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CDE 40 3 Mother Debbie Vol 3



Copyright c MAY 2001 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckoldry, M+/F,MF,Inter,Impreg, D/s, Humor)



AUTHOR'S NOTE: A big thanks to all the readers who wrote
wondering why I haven't been posting in over 3 months
(circa Jan-May 2001). I just have been busy with other
things. Thanks for missing my little tales. To sort of
atone for my absence from the scene, I'm posting this
edition of mother Debbie and another story ("Sovenirs")
this month (May 2001).
TITLE: Dear mother Debbie - Vol. 3


Hello, out there on the World Wide Web. This is
Mother Debbie with another addition of my Internet column
for the Lovelorn Cuckold crowd. You know who you are (SEE
Vol. 1 for why I started this advice column).

In this edition, we're looking at Mother-in-laws as
they offer sage advice to their son-in-laws in dealing with
day-to-day marital relations. You'll also see some
examples of how husbands are dealing with wives who are
more popular than their husbands want them to be.
Case #1


Dear mother Debbie

My mother-in-law means well by her constant stream of
advice to me, but lately, it seems so far afield and too
extreme. I need a pro like you to help me sort this all
out and tell me if what she says is the right way to go
about keeping my marriage in tact.

This is what she told me recently:

"You should never be ashamed of having gone down on
your wife, just because another man has fucked her moments
before and left his lusty load in her. As her husband, you
should be proud of tending to your wife in such an intimate
way. Instead of feeling negatively about another man
fucking her, you should feel pride in that he found her
attractive enough to want to fuck her. If anything you
should relish seeing other men's cum dripping from her
pussy, since it's a sign that you have a very desirable
wife. A wife that other men want, but can't have. Of
course they may borrow her from time to time, but knowing
she'll always come back to you with a symbol of her
desirability should warm your heart as you lick other's cum
from her juicy wet oozing pussy."

You see mother Debbie, my Mother-in-law's words did
lift my spirits somewhat, but I had to admit, I didn't want
to lose my wife. I really did love her very much. I guess
I've been eating other men's jism from her and didn't
really know so for a long time. Her words "why should you
get upset over it now that you know what it is."

I had to admit to myself that her lovers' foreign cum
had make her pussy taste richer and of course creamier.

Maybe my mother-in-law is right. Maybe I am making a
mountain out of a molehill about the babies too. After
all, she's had three babies from three of her previous
boyfriends, and she and I worked that out.

However, in each instant, she promised it would never
happen again. It did of course. My love for her
essentially caused me to capitulate each time as I forgave
her. She of course had an excellent explanation of how the
moment of passion overcame her and was the real culprit in
getting her knocked up.

"Even though wrong, I think it would be even more
wrong for me not to have this child as a reminder of how
weak I let myself become and let the child's real daddy
fuck me so passionately and gave me this love child."

These were her words the first time she accidentally
got knocked up. Similar explanation of this nature were
offered to me for the other two weak times she submitted
passionately and had the last two love babies, which are
now our children.

I guess I see my mother-in-law's perspective. Since I
didn't divorce her over that then why should I get excited
about her being pregnant again by another old flame?
Anyway, both our mothers want us to stay together
irrespective of my wife's promiscuity and the outside
babies she's had, and I'm worried, may have again.

Your thoughts, mother Debbie, on my situation.


**************MOTHER DEBBIE'S REPLY ************

Dear Confused,

You are blessed to have a mother and a mother-in-law
that's given you solid advice.

The important thing is that you have wonderful healthy
children. What difference does it make who put the dough
in the oven? The important thing is that you have a loaf
of bread.

The fact that you and your wife were able to work
things out about each of her "Love babies" - now "Your
children" -shows your strength and fortitude as a good
husband as well as the strong bond of your marriage. Keep
loving your wife. Also, she's right, with the babies being
a reminder of her past mistakes, she's bound to be more
resistant to future dalliances. However, if she does
become in a motherly way with "Love Child" again in the
future, this can only help build up her resistance even
more so.


Case #2

Dear mother Debbie,

My name is Ken and I've been married for 8 years now.
My wife's name is Kelly. She is quite attractive. We have
2 kids and my wife is currently 6 months pregnant.

I have this little problem that I'm seeking your
advice on.

You see, several men, well primarily, two of my old
high school buddies and two of my co-workers at the office,
come by our house and are always inviting my wife to go out
with them on dinner or movie or dance dates. It's nothing
for her to do a sleep over at their places after a date.
She's even gone on a cruise with each of them at least
once. It's an annual event with two of the guys - that is
of taking my wife with them on a cruise.

Now the conflict between me and her and them is that I
think it's improper, immoral, and just plain wrong for her
to do all these things. She and they say I'm the one
that's wrong. I know a big part of the problem is that I'm
not very successful at standing up to my wife or the guys
when they rebut me on this matter.

"Ken darling, we're all friends. We've all known each
other a long time. I really don't see how me going out
with friends should cause conflict between us."

Kelly and the four guys tell me I'm over reacting
about her dating and spending so much time with them. I
think it just looks bad because we're married to each
other. The other is that our 3 year old son - named
Danforth - closely resembles my buddy Dan, much more than
me, while our 6 year old daughter - named Erica - looks so
much more like my co-worker, Eric, than me.

"It doesn't matter that both our kids don't favor you
as much as other men that are friends of our, doesn't mean
a thing darling. Also just because I go out with them
socially is not important. The important thing is that we
love each other and are a close loving family." That is
what my wife tells me in response to my repeated concerns
about the kids and her continuing to date these other men.

She doesn't like the word "date", she thinks of her
evenings and weekends out with them as "social outings".

I tell her it doesn't matter if they are just "social
outings"; it still looks bad and makes me look rather
foolish. That is to have her going out with them while I'm
usually home baby-sitting the kids that resemble and
probably were sired by men she goes out with "socially".

The other thing, she's never denied that she's had
regular bouts of intercourse with all of the guys she goes
out with on these "social outings".

The other thing is that I'm worried that our third
child won't look like me either.

About seven months ago, Kelly went on a three-day
cruise with my co-worker named Ed, who is a red head.
After the cruise, Ed also took her along with him on
several business trips. He travels a lot. I later
discovered she'd left her birth control pills home during
this entire period of traveling with Ed.

About a month and a half after her travels with Ed,
the next thing I know, she tells me we're going to have
another addition to the family.

Ed was the only man she went out with socially other
than me during this month and a half. Our sexual activity
during this time never did include me having actual
intercourse with my wife. Each time we had sex during this
time frame, she insisted on us either doing a Sixty-nine or
her jacking me off after I ate her out.

I believe I had normal intercourse with her about
three weeks before she told me she was pregnant. It turned
out to be she was two months pregnant then.

"Oh honey, I'm sure we had sex at least once. Any
way, you're my husband. I love you. You love me. This
child is ours and that's all that matters." That's what my
wife said to me after my attempt to accuse her of not being
inseminated by me. It was so difficult to continue to be
angry with her as she embraced and then passionately kiss
me. She placed my hand on her slightly swollen tummy as we
kissed. She later had me kiss her tummy after asking me to
tell her "I love You".

She has this incredible knack of calming me down, but
yet not actually denying my accusations. It's so
frustrating being married to a beautiful woman that I love
so dearly.

The proof that she's cheating on me is virtually
irrefutable. The other thing that I've been a bit shy about
discussing in this letter to you was the that my wife has
not only cuckolded me in a the most blatant ways, as I
described above, but that she has also been rubbing my face
in her indiscretions too. You see, on several occasions,
she has fed me the residual spent fuck juices of her and
these other men.

The first few times it happened, I didn't quite know
what the score was. After I found out, she still insisted
and extorted me into going along with her desire to have me
taste suck her creamy cunt, otherwise she wouldn't give me
oral sex.

If I didn't mention it, mutual oral sex is a mainstay
of our marriage. Since, well, since I'm not that well
endowed, oral sex is the main way I can please her. So you
see, doing it sixty-nine is just a natural for us.

When she refused to continue doing oral sex for me,
unless I do her with other men's semen in her was the worst
form of extortion a wife could do toward her husband.
However, I needed her and she was so persuasive and she
promised that it would be our secret.

I discussed the state of my marital affairs for the
countless time with her mom. The answer was the same. "Go
with the flow dear. And yes, my dear son-in-law, pun

She chuckled as she told me that she meant both flows.
The flow of other men's fuck juices from my wife's pussy,
as well as the state of our marriage.

"Hold onto your wife the best way you can and as
you've done all this time, that is, with your devoted love
and your probing tongue. You simply have too much invested
in this marriage to even think about breaking it up just
because your friends and co-workers are helping you out by
dating and fucking her. Besides, she really raves about
how good it makes her feel to have you eating their stuff
out of her pussy."

I looked at my mother-in-law wild eyed. Her explicit
language always seems to shock me no matter how many times
she uses it.

I also knew now that my wife was sharing our secret
with her Mom. I wondered if she was doing the same with
others, like the guys who were fucking her? I was too
beleaguered to worry about it, as my humiliation was
already great.

Mother Debbie, is my mother-in-law`s advice right for



************ mother DEBBIE'S REPLY **********

Dear Perplexed,

Not only is your mother-in-law correct, but you are
blessed to have such an insightful and wise Mom-in-law.

You're so right about not worrying whether your wife
has told these other men about you eating her gooey hair
pie they contributed to making. There are other more
important things for you as a husband to concentrate on,
specifically, keeping your wife happy and in love with you,
as well as your wonderful and growing family.

It's obvious your wife adores you. And as far as
your perceived humiliations, just think of those things
that you see as humiliating as compromises that are
necessary for any marital relationship to be a success.

By the way let me know about the outcome of your
latest bundle of joy.


Mother Debbie,

Thanks for the advice. I finally accepted that going
with the "Flow" - both of them - was the best compromise
for our marriage and me. By the way, both my wife, and our
new red headed daughter, are doing fine. My wife named
here Edwena.

Case #3

Dear mother Debbie,

I need your help on the situation in my 8 year
marriage. You see my problem is that after my wife goes
out with her friends several times a week, leaving me home
to baby sit our three little ones, she comes home and
always demand I perform oral sex on her.

"You're so nice to come home to baby." These are her
words she almost always whisper to me in a sensuous tone as
she straddles my head and plants her drippy cunt right on
my face.

The only problem is that almost all ways the friends
she go out with are men and she always comes back home with
a wet, slimy pussy that I know is coated with another
man's, or men's, abundant jism.

Now my family, and her's also, insist that there is
nothing wrong with her wanting me to do this for her.

"After all, you are her husband." This is the same
reply my mother-in-laws gives me each time I seek her
intervention in trying to curtail her daughter's lewd and
adulterous activities.
However, her Mother, and mine too for that matter,
encourage - actually insist - that I continue to be the
loyal faithful husband and please my wife in the way she
desires. The terrible thing is that I'm literally orally
cleaning up the mess other men have made in her.

However, I admit that they both of our Moms are
correct in that me doing that for her has probably
contributed to us being together this long. She claims she
loves me and is hooked on me being her snatch snacker. I
also realize that this is the only way I can please her,
but it does hurt to know that while she doesn't talk about
her infidelity with me, she also doesn't hide it in the
least. However, as you see, she literally rubs my face in
it and enjoys herself, at my expense and my honor too, in
the process.

I also don't talk about it to her either. You see,
it's so embarrassing for me to do so. Plus with me being
rather unassuming and reluctant to create any type of
controversy, doesn't probably help matters either. I always
tend to shy away from any type of conflict.

However, I do care for and love her very much. Our
three kids are very special to us both, none of which are
mine bilogically. They all carry my last name, but their
first names are all derivatives of their real fathers.

I need your advice mother Debbie.

Feeling Intimidated

************ mother DEBBIE'S REPLY **********

Dear Feeling Intimidated,

First of all, as I have said many times before in this
column, husbands like you should not see it as derogatory
or demeaning to suck out and eat the fuck other men have
put in your wife. Pure and simple, it aids your marriage.
You've so implied in your e-mail message to me. You should
do this for your wife. She enjoys it. It's the high light
of her love making with you. This is what you do best for
her. This is your finest hour when you lovingly put your
head in her crotch and tongue her where other's dicks have
played, spurted their fluids, soaked and luxuriated.

Yes, I have to agree with your Moms, that it would be
mighty foolish to break up an obviously happy marriage over
such trifles of her dating other men 2-3 times a week while
you stay home and baby-sit y'alls 3 kids. And now, let us
talk about the children, whom are special to both of you.
Your making an issue about her having had 3 babies from
other men for you two to raise is not a negative aspect of
her personality. It's more of an accolade of her character
as a woman who would rather embrace her responsibility as a
mother if she made a mistake and accidentally got pregnant.
On the other hand, if she intentionally got pregnant, then
you should interpret it as only a sign that while she was
emotionally attached to the baby's father, she chose to
stay with you, her faithful loving husband, and have the
baby call you daddy. In other words, she still chose you
over being with the baby's real father. For this you
should be exceedingly proud of her in both cases.

It would only make a marriage situation that is ideal
for you two, more troublesome, by you confronting your
loving wife with any of your above concerns. Obviously she
loves you. My advice, follow both of your Moms' advice.
Shower your wife with love and devotion and keep your mouth
busy licking and vacuuming her juicy pussy.


Case #4

Dear mother Debbie

I've got a bit of a problem. You see, my lovely wife
(Let's call her Ola) has been having an affair with several
of my co-workers and there doesn't seem to be much that I
can do to stop it. Let's name me Oliver for the purpose of
this e-mail message.

You see, she has encouraged them and even has them
over to the house frequently, always against my will.

I have tried to break each of the affairs up, but each
time I've come close to getting beat up. Yes, the men have
almost beat me about my own wife. Now it's to the point
that I'm too scared to interfere with them. As a result,
my wife, neither my co-workers, count me as a threat to her
adulterous activities.

To make matters worse, my boss is also having an
affair with her too. It's one of the worse kept secrets in
the office. I'm not sure the word "secret" can even
qualify here. He knows he's sharing her with most of my
co-workers and other managers in our small company.

He's let me know that he'd blacklist me with the other
companies if I try to leave the company or town..

I recently walked in on her with one of the guys from
my office named George. They were in our master bedroom at
the time. I went home at lunch time and caught him in our
bed in her. He was coming in her the same time I opened
the bedroom door and startled them.

Both of them were quite angry with me for ruining
their approaching orgasms. George jumped up and proceeded
to try and beat me in my own bedroom, in my own house,
about me interrupting him fucking my wife.

He probably would've hurt me pretty bad had not my
wife interceded and stopped him from attacking me. She
seemed to wait until he was almost about to hit me. She
frequently reminds me of saving me from his wrath.

Later after he'd settled down, she and George
demanded an apology from me.

As you can imagine, it's pretty unsettling to work in
an office when I know several of my co-workers, including
my boss, are screwing my wife.

I've discussed my situation with my mom and my Mother-
in-law several times. I'll talk more about that later in
this e-mail message. However, I've decided to write for
your advice on my circumstances.

I've just put our young ones to bed. My wife is out
this evening so I decided to take this opportune time to
try and describe my situation for your review and counsel.

It's sad to say, but my wife is essentially a whore
for these men in my office. No matter how hard I try, I
don't seem to be able to stop them from interfering in our
marriage. Part of the problem is that my wife has not been
as cooperative as I would like her to be about this
situation. However, her excuse is that she has a weakness
for handsome men who sport big cocks and know how to use

It's not unusual to hear people in the office
supposedly whispering behind my back about my wife and the
men in my office that are having an affair with her. I
know for a fact that many talks around the water cooler are
on that topic. When I walk by, everyone stops talking or
switches to another subject in which they can talk about in
a louder voice, instead of the hushed whispering prior to
my coming by.

The men fucking my wife like to make loud, but
indirect, reference to her in our open space, desk-to-desk
office area where I work. Only the managers have closed

Take this morning, for example. Charlie, one of the
marketing salesmen, spoke out in a not so discreet manner.
"Damn, my dick is hard. I need some pussy now. My old
lady wasn't in the mood last night. I guess I'm gonna need
to stop by and see the bitch, uh, you know who I'm talking
about, for some."

I knew, just like everybody else around him knew. He
was referring to my dear wife.

I say nothing, nor do I look up. I just concentrate
on doing my work. It's so humiliating for me to work in
this office, but my need for this job, has pretty much got
me trapped in this company.

An hour before lunch, Charlie returns to the office.
"Damn! She was good this morning. Her old man may have a
slut, but she's got some grade A pussy for an aching hard

Again I don't look up for fear of starring a sea of
eyes from other office workers. However, I feel their eyes
on me. I keep myself focused intently on my work and dare
not look away.

My boss allows me to go home for lunch. Actually,
he's insisted I go home for lunch each day. So does my
wife. I'm sure it's a set up between the two of them.
However, it's also saves us money too. We need it because
we have four kids. I'll talk more about them later.

My wife likes seeing me come home, not only because
she's a great cook and likes me having a solid meal instead
of fast non-nutritious foods. But she also has an ulterior
motive. Besides having a hot nutritious meal waiting for
me, she also has something else for me to snack on, her hot
hairpie box lunch that that usually needs a good suck out
after some big dicks have pumped off a load or two of
steaming sticky semen in her while I'm slaving away at

Today, I'm almost certain my after-lunch snatch snack
included remnants of Charlie's jism that he shot off in my
wife's juicy pussy earlier in the morning.

My wife is constantly offering me her pussy to suck.
She knows I'm too weak to resist doing that for her, since
this is the only way I can please her. Love is such a
double edge sword.

I do this because I love her, yet it also highlights
my lesser manliness as compared to her other lovers.

Well anyway, when I return to work, I always get asked
about how was lunch and if I had a smacking good time. If
I didn't know any better I'd think that these men knew I
was eating their sperm out of my wife's pussy. I hoped
that my wife hadn't revealed that much to them, even though
I was sure that was wishful thinking on my part.

Mother Debbie, here are a few examples of how I'm
treated badly by my wife. The following are my
recollections of conversations & talks we've had about her
disgraceful behavior:


"Oliver Honey, that was superb. Only you can give me
suck a satisfied feeling when you do that to my pussy." My
wife said to me after a particularly rousing bit of sex one
night not long ago.

"Ola, why thank you. That's the first time you've
complimented me on how well I humped you dear."

"Oh, er, I meant your tongue and mouth work darling.
As far as the other, I hardly felt you in me. However, I
must say, with the latex on, you do last longer before you
grunt and slump down. That's the only way I know when
you're finished and have shot off." My wife said in a
mellow tone, but a pleasant non-chalant manner.

I think she quickly realized that my ego was bruised.

"Oh, I hope I didn't hurt you dear? I'm sorry. Please
forgive me. I just thought you knew that the main part of
our love making is when you suck me out and lick me off."

"Oh that's okay Ola. Silly me, I should've known. I
don't know what I was thinking." I replied calmly, even
though with a bit of sarcasm.

"Oliver darling, just remember I love you, no matter
that you feel a bit put upon because I'm too weak to resist
letting the guys in your office fuck me occasionally. I
thought surely by now that would be all behind us and you
and them would be getting along fabulously."

"Ola, you just don't get it do you? Honey I love you
too. B-But they talk about you like a-a c-common whore.
A-And you know they do... b-but it-it doesn't seem to
bother you in the least. I-I have to take the brunt of all
t-their jokes a-and teasing." My voice was cracking as I

"Now, now baby, come let me hug you. You're getting
upset and over reacting."

Even though upset, it felt good being my adulterous
wife's warm soft embrace.

"Look honey, lets not argue over trivialities.
You know I get a certain thrill from you mouthing me and
sucking my juicy pussy. So what if it's a bit juicy from
other men helping make it that way? The important thing is
that you're doing what no other man has done for me, that
has to be important to you, isn't it?"

"I-I guess so, but..."

"No buts about it, It should be for the woman you
claim you love. Look sweetie, you do love me, right?"

"W-Well yes, but..."

"You promised to keep me happy as best you could.
Remember I put that in our wedding vows. Remember?"


"Oliver Darling, you're a hard working husband and a
very good provider for me and the family. A wife couldn't
ask for a better more devoted, loving and of course,
faithful husband. I wouldn't have stayed with you if you
were the type that couldn't be faithful to me."

"T-Thank you dear, b-but what about you being more

"Darling, being unfaithful mean being deceitful and
hiding what you're doing. You know I've not hidden one
physical act of lust that has occurred. You know I'm
always showing you my pussy when it's full of the cum the
fellows have given me."

"Ola I just wish you didn't insist that I suck you
after you've been all filled with their juices. It's so
degrading to..."

"Oliver honey don't even say it. I need you doing
that for me. It's not only romantic to have you doing me,
but it feels so good. You know there aren't too many ways
you can provide me comfort sexually. Anyway, think of it
as my cum you're sucking out, instead of theirs, You didn't
seem to have a problem with doing me when you thought all
that goo oozing from my pussy was mine. Remember all those
times before we got married?"

"Y-Yes I do. How well I do." I replied with a sigh.

"Dear, technically, after they shoot it in me, it's my
jism then, not theirs. I haven't had one man ever ask me
for it back."

I just shook my head in disbelief at her continued
insistence of jism ownership after it's been spent in her

"Oliver, it's simple, you know I'm weak for handsome
men with big and sturdy dicks. That's what it takes to
satisfy my natural needs. You know you can't provide me
the type of good feeling those men and their dicks can.
The fine thrill you provide me is different and unique.
That thrill comes from having a hard working good husband
sucking on my cunt where those other men's dicks have been
doing their part. When you're between my legs with your
head, you're just doing the same thing their dicks head
have done but in a different way. They gave me their cum
and you're taking my cum out. That's all."


"Darling you just don't know the superb feeling it
gives me to have you come in from a hard day at work and
spread my legs and have you putting your mouth on my wet
drippy snatch that another man has using most of the day to
give me his hot spunk. I just love sharing the experience
with you in this way. Darling and it adds another
dimension to it if those men are your co-workers."

"Ola t-that's terrible to say." I blurted out at my

"I say that Oliver because I think it should bring you
and them closer together. They all tell me that you don't
act so jovial about it as they do. I think it would be a
pride boasting thing on your part to hear the men talking
around the water cooler or in the john how good your wife's
pussy is and how many times they got off in me and gave me
their sperm. I'm really puzzled Oliver why you're being a
wet towel about all of this especially since you know I've
grown use to the service they're providing to our marriage,
not to mention the four wonderful kids that have been the
accidental products of my couplings with them."

"Yes! Eat my pussy out! Yes! Yes! Suck it! Suck
it, my hard working hubby! Be my cunt lapper! Do your
duty! Yes! That's it! Make me feel good! That's it! Suck
out the jism other men have shot off in my pussy! Clean my
pussy! That's it! Show them that you can make me feel
even better than they can and... and will clean up my messy
pussy too!"

After I'd tongued my wife to a rousing orgasm, sucking
her sloppy slimy pussy out rather well in the process, she
settled down from making the relatively loud and lewd
expression she made while getting off.

"I-I wish you wouldn't say those kinds of things while
I-I'm doing oral sex for you. Y-You just don't know how
degrading it sounds."

"Oliver darling, it sounds great to me. Loosen up.
It really turns me by what you're doing. I think it's good
for a wife to express her emotional feelings during good
sex. And believe me darling, when you soothe my snatch
with your tonguing, after a severe dick battering like the
guys give me, it's a super feeling. I just can't give up
expressing my feelings of love for you dear and the
exciting way you make love to me."


"Oh, I wish you didn't bring your pregnancies up Ola.
I still have bad dreams about your trips to the office and
seeing the fellows feeling your swollen tummy and groping
your heavy tits and congratulating me. They were
snickering as they congratulated me on becoming a new
father, knowing full well that one of them knocked you up.

"I really didn't think negative of them groping and
feeling me up dear. So what if none of them knew which one
of them caused my insemination. You just can't take a
little joke? I thought the guys were real sports to give
me the whole bet pool for who the real dad was."

"I HATE THOSE GUYS! All they seem to do is find a way
to abuse me mentally, and I suspect they'd like to do so
physically if given half a chance."

"Dear, it's a shame you and your co-workers don't get
along better. After all, we have four beautiful children
because of them".
Mother Debbie, there were just a few of the examples
of just how bad I'm being cuckolded by my wife. Now as I
mentioned earlier, here is the advice my mother and Mother-
in-law have given me.


"Baby, when she comes back to you and spreads her legs
after having been and looking well fucked, she doesn't feel
like any confrontation. All she needs and wants is for you
to prove yourself to her in the way she desires of you, and
you know by now what is required of you." My wife's mother
replied to my one of my many concerns about my wife
cheating on me.

As usual, I can only stare at her with a blank look on
my face. I'm always surprise at how she can say those
things with such a serious straight face.

"Yes my dear son, she wants you to not only lap and
lick her swampy sloppy snatch, but to use your lips and
tongue to soothe her inflamed pussy lips and to sop up all
that oozing cock cream. After all, she's been stretched
and trounced by big hard dicks and softening a steel hard
cock is no easy task. You should be compassionate to your
wife's hard working cunt and feel a sense of pride as
you're lapping and mouthing it for her." My own Mother's
reply cause me equal alarm, as I wonder why I even talk to
either of them about my wife or seek their help.


In summary mother Debbie, I guess a lot of the
situation is also my fault. I say I'm to blame because if
I didn't love her as much as I do, I wouldn't stay around
and be treated this way. Anyway, both our Moms have
severely criticized me anytime I have alluded to leaving
because of my ill treatment. Even though not mine, I do
have to think of the children too.

But the truth of the matter is that when she spreads
her legs before me. I'm captivated at the sight of the
expanse of her fleshy thighs, even though wet and slick
with leaking slimy juices from her oozing snatch. There is
a certain beauty she exhibits doing this, even though it's
to debase me as she guide my face to her hairy, messy, but
exotic smelling and gamy tasting crotch.

She often beckons to me with dreamy partially closed
eyes when she wants me to eat her pussy. She has a very
dreamy look on her face after being well fucked by her
"real men".

I feel very vulnerable to losing her, because I know
I can't give her the same kind of sex her other men give

I realize I have to give her a softer type of sexual
action in which my head, face, mouth, lips and tongue has
to compete with and where very robust dicks have been
before my face and tongue will now have to operate.

I remembered her mom's words.

"Sure your mouth is going to be in the same place
where another man's big stiff dick has been soaking and
spurting his manly jism. Understand that, accept that,
adapt to it, and most importantly, get use to it. This has
to become second nature to you.

"By not complaining, it shows your wife you're man
enough to know that you can best please and make her happy
by doing what you do best. That is, mouth vacuuming her
pussy after she's been had by another man, or men, as the
case may be."

Mother Debbie, my question to you is this. Is my Mom-
in-law correct? Is the best that I can expect in my
marriage? I await your response. Thank you for bearing
with me through this rather long message, which I didn't
mean to be this lengthy.
************ mother DEBBIE'S REPLY **********

Dear Oliver,

I first must thank you for sharing your circumstances
with my readers and me. At times it takes a long narrative
to adequately convey the details. You did a most excellent
job. The second, things are not as bad as you perceive them
to be. Everything is a matter of perception.

Not only is your mother and Mother-in-law right on
target, so is your wife about the relationship with your
co-workers. Instead of being all gloomy and sad because
most of the men in your office have fucked your wife,
including sired all y'all's kids, and are still fucking
her. Like she's told you, you should be full of pride that
you have a wife that is so well liked by your co-workers.
She has even aided your career. I say that because it
appears your boss has gone out of his way to keep you
around. Think of yourself as a key employee to the company
because of Ola and the fact that she has given so much of
herself to your company.

Oliver, get the stress out of your life. Accept your
role as a cuckold. It hasn't been near as bad for you as
the picture you've painted. By looking at things in a
slightly different light, as I've suggested above, you and
your marriage will get along fine my son.



C.D.E. (


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