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CDE 42 Souvenirs



Copyright c APRIL 2000 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckold, M+/F, MF, Impreg, D/s)



Story: Souvenirs
Author: C.D.E.

Zoe - wife Zackery/Zack - Husband

ABSTRACT: A beleaguered husband describes his bittersweet marriage.
In order for any marriage to grow and flourish, each spouse must
have a certain amount of space and freedom. Within the confines of the
marriage, the space that each operates in must be mutually accepted and

I have, by circumstances, learned to live with this philosophy,
in a reasonable, but less than wholehearted fashion.

Take for instance, the other night, my wife of 15 years, Zoe,
told me she's planning to have a baby by an old boyfriend of hers. We
were cuddled together in bed after I'd just finished making love to
her, the woman of my dreams.

"Zachary darling, you know I love you dearly. And I just want
you to know that because I plan to have his child or that he and I've
been secretly meeting and having sex for over a year doesn't mean I
love you any less." My wife, Zoe, whispered to me. "And darling, our
marriage won't be terribly affected that much by him getting me
pregnant, well not terribly much. Sex between you and I won't be
affected hardly at all, actually it will be enhanced because of our
sharing policy. You know how much it thrills me to share with you.
Plus when the baby is born, it'll just be another happy addition to our
family." She added, as she gave me more information related to her

I just listened. As you might've heard, a husband who is a good
listener is a key ingredient in any successful marriage.

I was very relieved to hear that her love for me would not be
affected by her affair and upcoming pregnancy. She let me know that
she'd already gotten off the pill two weeks ago and that they were
already working on the baby.

My wife knows me well enough now to know I try to not get
ruffled, but tackle any challenge or issue in a methodical and logical
manner. So I just continued to listen as she talked gleefully about her
and her old flame's plans of adding another addition to our family.

"And darling, he has no intention of claiming the child as his.
He's willing to let us keep and rear the baby as one of our kids, just
as long as he can visit us from time to time. He really is not into
parenting. He's already said that you'd be a better Daddy than him,
that is from seeing how you've helped in the raising our other 5

It was some solace to me to know that my wife's lover did have a
positive opinion of me as a family man.

"Zachary, I told him that I wanted the baby's Christian name to
be his first name or a derivative of it. Of course, the baby will carry
your last name."

I felt I'd listened enough, so I finally spoke when I thought it

"Dear, I can see you're happy about having this other man's baby.
However, don't you think people are going to talk and cast you, and me
too for that matter, in a bad light?"

"Honey, you know how I feel about what others say about us. What
they say is not important. It's what we feel for each other that is.
I married you not them. You told me when we were married that you were
man enough and secure enough to be the kind of warm, gentle, loving,
and respectful husband I was looking for. The only thing I'm concerned
about is whether you respect and love me. Do you?"

"Zoe Darling, you know I do... and you know I love you dearly. I
think I've proved that many times over the years. After all, I have
put up with you having 5 babies by other men. Speaking of that, do you
really have to have his baby? I-I suspect he's better at, er, well b-
better in bed t-than I am, but..."

"He is darling. You know I never mean to hurt you when I say
that, but remember darling, I did say that I wanted a large family when
we got married and you said you didn't mind."

I had indeed agreed to us having several children, however I
thought they'd all be mine. However, that was not to be.

My wife has this little quirk, I guess you can call it that. You
see, if she likes one of her lovers very much, she likes to have a
little souvenir of their relationship, which is usually a baby from
them. As you've read earlier, we currently have 5 kids. All 5 are
souvenirs of her various affairs with men she adored. I guess I should
not feel too badly about her wanting such souvenirs, it could've been
much worse had she had brought me souvenirs from every man she's had an
affair with. If that were the case, we'd have many more than 5 kids by

In regard to how we got to this point, early in our marriage,
actually a month after our wedding, we had a long talk about the small
size of my prick, and that she couldn't feel it when I put it in her
most of the time. She said instead of that creating a problem for her,
or us, she'd be content for us to sixty-nine as our routine manner of
making love. That is, we would mutually do each other orally.

"That way darling, we can still be intimate, express our deep
love for each other and avoid an annulment based on sexual

Even though not exactly what I wanted in our marriage, I was
rather relieved that she was satisfied with this arrangement. I was
really fearful she might want to dissolve the marriage due to the
inadequacy of my sexual equipment.

It was about two weeks later that while we were having sex, I
noticed a different taste in her luscious cunt. It wasn't an
unpalatable taste and actually gave her juicy pussy a richer flavor.

After we were settling down from our mutual orgasms, I happened
to mention my perception to her about how she tasted.

"Zack honey, I was wondering if you'd notice. I'm so glad you're
a husband that pays attention to the little things. A woman
appreciates that in her husband."

I was appreciative of her compliments since I work hard at being
a good husband for her.

Zoe went on to ask me if it the taste of the new foreign
substance was a turn-off to me. I not only assured her it wasn't that
bad, but that it gave her pussy a more full bodied taste.

"I'm so glad you found it to be that way." She replied. Then
she went on to ask me more questions about whether I would agree to do
her again if she tasted that way in the future? Did it take away from
our lovemaking? Did it leave me with a bad aftertaste? My answer to
each of her probing questions was "no". I was glad that I finally
satisfied her the taste was acceptable. She seemed to want to hold me
in suspense as to what the source of the substance was. Finally, she
revealed to me that she'd taken a lover to give her the satisfaction of
normal intercourse that comes from what only a "good sized man's penis"
could. She further went on to reveal that the new taste in her pussy
was her sharing the results of their sexual liaison with me.

Upon hearing the news I was totally shocked, dumbfounded and

"Zack Darling, it means so much to me to have you intimately
involved with what my lover and I do. To share the fruits of our
passionate sexual bliss is what any good wife should do for her husband
who can't give her the same good feeling that way. Please don't let
foolish pride get in the way of understanding what I'm saying here."

As I finally gathered my thoughts, I let my wife know that I was
having a difficult time understanding or accepting all she'd said, as
well as trying to isolate my pride as a man and husband from what she
was asking of me.

"Then darling, where do you think we should go with this
situation? Before you answer, I must tell you, I need other men with
bigger cocks for regular sex. I truly love you and crave your tongue
on my pussy. Every since I've been having sex, nobody has eaten me as
good as you do. In fact the fellows sort of stop kissing my pussy after
I was thirteen. However, I must tell you this, of all the men I've
even been with, you have a real talent for eating pussy."

"A-All the men y-you've been with? I-I thought you told me I-I
was j-just the second man t-that had ever seen your, er, seen you

"Darling, when a woman goes after the fellow that she really
wants, she may sometimes stretch the truth. I didn't actually lie, I
just didn't tell you the whole truth. What I really meant is that you
were the second man that I was really serious about, that has seen my
pussy. I guess we also might as well get this out also. I know you'll
be asking anyway. I've had sex with at least two hundred different men
since I was twelve."

"W-What! T-Two hundred! Y-You just turned twenty. T-That's a-an
average 0f-0f 25 different men a year." I blurted out sharply.

"See how you're reacting? That's why I didn't tell you the whole
truth before. You wouldn't have married me."

My wife continued to stress that she'd hid her past because of
her love for me, and that while she was literally rubbing my face in
her current indiscretion, it was also done to share her passionate
ecstasy while being intimate with the husband she truly treasured.

The next few days around our house was hell for me. Here I was
as deeply in love with a woman as a man could be, only to find out she
not only has a checkered sexual past, but that she's currently being
adulterous because of her needs for a "bigger sturdier cock" - her
words - which I can't give her.

I agonized and thought over our situation repeatedly. I talked
to her over and over again. The bottom line, she wanted both me as
well as other men's big sturdy cocks.

Our relationship over those few days was like a bad soap opera, a
really bad one.

"Honey, I still want you to share my experience with him." Come
to find out, "Him" was an old flame.

I later got a chance to see him at a company dance we attended.
He was quite a hulk. He was well built, well dressed. It was obvious
he had it over me any day of the week.

Zoe introduced us. His name was Mack. He worked in one of the
subsidiary divisions of the company I worked for.

He acknowledged that he and my wife had been an item at one time,
but that it didn't work out. He however, congratulated me as being the
lucky one to marry her.

"However, if you ever give her any cause to leave, you'd better
watch out as I'll be around to see if we can work things out this
time." He said in a jovial manner as he took his leave of us. I was
uncertain as to whether his words had the hint that he might be
serious. I was never the same the rest of the evening. Even though my
wife had told me earlier that they were having a sexual affair and had
already fed me some of his jism, I couldn't believe I was horrified
over losing my wife to Mack. I chided myself for being so much in love
with her.

She let me know that Mack didn't know that she'd told me of their
sexual affair.

"He doesn't want me back. He's just saying that to make me feel
good. All he wants is my pussy, which he basically gets whenever he
wants it." My wife whispered to me with a strange smile as I sat
looking bewildered.

During the evening I kept an eye on my wife and an eye out for

This was a company sponsored social event, so I had to spend the
obligatory time doing idle chatter with my boss and upper management.
Out of the corner of my eye across the room, I saw my wife and Mack

It was very awkward to leave the group of managers I was with at
that moment, especially since one of the division heads was inquiring
about a cost saving idea I'd proposed. I ended up being with him and
the others for almost 40 minutes before I could break away. Even
though I felt satisfied that I'd scored some brownie points with upper
management, I was worried what my wife and Mack were up to.

I cringed when I saw Zoe returning just as I arrived back at our
table. The reason I did so was that at an exit across the large room, I
spotted Mack, coat in hand and hat on, obviously leaving the dance.

I wondered if he'd had a chance to do my wife before he left.

The rather glowing look on her face was a dead give away.
As we drove home, she confessed that they'd snuck out to his car for a
quick suck and fuck. Without the least bit of shame she let me know
she gave him a blowjob, but he needed more, so he fucked her. He came
two more times in her cunt.

"He got off Three times! H-He really got off that many times?"
I stammered with a tone of surprise in my voice.

"Well it was just a quickie. If we'd had more times I'm sure he
probably would've gotten off a couple more loads. Anyway, you have to
consider it was sort of uncomfortable in the back of his car, even
though it has a big back seat." My wife said.

I know I had a look of utter surprise on my face at what had
occurred. I knew I could only dream of doing what her lover had done.
I felt sad and downtrodden. I became slightly more depressed when she
further revealed - gleefully I might add - that she got off four times.

"Honey, you seem a bit sad at this. I thought you'd been happy
for me getting off that many times. I really feel good."

"I-I guess I-I am Zoe, it-it, er, well I-I just wish I-I could be
the one doing it for you." I replied softly, glad that it was dark and
she couldn't see my watery eyes as I drove.

I wasn't sure if she intentionally did it, but she ended up
telling me more than I asked for when I inquired if it was common for
some of her previous boyfriends and other men she'd been with to make
her get off multiple times.

By the time we arrived home, her litany of examples where her
former sex partners had routinely gotten her off multiple times left me
feeling not only inadequate as a man and husband, but also enervated.
My wife never failed to mention their penis sizes either. It seemed
the smallest man, other than me, was more than twice the size of my
much smaller tool.

After hearing all she said, I was for all intensive purposes
wondering if Zoe deserved me, let along me worrying whether I should
stay with her.

As she prepared for bed, I got a drink and lingered in the den
for a while, deep in thought about what I should or could do about what
was happening to me.

"Zack honey, come on to bed. I need you darling." I heard her
say as she surprised me and brought me out of my mental stupor.

"Oh, I-I thought you were still getting ready for your shower. I
hadn't heard the water running."

"Silly, you know I showered earlier." She cooed softly.

"B-But you a-and..."

"Yes we did darling, and very well I might add, as I've told you.
No dear, I didn't wash away the traces of the ecstasy of our liaison,
because I wanted us, you and I, to share the moments he and I enjoyed.
This will be our special way. That is, with your tongue in my pussy.
If you love me, you will do this. Do you really love me Zachary?"

"Z-Zoe you know I-I do. B-But it-it's so humiliating to k-know
that I-I'm doing this. It just seems..."

"Darling, I don't think you're being humiliated in the least.
However if you think so, I must tell you that the experiencing of
humiliation, whether perceived or real, shows strength of character.
It's a sign of not being selfish or self centered. It shows that you
do what others may see as unpopular for the good of yourself and the
ones you love. Therefore Zack, your perceived humiliation and real
love for me are not in conflict, just the way my love for you and
desiring you to lick me after other men have used me is not in

My wife's words were so perplexing and yet so simple in their
meaning in my mellow state of being slightly tipsy. She could see that
I was trying to sort out her statements.

"Honey, you've admitted you like the taste of my used pussy. I'm
just giving you what you like and I need. Don't fight it. C'mon with

I remember my wife leading me to our bedroom. After helping me
undress. I remember her positioning me so I found myself with my face
tightly pressed in the juncture of her creamy white thighs and my
tongue eagerly lapping the heavy syrupy wetness from her very slimy
heated love nest.

Before pulling my face to her I heard her mention something about
pulling out a pussy plug she'd used to contain her passion fuck gravy
for me.

The next morning, Zoe was very alive and pert and I'd never seen
her more radiant or beautiful. She hugged and kissed and praised me
for being the husband of her dreams. Her adoration sent my self esteem
through the roof, as I basically knew that I was not going to leave my
slut wife, but stay and accept her on her terms, after all, I was the
inexperienced one anyway.

It didn't take long for me to become use to sloppy seconds, or
should I say, eating sloppy seconds. She started out just feeding me
Mack's abundant loads of spent jism. However, in about six months, she
revealed that she was sexing two other old boyfriends, and therefore
was also feeding me their passion juices too.

When I tried to put my foot down to let her know that she'd gone
too far, she just smiled at me.

"Zachary darling, what's the difference if you're tasting one
man's love juices in me, or three?"

I stammered and waffled trying to come up with a logical reply.
Even to my own self what I was saying didn't come out right or make
total sense.

"Nice try, but admit it, you can't come up with a decent reason.
Honey the real reason you're concerned about the other fellows fucking
me is simply silly pride. Remember, we talked about that before. The
only pride you should worry about is that of being a good husband for
me. Darling, you're doing your part in this marriage, that's all that
counts. We both love each other and that also is all that counts. Now
lets kiss and forget all about your macho pride getting in the way of
keeping my pussy pleased."

It felt good to embrace my wife. However, it barely seemed to
ease my mind about her dating and feeding me her cummy creampies made
by three other men.

As time went on, I often wondered as I was orally loving my new
bride, if a better endowed man's dick would always pave the way for my
tongue and love making. Would I ever have my wife again without
someone first putting his sperm in her? Little did I know how
prophetic my thoughts were at that time.

As I grew into my role as an accepting cuckold, our marriage was
on a steady course and was essentially conflict and argument free. Even
when my wife told me she intentionally got pregnant with the first
souvenir baby by Mack, she pretty much knew I was going to go along
with her desire to have our first child sired by another man.

As with her extending her list of sexual affair partners from one
to several, and feeding me the jism of multiple men, the same
philosophy applied to her having more than one souvenir baby for us.

It was when she got pregnant for the second time that we had a
most serious discussion about this subject.

"Zack Darling, we both want kids, what difference does it make if
they're yours or by one of my lovers? You know us women like for it to
be a special, as well as a good fuck when we get knocked up. I don't
want to sound mean or for it to be a put-down, but you know where you
stand in that department."

I could only cringe and blush in frustration at my wife's words.
I said nothing in reply. What could I say? She went on.

"However, if you do love me like you profess and want to show me
you're not selfish, then you really shouldn't care how many kids I have
by other men, because it gives you that many more opportunities to
exhibit your love for me."

"Z-Zoe it just doesn't seem right. I-I'm basically just cleaning
up after your lovers." I said to my wife.

"Zachary! How dare you look upon our sharing in such a sordid
manner. You are not cleaning up after them! You must not look at
things with such a negative perspective. Honey, when you lap and suck
up theirs and my mingled passion gravy, you are not only showing me
that you love and respect me as your wife, you're also proving that you
are man enough not to be intimidated by bigger dicks being in my pussy.
Any wife would be overly proud of her husband demonstrating that he is
not insecure with having to contend with bigger cocks shooting off in
his wife's cunt. When you put your head where their cocks have been,
it's proof positive you love me. It also shows you're going to pull
your weight and let me and the other man know that you're still the
husband and that you have a say in what goes on in this marriage. Your
sucking shows you're not going to passively sit by while another man
with a bigger penis does all the work in pleasing your wife. With your
tongue you're going to please me in a way he never can. And darling,
remember always, I'm very proud of you showing me you are man enough to
not put silly pride before doing your duty as my loving husband."

Zoe was so persuasive in illustrating how I wasn't thinking
positively about my pussy sucking role, I actually did feel better
about my self-esteem after we talked. It's so good to have a wife that
gives you the mental boost when you need to get your ego up.

After that talk, when I put my face in her steamy, gooey, matted
hairy crotch, and feel her clamp her shapely thighs around my head,
while I lovingly lick and lap her wet leaking raw red vulva, swallowing
gulps of she and her lover's slippery "passion gravy', I thought of
myself as a dutiful husband giving her pleasure no other men ever
could. I had to admit, it's more pleasant than considering myself just
doing pussy clean up.

### END ###

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