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CDE 41 Competitive Affairs



Copyright c January 2001 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckold, M+/F, MF, Impreg, Humor)



Story: Competitive Affairs
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: A husband tells of his successful efforts to
keep wife-stealing studs at bay.

My wife Julie and I have been married for 12 years.
We have eight children and she is currently pregnant for
the eighth time. Yes that's number nine in the oven. One
of the previous seven pregnancies was a set of fraternal
twins, hence the eight kids.

Our family is rather large for a modern family, but we
are quite happily married and the kids add another loving
dimension to our relationship.

My wife and I, like many married couples, have had our
little differences and spats over the years, but overall
there is a deep love between us. Our marriage has even
survived her having several affairs behind my back. In
fact she's had over thirty-eight affairs since we've been
married. Seven of these affairs are responsible for our
eight kids. She has steadfastly refused to have abortions
after having been inseminated by other men. She's carried
all her illicit adulterous pregnancies to term. Hence, our
eight lovely kids.

She is also currently pregnant as a result of another
affair. This will be adulterous affair baby number 9 for

You might ask, how could she love me and have other
men's children?

I say easily. After all, if she didn't truly love me
then why would she come back to me carrying the result of
their lovemaking?

My friends have questioned me on this and they don't
seem to get it. I see it simply as a matter of me being
the better man. The man who wins her back after her other
lovers have failed in their bid to get her to leave me. As
a result, I get the baby, or babies as the case maybe,
after they've inseminated her. To me, that's proof of my
ability to win my wife back, even though they may have
seduced her. After all, doesn't it make a man look bad
when he knocks up another man's wife, and the wife returns
to her husband with that man's baby in her? In my way of
thinking it does. Well, I've made seven previous wife
stealers look bad and I'm working on number eight, but more
about that later.

Luckily, each time I discovered the affair was when
she was in the phase of trying to make up her mind whether
to stay with me or leave me for her current lover. As a
husband, you always have to be on your guard for such signs
of trouble in your marriage.

Since I use condoms as our birth control, I assumed
there was a condom failure when the first pregnancy was
made known to me. I of course was happy, and jubilant.
She then broke the news to me that it wasn't the condom I
wore that failed, but that of another man she was having an
affair with.

I was of course devastated by such news, as she
revealed the sordid details of her extramarital affair and
how she came to become pregnant.

"Honey, he simply swayed me into being his sex toy.
After the first one busted, he simply refused to use them
anymore. You know I don't like the pill either. Plus he
demanded I not use any protection and said he was intent on
taking me away from you dear. He wanted me to have his
baby. I was just overwhelmed by his charm and good looks

I looked at my wife as if she'd lost her mind.
However, I'd heard of men who can have that kind of
influence on women, who otherwise should be able to resist
their advances.

"Jason honey, I hope you understand. However, I see
you two as being in competition. I love both of you, but I
want to continue making love to both of you until I make up
my mind." My wife said softly as she held my hand.

The only good thing about her being pregnant was that
I at least got to put it in without those clumsy rubbers.
In fact, come to think of it, those are the only times I've
gotten her raw and wet is after other men have got her
knocked up. Well, anyway, back to my story.

Throughout our marriage, after each time she got
pregnant, She'd tell me almost the same story. However,
the theme boiled down to me being in a head to head
competition with her current lover at the time.

I knew what I had to do. I simply had to win my wife
back. I loved her too much to lose her. I'd never be able
to get a woman as beautiful as Julie to marry me again or
one that was so emotionally compatible as we were. I had
to resort to all the tools at my disposal.

In regard to the first affair and pregnancy, I knew
that my competition was quite a sexual athlete. Julie had
told me all about how well he was hung, as well as how much
cum he shot off and about his stiffness longevity. There
was no doubt, I knew that I had to pull out all the stops
to beat him out. There was one thing I knew, I didn't
think he knew. That is, that my wife loves to receive
head. Besides, I love eating her succulent pussy too.
With that combination, I was sure I was close to the finish
line before her lover even knew it.

She'd also revealed that he never licked her pussy.
I'm not that endowed in the prick department anyway,
so I'm sympathetic to the fact that my lovely Julie might
be swayed by a guy with a bigger rod - one longer and
thicker than my four and three-quarter inches - and who can
last longer than three minutes in her hot juicy cunt.

However, I was in a battle to win. To make sure of
that, I made sure I kept my face in her crotch as much as
possible during this period of intense competition with her

I even had to adjust to giving her head after she'd
come in from dates with him. She'd come in the wee hours
of the morning looking disheveled, well fucked, and put
away wet and sloppy. However, not to be deterred from my
objective, I'd go down on her time she came in. Yes, I
ended up tasting and eating her lover's residual jism still
clinging to her pussy bush and cunt walls. However, she
admitted, the orgasms from my mouthing her at these times
were supreme. She later confessed to me that she was not
only impressed by my willingness to go down on her used,
freshly fucked muff, but that it was so good to feel her
lovers thick oozing leaking sperm being sucked up and eaten
by me.

"Darling, it takes a special man to do what you've
done. Anybody can fuck a pussy, but it takes a special guy
to eat out a snatch after it's all gooey and creamy from
another man's cum. Darling I love you. You've proved to
me that I know you're the better man for me. I love you."
My wife said to me after she was entering her fourth month
of pregnancy with her lover's child.

She asked me to, and of course I agreed to accept the
baby as ours and swore that I'd make no difference between
it and any of ours, when we'd eventually have our own

She asked my permission to let her lover come to our
house so she could tell him it was over between them and
that she was going to stay with me. She wanted me there.

Victory is so sweet.

When he came over, he and I met for the first time. He
was quite handsome and well built. His grip was quite
strong. I even winced in pain after he shook my hand. I
took that was just a silly juvenile gesture of a defeated

My wife wanted privacy to break the news to him, so
she took him to our bedroom, while I was left out looking
at TV.

They were in there about an hour and twenty minutes.
I surmised from the moans and other noises emanating from
the direction of the bedroom, that they were having a last
goodbye fuck.

"Well, you won out you lucky devil. You get to keep
her and the baby I put in her." Her handsome stud said
snidely as he emerged from the bedroom hallway.
As he was heading toward the front door on his way
out, he told me "You can go tend to your wife now that I've
finished fucking her."

I quickly rushed to my wife. She had a dreamy look on
her face and was lying back with her legs still parted.
Her well-manicured bush was simply a mess. Her cunt lips
were well stretched, reddish, and oozing his thick milky
goo. Again I recognized the signs of her being well
screwed by her better-endowed ex-lover.

"It's over darling. I'm all yours again. You've won
me back. Come give me a victory kiss." Julie said as she
gestured for me to embrace and kiss her.

Her breath reeked of semen and her mouth tasted like
it'd been on her ex-lover's cock. But other than that, it
was a super kiss, made sweeter by the fact that I had
persevered and won her back.

She then required me to have one more taste of
victory, that is her slimy cunt as she guided my head
toward her sloppy sperm sodden twat.

During the next year, our married life was blissful.
We went through the joys of seeing her swell up even more.
We enjoyed the birthing class visits and finally the baby
was born.

The baby, a boy, was the spitting image of her ex-
lover. I went along with her wanting the baby's Christian
name derived from that her ex-lover's first name. The
baby's middle name was a combination of her ex-lover's
first names and mine. Of course, the baby was to carry my
last name.

Our first born was somewhere between six and seven
months old when I had suspicions, but no proof, that my
wife was drifting back into wandering from her marital

I didn't want to seem paranoid, but she seemed to be
spending an awful lot of times out with her girlfriends
while I was home babysitting our new son. She'd come in
the wee hours of the morning looking haggard and well, for
lack of a better word, used.

I also didn't say anything about the fact that I
suspected that I was sucking out what tasted a lot like
traces of another man's or men's jism out of her juicy
pussy when she straddled my face.

During this entire time she insisted I still use
condoms, which I hated. However to keep the peace with my
beautiful wife, I continued to use them.

She knew, as I knew, I was not in a strong bargaining
position in this marriage and would not be confrontational
with her. Well to make a long story short, it was deja vue
all over again. However, this time I noticed the slight
but perceptible bulge in her tummy, but waited for her to
tell me about the affair.

Also, when she confesses about the lover that's
recently impregnated her, she generally comes clean and
tells me about the men she's been with before him, that
didn't knock her up. These generally are all the men she's
had affairs or flings with since her previous pregnancy.
Most of them are new lovers, however, she was honest enough
to admit having rekindled the flame with a few old lovers
too. However, she also stated it was mostly a one night
thing with them.

She's also had affairs with the gas and water and
electric meter readers, several postmen and other
deliverymen, as well as the garbage men. She also
confessed to giving head to numerous policemen to cancel
out speeding tickets.

"Honey, I really don't count those as affairs, after
all it was to save us money." She said with an air of
seriousness during her confession.

I won't bore you, the reader, with further details of
her story, but just as in the past, I found myself in
competition with another handsome stud, number eight in
fact. As with all the others before him, he had the edge
over me in the humping department. However, like the
tortoise and the hare, I won out again without show or
flash, but by being a loving, devoted, and faithful husband
for my wife as she was evaluating whether to run away with
some other, handsome, sweet talking Don Juan, or remain
with the man that truly loved her. Of course, it doesn't
hurt to be willing to nurture her with good head and a
willingness to lap her well-fucked cunt, clean of another
man's semen.

Over the years, I began to wonder if the various studs
who knocked her up, were really serious about taking her
away from me. After all, we have a bunch of kids and I was
sure she wouldn't leave them with me, since she was so
crazy about them all. I suspected these home wreckers were
not into women with that kind of baggage. However, to be
on the safe side, I took nothing for granite. Besides, can
you imagine the child support payments I'd be making in the
event of a divorce?

As a result of my perseverance, endurance, and
persistent objective focus on doing what it takes to ward
off these wife stealing Casanovas, I have been successful
eight times already. Will I be successful in the future?
I hope so. However, in the mean time, we're going through
the joy of my wife's swelling motherhood and plans for
delivery of our next family addition.


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