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Archived Sex Stories

CDE 43 Investigation and Interrogation



Copyright October 2001 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckold, Humor, D/s, M+/F, MM, MF, Inter,



ABSTRACT: A couple is raped on their honeymoon. The new
bride desperately wishes to catch the culprits. Her new
husband is aghast at the extent his new bride will go to
investigate and interrogate suspects.
In a land, far, far, away from reality, this story takes

Mother Kane-Lora's mom


"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN! I've been on my back all
day gathering evidence! You think I've been having fun
giving my pussy to 10, not 3 or 4 or 6, but 10 big black
dicks, all day while you were at work?"

Lewis had expected some vehement discussion from his
wife, but nothing like what was being dumped on him. He
just stood and listened to his angry wife.

"You've got some nerve to come in here and tell me
about how messy the house is after all the investigation
and interrogation I've been doing today! Why I bet you
didn't stop over at a peep show to suck one black dick on
the way home did you? I've told you if we're going to
catch those three bastards, we'll have to identify them by
their dicks. What better way for you to get a lead on
possible suspects than offering free head at peep shows and
adult theaters around town."

Lewis started to mumble, but his assertive and
beautiful wife cut him off.

"You don't have to say a damn thing! I can see the
truth on your face. You really aren't serious about
defending my honor as your wife. Are you?"

"Lora, you know better than that. It-it's just that,
well you know... I-I'm getting quite a reputation as a
white cocksucker, no matter how I disguise myself in the
black section of town. Several of the men already tell me
their dicks get hard when they see me, especially my lips.
I'm telling you darling, there has to be a better way.
I've swallowed so much..."

"DAMN IT! Lewis, will you stop complaining how much
cum you've had to swallow. Hell! When you come close to
the amount I've eaten, then you can complain!"

"I-I'm sorry Lora. I-I apologize for making you
angry. I-I promise I-I'll stop by and suck some cocks on
the way home tomorrow."

"That's better honey. Who knows, you might get lucky
and identify one of them. To show me you're serious and
not just putting me on, promise you'll make up for today.
Let's say you try and do at least 20 tomorrow."

"T-Twenty! I-In one evening? W-Why that'll take..."
As he looked in his wife's eyes and saw the frown forming
on her beautiful face, he stopped speaking and knew what
reaction to expect from her if he didn't appear to be more
proactive in the direction he knew his wife desired.

"O-Okay Lora. I give up. I'll do as you want. I-I'll
try to s-suck at least 20 dicks to see if I can identify
any of the rapists."

"That's the spirit darling. Actions speak so much
louder than words. sucked dicks show much more sincerity
than excuses. As I said, and you know the detectives
agree, it looks like the only way to track the rapists is
to examine their pricks close up when they're erect and
then see how well they fit in our mouths and my cunt, as
well as how much jism they spurt, and also the taste of it

Lewis quietly cringed at the sound of the word
"Detectives". He said nothing but continued to listen at
his irate wife.

"Don't get angry with me honey when I blow off steam
like that. You know it's just because I'm so distraught
over being raped. You know this is serious to me. That's
why I took a vow to not have straight intercourse with you
until we find those devils that raped me and you and
humiliated us both. No dear, we both must be diligent and
unwavering in our pursuit of them."


As Lewis made his way home the next day filled with
22, not 20, loads of hot sticky gooey public dick scum shot
off down his throat, and not one recognizable dick in the
bunch of black men he sucked off, he lamented about his
plight, and what he saw as a futile search for the men that
raped he and his wife 6 years before.

He was so tired of sucking strange black dicks.
However, to keep his wife happy and keep those damn
detectives off his back, he had been blowing black dick
after black dick every since the rape incident.

His wife, Lora was insistent that they not give up in
their search for the men who had raped her repeatedly and
made him clean her up repeatedly, as well as the dicks of
the men doing the raping. Lewis had considered himself
raped too. That is since the men came in Lewis's mouth and
got aroused at his licking and lapping and sucking cleaning

Lewis also had plenty of blame to issue around as to
his wife not giving up this very unusual search for rapists
that Lewis had a strong hunch were from out of town.
Especially, since what part of the tags he saw as their car
sped away, their car was from out of state.

The other thing that pissed him off were the black
detectives who interrogated them after the rape.

The detectives and other policemen, all black, have
encouraged her in the perverse manner she's going about her

Any objections by Lewis caused him to be lambasted by
his wife and the law enforcement officers for not wanting
to track down the rapists.

Incidentally, these same detectives wanted to clear
themselves as suspects of this dastardly crime, therefore
they offered to fuck his wife to demonstrate their
innocence. Lora, his wife, to Lewis' total surprise,
gladly accepted their offers. She also, as well as they,
indicated that it was mandatory that Lewis participate too.

When Lewis tried to decline, he was again, severely
chastised by his wife and the detectives for not doing his
part in attempting to contribute to bringing the rapists to
justice. He was castigated as less than a decent husband
not to help her out in this cause as well as the manner in
which the investigation was being conducted.

A black prosecutor and a black judge, who'd heard of
the case, and who also were friends of the investigating
detectives, also sought to get involved and offered to
clear themselves as possible suspects.

Lewis's wife gladly accepted their offers, to her
husband's shock and chagrin.

"Honey, the detectives are right. We must try to
recreate the way things happened when the rape occurred.
This is necessary and we must accommodate them, no matter
if there are 14 them of them or how hard or big their dicks
are. Besides, I have committed us and if you don't stand
by me, that would only prove what the police men said
earlier about you."

"W-What? About me not being a good husband because
I've objected to the..."

"No, darling, not about your status as a husband, but
as a man. You see honey, a real man would stand by his
wife, no matter that he'll have to eat a little of other
men's sponk from her snatch or lick and suck on those same
men's dicks if that's what it takes to defend the honor of
his woman. You do want to defend my honor, don't you?"

"Of-Of course I do Lora, b-but..."

"Then that settles it, I expect you to do your part
just as I'm going to do mine. Now don't fret a bit honey.
I know you're full of anxiety about all this. I
understand. I understood and respected you when you did
what you had to do during the actual rape. I'll respect
you now as you suck my pussy clean of the men's cum
tonight, as well as when you tongue and suck their dicks
clean also. And honeybunch, don't worry about the guys not
respecting you tonight as you suck up their leavings in my
cunt, or when you put your mouth on their pussy-slime
coated members. They'll have a much higher opinion of you
even if they don't say so."

"T-They will?" Her husband replied, literally
mumbling and stammering simultaneously.

"Of course. If anything, they'll respect you much more
when they actually see you in action slurping their frothy
spend from my cunny. And when you have their tools under
tongue, your esteem will really rise, especially if you do
a good mouth cleaning and cause them to get hard and spurt.
Dear, if you get them all to coat your tongue and throat,
I'll sincerely know you're behind me 100%. Now lets stop
chattering and get ready for our guests."

Lewis tried to respond, but his wife walked briskly
away before he could muster up enough strength to speak. He
heard her humming happily in the bedroom as she eagerly
prepared for the sexual encounter with the prosecutor,
judge, and other black detectives who desired to clear
themselves as possible suspects.

The group gangbang of his wife was a spectacle that
poor Lewis had never imagined could've happened to him.
There were 14 men total that came to clear themselves by
coming in his eagerly receptive and beautiful bride.

The judge and prosecutor were first and second in line

After fucking Lora and encountering resistance from
Lewis when it came time for him to lick the black judge's
large, wet, pussy slime coated black dick and balls - the
same way as he had to do the rapists - Lewis was threatened
with a contempt citation, by his Honor, for obstructing

"Just imagine how many dicks you'll be licking in jail
for 30 days, if I issue this citation." The judge told him
as he looked at Lewis, who was horrified at the thought
that he could be incarcerated. He was also terrified at
what the judge said about the other prisoners making him
suck dicks anyway.

Lewis accepted the lesser of two evils and dropped to
his knees and went down on his honor. Besides licking all
the fuck slime from the magnificent black penis, Lewis also
got an honorable wad of hot cum shot down his throat.

Lora was very pleased at her husband for his actions.
Lewis wasn't happy at all, but recognized that the powers
to be that were against him.

With the rapists Lewis only had to deal with licking
and lapping clean 3 slimy dribbling dicks. This time there
were 14, not to mention the extra time he spent tongue
douching his wife's fuck inflamed pussy clean of the 14
men's heavy loads of semen.

Needless to say, his wife was quite tired after her
sexual interrogation of the 12 policemen, the judge and the
prosecutor. Lewis was not only tired but also full of the
group's lusty outpouring.

As he drifted off to sleep later that night, Lewis
pondered if the group thought he'd proven himself as much
of a man as his wife had lead him to believe.


Lora has a 36C-23-34 figure on a 5'2" frame, is
redheaded and has enticing sparkling bright hazel eyes. In
simple terms, a very beautiful woman with a bouncy walk
that will get most men hard as she passes by.

Lewis on the other hand was just shy of being a nerd,
but he was a nice guy, who Lora came to be intellectually
and emotionally attracted to. Lora also became enamored
with Lewis because he was easy going and appealed to a part
of her personality that seemed thrill with having her way
and controlling things. Lewis didn't know it, but he was
ideal fodder for her utilization when she had a mind to be
in a bitchy dominating mode.

Lewis, of course was overly thrilled just to be
associated with such a lovely girl even wanting him to
associate with her. Therefore, he virtually went along
with whatever she desired of him. He also found her witty
and intellectually compatible too, which further caused him
great joy.

During the steady dating phase of their relationship
and prior to becoming engaged, Lora only let Lewis kiss her
lightly on the lips, nothing else. There was no tongue-to-
tongue action, and the light lip pecking only started after
about 6 months into their steady dating.

Lora was insistent that any other intimate activity
had to wait until the relationship matured. Lewis was of
course additionally excited that not only was a beautiful
woman attracted to him, but one with high moral standards

Lewis worked hard to save up money for the single
carat diamond to put on his beloved Lora's hand. She
accepted his proposal and they became officially engaged 12
months after having been steadies to each other.

A wedding date was set for a June wedding.

During their engagement period, to Lewis's delight,
the couple's level of intimacy increased. Lewis got his
first French kiss from his beautiful fiancee. Lewis was
also hopeful that the relationship would also include sex.
It did, but not exactly what he was contemplating.

"No Lewis darling, we must wait until our wedding
night to fully consummate our bond to each other, however,
in the meantime, we can do other special things together
that will serve as, well as sort of appetizers to that
special event." Lora said to him after he got up enough
nerve to proposition her for some.

The "other special things" Lora had in mind, while not
totally to Lewis's liking, he went along with. The part he
didn't really like, but found enjoyable, was her jerking
him off, which was usually after he lapped and licked and
tongued he luscious cunt to a rousing orgasm or two or
three. He'd only heard of eating pussy before, never
really performed it for anyone. He found it very easy as
well as pleasing to do for his beautiful fiancee. It was
especially thrilling to see her writing in pleasure caused
by the actions of his tongue. It made him feel macho to
have given her such a pleasure and to see her response and

Pussy licking and mouthing her also appealed to Lewis
because he had some, no, a lot of doubt, as to whether he
had the right equipment in his pants to satisfy a woman,
especially one as beautiful as his red headed Lora.

After discussing it with her, he was very relieved by
her assurance that his small cock would not cause her to
love him any less.

"Lewis darling, my love for you is not based on such a
silly thing as the size or measurement of your penis. I
can find ways to get around that. If I need to get the
feel of a bigger cock, I can always get a sex toy or some
other way to get that urge taken care of. The only thing I
want from you is that you'll honor, love, and respect me,
no matter what, for better or worse. Oh, and one other
thing, that you'll never stop sucking, licking, or lapping
my pussy, whenever and however, I want you to do it for me.
Is that a sworn promise?"

"Yes! Oh yes Lora, for better or worse, I solemnly
swear and promise to love you no matter what."

"That's so nice of you Lewis dear. But what about my

"Oh, of course darling, I'll put my mouth on your
pussy and suck and lick and lap you whenever you need or
want me too. You can count on that Lora darling. Yes, I
most certainly swear and promise to do that for you."

Lewis was besides himself with joy and delight that
such a beautiful creature wanted him so much to extract
such commitments from him. He just knew this marriage was
going to be so blissful. What could go wrong? He thought
to himself.

Lewis and Lora's wedding was a beautiful affair and
all went well without any glitches.

The first leg of their honeymoon was to a remote
coastal location where many newlyweds went. The scenery
was breath taking and there was lots of land and space
between each of the modern log cabin suites in the complex.

The site was Lora's idea. Lewis wasn't thrilled with
the isolation of the resort complex, but the serene
location and privacy would afford the newlyweds the long
awaited opportunity to explore each other's bodies and
delight in each more fully sexually than in the manner they
currently did. Lewis was definitely anxious to put it in
his ravishingly beautiful new bride.

He'd dreamed so long of placing his cock where his
lips and tongue had only delighted in.

It'd been a busy and long day for Lora and Lewis. The
wedding, the reception, a three hour drive, and dinner were
all out of the way. Lewis, even though tired from the
activities of the day was running on nervous energy as he
awaited his opportunity to slip into the comfort of his new
wife's juicy warm pussy.

The two were on the verge of retiring to bed after an
especially savory dinner at the resort's restaurant, which
had been a 2 mile drive away. Each cabin in the complex
were a quarter mile apart, which afforded each guest real

The bright white and very revealing lacy bridal
lingerie that Lora wore only fanned Lewis's desire for his
new wife.

Lora knew that her new husband desired her greatly and
had been teasing him with kisses and suggestive actions all
evening, before dinner and especially now that they were
about to share a bed formally as husband and wife.

Just as the chiming clock struck on the hour, there
was a knock at the door of their cabin suite.

"Ignore them, they'll go away." Lewis said as he was
beginning to take off the lacy but flimsy negligee his new
bride wore.

"No honey, it might be important." Lora replied in a
serious tone. "We have plenty of time for what's on your
mind." She added with a wink and a peck on her new
husband's cheek.

Again Lewis attempted to proceed with undressing and
his new bride, while assuring her ignoring the knocker,
would be all right.

"No Lewis darling, it may be an emergency." Lora
replied in an even more serious tone.

Reluctantly and quite irritated, Lewis quickly hopped
out of bed and walked swiftly to the door in the hopes of
dispatching the knocking interloper.

As he swung open the thick wooden door, what greeted
him was totally unexpected. In rushed three men wearing
ski masks. One was holding a gun in Lewis's startled face
as the other two rushed through the door and straight to
Lewis's new wife.


"Lewis, I understand you did all you could. That's
behind us now. Now we have to find these despicable men
and cause them to get their due punishment."

"Lora, the police have assured us that they are
working as..."

"That doesn't mean we can't do our own investigating
and help them out. Besides, the police don't have as much
incentive as we do in locating these horrible criminals."
Lora injected quickly, cutting Lewis off mid sentence.
Besides, both of those nice detectives agreed with me,

"I know they did dear, but s-still the police are
better trained to investigate such..."

"DAMN IT Lewis! The three had you suck their dicks
and swallow their big hot loads. Didn't that upset you?
And just look at how they used me like some gutter slut.
Didn't that get you angry? They used me over and over
again, then had you tongue clean me up between fucks.
Didn't that bother you? Or did you like doing that for

"N-No of course not. I was just as angry as you were
Lora. They made me do that for..."

"It doesn't matter now Lewis darling, but I have to
admit it was different to have you sucking their gooey cum
out of me. It really made me have more intense comes than
when you ate me without a messy pussy. I also have to say
you did look cute sucking on their big black dicks. The
way your jaws were bulging really added to it all,
especially when you were swallowing their stuff."

"Lora! H-How can you say a thing like that?"

"Just a factual comment darling. However, I must
admit, their big hard dicks got me off so many times, I
lost count. It was traumatic and degrading what happened
to us, but the sex was good for me, even if it wasn't
planned the way we both wanted it to happen."

"I-I wasn't sure if y-you really were pretending or
not, that is the apparent orgasms you seemed to be having."

"No Lewis darling, they weren't pretend in the least.
With the equipment those three had and the way they used
their tools, it was all real. They really got me off in
ways I never dreamed of. As I said earlier, your mouth
made me feel even better than usual too."

"You really held my head tight. My ears really hurt
from you pulling me to you so hard."

"I know it's naughty and maybe a bit perverse, but it
felt good holding your head to my dripping pussy and
hearing the sound of you slurping up their sperm."

Lewis, silent and unbelieving at his wife's comment,
was not amused.


"I understand how you feel having to watch her have
sex with all those black men, but as long as you know it's
for a good cause then that should put your mine at ease.
Even though it may look like she's having fun and enjoying
herself, nothing could be further from the truth. Any
woman can tell you it's hard work opening her legs and
getting fucked by as many men as Lora is screwing. You
should only have adoration and praise for her."

"I-I never thought of it that way, mother Kane."

"Also, I've been meaning to tell you that you should
not feel the least bit of humiliation or shame just because
Lora is pregnant for the third time with some strange black
man's child. You are the perfect daddy to the other two, I
don't see why a third should change that. I know you love
the first two so I see no reason why you shouldn't provide
the same love and concern for this one."

"I-I will, b-but when I-I learned she was g-going to
have another baby . a-and knowing I wasn't the father . I-
It sort of got to me... Y-You know... Knowing that she's
still sticking to her promise to not let me have any until
we bring the rapists to justice."

"You have to admit, her goal is noble, even if
somewhat uncomfortable to you dear."

"You're right about that. However, I-I wish y-y'all
would try to change her mind. S-She knows I'm dedicated to
catching those rapists the same as her. B-But two black
babies a-and her being pregnant again, all within 6 years,
a-and m-me only being able to suck up after others have had
her... a-and having her jerk me off or pulling myself when
she's not around or in the mood or too tired...It-It gets
to me sometimes." Lewis was distraught as he stammered and
spoke in a broken voice and with incoherent grammar.

"I fully understand dear. You know, I hadn't thought
of it before, but your mother and I could help out by
beating your meat for you. I don't know why we didn't
think of that before."

Lewis didn't like her idea at all, but his Mother-in-
law called his mom and the two dominant women, quickly
contacted Lora on her cell phone. After a conference call
among the three women, Lewis discovered much too quickly
that his mom-in-law's idea had been accepted unanimously.

"Lewis, we three have all agreed on this, that as of
now, you are never to jack off without permission or
supervision from one of us." His mother-in-law said in an
authoritative tone.

Lewis could only stare at her in disbelief as he
absorbed the impact of her words.

Lewis had reason to dislike the black detectives who
encouraged his wife in her quixotic search. One of the
detectives named Jake, and several of the other black
detectives, literally came to Lewis's house anytime they
wanted, often pushing past Lewis when he answered the door.
Upon entering, they made a beeline to Lewis's very
attractive wife and openly groped and felt her up in
Lewis's presence. Lora always accepted their gestures of
affection smiling all the while. Lewis could only cringe -
mentally and physically.

In the case of Jake he had somewhat of a special
reason to visit, after all, one of Lewis's and Lora's son's
resembled Jake's facial features quite a bit, even if the
kid was more coffee colored and nowhere as dark as Jake.

The couple's other child strongly resembled the black
county Prosecutor.

Lewis did mention one time to his wife about her
having kids when she hadn't even let him put it in yet.
However, she interpreted his comment as him harassing and
mentally abusing her. She threatened to tell the
detectives, who were constant visitors at their home, and
in their bedroom and in Lora too.

"Lewis, I can't take such mental abuse from you. Yes,
I've mistakenly and accidentally gotten pregnant and had
the babies of these men you mentioned. But honey, don't
you see, it's all for a good cause. Not only was it for the
effort of finding those rapists, but it also took care of
my sexual needs in the process. If anything, since my vows
are sacred to me, you should be happy that we have a way
for me to ease my sexual frustration while at the same time
pursuing this investigation."

"I_I understand your sincerity Lora dear, but what a-
about my sexual frustrations? Y-You could at least let me
put it in when you're pregnant?"

"Lewis! What kind of husband are you to not help me
keep the sworn vow I made? That shows a lack of backbone
on your part to not help me keep my word of not letting you
put it in until we catch those dirty rapists. Until then,
you should be more than willing to beat your meat and be
satisfied with what we two are doing. A devoted husband
would make the sacrifice and be satisfied. Besides dear,
it's not like we aren't getting the family we wanted."

"Lora, you know it's been awkward for me, but the
babies you've had. T-they've grown on me a-and I-I've tried
to be a loving father. B-But..."

"And you have sweetie. I couldn't ask for a better
daddy for my babies. But go on." Lewis's wife

"I-I guess I should say thank you. But Lora... and I
know this is a s-sensitive issue with you, b-but you have
to understand the humiliation I'm going through as I face
others, especially with other men, black men at that,
sexing you all the time and us still being married."

"Darling, I am sensitive to your perceived
humiliation, but as I strive to catch the scoundrels who
abused us, I must stand by my sworn pledge not to share sex
with you in the usual conjugal manner until those rapists
are brought to justice. As long as you know my intentions
are honorable, you should not be concerned about the
perceptions of others.

"I-I see. Y-You really are taking a hard stand on
this." Lewis lamented in a dejected and pathetic tone.

"Lewis darling, we all have to have something that we
stand for. I want to stand for justice. I don't think
you'd respect me if I didn't. Just as I wouldn't respect
you if you hadn't been man enough to suck all the dicks
that you have. No dear, we both must continue to make
sacrifices, even if my sacrifice means me getting all the
sex I need in our quest to find justice, and you being
limited to jacking off, sucking other men's dicks to
identify them, as well as the many loads of cum from my
used pussy, and also being a good daddy to any of my
accidental pregnancies."

"Oh Lora, I-I wish you weren't so graphic about my
situation. I-I respect you too, but I-I just wish there
was another way. If we never catch the rapists, I-I'll
never get a chance to put it in."

"Lewis, you can't think that way. It's defeatism in
the worse way. You must have faith. But to alleviate your
worry, don't fret. When I'm satisfied that there doesn't
seem to be any chance of us catching them, I'll let you
have some through regular intercourse. But until then, I
must keep my sworn vow not to give you some that way."

For the countless time, Lewis was spellbound at his
wife's resolute tone.


"Dear I don't know why you have such a negative
attitude about the detectives. They've gone out of their
way to help us find suspects. They not only tell you what
part of town are good spots to go and offer free head, so
you can inspect dicks - that is, as you suck them off -
and taste their cum to see if it's similar to the taste of
the semen they shot off in your mouth. You should be
thankful to them for their help instead of trying to fight
them. I hope those few hours in jail helped you see that
you should change your poor sourpuss attitude."

"T-They just did that to further intimidate me. T-
They just want to shame m-me even more. T-They've also
threatened to make a record up o-on me a-and report m-me to
m-my boss if I-I don't do as t-they tell me. P-Please y-
you've got to t-tell them not to do -t-that just because I-
I don't do everything t-they t-tell me to do. I-I can't
just g-go around s-sucking e-every b-black man's p-penis t-

"Stop right there! Do you love me or not?"

"O-Of course I do Lora, b-but..."

"No buts about it Lewis, the way I see it, if you love
me, you'll do what it takes to protect the honor of your
wife. The woman you supposedly love. Maybe you need to
look up the definition of love. Here let me show you what
it says."

Lora walked over to pick up the dictionary near by,
while Lewis stood by speechless and stunned that his
beautiful wife was seemingly indifferent to his feelings or

"Listen at this darling, "Love is the unselfish loyal
and benevolent concern for the good of another", unquote.
So when you say you love me, it should mean that you aren't
concerned about selfish things but what benefits the one
you supposedly are in love with. Are you still in love
with me?"

"W-Why yes Lora, b-but y-you c-can't j-just..."

"Then case closed! That means that you will do what
it takes to be loyal and benevolent for me, and do so in an
unselfish manner. My love for you must also show the same
benevolence and unselfishness toward you. To do so, I see
it as my duty to help you show the utmost love for me, as
well as help you overcome your selfish pride. I'll do so
by encouraging the detectives, to keep on encouraging you.
It may take a while, but you'll get rid of your silly
selfishness and instead focus on the things you should be
concentrating on. One of them is interrogating every black
dick you can find. I'll do this because I truly love you
Lewis, and want you to show me the same type of deep love I
have for you."

"B-But Lora..."

"And speaking of selfishness, look at me. I've had
two black babies and am pregnant with a third, in my quest
to find those horrible rapists. If I can give that much of
myself, I don't see what possible excuse you could have.
And by the way, don't even mention the "A" word again. I'm
not a killer! I accidentally got pregnant pursuing a just
cause. So I feel no shame or remorse for delivering and
being the mother of a third beautiful coffee colored

Abortion was the furthest thing from Lewis's mind at
that moment, since it was far too late for that. But his
wife's raising of the subject just added to the overall
confusion that he was drowning in at the moment.

"No, Lewis, I will not stop the two detectives from
giving your file to your employer if you stop cooperating
with them and me. That's final. You have to get your act
together or be ruined professionally, which will ruin our
family too."

Lewis was still standing looking bewildered at his
predicament. As he thought it all over, he didn't see
himself coming out on top at all. His wife in supporting
the black detectives and their cohorts meant that all the
cards were stacked against him. He knew he had to go along
with their program.

"Lewis, I really do understand the strain and tension
this whole unfortunate situation has placed on our
marriage. However, there are times when you have to pay a
price to achieve justice. In our case, yes we are paying
quite a price, but as I see it, we are also being rewarded

"We are?" Lewis reacted with a surprised look on his

"Our kids, honey. That's our reward."

Lewis said nothing, but remained silent.

"Lewis, I know it's hard on you when the detectives
come by to fuck me when you're here in the next room." His
wife said in a softer tone as she embraced her beleaguered
spouse. Lewis, even though very upset about things that
seemed to be out of his control, enjoyed the intimate
closeness of his adulterous wife.

"Sure, they may want you to suck their dicks from time
to time, while I'm out interrogating a group of dicks
they've found for me. But look at it this way, they
deserve a little bit of relief from us. They have needs
too, and after all, they've been such a big help to us in
finding possible leads."

"I wish they weren't so helpful." Lewis replied
softly, but curtly.

"You just find it hard to accept help don't you honey?
But no matter, I'm still proud of how well you've adapted
and become more enthusiastic since we first started our

Mentally, Lewis thought the proper word should be
'coerced, intimidated, and beaten into submission' in lieu
of adapted.

"But Lewis darling, the guys do keep me stretched and
well prepared to take on those big black cocks that I have
to interrogate in my cunt. Also, their dicks also keep you
proficient and in top form too. Remember, the more you
suck dicks regularly, the less chance you have of choking
on a heavy load of jism if a suspect comes sooner than when
you expect him too."

Lewis, while resigned to being a cocksucker for his
wife's cause, didn't totally feel comfortable discussing
this subject with her, even after all that had taken place
between them. He changed the subject of their

"L-Lora, there's something I've been meaning to ask
you about."

"Sure darling, what is it?"

"I think the detectives are pimping you out? After
all, it is a bit suspicious that I hear them talking about
setting you up for a party. A-And the other night I
overheard one of them same say something like "$50 a man
with unlimited shoot offs in the whore" - those were his
words too, and I-I suspect he was talking about you."

"He was darling. But, he's doing that for a front,
like when you send somebody undercover. However, there is
money paid by the Johns, or men, who want some of me. It
also gives me the opportunity to interrogate all the dicks
at these events they set me up for. The money is secondary
to my main purpose of chasing leads, but we do split the
proceeds equally. Of course they deduct out of my share
any expenses that might be incurred in setting up such an
operation for my benefit. I thought that only fair. I
usually clear about $15-$20 for each man I suck or fuck."

Her husband was shocked once more and stone silent at
her revelation. He was literally dumbfounded when his wife
further revealed her "interrogative" whoring activity had
been ongoing for some time - dating back to 6 months after
the rape.


Lewis and Lora continued the quest to find the rapists who
seem to be elusive as ever. Lewis was still hopeful that
the quest would end soon, one way or the other. That is
with them finding the rapists or his wife declaring the
search over. However, his wife Lora seemed more focused on
the search for more dicks to interrogate, than anything

### END ###
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