefit of your behavioral disposition
and the good of our marriage. It is time to go to the
basement darling. I want you to know that this will
hurt me more emotionally, than what you will feel
physically, but I would be remiss if I didn't give you
what you needed." Judy made her long statement in a
sort of judicial tone of voice.

I heard comments such as "Well said!"; "You're a
good wife Judy."; "That's my girl."; "It's good
you're doing what needs to be done." I was too
stunned at what was going on around me to remember who
said what. All I knew was that I had been blind sided
and was about to get a severe whipping in front of her
three lovers, her folks, as well as my own Mother.

I snapped out of my stunned state as the group
started to rise from their seats. I quickly fell to
my knees before my wife, who was standing with her
hands on her hips and looking very imperious and

"P-Please Judy! I-I beg you dear. P-Please
don't whip me. I-I've agreed to do what you want. I-
I won't object any more. I'll always cooperate with
you. P-Please dear... Please forgive me. I-I I didn't
mean to make you angry. P-Please darling, let me off
just this once." I pleaded with tears in my eyes.

My wife simply shook her head once, side to side.
It was very clear that she was resolute about her

I was still on my knees when I was literally
picked up by each arm. Joe was on one side and Judd
on the other. The two literally carried me down the
basement stairs. I pleaded and cried all the way down
and also while I was being strapped to the table.

I didn't resist or struggle as the two men
strapped me down. I knew that would only add to my
plight. I had learned that lesson well from my mother
and Aunt when they'd put me on this same table so many
times. They always gave me extra lashes for resisting
their efforts to secure me.

To make a long story short, the group gathered
around as my wife lashed my naked ass cheeks with Mr.
Fanbelt. Tape was put over my mouth to keep me from
irritating the baby with my screams.

I wiggled and struggled against my bonds. It was
of course to no avail, as the painful strikes rained
down hard on me.

I could hear mother giving Judy many compliments
as she wielded the instrument of pain. mother Smith
also joined in the praise of her daughter's corporal
punishment efforts.

Later I heard mother Smith excuse herself so that
she could relieve my Aunt, who was baby-sitting, so
that my Aunt Jasmine could come down and `see the
splendid job that you're doing for James' - her words
to Judy as she left the room. Moments later, I heard
Aunt Jasmine echoing many of Mother's complimentary
comments after her arrival on the scene.

I only heard occasional chuckles from Judy's
three lovers. Mr. Smith's rancorous laughter was very
evident above that of the others. All I could do was
sob greatly but quietly. All my screams of pain were
muted by the tape over my mouth.

After my whipping, including a very painful
ointment rub by Aunt Jasmine, I was lead back upstairs
and ordered to wash dishes and clean up the kitchen.
Still sobbing and whimpering, I had to don an ornate
pink pinafore my wife handed me and I meekly went
about the chores I'd been ordered to do. Everyone was
still watching my utter humiliation and emasculation
with warm smiles on their faces. The whole scene was
so disconcerting. I definitely wasn't enjoying

While I washed dishes, I sobbed and whimpered
over the sink of soapy warm water and dirty plates and
pots. The others were in the family room and I was
alone to do my chores.

I was alone at last and glad to be so. My ass
still had lingering aches from the lashings I'd taken.
It was very clear to me now that Judy had established
herself firmly as the head of our household and
marriage. I also knew that my role as an enslaved
husband was resoundingly confirmed.

I lamented and took my frustration out on the
dirty dishes before me. It was the safest way I could
think of, as I scrubbed and scoured the burnt residue
in a pot I was trying to clean. Between the rubbing
noise of me scoring the burnt pot and the running
water, I didn't hear Mr. Smith enter the kitchen.

"Jamie, you look right at home doing woman's
work, and I might say that fancy apron is right pretty

My heart skipped a beat as he loomed over me
before I knew he was upon me. He was at least a full
head taller than I was and much, much more brawny and

Caught off guard by his interest, I was
speechless as my face turned red, mostly from terror
and fright.

"Jamie, I'm gonna have to interrupt your dish
washing fun. My dick has a hankering to be sucked and
it would like you to do the honor of doing it."

"H-Here? M-Mr. Smith, p-please not here in o-our
house. Y-You know with the b-baby here. T-They might
b-bring it in h-here at any..." I stammered before he
cut me off.

"Naw, my wife and the others ain't gonna let that
happened. I told `em what you and I gonna be doing."

"Y-You t-told... T-They all..."

"Yeah. They all know you gonna be sucking my
dick for me as you kneel right here at this sink. In
your pretty pink apron too, I might add. Now dry your
hands, drop to your knees and take out my dick so you
can do some woman's work on it." Mr. Smith's tone of
voice implied he was serious.

I looked up at him. I saw the familiar hand form
a fist, which I was so familiar with. Even though
he'd never hit me, it always cowed me. It seemed my
knees gave way involuntarily as I was contemplating
the hurt his fist would cause me. A few seconds later
I found myself on my knees and unbuckling the belt to
his pants.

I was so intimidated that my hands were shaking
as I drew the fly zipper of his trousers down and
gently tugged at them. They quickly fell to his
ankles. The imprint of his large penis was very
evident in his jockey shorts. As I slipped my fingers
in the elastic band and pulled them down to free his
organ, it rolled out free and seemed to start to swell
instantly. The pee slit of his enormous cock flipped
across my face and left a smear of pre-cum as it slid
over my lips.

"You know what to do with it, so don't play
around." Mr. Smith roared.

Moments later after grasping his swelling dick
meat and fondling it in the manner he desired, I soon
had my mouth filled with his heated stiff erection.

Mr. Smith caressed the back of my head as I did
what he liked me to do for him. I hoped that none of
our other guests would walk in on me at that moment.
Neither mother nor Aunt Jasmine had ever seen me
sucking a dick. I didn't want this to be the first
time either. I put my best into mouthing him as well
as kneading his big balls, hoping to get him off as
soon as possible.

My worse fear was realized in the worse way. In
walked Aunt Jasmine as she led Joe by the hand.

"My, my. You two certainly look busy, especially
you James dear. You look so cute with your lips
stretched around a nice big dick. But that's all
right, you don't have to say a thing. Besides, you
shouldn't try to talk with your mouth full." My Aunt
said gleefully as she concluded her comment with a
chuckle. Joe joined her with a slightly louder laugh.

However, they didn't pay much attention to me.
They soon embraced and gave each other a very
passionate French kiss. I could only see them out of
the corner of my eye, but it looked like they were two
wrapped up in each other to concern themselves with my

As I knelt there trying to hurry Judy's Dad to
empty his cream in my sucking mouth, I was forced to
endure watching Joe fucking Aunt Jasmine on the edge
of the kitchen table. The contrast of Joe's large
black member sliding in and out of my Aunt's stretched
white cunt was quite a scene.

Joe had helped Aunt Jasmine take off her panties
and hiked up her skirt as she parted her legs and took
his enormous stiff penis in her obviously wet well-
juiced gash. She wrapped her legs around Joe's waist
as he held her ass cheeks and gave her a royal
fucking. To my utter surprise Joe came in my Aunt the
same time Mr. Smith emptied his bloated balls down my

"That was mighty fine bonding Jamie." Mr. Smith
said as he put away his softened dick and zipped up.

I could only look up at him in disgust, as I got
up off my knees and got a drink to wash away the taste
of his heavy slime, which coated my mouth's interior.

The sad thing about all the cum I'd eaten from my
father-in-laws balls is that I'd gotten use to the
taste of his and the other fellows' fresh hot cock
cream. I hated I'd become acclimated to the taste of
hard dick meat and fresh hot semen. The creamy taste
had become quite palatable, but I knew I couldn't
admit that to anyone. I even tried to hide it from
myself. I've also repeatedly tried to deny to myself
that I took more delight than I desired to admitting
in slurping, sucking and eating up my wife's gooey
messy creampies, made up of her pussy juices and other
men's bountiful outpouring of semen.

However, I knew I had to portray that I detested
such perverted, un-masculine behavior as I'd been
subjected to. After all, I did have some vestiges of
manliness to protect, no matter that others around me
were constantly attacking and defeating me at every
attempt I tried to exhibit it.

Just as I washed away the film of Judy's Dad's
heavy jism that coated my gums, Aunt Jasmine spoke.

"James, you surely aren't going to neglect Joe
and I are you? C'mon over here and bond with us too."
She said in a mellow tone of voice.

It took me a moment to realize what she was
talking about. As she pointed to Joe's languished wet
black meat and her jism smeared pussy meat, it became
all too obvious what was desired of me.

I knew it was useless to raise any sort of
objection. I sheepishly went over and knelt before
them. I was directed to lap Joe's mighty meat clean
first. After mouthing and cleaning him up, all under
the watchful beaming face of my aunt, I settled down
to slurping her soggy drippy snatch clean. Joe left
us as she ended up wrapping her legs around my neck.
She got off again from my licking and lapping efforts.

"The Smiths are right, you do bond wonderfully,
James dear." Aunt Jasmine said after composing
herself as she left to rejoin the others in the family

Moments later, after washing the taste of Aunt
Jasmine and Joe from my mouth, mother and Judd came
into the kitchen. They were just as amorous and
screwed on the table just as Aunt Jasmine and Joe.

It was gut wrenching to watch a guy screw my mom,
especially since I'd sucked his dick so many times.
And just as before with Aunt Jasmine and Joe, I had to
do clean up bonding on those two also.

As with Aunt Jasmine, mother seemed to delight
in seeing my lips wrapped around Judd's giant tool as
I milked him thoroughly and cleaned the fuck slime
from his cock.

After sucking Judd's bountiful load of viscous
jism from Mother's pussy, she patted me on the head
and complimented me also for the great job I'd done in
cleaning her up as well as getting her off with my

This left me more depressed as I went back to my
chores. However, I was interrupted twice more. mother
Smith and Jeffery came into the kitchen next and
fucked. At the end of their mating, as with the
others, I was invited to bond again, as I knelt and
performed a clean up of their combined sexual

Just when I thought the worse was over, Judy and
her dad came in for a fuck. I couldn't believe her
father was so randy after the heavy load he'd shot off
between my lips, not that long ago. Well, to make a
long story short, they fucked in a wanton and abandon
manner right in my presence, almost as if I wasn't
even there.

Of course, as they came down from their sexual
high, they recognized my presence and invited me to
perform some good old fashion family bonding - Smith
Family style.

Judy had a beaming smile as she looked down on
me lapping and suckling on her dad's wet slimy dick.
After he left to rejoin the others in the family room,
she really seemed aroused. My wife pulled my head
tightly to her wet sloppy muff and gyrated her well-
fucked wet crotch all over my face. She had a rousing

"Darling, I love you so much. I'm so glad you're
back to being your old self. I know you might think
I'm being harsh on you, that is when I apply the
treatment you need to keep you being cooperative and
agreeable. However, as I said, I'd be remiss as your
loving wife if I didn't. Also remember, it's for the
good of our marriage too."

Judy embraced me warmly as she whispered her
expression of love in my ear. My wife's words, as in
previous times and in similar situations, were not
comforting. She gave the impression that I should be
thankful for `her treatment'. I said nothing but
relished the tender moment with her. I knew I was
trapped in a hopeless situation where cooperation
meant total obedience, not collaborative consensus
involving give and take negotiations.

Later, as everyone was leaving, I heard mother
and Aunt Jasmine expressing in a most sincere and
warmhearted manner, how delightful it was for Judy to
invite them over to observe that their wedding
presents - the whipping table and homemade whips -
were being utilized so well. I cringed at their
various compliments as I felt a continuous ache in

"Judy dear, Jasmine and I are so very delighted
at how well you're managing your household. We are
very contented knowing that our James has a loving
wife who cares so much for his welfare and is not
reluctant to exercise good judgment and take proper
disciplinary action when it's warranted." I heard
Mother say in a warm, glowing affectionate tone of
voice as she hugged her daughter-in-law goodnight.

Aunt Jasmine also expressed a similar sentiment.

"Judy, you indeed did the right thing tonight.
Our James must never be allowed to forget how
important cooperation and a husband's support to his
wife is in a marriage. After all, if you're making
the sacrifice of getting screwed, inseminated, and
then bearing a child, all basically to protect his
job, as well as the marriage. I agree that it's the
least he can do is to be by your side at the moment of
conception." Aunt Jasmine's tone, just like mother's,
was one of affection, endearment, and strong support.
I glanced around as she now warmly embraced my wife in
a goodbye hug. I could only stare at her for making,
what I considered, an outlandish statement.

"Anyway, Judy, we know it's wicked what the guys
are doing, but Jasmine and I think it's also sort of
cute too. Anyway, they are three such nice young men,
I don't mind them siring grand kids for me. Plus, I'm
sure you and them are sure to make some pretty
babies." mother said in a gleeful tone.

"I second that motion." Aunt Jasmine interjected
with a big smile. "Also, I told our James he should
look at the bright side. He's going to be getting
three beautiful kids and won't have to do a lick of
the real hard work of fucking."

"Well, mother Jackson and Aunt Jasmine, he may
not have to do any fucking, but he will be doing some
licking." My wife said smiling. All three instantly
broke out in un-lady like laughter.

I was outraged, but sadly, not surprised at the
cavalier jest and derision of me by the three dearest
women in my life. I knew the three all sincerely
loved me in their own ways, as each has informed me of
that countless times. However, it's so unfortunate
that their interpretation of love is so different from
the norm. Alas, I have therefore accepted my fate,
that I will have to accept their loving ways, even if
emotionally and physically painful, as well as
abjectly degrading most of the time.

After the basement scene, there was no doubt I
would be assuming the `mating view position' as our
new family additions were being conceived. Indeed, I
was at the juncture of my wife and each of her lovers'
coupled, heated genitals, when she was inseminated
with each of our three youngest children.

Well, I'm back to where I started telling my tale
of woe.

As you readers might've remembered from an
earlier part of my story, I was concerned about the
possibility of my wife having kids from her three main

I was especially concerned about her having a
black baby from Joe. Well as you now know, it

I, of course, go through many public situations
of being embarrassed by having our pretty black
daughter calling me "Daddy". She's our youngest and
as you might expect, her vocabulary is limited so she
says `Mama' and `Daddy' frequently.

And as you might expect, we as a couple
experience all the double looks and stares from many
on-lookers, as Judy and I go through our everyday
parenting and family responsibilities with our family.

The biggest difference is that Judy doesn't seem
to have any problems with embarrassing moments about
being the mother of a black baby, or any of `our'
other kids, which I didn't father. None of which, as
I may have mentioned before, come close to looking
anything like me.

In fact, she always seems very eager to reveal
her self as the biological mother and that all our
children were conceived and born while we were
married. She also likes to stress that we've never
had a marital separation.

"Oh no, my sweet James, bless his heart, he's a
jewel of a husband, as he's honored his marriage vows
and has never left my side, even though four different
men got me pregnant over the years of our marriage,
and demanded I carry each of their babies to term."

My wife would just as quickly tell such things to
a stranger in a supermarket or a close acquaintance or
distant family relative. To say I cringed in anger
and utter embarrassment at such moments when I'm with
her, would be an understatement. She has repeatedly
ignored my demanding pleads to not say such things.

She replies that I'm infringing on her free
speech rights. I've almost given up trying to stop
her. What can I do?

My wife also seems to have me carrying our
daughter - named Josephine, by Joe - who is only 16
months old, in my arms quite a bit when we're in
public. Josephine is light brown skin and has many of
her mother's facial features.

Additionally, it's not unusual for her to
emphasize or repeatedly mention in her conversations,
that even though I'm not their real father I'm the
kids' devotedly attached daddy. Which is true, I
enjoy our four kids. However, her words always seem
to have an embarrassing ring to it when she expresses
herself to others about this matter.

It also appears now that Judy is not interested
in having anymore kids, so I've giving up the idea of
us two having any together. When I do bring it up,
she always reminds me that we have all the kids we can
afford. With the cost of raising kids these days,
it's hard to rebuff her argument.

Judy is an excellent mother to the kids, and has
been a good, very supportive, but assertive, wife to
me, even if she does give her steady lovers - Jeffrey,
Judd and Joe - preference over me when it comes to

I guess I can expect them to continue to have
priority, since they are the superior, or alpha males,
in our marital arrangement. I generally have sexual
access to my wife only after they've been with, and in

It always just seems to work out that way. I
suspect she plans it to happen that way, but anyway,
I've adapted to dealing with the situation and have
accepted feeding on her overflowing creampies as a
normal part of my conjugal activities.

When we do have sex, it's customary for me to
always go down on her first and tongue her to an
orgasm. It's well known I can't come close to getting
her off just with my prick, as I can't seem to last
more than a minute or two in her hot juicy cunt. I'm
also not a quick recharger either. Besides, her cunt
is so stretched from all the other guys' giant cocks,
I'm not making much contact when I try to put it in

Whenever she wants me to give her head, there's
always semen in her cunt from one of my `husbands-in-
law'. However, she gets an extra thrill from knowing
I'm licking up another man's jism from her very fucked
muff. I know this turns my wife on. This is what I do
best in providing her sexual pleasure.

As you might expect. I don't get to put it in her
that much anyway. I think last year she let me put in
three times - my birthday, Christmas and our
Anniversary. Come to think of, she did give me head
twice as we did a sixty-nine. As usual, her cunt was
full of one or more of my `husband-in-laws' jism.

She always want to be on top when we do this, as
she says that being on top causes for good cunt
drainage into my mouth and reduces the amount of
sucking I have to perform. I guess I should be
thankful for her concern about me in that regard.

If we don't sixty-nine with her getting me off
with her sweet lips, she's often too tired for me to
put it in after I tongue and lap her to several
rousing orgasms. She says my oral actions gives her
more intense orgasms, but takes more out of her, than
those comes given her by my three `husbands-in-law'
with the thorough deep fucking they always give her.
Hence, the reason why she is too exhausted to let me
put it in most of the time after I mouth her oozing,
sperm filled pussy.

Usually, except for special occasions when she
lets me put it in - as I've mentioned earlier - she'll
jerk me off for my relief. That is, if she's not to
tired. Otherwise, she may ask me to jack my own self

However, despite having to jack myself off a lot,
I must admit that I'm rather proud and thrilled at my
personal achievement. That is, that I give her better
orgasms with my lips, tongue, and skillful sucking
action than my three `husbands-in-law', with their
awesome sturdy members.

However, in spite of everything else in our
marriage, my wife really seems to have a genuine deep
love for me.

It appears that her dominance over me, with the
associated humiliations that she has directly or
indirectly, contributed to, has lead to her having
deeper love for me over the years.

By her having irrefutable proof of such overt
humiliations, for example, kids from other men; her
love seems to grow for me as the instances of abject
humiliation increase for me.

I, of course, have problems with my wife's
philosophy and outlook on our relationship, but I know
I'm almost powerless to do much about it. Between
her, her lovers, her family and the dominance over me
by my family, I am virtually trapped in this
relationship. Yet, In a strange way, I do have great
love for my wife. However, I continue, as best I can,
to fight the humiliations she always seems ready to
dump on me.

It appears that it's my trying to fight and
resist her will, and then being defeated soundly by
her, as she trounces me under foot, so to speak, is
what apparently makes her feel even more affectionate
to me. She seems to delight, even more, each
successive time I fail - I never seem to win - or when
some other manner of abject humiliation overwhelms me.

Anyway, all in all, we do have a stable, loving
marriage, and all `our' kids have grown on me. I
treat them no differently than if they were my own. I
concentrate fully on my daily duties and obligations
as a good daddy, and of course, as an affectionate,
but well-behaved husband.

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