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CDE 44 Rape And Marriage



Copyright c JANUARY 2002 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckold, M+/F, NC, MF, MM, Inter, Impreg)


TITLE: Rape And Marriage
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: A newlywed couple get an unexpected wedding gift from the bride's parents that's exhilarating for the bride, but far from that for the new husband.

Husband-Kevin Rhonson
Wife-Karen Rich Rhonson
Mother Rich - Wife's mother father Rich - Wife's father
"A lesser man would feel jealous and panicky, that is,
knowing his wife was out with another man, or men, and
having wanton, unbridled unprotected sex with them. While
he, the faithful husband was home with an aching throbbing
erection because his wife hadn't given him any for a few
days, or weeks, because she was too busy putting out for
other men, many who may be strangers. And then when she
does open her legs for her husband, she wants him to lick
and lap and suck where so many had recently placed their
throbbing dicks and left their slimy masculine deposits.

"After orally attending to his wife, the husband, may
find his wife requiring him to wear a rubber sheath,
thereby prohibiting him from enjoying her hot, wet, and
raw, on a prick skin to soft wet pussy flesh basis.

"Additionally, the wife may also come home inseminated
by this other man, or men, and present the baby to her
husband as his and her child.

"However, a very secure man would not flinch a bit,
but accept all I've described in the knowledge that his
love is unselfish and that the love his wife has for him is
not based solely on physical endowments, but strong
emotional bonds. Yes, Kevin, others may fuck and fill her
cunt many times, but you should be comforted knowing that
others can't take her away from you just because they can
fuck here better, or even if they knock her up with child.
Her love for you will still bring her back home, even with
the other man's child that she will deliver and add to your
growing family, composed entirely of children she's had
from her affairs with other men.

"The mere fact that others will clearly see that you
didn't sire any of your kids, will send a very strong
signal to other men that your marital bond is too strong
for some home wrecking stud to break up. Sure, the stud
may convince your wife to add his offspring to your family,
but by him not being able to convince her to leave you or
break up your marriage, now that's true love Kevin. That's
what Karen can give you as your wife."

I recalled my mother-in-law's words of wisdom that
were told me sometime ago right after my marriage. They
were a bombshell to me then, and as I ponder them today,
they still have a similar effect as they did when she first
spoke them.

However, I've learned to live with and accept the
conditions of my marriage. I do still love Karen a great
deal, even though she and I have had to deal with the
consequences of her urges to fuck big brawny, well endowed,
handsome men. Whenever she gets a yearning to risk
pregnancy by fucking them unprotected, and almost always
feeding me their fuck juices from her messy sloppy snatch,
I do my part of helping her to deal with her wicked
craving. I lay back and let her grind her wet mucky semen
soaked pussy over my licking sucking mouth. I grip her
gyrating bucking hips just the way I know it pleases her
and feast on her oozing cunt smothering my face.

After she settles down from her very exhilarating
orgasm or two or three, which she usually has, as a result
of my tonguemanship and suckmanship, we talk very earnestly
about the foolish irresponsibility of her actions as well
as the wickedness of her wanting me to eat her messy and
very spermy creampie she and her illicit lover, or lovers,
or strangers, made for me.

Many times I know this is all the pussy her
temperament will let me have, so I live with it and make
the best of things.

However, after she settles down, I really chide her
for being so wanton, sexually salacious, and humiliating me
in the process, her faithful, even if under-endowed
husband. Call it tough love, but I do what I have to do to
make her realize that she has to take accountability for
her actions.

"Thank you darling. You are so understanding Kevin, I
don't know what I would do without you. Your pussy sucking
is therapeutic as well as has a birth control effect too.

I know her condition has grasped her again, when she
has me helping her get ready for another night on the town.
I hate getting her all dolled up to go out with some big
dick stud, but I know it's useless to try and stop her when
she has the urge. The best thing to do is let it run it's
course and support her in any way I can.

I often get some early warning of when her condition
starts to kick in. It often happens up to a day or two
before she gets ready for her dates.

The first sign is messages from strange or familiar
men calling to speak to her or leaving messages for her.
Generally, the ones who leave messages are those that know
me. Many of the messages are rather graphic and lurid. I
couldn't believe the gauss of one of my co-workers named
Lance. He gave me the following phone message to give to
my wife.

"My pole is hard as iron. I need you to get the
stiffness out. Come by as soon as you can, or call me,
I'll pick you up."

As you can discern, her men friends don't afford me
much respect.

Reader, please forgive my rambling as I tell this
story. I guess I need to give you more background about my
situation. A good place to start is after our wedding, when
my new wife and I started out on our honeymoon.


"K-Karen, I-I can't believe y-you're taking this so
calmly. Y-You've been raped by 6 men... a-and their p-
penises w-were so big. Y-You're don't e-even seemed tired
o-or upset"

"Somewhat tired, but very, very relaxed and very
contented, Kevin darling. That's what happens when big
pricks meet a hot juicy pussy. Besides, did you forget you
also were a partaker of those rock hard boners too? You
really looked cute with one in your mouth and up your rear
together. You really seemed to handle yourself very well
to be a virgin cocksucker and to have had your virgin ass
pussy cherry busted."

"P-Please Karen. I-I had no choice. I-I admit I was
scared and terrified. I-I was still shaking so bad that's
why I-I suggested you drive. I-I also did it to protect
you, since they said that if I-I submitted to them, they w-
wouldn't hurt us, especially you. I-I just thought they
were a bunch of rough gays. I-I was surprised that they d-
did you too."

"You really proved your love for me tonight darling.
I'll never forget that you sucked six big dicks, including
three black ones, and got fucked up your ass by four of
them. You really took those big rods with little trouble.
You sure you haven't been getting shagged before?"

"K-Karen! H-How can you joke at a time like this! Of
course not. The reason I-I took them so easy was the
proctoscope exam. Remember the physical your folks
insisted I take? I went to the doctor this morning, just
like they told me I had to. Your father insisted I go. He
got the appointment. He wanted me to go before we left on
our honeymoon, a-and this morning was the only time the
doctor could work me in. T-That's where I went this

"Daddy has always been a health nut. Well in this
case, an ounce of prevention was truly worth a pound of

"It was?"

"Yes. If you hadn't been properly opened up and lubed
by the doctor, those big beautiful cocks would've had you
really hurting back there. You only seemed to be more
embarrassed now more than anything else."

"I-I guess that's one perspective. But seriously
Karen, d-don't you think w-we should report this to the
police or something? Like I said earlier, s-since it would
be too embarrassing to include w-what happened to me, w-we
could just report what..."

"Kevin darling, it's either both of us or neither of
us. I don't want my name splattered all over the paper as
being a rape victim. Besides, their big dicks were a nice
bonus for the start of our honeymoon. It isn't every day a
new bride gets a free gang bang as a wedding gift."

"K-Karen! H-How can you joke about..."

"No joke, just fact."

"B-But y-you've been telling me for the last year and
a half t-that size d-didn't matter if-if two people loved
each other."

"That's true between you and I. Your size doesn't
matter to me because you have so many other good qualities
I need and want in a husband, not to mention your tongue.
As long as you work your tongue and lips on and in my pussy
the way you do, and suck up my pussy cream, "your" cock
size is immaterial."

Kevin winced at his new bride's emphasis on the word

"S-Since you mentioned t-that. K-Karen, I-I wanted
to-to tell you that your p-pussy, a-after they h-had
intercourse with y-you, looked, a-and t-tasted, a-and even
smelled the same way as it does when you said it was that
way because you were thinking of me sexing you with my
mouth. I-I don't know h-how to say o-or ask this, b-but h-
have you b-been honest with me about..."

Kevin, choked as he tried to finish the very
embarrassing statement, as he was bothered immensely at the
answer he might get, but it was a question that he knew he
had to ask. His new bride helped him out.

"I was wondering when you'd get around to that. No
Kevin darling, I haven't been honest with you. I've been
letting you eat other men's semen out of my fucked pussy
for the whole time you've been pleasing me with your mouth.
There, now I've said it. I've been honest about those two
things. This is good for us to get our marriage started
with a clean slate."

Her words made me sick, not physically, but
emotionally. After all, I'd recognized the taste of cum
after the first thug creamed down my throat. I was too
scared to get sick, especially when I thought about how
similar it was to the substance I regularly sucked and
swallowed form my lovely fiancee's wet, reddish and
slightly swollen cunt lips. I thought originally it was
just a coincidence until the rape thugs had me clean her
well fucked pussy orally between the fucks they gave her.

"K-Karen, h-how could you d-do this to me? D-Do you
love o-or care for m-me a-at all?"

"It's because I love you so much is the reason I fed
you my gooey snatch made that way by men who don't love me
the person, as opposed to me the easy piece of ass. Your
innocence and naivet‚ just made me emotionally love you
even more than I could any other man. You see, my deep
love involves making sure you will give me unselfish love.
That's the only way I can feel a deep emotional loving bond
to the man I want to be my husband. Your virginity and
lack of sexual experience set the stage for me to help you
become the husband of my dreams. So you see my love, what
I did, I did for us and to bond us closer."

Virtually speechless, I sat silent as I recalled all
the many times I'd pleased my new wife orally, before our

After a while I broke the silence.

"K-Karen, h-how many different m-men are we talking

"Oh, at least, uh, over a hundred. That is, while we
were dating and engaged. I guess you might refer to me as a
slut, honey. I have a hard time turning down big hard
dicks when they are offered to me."

I again went silent for a few more moments. She was
driving at the time. I also noticed something of a slight
smirking smile on her face, in the dim light of the
vehicle, as she peered into the lighted darkness of the
highway. She then broke the silence.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"K-Karen, y-you can't expect u-us to stay married a-
after all this."

"Why not? You still love me, don't you?"

"W-Well yes, b-but, oh, I-I don't know. S-So much has
happened today. It-It's not every day one gets married,
raped, and find out his new bride is a slut who has been
feeding him her fuck juices mixed with that of over a 100
men over 15 months."

By this time we were pulling into the driveway at
Karen's parent's home. It'd only been eight hours ago
since we'd departed there to begin our honeymoon. We
decided to return to Karen's home since it was relatively
close and would give us a place to regroup, compose, and of
course clean up after our ordeal.

I told my in-laws everything, as best I could, in a
factual manner. However, to my surprise, Karen, my new
wife, constantly chimed in with words that praised our
attackers' cock size, longevity before coming, and the
amount of semen they produced. She did so with alacrity
and cheerfulness in her voice, rather than with any
indications that she'd been terrorized and brutally raped.

I, to say the least, was very displeased at her

"Kevin, I understand you not wanting it to be known
you two were raped, but it is a bit unfair for Karen to
carry the burden of that without you doing the same.
However, Kevin, if they catch the scoundrels, it'll come
out anyway." Karen's mother said as she sipped leisurely
on a drink.

"That's right Kevin. However, since you two raped
lovebirds can't come to agreement on reporting the incident
to the police, and neither of you were really harmed, why
not just forget about it. Now why don't we all get some
sleep and look upon tomorrow as a new day." Karen's father
said as we sat around the kitchen table partaking of snacks
and drinks.

I didn't like the idea or could believe Karen's
parents took this whole incident so calmly. However, I was
too tired and frustrated to do anything else other than get
some sleep. I was really upset that my new wife seemed to
relish what had occurred.

After retiring to bed, I couldn't quite settle down
mentally. I considered asking my new bride for sex, but
she quickly took care of that for me.

"Kevin darling, it's a shame you didn't get some first
before the guys, especially since I'm just too tired now.
Goodnight darling, I'll take care of you tomorrow. Okay?
And don't look so downtrodden and looking like you've lost
you last friend. I'm your wife now. I love you despite
all the things that have happened. We're going to start
with a clean slate so we can get this marriage off to a
good start. Anyway, get some sleep, I have some more good
news about us tomorrow. Good night, I-I'm soooo tired."
Karen was fast asleep in a few seconds as I looked down
upon her beautiful enticing form.


I was awaken early by Karen's father and asked to come
to the kitchen for a talk. He did so in a way that didn't
disturb his daughter. She didn't seem to notice as I
slipped from the bed and went downstairs.

Karen's mother was up too. She'd prepared a hot pot
of coffee.

"Morning, my new son-in-law."

I returned my new mother-in-law's greeting.

As I took my first sip of the hot coffee, I wondered
what was behind this meeting.

To my utter surprise, I would soon find out in a way
I'd never imagined.

My in-laws told me they wanted me to watch a video
and explain a few things to me, while Karen was still
sleeping. It was then that Mr. Rich pressed the VCR remote
and the tv screen lit up with scenes that instantly looked
rather familiar to me. After a few moments, it hit me like
a rock. It was a videotape of me and my new bride being

Bewildered and speechless, I had all sorts of
questions as to how they'd gotten such a tape. It took me
a few moments to settle down. I was very disturbed and
devastated at the explanation given me.

"Yes Kevin, it was dirty of us to have six men rape
you two, on the day of your wedding, especially before you
even got some of her first." Mr. Rich, Karen's father

"Yes it was Kevin dear, but it was the only way we
knew to give you the incentive you needed to stay married
to Karen after you found out the real truth about your new
bride, our daughter. We weren't worried about Karen being
fucked by a strange group of big dick men. We knew she
could handle that many dicks and more as well as what the
guys had in their pants. However, we didn't mean for the
biggest cocks to fuck you, only the smaller ones, at least
that's what the men promised my husband. Isn't that right

"That's right Kevin, but they told us your ass was too
good looking to pass up, especially since they got their
dick heads in so easily. They said after that, it seemed
like your ass was made to be fucked. Once that was known,
your ass pussy became a cock magnet too. You aren't queer
or have been fucked before have you?"

"Of course not! Mr. Rich, your having had me go take
that morning physical at the doctor in the early morning
was all part of the plan wasn't it? That is to take an
enema and get my ass hole stretched under the guise of a
colon exam. Wasn't it?"

"I told you this kid was sharp, didn't I?" He said
directing his words at this wife, all the while wearing a
wide grin on his face.

"He is very perceptive. An excellent quality he'll
need as our son-in-law. Kevin, we knew you were the right
man to marry our daughter. You two hit it off so well.
You were logical, rather reserved, and in a word just plain
nice." My new bride's father said as I sat astonished and
shocked at what had recently been revealed.

True, I wasn't physically hurt in the rape, but more
ashamed than anything. After all Id swallowed 8 hot heavy
gooey slimy loads of jism and been fucked up my ass 4

I was so dumfounded that everything had been
videotaped for the rapist's clients, my in-laws.

"Yes Kevin dear, you were ideal for our Karen in so
many ways, especially your naivet‚ and acclimated taste for
used drippy pussy. You were the answer to a prayer,
especially after you were willing to be content with just a
peck on the cheek for several weeks, then a French Kiss,
then a cunt kiss, and later a cunt suck, rather than
demanding to get in her pussy, like almost all her dates
did, and usually on their first date." My new mother-in-
law's words kept me speechless.

"Yes Kevin you were indeed a blessing to us. The real
reason is that we wanted to make sure our little girl was
properly married if she ever got the urge to have babies by
the well endowed men she likes to fuck. You see, her
mother and I knew that sooner or later she or some uncaring
low life was going to force the issue and demand she get
swollen to prove her love to either him or his big dick.
Men who are hung generally think they're not bound to any
one woman, especially one they talk into letting them knock
her up."

"My husband's right Kevin dear. We knew it would just
be a matter of time. Our daughter is somewhat of a tramp,
but we wanted her to be properly married and have a "nice"
husband who could be a helpmate to her should she starts
such a thing." Mrs. Rich, his mother-in-law didn't bat an
eyelash as she spoke and characterized her daughter,
Kevin's new wife, so negatively.

"Y-You c-can't mean s-she'd do that t-to me besides t-
the other t-thing that she's..." I was finally able to
speak, but stammered badly in response to all this new heretofore
unknown information.

"Not only can, but has done. Yes Kevin, besides
feeding you her juicy pussy, which had other men's fuck in
it 99% of the time, we're going to be grandparents and you
a daddy. You married a pregnant tramp, our daughter. She
let us know, hasn't she told you yet?"

Upon hearing this more devastating news, I stood
straight up, and not knowing what else to do, slumped back
down in my chair. After all, so much had happened to me
in the last 24 hours. I felt a twinge in my rear as I sat
down. An obvious reminder of the big spurting dicks that
had been in me over the last 24 hours.

"Kevin, you're a logical fellow. One who is a careful
thinker who analyses things before he acts. We're counting
on your good judgment to see that our daughter's problem,
is one that'll have to run its course. You know, burn
itself out. I know she'll be able to overcome her little
malady with you by her side as a loving caring spouse."
Karen's Father, Mr. Rich spoke in such an endearing tone.

"Yes Kevin, Karen is a good girl. Her only problem is
that she likes to put out, and I really mean put out, to
men who are hung and basically see her as an easy piece.
It thrills her to be an easy piece."

"My wife is right Kevin, our daughter is still going
through a stage where her sexual hypersensitivity was
higher than normal during puberty and hasn't come down to
the more modest levels one would expect for a young woman
her age. The best thing to happen and come along in her
life, and she admits it frequently, is you. She sees you
as someone to help dampen this anomalous lusty streak in
her makeup."

"It can be a mean streak at times, in her otherwise
gentle nature. She adores your innocence and caring
affectionate nature. It's also the reason she wouldn't get
off any for you - that is, wouldn't let you put it in - and
only let you eventually lick her muff, for the time you two
were steadies and engaged." Karen's mother spoke in a
serious tone. However, the slight smirking grin on my
father-in-law's face didn't set well with me.

I could only look at them both in wonderment.

"She told us every time she fed you her used, oozing
juicy snatch. She knew it was wrong, but it thrilled and
exhilarated her so to know that you, Mr. Nice, was eating
another man's `fuck slime' - her word's Kevin, not ours."
The same smile, now on Mrs. Rich's face, was no better.
Kevin could only hang his head in despair at what had
happened, and was happening to him.

"Yes Kevin, we know you to be a person who weighs the
facts and looks at things in a clear light. We see you as
a new husband that knows he's no where as endowed as the
men his new bride is attracted too and almost always has,
or will have sex with. Now that she has bitten off the
forbidden tree of getting pregnant by such men, she at
least has a loving husband to bring the babies of her
adulterous sluttish fucking home to. Being her helpmate
and in love with her too, you must be prepared to accept
her activities and forgive her by accepting these babies
your own, without probing interrogative questions. People
who love each other don't point fingers at each other, and
they never fail to forgive each other, as many times as
necessary." Karen's father said.

"Yes Kevin, you must not be too proud to accept and
love babies your new wife will have by other men. You must
accept them as your own children and raise them as such. My
husband and I see you as an honest upright caring husband
that won't stoop so low as to let the innocence of the
babies brought to you, hinder you from being secure in your
manhood or from performing your husbandly duties and
obligations for babies delivered by your wife." Mrs. Rich

"Yes my son, we see you as very secure in your
convictions of love for our daughter and just can't
envision you not doing the right things. Things such as
not being overwhelmed by teasing tormenting rumors that
your close friends, co-workers, maybe even your bosses
and/or church members are fucking your lovely wife and may
even father a few kids for your growing family." Mr. Rich
spoke again.

"And Kevin, even though she's a very nice girl at
heart and in general will be a great wife to you and
mother, her pleasure of humiliating you a bit will be too
much of a temptation for her to resist. It's mean of her
to do so, but you'll have to adapt to her not so secret
lovers and studs knowing that she'll probably demand you
wear a prophylactic when she's not pregnant and that you'll
always suck her gooey snatch, especially after she's been
out on dates. As you might suspect, they more than likely
won't use rubbers whether she's pregnant or not. And Kevin,
other women for you are not part of the equation. If you
do, we're prepared to use this video to ruin you if you
cheat on our daughter. You see, we'll edit out all the
parts about her and it'll just show you pleasing a bunch of
big dick men in a leisurely manner." Mrs. Rich spoke in a
very straightforward manner that had an imperious tone to

"Kevin, if nothing else, being married will help you
get over being jealous. You can't get hung up over others
fucking her. Maybe jealous of another sucking her cunt
after it's fucked and filled, that is, unless someone gives
you some competition in an area, otherwise that you should
be the sole master of that domain." Mr. Rich said.

"And Kevin, after the first couple of kids, you'll
lose all remnants of insecurity at not helping make kids in
your wife. You'll become less sensitive as others populate
your wife's womb and your family for you." Again, Mrs.
Rich's words may have been well meaning, but what she said
and that look on her face made me cringe, as well as very
red in the face.

It was at this point that Karen walked in and joined
in on the strange, on-going conversation.

After discovering her parent's scheme that had been
perpetrated upon us, Karen was elated and thanked them for
such a wonderful gift. She also told me her planned
surprise, which now had been revealed earlier by her
parents. In a cavalier manner, she proclaimed she thought
she knew who the father was, but will be sure when the baby
is born.

Her parents didn't seem the least bit surprised. It
seems that I was the only one that was shocked.


As we re-started our honeymoon the next day, I could
tell my ass was feeling more normal. I wish my in-laws
hadn't done this to me. sucking 6 men's dicks was bad
enough - I wonder why so many? I guess they were right.
With so many, I did get relaxed and accepting of what the
men wanted of me. Apparently, it showed on the video.
After the second iron hard cock was thrust in me, it didn't
appear I was offering much, if any, resistance. Hence, I
guess someone could easily get the impression I was a white
sissy queer, willingly giving up head and ass and letting a
group of well-hung black dudes pull a train on me.

If I didn't want to be ruined professionally, I had no
choice but to be a good husband to my new slut-bride.

I know it's useless to resist having my wife straddle
my upturned head with her adulterous sopping wet cunt,
slimy, and drippy with viscous fuck fluids of another man,
or men, as she scrubs and rubs my face with her snatch. I
do what she desires of me. I simply lick, suck and

However, I have to admit, I've become acclimated to
the taste and the delight of hearing her moan and get off
because of my tongue action. I've tried to convince myself
that I don't enjoy being smothered by used pussy. A pussy
that many others fuck and one I suck more than I fuck.
However, I keep wondering why I get such a strong erection
as I tongue clean the oozing creamy spent sperm of so many

After Karen had her fourth baby from one of her many
lovers, I finally resigned myself to being a daddy for
other men's kids, but never the real father of children
bearing my name. I lamented at the time it was taking for
my wife's sluttish streak to run it's course and burn
itself out - her parent's prediction, remember?

On the other hand, My wife's philosophy doesn't seem
to have a timetable.

"Kevin honey, The only way I see to get men to stop
hounding me for some, is to put out and fuck them until
they're too tired to want more."

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