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Copyright September 2002 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form or sold for
profit. This story may be freely distributed for personal
use with this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckold, Mind Control, M+/F, MM, MF, Inter,
Impreg, FemDom, MDom)



Title: R.D.T.
Author: C.D.E.


ABSTRACT: A husband-to-be is a bit dismayed at the wedding
gift his future Mother-in-law gives he and his new bride-
"That was a good exercise session tonight Richard.
You did real well honey. All of the men thought your
cocksucking was superb. And as usual, you did an excellent
job of swallowing all their cum too, both from their dicks
and what was shot off in my pussy. You know I'm very proud
of you. No matter how many times I see you sucking a dick,
each time it does my heart good to see you proving your
love for me and showing some rapist that you will submit to
any of their perverted demands to protect your wife."
Spoke my wife Renee, after the four instructors had
departed our home, along with the eight assistants they'd
brought to help them stage pretend rape exercises.

"Renee, why do they keep saying we have to keep going
through these exercises to be proficient in defending
ourselves against harm in the event of a rape? Why can't
they leave us alone? They keep us so busy practicing,
there's hardly any chance of us ever being raped anyway."
I replied in disgust.

"Are you complaining? You want us to be raped?"

"Of course not! It's just that I-I'm so tired of them
abusing us because us under the guise of teaching us
different and more advanced rape scenario acts." I said as
I tried to snapback at my wife, who I knew delighted in
these pretend rape gangbangs.

"I disagree honey, I find each and every one of their
scenarios fascinating. I must say, I never thought of
rapists making you dress in frilly panties and painting
your nails bright pink and then not only humping your face,
but in your ass pussy too, while they make you watch as all
12 of them pull a train on me. I lost track of how many
times they got me off. My poor pussy is like raw hamburger.
However, I must say honey, your tongue was a so soothing
between their fucking onslaughts. I know you must be full
after sucking my pussy clean after each fellow fucked me."

"I-I did swallow a lot. But Renee this has got to
stop. This has been going on for over 11 years now. If
you'd stand up to Hank and the others, instead of praising
the perverted and disgusting acts they put us through, this
wouldn't have changed our lives the way it has."

"Richard, I know you think that this whole experience
has been negative, but you must admit that because we've
experienced it together as a couple, it has made us a
closer couple. You can't help but admit that a man and
wife that practices getting raped and fucked together, can
only be a more well bonded couple, even if they were only
pretend rapes."

"Renee, y-you know I hate even talking about the
things they do, b-but..."

"Let me finish first dear. What I wanted to say was
that I've lost count of the number of times I've seen those
big dicks sink themselves in your mouth and coat your
tongues, gums and tonsils with their hot gooey jism. And it
has taken on a different dimension with me to see you
sucking the dicks of the guys who've accidentally fathered
our 5 children."

"I-I really wish you wouldn't get into that again. Y-
You know I-I'm not proud of having to..."

"I've told you time and time again, you simply must
get over thinking cocksucking is a perverted thing. Seeing
you run your tongue across the instructors' big dicks and
lick their pee slits, all filled with big pre-cum drops,
shows me that you care about our welfare and me. It also
chokes me up with pride as much as they almost choke you
with their dick cream as you swallow it all down. But, yes
darling, I've done all I can in my power to ensure you
share this once in a lifetime experience with me. I do it
because of my love for you. I'm sure it's good for our
marriage. Many couples can't begin to boast of the
wonderful intimate things we've shared and continue to
share as a result of our wonderful Rape Defense Training."

"Renee, I-I know you've told me that several times
before. I just don't know how I've put up with all the
humiliation and abuse that has been dumped on me during our

"Richard darling, you have nothing to be ashamed of or
feel humiliated by. You've only endured what any good
husband would do to prove his love for his wife."

My wife's reply of praise for my humiliation and
degradation, which she is directly responsible for in many
ways, only made me shake my head in disbelief. Disbelief
I'm still disbelieving of after all these years.

Later, after cleaning the kitchen and tidying up,
chores by the way which have by custom have become mine
after these rape scenario exercises, I joined my wife in
bed. She was sound asleep after almost constant fucking
for the last six hours. I quietly slipped in bed beside
her. I cuddled up next to my adulterous and sluttish wife.
A wife, who over the last 11 years has put me through the
wringer, but yet who I still love and can't totally explain
why, even though I detest how she has treated, and had
others treat me.

As I was trying to doze off, I thought back to our
wedding night when Renee was my new bride of 6 hours.
We'd just had a rousing sex session and were both
experiencing the delightful afterglow. It was wonderful to
at last being able to have sex with my beautiful fiancee,
now my wife. For you see, I was a virgin prior to our
marriage and Renee insisted upon me wedding her as a
virgin, even though she wasn't. So for 24 months of our
pre-marital relationship, I was never allowed to put my
throbbing prick in her delicious luscious pussy, including
the 18 months of our engagement.

However, she did allow, and even taught me, the
pleasure of licking and sucking her always-moist tasty
Being the very moral person she was, I wasn't
permitted to get much more than a kiss, or put my mouth on
her lovely muff until after I'd put a 2 carat engagement
ring on her finger.

So then for 18 months, I sucked her pussy many, many
times, and at her direction and insistence, I masturbated
to alleviate my sexual needs.

However, I couldn't help but respect her wishes, since
it not only allowed me to have some intimacy with the girl
I loved and adored, but yet do so in a manner that was
proper and respectable for her.

After all, it isn't everyday a guy finds a girl with
such high standards.

In reference to her not being a virgin, she admitted
it was foolish to have lost her virginity at an early age -
16 years old.

"Richard, I was foolish to have given up my virginity
by giving myself to a boyfriends when I was a teenager.
However, since one of us is truly virginal, that's better
than neither of us being that way. Therefore, instead of a
virgin bride, there'll be a virgin groom for this wedding.
You'll wear white and it'll mean something."

Renee seemed so proud of my virginal state. I, as
most men would, abhorred it. However, I did enjoy her
being happy about it, even though I tried, in vain,
hundreds of times, to persuade her to let become a non-
virgin. She never yielded to my demands.

Her radiant beauty always melted my any will I had to
be persistent with her, for she was the kind of girl that
comes into a guy's life once in a lifetime.

As I'm lying in bed with her, as I put my arms around
her as she is lying on her back. You see, it was difficult
for her to rest in any other manner, as she was five months
pregnant at the time.

You see it all resulted from us beginning our Rape
Defense Training, or RDT, about six months before our

I'd never heard of such a thing, but it sounded like
one of those benign security things that it never hurts to
know more about. So at the time, it seemed like an
excellent idea.

Renee's mom knew all about the institution that did
the training and based on her insistence I went along with
she and Renee's desire to attend the course.

I was puzzled as to why such a school was not listed
in the yellow pages, but Renee's mom told me it was so
exclusive that only very select couples get in.

"A friend owes me a favor, that's how I got you two
in. It's one of my wedding presents for you two." She
said gleefully.

I asked her about the topics to be taught and the
class schedule. I didn't mean to sound negative to
attending such training, but apparently my tone of voice
must've give Renee's mom the wrong impression. I say that
because she was quick to remind me of my virginal status
and lack of sexual experience. I blushed deeply.

"These sessions on anti-rape training should prove
useful for both of you." Renee's mom said in a serious
tone. "After all Richard, men have been known to be raped
along with their pretty wives." She added after a slight

"Y-You don't say." I replied stammering. I was
completely caught off guard by her statement.


Renee signed us up for the training that her mom gave
to us as a wedding gift.

The office where we signed up at separated us and gave
us both an aptitude type questionnaire to fill out.

In the small room where I was at, this attractive lady
asked me to watch a video on marital relationships. The
video was rather boring and uneventful as it centered on
body language expressionism between couples in a marriage.
She then asked me to watch a large sparkling costume
jewelry bauble, out of the corner of my eye, which she let
swing in a pendulum pattern, as I watched the video. That
made no sense to me, but I did as she asked.

"It's to track your ability to focus on one thing and
being able to ignore another", was the explanation I got in
response to question as to why this was necessary.

The funny thing was that I seemed to have lost track
of time as I watched the video and glancing at the swinging
gleaming bauble.

The other thing is that I must've dozed off watching
the boring video and watching the swinging bauble. I say
that because when I came to my senses, Renee was standing
before me and giggling at my apparent falling asleep on the
woman who was conducting the test.

We had a chuckle and left the office. Now that the
initial registration and screening was done, we were now
prepared to begin our RDT course work the next day at
another location. We were to report at 6:30 PM sharp, on
the next Friday evening.

We located the address of the office building without
much trouble. However, as we entered the building, I was
disturbed that we were the only couple in this isolated
office and that our four instructors were four big husky
muscle bound men.

Renee didn't seem to be concerned in the least or show
any apprehension. I was both apprehensive and full of

I have to admit that the initial hour of training was
very intense and thorough. From the very first hour of
training, the four very muscular instructors described
various scenarios as to how a rape situation develops and
is perpetrated on an unsuspecting couple.

"Now our philosophy is the same that is used in the
military. That is, that the best defense is a strong
offense." The black instructor named Hank said.

My wife-to-be was very attentive to everything the
four said, particularly Hank. She never took her eyes off
his as he talked and walked around the small room, which
was a modeled like a motel room.

The four instructors, 2 of which were white and the
other two were respectively Hispanic and black.

They used Renee to demonstrate how the female is
typically grabbed and assaulted prior to the actual rape.

Even though Renee assured she was okay participating
in the demonstrations by the instructors, I was very
concerned by their apparent rough manhandling of her petite
and shapely body. Of course, I was proud that she didn't
seemed to be the least afraid or reluctant to participate
in such "hands on" training, because the four men had their
big hands all over her. I would've been very concerned if
the instructors hadn't also reminded and assured me they
were professionals and that their groping and running their
hands all over my beautiful fiancee's tits, shapely rear,
and feeling her up between her legs were necessary for this

"Rape is typically all about control of the victim or
victims." Hank stated. "Therefore, if the victims are
aggressive sexually, they actually take control away from
the perpetrator. Ordinarily, the perpetrator assumes
you're too scared to have sex. Therefore if you pretend
that this is what you want and need, you take control of
the situation. By doing this, then you are in a better
position to later possibly get away from whatever physical
restraint or weapon he is using to control the situation."

Hank's theory made sense but I hoped that my wife-to-
be and I never had to be the ones to try it out.

"Now Richard and Renee the next part of the training
deals with being able to provide essential description
information about the rapists. Such things as Tattoos,
scars, skin blemishes, and birthmarks will help the police
identify the rapists.

"This requires training on your part of what to look
for. Such training is a critical part of this course. We
will be showing you very explicit material of the human
anatomy in order to accomplish this."

Before they got into that part of the training Hank
decided we should take a coffee break before we went on.

I welcomed that as I was just getting over the pretend
assault of my lovely fiancee.

While I was sipping my coffee, Hank and the other
instructors seemed to pay more attention to my new bride-
to-be than I wanted them to. The only attention they paid
to me was to make sure my coffee was satisfactory and that
I drank it.

After the break, Hank called to one of the white
instructors, whose name was Joe, and asked him to take off
his shirt.

With the other instructor topless, Hank went into how
we could gauge the height of the rapists, their body
weight, head size, facial features, body build, and look
for upper body tattoos.

He asked Renee to come up and examine Joe closer. I
was surprised and slightly alarmed the caressing manner she
let her soft small pretty hands slide over his rippling
muscular chest and back.

By this time, I was feeling slightly warm. I
assumed it was because I was getting upset at the explicit
nature the course was being taught.

It was at this moment that I assumed that the
instructor, named Joe, would redress. What happened next
shocked me as Joe was directed by Hank to remove the rest
of his clothing. He did so quickly, I was aghast.

I became choked as he did so and I tried to yell to
Renee to turn her head away from Joe's nakedness, but my
voice didn't seem to be there.

I heard Renee emit a moaning gasp as he pulled his
shorts off to reveal his well-endowed manhood.

"Richard and Renee, there is no need to be shy or
ashamed of what you see here. This is necessary for
adequate training in the area of identification of

He asked Renee to come up and circle Joe and describe
all she could about him.

By now I was experiencing a strange mellow feeling. I
was wondering what in the world was happening to me. As I
sat there, feeling myself sink deeper into a mellow dreamy
type state, I was trying to speak, but only babble seem to
come forth from my lips.

By this time, all eyes turned in my direction.

"Oh good, it's beginning to take effect." Hank said
as he looked directly at me. "Richard, we put a little
something in your coffee to help you get through this next
part of the training. Don't worry, it's only temporary and
it won't hurt you. Just sit there and watch Renee and then
it'll be your turn in a few minutes. Okay?" Hank said as
he spoke again.

"It's okay Richard darling. I agreed to them doing
that. It'll help you to relax for this section of our
training. You'll see." My fiancee said as she walked over
and kissed me on the cheek. She also whispered some other
words in my ear, but I couldn't remember what they were.

In my state of surprise and shock, that is, to know
that I'd been drugged, and that Renee was a party to the
conspiracy, did not sit well with me at all. The other
thing that irritated me was the smile she wore as I watched
her go back to performing her examination of Joe.

At the same time, I couldn't help but be concerned
about Renee's presence in front of a man with such a large
penis. I'm surprised that such a sight didn't cause her to
become faint.

"I can't see the underside, is it okay if I lift his
cock up to look?" Renee's words shocked and almost caused
me to faint.

Before I could try to object, Hank gave her the okay.

"Excellent! Good idea. And you might even look under
his balls too while you're at it to see if there is any
information there too." Hank added.

I was even more dumfounded now. It was like I was
paralyzed as I saw my fiancee and my delicate wife-to-be
eagerly grasp and lift Joe's larger thick prick and first
look under it and then took her other delicate soft white
hands and lifted his scrotum sac.

To make matters worse, she'd knelt in front of him to
better see the objects of her attention.

This was all so surreal to me as I sat frozen
unbelieving and unable to respond physically to what was
going on before me.

I saw and heard Renee describing to Hank all the key
identification features and characteristics from her
assessment of Joe's body and exploration of his genitals,
which she was still holding and softly stroking.

I could see her massaging the pre-cum leaking from his
large cock head onto her hands and his cock shaft as if it
was lotion.

She was just a quarter inch off in regard to its
relaxed length. They had to take Joe's word, because
Renee's handling of his penis caused it to get erect and it
was now a solid 8 and one-half inches of raging erect thick

I was still in shock as she still held his cock and
was all smiles as she eyed his monstrous shaft.

"Very good Renee! Now you and Joe come over here and
sit on the sofa. You can still hold on his dick if you
want." Hank said.

My fiancee did hold onto Joe's very rigid prick and
led him by it to a love seat sofa nearby. To say I was
horrified was an understatement.

"Now it's your turn Richard." Hank's words seemed to
penetrate my dazed state as he walked over to help me up
from my seat.

My legs were a bit rubbery, and I was speechless, but
I couldn't resist his directions.

"Now Richard, it's your turn to do exactly as your
fiancee has done. The only difference, Jose here will be
your training figure." Hank said as the Hispanic
instructor named Jose came toward us and began to strip as
he approached us. By the time he reached where we were
standing he was totally nude.

"Now Richard, look closely at him and gauge his
height, weight and other things we've told you haw to
estimate." Hank said.

I again stammered and rambled because I was having a
difficult trying to speak coherently, apparently due to the
drug that I'd been tricked into consuming.

"Okay, since you can't quite get it all out now. You
can tell us later. However now we'll skip to the important
part of this demonstration. Lift up Jose's cock and see if
there are any tell tale signs of identification hidden

I looked at Hank in my dazed state. In my mind, I
tried to jerk away from him as he moved my hand to Jose's
sizable fat and long penis. It was easily an
eight-incher too.

To my continued surprise, I didn't have the will to
resist Hank. It seemed I just a puppet under his control.
After lifting Jose's large manhood he next had me massage
and fondle it. Needless to say, Jose's massive appendage
filled and became swollen. In a very short time, I was
holding onto a rigid pole of heated hard dick meat that
stood out at angle that pointed toward the sky.

As with Renee earlier, my hands too were streaked with
Jose's abundant leaking pre-cum fluids.

"Very good, see if you handle it right. Now lift his
balls and check behind them." Hank spoke as he directed to
embarrass and humiliate myself even more. I was totally
shocked at my lack of self-control. I did as I was told. I
couldn't help it.


Just as I'd awakened from the test at the RDT office
the day before, the same thing happened hours later as
Renee drove me back to my apartment.

When I realized where we were, I was getting out of
the car into cold night air.

She'd drove us home, and I hardly remembered much of
what had occurred for the last few hours.

Slowly as I became more fully awake, I remembered the
first RDT training class and Renee's words about being
given a drug to help me through the training.

My mind was a bit foggy and I was wondering if I'd
been dreaming, but it soon dawned on me that indeed I had

I had this strange taste in my mouth also.

My mind was still a bit foggy as my fiancee lead the
way to into the apartment.

Once inside and with a cup of coffee in my hand,
everything came back to me almost instantly.

"It's okay darling, it's just straight coffee.
There's nothing in to relax you." Renee said with a broad

"N-Now I remember. Y-You k-knew about drug in-in my
coffee. W-Why did y-you let them do that to me? A-And
J-Joe a-and Jose a-and Hank, T-they h-had their big c-cocks
out... W-What happened? W-We were h-holding t-their b-big
things." I blurted out what came to mind in a jumbled
incoherent set of broken phrases.

Renee chuckled at my obvious confusion. She then
proceeded to answer all my questions and fill in my lost
memory gaps.

Her explanation and description of what occurred
literally floored me.

"What! Y-Y'all t-tricked me into s-sucking Jose's
cock?" I cried out in shock.

"You did him and I did Joe. It was all part of our
training to get the feel of what would happen in an actual
rape scenario. I must admit there is no substitute for the
real thing. It was quite interesting, especially
swallowing down all his hot copious gooey jism.

However, for your first time sucking dick, the guys
thought you did rather well, especially Jose. He and Hank
were wondering if you'd sucked a cock off before, that is
because of how well you swallowed all of Jose's cum as he
shot off in your mouth. However, when you told them `no',
they knew you were telling the truth in your hypnotic

"I-I can't b-believe... T-The taste I-I had in my
mouth earlier, I-it was Jose's... Renee, h-how c-could you
d-do this to me? D-Don't you c-care or love me?" I
replied stammering.

"Richard, it's because I care and love you is the
reason I conspired with the school. I helped them plant
hypnotic suggestions in your mind, as well as drugged you
so that you would relax and gain all you could from the
training. Just as I got a better grasp of what could
happen from having a real spurting dick in my mouth, so did
you. Now, not only are you aware what it feels like to
have the hard meat of a stiff dick being thrust between
your lips; you also have the added benefits of knowing what
it feels and taste like having a man's hot semen flooding
the inside of your mouth and having to swallow all that hot
goo under duress." Renee replied in a quick and cavalier
manner. Her logic was sound, but it still left me
disturbed and perturbed.

I had many questions for her, all the while still not
believing all that had happened in the last few hours.

The other thing that most upset me was that she had
the power to put me back in a hypnotic state anytime it
appeared that she felt it would be necessary to calm me
down for another lesson in our Rape Defense Training.

"Yes, Richard darling, your participation in this real
life training where we have the opportunity to experience
the feel and taste of real hard dicks and to know what it's
like to take other men's hot ejaculate, is priceless. We
can't help but be better prepared if we are in an actual
rape situation. Richard honey, don't let silly macho pride
get in the way of us getting well trained." Renee said in
a serious tone.

"B-But Renee, I-I can't go along with us actually
having sex with them again. And I damn sure am not going
to let them put another dick in my mouth." I replied
defiantly. I was seething with anger and it was starting
to boil over.

"Richard, I believe you're being unreasonable. If you
love me you'll suck dicks to show it and do the other
things that we have yet to be trained in by the RDT
instructors. However, your defiance was not totally
unexpected. I assumed you might be more reasonable than
you are though." Renee said as she went over to her purse
and retrieved a videocassette from it.

"It is preferable that you not be in a hypnotic state
for the bulk of your training as you learn and absorb the
lessons quicker. I only plan to use my hypnotic control
over you when you need to be relaxed to open your mind up
for better absorption of what is being taught. This tape
will show you what you've accomplished with tonight's
session and I hope you see the benefits of not making waves
for the duration of the training."

Renee slipped the tape into the VCR as she talked.

As the tv screen filled with images, I cringed as I
saw and heard what I'd participated in as a drugged and
hypnotized party. I found it hard to take my eyes from the
scenes before me.

Renee narrated all we saw, even though it wasn't
necessary, as there was sound on the video.

"It's very important for husbands and boyfriends to be
as intimate as possible with a rapist's penis because you
may can give a better description than your fiancee. After
all you do have one hanging on you." I heard Hank say on
the video.

I saw Jose fucked my face and I gently held his balls
as I was told. It was as if I was a robot doing everything
I was told to do.

"It's okay for you to handle my dick. We're all
professionals here. You don't have a thing to be ashamed
of." I saw and heard Jose say with a very unprofessional
smile as he stood before me stuffing his dick in my mouth.

On the other hand, Renee seemed to be enjoying all
that she was asked or told to do, including performing a
juicy blowjob on Joe's mighty meat. Her performance could
rival any porno star I'd ever seen.

The video showed us both sucking big cocks together as
we knelt before the two men. We were literally side by
side. Renee mouthing Joe and me doing Jose. Renee
swallowed her abundant load first. A few minutes later,
there was a close up of me struggling to swallow Jose's
heavy load of sperm. Even in my drugged and hypnotic
state, I did resist a bit, but Renee was offering me advice
on how to get it all down as she stood nearby looking down
at me.

It was at this point that it dawned on me how damming
and embarrassing this tape could be if it got in the wrong

To make matters worse, before our training session was
over, the tape captured Renee sucking Hank's big black dick
and me sucking the other white instructor's dick. As
before, the close ups of Renee and I didn't miss a thing as
the men fucked our faces and gushed their large loads of
hot semen down our throats.

To make matters worse, this time some of the load I
was trying to drink oozed out of both corners of my well
stretched mouth. Nothing was left to the imagination as to
whether the instructor was ejaculating his viscous load of
semen between my lips. The drooling slimy proof was
clearly evident as his spent jism hung in long precarious
ropy strands from either corner of my lips, which were
wrapped tightly around the rigid dick meat pole wedged in
my mouth.

The scene was the most obscene I'd ever witness and
was made worse since I was the centerpiece.

Renee's image was one of gleeful acceptance of what
was being done. Mine was one of neutrality. However, one
could easily say that I didn't appear to be objecting to
what was being perpetrated on me. Therefore, the
conclusion could easily be drawn that I was a willing

"R-Renee, h-how could you s-suck..."

"Suck his big dick? It was more fun that I thought it
would be. His cum was tasty too. Do you remember what
Jose and the other instructor's cum tasted like? You
swallowed it like you've been doing dicks all your life.
You sure you haven't sucked a few? After all, hypnosis,
typically doesn't force a person to do what he wouldn't be
amenable to do in reality. Maybe you just have more woman
in you than you want to admit."

"T-That insulting! P-Please Renee, t-this is j-just
too much for me. I-I love you deeply, b-but it's obvious
that o-our relationship is broken." I said to the girl of
my dreams as I let her know that the wedding was off and
that I wanted my ring back.

"Richard, I love you too much to let you break up our
happy relationship, just because you've got a bit of a hang
up about sucking dicks with me, and for a good cause at
that. No Richard, if you break up with me and call off the
wedding, then that means you don't love me. Therefore if
that's the way it has to be, then I won't have any
compulsion about sending copies of this tape to your co-
workers. You'll be ruined." I'd never seen such a wicked
smile on Renee's beautiful face as she spoke with such
anger and conviction.

"Also, you know I can still put you under at will.
Now, you have until tomorrow morning to take back all
you've said and to tell me that you'll be an eager and
willing student for the remainder of our RDT training."

"B-But Renee, I-I..."

"No if ands or buts, it's either take it or leave it.
I love you Richard with a love that's true. I expect the
same from you. Your love for me must include you willing
to participate in us getting first hand experience in
future despicable acts potential rapists will make us go
through. I don't see it as unreasonable for you do that,
even if you have to suck dicks and swallow loads of hot
jism, as long as it's being done for a good purpose."

Renee and I talked a bit longer before she left. Her
departing kiss lingered on me for a long while. However, I
was devastated by her demands.

It was only 10:45 PM, so I decided to go to mother's
since I was too upset to sleep. Maybe she could provide me
some good advice.

==========AT MY MOTHER'S PLACE================

"Richard dear, I'm glad you came to me. You are a
mama's boy after all and I expect you to come by and talk
to me about such delicate things as what you've just told
me." Richard's mother said as she sipped on a hot cup of
coffee at the kitchen table.

"Mother you know I value your advice, I was hoping you
could talk to Renee and stop this insane thing she has
about this Rape Defense Training she wants us to complete.
I had no idea that it would include such things as has
happened and she expects me to participate in doing more
such perverted acts." I said as I relayed my thoughts to

"Renee is a nice girl Richard and perfect for you. I
don't want you to do anything that will drive her away.
You need her as much as she needs you. Now in regard to
the RDT training, I have to agree with Renee. I think your
having sucked a dick or two can only be good for you. I
wished you had brought that video. I bet you looked cute
with a big dick jammed between your lips." mother spoke
with a mischievous smile.

"Mother! H-How can you say such a thing? It-It's
perverted for..."

"Now Richard, if you know what it feels like to have a
hard dick in your mouth, and then to have had the
experience of a dick ejaculating hot sticky slimy semen and
swallowing it all down, you're in a much better position to
keep your wits about you than someone who's never had such
an experience."

"M-Mother! I-I can't believe you're saying this. Y-
You're agreeing with Renee. Y-You want me to become
a c-cocksucker too."

"I want you to be a good husband Richard. There's
nothing wrong with being a husband that proves his love by
sucking dicks for the woman he loves."

"I second that." Spoke my Aunt Rose as she entered
the room.

"I also concur little brother." Chimed in my big
sister Renata who was right behind my aunt.

The two had just come in from a Bingo club. I hated
for them to even know about this situation I was in. I had
sworn mother to secrecy, but now it was too late to keep
these two out of the fray.

To my chagrin, they pulled all the gory details out of
her and me for that matter.

"Richard, sweetie, I don't see that you have a problem
or a choice. You shouldn't have any problem being a little
peter sucker, you got enough sissy in you to handle it.
Plus by doing it for Renee, you can justify your faggy
desires as love for her." My sister said with a loud
derisive chuckle.

I became so upset, I called her a `slut' and then
chastised the others at the table for making light of my
deplorable position. Why did I do that? For, in the next
instance, the three were all over me.

"SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!" was all I heard and felt as a
flurry of hands reached out across the table at me.

I was knocked backward in the chair in which I was
sitting. On the floor another volley of slapping occurred.


I was hit again in quick succession by at least two
hands. Things before my eyes were in a blur. Then I
realized my sister was on top of meet straddling my chest.

"You little pantywaist! SLAP! How dare you... SLAP!
Call me a slut. SLAP! I'll... SLAP! Teach you to... SLAP!
Say something like that... SLAP! Again!"


Mother let my sister Renata get in a few more hits
before pulling her off me.

As I composed myself, the three women criticized me
for my actions. I could say nothing as I was still reeling
from the volley of hard hitting slaps against my face. I
was crying profusely. The three had really slapped me hard.

I'm much smaller than they are and couldn't even begin
to take them on individually less much all three at once.
That's the way it was been growing up at home also.

"Now young man, that serves you right. I hope you've
learned your lesson about being respectful of your sister
and the women in your family.

============MORE SESSIONS OF RDT=====================

"Now sweetie, remember they are here to help us.
We need to get accustomed to the taste of jism if we are
going to show a rapist that he can shock us and scare us
with dastardly perverted acts. We have to become good at
doing them so we can be ready if we have to perform them
under duress and intimidation." Renee said.
"She quite right Richard. I couldn't have said it
better myself. Remember, the harder you train the better
prepared you are."
"Hank's right Richard darling. We both must do our
best to get properly trained. We both must get use to
strange men and strange dic, er, I mean cocks if we are to
be effective in surviving a rape situation. And Richard
honey, don't let any silly macho pride get in the way of
your training. I'll never think less of you as my fiancee
or husband because of you becoming a well-trained
cocksucker. If anything, I'll be even prouder of you."
Renee's words did provide some consolation to me at
that moment, but I was still a bit bitter about how
realistic this whole course was.

However, I did have to admit the training was very
thorough. It even included such despicable acts where the
instructor, playing the role of a rapists, would have
intercourse with my fiancee, while I had to watch. Then
just before he reached the point of orgasm, he would pull
his long thick pussy-juice coated prick from her juicy,
well stretched, cunt and pulled me over and pushed his
slimy dick between my lips. This forced me to capture his
viscous, gooey, abundant, and very warm ejaculate.
There was so much of it that I had to swallow at least
3 to 4 times to get it all down as the powerful spurts from
his large distended dick head filled my mouth.
Another act which we were required to practice more
than I desired, was where the instructor, again in the role
of the rapist, would first fuck Renee and come in her cunt
at least once, and sometimes more than that. On several
occasions, he had assistance from other instructors, also
in the role of rapists, who would add their ejaculated
loads to the ones already in my fiancee's battered snatch.
After this, then I would be called upon to put my face in
Renee's jism drenched hairy crotch to lap and orally vacuum
the melded fuck slime.
While I was busy with that, one or sometimes more, of
the pretend rapists would have active anal intercourse with
me as I knelt on all fours with my head between Renee's
The instructors did this act much more than I wanted,
but they insisted that in order to reduce the possibility
of injury from their good size erections, as well as those
of possible rapists, they recommended frequent ass fucks
for me.
Whenever I would try and put my foot down and attempt
to resist more anti-rape training, Renee would get so
angry. To get back on her good side, I capitulated and let
our instructors, give us, or me, as the case maybe, their
"professional treatment" - in Renee's words.
It maybe my imagination, but my fiancee seemed to
always have this odd, but delightful Mona Lisa smile, that
appears to have a tinge of a smirk mixed in. I know she
means well as she continues to encourage my endurance of
the many anti-rape training acts we get training in.
However, I haven't got as desensitized, and can't help but
feel some humiliation, even though the New Bride Training
Group is doing this all to help couples like us out in
these perilous crime laden times.

I didn't necessarily like the idea of being the one to
lick and tongue douche Renee's cunt after each
demonstration. However, I couldn't come up with an answer
to their question of "Whom better to do it than the man who
loves and cherishes her?"

Renee is very excited at each demo our instructors
have planned for us. I can tell she really gets involved
in the demos. She always has an orgasm. In fact, she has

The other thing I'm a bit worried about is that she
really likes me down between her parted legs after these
fucking demos when it's time for me to clean up her gooey
sperm drenched snatch.

It's pretty routine for she and the instructors to
have me freshen up her sloppy slimy fuck slot between
fucks. There are times that the instructors' viscous jism,
after being churned up from all the vigorous action of
intercourse becomes even more thicker and frothy. This is
especially the case when more than one of the instructor's
viscous sperm becomes melded in the churning bowl her pussy
hole. It also doesn't help matter either as the
instructors work hard to show us style and prolonged sexual

The cuntal fuck slime many times is like a thick
gelatinous slimy mass, that unfortunately, I've gotten
acclimated in swallowing down without much difficulty. The
instructors or Renee wouldn't hear of her gooey gash being
cleaned up or freshened up in any other way.

"Honey, if you don't use your mouth, it just doesn't
give the impression your heart is into this very important
training we're getting." Renee said to me on different
occasions when I voiced some concern about having to tongue
up her extremely sloppy slime oozing fuck battered muff.

I can't seem to get up any will at all to resist or
complain about my situation anymore. I'm pretty sure that
Renee has imposed her hypnotic commands on me. Or it maybe
that after being browbeat so much by her, the instructors,
and the other women in our families. I simply do as I am
told now. After all, I never was the confrontational type.
I silently bow my head into the heated slimy hairy pussy
quagmire before me and proceeded to lick and slurp away the
fuck slime. It seems everyone is always pleased with me
when I was busy doing that. Renee really enjoys my clean
up actions.
===========BACK TO THE PRESENT==============

Well here we are 11 years later and my wife Renee and
I are still taking RDT. So far, the only rape we have
experienced has been at the hands of the RDT Staff.

In addition, the only babies, my wife has had have
been at the hands of, or maybe I should say, by the dicks
of, the RDT Staff too. Our family of White, Black and
Latino children - all 5 of them which, include a set of
twins- really stand out when we go out in public, such as
to a movie or to the mall. The other thing is that none of
them resemble me in the least. They all look like their
real fathers - our RDT instructors.

I was so shaken by the first accidental pregnancy, but
the fine print of training agreement clearly stated that
was the couple's responsibility and that The New Bride
Training Group (NBTG) was not liable.

My wife refused to even consider abortion and both our
families considered me a total ingrate for even thinking of
that. I was browbeat into going along with my wife wanting
to start our family with an RDT Staff baby.

With the second accidental insemination and the second
baby, I became irate, but there appeared there was nothing
I could do, as my wife informed me she was also going to
carry this new baby to term. The instructors were again
all apologetic, even if the two that'd knocked my wife up,
each brazenly passed out cigars proclaiming to the world
they were fathers. This irritated me greatly, as did Renee
insisting that each baby's Christian name be derived from
the Christian name of their biological fathers. Again, my
desire for this not to happen was overlooked, and I was
forced to live with her wishes.

My wife's third accidental pregnancy, in which she
added a pair of fraternal black twins to our previous White
son and Latino daughter, essentially caused me to throw my
hands up in total capitulation that fate was totally
against me.

I concluded that it was my destiny to be not only a
well humiliated cuckold, but also a wimpy pussy whipped
husband as well. I say that because I was still not having
any luck in becoming more of a man in my eyes or the eyes
of the women in either family, no matter how hard I tried.
Their grip of domination over me became tighter the more I
tried to act more manly and in charge. The babies Renee
was having by the RDT instructors didn't help in the least,
as I was routinely reminded in direct, but strongly subtle
ways, that I had not sired any of "my" children.

The women of my family, including my wife and mother,
seemed to delight each time I became flushed and red in the
face in response to such abject verbal humiliation, which
was frequently heaped on me.

It also didn't help my image either when mother or my
sister or my aunt, of mother-in-law, would spank me,
usually in front of my wife and other adults in the family.
To add to my woes, my wife has also whipped me a few times,
with the aid of other family females, when she thought I
was being uncooperative on some matter or another in which
she thought I should be in agreement with her on.

All our children were born about 18 months to two
years apart, including the fifth child, a White daughter,
also by the last of our RDT instructors. As with the
others, the new father also passed out cigars.

It was a mystery to me how Renee could've accidentally
gotten pregnant so many times and in a way such that each
instructor became a father. Oh well, I gave up trying to
figure it out and instantly became attached to all our kids
when Renee delivered them. Renee really respects me for
being the consummate and caring doting father to the kids
she's had by these other men. At least I'm grateful for
such esteem from her.

I really was upset to learn that after the original
RDT warranty period expired 10 years ago, the New Bride
Training Group would have to keep on giving us follow up
treatments through out the rest of our marriage for the RDT
to remain effective. Hence our continued association with
the NBTG and RDT.

"Richard darling, you must get over feelings of being
degraded, humiliated or being perverted. For the continued
maintenance of our anti-rape training through out our
marriage is necessary for us to be ever ready to endure any
of these dastardly acts should they be inflicted upon us.
And the fee of $500 a month for the extended warranty for
full treatment really is a steal for such professional

I've had a second job for almost 10 years to pay for
the extended warranty. The extra money also comes in handy
in helping us raise our rather large family too.


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