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CDE 37 ASSM ANNIV PARTY The Conversation



Copyright c October 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(M+/F, Cuckold, MM, Impreg, FemDom)



Title: ANIN-PARTY: The Conversation
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: A husband and wife have a candid intimate
conversation about the status of their marriage, which
includes a spirited discussion about the wife's current

Husband - Cecil
Wife - Connie
Wife's Previous Lover - Charles
Wife's Current Lover - Clarence

"Cecil you must realize that if you force me to make a
decision, you may not like the outcome."

"I-I was afraid you might be leaning toward him if I
put my foot down. But Connie, we're already raising one
baby you've had by him. W-Why d-does he want you to h-have
another? Doesn't the man have any conscious? I-I think
you and he just want to shame and ridicule me. Is that
what this is all about?"

"I don't know about your last question, but in
reference to the first two, he told me that he thought it
was time I have another baby as a way of strengthening the
bond between he and I. Clarence does have a conscious
Cecil. He hasn't demanded I leave you. He is quite
content to share me and the kids he and I have, with you.
Does that sound like a man without a conscious?"

"If-If he had a conscious, he'd just leave us alone
and let you be my wife, the way it was before he came and
got in the way."

"Cecil, you know it's more to it than that. Remember
Charles, the father of our first born?"

"P-Please don't remind me."

"Cecil, darling, you know I love you deeply, but once
Charles introduced me to his big prick and longwinded sex
sessions, you and I have had to re-adjust our way of love
making to include big dicks by better endowed men. What
I'm trying to say Cecil, if it wasn't Clarence, there'd be
another in his place."

"I-I see." Cecil said with a sigh and in a dejected

"Cecil honey, you know I don't mean to hurt you when I
say you're inadequate in the prick department, but that's a
fact. You know it, and bless your heart, you've always
used your mouth and tongue and lips to make up for it. But
by now you know I need more. I need a big sturdy, meaty
dick as well as your mouth and tongue."

"After Charles, I-I was hoping you've gotten over his,
uh, h-his style of-of, uh, what I-I mean, uh..."

"Fucking is the right word, if you were trying to find
another word for it. As you now know, I'm not over what he
started. I could never go back to just your smaller, less
sturdy prick and your tongue alone. We have a good
arrangement here Cecil, why do you want to upset things?"

"C-Connie, c-can't you see how h-humiliating it is for
me? The first baby by Charles was bad enough, but I-I was
able to overlook that b-because I really and truly d-do
love you. I-I knew t-that Charles was very persuasive and
so macho and good looking, I-I could see why h-he'd turn
your head a-and make you do things that y-you ordinarily
wouldn't do."

"He did wake up a lot of latent desires in me. Yes, I
admit that, and now they don't won't to go to sleep again.
But go on with what you have to say."

"I-I was really worried that Charles was going to win
you away from me. You know with him being everything I
wasn't. I-I'd just about given up until I took Mother's
advice a-and agreed to you seeing him more openly a-and not
having to sneak around behind my back after I found out
about you two."

"It took you long enough, he'd practically fucked me
in front of you several times. Not only that you knew you
were sucking his heavy loads of jism from my pussy when I
came to bed and insist you eat me out first before we made
love. You know you were getting sloppy seconds, in more
ways than one, to say the least."

"I-I know Connie, how well I know. You know what they
say about love being blind, I saw it, but didn't want to
see it. I-I adapted to eating his viscous fuck stuff out
of you. I-I know it made you feel good to have me do that.
You s-seem to get off even better than when you had an
empty pussy. I-I was just so afraid of losing you. It was
Mother who told me to eat it all up and get use to it if I
wanted to keep you. If mother hadn't advised me, I-I'm
sure I would have lost you."

"She was right about that, it did help for you to suck
my pussy and accept that it would be that way from that
point on. However, Cecil, your mom played a key role in
another way to help you and Charles and I in working out a
suitable marital arrangement. You didn't know this, but in
a discussion with Charles and I, she made him admit that he
was not a family man, but a handsome stud, and a man with
equipment and looks that drove women wild. She knew the
type. She'd been down that road too with your Father. But
back to the point I was going to make. It was her that
suggested that instead of me leaving you - a faithful
reliable, devoted, sweet, loving husband - for a man that
would probably tire of me when the next pretty body and
pussy came along, that I have his baby as a permanent
momento of the illicit passion between us. She said that
way I could have more than just empty memories when he got
the urge to leave, which she knew he would."

"M-M-Mother s-said t-that?" Cecil stammered and
sputtered in reply to his wife's devastating statement.

"Yes she did. She also said that you'd complain and
be a bit blustery, but that your love for me would rule,
and that you'd accept me having his baby if I really wanted
to, and which I did. I really respect your mom for her
wisdom and insight. Otherwise, I'd have left you and gone
with him and who knows where I'd be now, instead of with
the man I know now that truly loves me, and I him."

"Connie, y-y-you just don't k-know h-how I-it feels to
know t-that m-my own M-Mother did this to me. H-Her

"Cecil, stop being condescending about your Mom. I
will not allow that. She was helping her son, you, to keep
and have a stable loving marriage. By the way, Cecil, it's
been said that unexpected events test the strength of
relationships. The situation with Charles really proved to
me, how much you really loved, and wanted me. It helped me
see that you were indeed the husband I needed and how much
I love you."

"Well I'm glad for that. I guess many husbands
wouldn't have agreed to their wife basically becoming
another man's concubine and then also accepting the baby
you two produced as his own. Connie, we got over that a-
and I understand what I had to do, and did, even though I-I
guess what mother did was what she saw as the b-best
solution. Did mother have anything to do with our next
child, you and Clarance's first baby?"

"She gave her blessings early. She was looking at it
from the perspective of what a pretty grandbaby he and I
would make - you know based on his features and mine. I
know she'd pretty much assumed we would make a baby for you
and I not long after she knew he and I were involved in
sexing it up. Remember, you also agreed to look the other
way while Clarence was helping you out in bed? It was you
that didn't come around until later, much, much later and
saw that he might want me to have his baby. I warned you
big time, remember? Remember me telling you that he and I
weren't using any birth protection? Remember me finding
all sorts of reasons for not letting you put it in?
Remember how I denied you from putting it in, but jerked
you off for over 3 months. My hand pussy was all you got.
Remember? But once again, you were wishing it wasn't going
to happen. In fact I was two months pregnant before you
faced the music and accepted the fact that Clarence and I
were going to make you a daddy again."

"Yeah, I remember the baby shower our Mothers gave
you. That's when I-I had to concede I was going to be
permanently cuckolded again. I-I was hoping you'd have a
change of mind and m-maybe abor..."

"Don't even say that word! If a man knocks me up when
it was done in the throes of passion, I plan on having that
baby. Understood?"

"O-Okay Connie, I-I'm sorry for touching that
sensitive nerve, b-but Connie, back to this idea of having
another baby for Clarence, c-can't you talk him out of it?"

"No darling, I can't. He told me he wanted it and let
me know that in no uncertain words that I was not to try
and prevent it. He made me promise to come to him ready and
unprotected. The only birth control he's willing to permit
is your tongue, that is after we fuck."

"Oh Connie, I-I don't believe this. Surely..."

"You can talk to him dear. Maybe you can change his

"Connie, the more I think about this, the more
ridiculous it sounds. Why I am even talking about changing
his mind? You're my wife. All I need to do is demand you
ignore him and forbid you from getting pregnant by him.
There, I've said it. You will stay on the pill and you are
not to have his baby. It's bad enough I'm agreeing to him
screwing you with my full knowledge, but I have to draw a
line in the sand, and put my foot down sometime. There are
some things a man just has to do."



"C-Connie, t-that hurt! D-Don't come near me! D-
Don't hit me again! L-Look a-at what you've done... you've
bloodied my nose." Cecil cried out as a result of the
hard, vicious and totally unexpected slap across his face,
that was delivered more like a boxing punch.

"Cecil! Are you dreaming? Are you having a
sleepwalking testosterone nightmare? I did that to wake you
up darling. Yes a man does what he has to do. That's the
decision that Clarence has made. You, as a husband, must
do what you have to do, just as you did when Charles did
what he had to do. He demanded that I prove to him that I
was his woman, even though I was your wife. You had to
accept that, and you did. Here put this cold wet towel on
your nose. It'll stop the bleeding. You'll be a little
blue on that side of your face for a day or so, but you'll
be okay."

"T-Thanks for the towel Connie. I-I guess I see your
point. B-But I-I wish you hadn't hit me. Y-You know I
abhor physical violence."

"I know darling. By the way Cecil love, do you
remember the time Charles and you had a fight? It was the
time he came over at 3 AM and ordered you to get out of bed
because he had an erection and wanted to get at me?"

"P-Please don't r-remind me. I-I've been trying to
forget about that for a long time. I-I've even considered
going to a hypnotist to help me forget."

"That maybe the wrong approach, maybe you should be
trying to remember the lesson he was trying to teach you.
He didn't hit you that hard, just a bit harder than I did,
but him making you wear my panties and watch him fuck me
did make you realize that your role was that of a loving
caring helpmate husband to your wife, and that he was the
man in the relationship, we three had."

"P-Please Connie, I-I don't even want to go there. I-

"You know Cecil, I kept all those panties I purchased
in your size. Maybe you need to start wearing them again
so that you don't forget your role in this marital

"N-NO! C-Connie! P-Please don't think about m-me
doing t-that again. Please d-don't even tell anybody I-I
even did that, least of all Clarence. H-He may want me

"Yes Cecil, he might want you back in panties. Not
only him, what about your Mom? You know she helped me pick
out over half of the 4 or 5 dozens we bought for you. They
were all so very lacy and frilly. And the funny thing was
that most of them were in various shades of pink and
lavender - your mom's favorite colors."

"O-Okay Connie, I-I give up. I-I know when I-I'm
beaten. You and Clarence go ahead and do your thing. I-I
guess I'll have to plan on there being another mouth to
feed about this time next year. B-But can y-you promise
that t-this will be the last one? This'll make three kids
we have. It's not cheap raising a bunch of children these

"You'll have to take that up with Clarence, darling.
Besides, both our moms, and especially your mom, indicated
that they'd like us to have a bunch of babies. You know
they want a lot of grandkids."

"I-I know, they both have mentioned that to me also.
It hurts me to know that even my own mom doesn't seem to
mind if I don't help make them either. She keeps telling
me that'll I'll get over being despondent because you and
your lover's babies so far have been prettier than any you
and I would've had. That's cold for a mom to say to her
son. Plus she also doesn't believe me when I tell her that
if we have more than three kids, I'll have to get a second
job. I really hope you don't have twins, or worse,

"Clarence would be very pleased if I had twins and
even more so if I delivered three babies for him."

"Is that all you think about? Pleasing him? Don't
bother answering, I'm sure I won't like the answer."
Cecil replied abruptly to his own question as he sat down
and hung his head in his hands.

"Cecil honey, I know you've had some difficulty from
time to time with this arrangement of having to share me
with other men, and occasionally their buddies, but that is
no reason to be angry or upset at my wanting to please my
lover the way I do. It's not to demean you. It's done to
show him I think more of him than just as a hard dick for
my hot pussy. You know I love you in a different way than
him. Overall, we have a great marriage. Plus, you know that
I'm being well taken care of by you and Clarence in the
bedroom. How many husbands can say with certainty, that
their wives are being fully satisfied sexually? You can.
You know so. I also know you love and care for our kids a
great deal. They look up to their daddy, and I know any
future ones we have will also look up to you, no matter if
you don't father any of them. And our parents, they really
are super and supportive of us. I really couldn't ask for
better in-laws, and I know you get along well with my
parents too."

"I-I know you're right Connie. I-I'm just venting c-
cause it's not the way I wish it could be between us. I-I
feel so inadequate around him and, especially now that I
know he'll be inseminating you again. Oh well, I guess
I'll have to get over it and accept it as fact that you're
happy getting pregnant by him."

"Yes, I am Cecil, and as my husband, you should be
happy that he is making up for your inadequacies and
shortcomings and not trying to take me away from you.
Remember, honey, you should think of him as an assistant,
not as an adversary."

"Charles was bit more bossy than Clarence, but they
both knew they carried a lot of weight with you and both
our families. However, neither one of them ever showed me
any respect as your husband."

"Cecil honey, do you really think that's true?
Neither of them have ever questioned the kids carrying your
last name. To me that's a form of respect."

Cecil looked at his beautiful wife wild-eyed but kept

"W-Well, it doesn't matter anyway, what I say now. I
realize I have to put up with him, and I-I know that I
still have to suck your pussy after y'all fuck. My mom and
your mom have both browbeat me down about trying to get out
of doing that. Plus I know you've jumped all over me too
when I threatened to stop sucking you out too. However, c-
could you..."

"Before you continue darling, I just want you to know
that your eating me out after Clarence has shot his cum
deep in me is even more pleasurable than him fucking me. I
must have you doing that for me. It's a precious intimate
thing between us, that bonds us just as close as me having
babies for him. Please don't forget that my love. Okay?"
As his wife spoke, her tone had an edge to it, as she
looked his straight in the eye. It was obvious she was
very serious.

"O-Okay, Connie, w-whatever you say. But as I was
about to say Connie, c-can't you at least brush your teeth
before we kiss, t-that is, if you've been sucking his dick?
A-At least I can have you fresh in that way."

"Cecil, thank you for at least going in the right
direction with your attitude. It's better than a "line in
the sand" mentality. Now in regard to me kissing you,
you'll have to accept me as I am at the time of the kiss
dear, otherwise take that up with Clarence."

"If-If that's what I-I have to do, I-I will." Cecil
knew the sound of his voice was pathetic. His wife also
knew he wasn't about to go to her current lover on the
matter of her semen-flavored breath and dick cream coated
tongue either.

"Cecil, I don't know why you're making a big thing
about the smell of his jism on my breath, or the taste of
it in my mouth, after all, you've become well acclimated to
the taste and smell of semen over the years. Before
Charles left town, he told me about the other thing you did
for him as a way of ensuring he didn't take me away from
you. Remember?" The smirk on my wife's face was wide and
bright. Terror filled me.

"N-No I-I have n-no idea, t-that is other than wearing
t-those awful panties."

"C'mon Cecil, I-I can see it in your face. You did
suck his dick for him when it was that time of the month
for me, as well as other times, didn't you." His wife said
as she raised her voice and smiled even brighter and wider.

"H-How c-could h-he say s-something so-so..." Cecil's
red face and stammering was a sure giveaway, but he still
tried to pretend it didn't happen.

"Cecil darling, when he told me that, I become even
more in love with you and knew that I indeed had the right
husband. A true helpmate of a husband. One who truly
loves his wife and who shows it by helping his wife with
her other men and her having those other men's babies.
When you add sucking the other man's dick to those
qualities, that makes you a true gem, Cecil honey."

"Oh, I wish h-he hadn't told you about h-him forcing
m-me to do that. I-I..."

"Cecil, he told our Mothers and I he suggested it, not
forced, you to do it as a way to sway him from taking me
away from you. He said you were so sweet about doing it,
as well as the way he wanted it done, after you swore him
to secrecy. He felt because he was leaving town and us, he
wasn't bound to secrecy anymore. Anyway, he told us about
how you'd always lower your pants - as he wanted you to,
without being told I might add, so that your frilly lacy
panties showed as you knelt and sucked on his rigid dick
and swallowed all his heated sticky semen."

"I-I should've k-know h-he c-couldn't be trusted. C-
Connie I-I was desperate. I-I w-was so s-scared I-I'd lost
t-the battle. I-I know y-you, a-and especially our Moms
must think I-I'm a big w-wuss and a s-sissy, b-but I-I did
what a-a man had to do to-to try and keep the woman he

"If you were a real man, I may have thought those
things about you darling, but as my husband it's okay for
you to be a cocksucking, panty wearing, sissy and wuss. By
the way, your mom thought it was very noble of you to suck
dick to keep from losing me. mother thought it was also
gallant and romantic too."

"I-I really hate they found y'all found out about
that. H-However, I-I guess you have a right to say that
about me s-since I-I stooped so low to do what I had to
do." Cecil replied after a pause to think about her

"That's okay darling, you know my love will always be
with you and I'll be at your side as long as you're at my
side, no matter how many other men come after Charles and
Clarence." Connie replied gleefully as she embraced her
husband warmly.

As they stood there intertwined with each other, Cecil
felt good holding the woman in his arms that he was
addicted to and adored, even at the expense of his
manliness and pride. Many of her previous statements had
him pondering. However, he came to the conclusion, that
irrespective of what words actually came out of her mouth,
he was relatively sure that her intentions were well
meaning toward him. He was sure she saw him as her loving,
caring, helpmate husband, but not as the real man in her
life, and probably not as the real father of any of their
future children. Cecil concluded from his assessment of
his situation, that his helpmate role would be about as
good as it gets for him in the marriage. He knew that to
stay in the life of the woman he loved, he'd have to keep
her happy, and to do so meant he'd have to accept the
status quo of being a cuckold, as well as the lesser man,
in her relationships with her real men.

His wife's voice broke his mental musing.

"Cecil Darling, if you have to start wearing panties
again, and especially so if Clarence wants you to suck his
dick in the future, that is, to remind you of your husband-
ly role, we could add matching stockings and garter belts
to your charming panties, maybe even a camisole from time
to time to round things out. What do you think? I'll have
to ask our Moms about it."

Cecil said nothing, but cringed nervously in response
to his wife's words.



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