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CDE 55 Is It You Or Her



Copyright c December 2002 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved.

This story may not be reproduced in any form or sold for
profit. This story may be freely distributed for personal
use with this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(Cuckold, M+/F, MM, Impreg, FemDom, MDom)


TITLE: Is It You or Her?
Author: C.D.E.

ABSTRACT: A husband has to contend with the antics,
attitudes, and adultery of his wife, who supposedly has a
split personality.


Eva - wife

"Eva, isn't there something you want to tell me?"
"I bet you want to talk about my pussy, don't you?"
"Well, Eva, it's been pretty hard for me to not notice
how messy and gamy and gapping it has been for the last few
weeks when you've come in late. Is it that new guy at
work, Eddie? The one that's called here a few time and
left messages, as well as picked you up a few times."
"Yes he's the one. Isn't he handsome?"
"That's beside the point Eva. Remember, we're
married. You're not supposed to be committing adultery
like this. Or am I talking to the other Eva?"
"You're talking to the naughty Eva now sweetie. And
yes, you're right honey, but it sure feels so good being
adulterous and doing it with a big dick stud. Since you're
speaking of my pussy, as usual, you really do suck me good,
just as you've done before when I've gotten control away
from the nice Eva and change into being Eva the slut. I
was hoping you'd not say anything until my craving to fuck
another man had run its course."
"Not you again!"
"It's me now honey, the naughty Eva has gone away for
now. Yes, she made me do it."
"I guess I should've known. Anyway Eva, I've been
patient for 10 weeks, I decided we've got to talk about
this." Earl, her husband, spoke with an edge in his voice.
"There you go getting upset again, just because the
naughty Eva been feeding you a little cum from another
man's dick."
"A little? Eva some nights you're really loaded.
It's hard to believe that one man could shoot off that much
stuff in a single session of intercourse. Oh what's wrong
with me? Okay, which Eva am I talking to now?"
"This is still the nice Eva dear. Your darling loving
wife. But I can answer for my other naughty side. Believe
it darling, he's quite a stud. He often gets off 4 or 5
times each time we have a fuck session."
"F-Four o-or five? Oh well, forget I said that.
Another thing Eva, I don't know why you, or your other
split personality, keeps all his stuff trapped in you until
you come home and mount my face. I really wish you or her
would stop using pussy plugs whenever you feel the craving
to cheat. I almost drowned one night in the slimy deluge
than streamed on my face as you straddled my head."
"That was Wednesday night. I remember it well. We
did four guys that night. You're right, our cunt was
drenched and quite full. The naughty Eva started out the
night, but it was me that finished it up, Earl darling. I
had no choice. When the naughty Eva turned things back
over to me, I found myself under the fourth man and he was
boning me like there was no tomorrow. He was hung and knew
how to use his equipment. He really flooded me. However,
back to what you were talking about. Yes, we both, that is
both Eva's in me have come to agreement. You see, we use
plugs for two reasons. The first is that all the men the
naughty Eva causes me to get blamed for cheating with have
long cocks and when they shoot off, it's deep in the bottom
of our cunt. So it would take a while for all their
abundant stuff to leak out anyway. So we use the plugs to
keep from leaking as one of us is getting ready to come
home to you after I've been fucked. Secondly, it's really
more fun sharing the delight of these fuck sessions with
you in this way. That is, by having you suck the fuck
juices out of me. That's so much better than to just let
it run out uselessly. It's such a warm joyful feeling for
both of us to feel another man manly load oozing out and
hearing you noisily sucking and slurping it up. I know the
other Eva likes rubbing her fucked cunt in your face to
shame you. But for me, I just love riding your face when
my cunt is full of another man's cum. It shows me you
really love me and I see myself as helping you show your
love for me - well us."
"Eva, I really wish sometimes I wasn't so
understanding. It was bad enough you, well, you and her,
tricked me for almost two years while we were dating and
engaged, and conditioned me to enjoy sucking your gooey
gapping drippy cunt. It really hurt to find out you'd been
having sex with several men. At the same time, you denied
me from putting it in and all the while fooling me into
eating their gloppy stuff out of your pussy."
"Earl, by doing so, the naughty Eva proved you were a
virgin. You didn't know what a fucked cunt looked or
tasted like, so that was proof positive to me that you were
what you said you were. I applauded her for that. However,
the warm feeling she and I both got from having all that
slimy fuck goo being sucked out of my messy oozing pussy
was so ecstatic, I couldn't bring myself to stop doing it.
Plus, Earl, you were so proud of getting me off with your
mouth. I could see it in your eyes, even through much of
your face was smeared with the slimy wetness of my well-
fucked and well-sucked cunt."
"W-Well, I-I was, especially since y-you wouldn't let
me p-put it in, I-I felt I had to do something to please
you. After all, I do love you Eva."
"You're so sweet Earl. I knew you were just the
husband for me."
"Speaking of being a husband, let's get back to the
what started this conversation. Eva, I know Dr. Easton has
stressed that we should always try not to be emotional
about these times when the other Eva takes control and
causes you to forget you're married and commit adultery.
You know slip into your other self, or personality. And I
think I have abided by his edit on that matter. However, I
believe you do get rather emotional, that's why I waited as
long as I did before I mentioned it to you - that is, about
all that jism in your pussy and your feeding it to me these
last few weeks.
"Earl, you're determined to bring those times up again
and again aren't you? Won't you ever let me forget about
what the other Eva did then?"
"Eva, I accepted your apology each time it happened,
okay? What I'm trying to do is for us to talk through
these issues instead of you possibly reverting back to her
and resorting to physical action and doing something
that'll you be sorry for again. Like you did the last
eight times you've whipped or beat on me."
"I know I was wrong each time I beat on you dear, but
at the same time, each time you threatened to stop sucking
my pussy or called me a slut or something like that or
acted like I was a slut. It was the other Eva and you were
treating me like it was her. I admit it's a little
difficult for you to know which of us is in control at any
given time, but earl darling, you have to consider my
feelings. After all, I'm the good Eva, your loving wife
that only wants the best for us."
"Eva, I admit I did those things, and I suffered under
your, a combination of both of your personality's hands,
dearly for doing so. You just don't know your strength.
You've got at least 20 pounds on me and you're 4 inches
taller too. I also guess it also matters that you had a
lot of Judo training too."
"Nevertheless Earl, we both made mistakes, all three
of us. I actually joined the other Eva in whipping you
several times because I felt you were not sensitive enough
about my feelings. That is, in regard to your pledge to
suck my pussy no matter which of my states of mind is in
charge. We both like you cleaning other men's cum out of
our common pussy. I want to be treated with respect no
matter how many times the naughty cravings of my other self
consumes me. Dr. Easton was right about us respecting each
other. As long as you respect me and my other
personality's need to have other men fuck us, and then have
you suck out our common, semen soaked pussy, it really
helps us control our emotional outbursts. My part in
whipping you was done because I didn't feel respected as a
woman who had a problem. A problem that should be respected
by her husband. The other Eva did it to show you she was in
charge and to humiliate you as a man."
"Yes Eva, Dr. Easton was emphatic about me
understanding that it was not a wanton willful thing you
were doing to me. I guess sometimes it's been hard to
remember that, so like he said, maybe your whipping me was
a helpful way of reminding me your committing adultery was
not of your own doing."
"I think it also was a way of keeping you faithful
too, while we four - that is, myself and I, you and Dr.
Easton - work on this problem my other self has of cheating
on you and feeding you the outcome on my doing so."
"Not to mention raising them too."
"Oh Earl darling, I can't tell you how much more in
love I am with you with each baby I've had by other men,
due to Eva the slut, and brought home for you to be the
daddy of. You're so wonderful with our 3 kids."
"I-I try to be a good daddy for them."
"And you are sweetie, just like you're a good sucker
of a spouse to both of us too."
"Somehow, Eva, I don't think that came out the way you
meant it."
"Well one thing I know Earl, it's so good that you're
acclimated to and don't find the taste of our common fucked
pussy unpleasant. That, along with your understanding
nature and your honoring your vows. That is, the "better or
worse" part. These things have kept me your wife.
Otherwise, I don't think I could've stayed with a husband
who was a macho asshole. I don't need a husband who is
insecure with his manhood, so as to want to break up a
marriage because of a recurring problem of adultery by his
wife. Or for that matter, the fact that he frequently has
to eat another man's semen from his wife's cunt. No Earl,
you're an outstanding husband."
"Eva, you know I've tried, even though it's been
difficult. Especially, the many times when you've not been
in the mood to let me have some after I've sucked you out
and gotten you off with my tongue and mouth."
"It's that often I'm so tired after a good fuck
session due to Eva the slut, by the other Eva's stud or
studs, and an excellent suck session by you. We're only
human darling, our common pussy can only take so much.
Besides, didn't Dr. Easton say that beating your meat was
good for a husband like you who have small dicks, you know,
as a way of controlling premature ejaculation and
strengthening the penis muscles?"
"Uh, y-yes he did, b-but don't you think letting me
have some 3 or 4 times a year is a bit too long to go
without some Eva. Especially, when it seems your other men
are doing you several times a week?"
"Okay, you drive a hard bargain Earl darling, how
about, Hmmmm, every two months?"
"Oh thank you Eva, thank you."
"You're welcome dear. I'll try to make the other Eva
understand that too. Even though she may humiliate you
from time to time, she loves you and thinks you are
deserving of some of our good pussy, even though you don't
have the equipment in your pants to work on it as good as
our other men."
"Y-Yes please do make her understand. And o-okay
you've made your point. I know now, my prick is not in the
same league as what you're accustomed to having slipped
into the both of you. I-I guess I should think both of you
for being so-so considerate of me."
"You're welcome darling."
"I-I guess, now that it's out in the open that you're
having an affair with Eddie, by Dr. Easton's rule, it's not
cheating anymore, it's just plain adultery, and I guess I
have to accept that the solution is that we continue to
talk about it, a-and work through it. That is discussing
why you should not be doing that. Right?"
"Correct, and of course, the other Eva will continue
to fuck him while we talk through this, and of course
you'll continue to suck our filled pussy also, right?"
"Yes, yes, of course dear. Like Dr. Easton said, if
you hadn't conditioned me into becoming acclimated to the
taste of jism and pussy juice, this approach would be
difficult for me to handle."
"I'm so glad this has all worked out so well for us
Earl. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot. Eddie has asked
the other Eva to go on a cruise with him week after next.
I'll talk to mother about helping you out with the kids
while the three of us are away."
"A-A cruise? H-How long will you be gone?"
"It'll be four days on the ship as we sail around the
Caribbean. Then a day each on the front, and tale ends of
the cruise. Count on me being gone about a week. Okay?"
"A-A whole week?"
"Earl darling, I've been away at least that long
before. What's the problem?"
"When you're gone away, you know what can happen when
some of the other Eva's studs coming by looking for Eva the
slut, a-and you're not here."
"Oh that, I thought you were over that by now."
"Eva, I know you and Dr. Easton have gone over this
with me many times, but it's sort of a principle of the
matter with me having them drop by here unannounced in the
first place, even when you're here. Dr. Easton calling
those old cases of adultery and for me to ignore those,
because those aren't surprises to me, is something I don't
"That's why he's the Doctor and we pay him so much to
help us out with our marital situation. And he has done a
marvelous job if I say so myself."
"If-If you say so dear."
"I do Earl, I do. Earl, the guys respect you as a
cool husband when they come by to get some from your wife,
who by the way, who is not really the Eva they know. So if
they come by when I'm not here, just tell them when you
expect me back. They can wait to see the other Eva."
"You know that's easier said then done. You know what
disrespect and abject humiliation they've put me through in
the past when you're weren't available before."
"Oh that. It's not a frequent thing, I don't know why
you complain every time that happens. I thought by now you
would've become accustomed to sucking a few dicks when they
needed sucking off. It's not like you were a fag out
trying to find dicks to suck. It's really more of a mercy
suck on your part, right?"
"T-They might say so, but I don't."
"Earl, look upon as them being the innocent victims of
my split personality malady. If the other Eva hadn't come
on to them, they wouldn't have been after me. Therefore I
am at fault because of my sickness, that is of craving to
be fucked by big hard dicks. So once they get a taste of
me, it's hard for them to turn it of. So they are victims
too Earl. Therefore, if I'm a victim and they are victims,
therefore you should want to help them too, since they are
victims too."
"Y-You make it sound so-so justified. Besides, it's
not like they take no from me for an answer when they want
to put their big dicks in my mouth. They get belligerent
and want to create a scene when I refuse them, not to
mention threatening me with physical harm."
"You've done the right thing in the past. That is, of
being a cocksucker for them. It can't be the taste of
their stuff you're upset about, not as many quarts, or
maybe gallons, of jism you've sucked out of my cunt -
thanks to the other Eva. Anyway Earl darling, you know
what they say about a hard throbbing dick not having a
conscience. It's the reason they lose control and threaten
you. Humiliating you is probably the farthest thing from
their mind. Getting off is on their mind. I know the
fellows appreciate your sucking mouth as a surrogate pussy.
They've told the other Eva so. By the way, they say you're
a pretty good cocksucker swallow real well too."
"Eva, I-I wish you wouldn't even bring that up when we
"Darling, I'm just telling you what the gays have told
me. And on a more serious note, Earl dear, I don't want
you getting beat up either. You know you're no match for
those brawny guys. I don't want you hurt. You are not to
resist or refuse them in any way when they push their dicks
in your face. Just do as I've told you. Concentrate on
licking their dick head slits before engulfing as much of
their stiff meaty shaft as you can. Also, and don't forget
to fondle their balls, men like that in a good cocksucker.
Okay? Promise darling?"
"O-Okay, I-I promise Eva." Earl replied softly as he
held his head down rather than looking his wife in the
"Good boy. Remember it's for a good cause. Your
sucking them off solves their problem and makes them more
reasonable and easier to deal with. Can't you tell that
they're less threatening after they get off in your mouth?"
"W-Well yes, now that you mentioned it. They were.
Sometimes a few of them have even stayed afterwards and had
a beer and watched the games on tv with me before leaving."
"You see darling, if they meant to humiliate you, do
you think they would drink your beer and watch games with
you? No darling, this is just their way of thinking you
for being what they consider a cool liberated husband and
being a true partner with your wife. They do respect you
Earl, maybe not as they would another real man, but in
their own way, they do."
"I-I guess I hadn't looked at it that way before. I
do remember one of the guys saying something about he
didn't think I-I was much of a man, a-and that I-I was a
wimp for sucking h-his peter. H-However, he said h-he
respected me for doing what it took to keep my pretty wife
from leaving me for men with b-bigger dicks. He said you,
I mean the other Eva, told him how short m-my prick is. I
think his name was Eric. I-I do remember it being easier
to talk to chat with him after he said that. I-I haven't
seen him a while."
"She tells all her lovers about your shortcomings
Earl, so don't be surprised at that. About Eric, he's
traveling a lot now, but he does fucks the other Eva
occasionally. He has a big handsome dick, and doesn't he
shoot a lot?"
"H-He is well endow..., p-please Eva don't embarrass
me further b-by asking me such things. It's bad enough
I-I'm even talking with you about one of your, I-I mean the
other Eva's lover's cock."
"Earl darling, we're married. We should be able to
talk about the dicks of men that you've sucked on,
especially if they've fucked me, your wife, even if was
because of the other Eva. We've done it before, remember?"
"I-I know Eva, b-but that doesn't make it any easier
on me e-each time we've done so."
"Earl darling, how many times do I need to tell you
that you're only doing what any good husband would do under
the circumstances. Don't be hard on yourself. I'm proud
of you for being a cocksucker for such well-endowed, big
muscular men. After all, it takes a lot of effort to suck
on their big hard dicks and swallow all the hot jism they
pump out. I know from first hand experience through the
other Eva."
"I-I guess I can't disagree with you there Eva. A-And
thanks Eva, it's been hard at times, but I've tried to be
the best husband I can be for you."
"Yes darling you have. I appreciate it to. And I know
you'll continue to be a good husband for me. Won't you?"
"Of course I will, Eva, my love."
"Thank you darling. So therefore Earl, don't be
unhappy because you've had to suck dicks before, and maybe
will have to suck the dicks of Eva's studs in the future.
Just remember, it's for a good cause."
"Well, I-I'm not totally happy about any of this.
H-However, like you've indicated, it appears to be a
necessary thing I have to do. Like Dr. Easton said, If I
don't do these things, the naughty Eva could convince you
to leave me, a-and that would hurt me badly."
"Me too Earl darling, I love you and want to be your
wife. I'm so glad you're doing everything possible to
accommodate the slut side of me and appease the naughty
Eva's desires."
"I love you too Eva and I guess I should be thankful
that things have worked out as well as they have for us and
that the other Eva hasn't taken you completely away from
me. Even though I'm not the biological father, we have
three beautiful children and I'm always getting compliments
about how I kept my vows and how faithful I am to you,
despite the other Eva's antics."
"Yes Earl, you deserved to be praised for being such a
noble husband. And yes, you're a wonderful daddy to the
babies of other men, which the other Eva and me have
brought home to you. All in all, things are going good for
us even though the other Eva tends to cause a bit of
mischief here and there for us."
"Yes she does. But going back to the other Eva's
studs, yes, I'm glad that I didn't get beat up by them. I
didn't want to do what they wanted me to do. However, I
didn't really have a choice otherwise. And Eva, You've
said many times before it doesn't bother you. But I'm sure
it's got to make you upset just a little bit that these men
just walk in here and make me s-suck their huge c-cocks and
swallow all their heavy loads of viscid semen."
"Just the opposite Earl darling, you doing that for
them again shows me what a wonderful husband you are.
Marriage is a partnership. You being there for them is
just another way of you helping me, your marriage partner,
carry the load, or should I say take their loads. Hee!
Hee! Hee!"
"Funny! Funny! But seriously Eva, t-they'll listen to
you. C-Can't you tell them t-that they shouldn't force me
"Earl darling, remember what Dr. Easton said about
cocksucking being educational for you? That is of
experiencing what it feels like to be a warm wet cunt and
being on the receiving end of those spurting seminal
"I-I don't need to be reminded about how bigger, more
robust, and sturdier your..., I-I mean the other Eva's
other men's cock are compared to me. B-But Eva, that was
nine years ago. Since then, I-I've must've had to suck
your stud's dicks over a 100 times. I-I don't think there
is anything else for me to learn about what dicking prowess
they have."
"Earl, think of it as a continuing education. Also,
didn't Dr. Easton tell you that the more frequent you suck
such manly dicks, the less likely that you'll have to get
readjusted to having your lips stretched, and being
re-acclimated to the volume, expulsion force, and heat of
their hot ejaculate? Not to mention the conditioning of
your throat and tongue muscles to accommodate rapid
swallowing of all the men's virile hot cum."
"H-He did, but I-I have my doubts about some of the
things he says."
"Let's not be negative darling. Either way, I tend to
agree with Dr. Easton, I think you being their cocksucker
has been beneficial for you and our marriage. After all,
there aren't many wives who can have a conversation with
their husbands about the taste of their studs' jism, both
from the studs' dicks as well as out the wife's cunt."
"Well, (Sigh!), it looks like this I'm not getting any
sympathy from you on this matter. But another thing is on
my mind Eva."
"What is it dear?"
"Please don't get pregnant, like you've done on all
the other cruises you've gone on before."
"Earl, you know I never plan on getting pregnant from
anyone other than you my husband, but it's my naughty
personality that has got herself knocked up three times
before. Even though, I have to end up bearing the burden
of her misdeed and being a good mother to the baby, and you
of course being the doting loving daddy."
"Please, if you can, please keep the other Eva, the
naughty Eva, from getting knocked up again. Take your
pills. Maybe we should get you one of those implant birth
controls. That way you don't have to worry about taking
daily pills. The birth control is automatic and lasts up
to 5 years."
"An excellent idea sweetie, but they aren't without
serious side effects. No, I'll take my chances with
keeping the other Eva from doing that. However, if I fail,
I know I can count on you. Besides, Earl, there is more
balance in having an even number of children."
"Eva, we're just barely got our heads above water now.
Another baby will cause me to get a second job. Please, do
what you can to "not" get inseminated."
"I wish you could be there to be mine, and the other
Eva's, tongue birth control."
"Ordinarily, I would be offended at doing such,
however - Sigh! - under the circumstances, I guess I would
volunteer if I could go along with you."
"You're a good husband Earl, but Eddie is paying my
way and you have to stay home with the kids. Of course mom
will help out while you're at work."
"I'm glad of that. She's been very helpful when
you've gone away before. The only disagreement she and I
get into is about is that she sees the naughty Eva's
cruises and escapes as vacations for you to get away at a
savings for me. That is, because I'm not paying for them."
"I know darling, but one day, I hope you see things
her way. It is an opportunity for me to travel and see the
"I-I just wish it didn't have to be with another man,
especially another man who your other personality is having
an affair with, and using your body."
"I understand your feelings Earl sweetie, but just
imagine what I'm going through, since I'm really the one
being used here."
"I-I see your point Eva. Another thing Eva, I wish
there was some way of determining when the other Eva takes
you over."
"It's an erratic thing."
"Oh well, I've suffered though this for the last nine
years, and two years before we were married. I guess I'll
have to put up with it a bit longer until you can suppress
or get rid of the other, naughty Eva personality. I just
hope you can do so before you have another baby by another
of the other Eva's studs."

"Sure, you know I'll be glad to help Earl out with the
kids. He's really a good daddy to those kids. I'm sure
he'll be that way, no matter how many little bastards you
bring him as the naughty Eva. I have to give it to you, you
sure pulled the wool over his eyes good with that split
personality scam. He's swallowed it all. It's been almost
10 years now and he's not the wiser yet."
"Well, mother, it's not totally a scam, I do have
these urges to fuck other men. Real men who are able to
deliver the meat in bed. I'm just getting Earl some help,
and doing it in a way he can, well, I guess the right way
to say it, is that forces him to accept it."
"Yeah, Dr. Easton has really paid off for you and your
marriage. I know you're fucking him."
"I sure am, otherwise he wouldn't be giving out such
outlandish advise to my sweetie pie Earl. Who, by the way,
has followed it all to the letter, with my help of course."
"I guess having so many pictures of him sucking your
men's dicks doesn't hurt either."
"No mother, it doesn't. He thinks the naughty Eva may
put them on the Internet if he isn't obedient to both of
us. But don't get me wrong, I love Earl dearly and we have
a very good marriage."
"I know, except it's on your terms. I've heard you
say so, many, many times. Well, I have to give it to you
Eva, you've made me some pretty grand kids from all those
handsome studs you've fucked and got knocked up by."
"Earl's mother told me the same thing several times."
"I know, she's also mentioned the same to me. You do
realize that she knows you're making a fool out of her son,
don't you?"
"Fool is too harsh of a word mom, cuckold yes, fool
no. You see, she and I have had several talks about our
marriage. She has also applauded me for the way I've
managed her son. She and I are in harmony in our thoughts
about Earl. You see, she realizes that Earl would be a
disappointment in trying to be a good husband to a nice
chaste girl. His lack of manliness and inept attempts to
be a man of the house probably would only hurt them both in
the long run and lead to divorce or drinking or even drugs
on both their parts. His then respectable wife would
eventually have to do something to make up for Earl's
failure as a husband and man to her. Earl's mom knows her
son is a milquetoast and she sees the partnering of him and
I, a wimp and a slut, as giving us both what we need from
each other. He needs the love of and association of a
strong pretty woman - namely yours truly - to bolster his
image as a man with other men. While I need his easygoing
manner and lack of real manliness to accept whatever I
impose on him to keep the relationship together the way I
want it. We love each other, but it's our kind of love.
It's a "give and take" love relationship - I give
directions and he takes them - which keeps our marital
relationship in balance and harmony."
"And of course, Earl has a greater capacity to take,
so you dump on him, right?"
"Again, mother, dump is a harsh word. Earl has the
greater ability to adapt and accept to the conditions he
finds himself in, or which I've cleverly imposed on him.
That's how I like to view it."
"Ha! Ha! Ha! You should go in politics with all that
double talk. But I have to admit, your husband is a one of
those guys that if you didn't take advantage of him,
someone else probably would have. So from that
perspective, he's better off with you."
"His mom also implied the same thing. She also
admitted that Earl was a mama's boy in the truest sense of
the word and needed a strong woman to guide him. She told
me the day before the wedding that she knew what I had been
doing to her son for the year or so of our engagement, and
gave me her full blessings to carry on after we got
married, which she was sure I'd planned. We two embraced
as I assured her I would be doing so."
"You never told me that before."
"Well, mom, I wasn't sure you were ready for that yet.
After all, you were glad that I was marrying a respectable
husband, but you weren't totally pleased at how I was
treating Earl."
"Yes Eva, how well I remember. I'm glad you didn't
tell me that his own mom was virtually a conspirator
against him also. I don't know if I would have done
anything about it, but I'm glad I didn't know anyway."
"His mother is a gem and after my own heart. She told
me that Earl probably has a masochistic streak and needs
some type of adversity to endure so he can feel useful to
those around him. She thought the split personality scheme
was brilliant, and especially so when the babies started to
come along. It gave him real public humiliation to deal
with in addition to the private humiliation of having to
suck my jism soaked cunt made that way by other men."
"Now I know why you were so sure that she would go
along with you having those babies. I bet she helped you
quell any dissenting feelings Earl had about you carrying
other men's babies to term, didn't she?"
"You're right on target mom. After the second baby,
Earl didn't have much fight left in him. He just accepted
that he was married to two women in the same body - one
good and the other an adulterous slut. However, the good
Eva insisted on carrying the shameful burden to term,
caused by the slut within her. Earl just had to accept it
and be a good daddy to the kids, as well as a good cuckold
husband to me and my slut side."
"And he has been a good cuckold too, even when having
to deal with your studs brazenly coming by to pick you, I
mean, the naughty Eva, up for dates."
"Yes he has. Earl, just as his mom had predicted, is
a bit masochistic, and that has also helped bond us even
closer together as he has had to face more humiliation
because of my naughty side."
"What in the world do you mean?"
"Well mom, it's like this. Earl sees he and I, the
good Eva, as a team, having to fight the adversities
created and caused by the naughty Eva in order to hold our
marriage together. This is a worthy cause to him. This
fits in well with his masochistic nature. That is, even
though he finds himself being humiliated as a man, it's for
a good and just cause. That is, to protect the woman he
loves, a.k.a. the good Eva, and the marriage he's in, even
though he has to share his wife with other men, because of
the naughty Eva."
"A worthy cause? I'm impressed."
"Yes, it is to him. And to reinforce that he's doing
the right thing, Dr. Easton and I always stress to Earl
that he is being a good husband in the way he's dealing
with the adversities created by the naughty Eva. That is to
be tolerant and let the malady run its course. Basically,
we're telling him to accept and adjust to any increasing
degree of humiliation. By doing that he becomes
desensitized to it. By doing that, it becomes less
humiliating to him and more of a routine part of our
marital relations."
"And I guess that's what happened when the naughty
Eva's studs started imposing themselves on poor Earl to
suck on their hard hot dicks when she wasn't available?"
"Precisely. That's a classic example of how the most
abject humiliating act for him has become more or less a
routine thing the more times he's been required to perform
it. By the way, mom, I've arranged for a few of the guys
to drop by, unannounced, to see Earl during the time you'll
have the kids over here at your place."
"Oh I see. That way, you're going to make sure that
Earl and naughty Eva's studs have their privacy, so Earl
can truly prove what a really good husband he is by
carrying some of the lo..., no I guess I should say, take
some of the loads of the marriage. Ha! Ha! Ha!"
"You've always had a way with words mom. Hee! Hee!"
"By the way Eva, is this cruise going to make me and
your mom-in-law grandmothers again?"
"Keep your fingers crossed. Hee! Hee!"

Eva had a great time on her cruise. She brought back
many pictures. Many for all to see of the many scenic
sites she and her stud, Eddie, visited. However, she also
brought back many, and even a video, of her being intimate,
actually being thoroughly fucked by Eddie, several times at
that. Eva reserved these for her faithful husband Earl to
Earl was not excited about any of the photos and
especially not the intimate pictures and intimate video;
however, his adulterous wife's naughty personality had done
it to him before. So he was not totally shocked, maybe
just a bit. He just endured the humiliating pain as his
wife narrated the photos and video of the great sex the
other Eva had gotten for both of them.
Earl was also glad that his adulterous wife was back
for another reason. Over the 6 days while she was gone, no
less than 8 former studs showed up with hard dicks.
Actually, very hard dicks.
Cowed and well intimidated by all 8, Earl spent a lot
of time on his knees before them with his mouth stuffed
with their rigid hard members and was well filled with the
outpouring of the men's viscous, gluey, hot, dick slime.
A few weeks after her return from the cruise, Eva also
discovered that she'd brought something else home with her,
actually in her - a set of twins.
Eva told Earl that she's sure one of the videos
captured the time that she'd conceived. Earl was not
amused or excited about that news. He just grimaced and
Earl is also worried about his wife saying that an
even number of kids is better than an odd number. With
three on hand and 2 more on the way, he realizes that five
is an odd number.
Earl, after pondering that matter for a while, came to
the conclusion he could only deal with one crisis at a
time, and put the potential of pregnancy number 6 in the
back of his mind. He expressed a deep sigh of
capitulation, and resumed looking through the classified
ads for a second job, as his wife, the good Eva, talked of
baby room decorations.


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