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CDE.Paul and Myra


Copyright c 1998 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit. This
story may be freely distributed for personal use with this notice

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(MM/F, MM, MF, Inter, Impreg)

Paul's mother Paul's Mother-in-law: mother Eaton

"Honey just because I'm a slut to other men doesn't mean you
can treat me like one. After all, I'm your wife!"
I apologized for trying to grope her soft delectable tits and
asking her to suck my prick.
I wanted her so bad, My prick was throbbing at the sight of
her used body. The residual redden handprints from so many hands
and rough handling of her mammary endowments was so evident on her
alabaster pliable and creamy breasts.
"I've told you before. You have to ask permission to feel my
tits. And for the thousandth time, It's your husbandly duty to
suck my pussy when I come in from my dates. It's a matter of you
participating in my good fortune to have real men doing for me
what you can't. It shows your respect for me. Remember, It's
because you can't satisfy my needs is the reason I have to date
other men anyway."
I again apologized and begged her forgiveness of my actions.
"That's better. Apology accepted." She said kissing me on
the side of my face. The smell of semen on her breath was strong.
Other men's semen at that.
She let me know she'd sucked dicks most of the evening and
swallowed 6 heavy loads of sperm.
"Honey, I know you're a little horny, but I want you to hold
your load until Saturday nights like we agreed. No meat beating
tonight. Understood?"
Dejected, I hung my head and replied affirmatively to her.
"Honey you outdid your self last night. You really sucked my
cunt good. It feels almost douche clean. The guys shot off at
least 14 times in me. It was obvious they hadn't had any in 6
"I-I always try to respect you as best I can when I do that
for you." I replied meekly.
I appreciate your love, devotion, faithfulness and respect
honey. By the way, the guys really praised you for sucking my
cunt after they got it all sloppy and gooey. They really say you
must love me to do that. I always tell them you do."
"I-I wish they didn't know about that. I-It's so humiliating
for them to know about that."
"You should never be humiliated at proving your love for me
darling. Is that what you're saying?"
"Oh no, Myra, I-I just meant that it would be easier on me I-
If they didn't know I did that."
"But darling, it makes me happy for me to know they know
you're getting their sloppy leavings. And you do want me to be
happy don't you?"
"Y-Yes my love, but ... oh nothing, forget about it. As long
as you're happy, I guess that's all that's matters." I gave up as
she started to look at me menacingly. I decided to give up my
attempts to make her see things my way.
"By the way darling, did Theo come by for you to suck his
dick this evening while I was out with those 4 sailors?"
"Y-Yes, h-he was here around six. As u-usual, he kept me busy
for about an hour. He came three times in my mouth. A-As usual,
his stuff was hot and thick and rich. He said he'll see you the
next time he passes through." As usual, I was chagrinned at
reporting on my providing services, but my wife had reminded me
that I should always included as much details as possible in as
fewer words as possible.
"Wonderful! Honey, it's such a pleasure knowing you can
handle sucking my lover's dicks when I need you too. That shows a
great deal of respect for me and them. I admire you being so
secure in your manhood that you don't get upset at doing that for
me. Sure I threatened to leave you if you didn't do it for me.
But you knew I wouldn't really leave you. I know you did it out
of the goodness of your heart to please me and make me happy."
She came over and kissed me on the forehead. "And honey, I just
adore how you handle it when the fellows call you a faggot or a
queer. You just hang your head and blush. You do such a good
imitation of being ashamed. You do it because they expect you
too. But I really know the reason you do it is because they
expect you to and you accommodate them for me. You're so sweet.
I'm so lucky for you being my husband.
"Honey, I was reading about other women's fantasies and it
gave me an idea I just can't get out of my mind. You know what it
is? It's having a baby."
I began to get up and have a broad smile as I approached her
on the bed.
"Oh honey, I'm sorry. I can tell by the expression on your
face that you got the wrong idea. I forgot to tell you that I
want one of my lovers to impregnate me so I can have a baby for
us. I think it'll be so delicious showing others how much you
love me to allow me to have another man's baby. Just think of all
the love that would be around as the baby grows up and will always
be a constant reminder of your love for me. It would be proof
positive of my infidelity and your love and willingness to forgive


"She's determined to do this mother Eaton. I-I just c-can't
believe she want's more proof of my strong love for her. I-I've
become almost the laughing stock of the neighborhood now going
along with everything she demands of me now. I-I feel like such a
fool sometimes." He pathetically complained to his mom-in-law.
"Son, you're not a fool. You're just doing what needs to be
done to keep your beautiful loving wife and to keep your marriage
together. When you're competing with more well endowed men, you
have to do what's necessary to remind her you love her and to
always be ready to prove it. That's why I've told you to always
be eager to show your affection in the ways you're best suited.
Not only should you clean her up with your mouth when she comes
in, but do it with gusto . and always tell her how good she
"I always do that."
"And stop trying to be selfish by thinking of your needs.
Don't think of her as a whore or slut for other men just because
they use her that way. She's your wife! Keep her on a pedestal.
After all, isn't she the best thing that ever happened to you?"
"Y-Yes she is. I-I never thought such a beautiful woman
would consider marrying me."
"You are fortunate to be her husband. Considering your
inadequacies, do you really think that my daughter has been
unreasonable in her demands of your love for her?"
"I-I know I'm not man enough to handle her by myself . a-and
that she needs to be with her studs. B-But it's so humiliating
and painful to have to stay in the background and for everyone to
know what a wimp I am for her."
"Your problem is that you need to get over being shamed of
letting people know that you love her as deeply as you do. I know
it bothers you that her many men friends know that she only allows
you to suck her pussy, and always after they've used it. Your
actions are love being demonstrated of the highest order. You
know you're not man enough to do as good a job as they do in
depositing sperm in her, but you're willing to show all that you
can do a damn good job of getting it out for your wife. That's
love dear, not being a fool."
"I-I never thought of it t-that way."
"And take for instance when she had you pay for Eric to
accompany y'all on your honeymoon. You did it to ensure that the
honeymoon would be all that it could be for your new bride. I
know it got out that all you did was tongue clean her up after
Eric had fucked her and that you didn't get to put it in during
the entire two weeks of your honeymoon, but you haven't done that
since you been married yet anyway have you?"
"N-No ma'am. N-Not yet. She says I'm not ready yet. It's
been two years, m-maybe you c-could ask her ."
"Can't do that dear, I'll let y'all work that out. However,
you do have to consider her wishes if you say you're sensitive to
her needs and feelings."
"I-I try to be. But it's so hard sometimes. Like this thing
with her wanting to have a baby by one of her lovers. I still
can't believe she wants to humiliate me so."
"You look like you want to cry. C'mere, let me hug you.
C'mon right now!" He moved over to where his mom-in-law was and
let her wrap her arms around him and he her. "That's a good boy.
Now you go ahead and have a good cry. It's good to wash your eyes
from time to time."
He hated being so unmanly and wimpish like this, but between
his mother and mother-in-law, they seemed to always encourage such
behavior and no matter how he fought it, his unmanly personality
traits would come out in front of them. His watery eyes soon
opened up and he was crying full bore. He sobbed and complained
about his sluttish wife. Her mother just listened and consoled
him all the while putting all his negative perceptions in a
positive light.
"So you see, she's quite right, a child conceived in the
height of passion is aptly and correctly named a love child.
Because it is sired and conceived in a total state of mental love
and physical lust. It maybe painful that you can't give her both,
especially the physical part, but your love for her is again
demonstrated by you permitting her to conceive with another man
and bring that child into your marriage. You should not be
ashamed that others know, even before the child is born, that
you're not the biological father. You should let everyone know
that you love her enough to condone her getting pregnant by
another man. A better man than you."


As he left his Mom-in-law's house, he felt much better,
especially after the good cry he had and her helping to see things
in a different light. He wanted so much to please his wife. He
knew he couldn't provide her the good sex she was getting from her
many studs, but he always wondered if he was going to far in
trying to please her.
Everyone in town knew he was a cuckold for his beautiful
wife. Everyone seem to tease him about his eating her lovers'
spent jism from his wife's well fucked cunt.
A favorite joke at the bakery was that he didn't buy crme
pies because his wife was feeding it to him all the time. He
hated going to the bakery on certain days because one of the
bakers would always say something like that when he went through
the checkout lane. His wife Myra however insisted that he go to
that bakery shop on that particular day every week. Paul knew the
baker had fucked his wife several times and knew that his sperm
was among that of many of the towns' men whom Paul had devoured
from his wife's juicy gooey cunt. There was always a crowd at the
Wednesday evening bake sales. Paul would always squirm and turned
red faced as chuckles and giggles filled the store in response to
the cruel humor being directed at him.
His wife had make him learn to suck cock for certain of her
lovers. Again, word got out about this. So at the butcher's
shop, which his wife demanded he go to, he had to endure "tube
Steak" jokes. Again, it would always be on the biggest sale day
at the butcher shop and the crowd would snicker and chuckle at
Paul. Often, he had to endure the wisecracks all the while he was
in the crowded store.
It was his mom's idea that he should see the minister for
counseling about his wife wanting to get pregnant by one of her
lovers. So far, both his mother and mother-in-law were in favor
of his wife getting knocked up by one of her many, many lovers.
Both wanted Paul to accept his wife's decision.
"We both know you're a wimp, just like your father was." He
recalled his mother's words. "As a wimp, you have to do things
differently. Just like you're being a good husband now and doing
what's required to keep your charming wife happy. As you know a
real man wouldn't do those things, but you have to, because that's
what's best for you. Her raising a family for you two with
other men's babies is also the right thing for you. Would you
want a wimpy son like you?"
Mother's words really hurt, but they were painfully hard to
I turned into the church parking lot.
"Paul, when we were having premarital counseling with you and
Myra, you told me you loved children and would be a good father.
You can still be a good father for another man's child."
"W-What? W-What about h-her obvious adultery? Shouldn't you
want to talk to her?"
"Paul, now Paul. I told you that Myra and you were a perfect
couple as long as you realized that you'd have to step back from
time to time and let real men give her what she needs. She needs
good sex and plenty of it. Neither of which we both know you can
provide." The minister said matter-of-factly.
Paul shrunk in his chair and hung his head. He lamented that
even with the minister he wasn't free from being ridiculed as a
"I see her being impregnated by another man, or men, as a
natural extension of your current marital arrangement, and as her
husband, you should accept willingly her desire to start a family
for you two. And she is correct, what better proof of your love
and devotion to your wife that to have your wife carrying another
man's seed as it develops over nine months and then have the man's
child carrying your name."
Paul was spellbound by the minister's words. As he sat their
speechless, the minister's secretary showed the Mayor of the town
in to see the minister about some social program.
"Oh I didn't know you were busy." His honor said as he only
saw the back of my head as I sat facing the Reverend's desk.
"Oh it's nobody, just Paul." Paul thought to himself
`Nobody'. The Reverend went on talking.
"I think you know him Bill, especially his lovely vivacious
wife Myra."
"Oh yes! That Paul. Howdy Paul? Mighty fine wife you got.
She's so friendly." He said with a sly grin on his face.
"Bill, he and his wife are thinking of starting a family.
His wife wants the good men of our town to help her with that,
just as she has them fill in for what Paul here can't provide her
now. Paul is not keen on her idea. I was just telling him that
the church endorses he and his wife starting a family, even if
he's not going to be the biological father."
At that moment the police chief was shown in to the
minister's office also for the same purpose as the Mayor came for.
"Rufus I believe you know Paul." The minister spoke
directing his comment at the chief.
"Very well. Know his mother and am a good friend of the
"I guess you know about his wife's desire to start a family?"
"His mother told me the other day. She said Paul has some
hang ups about it because Myra wants to select the father from one
of the men of the town."
"Paul, I think your wife should be supported and praised
rather than put her through turmoil by your not wanting her to do
such a delightful thing as have a baby. You should be joyous and
nurturing in this matter rather than being self centered, mentally
abusive and worrying about your manly pride." The Mayor said
"Speaking of abuse, your mother said your wife complained to
her about you taking liberties with your wife's breast with out
asking your wife. Are you aware that not treating your wife with
respect can get you arrested for domestic abuse and domestic
sexual harassment? Do I need to send an officer over to get a
statement from your wife about this incident?" The chief said.
"Paul have you been trying to abuse your wife physically?
It's obvious you've committed mental and emotional abuse." The
Reverend said in a stern tone.
"Oh n-no! I-I'd never abuse her. Chief Harrison, I-I w-was
trying to f-feel them. I-I h-hadn't seen h-her in three d-days.
I-I just wanted t-to touch her." Paul was sweating as he
stammered out an explanation. This was nerve wracking for the
wimpy husband who was the target of a conspiracy by the town
folks, including his family, to remain a gullible submissive
"I'm going to send out a couple of officers to interrogate
her, in fact I just might go out with them to make sure you aren't
abusing her in any way and you darn shore better not be." The
black man said looking at Paul with a steely eyed stare and
shaking his big finger at the cringing red faced flushed husband.
"Paul from now on, don't assume any liberties with your wife
unless you have her permission. Just because she permits other
men such liberties doesn't mean you're automatically entitled to
such privileges. You must show the highest respect. Is that
understood?" The reverend also shook his finger as he berated
Paul wanted to leave quickly. What he was going through with
three of the most powerful men in town was pure mental torture for
his embattled mental state. However, it was his drained enervated
mode that seem to excite the three men that surrounded him as he
sat. They weren't homosexually inclined but were aroused by their
dominance of the wimpy enervated husband.
The chief opened the topic that all three men wanted to
"Paul all this talk about your sexy wife has got me aroused.
See how my dick has got hard thinking about her creamy white mams
and her pretty legs. It's all your fault. I think you should do
something about it. How do you feel Mr. Mayor?"
"I have been subjected to the same urges and you're right,
Paul here is the cause of all this and should be held responsible
for resolving my erection too." Spoke the mayor showing Paul the
rising bulge in his trousers.
"I concur." Spoke the Reverend rising from his desk with the
outline of his large swelling penis showing down his pants leg.
He told his secretary to hold all calls and not to disturb him as
he prayed with Paul and the others in his office.


As he sat in the car outside the church to collect his
thoughts, he was well relaxed, even though it was involuntary,
after being used by the minister, mayor and police chief. Besides
being coerced into giving the three powerful men blow jobs, the
chief discovered that Paul's mom had been giving him twice weekly
anal exercises to protect him from serious injury in the event of
ass rape. He helped make sure Paul was prepared in the event such
a thing took place. The minister and mayor also tested Paul's ass
by inserting their large rigid tools. After each fucked him and
deposited a copious load of their hot sperm into the depths of his
bowels, they each concluded that he was in good shape if he had
the misfortune of being rapped in the future. All praised his
mother for her foresight and wanted the chief to let her know her
efforts were successful and that she should continue her twice
weekly impaling efforts of her son.
Just as with his mom, he felt very relaxed after she worked
the large strapped-on dildo she used on him. Their dicks felt
better than the dildo. After having been assaulted by the three
men, he was not only relaxed but had to be content with three
large loads of hot semen in his stomach. He had no choice but to
be that way. After all, who would he complain to?
As he drove away, he took an assessment of where he stood on
the issue of his wife wanting to get pregnant. Not one person had
taken his side in this matter.


"Myra, I-I won't ever touch you again without asking your
permission again. The chief told me I-I could go t-to jail i-if
you f-filed charges against me."
Myra liked see her wimpy husband looking so pathetic, scared
and at her mercy.
"I hoped this has taught you a lesson about being respectful
of me, your wife. Yes others will do things to me that I may not
permit you to do because they see me as an easy piece of ass. To
you I'm your wife, the woman you love. Your liberties must be
proper and permissible by me. You can't treat me like a slut.
Understand dear?"
Paul, with hung head, nodded acceptance of what his gloating
wife said.
"Paul honey, what is your decision on us having a baby?"
"E-Everyone t-thinks I-I'm being selfish to not agree with
you. Even mother says I'm deceiving myself with foolish manly
"Well, do you think so darling?" She said impishly.
"I-I do love you so much Myra. A-And nobody in town looks
upon me as a man anymore. S-So I would have to say she's right."
"Well honey, you're a good little husband, who has been so
sweet a proving his love to his appreciative wife. That's one of
many reasons, I want to present you with a child that is conceived
in a blissful balanced state of love and lust."
"Honey! Come here! Remember me saying I was considering
having your name tattooed above my cunt? Well it came in today.
Want to see how it looks?" My wife called excitedly from her
I walked the short distance and tried to remember how long
ago I'd signed the blank card for the company to make up the
temporary deluxe tattoo seals. They last for six months and the
order included a two year supply of the tattoo seals which adhere
very strongly to the skin.
"Isn't it pretty honey? See your signature and printed name
right under the bold lettering. I read the tattoo wording. My
mouth dropped open. I looked into my wife's face. Once again, I
could tell from her face, She wanted to see me flinch and cringe.
The tattoo read:


"Isn't it cute. This will show all who enter me
that you truly love me darling."
"Er, I-it's temporary isn't it?" Her husband said knowing
that it was useless to discuss or try to change anything about
this latest form of `proof of love' humiliation.
"It lasts for 6 months. It won't peel off easily. But don't
worry, I got 6 of them and who knows, I might make it permanent.
Would you like for me to have it made permanent?"
"I-I'll leave it up to you dear." Paul said passively.
"Thank you darling, you're so sweet." She cooed kissing him
on the lips lightly.
Paul knew his wife well. She wanted to humiliate him under
the guise of love.

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: If you like these type fictional stories
from me, feel free to send comments or some ideas for
future story plots to C.D.E. at ccwriter@hotmail.com

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