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CDE.It's Hard Work Holding A Marriage Together



Copyright (c) 1998 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit. This
story may be freely distributed for personal use with this notice attached.
All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

STORY TITLE: It's Hard Work Holding A Marriage Together

By C.D.E.

HUSBAND'S mother HUSBAND'S Mother-in-law
Reverend Davis
CHAPTER 1: The Beginning

Readers. If you're a small cock husband, whether your
wife be beautiful or average, there will come a time when
your cocksmanship and tonguemanship will still fall short of
what she believes she needs in the way of sex. And if you
truly love her, then you have to go all out to do what it
takes to keep her, and hold the marriage together.
Believe me, it can be rough at times to do so. It's
trying. For instance, I'm baby-sitting our three young kids
tonight while my wife is out partying with three of her
favorite lovers. Incidentally, I might add that they are
each the real father of one of our three beautiful children.
Even though she loves me, she wanted to prove her love
to each of her lovers by having a love child from each of
them. She said if I loved her, I would support her. She
knew my love was deep for her and what better way to prove
it than agreeing to what she asked of me. As you can see, I
gave into her and now have the ultimate proof of being a
cuckold facing me everyday. Of course, I love the kids and
don't hold them responsible. Even there fathers say I'm
better for them than they are.
My wife delights in being a good piece of ass for her
big dick lovers, whom she refers to as "real men". She also
does gang bangs for them and their friends at parties too.
But no matter, when they have had their fill of her and are
through with her, she comes home to me, her loving husband,
who always welcomes her with open arms.
She always insist I tongue out her musky, slick, slimy,
dripping well fucked cunt after her outings. I'm more than
willing to prove my love to her in this manner as well as
add what I can to her sexual satisfaction by doing so. It
turns her on to have me do this, and I also have discovered
a certain joy in doing this for her also. As one sports
writer once said, it's the end game that counts. She tells
me that her lovers only warm her up for my oral efforts.
Over the years, I have come to enjoy sucking her out
more than having intercourse. Plus, with her cunt being so
stretched due to her lovers' big dicks, she doesn't get much
pleasure from my small prick anyway. Besides I'm not as
long winded as they are anyway.
Well anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. From the
beginning here's my story of my trials and tribulations in
holding my marriage together.
My name is Victor. My wife and I have been married two
years. She is a lovely well proportioned dark hair
It was becoming obvious that my wife was becoming less
enchanted with our sex life and told me so.
"Honey, you know I love you. I love your tongue on my
pussy, but I need more to get me off. I need a good size
long cock to hump me and get me off. Maybe we should
separate a while and see if this marriage is going to work
Her words devastated me. I know I wasn't well endowed,
but I thought my oral efforts made up for that. Apparently
it didn't.
I loved her so. I knew I couldn't just give up and let
her out of my life. I for sure would lose her then.
We both agreed that a marriage counselor's opinion was
best. We were concerned about the money for a
counselor, so we sought out the advice of our minister
"Victor and Betty, you did the right thing to see me
first. I'm very familiar with situations like yours.
Through no fault of your own Victor, you're just not man
enough to take care of your wife's needs. And she on the
other hand, through no fault of her own, has the normal
urges of a full blooded woman. Take out your penis Victor."
"W-What? ." I said.
"I said take out your penis. This is serious Victor.
Do as I say. We must not be shy here."
"Go ahead honey, do as the Reverend told you. He's trying to help
us." My wife added.
I took out my small prick. It was fully relaxed and
shrunken, so it was only between one and two inches long in that
state. Needless to say I was fully embarrassed as I stood
in the Minister's study with my shorts down and my cock
exposed for he and my wife's gaze.
"What size is it normally Betty?"
"About 3 - 4 inches long and on the skinny side, even when erect?"
"So that doesn't excite you as much as it once did, huh
"Well Reverend, it never really did anyway, but I was
satisfied by his, mouth. He sucks very well. So I settled
for that and just put up with his efforts with his little
thing." My wife's words really hit me hard.
"Don't dress yet Victor. You may sit. Let your pants
fall to the floor. I want your prick to stay out for a
while." The minister said in a direct, almost dictatorial
manner. I felt compelled to follow the order of this man of
the cloth. His masculine voice seemed to command attention.
He next stood up and lowered his trousers to reveal his
manhood which brought a gasping sound from both my wife and
I simultaneously.
"Is this more what you think you need Betty?" He said
walking over in front of where she sat.
"Oh yes Reverend, yes, yes, just what I need. You're
hung so beautifully." She said with obvious excitement in
her voice. His prick was about 7" relaxed and had a
perfectly formed head, which peeked out from around the
circumcised sheath.
"Come child, handle my member and tell me what you
would do with it."
As she began to talk to Reverend Davis, he stopped her
and told me not to move an inch but to sit and learn. His
stern focused look cowed me. Here again, I was mesmerized
and stilled by his voice.
My wife resumed her fondling and handling of his good
size cock as she told him how she'd like to have him inside
her. She was obviously in heat and was serious about what
she was saying.
"Don't get upset Victor, this is for the good of your
marriage." He said as he started removing her blouse and
urged her to suckle his hardening meat.
Moments later, I sat in a chair looking on, the
Reverend and my wife were in the throes of hot juicy
intercourse without any shame or guilt and virtually
oblivious to me as I sat taking it all in. What could I
say? The strange thing is that I had a hard prick, which I
handled from time to time as they so passionately sexed it up
in the study.
Thirty minutes later, they de-coupled after a bit of
deep long French kisses. It was obvious she didn't want him
to get up or out of her. His almost nine inch dick, eased
out of her well fucked cunt with a soft sucking swishing
sound as air rushed back into her well stretched sloppy wet
messy pussy.
"Now do you see what your wife needs Victor?"
"Y-Yes s-sir." I replied stammering.
"But you can't give her that kind of sex can you
"Uh . n-no s-sir." I said hanging my head.
"But you liked what you saw right?" He said pointing at
my erection. My wife spotted it also.
"Reverend I think he liked watching his wife being
taken. Is that anyway for a man to respond to his wife
being sexed?"
"No, I'm afraid not Betty. But then Victor, your
concern is not about being something you can't be. Is it
Victor? Your only concern should be about being there for
your wife when she needs you. You want to be a good husband
don't you?"
"Y-Yes sir. I-I do want to be a good husband."
"Step out of your pants and shorts Victor and come
here. Let me tell you what a good husband would do in this
I did as he ordered me. When I came before him his next
words shocked me. I'd never sucked a loaded wet well used
pussy before. But his insistence that this was not only the
right thing to do, but a husbandly obligation weakened my
resistance. Additionally, there was something exotic about
my wife's red swollen drippy slimy pussy lips that seemed
attractive even if nasty and messy. I felt myself losing
control as he pushed my face right into her soppy sloppy
bush that was coated with his thick abundant sperm. She then
closed her legs around my head. He and she both urged me on
as I tasted and then started slurping down mouthfuls of
their hot well mingled sex juices.
"OOOH YES! Su-uuck ME! Make feel like a woman at
last!" My wife cried out as she had yet another orgasm as
she humped her sloppy cunt tightly against my face.
Later after we three had composed our selves,
Reverend Davis got me to confess that the taste of her used
cunt was palatable and that I did get pleasure from doing
that. They both chuckled as they let me know my erection
gave me away.
I wanted to sex my wife too, but the minister stopped
me and directed me to put my throbbing member away.
Sheepishly I did. My wife just smiled at my embarrassment.
I couldn't believe it, she seemed to be enjoying my plight.
Reverend Davis resumed counseling us, which took the
form of a lecture to me on my new responsibilities in seeing
to my wife's happiness.
"Victor as I have demonstrated, you're the problem in
this situation. However, through your love and
understanding, you can also remedy the situation and help
your wife fulfill her needs and in the process demonstrate
not only your love but also that you want to be a good
husband. You do love your wife and you did say you wanted
to be a good husband too, didn't you?"
"Oh yes sir. I do." I replied quickly.
"Then by using the God given talents you have with your
mouth, you can provide for your wife's need in that way and
let others, who are better endowed, provide her what else
she needs. Understand Victor?"
"Y-Yes sir . I-I think so." I replied meekly, being
afraid of where he was going with his train of thought. The
more he talked the more correct I was in my assumption.
"So therefore, Victor, you must not think of your
lovely wife's activities in seeing and dating other men as
adultery, but as therapy for what you can't do for her. I
expect you to do all you can to support her in her quest for
fulfillment of her needs. She'll need the help of myself
and many other men. Of course in the way of sex, your help
will be needed also, especially in the manner you performed
a few minutes ago. Now it is still required that you be
faithful and not stray from your marriage vows, while your
wife is seeking and being provided what you are unable to
give her. Understand?"
"Y-Yes s-sir". I again replied as he looked at me so
sternly. It was clear from my wife's face, even though she
held my hand tightly, she was delighted at what was going
"Victor, you must be prepared to be spend many nights
at home alone until your wife returns from her outings with
other men. And when she returns, you must always greet her
with love, admiration and respect. And you must never shy
or shrink away from your obligatory duties of showing your
respect and love by being there for her if she desires to
share the love juices of her encounters with other men. I
expect you to be totally obedient in this regard, as well as
her other needs. Through your love and obedience to your
wife Victor, you two will find a deeper love in your
marriage. And Betty, it would be good of you to always
describe to your husband the activities of your dates,
especially how well endowed they are as he's orally
administering to you."
"Yes Reverend, I surely will." She said gleefully.
The good pastor also let me know that I should do more
of the household chores since my wife may not have time for
such things because of her increased activities. "As you
know, idle hands are the Devil's workshop." He said looking
at me.
"And Victor, one other thing. "You must also
expect to sacrifice in regard to normal sex. You may have
to masturbate since your wife just may be too tired to put
up with you. You must understand and accept this. However,
I'll let you two discuss and come to agreement on that. If
you can't, bring it up at our next meeting, which should be
one week from now."

CHAPTER 2: A Month Later

I'd just walked in from work. It was Friday night.
Betty and our moms were sitting at the kitchen table
chatting and enjoying coffee.
I greeted them and my wife greeted me with a warm kiss.
"Victor dear, you know I'm going out with my friends
tonight. Your dinner is in the stove."
With a subtle sigh, I acknowledged her. Knowing full
well that this was a polite way of letting me know she again
had another date tonight with one of three men she'd been
dating since our initial counseling session. She enjoyed
that the three of them knew she was dating them all. They
were co-workers from the company where she worked part time.
The three studs seemed to enjoy the arrangement and she
always made herself available to them whenever their dicks
got hard.
Needless to say, I was the one who was shortchanged in
the deal. She hasn't had time for me to get in her since
she began dating them. She always has time for me to suck
and drain their juices from her with my mouth, but is too
tired to let me do anything else. So I have to beat my
meat. This was her fifth date this week. But then, the
pastor told me I'd have to sacrifice for her happiness and
sexual fulfillment.
As I went to the bedroom to change out of my suit, I
noticed mom and my mother-in-law, mother Jane, looked at me
in a peculiar manner. Each exhibited a smug smile. Tired,
I thought nothing more about it. As I walked away, my wife
"Victor darling, don't eat any dessert, I'll bring you
plenty of that to eat when I come in later tonight." My
wife said as she again pecked me on the cheek and winked at
Mom and mother Jane giggled. I'm not the quickest
person, but then it dawned on me she'd told them about me
eating her out after her dates had fucked her. I was
speechless and totally humiliated as I stood before the
three of them. I didn't even know our moms knew of the open
marriage arrangement we had, less much the other details
which apparently they now knew of.
"Y-You t-told them?" I asked my wife as I sat down,
feeling weak in the knees.
"Well honey, they suspected something, so I told them
the truth. I think it's better this way."
"Son you don't have a thing to be ashamed of, I think
it's cute that you suck other men's cum from your wife's
pussy." mom said in a cheery tone.
"Yes Victor, so do I. It also shows that you do love
Betty deeply to make up for your unmanliness in such a
delightful manner."
While their comments were meant to be well meaning, I
nevertheless was thoroughly humiliated and disgraced.
Betty carried her mom home, and from there was going on
to her date. mother stayed behind.
"Victor, I too am proud that you're doing what needs to
be done to save your marriage. Betty is a woman that
deserves what other well endowed men can do for her. You do
your part and they do theirs. That's all there is to it.
By the way, do you like the taste of her used cunt?"
"M-Mother p-please! I-I just d-do it b-because...
W-What are y-you ..."
"Just as I thought, your little pecker is hard as a
rock. You like the taste of spent jism." She said as she
unexpectedly grabbed the small bulge in my pants under the
As she hugged me, tears of shame swelled up in my eyes.
I tried to hold back but there had been just too much
humiliation and disgrace for me to endure. Once she knew I
was teary eyed she urged me to have a good cry. It was no
use I couldn't hold back.
She held me like a little boy and helped me wipe the
tears away as they came down in torrents. Ten minutes later
I was through. I felt better, but also a little more
Mom let me know that she knew this day was coming and
she's glad I did the responsible thing. She also told me
she'd also been to see Reverend Davis after my wife first
told her of the counseling.
"Dear, you and I have a counseling session with
Reverend Davis tonight. There is something else you need to
become proficient at if you are determined to hold on to
your wife. You've gone this far, you might as well go a
little further if you really want to do the right thing and
save your marriage."
After a bite to eat, she and I went to see the
Reverend. What she and he wanted me to learn caused my head
to spin.
"Y-You w-want m-me to ."
"Yes Victor, Fellatio will be something you may have to
do to show your wife's lovers that they can feel comfortable
in your home with your wife or that she has your blessing to
date them. I had planned to address this later, but your
mother thought it should be sooner and that you might feel
more at ease doing your first practice session with her
present than with your wife."
"And then later sweetie, after you're more comfortable
with your unmanliness, you'll be more comfortable doing it
with her present. She or her men will insist on some
cocksucking later." mother said as she held my hand and
urged me to my knees as the pastor lowered his pants to
exhibit his giant cock which I'd seen several times to date.
"You did real well doing your first blow job dear."
Spoke mom as she pecked me on the cheek as we again sat down
at my kitchen table after returning from church.
She drove us back home, as I was still in a mild state
of disbelief and shock at what I let she and the minister
persuade me to do. They had made me a cocksucker. And the
odd thing is that it really wasn't as bad as I thought it
was going to be. However, I was still too much ashamed to
feel guilt free.
Mother insisted I talk about every aspect of my fist
blow job. She had me describe the feel of his rock hard
penis between my lips, the force of his ejaculation, the
number of spurts, how it felt to swallow his copious thick
rich cream, and so on and so on. If nothing else she did
help me get over my shame the more we talked.
"And sweetie, one valuable thing you've learned from
this is why your wife needs a real man built like the
Reverend to sex her. You've gained first hand knowledge of
the stamina and how much a load and a good fuck he can give
her as compared to you, right?"
"Y-Yes ma'am". I replied sheepishly as she looked me
deep in my eyes smiling from ear to ear. I felt so
inadequate as even my own mom forced me to admit that I was
not a real man, even in her eyes.
This was also another nights of firsts. Before mother
left she let me have intercourse with her. I was ashamed, but
also thankful. She required me suck her out afterwards and
let me know that giving me some was my reward for doing such
a good job at giving the pastor head. She and I were
scheduled for two more sessions with him. Those sessions
were in addition to the ones Betty and I were going to. The
Pastor decided that we'd tell Betty about my cocksucking
training later.


"Y-You c-can't mean that Betty. S-Surely ..."
"Victor, my mine is made up. I want to have his baby."
My wife told me sternly as I sat with my head reeling. I'd
put up with so much humiliation and debasement over the past
year for her and the marriage, and now this. No matter how
much I pleaded, she refused to change her mind.
I then decided to talk to Charlie, her stud for whom
she wanted the baby from.
I got on my knees and begged him not to get her pregnant.
"Please Charlie, can't you talk her out of it. I-I
have done everything y'all have asked of me. B-But this is
"Of course I really don't want the slut. She's a good
fuck, but I'm not in the mood to be a dad. But the idea of
impregnating her does have a certain appeal. No Victor, I'm
not going to change her mind. Now you know she just might
pick Jim or Theo to do her too. And you have to be on the
watch out for her leaving you if you don't come around."
His words only added to my misery. Would she really
leave me?
He looked at me pathetically as I was getting off my
knees and getting ready to leave.
"Hey stay there! You might as be useful while you're
here. My dick's hard from all this talk about the bitch.
Here suck it for me."
To some it may be perverted for me to do that for him,
but over the last year, I've sucked him and other of my
wife's lovers when she wanted me to or when they stopped by
and she wasn't at home. So tonight I was just doing it one
more time."
As I drove home with Charlie's hefty load of jism in my
gut, I knew I couldn't bear the thought of my wife leaving.
Upon arriving home, our mother and Reverend Davis was
They all greeted me warmly. Betty and I sat together
on the love seat holding hands as everyone was basically
trying to convince me that what my wife desired was okay.
As I looked at her and recalled all the times she'd
come back to me used and full of her regular lovers as well
as other strange men's fuck juices, my heart always leapt as
we embraced and I lapped and loved and cleaned her up with
my mouth.
I was in the background, playing second fiddle and
always getting all her leftover love and her many lover's
lusty leavings, but yet I loved her. I had been faithful to
her. She and the Reverend didn't consider my occasional
couplings with mom being unfaithful, but more like mother
and son quality time, since it was clear I was a mama's boy.
"Victor, it would be the highest proof of love you
could show your wife and your fellow man, by agreeing to her
having his baby. Seeing his seed growing and swelling in
her will cause you to love her more, knowing that she is
happy being swollen with his child but yet married to you."
"The Reverend is right Victor, you can't expect your
wife to be happy pregnant if she's not happy getting
impregnated by the man she wants to do it to her. And baby,
you know it's not you." Mom's words hurt, but I knew what
she said was true.
"I do love you honey, but you know you'll never be able
to give me the kind of fuck that will reached the back of my
pussy and bang up against my cervix and force that hot seed
right in me. Being a woman, you just don't know what a
wondrous and joyful feeling that comes from being knocked up
by the man that sexes you that way."
We kissed passionately after her eyes became teary upon
describing her feelings.
"I love you Victor, and you're good to me. But I need
my other men, my real men. I could never be happy with us
having a baby, unless one of my real men gave it to me."
She spoke softly to me.
I was hurt, felt defeated, but yet knew I still loved
her. As we continued to embrace, I quietly pondered what to
do. I could go for divorce, but that really wasn't a choice
since I had so much invested in my marriage.
I could feel the eyes of the others in the room.
Feeling helpless and vanquished by my destiny, I softly
capitulated to my wife's wishes to get pregnant by her
The others in the room were all smiles at my surrender.
They were the kind of smiles that knew I'd been beaten and
conquered and once again forced into a situation with
guaranteed humiliation for me.
I'd sunk so low in my attempts to hold on to her. I'd
assumed that things couldn't get any get any worse in me
trying to hold our marriage together.


I'd just put our two year old to bed and am keeping our
four year old occupied as my wife is preparing to go out
with one of her latest steady lovers. She now has three who
consume almost all her time.
She let me know tonight that she plans to have a baby
from him also, as she has done with her other two favorite
As with the second baby, she didn't ask, but told me.
She knew my will was too broken to mount any serious
resistance to her. Our mothers and the Reverend assisted
greatly in my not only accepting my being a cuckold but also
my complete submission to my wife's desires and needs.
However, this time I pleaded with her to consider the
consequences and the further humiliation and debasement it
would cause me if she had this third child.
"Betty dear, I-it's bad enough now when I go out and
people know that the kids don't look anything like me, but
if you ..."
"I am, and you'll just have to be the proud daddy as
you have with the our other two kids darling."
She kissed me, told me she loved me, and let me know
her decision was final and that there was to be no further
discussion. I knew better than to challenge her anymore.
Changing subject, she then told me a list of chores she
wanted done before I went to bed.
I was feeding the four year old when my wife's date
came to pick her up. As was usual, I kept the kitchen door
partially closed to keep him from being seen by our
daughter. However, I peeked out as the handsome well built
black man, named Steve, greeted my wife with a fervent
wet French kiss and ran his hands all over her shapely ass.
He saw me out of the corner of his eye and winked and
waved at me as they stilled embraced. I meekly waved back,
feeling totally helpless, and simultaneously with my cock
swelling in my pants. I knew I'd have to jerk off after
putting our daughter to bed. My wife and he looked so exotic and
passionate in each other's arms, as their contrasting skin
hues added to the lusty sight before me.
Steve and I knew each other. I've eaten his cum from
her pussy numerous times as well as sucked his big dick for
As I went about my chores, I thought constantly about
Steve and my wife. I guess I knew it would come to this, but
didn't want to admit to the fact that she would have a black
baby for us. I was horrified at the thought of bringing the
baby to church and feeling the stares of our neighbors and
friends. They already think I'm the lowest level of a wimp.
This will only serve to validate it.
Even though my mind is walking through all the abject
humiliation I'm certain to face, my prick is stiff as a
fireplace poker.
After reading our daughter her bedtime story and
tucking her in, I relaxed a bit with a stiff drink. I
decided to call mom.
"I thought you'd be calling me sweetie . Yes she told
us." mom told me in an upbeat un-surprised tone of voice.
"B-But mother, d-do you know what'd be like for me to
claim I'm the father? W-Why I-I'd l-look like the b-biggest
"I understand dear. You know how she likes to tease you
a bit from time to time. But she thinks telling the truth
might be the best thing."
"T-The truth?"
"Yes! We'd have the pastor announce in church that due
to problems at home Betty yielded to temptation, strayed,
and got pregnant from her black lover. But you, the loving
devoted husband, very much in love with her, would not hear
of an abortion, forgave her, and accepted the child as your
Quietly, I thought about it. `I may even come out of
this as a respected cuckold', I thought to myself.
Mother and I talked a while longer before hanging up.
My mind was still reeling. I knew the scenario she'd
painted more than likely would be the way things pan out,
especially since it involved the Reverend.
If the past was any indication, I knew after she's
confirmed her impregnation, the Reverend would be by to "pray"
with her in
our bedroom. He always makes sure I'm home for these
Afterwards he seems to relish telling me to "tend to my
wife". As he's leaving or playing with our the kids, I go
suck up his lusty mess. My wife is always in seventh heaven
when I do this. I guess that's really what counts.
The Reverend was also a prime influence in my wife's
and our mother's decision to use corporal punishment to
"keep me in line".
Here's what happened one time. The women thought I was a bit too
outspoken and "sassy" to my wife about her not spending much
time with me, as compared to the time she spent with her
lovers and their friends.
My wife accused me of being uncooperative and
"Maybe you need to be taught a good lesson about your
proper place young man!" mother stated authoritatively.
"I agree! Victor, you just seem to be creating
unnecessary turmoil. If you're going to be childish, maybe
you need to be treated like one. Maybe you need a little
thrashing to help you remember your place". My Mom-in-law
The idea caught like wildfire. Before I knew what
happened, they had agreed that I would be given 15 strokes
of the cane after dinner after I put the baby to bed. This
happened about 7 months after our first child was born -
Charlie's baby, remember?
I saw in their collective eyes they were dead serious.
I meekly and quietly completed serving dinner.
As I was bathing and preparing the baby for bed, mother
went home to her house and returned with the short whippy
cane she'd used on me frequently in my youth.
As I walked down the stairs, all three were taking
turns practicing using the awesome instrument, whose sting I
was rather familiar with. At 27 I didn't want to experience
such a thing again. I ran out with only car keys and drove
to the Church. I was in luck, the Reverend greeted me. "My
son, whatever is the matter."
I told him the situation.
"I was just coming by your place. I was feeling the
need to come by and pray with your wife". He said with a
snide smile. "C'mon, lets go back, I'm sure I can
straighten this matter out to everybody's satisfaction."
He inspired confidence in me as he spoke and patted me
on the back.
When we arrived, my wife was expecting the Reverend.
However, all three women were furious at me for running
away. I was accused of not being "man enough" to take my
I stood behind the Reverend as the three stated their
accusations. I had faith they would listen to the minister
and that he would save me from what they had planned for me.
Was I wrong.
"Victor, is it true what they say?" He inquired.
"Well sir, I-I did say that s-she could at least spend
one night home with me this week. I-I didn't mean to sound
brash o-or angry. I-It just came out the wrong way. I-I'm
sorry Betty." I said apologetically.
"It's a bit late for that. It's going to take a lot
more than that to atone for what you did." My wife said as
she swung the cane though the air with a swishing noise. A
chill of terror ran down ran down my back as I shuddered.
"Victor, remember when you were told that you would
have to make sacrifices to be the husband it took to help
your wife fulfill her needs expected in a marital union, and
for which you were unable to provide?"
"Y-Yes sir." I replied meekly.
"Well then, it just looks like you forgot, that's all.
Am I right son?"
"Y-Yes sir."
"And you don't want to forget that again do you?"
"Oh! N-No Sir." I replied quickly hoping he'd found a
way out for me.
"Well then, what the women want to do is to make sure
you don't forget again. And since you want the same thing,
I see no reason why you shouldn't accept the little reminder
they want to give you. I think it will definitely help your
By the time I'd figured out I'd been duped and
outfoxed, he and the three women were leading me the
Mother had one hand and he the other. The were both
too strong for me. They literally carried me down the
stairs. I pleaded and begged. My wife warned me it would
be even worse if I woke the baby.
As the minister held me down across a cot with my face
buried in a pillow to muffle my screams, my wife and our
moms each took their turns on my quivering grating naked ass
cheeks. All I remember was "SWISH!" "CRACK" and the
feeling of fire wherever the slender rod impacted. This
happened 18 times.
When all was satisfied that I'd been punished properly
I was allowed to stand and thank the Reverend and my three
smiling inquisitioners. I was sobbing profusely with tears
raining down my face. I begged for forgiveness and thanked
them almost simultaneously. The other most embarrassing
thing was the raging erection I had. Everyone noticed it
and commented how I too agreed with my punishment. At that
moment I wanted to crawl in a hole and bury myself.
As my wife led the Reverend to our bedroom, our moms
removed their dresses and panties and had me pay oral homage
to their very moist hairy cunts.
After I'd gotten both of them off several times, mother
then had me come over her knees and administered ointment on
my ravaged backside. Even though the ointment was soothing,
the mere application of it was also painful. I knew I'd be
feeling the effects of my whippings for days to come. The
welts were just so pronounced.
"You won't be forgetting your place anytime soon will
you baby?" She said with a slight chuckle.
"N-No ma'am". I replied in a docile and tame manner.
Every since that first time, it has been about every
six months or so the three women find some excuse to cane
me. I seem to sense when my whipping is coming. No matter
how careful I am in doing the household chores or anything
else, I end up getting severely punished. I've just come to
accepting this as something the three of them get turned on
doing, and that I'm their vehicle to get their jollies.
I accidentally came to this conclusion after finding a
book at mother's when my wife loaned me out to her to
thoroughly clean her place. A WOMAN'S BOOK: THE PLEASURES OF
Everything fell into place. I now knew why mom seem to
delight in my emotional and physical humiliation. The worse
part were notes in the book that confirmed that I was
masochistic and that she was just being the good mother to
give me what I needed. I wept, but secretly knew she was


Just as mother had said, the scenario she'd explained
10 months before, was the one that played out. Our
beautiful black baby son was christened by the Reverend
after he announced the scheme to the congregation.
I was surprised at how many people gave us well wishes
and congratulated me on being the man I was. My wife was
also praised for her courage. It was really the first time
I've felt respect by our neighbors, even though I realize
they still laugh at me and secretly say what a milquetoast
cuckold wimp I am.
My wife has let me know that there will probably be no more
kids. However, she is still stepping out to fulfill the
needs my tongue can't provide her. I of course do the
babysitting, house hold chores and faithfully wait for her whenever
she returns, and continue to do whatever it takes to maintain the
household and keep my marriage together.

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