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Copyright c May 2002 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckold, M+/F, MF, FemDom, Impreg)



C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1

My "Workbook Series" will be a collection of my
incomplete/partially developed story ideas and plots, that
for one reason or another, I never got the inspiration to
do more with or finish. Some are lengthy. Some are short.
I'm posting them for readers who enjoy Cuckold/FemDom genre
stories and prose. Otherwise, they'd be gathering
electronic dust on my hard drive. You may find the wording
terse, and scene transitions and endings rough/abrupt.
Remember, these are "draft stories/ideas". Who knows, in
the future I may revisit these workbooks and develop some
of these ideas further. Enjoy!

C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1
Story IDEA-48-1: A Nice Fellow

"I don't know how many guys I'm going to fuck before I
let you put it in. But for right now, I just want you to
prove yourself by sucking my cunt." These are the words
Alice told me in reply to the same question I'd asked her
several times in many different ways over the last 16

That's how long we've supposed to have been going
steady in senior high. Her answers have been different
too, but all leading to the same thing, my tongue in her
wet messy hot pussy licking up some other lucky guys' cum
and me having to jerk off for relief after being her cunt

I married Alice two years later after having swallowed
untold pints of shot off jism in her well utilized pussy.

Getting married to her was about the only way I was
going to get what I'd been yearning and craving for, while
it seemed any other guy just had to snap his finger and
Alice popped open her legs and gave him all the pussy he

"No Albert, nice boys wait until their wedding night
to put it in for the first time. mom and Dad think you're
such a nice guy, so therefore not until you marry me will I
let you have me."

Alice's parents were quite excited about me dating
their daughter. The first time I went over to pick Alice
up for our first date, her parents were impressed that I
didn't blow the horn with the engine running.

"He actually came in to get our little girl, rather
than honking his horn. I like that. A gentleman he is."
Her father said.

"Well I be, he actually walked her back to the door
and there's no pussy leakage streaming down her inside
thighs." Alice's mom exclaim when I returned Alice home
form our first date.

I've always wondered if things would've been different if I
hadn't come across as such a nice guy.

I wondered if that was the reason why everyone else was
getting into Alice's pussy with their dicks, and me with my
tongue, cleaning up after all the others, just because I
was a "nice boy" in her and her parent's eyes.

Actually, I guess if I hadn't been a nice boy, Alice may
not have given me a second look. You see, she let me know
before we started dating that it was my nice personality
that turned her on.

C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1
IDEA-48-2: story IDEA: A Higher Standard
"Darling, I didn't lie to you about them, I just
didn't bother to tell you yet."
"But Helen, h-how could you do this to me? We're
"That doesn't mean I can't have friends, Howard
honey." Helen replied with a slight smirk and pouting
countenance on her very pretty face.
"Helen, friends aren't suppose to be as intimate as I
saw you last night with Lloyd. W-Why you t-two were k-
kissing so passionately a-and the way he was rubbing y-your
rear, it r-really hurt to watch y-you and him."
"I'm truly sorry you had to find out by accidentally
making a wrong turn and passing us in the parking lot of
that tavern. Yes we were being amorous. We were heading
back to his place at the time."
"I-I guess that means y'all were going to have s-sex."
"Yes Howard, we were."
"So t-that proves what I was saying about you two
being more than friends."
"No honey! It just means we're friends having a good
time in bed together. Just friends having hot sex. That's
"W-Well I-I guess there is no doubt now that the w-
wedding is off for next month."
"Why?" Helen replied with a surprised tone in her
"Well, it-it's obvious y-you like him more, w-we've
been dating for almost two years a-and engaged for the last
eight months. Y-You haven't l-let me have sex with you
yet... a-and here you a-admit to doing so with him."
Howard said with a look of emotional strain and sadness on
his face.
"No honey, that's not the case at all. I do love you
more than him. The reason I denied you was that I was
holding you, and our love, to a higher standard than what I
expected of Lloyd or his friends." She said with an air of
seriousness in her voice.
"Friends! Y-You h-had..." Overwhelmed at this new
information, Howard choked on his words as he tried to
"Yes, I also had sex sometimes with his friends Todd
and Al too, but that doesn't mean that I love you any
"H-Helen, t-this is t-to much for me to take. Y-You
were not only sexing him, b-but two of his friends too. W-
Why couldn't you let me do the same r-rather than o-only
letting me k-kiss and suck your cunt."
"Honey, that way I knew you really meant you loved me.
With the guys, it was just lust they had for me and I for
them. I knew they weren't interested in true love, like
you and I have. None of them would've sacrificed like you
and bought me a one carat engagement ring or been nice
enough to agree to no sex, or put up with what I've asked
of you doing the whole time we've been going steady."
"H-Helen, I-I'm lost here. It-It sounds more like I
been playing the part of the fool."
"Howard! How dare you say such a thing! There is no
way I look upon you as a fool. Just because I hadn't told
you I was fucking Lloyd and many of his friends."

C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1
IDEA-48-3: story IDEA: Bush Trimmer
Leland was admiring his handiwork, as he knelt between
his mother's parted thighs. Her thick bush was perfectly
shaped. He put away the clippers as soon as she gave him
her nod of approval for his work, as she viewed her trimmed
pussy in the hand held mirror.
As he stood up to put away the electric clippers and
other items, he tried to mask the erection he had. He
almost got away from his mom before she called him back.
"Let me see if you've broken that nasty habit of
getting a hard-on by looking at me. Move that stuff from
in front of your crotch!" She shouted at her 25 year old
married son.
"P-Please m-mother, I-I couldn't help it . I-I tried
not to g-get hard." He meekly replied stammering as he
complied with her command.
His small penis was stiff and stood defiantly out no
matter how he tried to use his willpower to get it down. It
was very evident from the bulge in his trousers.
"I should've known you were thinking naughty thoughts
again. Your own mother. You should be ashamed of
yourself!" His shapely but stout mother put her hands on
her hips as she stood before her cowering son. She was a
full head taller than him.
"You know what this means don't you?"
"Please mother, p-please don't whip me. I-I'll do
better next time. It-it's just that Lola won't let me have
s-sex with her and y-you being so pretty and always wanting
me to d-do intimate things . while you're naked . I-I try
to c-control my."
"Excuses! Excuses! That's all I hear from you. You
just don't try hard enough sweetie." She said sweetly as
she grabbed his arm and headed him to the basement door.
Leland knew what was in store for him. He knew it was
futile to resist. His only option, as he'd done before
countless times before, was to plead for mercy from his
strong domineering whip welding mom.
"Please mother, please don't whip me. I-I'll try
harder not to be naughty. P-Please! Maybe I-if you talk
to Lola, s-she'll let me m-masturbate, s-so I won't get
excited when y-you and Sis want me to do things..."
"WHAP!" His mother slapped him. "I'll do no such
thing! You will not play with yourself. Your wife will
determine when and how you get off. It's your duty to
abide by her wishes and adhere to her rules. And I better
not catch you jacking off. DO YOU HEAR ME!"
"Y-Yes ma'am." He meekly replied rubbing his jaw
where his mother's hand print was clearly outlined in red.
A they walked down the basement stairs, his mother
continued to chide him for being perverted, incestuous and
getting sexually excited just because she and his older
sister would be partially or fully nude when they had him
doing things like bath them, paint their toe nails, or trim
and shape their pussy bushes.
Leland was accustomed to such humiliation and abuse.
His wife was also domineering and subjugated him without
mercy or shame. She had many lovers - all black studs,
whom she performed almost any sexual act with, but only let
her mousy husband suck her cunt. And even then, more than
likely, only after one of her black stud had thoroughly
fucked her lush cunt.
Leland was no stranger to the taste of jism from a
sloppy dripping slimy twat. Not only was he required to
suck his wife's frequently fucked luscious cunt, but also
the bushy frequently fucked pussies of his mom and his
sister. Both also delighted in being fucked by black men.
Leland's wife made no secret she was dating black men
when during their engagement. She however, didn't reveal
this until Leland had bought her an expensive 2-carat
diamond engagement ring.
Leland was drawn to Lola like a moth to a flame. He
loved her dearly but thought after the wedding she would
change her ways and settle down with him.
He was wrong. Instead she became more tyrannical and
abusive of him both mentally and physically. She mocked
him the one time she let him have intercourse with him and
decreed that he needed to be celibate for at least four
months before she'd let him have some again. If he had an
orgasm, accidentally or intentionally, the clock would
start over and he'd have to begin his period of celibacy
That was five years ago. In that time, he's never
been able to hold his load. The reason can basically be
attributed to his cunning wife as well as the aid she got
from both his sister and mom, who delighted in dominating
and humiliating him.
Leland, gullible and docile, cherished all three
women, even though he was easily intimated by them, and
feared the punishment they frequently imposed on him. They
repeatedly reminded him that the discipline was for his own

C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1
IDEA-48-4: story IDEA: Love Test
"Sue dated all the guys on the on the football team at
least once that I know of for each of the three years in
senior high. Wasn't that right dear?"
My new bride, named Lisa, nodded her head smiling.
"She was very popular with all the boys back then and
all through junior college. She never had a steady
boyfriend until, well until, I guess up until when she
started dating you Norman."
"Is t-that right?" I said looking at Lisa. She'd
told me she'd dated several guys and had sex with two, but
the whole football team each year in senior high was a new
revelation to me. I also didn't quite like the overtones
of it either, but my new mother-in-law kept on talking.
"Mother he doesn't want to hear all that stuff, Norman
and I are planning to see a movie tonight We'd better be
going honey." She said to me.
"Oh the show doesn't start for another three hours.
Don't be in such a rush. Let me get to know my new son-in-
law better. Anyway, he should get to know me better
My new mom-in-law was quite a colorful character as
she talked about the family and some of my wife's old
boyfriends. I know she didn't intend to hurt my feelings,
but she always ended up describing something about Lisa ex-
boyfriends that she considered to be a "real manly
quality". There was never any reference to me, only that I
was a nice guy, and then only indirectly.

"I told her get her a nice guy with a small prick and
settle down. A small dick guy is generally more loving and
makes a good husband. Lisa tells me your prick is small
Norman. That's a good sign your marriage will be long and
I was blushing profusely at her brazen comments and
had to loosen my collar. My wife and the others in the
room just looked at my plight amusingly, including my wife
who did snuggle up closer to me and kiss me on the cheek.
I was speechless.
"Mother, must you do this to him, we've only been
married two weeks. This is our first week back from our
"Honey, the important thing is getting a marriage out
on the right track if it's to be happy.

We stayed at her mother's place for two months until
we could find a place of our own. My new wife always
seemed to be going here and there with an old friend. They
would blow and she would run out to meet them at the curb.
I assumed it was just a girl friend. It was only after
three weeks of this that I asked why she didn't ever bring
them in to meet me or introduce me to her girl friends.
"Darling, do you really want to meet my friends?"
I nodded yes, puzzled by the strangeness of the
"Well, honey first thing is that they were guys, not
girlfriends. They were actually many of my old
I almost fell to the floor.
"Well you see dear, they wanted to talk about you.
They wanted to test my love for you. You see they would
ask me various things about you".
"Like what"? I inquired.
"Oh, did I think you really loved me, how long we
dated, how big your prick was, did you get me off as good
as they did, those type things."
Again, I was caught off guard by the candor of my new
wife's answers.
"A-And what did you t-tell them?"
"I told them the truth, that I loved you very much
honey. I truly love you darling, even if they did have
bigger dicks and got me off better and more times than you
ever have."
I swallowed hard. I couldn't speak. My face got
"Now honey don't get flustered over this and let your
male ego get the best of you. Sure I went along with them.
I let them put their big dicks in me to test my love for
you. Sure they made me come several times and fucked me
long and hard, sometimes for up to an hour at a time, but I
knew I still loved you after all the cum they shot in me
and no matter how satisfied and contented they made my
pussy. No matter, I always came home and made love to you.
The only exception was that each time I'd been with them, I
always had you suck me out before we fucked. I like having
you suck my pussy after another man has fucked me

My wife and her mother both agreed that for love to be
true it must be continuously tested.
As she was getting dressed to go on a date with an old
flame, I asked my wife how long would her testing of her
love for me take place.
"Sweetie, to make sure my love of you is always fresh
and deep, I will probably do it as long as you love me."
I didn't like her answer.
My wife has entered a new phase of testing our love
she came home one night and also brought in her date, whom
she'd been dating for the last two months. She revealed
she was pregnant.
In addition, her stud also told me what a lucky man I
was to have a woman that loved me enough to have his baby
but stay with me.


C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1
IDEA-48-5: story IDEA: Peter, Paul, and Polly
"B-But Polly, this would be such a major, no,
actually, a radical change to our marriage."
"Yes, Peter darling, it will be a change, but I see it
as workable." My wife said as she laid her soft petite
hand over mine at our dinner table.
"I-I know Paul is a close friend and all, but there
are l-limits, my precious."
"You know I love you because of the many things we
have in common. The music we share. The shows we go to.
We like the same operas. The things we talk about without
bounds. All those things and so many more little things we
mutually enjoy. However, darling, you know I have another
side that matches Paul's personality."
"Yes, I know all too well." I replied laconically.
"So because he's better, uh, well anyway, you know what I
mean. Is that the reason you want to do this?"
"Sex is part of it, but I don't want to lose Paul,
after all, I'm your wife. I wear your name. I wear your
rings. Paul has no claim or ties or commitments from me.
He just feels used. This way, he'll have it all."
"I-I see." I replied despondently.
"Honey?" My wife said looking me straight in my eyes.
"Yes." I replied.
"I thought about leaving you for him."
There was a long moment of silence as I digested her
"I-I see."
"But then as I thought more about it, the more I knew
I'd miss you. I really love you Peter. In fact I really
love you more than Paul, but I don't want to make a choice.
He's not the loving nurturing type you are. He's more the
fun type fellow for partying, dancing and sexy cruises.
You the wholesome bread and butter husband that a woman
needs for stability."
"I-I see."
"You're what I need where he leaves off, just like,
well sort of the arrangement we have now, where you provide
me with such deep wonderful tongue love after he's rocked
my boat with his..., well you know what I mean."
I just nodded my head. It was well understood by me
that he was the real sex stud in our marriage and I the
cuckold, with my strongest asset for sexing my wife in my
"Well darling, that's why I reached the conclusion
that me having his baby would be an extension of our
current arrangement. Just like he's a good lover, he'd
make a poor husband, that is giving a wife everything she
needs for emotional support on a daily basis. That's your
real strong point. But he'd be good at making a baby, and
I know you'd be a super dad for raising the baby."

C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1
IDEA-48-6: story IDEA: XMAS Gifts
Tis the season to be jolly. But by golly, I'm not
exactly full of cheer.

You see my wife has a gift or two for me. She won't
tell me exactly how many, but I'm pretty sure it's going to
be twins. She said she wanted to surprise me. She
wouldn't tell me about the Ultra-sound results, but she's
big enough to have triplets.

I have a sneaky suspicion it's twins, since I've heard
she and her mom surreptitiously discussing two of this, and
two of that, and names for fraternal twins.

My wife and I have 3 kids already. They were all
Christmas gifts to us, as she likes to say. They were all
born in December and all within a few days of Christmas.
It's pretty hectic having 3 birthdays and a big holiday in
the same month for three small ones. None of the three are
older than 7. Also, none of them are mine biologically,
only legally, as she and her folks always remind me.

Let me tell you a bit of the history about my reason
for dreading the Yule tide season.

You see we were married in June, a bit over 9 years
ago. It seems so much longer now. Well anyway, about 6
months after the wedding - well actually, I think it all
started on Christmas day. That is, when her old boyfriend
Jason came back into her life.

Jason and my wife had been quite an item before I'd
met her. He was also more of everything I wasn't. He was
rather well built and handsome, not to mention taller than
me also - by about 6 inches.

My wife and he, before she was married had broken up
about 3 years before we tied the knot. Jason had left town
and was now back in town due to a job relocation.

We were over at her family's house for Christmas
dinner when he - Jason - showed up. My wife's mom had
invited him to come over when he called to see if her
daughter, my wife, was at home.

"Even though you're married and have a sweet adorable
husband, I though you still might want to see Jason one
more time. After all, Jason is moving back to town. Isn't
that wonderful?" Spoke my new mother-in-law, in my
presence even, and yet with glee in her voice.

My wife became all smiles at her mother's words. And
the worse part was that Jason had been invited to Christmas
dinner. When he arrived, my wife's mom seated him on the
other side of my wife as we ate. She had more conversation
with him than me.

"Even though you're my new son-in-law, and I know
you're going to be a good husband to our daughter, and
please don't think what I'm about to say is personal or
disrespectful, but I've always thought that Jason and our
little girl would make the cutest looking grand kids."

I almost choked at her words. As I was clearing my
throat and assured the others that I was okay, I could see
Jason and my wife looking at each other lustily.

As dinner went on, I was treated to more humiliating,
but apology in advance, comments from my new mom-in-law.

After dinner as we all sat in the family room enjoying
coffee and liquor, I was amazed and appalled at the way
Jason and my new bride were being so chummy and touchy-
feely - right in my presence, I might add. I was worried
as to whether Jason's presence was going to cause problems
in our marriage. "Only if you make them darling", was my
wife's reply to my question when we reached home later that
night. I was taken aback by her answer on such a delicate
matter. I tried to get her to talk more about Jason and
her. However, it became apparent that she was not in the
mood to discuss the subject with me.

I wondered what she really meant by saying that.
However, it was enough to silence me as I stood there
dumfounded at her straightforward response.

The other thing that concerned me was the apparent
tolerant, even encouraging, position that my wife's family
took on the issue of her and Jason. I couldn't believe my
ears when my mom-in-law said to them -Jason and my wife-
"You two should get together and talk about old times".

The other thing was that Jason, who was a sports jock
in high school, seemed to have more to talk about with my
new father-in-law than I. Since my wife's dad was a sports
fanatic and I wasn't. He and I didn't have much to talk
about anyway, since his world seemed to revolve around tv

Taking her mother's cue, my wife informed me, not
asked, that she and Jason were going out on a Platonic

I feared I something to be worried about their
Platonic good friendship date of that evening. You see her
pussy tasted a bit different that night when we made love.
She seemed rather randy too, I might add, when she came to
bed. In addition, her cunt did seem a bit wet, and I'd
never seen her pussy lips so agape.

Yes, I have to suck her pussy to satisfy her in
conjunction with using my prick on her.

The next day, my wife told me more about Jason. He
was very much a stud, a ladies' man, and a full time pussy
hound, who always seemed to be successful in his cunt
hunts. It was my wife who revealed this to me.

"We broke up because he couldn't be faithful", she
told me. She went on to reveal, in an unabashed manner all
the great sex they'd had in the past.

I was flabbergasted at her revelation, as she made me
wait 18 long months before I could put it in, and that was
only after we married. The first 6 months of us becoming
steadies, I only got blue balls from all the prolonged
petting we did. After becoming engaged, she did let me,
well actually, encouraged me to go down on her. That was
my treat, as she used to say, even though she only rubbed
my prick from time to time, but never even jerked me off.
She did like to watch me do it to myself. As she watched,
she kept her legs spread, exposing her well sucked and
satisfied pussy.

"Darling, I wanted to make sure you wanted me for me,
not for my body and pussy as other men, including Jason
did." Her statement further struck me hard as she'd
previously told me I had been only the second man in her

"The only other man I was emotionally serious about."
She clarified herself. She admitted that Jason was the
first, even though she found out early on that he was
incapable of being loyal to their relationship.

She pecked me on the lips and hugged me smiling as I
became rather vocal at her denying me sexually so badly in
our relationship prior to marriage.

"Now baby, don't get upset. Just think of it as you
having passed a test that none of the other men in my life
passed. That's why I married you darling. You were sweet,
affectionate, caring, loving, rather devoted to me, and
always the gentleman. You definitely didn't fail the test
by getting in, er... I mean trying, to get in my panties on
our first date like so many other men I went out with."

Her verbal stumbling and the tone of her voice didn't
leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling that she didn't
inadvertently slip in reference to men getting in her
panties on first dates.

I was seeing a side of my new wife as I'd never
detected before. She went on to justify having me sexually
suffer for her "testing" of me. She said it all in such a
way that made me feel triumphant at passing her test and
beating out other men in winning her hand. However, I
still didn't totally feel like a winner for some reason.
On the other hand I was very excited at having such a
pretty wife. She's very shapely and was the type of girl I
never figured would ever want to be mine, least of all
agree to marry me. Now, with it being just about 6 months
after our wedding and here I am worried about an old
boyfriend beating my time and breaking up my short but
happy marriage. I knew I couldn't let that happen.

"I guess it's in him to play around. She said to me
with a sigh. "I know he was emotionally linked to me while
we dated back then, but he couldn't help his philandering.
He's just a whoremonger." It did me good to hear her
finally say something disparaging about her handsome ex-

"However, as I said, I guess he can't help it since
he's quite a man in bed." Again I was shocked and upset
with my wife's openly verbal musings. The look on her face
also told me she relished her past times with Jason.

"I can't lie, we did fuck." Was my wife's answer to
my question about her recent date with Jason.

"A-And you s-still let m-me go down on y-you?" I
replied nervously and stammering upon hearing the news I
feared that I knew the answer to already.

"I needed your tongue on my pussy darling. Your prick
was nice, that is, for the usual minute and a half you
could last, but your tongue really does feel nice on my
pussy, just like it belongs there. However, Jason's cock
is bigger, longer, and has more staying power. It also
feels right at home in my pussy too."

I had to sit down at her revelation and the
strangeness of her comments.

After an hour of discussion about this situation with
Jason, my wife made it clear that she wanted to continue
fucking Jason.

We both knew I didn't want that, but she challenged me
to find a better way to solve the dilemma of her getting
the satisfaction that he provided her without us breaking
up our marriage.

"I don't want what we have broken apart darling, but
the truth is that if you don't love me enough to let Jason
give me what you can't, I guess it's better for us to

"P-Please don't do this to me. P-Please give our
marriage chance." I pleaded with my wife.

"I don't want to break it up darling, I just want to
fuck Jason occasionally, that's all." She replied with a
pouting smirking smile.

I knew I was in a quandary, especially since I really
loved and wanted her. Sharing her with Jason seemed
unacceptable, but as I thought about all the other things,
and other men, that she'd revealed to me tonight, I
remembered the old saying. `You can't lose something you
thought you had, but didn't.'

"G-Give me t-time to think it over. M-Maybe we can
come up with a solution o-out of all t-this." I replied
softly, knowing more than likely, I wouldn't like any of
them, when it looked pretty evident all would involve me
having to share her with Jason.
CHAPTER -Mom/Aunt mediates situation between Jason &
husband/son and wife
"Nephew, you did the right thing to come to me." My
Aunt Matilda said with a broad smile. "You have done the
right thing to consider negotiation and arbitration as a
solution rather than just putting your foot down, my dear
nephew. Yes, a real man, may have done something like
that, but you, as a devoted loving husband, who knows that
his strength is in his love for his wife and attending to
her needs and happiness, should negotiate."

I didn't like the way my Aunt made her statement, but
sadly I had to admit she was correct. I couldn't approach
this situation with demands like a "real man", but only as
a devoted husband, who was deeply in love with his wife.

To my chagrin, Aunt Matilda arranged for me, my wife,
and Jason to meet at her house two days later to work out
the terms of my new marital arrangement.


My aunt was quite an arbitrator, and one with a heavy
hand. The discussions were heated at times. I got the
feeling over and over again, that the three of them were
against me. It not only hurt, but it was very humiliating
to have my favorite aunt siding with my wife about my
sexual inadequacies.

Jason just sat there with a smug smile on his face as
the two women disgraced me.

To make matters even worse, Aunt Matilda even
threatened to whip me if I didn't become more cooperative
to the terms she'd proposed. I also became more cooperative
as she also threatened to reveal more about how she and
mother used to punish me as a teen.

My self esteem had already been bombarded heavily, the
last thing I needed now was for her to reveal family
secrets of how I was made to wear women's clothes as
punishment to take the edge off my "mannish manners" - my
mother's words.

Berated, browbeaten, humiliated, and disgraced, I was
basically forced to accept the following terms:

-Jason gets insemination rights to my wife -I get pussy sucking rights and I must always perform oral
sex for my wife after she and Jason have intercourse
-I have to wear condoms unless my wife is on the pill or
"Nephew, in order to seal this deal properly between
you and Jason. I think it has to be done in a special

"NO WAY!" I shouted as Aunt Matilda whispered in my

"There is no need to be loud and unruly. That is
unless you want me to bring out my persuader. That is,
unless that's what you want."

"N-No, Aunt Matilda, I-I don't. P-Please I-I don't
want a whipping. B-But y-you can't expect m-me to s-suck...
I-I can't hardly say it. It-It's such a gross idea." I
stammered in total confusion and horror at the thought that
my own blood relation was suggesting such a thing for me.

"Dear nephew, I think it's perfectly acceptable for
you to suck Jason's dick as a goodwill gesture of your
commitment to this arrangement. Besides, you'll be eating
plenty of his cum from your wife's pussy anyway."


Additional NOTES For this story:

I've gotten fairly use to the taste of Jason's volumes
of spent sperm. He shoots so much. He shoots three times
as much for one fuck as I do in a month. Even though I
hate him, I have to admire his sexual stamina and the
robustness of his sturdy cock.

My dear nephew, I just know you're going to be a good
husband about this and do your duty. And that duty is to
always clean up Jason's sperm from her cunt to demonstrate
that you're a big enough of a man to know that you are the
lesser man and to show it in a humble manner.

"Your wife will have everything she wanted, a devoted
loving faithful husband and very good provider, kids from
the man she loves to bed her down, you get to keep her and
virtually assured that she won't run away from you.

I marveled at her logic. It was profound, but yet in
a strange way, I still didn't feel like a winner, even
though it appeared I was by her logical rationale.

"I've given up trying to fight what's happening with the
situation I'm in. I've come to the conclusion that this
will be what is required of me to keep my family together
and hold on to my wife."

Yes, it's odd that I have to be a receptacle to boost
the ego of my wife's lover and real man and the stud and
sire of our growing family. My wife is his breeder. I
have come accept and adapted to that fact, even though she
still maintains she loves me unequivocally.

Even though the kids are not mine biologically, they are
mine legally and morally.

"C'mon baby, my pussy is ready for you now." Said my
wife after her real man had gotten off her. She parted her
thighs wider and ran a finger down her gunk oozing slit."
C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1
IDEA-48-7: story IDEA: Matthew & Esther

Wife - Esther
Matthew and Esther were perfect for each other.
They both were of similar personalities, had
many common interests and were both raised in
religious families.
So after college, and having mutually pledged
themselves to each other since the ninth grade, it
was only natural they became engaged and eventually
got married a year after graduation.
Their families were very glad and happy for the
virgin newlyweds as they departed for their
The couple was both looking forward to a night
of wedding bliss.
"I'm really looking forward to us being alone
together." Mat said to his new bride as they drove
through the scenic countryside.
"So am I my darling husband. Aren't you glad we
waited instead letting your lust get the better of
"Yes, I guess you were right." He replied
"Even though I had to commit onanism by jerking
you off to calm the devil's lust in you, it did make
you more reasonable after you shot off your hot seed.
It's better to have done that than commit
"Since we were betrothed to each other it really
wouldn't have been that big a sin."
"But sin never the less". Esther replied
"How about me licking and sucking your pussy to
ease your suffering of the devil's lust? That's
almost fornication. We could've gone ahead and..."
"Shush your mouth Matthew! It's not the same as
penetration and regular intercourse. I know you
wouldn't have looked at me the same if I had let you
do that to me. Plus, I could've gotten pregnant and
knowing that I'd been violated, even by you, would've
taken so much out of the wedding ceremony."
"Well that's all behind us now. We're husband
and wife and let just concentrate on that."
"Yes my dear husband you're right. For the
bible says that a husband and wife should rejoice in
each other."
"Amend". Matthew said
"Matthew, you know I love you dearly and that
I've promised to be your for better or worse until
death do us part. But I have to ask you something
that I've felt guilty about before now, that is since
we are husband and wife and are suppose to share all
things with each other."
"Sure, what is it?"
"Well, uh, well it's about your penis. It seems
so much smaller than my brothers or my dad's. Do you
think it'll be big enough to make sex enjoyable for
"A-As far as I know." Her new husband was taken
aback by such a question from his new bride. He
remembered her telling him sometime ago she had
accidentally sneaked a peak at her dad and brother's
organs at various times over the years as they were
bathing or using the bathroom or getting dressed with
the door cracked. "Size doesn't really matter that
"If you say so darling. I'll love you even if
it does and make do even if you don't have a sizable
penis. For the Lord shall make a way."
++++++++++++++++++++RAPE SCENE++++++++

"OHHHH YESSSSSSS! This is so good, yes do it to
Matt saw his new bride go from being totally
scared to eagerly consenting to the sexual onslaught
of the three black rapists.

As Matthew sat tied securely by the three men
who'd abducted them from the motel parking lot and
taken them to some remote cabin. All he could
discern was that it was some type of modern log
cabin. He also heard that the three had broken into
it also just for this vile act.

Besides being totally helpless as he sat there
hog-tied, he heard his transformed new bride mention
on several occasions, how much bigger the three
villains' cocks were than Matthew, and that maybe his
smaller cock size was probably the reason, he, that
is, Matthew, could not give her the same good feeling
as they did.
Needless to say, this made her new husband feel
extremely humiliated and disgraced as the three men
echoed his new bride's comments and made crude jokes
the whole while about his size and stamina
shortcoming as compared to them.
Matt was almost in tears at the thought his new
bride's virginity had been stolen. Even worse was
that she reveled in what they were doing to her. She
also seemed to be fully aware that she had a very
high probability of becoming inseminated by the three
black rapists, while her husband was securely tied up
and forced to watch her being thoroughly fucked.
Having spent quite a bit of time on the farm, he
knew about mating, but it pained him to see so many
deposits of thick slimy jism dripping down between
his new wife's legs. He was terrified but also
amazed at the stamina and prowess and size of the
men's cocks.
It also left him with a bad taste in his mouth.
That is, after he was force to orally clean up his
wife's sperm soggy sex, that had been drenched with
the melded semen of the three black men.


"My dear husband all three were so much bigger
than you. How can something so good be bad? No! I
refuse to file rape charges against them. Their
actions may have been divinely caused therefore it's
not for me to interfere with such plans. Remember he
works in strange but yet wonderful ways. I know. I
might even be pregnant from them, but that's the way
it'll have to be. I really enjoyed what they did to
Her husband looked at her as if she was insane.
"B-But Esther y-you have to do..."
"Please my dear husband. I do indeed love you.
I've known you for years, however these last few
weeks I must tell you I've been concerned that you
may not could mount me properly and satisfy me as
well as others who are, shall we say, more suitably
equipped to do so. When these three came along and
proceeded to use me, I came alive in a manner I'd
never expected. I believed you did also judging from
the erection you had. Shame on you for getting
pleasure out of seeing your wife sexually abused and
succumb to enjoying what you couldn't do. Maybe we
ought to go to the police so I can tell them just
"W-Well you don't have t-to mention every little
thing. B-Besides, it wasn't because of what the men
were doing, it was you Esther. Even though with
another man, I still couldn't help but be moved by
your beauty even in my darkest hour."
"That's so sweet of you dear. Did you notice
how easily I took almost all of their large cocks?
All of them had to be at least eight inches. I know
my hand couldn't close round either of the three
while I was sucking on them. Hal, I think that's
what I heard one of them slip and called his name.
He was really hung wasn't he?"
Her new husband tried to avoid answering his
wife but she kept after him until he did.
"I know your ego and manly pride may have been
slighted a bit. That is, since you were tied to the
chair and had to watch. But honey it was so good
being used like that, especially with you so close
and yet prevented from doing anything about it all,
that is to except look terrified. Just so you know,
I felt good about all that happened, including when
they had you go down and clean my pussy for us to go
another round of sex. Your mouth felt rather good on
my bruised but well satisfied sex. It was good
hearing my wet pussy being so well slurped as you
tended to it with your tongue and lips."
"I really liked the idea of you having to eat up
theirs and my sex juices. It made me feel proud of
you my dear husband to have you doing that and you
sucked very well too. In fact I'm leaking more of
their thick rich seed and it would be such a waste
not to use such rich seed for all it's worth. If you
still want to try and ensure I don't become with
child, you may want to let me sit on your face again
so you can suck out their draining cum."

"Yes darling husband, I've been sexed by them
almost all day while you were at work. And you know
what, even though I ache from all the activity,
nothing would please me more than you laving and
caressing my pussy with your lip and tongue."
Even though he didn't want to do as his wife
desired, his wife's skillfulness in making him feel
guilty and a lesser husband eventually prompted
Matthew to kneel and do his husbandly duty, as
described by his licentious, but religious wife. The
juices leaking from her very wet vagina was a gluey
syrupy blend. It was obvious, just as his wife had
described and he'd seen a few days ago, these men
were very virile and their jism was viscous, rich and
creamy. He almost knew for sure his new bride had to
be pregnant after having her fertile sex so well
saturated with such potent seed.
Even Matt had to concede his cum was no where
close to being as plentiful or as thick and pudding
Matt feared his wife was pregnant and that one
of the men's child would be their first born. He was
sad, because as his wife reminded him, he was
obligated to accept, love and raise the baby as his
own due to his wedding vows. He thought about it
all, for better or worse.

"No my darling husband, they desire me to go
with them. It is not up to us to try to foresee what
destiny is for each of us. This may be the master at
work in his own strange way and it's up to me to go
with them, for it may, and probably will, save some
other poor girl or girls from being brutally sexed
and harmed by their big cocks. I've been exposed and
conditioned to their giant genitals. No my husband,
it is right I go and that I receive your blessings
for me to have the strength to extract all the
devil's lust from them. Meanwhile, I want you to
stay home and do the chores I ordinarily would be
Matt couldn't flaw his wife's logic, but he was
extremely worried about her being out with the three
burly muscular, and apparently very horny, black men.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Esther Talking ++++++
" After all, just because you all are forcing us to do
these evil things doesn't mean that we have to go to
some shabby motel. Besides, we can fuck, to use your
word, in a nice clean bed. I know my husband would
want me, his wife in a nice clean bed, and bedroom
that he's prepared rather than some shady motel.
Right darling?"

+++++++++++++++++ START OF SECOND CHILD+++++++++++
"No my husband, if it's the Lord's will, I will
be with child after having mated with this man. Yes,
what he desires of me may be evil. Look upon him as
the devil if you will. He wishes to couple with me
doing this week, which is my most fertile time.
However, if his mating makes me pregnant, then we
must accept that as what must be."
Later that night after his wife and Matt are in
bed, he woos his wife to have sex with him.
"No my husband, doing the time that he is
imposing his lusty ways on me, I am tainted with the
devil. Therefore you must also sacrifice and suffer
as I am doing, albeit in a different manner. You
must be celibate during this time, actually for the
next two weeks to ensure that only his seed is in me
and to see if it ripens within me."
Matthew protested, but his wife subdues him with
her skilled oratory and manipulative religious logic,
which he yielded to.
"That's the spirit dear. In fact he even said
that you should be without sex during this time also
and even proposed a device to assist you from being
tempted to commit masturbation. You know what the
scripture says, "It's better to spill your seed in
the belly of a whore than to masturbate". However,
there'll be no whore for you either. Therefore your
celibacy during this period is the answer. I will
seek getting it for thee on tomorrow. Sacrificing in
that manner will aid you in your suffering with me."
"B-But Esther, I-I can't..."
"Are you saying you can't support your wife when
the way is dark and the path treacherous? Are you
just a fair weather, walk in the sunshine only
"O-Of course not dear, I-I..."
"That's better. For a moment there I thought
you'd forgotten about the better or worse wedding
vows you swore to at the altar."
Matthew knew it was hopeless to present a
counter argument. He sighed and capitulated, even
though his prick was notoriously hard and aching for
She bid him goodnight as he laid their trembling
at the thought of her being almost naked next to him
but yet forbidden to his touch and caress.
When he sought to sleep in the guest bedroom,
she forbade him and indicated she feared he may yield
and be tempted to play with himself. Therefore she
demanded he stay where she could detect any failure
on his part to control himself and persevere through
the ordeal.
It was a fitful and sleepless night for Matthew.
His wife exposed more and more of her nakedness as
she rolled and turned in the bed. She repeatedly
brushed against him and he even heard her calling out
the name of the rapist she'd been sexing for the last
few days, and would be again in the next few days.
The next day, she presented her husband with the
chastity belt recommended by her illicit lover.
Matthew was shocked at the lock that was built in and
that his wife would retain the key.

Matthew was glad that the couple was ordered to
leave town and go on a foreign mission. The plan was
that he and his family to go to Sweden, but somehow
it got changed to a remote region of West Africa.
Before he could get the assignment changed, he was
told it was too late.
He was upset at the change but he was sure it
had to be better than his wife being under the
control and influence of the three black rapists,
from whom they now had three young children.

Within the church organization that made
missionary assignments, it was later discovered that
a woman who resembled Esther had volunteered to help
out the clerk who maintained such record of
assignments. It appears it was this volunteer who
made the error which switched Matthew and Esther to
do their missionary work in a remote part of West
Africa. A treacherous region known for a tribe where
the men have very large penises and who have a
yearning for sex with white women, no matter if they
are missionaries or not.

#######END OF C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1 ########



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