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CDE 53 Runaway Husband FD F



Copyright c October 2002 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form or sold for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with this
notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(FemDom, M+/F, MM, MF, Inter, cons, MDom)



AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is another of my very early FemDom pieces I've
cleaned up to post. As with this one, if I release more of these old
FemDom/Feminization tales of mine, I will include "(FD/F)" in the title
so readers will be able to distinguish them from my usual cuckold
themes (if this is not their cup of tea). Enjoy!

Author: C.D.E.
ERNEST: Mary's black lover/pimp

Ethan ran away eight months ago after he discovered his wife of
five years was sneaking around with a black dude named Ernest. She
wanted him to live with the arrangement because she told him that
Ernest sexed her and made her feel like the woman of her dreams. In
other words, she went black and her husband would have to live her
The time away from his wife was hell for Ethan. he thought of
her almost daily. he recognized he was still deeply in love with her
despite her adultery and love for a black man.
His mother-in-law, as well as his own mother begged him not to
run away from the problem but to stay and accept the situation and come
to some sort of an arrangement with his adulterous wife and her black
Ethan came back to town hoping to make contact with his errant
wife to see what they might work out. He went to his parent's home.
His parent's were glad to see him return. He unpacked and moved into
his old room. His father greeted him, but kept quiet like he usually
does and lets his wife do most of the talking.
His mother was always protective of and pampered him. He was a
mama's boy at heart.
At dinner that night, his mother-in-law came over and between her
and his mother, he'd learned the two of them had already arranged for
him to meet with a marriage counselor to get him on the road to reunite
with his estranged spouse.
Secretly, he'd hoped for something like this, but pretended to
abhor them doing what they'd done.
He went to the marriage counselor the next day. her name was Dr.
"Ethan, I have to agree with your family, you should've stayed
and tried to work an arrangement such that you could share your wife
with her black lover. This is not as uncommon as you might think."
Ethan listen as Dr. Downmen discussed his case based on the facts
she'd gotten from him as well as from contacting his estranged wife.
"Ethan, your wife really didn't want you to leave, but to accept
the arrangement so that she could fulfill her needs. She still had a
special love for you. However, she understood why you left. She and
Ernest Richardson are living in the house. She indicated that Ernest
doesn't mind her working out an arrangement for sharing her with you
and even having you move back in, but there has to be certain
conditions. She didn't tell me what those conditions were when we
talked. The question Ethan is, are you interested in talking to her?"
"Y-yes Doctor, I-I am."
"Well Ethan, I'll need to set it up, and it's best if it's done
in my offices. However, I must get you ready for this meeting through
a series of counseling sessions. You'll be finding out a few things
about your wife over the next few days prior to the meeting. I don't
want you to get upset and not try to contact her but wait until the
meeting I'll set up which will be in about two weeks."
"Why so long Dr. Downmen?"
"You need the time to understand your potentially new role as
well as how to accept and adjust to what you'll be getting into in such
an arrangement."


Ethan reported to his second session with Dr. Downmen. She gave
him a battery of psychological tests and discussed the results with
"Ethan, your test results all indicate you have a high potential
for adapting to the kind of arrangement needed for the three of you to
get along harmoniously. You're not the pushy type. You like structure
and order. You're more of a follower than a leader, and lets see, hmmm
... you like bright colors but tend to shun them. Do you know why that
is or were you aware of that?"
Ethan blushed slightly and explained that bright pastels were
often associated with feminine attire, so he tended to avoid them.
"Interesting ... however, Ethan, I don't want you to have such
hang-ups in the future. Feel free to wear or decorate with any lively
colors you might adore."
Ethan nodded affirmatively.
"Now Ethan, I must tell you that it will take being a bit more
submissive than you've had to be before in your marriage, if this new
arrangement is to take place. You see, you'll probably even feel more
naturally submissive around your wife and Ernest. This is goodness.
Here, I asked them to take some pictures and make a video of them
having sex. Here, let's watch."
Ethane's anxiety ran high as the counselor slipped the video in
the VCR. Ethan gasped loudly at the size of Ernest's giant black
erection and then repeated it as he saw his wife suckle the head of the
golf ball size bloated shiny cockhead, and then take a few inches of
the eight incher in her mouth. After a few moments of that he watched
as Ernest creamed between her lips with some of the obviously abundant
load running out of the corners of her mouth, which she licked up with
her tongue and winked at the camera as she did so.
Ernest was still rigid. Aghast, Ethan next saw his beautiful
wife take the giant fuck tool in her lush hairy gash with no resistance
at all and virtually swallowed it all in except for an inch or so.
"Do you have an erection Ethan?" Dr. Downmen's voice broke
Ethane's concentration.
"Uh, o-oh no." He said defensively, realizing for the first time
that he indeed did have an involuntary hard-on at seeing his wife in
bed with this hung black men.
"Are you sure? here let me see." Dr. Downmen reached over and
placed her hand on his crotch before he knew it and found his much
smaller four incher. She continued to hold it through the fabric of
his pants and spoke to him sternly to be quiet and watch the rest of
the video. He'd never heard her speak in such a tone. It subdued and
cowed him.
He was embarrassed at having been caught in a lie, but also that
she knew that he was erect at seeing his wife and another man.
Ethan couldn't help but be awed at the love making his wife and
her black lover demonstrated. he knew what he saw was beyond his
capabilities. The more he watched the more he was worried about coming
in his pants, especially with the doctor's hands on his aching prick.
He begged her to stop the video. She did.
"Ethan, this video produced some excellent results. It's good
you got an erection. There's nothing to be ashamed of. It's normal
and natural. By the way, take your penis out and masturbate? Here's
some tissue. I need to examine your genitals anyway as well see how
much ejaculate you output."
Shocked at such actions by the counselor, Ethan just sat
unbelieving what he was hearing. What happened next surprised him even
Before he realized it, the counselor sprayed a mist in his face.
The effects were evident in seconds. He felt more relaxed.
"Don't fret Ethan, this is just something to help you be more
compliant. Just sit there a moment. You'll be fully conscious of what
you're doing, but this will aid you in doing what I desire of you to
get all the results to help you. Now stand up, unbuckled your pants
and let them drop to the floor. That's it. Now push your shorts down
to your ankles also."
Almost as in a dream, Ethan found himself doing as he was told in
a robotic fashion. He had no will to resist.
"Very good." She said as she measured his very erect prick.
"Three and three quarters inches. Okay sit down. Now take the tissues
.. that's it. Now I'm going to restart the video and I want you to
stroke yourself when you normally jerk off and let your self reach an
orgasm when you wish to. I want you to catch all of your cum with the
tissue and let me see it. Understand?"
He nodded mechanically, still with no will to do otherwise.
Two minutes later he was in the throes of shooting his load into
the wad of tissues, and as ordered he immediately held it out for Dr.
Downmen to observe.
After writing down a description of the amount of his ejaculate,
she asked him several questions while he was still in this twilight
compliant state.
"Do you like jerking off?" he replied yes.
"Do you get more pleasure out of pleasing yourself with your
hands than trying to satisfy yourself and your wife with your penis?"
Again the answer was yes.
"If you had your preference, would you perform oral sex on your
wife or have normal intercourse most of the time?" He weakly and
softly replied that he liked "sucking pussy" better.
She next put a box in front of him. There were four pairs of
differently colored panties, each heavily trimmed in lace.
She asked him to pick the color that most matched his favorite secret
When he seemed like he couldn't make up his mind, she asked him
about his indecision.
"I-I can't decide between the lavender a-and the p-pink ones. I-
I like them both." He was trying to fight the drug, but it was no use.
Tears swelled in his eyes.
She urged him to take both and told him he could have them.
"You like women's clothes but are afraid to admit it, aren't
you." It took a little longer, but he again answered yes.
Dr. Downmen knew the drug was losing some effect, but she wanted
to try one last thing.
"Would you like to try on your new pink panties?"
Ethan slowly looked at them and nodded his head.
"Then do it Ethan dear, you're free to do that without shame
here." He slowly did. The doctor had him keep them on and redress so
that he could wear them from the office.
"Well Ethan, this session has been extremely fruitful. The drug
is almost wearing off. But remember this drug didn't make you do
anything that you really didn't feel comfortable in doing. So there's
no use in denying what you said and did was due to the drug. And now
this last test is the final bit of information I need for you, as well
as a reward if you wish to participate. After all, you've shown me
your genitals, now it's only natural you get a chance to see me." As
she spoke she hiked her skirt up and removed her panties to expose her
dense bushy cunt. She next sat at her desk chair and spread both of
her shapely legs on the arms of the executive chair, presenting a
sensuous expanse of white fleshy thighs that led to her delectable
looking pussy. Even though the drug had virtually worn off, Ethan had
no real will to decline the doctor's invitation. he hadn't sucked a
pussy in eight months. he was hungry. The good doctor fed him well as
she held his head to her moist crotch for two very rousing orgasms.
After the session, Ethan was a different person. He felt closer
to Dr. Downmen, yet it was hard to look her in the face, especially
since he was wearing pink panties and with another lavender pair in his
pocket. She asked him to wear them to see if they reduced his anxiety
of meeting his wife. She directed him to wear the lavender pair back
to the next session and asked him if he was interested in her getting
him other similar items to better relax him and aid him in having sex
with his self. Blushing a deep red, he nodded affirmatively.
Ethan was also very pleased when Dr. Downmen rated him highly on
his pussy sucking.
"Ethan, with you being a healthy adult with a hearty appetite for
sucking pussy, you shouldn't go for such a long period time, as you
have, without doing so. Since you're trying to get back with your
wife, it might be a good idea to have someone feed you pussy in the
interim who understands your situation. Hmmm, what about your mom or
mom-in-law? I'm sure they'd understand and be willing to help if you
asked. In fact, from their talking with your wife, they knew how much
you loved to suck. I bet you'd like to suck your mommie's pussy
anyway, wouldn't you?" Again Ethan was excited and yet terrified at
the thought of asking either woman. The doctor encouraged him not to
be afraid to do so.
Before he left, she talked over a few things they would be
discussion at their next session.


Two days after the session with Dr. Downmen, Ethan began to hear
things about his estranged wife. Apparently, she was sleeping around
with more black men other than Ernest. Despondent that all he was
going through might be for naught, he had a talk with his mother.
"Dear she still loves you, you don't have a thing to worry about.
When the time comes for you two to talk things over, it'll all work
out. Don't worry about a thing Ethan dear. By the way sweetie, is
there something you want to ask me?"
"Er, about what mother?"
"Well dear, Dr. Downmen called me and Mary's mother to see if you
asked us for any help in keeping your nerves from getting frayed and
getting an anxiety attack. She wouldn't say what it was you might ask,
only that we keep it a secret between the four of us and that we be
understanding whether we could felt we could help you or not because of
our moral convictions or stuff like that. I assured her that short of
killing someone, I would do whatever I could to help my baby out. And
Mary's mom is on her way over here right now. She too feels the same
way about you too. She too swore to secrecy on this, whatever it is."
Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Ethane's mother-in-law.
Ethan knew it would be hard enough for him to ask his mom to do
what the doctor said he should do if he needed to feed his special
appetite. Now he knew it'd be impossible with both of the women he
respected so much in the same room at the same time.
The two were doggedly persistent in trying to get him to talk.
It was his mother-in-law that opened him up with accounts that
her daughter had told her about Ethan. How he seemed to enjoy eating
pussy more than fucking it, as well as having caught him jerking off
several times. All of which contributed to her going out to find her a
real man like Ernest.
His mother left the room and returned wearing only an open robe.
her white fleshy thighs were accentuated by her dense extremely hairy
bush. The sight of her was like water to a thirsty man.
"Look at him, it must be he needs to eat some pussy. Since Mary
said he really liked doing that." Said his mother-in-law without any
reservations or inhibitions.
"Why didn't you say so baby? There's no need for you to be
suffering. Of course you can suck mommie's pussy. Watch the door for
us. If Sid come in early, just tell him to go somewhere, me and my
baby are having a mother son talk." His mother said to Mary's mom.
About forty-five minutes later and three good orgasms for his mom
and a tired tongue for Ethan, mother and son emerged from the bedroom.
"My baby's pretty good at this, but he was hungry. To be sure he
gets all he needs, you take him home with you and feed him some more.
His father will be home soon."
Ethane's mother-in-law drove him over to her house and served him
up her own personal dish of hair pie, as his mother had earlier. She
too very much enjoyed feeding him her pussy also. As she straddled his
face and had him pinned down with her hairy mossy muff. She was facing
his feet as she gyrated her crotch over his sucking wiggling tongue and
sucking lips. He struggled to try and prevent from opening his
trousers, but she had him pinned down too well. She giggled as she
discovered why he was trying to prevent her from opening his fly. She
proceeded anyway and soon had his small throbbing prick out and slowly
jerked him off as he ate her out so deliciously. Her daughter had told
her what a good sucker he was. She had to concur with her on that as
well as that he was wholly inadequate to give her what she needed in
the way of cock.
Later, after almost two hours of pussy eating, his mother-in-law
cooked and served him real food. They freely talked about the
experience she and he, as well as his mom had just shared. He always
had a lot of respect for his wife's mother, now he felt so much closer
to her and his mom.
As they were enjoying coffee and talking, Ethane's mom came over.
She had called earlier but his mother-in-law only told Ethan that his
mother was coming over to bring him some dessert.
As soon as she walked in she asked him and then Mary's mother if
she thought he had enough pussy to eat such that he wouldn't have an
anxiety attack about meeting his wife in a few days.
Ethan blushed and nodded affirmatively at his mom's direct and
unabashed inquiry. His mother-in-law on the other hand indicated that
he apparently was starved for pussy juice, so she didn't see anything
wrong with him eating some more juicy gash before bed. His mother
agreed and revealed she'd been out getting a friend to help make a
special sauce for her cunt just for him.
Ethane's tongue was a little tired, but he did relish the idea of
another session of muff diving.
Before his mom went in one of the bedrooms to prepare her self,
she handed Mary's mom a little bottle. Who then shook it up and placed
two drops on a puzzled looking Ethane's upper lip.
"This will dull your sense of smell and enable you to concentrate
on tasting the flavor of the special sauce your mom has prepared for
you. She then sent him to be with her.
As Mary's mom watched tv to drown out the moans of pleasure that
were emanating from the bedroom, she began to play with herself
thinking of how thrilling it was to be helping out in the subjugation
of her mollycoddled son-in-law.
Moments later she heard a car pulled up out front. She was more
than glad to see it was one of her black men friends who liked to drop
by for a quickie from time to time. This was definitely the time he
could benefit them both.
Her friend was on his way to work and didn't have more than a
half-hour to spare. In almost thirty minutes to the second he was
leaving, however, he'd left behind a load of his sticky hot jism in her
tummy and another deep in her cunt.
As she felt the gunk starting to leak out of her, she got a
wicked idea and found a tampon to keep it in her as she returned to
watching TV.
A half-hour later, a tired, but a very satisfied Ethan emerged
from the bedroom and sat on the couch beside Mary's mom.
"Ethan likes my special sauce so well he wants more." His mom
"Great! I thought he might like it, being the good little sucker
he is." Mary's mom replied.
Ethan was still inquiring what the sauce was made of. he was
assured it was all natural ingredients and full of protein.
Ethane's mom, who still nude underneath one of Mary's mom's thin robes,
pulled her son over for a deep French kiss and guided his hands to one
of her big tits.
"Now Ethan dear, whenever you feel the need to be with either of
us, all you need to do is asked. Understand?"
His face was flushed red as he tried to mutter a reply. He was
still not accustomed to talking with these two women about such an
intimate topic.
"Now baby, do you need to jack off again? We'd love to watch
"O-Oh no!" Ethan blurted out quickly and nervously as her
question and statement caught him off guard.
"I did him earlier as he was slurping on me. You're only good
for about one shot a day aren't you Ethan?"
As he was slow to respond, again being dumfounded by the
suddenness of the question, his mother spoke.
"Ethan, there's no reason to be embarrassed. You have to be
realistic and not be embarrassed. Here let mommie give you another
hug. Feel better now?"
He shook his head acknowledging he did and told his mother-in-law
that she was correct.
"As your mom said, that's nothing to be embarrassed about, you
more than make up for it with your sweet tongue."
Ethan smiled and liked the constant reassurance the women poured
on him about his talent for giving good head as they talked about the
experiences of the day once again.
"Ethan, I almost forgot, why don't you show your mom the pretty
panties you're wearing."
"Ethan almost wanted to crawl under the sofa at his mother-in-
law's revelation.
"I-I t-thought, t-that was o-our secret." He stammered.
"I lied. I only did that to make you feel comfortable so you
could enjoy your dinner, besides you shouldn't keep such a delightful
thing from your mother."
"She's quite right sweetie. A mother should know if her son like
to wears panties. Let me see them. Are they like the pink ones I
found in your secret hiding place in your room at home?"
Hit with a double whammy of exposed secrets, Ethan was in no
condition to resist doing as the women wanted of him. Soon he was
standing before the two of them in the beautifully lavishly lace
adorned panties.
As he modeled them he slowly told of how and why Dr. Downmen
recommended he wear them, including that she might be getting him more
articles. The more he pranced around at their insistence, the more
comfortable he felt before them in his pretty panties. Moments later,
Mary's mother brought out some of her feminine undies. Soon Ethan was
dressed in a white garter belts and pink nylons with a matching pink
lacy camisole. He was given a lacy pink robe. He and the two women
were all in similar attire as they sat and talked.
Ethan told them everything about his latest session with Dr.
Downmen and was surprised at how at ease he was in talking about all
that occurred. The women commended him for telling them everything and
each kissed him. The three finally got around to discussing the
meeting that was soon to take place with his estranged wife.
"Ethan sweetie, based on all you've told me, I really think
you're in a much better state of mind to meet any conditions upon which
Mary, er, I mean Mary and Ernest, might accept you back in their
relationship." His mother said in a sincere tone.
"I definitely agree with you. Especially after hearing you say
that you know you can't compete with Ernest on a man to man basis after
seeing the video. To admit he's the better man and to face the reality
of your inadequacies shows maturity and wisdom."
Ethane's mom concurred with Mary's mom and placed another kiss on
her "Baby" for being so wise in confronting and admitting his
"Ethan, I know Dr. Downmen indicated you all were going to talk
more about submissiveness next session, but seeing you sit here so
confidently, and having already indicated that Ernest is no doubt the
real man in Mary's life, I don't see where you're going to have one bit
of a problem being subservient to them if they permit you in their
relationship." Spoke his mom.
"And with you willing to wear women's clothes in his presence, I
know you won't have any problems with him thinking you're competing
with him as man of the house."
"Oh no, I-I wouldn't want him to think that, b-but you t-think h-
he'll want me to wear d-dresses a-and ..." In responding to his
mother-in-law's comment, she cut him off before he could stammer out
his reply.
"And whatever else is necessary they think you should wear."
"And do too sweetie." His mother said adding to Mary's mother's
comment. "You see baby, you've got to prove yourself and show them,
especially Ernest, that you deserve to be a part of their relationship,
even though Mary has feelings for you and even though you're still her
After some more discussion on this aspect of getting back
together with his wife, Ethan assured the women he was resolved to give
it his best effort to convince his wife and her black lover that he was
deserving of trying to fit in where he had turned them down eight
months ago.
Both women kissed and hugged him again and praised him for his
"Ethan dear, you mentioned earlier that Dr. Downmen let you know
that it was remote that Mary or Earnest would be interested in you
having normal intercourse with her again. Yet, you know Mary will
require you to be devoted and faithful to her still. You understand
what that means don't you?"
"Y-Yes. T-That I'll have to masturbate for relief." He replied
to his mother.
"That's right baby. And that shouldn't be a problem since you
like jacking off better than trying to sex her anyway, right?"
"Y-Yes ma'am, y-you're right." He replied meekly as he thought
of Ernest knowing he had to jerk off while Ernest pleasured his big
cock in his wife. Then he remembered what Dr. Downmen told him about
negative thoughts of comparing himself with Ernest, instead of
accepting the fact that Ernest is the superior man. She'd told him it
was far more constructive use of his time to think of ways to pay
homage and build a rapport as a servant would to a master.
He congratulated himself on pushing the negative thought out of his
mind and concentrated on what his mother was saying.
"Now sweetie, you do know, as her husband, she'll be expecting
you to eat her pussy, even though you won't be putting your little
thing in her."
"Now that takes care of your needs and her needs. You'll jack
off and suck her cunt. Now you have to think about Ernest in this
equation. He might feel slighted as the real man of the house. He
might think sucking her cunt is too much of a privilege for you,
especially since it's like a primary way of you having sex anyway with
"Y-You think h-he might r-really object to me ..."
"A good possibility Ethan, unless you can enhance his pride
versus possibly bruising it." Mary's mother interjected.
"B-but what can I-I do to boost his pride?"
"Sweetie you mentioned when you saw the video how much cum he
shot off ... and how he flooded her mouth and cunt and how she had cum
dripping down on her tits."
"Y-Yes I-I did."
"Then what better way to boost a man like Ernest's pride than to
offer to tongue clean his semen off and out of Mary. At the same time
you could kiss her cum flooded lips, suck her lovely tits, and of
course feast on her lush pussy, the real object of your desire." His
mother said smiling broadly.
"And Mary would have nothing but the greatest respect and a
higher esteem for you." Mary's mother added.
"I-I don't k-know ... I-I've never ate a-another man's s-stuff."
"Guess what you ate earlier dear? That is, out of my pussy?
That's why I had to kill you sense of smell."
Ethan couldn't believe that spent cum could taste that good.
Finding it hard to believe that he'd already eaten a man's jism and
liked it. He asked if it was his dad's cum.
His mother quickly explained.
"Oh no dear. Since you'll be facing a much more virile man, your
father and I got a black friend of ours to screw me this evening just
so I could break you in. I don't think you'd found a white man's cum
as tasty dear."
Ethan still expressed disbelief at his mother's story. This is
what Mary's mother had been waiting on. An opportunity to have her
son-in-law feast on the load she still had warmly trapped in her cunt.
She explained what'd happened while he and his mom were in the
bedroom earlier in the evening. As she spoke she laid back, spread her
legs, and dared him to taste the contents held back the tampon she'd
put in.
His mother urged him on.
Finding the entire situation strange, bizarre, and even a bit
disgusting, nevertheless, Ethan proceeded to do as his mother urged.
She cautioned him about the strong gamy smell of a fucked pussy
combined with the odor of spent semen.
He found she was right about the reek of the smell, especially
since his mother-in-law had kept it the man's stuff in her for almost
an hour. Ethan found the emanating odor strong and strange, but yet
not unpleasant. To get on with the test, he quickly pulled the tampon
away immediately saw the same milky colored sauce he'd lapped up
earlier in the evening. As the frothy goo oozed out her hairy heated
gash, he stuck the tip of his tongue in the in the oozing stream. In a
split second, he recognized the same general taste. He lapped up more
the second time and knew that there was no doubt. As he looked up at
his smiling mother-in-law, she could read his face.
"No need to worry about humble pie now dear, you've got a
creampie to eat." She said as she pulled his head forward closer to
her hairy gash as she scooted her crotch up closer to his face. Smell
or no smell, Ethan was sucking noisily as he vacuumed his mother-in-law
of all the aged gloppy pussy fuck goo.
Ethane's mother sat back with a very satisfied broad smile on her
face. She loved being an active participant in the subjugation of
timid weak willed males, irrespective of whether the subject was her
son or not. To some extent, that made the experience more special,
especially since she was convinced this was best for him.


"Father, mom told me what you two did for me ... a-and I-I am
grateful. Y-You'll have to forgive me for being nervous ... b-but s-so
much has happened in such a few days."
"I understand son ... and there's no need to thank us. We both
want your happiness and the re-establishment of your marriage."
"Dad I-I'm still embarrassed that everyone knows I like eating,
er, I mean the taste of another m-man's ..."
"You don't have to be nervous or embarrassed to talk about this
with me son. To relieve your apprehension, as your mother told you,
it's not uncommon for some white males to have a fondness for the taste
of black men's spent lusty leavings. Don't think of your taste for it
as unusual, but rather a gift. In this situation, where you're
attempting to get your marriage back together, it indeed is a gift as
well as a blessing. And by the way son, if it helps, your mother
introduced me to that wonderful fuck goo about fifthteen years ago. So
I fully understand better than you think."
As Ethan learned of this new revelation, he was shocked, but felt
better about his own situation. Ethan had many questions of his father
who gave him candid answers and advice.
"So son, the counselor and others may call it negotiations with
your wife and her black lover, but you should be prepared to capitulate
to whatever terms she and/or he may impose if you truly wish to stay in
her life. Just as your mother and mother-in-law were trying to tell
you, pleasing your wife's black stud is as important as pleasing her,
because she will do virtually anything he asks of her."
Ethan listened intently as his father continued to provide him
counsel. Ethan was pleased to learn that his father too was fond of
feminine attire and even had wore it from time to time. He was also
thrilled to learn that his father had been made to dress in drag by
Ethane's mom and watch her have sex with one of her black men friends.
"It was a birthday gift to the man from your mother. The man
loved it, because it greatly appeased his ego. I had to keep her clean
between bouts of sex she had with him. So son, the bottomline is,
be prepared to do what is necessary to keep the woman you love and hold
your marriage together. As you know we can't compete with those black
dicks, so we have to do the best we can in other ways. It'll be easy
to do if you consider yourself as the one married and not the other way
around." His father said as he looked Ethan in the eyes and spoke
"T-Thanks father, I'll remember."
"Another thing son, you may not have to do this anytime soon, but
you must be prepared to do it when asked or the opportunity presents
itself. You must do it to demonstrate your devotion to your wife and
her real man or men."
When Ethane's father told him what it was he was referring too,
Ethan thought for a moment and calmly asked his father had he done it
"Yes son, I've sucked the dicks of all your mother's black men
friends over the years. The men will let you know when they want you
to do this. In a way, it's their way of letting you know you've gained
their trust. Think of it as their way of bonding with you. This is
important and a significant point in your marital arrangement. And
just as with sucking loaded cunts, you'll like fresh hot jism. Also,
just as with eating cum out of pussies, you must not think of this as
humiliating or perverted, but as a necessary part of your marital
conjugal duties."


"Well Ethan, in a half hour you meet your wife for the meeting
for which you've been undergoing preparation these last few weeks, how
do you feel?"
"A-A little nervous." He replied to Dr. Downmen.
"That's understandable, but I know you're going to do fine,
especially since you've come to this meeting with no pre-conditions and
basically have indicated you'll accept almost any conditions or terms
she and Ernest wish to impose.
"My family and I have talked it over, and decided that it was
best to do it this way."
"I tell you Ethan, you are blessed to have such wonderful family
support. It has made my job so much easier as well as helped you see
thing more clearly than you did eight months ago."
Ethan acknowledged that it had.
"Let me again compliment on your attire for this meeting. It's
excellent. It definitely shows you're unpretentious about your
masculinity. This will make an excellent first impression on your
wife. It will let her know that you are serious about not wanting
anyone to think you are competing with Ernest. Rather, you accept him
as the man of the house and that you hope to fit in where they want you
Ethan was wearing a pink woman's pant's suit, a lacy sheer pink
blouse with a ruffled front. The bright pink pants he wore didn't have
the tell tale fly in front. The white open toe feminine sandals showed
his painted toenail, which sported a bright pink shade of nail polish,
which matched the nail shade on his hands and the lip gloss he wore.
The sheer pink stockings he wore, only visible on his feet,
nevertheless complimented the contrast of the whiteness of the sandals
and the brightness of the nail polish as well as gave his feet a smooth
wonderfully feminine appearance.
It was his mother's idea for him to come to the meeting in drag.
She called it a good faith indication on his part to let his wife and
her black lover visibly know that he was a changed person.
The time had arrived. Dr. Downmen's assistant buzzed her to
indicate that Ethane's wife Mary was in the meeting room down the hall.
Nervously Ethan followed Dr. Downmen to the room. Before the
doctor could introduce them to each other, Ethan and his wife were
embracing. Dr. Downmen said a few words and left them to their
"Mary, y-you look beautiful."
"So do you Ethan honey. You look good in pink. Dr. Downmen has
kept me informed of your visits and assures me you don't have the same
hang-ups as you did eight months ago. You sure you aren't fooling
Ethan assured his wife that he indeed seen the light and was
ready to be a part of she and Ernest's life and relationship
"Now honey, I do have a special love for you, but you have to
know up front, Ernest comes first. Whatever time I have left over from
when he needs me, or doing what he wants me to do, then I'll share with
you ... of course depending on how I'm feeling. Understand."
"Y-Yes Mary, I-I understand darling."
"Have you heard Ernest pimps me out sometimes?"
"Yes darling, I-I've heard you sleep with other men occasionally
for money, but ..."
"I'm a whore. A street whore Ethan, you think you can handle
that?" His wife said looking him point blank in the face.
"Y-Yes I can Mary. T-This time away from you and what I-I've
been through the last few weeks have made me realize that my love for
you is special too. I-I'm no longer under the mythical disillusion I
was under before. I realize now that I wasn't man enough to give you
what you needed. Now, I-I just want to be near you ... a-and fit in,
o-or accept w-whatever terms you and Ernest give me."
"You sound convincing, but here are some questions that Ernest
wanted me to ask you. Ready?"
"Yes darling, I-I am." Ethan spoke nervously as he took a deep
breath and exhaled to calm his nerves.
"First question ... Do you consider yourself a man in your wife's
"N-No." Ethan replied softly.
"Well you passed that one. Next question ... would you object to
being called any of the following: wimp, fairy, pansy, sissy, faggot?"
"N-No, I-I wouldn't object." He spoke softly hanging his head.
"Good. Last question ... do you have any problems obeying
Ernest, no matter what tasks he directs you to do?"
"Oh no, I-I'll do as I'm told."
"Very good Ethan dear. Since you got all the answers right,
Ernest sent you a little piece offering to welcome you back in our
lives." Mary stood up as she spoke and hiked up the short mini skirt
she was wearing. She wore a tie on thong, which came off quickly to
reveal her thick furry bush. Ethane's heart and prick jumped at the
sight of her pussy.
"Ernest sent you a load of his jism. Just pull the pussy plug to
get your gift sweetie." She said gleefully as she scooted her cunt to
the edge of the big conference room chair she was in.
Ethan dived headfirst, pulled the plug, and was nosily slurping
her pussy. It amazed even her how fast he was devouring her pussy fuck
scum. As she closed her eyes, the reality of having an enslaved
husband dawned on her and it sent more thrills up her spine as she
closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations and noise of her sissified
husband slurping out her real man's cum.
It had been two months since Ethan, now going by his sissy alias
of Ethel, had been home for a visit.
Ernest and Mary were going on a week's cruise, so they sent him
home so his mother could watch over him while they were gone.
"Deary, you look so radiant and cute. I can tell your new
lifestyle has been good for you. Now do you see why your wife wanted a
real man around the house for you and her?" Spoke Ethel's mother as
she greeted her sissified son in full drag.
"Yes I do. It's better than I ever imagined mother. The more
I'm around him, I see why Mary loves and adores him so."
"Does it bother you son that you and Mary don't see each often,
that is since she's on the streets at night and you're working during
the day?"
"I'd like to see her more often, but you know we both have our
jobs, which are necessary to be sure Mr. Ernest gets his money.
However, when she does come in, usually late at night, he or she wakes
me up to clean his cum from her. So what time we spend together is
very quality time."
"Dear, do you always address him as mister?"
"Oh yes mother. That's one of their rules. I also have to say
sir to him also. It doesn't bother me. Anyway, it just seems right to
show him such respect. After all he is the man of the house."
"How do you like your new part time job Ernest got you as a
public toilet cleaning maid?"
"I was a little disappointed at first, even though I get to dress
as a woman when I work there in the evenings. However, after I saw the
pride and pleasure Mr. Ernest got from telling his buddies how he had
me working in drag cleaning public toilets, I felt better. It was
strange, but I really like seeing him happy, as he boasts about things
like that. Mary expressed the same thing to me about her whoring for
him. She gets thrilled at him telling people she's his " White Ho"."
"Does it bother you dear?" His mother asked.
"Oh no, in fact, I find it exciting that she's a whore for black
men. I'm proud to be her husband. It's like being married to a
celebrity. It really makes me feel good to hear men say what a good
piece of ass she is and that just about every black dick in town has
been in her."
"If more husbands were as proud of their wives as you are son,
the divorce rate would be so much lower." His father mused.
"You're so right dear." Ethel's mom replied to her husband Sid.
"I'm proud of both you and Mary, and the changes you both made in
your lives. Isn't your marriage much better than that staid
relationship you had before?"
"Oh yes mother, much better. It seems now that everything is
orderly and structured. Ernest and Mary make the rules and I follow
them. In addition, I don't have to worry about trying to be the man
I'm not. My wife respects me for what I am, and I feel so comfortable,
competent and confident in doing it. Whenever I suck her pussy, she
can count on me to deliver. That really makes me feel good."
"You forgot to mention you pleasing yourself without feeling
guilty or ashamed too."
"Yes father, you're so right. Jacking off is so peaceful when
you do it without feeling shame or guilt. Knowing that Mary knows I
jack off has made my life so much more contented."
"By the way Ethel my dear, I want to get a picture of you and
your father jerking each other off tonight." Spoke his mother
Both men readily agreed and just like the two pansies they'd been
made into by the women in their lives, the two began a serious
discussion on what they were going to wear while being photographed
beating each others meat.
Ethel's mother just listened at them and happily hummed as she
went about what she was doing. It pleased her exceedingly that she had
both her husband and son thoroughly and irrevocably subjugated in
servitude to dominant women and black dicks.

### END ###

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