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CDE 40 1 Mother Debbie VOL 1



Copyright c November 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckold, M+/F, MM, Impreg, Humor)



Mother Debbie's Internet Column is a new, and hopefully,
continuing series I've created primarily to accomplish:
(1) To develop many of the great ideas from readers that I
may have a problem composing a complete story around; and
(2) To provide a means for characters from my previously
published stories to give a status about their situations,
as they write to mother Debbie for advice or just to tell
her about more recent events in their lives. This second
reason also provides me with a easy and yet efficient means
of adding reader's ideas to an existing story without
drafting a sequel. I find writing sequels difficult,
especially in maintaining the original level of erotic
excitement and wry logic. I hope readers will find what
folks tell mother Debbie, and her advice to them in return,

ABSTRACT: mother Debbie, Internet Columnist, provides her
brand of motherly advice and commentary to wimpy males.

Story Title: Dear mother Debbie - Vol. 1
Author: C.D.E.

Hello, out there in Internet Land. This is mother
Debbie. In my little corner of the World Wide Web, I'm
your sounding board, advisor and in general, I provide
motherly advice to those mothers' sons who are in the less
endowed crowd. You know who you are. You're not jocks.
You have a small prick. You are not very sexually
experienced. You are mild mannered. You have an unassuming
personality. You are trusting, altruistic, optimistic and
always looking for the good, rather than the worse in
people, especially in the women in your life. You may've
been labeled as a wimp, sissy, or mama's boy by your
family, friends and others. You may the ones who've been
taken advantage of, even if it was done with love, by your
girlfriends, fiancees, wives, and sometimes by your own
mothers, sisters, aunts, or other relatives. You may have
been lovingly coerced into accepting a very subordinate or
cuckold role in a relationship with the woman you love. If
the above characterizes your situation, write and tell me
all about it. Maybe my advice can help you make a
decision, or offer you solace for a decision you've already
made, or that was made for you.

I got started on my crusade to be an advisor and
counselor to wimps, mama's boys, pantywaists and cuckolds
because of my own son.

He looked pathetic as he told me of his situation.
That is, his girl had cheated on him and probably was going
to leave him, due to his not being able to satisfy her with
his minuscule prick. As I worked with him and her to
resolve their differences and to develop a new type
relationship, I realized that there were probably many
others who were in need of my motherly advice in these

Incidentally, my son and his girl formed a much closer
relationship and are now married, thanks to my
intervention. It took some careful negotiating and
counseling to get my son to see and accept that being a
faithful loving cuckold husband was really the key to him
having a solid loving marriage. I have three wonderful
grandkids. Even though my son is not the biological father
of any of them, he has learned to be very happy being their
legal daddy while being an understanding, loving and
faithful husband with a promiscuous wife.

Today's column is devoted to correspondence between Gerald
and I about his Marriage. This is Gerald's Case:

Dear mother Debbie,

Thank you for inviting me to write you about my
situation after I made contact with you through a friend of
your son. I appreciate you taking time to be an advisor on
my state of affairs. I don't mind you sharing it with your
readers, especially if other can be helped, by you helping
me. I appreciate you not using our real names for your

I've been married for eight years to the girl of my
dreams. Her name is Gail. We have three children, with a
fourth on the way.

When I first met Gail, I couldn't get her to pay me
much attention. She is a very beautiful brunette with a
36-24-36 figure. She was always dating the handsome guys
in high school. You know, the multiple school letter guys
who excelled in all the sports they played. There were
five in particular. Each was a big time school jock. They
were also rather handsome and muscular as compared to me.

She seemed to go from one to the other as being there
steady girlfriend. I guess it depended on who was the most
popular at the time. Anyway, my efforts to work into this
circle with her was rather futile until I happened to
mention to mother about my futile efforts in trying to get
a date with her.

Mother has always been concerned about me meeting and
dating the right kind of girl, being that I'm not a very
outgoing person.

My mother knew Gail's mom and she said she was going to do
some intelligence work to find out more about Gail's

I was so thrilled mom was helping my efforts.

She and Gail's mom soon started talking and had
several conversations about us dating.

Mom had asked me to leave the room when they were
having one such phone conversation. I tried to eavesdrop
through the closed door, but to no avail. I later got the
idea of lowering my mini tape recorder in a nearby air vent
to record the faint sounds of the phone conversation from
two rooms away. It worked great.

However, what I heard puzzled me since I was only
hearing one side of the conversation.

"I know what you mean... Uh, huh... and believe me my
Gerald would appreciate just doing that since he doesn't...
uh, huh... You're so right to be concerned about her having
someone who'll really care for her, the person, and not
worry about what people... Uh, huh... As a mother, I want
what's best for him too and one of those nice girls who
doesn't, is not always the best... Uh, huh... Especially
for someone like my Gerald... Uh, huh... Experience is
important and does help a relationship, especially where
one partner is not... Uh, huh... Well good, I'm so glad we
can help each other out because we both want what's best
for them."

Mother surprised me some days later that she and
Gail's mom had arranged for us to meet for something called
an "after-date date."

I was very perplexed at what she meant. It turned out
that I was to meet Gail after she's been on her regular
dates. These clandestine meetings were designed to help us
determine if there was the possibility of us having a
relationship that was going anywhere.

I thought it strange, but I went along with the idea.
I'd do anything to get Gail's attention. With both our moms
working on this scheme, whatever it was, I was sure that
something good had to come out of it.

Our first date was to be on Friday night after Gail
would be coming in from her date with the captain of our
high school football team.

Her mom was to call me when they came in. I was to go
over to her house and her mom was to let me in the back
door and introduce me to Gail.

I got the call at midnight and drove over to Gail's
house. I generally never went out that late, but since
both our families had agreed to this, I was permitted to do

When I arrived at Gail's house, her mother received me
warmly and instead of showing me to the living room, she
ushered me directly to their basement guest bedroom, where
Gail was lying sideways on the bed, watching TV.

Gail looked beautiful as usual, even though her hairdo
appeared a bit mussed up, her general appearance was one of
looking a bit disheveled.

"Hi Gail!" I said in an enthusiastic tone.

"Hi Gerald." She replied back, in a softer tone. She
also yawned slightly after doing so.

"You kids have fun." Spoke Gail's mother as she
departed, closing the door as she left the room.

"Look Gerald, I'm doing this just because mom asked me
too. You know you and I are worlds apart socially."

"I-I know Gail. I-I just wanted to have a chance to
talk to you. You're so beautiful. I'm always thinking
about you." I blurted out as I stammered my words.

"Okay. Well what do you propose we do on this
after-date date?"

"I-I just thought we could talk about things and..."

"Gerald, Look! I've just come in from a date where
I've been fucked for a straight hour. I really am not in
the mood for chitchat. My pussy has been well dicked and
is still wet and leaking."

"What?" I blurted out.

"Put two and two together stupid. You wanted to see
me, right? What self-respecting guy would agree to see a
girl after she's come in from being with another guy?
Everyone, including my mom and your mom knows I'd be coming
home with a used, semen coated cunt. They knew I wasn't
going to give up any to you, er... Hmmmm, unless they mean
for you to eat some creamy coochee. Maybe that's the real
reason our moms got us together."

"Coochee? Creamy?" I blurted out with a questioning
tone in my voice. Before she could finish what she meant,
I'd deduced what was implied by the words she'd spoken. I
was so caught off guard by her revelation and this turn of
events, that I had to sit down. It was now apparent to her
I'd walked into this situation blindly.

"Look Gerald, have you ever eaten pussy before?"

"N-No." I replied sheepishly as my face burned a
bright red.

"So, you have a virgin tongue? How interesting? Well
we can solve that in a flash and we both can benefit from
this after-date date."

Before I knew it, Gail was pulling off her clothes.
As I stood there stunned she was before me totally nude.
It was like being before Venus. The only difference was
that there were obvious red handprints all over her 36C
tits and upper torso, including small reddish hickeys on
her neck and in her cleavage space.

There was also a distinct odor about her that exuded
an erotic, strong feminine fragrance. After a few whiffs
and before my nose adapted to it, it was obvious it was the
residual fuggy after aroma of her having had sex. The
strange aroma was basically emanating from her trimmed, but
slightly messy, black hairy triangular bush.

She'd closed the distance between us and was now only
about six inches in front of me as she raised her leg and
placed it on edge of the chair I was sitting in. The low
chair caused me to look almost straight into her snatch.

I'd never been this close to a pussy before, but it
was apparent she'd been fucked. The odor of sex was now
stronger, even if erotic. On closer inspection her gaping
cunt lips were reddish and there was a definite wetness in
her crotch and along her very shapely upper inner thighs.

"Well Gerald, how does my pussy look? mom told me
your mom said you're virgin. So you're a double virgin.
Well look, we can solve part of that. All you have to do
is soothe my cunt with your mouth. I want you to know I
don't often give up my pussy up this soon on my first date,
but the idea of your virgin tongue in me has got me heating
up. You aren't going to let a lady suffer due to a lack of
sexual attention are you? C'mon Gerald, put your tongue to
work. I'll show you how I need you to lick and suck."

Speechless, awed, cowed, confused, sexually
intimidated, and perspiring profusely, I let Gail remove my
glasses and pull my face to her slimy, well trimmed, but
disarrayed bushy crotch.

As I returned home about two hours after arriving at
her house, Gail had labeled me a promising cunt sucker,
after I'd tongued, lapped and in general, sucked her to
three rousing orgasms. She let me know that she'd never
been so turned on. It made me feel super to have the girl
of my dreams tell me I'd pleased her so well, even if I had
to extract another guy's fresh jism from her luscious gash
in the process.

I reveled in the fact that I'd finally done something
so super and awesome. I really felt that I'd achieved some
sort of ritualistic passage of rite of manhood. The taste
of her warm syrupy wet and pink muff meat was far better
than it looked. However, I quickly got over the fact that
it tasted so much better than her pussy's nasty looking
messy appearance.

Even though it was about 2:30 AM, when I reached home,
mother heard me come in and came down to talk to me. I
recounted the evening for her. She too was very pleased at
what I'd accomplished and done.

"Gerald, a woman knows she can always find a man
that'll want to put it in and fuck her. But a woman knows
she really has a gem if she finds a man that delights in
sucking her pussy, and even more so if he doesn't mind
doing her after another man has fucked her. If you imprint
the good feeling from your tongue on the girl you want, you
won't have to worry about losing her to another guy."

These were mother's words to me. Being so desirous of
Gail, It was good to hear I at least had an option or
strategy to think about in trying to win her over, even if
it was only being able to lick her up after she'd been
fucked by other guys.

Our clandestine relationship went on through the
remainder of senior high and for the whole time I was in
college. It was very embarrassing to me to see many of the
guys in senior high and at the college and know I was
eating their spent jism from Gail's pussy. However, the
secret nature of my relationship with a girl as beautiful
as Gail tended to counteract my embarrassment and was a
definite boost to my ego. That is, knowing that I could
make her feel very good, even if only with my mouth. I
definitely appreciated her secrecy in the matter also.

I intentionally went to a local college to be near my
Gail. Over the four years, I'm sure I tongued out many
quarts of other men's spent sperm. My only reward was
being able to be intimate with Gail in this oral manner
even if my reward was blue balls, and then having to jack
off for relief.

Gail had let me know that she'd expected me to be
faithful to her, in this unusual and secretive relationship
we had. It went without saying she wasn't going to be
faithful to me. She let me know that she'd cut me lose if
she heard of me dating or going out with anyone else.
Hence, I didn't. She considered us as having a serious and
significant relationship in which I was her dedicated pussy
licker. She definitely said no to us having intercourse
until we got married, if the relationship went that far.

"Gerald, if this relationship endures, and we get
married, I will only marry you if you to come to bed on our
wedding night a virgin. It would mean so much to me.
Anything else is unacceptable." Gail was very serious as
she spoke and this was one issue on which she was non-
negotiable. Therefore, I agreed to remain a virgin and she
made me promise to continue pulling my peter for relief.

In the meanwhile, even though Gail refused to help me
masturbate, she encouraged it and often had me do it in her
presence. She always had this funny Mona Lisa type smile
as she watched and urged me on as I pulled and beat my

I was a bit put off by her occasional comments about
how small my prick was, but she also made up for that by
saying that cock size was not an issue, since we meant so
much to each other.

Mother not only knew about me jacking off for her, but
also encouraged me to masturbate. Sometimes, as a treat,
mom would let me suck her tits, and pussy on occasion, and
jerk me off with her soft delicate hands, and a few times
with her feet. All the while she, and Gail's mom too,
encouraged me to keep the torch burning for Gail, as well
as to remain virginal.

Gail wasn't the college type and held various low wage
jobs. However, she became more promiscuous after high
school and eagerly told me about her various wanton sexual
exploits as I dutifully continued licking and sucking her
delectable creamy cunt meat. I tried to dissuade her from
telling me about her many and varied sexual encounters, but
it was to no avail. She did so anyway. It became apparent
she thoroughly enjoyed not only giving me a blow by low
account, but also literally rubbing the results in my face.

Over time, she and I became emotionally closer in our
relationship and became steadies and committed ourselves to
each other. However, she still wanted to have platonic
dates, as she called them, with other guys, since I still
had college work to take care of. I was hopelessly in love
with her and hoped she'd change her ways after truly
knowing my love for her was deep and real.

She told me that she thought I loved her with a true
love, however, she wanted more proof. She wanted me to take
a sworn oat on a bible, and no less in front of both our
moms, that I would remain faithful and keep myself a virgin
until our wedding night.

I was very reluctant to take such an oath, but both
our moms reminded me of all the time we both had invested
in the relationship. Gail also said that she'd be
heartbroken if I gave up on our unique relationship.

"Gerald, you want to break my heart, don't you?
You're being cruel. You know how much I'm going to miss
the thrill of having you suck out the wild oats other guys
have sown in my hot cunt. Please Gerald, prove to me that
you truly love me. Don't hurt me darling. Promise me
you'll continue to eat wild cream of oats from my pussy as
you jerk off and wait until it's your time to plow my
muff." Gail spoke in a serious tone.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I wondered if
she knew how the words she spoke sounded. However, the
intent, not the contents, of her words had an effect on me.
I knew what she meant. Even if what I'd been doing was
utterly humiliating to me, it had endeared me to her and
she'd be heartbroken if I stopped. After some thought, I
capitulated and took the oath.

I became her betrothed. To show that she was serious
about her love for me, she also swore to me that I would be
the only man that she'd let suck her pussy after it was

Even though her dates with her many men friends were
suppose to be platonic ones, Gail always came in from them
with a sperm soaked pussy. In spite of this, I still
believed she loved me. I know I loved her deeply, even
though I didn't like what she was doing with other men.

She continued to explicitly recount her various sexual
experiences and always described and raved about the larger
dicks of the man or men who'd fucked her, while I slurped
up the frothy jism that they'd deeply deposited in her.
However, I hoped that our love for each other would
eventually wean her away from her other guys and make her
truly and totally mine.

My mother and Gail's mom constantly reminded me of my
sworn pledge to be faithful and remain a virgin for Gail
until we wed. Despite my pledge, I still tried to get Gail
to either move the wedding date up or let me put it in.
You see, I was eating an awful lot of used sloppy pussy
made that way by other men. Not being able to get some in
the same manner so many others were, was really bothering

"Gerald, you must not be impatient. Gail will let you
know when she thinks it the right time to get married."
Mother said.

These words were also a recurring comment from Gail's
mom also.

We finally got married, but there was a condition that
my new bride insisted upon. I was not to put my prick in
her cunt until our fifth wedding anniversary. She was non-
negotiable on this. To say I was truly and utterly
devastated was an understatement. However, I was
eventually browbeaten into accepting her conditions and had
to make a promise to her on the matter.

"After all dear, you've invested too much time into
this relationship to let it go away because of such a
trivial thing. Five years will go by before you know it."

I didn't like mother's words and advice, but I heeded
by them, even though she was correct about all the time and
pussy sucking I'd already invested in this relationship and
yet was still a virgin.

For the first five years of marriage, I was not
permitted direct entry into her cunt with my prick. Of
course, my tongue was a routine visitor in her tasty juicy

To make matters worse, my new wife had three babies
during the five years - all from different men. She was
even two months pregnant when we stood at the altar to say
our wedding vows. On our wedding night, I ate the best
man's cum out of her pussy and didn't find out until seven
months later he was the father of our first born. His name
was Earl, one of my very close friends.

On our honeymoon, Gail gave herself to several
strangers and it seems I ate strange semen out of her cunt
every night for 10 days. Her reason for being promiscuous
with strangers, she had a need for dick and she didn't want
to be the cause of me breaking my promise to not put it in
until after five years.

I looked at her strangely as she told me her strange
reason. However senseless her reason to me, she still held
steadfast to me not putting it in until our fifth
anniversary. I was so peeved, not to mention humiliated
and disgraced beyond belief. However, I capitulated to her
demand because I loved her. She told me if I loved her I
would do this for her. I guess that's what love is all
about, being unselfish and doing things for the one you
love even though you suffer.

It was especially terrible when she began to swell
during pregnancy. Many men had her during this time, while
all I could do was eat up the results of their fuck
sessions and wait for my turn - in five years - to get some
of my wife's seemingly public pussy.

I looked so longingly toward our fifth wedding
anniversary to be able to have my wife wet and raw, skin to
skin. However, when my time came, she again surprised me
on the night of our fifth anniversary.

"Gerald honey, our marriage has been so good so far.
We haven't had any problems with you being inattentive or
taking me for granite, but I'm really afraid that if I let
you have me the way you want me now, we may not make it to
ten years. They say a good marriage has a much better
chance of surviving if the couple makes their tenth
anniversary and there's still a lot of spark in their
relationship. I guess what I'm trying to say darling, If I
let you have me the way your friends and the other guys do
me, you'll lose interest in me. You won't find me
intriguing anymore."

I assure her I would and that there would no part of
me taking her for granite or me showing any complacency in
regard to her relationship with me.

Here it was on the night of our fifth anniversary and
I was still trying to convince my wife to let me put it in.
She was wearing me down in my discussion with her on this
matter. She threatened to call our mothers in to mediate
our discussion. I knew I'd better compromise with the best
deal I could. You see, I think highly of my mom and mother-
in-law. However, for some reason they seem to favor Gail's
side in any previous discussion we've had when it comes to
our intimate marriage issues that they find out about. I
was suspicious that this situation would go the same way if
I didn't find some way to negotiate a compromise on my own.
It took a bit of doing, even though she was reluctant, I
got my wife to agree to let me put it in at least once a
month wearing a rubber.

I was so proud of my negotiating skills. And believe
me, I was happy to be able to put it in, even with a condom
on as compared to waiting another five years.

After our discussion/negotiation, which was sometimes
heated, we kissed and reconciled. Being in her arms even
after such a brief disagreement was rewarding. I knew I
loved this woman even if I was paying such a high price in
regard to my manly pride.

Back to the first time she got pregnant by one of her
Platonic dates, she said it wan an accident and that pills
weren't fool proof. She was right. She showed me the fine
print on her birth control pills box and it said there was
one chance in several hundred thousands that it could
happen. Well I gave up and accepted that the law of
statistics was not on my side. Also, she blamed me for not
sucking all of Earl's semen out of her.

The other times she got pregnant, she did admit that
her lovers simply told her to get off the pill and to have
a baby for them to prove she had some sort of emotional
attachment to them since she was already married to me and
couldn't prove her love by marrying them. She also said
that one of her lovers repeatedly indicated if I really and
truly loved her, I wouldn't quibble over her having his
baby. Hence, she could prove her emotional attachment to
him and have me prove how deep my love was for her at the
same time.

"Gerald, I thought about what he said and it did make
sense that if you loved me, you wouldn't abandon me but
accept me with his child in me and love me the same. For
you to do otherwise meant you weren't serious in your love
for me."

No matter what I said to disprove her logic, she
continued to be unfaithful and did get pregnant with the
child of her handsome lover. My only influence was to try
and be as an effective oral contraceptive I could, while
the conception efforts were on going between he and her.

I failed three times in preventing her from becoming
pregnant. It seems that other men who inseminated her used
the same illogic rationale for doing so.

Well anyway, I did prove them right in one way, I
didn't forsake my wife. I proved my deep love. I accepted
her as well as the babies they'd put in her too.

I worry a great deal that she'll bring home yet
another baby as a result of her so called platonic dating
or being required to prove her "emotional attachment to her
lovers" rationale.

Speaking of kids, She often likes for me to baby-sit
our kids when she goes out on her platonic dates with her
many men friends. I generally do, since I don't really
dance too well or like crowds and loud music or noisy

"I'd feel better if it's you watching them. Plus
it'll help you bond better with the kids darling." She
frequently tells me.

Please, mother Debbie, tell me what I can do to turn
my marriage around and get my wife to see that it's time
she focus more on being my wife totally, versus being the
woman of other men too. The thing that really hurts me now
is that since she and I attended a company Christmas party
last year, she's having platonic dates with several of my
co-workers. Please help me explain to her that her
platonic dates are just a sham and that there is no such
thing since she's having sex repeatedly on all these dates.

Thank you for listening to my tale of woe. I'm sure
I've left out some details and made things sound a bit
confusing, but I've tried to cover all the important parts
of my situation and experiences of me and the woman I love
so dearly. I thank you in advance for any advice that can
help me get my wife on the road to being faithful to me.

Yours truly,


Gerald, first of all, thank you for writing and
sharing your situation with me, and now my readers.

Gerald, I hate to tell you this, but a platonic date
doesn't preclude the possibility that your wife and her man
friend won't have sex. It occurs due to the natural sexual
tension between a man and a woman. So you can rest easy
about that occurring. It can. There is nothing you can do
about it, so don't worry. The best thing you can do is
always be ready to give your lovely wife some good and
enthusiastic mouth loving time she comes in the door from
those dates. If her cunt is reddish, smells a bit gamy,
and appears to have been fucked and is coated with or
oozing sperm, don't get excited, take it as a normal
event. All you have to do is lick her and suck it all out.
Don't even mention that she appears to have had intercourse
unless she brings up the subject.

Your wife may be too embarrassed to admit that she's
too weak to resist a big hard dick. Hey, it happens
Gerald. Take it in stride just as you've done for the last
few years. Your moms, that is yours and your wife's moms
have advised you correctly. As long as you keep lapping her
pussy whenever she wants you to, and you keep stroking your
prick whenever you need to, from all you've told me, I
can't see where your marriage is in any jeopardy of
breaking up.

And Gerald, as you know any marriage has enough
stresses in them anyway, don't add to your wife's stress if
she hasn't made a decision to let you put it in yet,
unencumbered. You did well by the way in your

If she's pleased with your tongue, be satisfied. When
she's ready she'll let you know when she think it's time to
let you have it wet, and skin to skin. Many women have
this thing about holding back something from their husbands
so that they won't take them for granite. Such little
held-back joys keep complacency from creeping in the
marriage. When complacency creeps in, you start to have
marital problems of a most serious kind, which leads to the
extinguishing of the spark in your marriage. Her having
not let you have intercourse with her in your marriage five
years is such a way of keeping the marriage intriguing for
you. Gerald, just remember, her pussy must be worth
waiting for, since so many men have been in it.

And Gerald, as far as your worry about her coming home
pregnant again and bringing home another baby from another
man, hey Gerald, it happens! Live with it. Just be a good
daddy like you've been all along. If your wife is happy
with the babies she brings home and apparently both your
moms are too, then why should you be the only one
complaining? Kids add joy and warmth and excitement to a
household, no matter if they're yours biologically or not.
They are part of your wife and as they grow up with the
love of you two, you'll never know the difference that you
didn't sire them and don't worry about them not looking
anything like you.

Also, don't kick the baby-sitting thing, believe me
you're saving money by doing it yourself.

And lastly Gerald, don't worry about your wife being
faithful. That's an option for her, but not for you. You
concentrate on being faithful. Remember, you're the one
with the little prick.

In lieu of being concerned about her being faithful,
you should be thankful she is loyal to you. A woman that
married you when she was pregnant with another man's child,
has to be unfailing in her love for you. If that's not
loyalty, I don't know what is.

Gerald, as you implied in your letter, not being
selfish is what love is all about. It's obvious she needs
men who're better endowed than yourself and you would be
less than a good husband if you didn't ensure she gets what
she needs.

As one philosopher put it, true love means not being
concerned about your own selfish pleasures but those
selfish pleasures of the one loved.

Mother Debbie

Dear mother Debbie,

Thanks so much for all your advice and counsel. At
least I've confirmed from you, a recognized expert in the
field, what my wife and our moms have been saying. That
does make me feel better.

My conscience does feel clearer about many things,
especially about my wife's platonic dates with some of my
friends, co-workers and her many men co-workers at her job.

Anyway, you're right, I'm saving quite a bundle on
baby sitting costs by staying home with the kids myself.

Also, in reference to the issue of wanting her to be
faithful, I guess you're right, loyalty is what I should be
thankful to her for. You're right, she always come back to
me, no matter whether it's with a wet drippy semen filled
cunt or one that's both messy and knocked up.

Additionally, I also have come to see what you mean
about my wife having other men's jism in her cunt when she
comes in from her platonic dates. If they weren't envious
of her beauty and her being my wife they wouldn't be easily
tempted to give into their natural sexual desires and be as
willing to put their cocks in her. You are so perceptive
and astute.

Another thing that happened in this regard, one of my
close high school buddies, who's been on several platonic
dates with her, came by the house to visit us. He's also
the biological father of our first born. My wife and he
got trapped by those natural overwhelming sexual tensions
several times, and hence, our oldest daughter was the

Well anyway, his name is Earl. He complimented me on
what a good daddy I was to the kids as well as being a good
husband and trusting enough to not only let my wife go out
with him from time to time, but to let him pick her up in
the middle of the night when he felt like talking to her.

You see several times over the last few years, he's
called in the wee hours of the night and asked for Gail. He
would come over to the house and they'd go in the basement
guest bedroom and talk. Gail would just tell me to go back
to sleep while she and Earl talked.

He said he just couldn't sleep and she'd be a good ear
for him. You're right mother Debbie about just general
talk resulting in platonic sex. Many times after these
after midnight talks they had, Gail would come back to bed
dripping with Earl's thick jism and want me to suck her

Well as Earl and I were talking about how good hearted
my wife was to him and several of my other friends and
their friends too, he got an erection. It was rather
embarrassing for him since his member is rather large.
It's much, much larger than mine, I might add.

"Gerald", he said. "I have a favor I've never asked
of you before and I hope you don't take it the wrong way."

"Oh no, Earl, we've been friends too long for a mis-
communications problem." I replied.

"Good. I want you to know, that Gail told me you've
tasted my cum in her pussy several times. You know from us
not being able to control ourselves when alone."

"S-She did let me know that s-she slipped and
mentioned it." I replied blushing a deep red. After all,
it's not everyday you admit to one of your close friends
you've eaten his jism from your wife's cunt several times.

"Well that helps a bit, in fact a lot for what I want
to ask you next."

"Sure earl, what could it be?" I replied

"Gerald, my dick is hard, and I know that if I don't
get some relief soon, I know as soon as I get around your
wife, both her and my tensions are going to go right
through he roof again and I'll be putting my prick back
into her pussy again as soon as I can. Therefore Gerald
old buddy, I'd like for you to help me not do that. I need
your help. I need for you to suck my dick for me. No,
actually it's for you and your wife, not so much for me."
He said.

I looked at him strangely, but as he talked on his
rationale made so much sense it was scary. He finally won
me over and we went in the house and I sucked him off as a
preventive precaution against my wife and he giving in to
their natural sexual tensions.

So now I have a possible technique to prevent my
friends and others from falling in the trap of giving in to
their and my wife's natural sexual tensions.

What do you think about this mother Debbie?

Yours truly,

I'm so thrilled at your innovation and initiative. I
want you to know I wholeheartedly agree and applaud what
you did and encourage you to continue to suck the dicks of
the other men who inadvertently fuck your wife on those
platonic dates, as a result of them losing control. That
is, if they give you the opportunity. You should even
contact them and offer your services to them should they
feel that they will be weak again when going with your wife
and feel they can't resist the temptation.

Gerald, you have to look at every such event as this
when you interact with your wife's men as a beneficial
learning experience. Just think if you hadn't had the
opportunity to suck his dick, you'd never had known just
how much better he was at putting his sperm in your wife
than you'd ever be.

However, you must understand this will probably not
totally eliminate sex between your wife and the men she
dates Platonically, but it will possibly reduce the number
of times it happens.

Mother Debbie


You were so right about the new tool I had to combat
the natural sexual tension between my wife and her men
friends. The guy who originally asked to put his cock in
my mouth, he has dutifully come by weekly, since that first
time, for me to provide him oral relief to abate his
temptation to have sex with my wife. However, it hasn't
totally eliminated his temptation. Over the last four
months he's still fucked her several time and she is now
pregnant again by him.

So as you can see, and he admits it too, he's going to
have to try harder to resist my wife's natural cock
attracting beauty.

Mother Debbie, you were right about what you said
about me finding out first hand how much better equipped
Earl and my wife's other studs are than me. I'm telling
you, the ejaculatory force of these guys is so powerful,
not to mention the quantity of jism they pump out. I was
surprised about it, but have learned to deal with the large
volume of their hot semen that comes gushing out with each
spurt as the men erupt between my lips. I have to swallow
rather large gulps with each gushing pulsation. The other
thing is the length of time it takes to suck them off, they
really do last much longer than I know I could. Another
thing, many of the guys come at least twice each time I
suck their dicks. Oh well, as you've said before, it's all
a beneficial learning experience for me and I should be
thankful for the opportunity.

Thank you so much for all your advice mother Debbie.
I'll be writing you from time to time to keep in touch.
Thanks again.

Yours truly,


Well my friends in Internet Land,
Gerald's case just goes to illustrate that keeping a
marriage vibrant is still a matter of give and receive.
His lovely wife has given him so much. Three beautiful
babies, and another on the way - all from other men;
exclusive privilege for him to suck her well fucked, in
demand, juicy twat; and of course many opportunities for
him to prove his love and faithfulness, first as a
boyfriend, then fiance, and later as her husband; all of
this despite his sexual inadequacies. Gerald should be
proud, as well as commended for his devotion as a daddy to
other men's kids his wife has had during their marriage, as
well as doing the right things as a husband to keep his
wife happy and the marriage vibrant.
Be on the watch for my next column with advice that's

Mother Debbie


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