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Archived Sex Stories

CDE.A Fooled Husband


Copyright © 1998 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit. This
story may be freely distributed for personal use with this notice attached.


By C.D.E.

A devoted and loving white husband who blindly supports his
wife's involvement with a group known as the "Cause", begins
to get suspicious of her activities. When his wife reveals
that the goal of the "Cause" is to improve racial harmony by
reducing sexual tensions between Blacks and Whiyes, he finds
himself being coerced and drawn into activities of the "Cause"
by his dominant cunning wife. In the end, he discovers that
tension reduction isn't all that bad, even when he has to help
his wife in the Cause.


One of my friends says I'm the biggest fool there is,
because I let my wife treat me the way she does. I don't
agree with him. Just because she's a little strong headed
and likes to have her way is no reason to say she's making a
fool of me.
My friend says that because Jessica [not her real
name], my wife, is heavily involved in improving racial
harmony. You see, she's a member of a group, which I've
overheard her refer to as the "Cause". She says it's a
group that is relatively secret, such that she can't even
tell me all about it. And I, in turn, can't even tell my
friend as much as I'm telling you readers of my story.
Anyway, she often brings different black men at our
home to discuss the organization's business. Of course, I'm
excluded from these discussions since I'm not a member. Her
visitors often come at night and are in our home well into
the wee hours of the morning.
Since she's been so busy with the group, she's asked me
to do more of the household chores. In fact, when she
invites her club members over, it's me that routinely does
all the cleaning up and cooking of snacks or dinner for
After, I've washed the dishes and served after dinners
drinks or coffee, she'll often ask me to go to bed, so that
she and the man, or men, on some occasions, can have privacy
while they discuss Club business.
Of course I do as she desires, since it would be
impertinent to interfere with her plans.
As a further means of privacy and security, she's also
had me move out of the master bedroom to a room in the
basement, she'd converted to a bedroom. It also had a small
toilet too. This was ideal, since she put a lock on the
door that locked from the outside once I enter. Her reason,
security for the Cause's work. Not wanting to displease the
woman I loved so dearly, I go along with her program and
patiently waited until she decides to tell me more, which
she promised to do at a later time.
She generally escorts me to my basement bedroom and
kisses me goodnight before securing the lock and returning
to her guests.
This has been going on over a year. She's so involved
in this club that our sex life has also changed
dramatically. I've only had normal intercourse with her
four times in the last eight months. And each time, she had
me give her head until she got off first and then would
hurry me up to get off, which didn't take long anyway, since
I'm good for about four minutes on a good day. Most of the
time now, I have to plead with her just to suck her luscious
cunt a few minutes before she's off somewhere on Cause
business. She routinely encourages me to jack off when I
tell her I need sex. She always reminds me of my wedding
vows and of being faithful to her, just in case I think of
seeking out another woman.


Jessica called me at work all excited about a dinner
party for some special Cause members from out of town. They
were in town for the night and she wanted me to rush home
and prepare a full steak dinner for her and them. I
complained and resisted, but she was so sweetly persuasive,
that I gave in.
I spent a good deal of money, which I couldn't afford,
on things my wife wanted for the dinner.
When I got home, even though she doesn't work, she
wasn't there. However, there was a note and a box. The
note from her was that dinner was to be ready at seven sharp
and that I was to wear what was in the box when I served
I opened the box and was shocked to find an old
fashioned lacy white pinafore trimmed in fine scalloped pink
lace. I was livid. However, I calmed down and prepared
dinner, reasoning that there was a mix-up in the box
About six-thirty, I was putting the finishing touches
on deserts when her mom dropped by. I explained what was
"Why arenít you wearing the serving apron I got for
you? I picked it out myself." She said Tersely. To which
I replied that I thought it was a mistake since I had no
intentions of wearing it.
My mother-in-law's mood changed quickly as she opened
the box and ordered me to put it on. The stern look on her
face told me she meant business.
"If you intend to embarrass my daughter by not doing as
she asked, I'm going to go out to my car and bring in my
persuader. Remember my persuader?"
How could I forget those nine braided leather thongs
with knotted tips. Meekly, I put on the pinafore.
My wife arrived later and showed me the low cut short
skimpy dress she had bought to wear. I couldn't believe she
was going to wear such a revealing item. She assured me she
was. To my surprise she also told me something else
slightly shocking.
"Honey, our guest are high ranking executives in the
Cause. They won't say anything about the organization, in
front of you, but we'll be under their inspection tonight to
see if we, as a couple, exhibit any racial discrimination
tendencies or an attitude of being better than blacks. What
I'm saying dear is that I want you to be as subservient as
possible, and be unconcerned if they want to be overly
friendly to me. In fact, I want you to welcome them, tell
them you're their servant for the evening, and tell them you
fully support me and that you expect me to be totally at
their disposal for the evening."


"Dear you outdid yourself last night. The fellows
raved about your cooking." Spoke my wife gleefully as I
came in from work. It had been a trying day at work.
I was angry at her because her three out of town guests
kept her out all night. She was not home when I left for
work this morning. There was a note on my unlocked bedroom
door not to worry and that she'd be home when she got home.
She had business to discuss with them in their motel rooms.
To make matters worse the three handsome black men,
our dinner guests, took all sorts of liberties with my wife
and almost totally ignored me, even though they knew I was
her husband. Of course, between me wearing that lacy
pinafore and her pronouncement that they didn't "have to
count me" didn't help matters either. She sat at the head
of the table and ordered me around slavishly.
The next day, I confronted her about her brazenness at
dinner last night as well as let her know of my suspicions.
"Yes dear, I sleep with them, and I routinely have sex
with many black men. I do so to gain their trust and to let
them know that I'm serious about improving racial harmony.
Secondly, to first let them see what it's like to fuck white
pussy. The cause sees interracial sex relations as a key
ingredient to improved race relations."
As she went on to explain why she was doing what she
was, I could understand her need for secrecy. She seemed to
be so happy to have gained the trust of over 250 black men
since joining the club about a year ago.
"Now dear, those men go out and tell others about our
cause as well help in club activities and fund raisers."
I asked whether the original men she sexed brought
other men to her and did any of the original studs come back
for seconds from her.
"Yes to both questions honey." She replied bubbly. "In
addition to some new members periodically wanting seconds,
thirds and sometimes fourths, there are nine of my original
fellows that just seem to need me every week."
`N-nine ... a-a week? ... plus n-new members?' I
stammered in shock.
"Yes dear. Isn't it something that they think that
much of me to want me to help relieve their tensions over
and over again, as well as to deepen the trust between the
I then asked her about my tensions and suffering while
she was taking care of black strangers.
"Honey, I understand your feelings and how you might
perceive you've been slighted. However, I also know you're
not the selfish type and that you too care about the greater
needs of society."
I quickly questioned my wife how I could perceive her
actions as anything other than being mistreated or slighted.
"Now honey, c'mon over here and lets look at one of the
videos that I made of some of my trust building sessions."
She responded in a sweet tone as she put her arms around me
and led me to the couch.
As she ran the video, she indicated someone might think
theses were just X rated videotapes because of all the
sexual activity, but she assured me there were a lot of
trust being built up as well as increasing communications
between the races. After about two minutes, I let her know
I had to agree with the X-rated assumption.
"Now look dear, the point I wanted to make to you was
that black men's tension and sexual needs are significantly
greater than yours and therefore, since I had to place a
priority on the greatest need, you didn't come first. I
don't mean to hurt your feeling, but I hope you understand
dear. See how much bigger and swollen those black dicks are
compared to yours?"
I was in awe of the many horse size cocks in the video,
as I sat quietly listening to my wife's explanation.
"And see dear, how great their loads are? Just imagine
if you had that much jism in your balls churning and pent-up
looking for release."
My wife went on with her rationale why my needs for her
were justifiably subordinate and a lower priority than the
different black men she was sexing. Even though I was upset
at having to stay at home and beat my meat, while strange
black men were enjoying my wife, I had to admit she came up
with some strong arguments for her case. I meekly told her
I understood.
"Thank you for your confidence honey. I often thought
of you locked in your room pulling your little peter while I
was out getting laid all the time. But I had to do that
sweetie. I couldn't stand to have you cheating on me or
interfering with my plans. I didn't have the time to
properly explain things to you, and you know how silly and
obstinate you can be at times, if things aren't explained to
you in the right way."
I hung my head and nodded in agreement. We both knew
there were several instances in the past where I'd said
stupid or dumb things that she later made me apologize for
on my hands and knees. I didn't even want to think of the
other times she and her mother demanded I accept a whipping
across my bare ass, from them, for my stupidity. Every time
I do, I think of the days I ached and couldn't sit down
after they finished with punishing me.
"Dear, for every good cause, sacrifices must be made.
You having to jerk off was one such sacrifice. You may have
some small justification for feeling left out, but in the
bigger picture, you should be proud of your part and that
it's all for a good cause."
Jessica and I kissed and made up. I forgave her for
not involving or telling me about her racial harmony
`"Cause" activities'.
"Honey, now that you know everything about the cause,
I'd like you to join?"
Puzzled, I asked how I could be of assistance.
What she wanted me of me made me go blank. I couldn't
believe my ears.
"Dear, you already love sucking my pussy, I think you'd
like it even more after these real men flavored it. And
honey, it would demonstrate that we are united, as woman and
husband in the Cause."
Readers, I naturally had to give her proposition some
thought. She left a lot of Polaroids and videos out that
were taken of her and a multitude of black studs she'd
sexed. I couldn't help but get horny from looking at all
those big long black dicks disappearing between her legs and
leaving her beautiful hairy snatch awash in their spent
milky white sticky goo. The more I watched them, the more I
discovered I liked seeing her manhandled and fucked by
powerful black men.
I also found myself in constant awe of her wet messy
gloppy pussy, oozing abundant fuck juices, after each stud
pulled his big tool from her well stretched gash. The more
I watched, the more my curiosity built up of what it would
be like to eat out her fuck goo filled snatch.
When I commented and complimented her on being able to
take those big long cocks, she told me "One of the first
black dudes asked me if I'd ever had a cock in me over four
inches long before, and I had to admit I hadn't until I took
his eight incher." She said it in a way that we both
laughed at what was said. However, I knew I was no match
for the black studs I saw her with. I then asked her about
those men that still come to see her on a regular basis.
"Would you like to meet them dear? I think it'd be a
great idea. "
`Jessica honey ... I-I don't know if I'm ready just yet
... W-what I'm worried about is whether you'll still n-need
or w-want me? ... You know with all the heavy duty sex
you're getting from them ... Y-you really have no need for
"For you? Of course I do darling. You're my husband.
I love you ... and I love the way you show me devotion and
love, not to mention the great way you suck my pussy. No
darling, push those silly thoughts out of your mind. You
belong to me and I'm not going to leave you just because I'm
sexing a lot of black studs."
Her words made me feel so much better. We embraced and
kissed passionately. I don't know why, but at that moment,
I couldn't help but think of all those black pricks I
remembered her sucking on in the videos.
She also promised me more head time in her pussy too.
However, she did insist on me having a cook out for her
regulars, since she intended having them come by the house
more often now that I knew of her activities. I cringed at
her words, but I meekly gave my support to the woman I


The cookout was a success. Even though I felt
intimidated by the nine black men who came. I remember
several of them from the videos. My mom-in-law bought me
another even more lacy and feminine pinafore for the
occasion. It was not only lacy, but flowery. My wife
insisted as well that I wear it for the cookout.
All the men squeezed my softer hands so hard. Besides
being taller, it was obvious they were much stronger too.
In a strange way, they didn't seem to count me that much
except when they had me scurrying to get a drink or more of
something for them. They all, with my wife's obvious
permission, kissed, groped and fondled her lewdly at will.
She did the same in return.
I didn't expect it to, and I don't know why, but it was
apparent that the cookout was going to turn into an orgy
gang bang for my wife. When I tried to stop my wife from
taking off the one piece wrap around she wore, a strong
black hand picked me up and pulled me out of the way. After
that, I saw about four men surround her while I was hauled
to another part of the house with a hand around my mouth.
The next thing I knew I was on my knees with a rigid
black erection pointed straight at my mouth. It's owner
made me look up at him and slapped my face lightly but
firmly. He then warned me that if I didn't do as he wanted,
he would hit harder, much harder. I did as he told me.
I opened wide to receive his swollen bloated cockhead.
I was too terrified to be disgusted at what I was being made
to do. After a second or two of having his big cock in my
mouth, I settled now as I realized that it wasn't all that
bad, especially the feel of my tongue tip in his large pee
After several minutes of having him pushing and pulling
his giant dick in and out of my stretched mouth as well as
me suckling it from time to time, he warned me of his
impending come and warned me to swallow it all. I was
terrified and yet strangely aroused at the thought of having
to swallow this black man's cum.
He flooded my mouth. I was able to swallow just about
all of it except for a trickle from the corner of my mouth.
He had me milk him for a while afterward before pulling it
from my lips. I was surprised at the creamy rich taste of
the man's hot jism.
"I don't think you and I gonna have any trouble getting
along. Do you?" The man said as he looked down on me. I
was still on my knees, as he pulled up his pants and
fastened his belt.
`N-no sir!' I blurted out not knowing what else to say.
I was still slightly shaken after having had such a
monstrous black cock shoved down my throat.
"That's good, cause you and me gonna talk like this
some more. It's good to see you helping your wife out." he
said as he walked out of the small bathroom. I stayed their
in a dumbfounded state for a while. Finally, I reached out
for some tissue to wipe the black man's trail of semen from
the corner of my mouth, and later the large drop of his cum
that'd splattered on the floor. However, just as I'd
finished cleaning up the jism, I looked up to see another
black stud coming toward me with another giant stalk of
black manhood jutting out at the ready. It was so firm and
rigid. He stopped in front of me as I looked up at him
bewildered and him down at me as if to say I should know
what he wanted of me.
His cock was covered with a slimy film.
"I just got off in your bitch's pussy, but I need some
more action. I just heard you suck dick pretty good, so
c'mon, gimme some mouth action and clean yo wife's pussy
scum off my dick too."
I was more intimidated by the rough roar of the man's
voice than I was by anything else he did. However, before I
could get the taste of one dick out of my mouth another had
been shoved in.
This second time I felt more relaxed with this second
big black prick between my lips. I recognized the smell and
taste of my wife's cunt on his member. He made me do most
of the work, that is, the sucking and lapping, while he held
the back of my head and directed me where to use my tongue.
He had me lick the base of his very dark penis as well as
lap his hairy balls. I was surprised at their silkiness on
my tongue as well as their sizes. As I worked around his
magnificent genitals with my tongue and lips, I felt a
certain respect for all that was before me and a strange
desire to pay homage. The strong masculine smell from his
genitals combined with pussy funk seem to pervade my senses
most pleasantly, as I worked on him until he too flooded my
mouth with another very heated creamy load. I didn't miss a
drop this time.
Before the group left, every man ended up fucking my
face. I found myself in no position to resist them as they
lined up to fill my mouth with their hard meat and hot
sticky jism.
When I finally got off my knees and cleaned up
somewhat, my wife was waiting on me with another cleaning
job - her steamy gloppy sloppy cunt.


"Honey, you really ate me out good. You like my fur
pie when it's real creamy huh?"
'I-I don't know dear, I-I just had t-to be near you
after what y-your r-regular men forced me to do. I-I
wouldn't have ordinarily done that, t-that is, with all
their stuff in you, b-but I-I just had to touch you dear.'
I replied to my wife as we both laid on the floor. We both
reeked of semen.
Her regulars, our guests, had gone, after eating all the
food and drinking all the booze. However, as best she and I
could remember, they left some 21 loads of cum in and
between us two.
"Darling, they thought you cooked their big tube steaks
just right. They told me that you really seem to like all
the gravy they gave you." She giggled as she spoke. I just
blushed. I didn't know what to say. It was awkward for me
to talk to my wife about having sucked cocks, many of which
had come straight to my lips with fuck slime from her gang
banged snatch.
"They shoot a lot of that hot stuff don't they?"
I quickly acknowledged that she was correct and added
how powerful their heated jism gushed in my mouth. "You
enjoyed the taste of black dick meat and cum didn't you
darling?" She asked me as she held my head and looked deep
in my eyes. I stammered and stumbled as I tried to evade
answering her directly, but she had her answer.
"I understand how you feel honey, but you don't have to
be ashamed of admitting to me you like sucking their big
black dicks. I love sucking them too. I'll still love you.
In fact, I even think more of you now."
'Y-you do?' I said in a tone of surprise.
"Of course. Plus, now you can join me in my crusade and
become a club member, now that everything is in the open."
She spoke with a sigh of relief and added it was like a
weigh off her shoulders now that I knew everything and had
met and got along so well with some of her dearest club
'Y-you think y-your regulars are going to w-want me to do
t-that f-for ...' I tried to ask before she cut me off.
"Of course honey. I told everyone of them that it was
okay to call you if I was tied up and they needed a quickie
... or if they just wanted to see you period. I won't say
who, but a couple of the guys want to get with you on a
regular basis. I think they get a kick out of having a
white husband sucking their dicks, especially since they're
sexing me too."
Before going to bed and leaving me to clean up things,
she told me sweetly how good it was to have me helping her
out with her club regulars and how that would free up more
time for new members.


Since the cook out, I've found myself more
understanding of my wife and her cause. After all, where
else could she get such good sexing as well as aiding such a
good social cause. Even though she had good reason not to
permit me more prick time in her, she at least kept her
promise and finds much more time to let me bury my face in
her jism saturated snatch. She only offers herself to me
now after she's been used and filled with black men's lusty
outpourings. I've resigned myself to this being the best I
can expect from her now in the way of sex.
I made some mock objections the first time, since the
cook out that is, when she pushed her thoroughly fucked,
gamy pussy in my face. However, she knew it was just a face
savings gesture and ignored me as she pulled me to her hairy
crotch and wrapped her legs around my head. I greedily
consumed the cunt full of thick fuck slime she'd brought me
from her encounter with a couple of black studs.
I'd never seen a pussy plug before, but that's what she
used to keep it in her cunt for me.
I've grown accustomed to the taste of her slimy snatch
now and offer no resistance at all anymore. She loves me
sucking the men's jism out of her. I really adore the
joyous smile she has on her face when I get her off in the
process. I think she gets a thrill from asking me if I
swallowed all the love juices from her, because she does it
all the time. And when I acknowledge that I have, she pats
me on the head and tells me how proud she is of me for
"eating it all".
However, I must admit I do feel different about her
now. I see her in a different light. It's like she's so
much more sophisticated than me. I feel awed and even
privileged each time I lower my head between her big fleshy
white thighs. After all, she's satisfied over 250 big black
dicks with her luscious cunt. I feel a great sense of pride
in just being her husband. Also when I'm mouthing her, I
can't help envisioning many of the video scenes where she's
getting fucked and filled with huge loads of hot gooey cum.
Instead of being turned off by them, I find it adds to what
I'm doing.
True to my wife's predilection, a few days after the
cook out, two of her regulars called. They wanted to bring
over some videos for me to watch. The idea of their visit
was for me and them to get to know each other better.
I didn't want to be alone with them, since my wife
wouldn't be home that night. She had a meeting scheduled
with three black truck drivers at a motel. She urged me to
meet her two regulars, but left it up to me. However she
told me to call them back and give them my answer. I was
very nervous as I dialed the black man who'd called. I had
every intention of telling him that they couldn't come over,
however the sound of his heavy masculine voice and his
persuasive manner intimidated and dazzled me even over the
phone. Before I realized it, I'd not only been tricked into
agreeing for them to come over, but was to cook some popcorn
also. If it was any consolation, Louis, the man I talked
to, seemed to understand my apprehension and put me at ease
by promising they wouldn't force themselves on me as they
had at the cook out. In fact he was apologetic for his
action, but yet implied it seemed the right thing to do.
As I prepared for their arrival, I kept asking myself
how could I have caved into him so easily. After pondering
the matter a long while, I stopped being so hard on myself.
I came to the conclusion that it was probably difficult for
someone like myself to tell a strong black man no,
especially after having sucked his dick.

LATER THAT NIGHT (Recount of visit by Louis & Theo)

The visit by two of my wife's regular studs had been
far more enjoyable than I thought it would.
I was preparing for bed as I thought back over the
They left me the video they brought over. I didn't get
to see all of it, since I was busy doing things for them -
namely, sucking their raging hard dicks.
The evening started out with them showing the video of
my wife in a series of sexual encounters with single, and
groups of men.
We all dranked as we watched my wife take cock after
cock in her mouth, cunt, and ass. The two regulars, Louis
and Theo, were laughing and making earthy compliments about
her. It was odd, I ordinarily would've been offended if
someone had called my wife a "slut", "pig" or "whore", but
around those two, I felt a sense of husbandly pride at my
wife being so experienced at being fucked by so many
different black men with such huge pricks. In fact, both
Louis and Theo complimented me for that same thing several
times throughout the evening. I blushed as I thanked them.
After about an hour of drinking and watching the video,
my cock was hard and throbbing. However, the much larger
cocks of my guests were quite visible and very noticeable as
obscene big bulges in their pants.
Theo's eyes met mine eyes as I glanced over at his
crotch. I quickly returned them to the tv screen. It was
then he suddenly stood up and took his trousers off.
The effect of his giant cock being freed and exposed to
air seem to cause it to grow even bigger and more taunt,
especially the bloated blood gorged cockhead. I was totally
flabbergasted, speechless, and paralyzed. All at the same
time. He walked over in front of me.
"Is this a better view?" He asked me as I gazed at his
jutting rigid black truncheon, which was at the level of my
I involuntary opened my mouth to say something, Iím not
sure what, but that's when he just used his big hand to pull
my head to his swollen dick. In a split second, before I
realized what'd happened, my mouth was full of smooth heated
hard black dick meat. Caught off guard, but yet strangely
delighted at my plight, I made no resistance to reject the
"That's it, take it! Yo bitch caused this ... After
all, you're her husband." He moaned as he began to work it
in a familiar manner in and out of my lips.
As he pulled me from the chair to my knees, with his
dick firmly between my lips, I grasped around his waist for
support and held onto his tight muscular ass cheeks.
Familiar with what was needed in the situation, I
accommodated Theo without objection. Besides, the taste and
feel of his hard meat was rather nice. As I suckled his big
tool, I couldn't fault his logic about it being justified
for me doing this for him. As I swallowed his abundant hot
ejaculate, I felt an odd sense of achievement for not
missing a drop of his hot creamy cum.
After Theo pulled himself from my lips, I took a sip
from my drink, really not knowing what to do or what was
expected of me. Louis sort of saved me further anxiety by
beckoning me over between his legs to his rigid rod that was
sticking out so magnificently. Obediently, I crawled over
and had my mouth filled and stuffed, once more, with stiff
black meat.
The rest of the evening for me, about three hours, was
basically spent on my knees with one or the other of the
men's ever hard dicks between my lips. At one point, they
laid back on opposite ends of the couch in such a way that I
could get at both their huge, still hard cocks. I had a
cock in each hand and was able to easily administer to both
of their monstrous rods in an easy and equitable fashion.
While I was busy mouthing them, they were still enjoying the
long playing video.
The two left me with six heavy loads of jism in my
tummy and thanked me for letting them "soak" their cocks in
my mouth. I didn't know what else to say but `You're
As I laid in bed, I had to admit, if nothing else, that
this whole experience has given me greater insight into why
my wife revels in the Cause and sexing black men. I too
couldn't help but be awed by their sexual prowess, and their
adorable dicks, especially after two bouts of first hand
As I drifted to sleep I pondered not only what I was
going to tell my wife, but how I was going to do it. You
see, I still felt uneasy and ashamed about admitting I
enjoyed sucking big black cocks.


The day was Saturday. For some reason, I woke up
early. It was 5 A.M. Moments later, I heard my wife enter
the house.
After greeting each other, she quickly undressed and
smothered my upturned face with her slimy slick mucky gash.
I gave her a good sucking and was so delighted to hear her
moans of joy as I extracted gooey fuck juices from her well
used musky smelling snatch. She sure tasted good. As she
scrubbed my face with her wet slimy cunt, she thoroughly
praised her three black lovers for the "good fucking" they
gave her. Her words to me however were "Suck you Fool!
Suck that good fuck up! Make me feel like a woman at last!"
As she settled down from the orgasm my mouth gave her,
I was waiting for the right moment to ask her permission to
let me put my aching throbbing cock in. I assumed she
surely could spare me a few minutes after having given
herself to three strange black men all night.
I nervously asked her. Even I realized I sounded
"Honey, You look so sweet every time you ask me that. No,
you can't put it in just yet. I want you to keep asking
though, and when I'm ready, I'll let you do it then." She
replied smiling, as she kissed me on my forehead. She then
snuggled up to me and spoke softly, as she further explained
why she denied me, but not any black man with a hard dick.
After listening to her for a few moments, I was very
dejected, but hopeful of some future time of again being
able to exercise my normal conjugal rights as her husband.
However, I continued to listen to her rationale intently as
I held my aching throbbing prick.
"So you see honey, besides them being better at sexing
me than you ever did or could, I also feel it's important
for the Cause, for you to continue making a sacrifice for a
I asked her when she might permit me to put it in and
end my "sacrifice".
"In time honey, in time ... But it's important for you
to remain faithful, loving and devoted to me. The men
really respect you for that, as I do. When I tell them my
husband's home masturbating, while I'm out giving it to
them, they have nothing but respect for you honey. She
`Y-you tell them I-I ...'
"Jack off? Of course darling, it not only seems to
help them enjoy me more, but it lets them know we value
improved race relations and have adjusted our marital
priorities accordingly." She replied cutting me off.
To my chagrin, she further went on to let me know she
told them how "sweetly" I've picked up all the household
chores so that she can devote more time to the Cause.
Her admissions floored me. I didn't think things could
get worse until she added she also told the men I sucked her
used loaded cunt.
"Dear, don't look so shocked, a great deal of the black
men are accustomed to white husbands doing this for their
wives. I've found black men are totally understanding and
don't look upon it as odd or strange that you'd suck up and
eat their spent jism. You're doing the same thing as other
normal well adjusted husbands are, whose wives are in the
cause of improving interracial sexual relations. And dear,
I hope one day we can go and meet black men together, so you
can suck their stuff out of me in their presence."
Even though I'd started out with one objective in mind,
I couldn't resist the opportunity of asking if black men
thought we husbands were gay because of things like sucking
out a cunt full, or sucking their dicks.
"Oh definitely not gay darling, even though they see it
as normal for you to suck their dicks and the cunts they've
fucked. Just think honey, if you were gay, would you like
sucking pussy?"
Her simply response was so simple and yet so
illuminating. It was like a wave of relief to me. I guess
it showed. She quizzed me. In her skillful manipulative
way, she got me to talk more about how I felt at being face
fucked at the cook out, and to recount my experience of last
night with two of her regulars.
"Dear, I think you so much for sharing these things
with me. It's so important we keep open channels of
communications. To get back to your concern of being
considered gay, sure, the darlings are going to occasionally
call you a faggot, a fairy, a pansy or something similar.
You should not be alarmed or ashamed of being called those
things, especially, when they're creaming in your mouth. It
adds to the pleasure of their come to say those things.
Anyway, honey, they're men, real men, who need blunt catchy
terms to express themselves. The problem is that society
and the language uses a few words to communicate so many
different thoughts and meanings. Hence, your confusion that
black men might think you gay."
I really felt so much relieved at her explanation. She
assured me that black men knew the difference between an
understanding loving husband who's a good cock sucker, than
someone whoís gay.
"Darling, they see you as paying homage and respect to
them being the better men, than anything else. And as I've
told you, I hold you in high esteem for giving them such
respect and proving to them, in a most intimate way, you
support me, and the cause, by swallowing their hot cum."
She kissed me. As we parted our lips, I thanked her
for her praise, love and companionship, especially since I
now better knew how inadequate I was in comparison to black
studs, as well as how important it was to her that I make
the sacrifices she desired of me.
"Thank you dear. I appreciate that. And personally
honey, as far as names go, I'd like to think of you as my
supportive, sweet, well behaved sissy husband. You see
honey, when I say sissy, I don't mean it to be derogatory
... more like you're soft and yielding ... and well ...
pussy like. Hmmm! Maybe pussy husband is better."
As I was thinking about what she'd said, I recalled her
two regulars calling me a sissy several times doing the
evening. I thought of how matter of factly they did so,
without emphasis or in a derisive manner. I of course was
too cowed to be defensive about it. In accepting being
called that, I even began to respond to "sissy" a couple of
times when they forgot my name. I sort of found myself
growing fond of the way the two men said it in their heavy
masculine voices. I wondered how it would sound to hear
them say "pussy husband". The more I thought about it the
more catchy it sounded. Since I'd been a receptacle for the
men's cock and cum, I indeed was functioning as a substitute
pussy. My wife interrupted my thoughts.
"Enough time for talk sweetie, I need to get some rest,
I've got another full day ahead of me. C'mon honey, beat
your meat for me. Here suck on this as you play with
yourself." She pulled my mouth to her tit. She held my head
to her like a baby as I did as she wanted. I always seems
to end up doing what she wants of me, however this time I'd
never been more contented.
"That's it sweetie, beat your meat for me ... show me
how much you love for me ... steady ... keep on stroking it
... you're almost there ... that's it ... suck on that tit
... good baby."
I found her words did add to the pleasure of the hand
job I was doing myself. Secretly, I had to admit to myself
that jacking off for her wasn't that bad. I hated to admit
it, but I was sure her watching me gave her more pleasure
than me putting it in.
"Feel better?" She said after I shot off and was
settling down from shooting my load.
I shook my head in acknowledgment.
"Good. I like seeing you pull your little peter."
I helped her take a bubble bath and cooked and served
her breakfast in bed before tucking her in. As had become
standard practice, I kissed her beautiful cunt bush before
she excused me from the room.
As I started on my household chores for the day, I
pondered what she meant by "We need to find you some pretty
clothes more befitting a pussy husband in the cause", before
she fell to sleep.


A few days later, my wife came up to me and said matter
of factly that she thought I should look and dress more
effeminately now that black men come over to our house
openly for sex. "After all honey, black men expect pussy
husbands to look different .. you know ... arousing."
There was not much I could do about my wife wanting me
to dress in drag for the Cause. I knew I loved her too much
to not do as she wanted.
She adores black men very much, and I'm also very
admiring of them too, especially after all I've been
through. She knows I'd do whatever it takes to please them
for her. Especially since it's aiding racial harmony and
reducing tension every time I part my lips for a stiff black
prick or get one shoved up my ass.

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