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CDE.Passing The Test



Copyright c 1998 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content Guide:(MM+/F, MF, FemDom, Impreg)



STORY TITLE: Passing The Test

Author: C.D.E.

"Honey, just because Judd wants me to have his baby is
no reason for you to become so upset. I didn't say I
would. I just said I was thinking about it."
"Laura, please remember you're my wife. You shouldn't
have to think about it. The answer should simply be no,
N!O! No!"
"You're jealous of him aren't you darling?"
"Don't even go there Laura. I just don't think you
have to be so accommodating to the men y-you need to date.
Y-You know they just want to make me look bad."
"You said that last time. Do you really believe the
fellows are out to shame you or something when they ask me
to have their babies?"
"Of course! Why else do they say things like "You
better watch that wife of your, that kid don't look nothing
like you"; or that "I didn't know any of your folks were
red heads"."
"You get upset too easily honey. They're just envious
because I married you instead of them."
"Laura honey, I know I promised to stand by you when
you didn't tell me about your affliction until after we
were married. And I know the minister said that I
shouldn't even consider divorce and that if I was any kind
of man, I'd stand by you, for better or worse, just like I
swore too when we said our wedding vows. B-But Laura,
after four kids from different men, and all the lurid
gossip and whispers behind my back, you should see that it
bothers me a bit. And especially since none of our kids
are by me."
"Sweetie pie, you know I love you so very, very much.
And I appreciate you being man enough to stay married to me
even after you found out I need sex more frequently than
most women. But it really helps me to get better control
of my desires when I get impregnated by a fellow who has a
big cock and wants to breed me."
"I-I wish you wouldn't use that term. Y-You know it-
it turns me off."
"I'm sorry darling, for some reason I always forget
about your sensitivity to me saying that, but its true.
Even mom and dad said I was born to be a breeder when you
first started dating me, remember?"
"I-I do..., b-but at the time, I-I just thought they
were referring to you and I having children. I-I wasn't
thinking about you being bred by every other man in the
"Honey you're over reacting. Like I said, I do love
you very, very much, but I need to be fucked by men who are
good at it... and you know where you stand in that
department. You have to live with the fact that you can't
do for me, what the men I date, can do for me. And I have
to live with the fact that, even though I'm married to a
loving, caring, dutiful, and faithful husband, I have to go
outside of my marriage to get the kind of sex you can't
give me."
"B-But Laura, y-you don't have to always have their
children just because they..."
"Yes I do darling. It's a mental thing you may never
understand. But it does me a world of good getting knocked
up by a "real man" when he wants me to have his child. Oh,
I'm sorry honey... I forgot "real man" also upsets you.
But, oh Well, you know what I mean."
"Y-Yes unfortunately. B-but one thing I-I'm still not
clear on."
"What's that dear?"
"You say your men ask you to h-have their children.
Do they really just come out and ask you to? I-I'm asking
because Leonard, our daughter Lenora's father, came out and
told me he didn't ask you. He said you went ahead and got
pregnant and then told him."
"I consider him giving his okay when I told him I
wasn't on any kind of birth control and that he might give
me a baby. He didn't stop shooting his heavy load of hot
sperm in me, even though he knew I could get pregnant."
"O-Oh I-I see. He didn't say anything a-about that."
"Well, actually, I probably didn't tell him until
after he and I had been having unprotected sex for about a
month and a half. Don't look at me like that honey. You
know my affliction causes me to do dumb things sometime,
especially when I'm in heat, and I was at the time."
"I-I know. Laura, I-I just don't know h-how much more
of this I-I can take. S-Sure I-I can accept the kids we
have. I like kids. B-B-But all the smirking and knowing
glances we get when we all go out together. I-I've heard
people call us the rainbow family because of the kids.
B-but I have to say, you sure handle this far better than
me when we're in public or around your family."
"That's because I have you. They all know that you're
a good faithful husband supporting his wife in getting what
she needs from other men who are better endowed."
"I-I know you mean well Laura, b-but I-I wish you
didn't say it that way."
"I guess that's the difference between me and you. I
see nothing wrong with being honest and proud of you. I
see no shame in telling anybody that when I'm out dating
other men for sex, my husband is home babysitting and
taking care of our kids. Why are you looking at me like
"Laura, a-again I-I know you're trying to tell me what
a good husband I've been, but let's just leave well enough
alone. Y-You don't have to tell anybody about our
arrangement. T-they'll figure it out."
"I guess I do talk too much sometimes. But you're the
best thing that's ever happened to me. I can't help if I
want to tell people how much I care for and love you
"I'm okay with that, but it's more how you say it
Laura. A-A another thing I-I wish you wouldn't tell
others about o-our intimate activities, even your mother."
"Oh sweetie, I bet you're talking about when I told her you
were so nice to eat me out when I come in from my dates
when my pussy is gooey and creamy with their cum."
"Y-You know the only reason I-I do that is, uh, t-
that's the only way y-you'll let me have some a lot of the
times when you come in from your dates. I-It's not because
"Darling, I like you doing that for me because it's
sharing. I like to share with you the results of how good
my men made me feel. It's the best way I know how. You're
good at it. And since you've been doing it for so long, I
know you like doing it, even though you don't want to admit
it. mother thinks it's delightful that you do it, you know
to make up for what you can't do with your little peter.
Even though Daddy jokingly says you're a wimp for sucking
and eating other men's jism out of me, but he still says
you're the right husband for me. Here, let me kiss you for
being so good to me."
"I-I don't know why. I-I just need to be close to you
Laura, even if you-you've been out with them. I wish I-I
could be more of a man for you l-like they..."
"But you're not darling, so don't worry about it."
"I-I wish it didn't have to be this way, but..."
"But it is darling. Overall, we have a good marriage,
and you're a great daddy for our kids. They think the
world of you as do all our neighbors and you know my folks
adore you."
"I-I try to do my best for you and the kids."
"Our kids darling."
"Of-of course dear... our kids."
"That's better. In the eyes of the law you're their
legal father, no matter who put them in the oven"
"I know, you've reminded me enough. B-B the way,
y-you think I-I'm about ready for us and you to have a
"Do you really think you're ready yet honey? Do you
think you're ready to handle my pussy?"
"Yes, yes. T-That is if I can stop using rubbers when
you let me put it in. I-I'm getting better control now.
I'm up to a full three minutes when ever you're not too
tired to let me have some."
"That's progress, but I want you to wait a little
while longer darling. The latex helps you with your pre-
mature ejaculation problem. I don't think you're ready to
have my juicy pussy skin to skin yet. You're doing better
controlling your self. When you're up to, say, 10 minutes,
then we'll see about you getting me all wet and raw like my
dates get me. Besides, you still can't hold out for
twenty minutes when I'm jacking you off, that is after
you've eaten me out and you're sucking my tits."
"Laura, I-I don't know what's so magical about 20
minutes. It's so hard holding back when I'm sucking on
y-your soft breast a-and with y-your soft hands o-on my
cock... a-and I don't know why you have to hold m-my balls,
t-that's part of the reason I-I can't hold out longer. If
"Honey, I do that to help you build up your stamina.
I figure if you can hold out for 20 minutes in air, you may
can hold up 10 minutes inside me where it's all soft, wet
and hot. That's why you have to pass my test."
"W-What if-if I-I can't make it to..."
"Then none of my juicy cunt for you, and other men
will continue to be the studs for this family."
"Gulp! Oh, uh, oh I-I see. I-I'm going to work
harder at trying to pass dear."
"Good darling. Just remember your reward will be my
pussy, all hot, wet, ready and raw."
"Oh Laura, when you talk like that, I-it makes me want
you so bad. Can you play with my prick now. I-I need you
s-so bad."
"Dear, remember control. Besides, Judd will be here
in an hour. We'll have our fun when I come in from being
with him. In the meantime, I want you to pick me out
something pretty you think I should wear for him. He likes
to see me in blue."
"Oh Laura! You know I hate helping you get ready for
your dates. I-I don't know why you make me do that."
"C'mon honey. You know it makes me feel better about
deserting you and the kids for my dates, when you help me
prepare. Remember what the reverend said about you being
my helpmate."
"Oh alright, if you say so."
"You're a good husband. By the way, while I'm out,
think over which name you like best, Judson if a boy and
Judsonea if a girl. Please don't look at me like that.
You're always telling me it's good to plan ahead."
#### END ####

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