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CDE.Rape And Blackmail



Copyright c 1998 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(MM+/F, MM, MF, Inter, FemDom, Mdom, Impreg)


"Honey I didn't think what I said was embarrassing to
you. I thought it was just the opposite."
"Jill. I-I can't believe you can't see how telling
her, my own mom about w-what I-I've had to go through, and
still am, a-and say it's not humiliating."
"Darling all I told her was that if you were a real
macho man, you wouldn't be eating other men's cum out of my
fucked pussy. But because you're a good and kind and
loving husband, you dutifully suck my slimy cunt when I
come in from my dates with Leroy or Hank or the other
fellows. Sure I was boasting how good it makes me feel to
sit on your face or pull your head in my wet sloppy gooey
snatch and see and feel you sucking up the thick jism they
shot off deep in me. What wife wouldn't want others to
know what a good sucking lover her husband."
"Sucking lover?"
"Yeah. That's what you do best. Your mother even
replied that she was proud of you for being a good sucker
for me."
"She even said that she was glad to hear you were being a
good and faithful husband in spite of my forced adultery
and that you were doing such a good job of taking care of
my needs even though you can't compete with the black men
who are blackmailing us."
"I-Is that w-when I-I overheard about t-the s-size of-
of them a-and how m-much s-smaller I was?"
"Why yes it was honey. You did overhear quite a bit of
our conversation. She's the one who asked how big those
black cocks were. And it was her who said she knew you
weren't in even in the ball park with them let along the
same league."
"S-S-She did?"
"Uh huh. And darling, she said she fully understood
why the fellows want me to deny you intercourse and only
let you have some after asking their permission."
"Y-You told h-her about ..."
"Why yes! Why not? After all, she is your mother.
She should be concerned about your welfare and that of me
too, since I'm her daughter-in-law. Shouldn't she?"
"O-Of course dear, b-but y-you didn't have to t-tell
her every..."
"Honey, she wanted to know. She should know. I told
her everything."
"Everything. I even showed her some of the polaroids
the fellows took just last weekend. She said you looked
cute with the fellow's milky cum smeared across your face
after I got off your face where you'd just cleaned me out.
She also saw the one where you were on your knees between
Nate's legs sucking on his big thing. She commented on how
confident you looked, especially the way you held his big
balls. I told her they had trained you well and that you've
been their cocksucker for over a year."
"WHAT! H-How could you do this to me Jill?"
"Your mom didn't see any shame in what you were doing
to protect this marriage. I really don't know why you're
so bent out of shape at her knowing about the situation
we're in. I already told my mother. She too thinks we're
doing the right thing to do exactly as the fellows tell us
until we can figure a way out of this without being
compromised with their photos and videos they have of us
sexing them. Sure they raped me and as well as your mouth,
but somebody looking at the video and photos couldn't tell
it. Don't you agree?"
He husband James just nodded his hung head. He'd
agonized over seeing his lovely wife raped over a year ago
and feeling so helpless, not only as they used her
thoroughly, but him too, as each man made him suck on their
long monstrous cocks just long enough for photographic
blackmailing evidence to be gathered.
"By the way, she also says she admires your being a
creme pie eater and cocksucker too. You know she thinks
the world of you. She agrees with me that I must do
exactly as the fellows tell me. She also discourages me
letting you have some unless they expressly give you
permission. And honey, she says it was the right thing for
you to let Lance fuck you up the ass. In fact she wanted
to see a picture of that if we had one."
"WHAT! I-I-I can't believe this is happening to me!"
"Honey, calm down. It'll all work out. Both mom and
your mother have volunteered to help you jerk off. They
understood about your needs and me not always being here to
help you get off. You know with being out with the fellows
so much, and them insisting you stay at home and keeping
the house tidy. They both also thought you might be a
little perturbed at having to call Leroy's pager to ask if
you could go anywhere after you got home from work
everyday, but they both agreed you should always do as he
"Oh! This is such a nightmare! It was bad enough with
them making so many demands and now-now our mothers know
everything. I-I don't know what to do." James lamented as
he sat down with a look of deep weariness on his face.
"Dear, I-I'm sorry for blowing up, but it's been hard
on me s-seeing my marriage go down the tubes and it-it
really pangs me to see you get all dolled up a-and going
out with them. T-The worse part is t-that y-you want m-me
to help you g-get ready a-and look so pretty for them."
James voice cracked as he spoke. He sounded as if he was
near tears.
"There baby ... Don't cry." His wife said as she
embraced him as she sat beside her subjugated and
humiliated husband. "If it makes you feel any better, I do
want to let you know that, well in a way, there is a silver
lining to this dark cloud over our heads."
"T-There is?" Her husband said with a faint look of
hope on his face.
"Yes. You see dear ... and I hope you take this the
right way."
"What is it Jill darling? Go on tell me."
"Okay, I guess I might as well get it off my chest.
You see James, just about the time we got kidnapped and
raped that evening, which has been over a year ago. Time
really flies doesn't it? Well anyway, I, well honey, I was
going to ask you if we could separate a while. To see if I
really loved you."
"Yes darling I did. You see darling I wasn't sure
what was missing in my life then. I wanted a little space
to go out and find it. Well, with all the things the
fellows have done, I feel more fulfilled and contented now
than ever before. You see darling, I needed the sex Leroy
and his black buddies have been giving me. I really feel so
much more a woman now. At the same time, I know I love you
even more now with all we've been through. You tongue
action was good before the rape occurred, but it's even
better now. And with me having to take care of four black
studs regularly and having your sweet tongue too, I feel
like I'm on top of the world."
As she kissed him on the face, James sat silent as if
having been struck by lighting. For all practical
purposes, he had. The thunderbolt he'd just heard rendered
him speechless as he sat next to his soft and beautiful
wife. He sat silent for a few moments more as she continued
to let him know things as how she wasn't really sad, as
she'd said, about going out on date after date with Leroy
and Hank and Nate and Lance as well as having to
occasionally entertain their buddies.
"And honey, I know it sounds selfish, but I like
knowing you're home being faithful to me while I'm out with
the fellows and their buddies. I kind of hate it that they
won't let you have some more often, but since their cocks
are so much bigger than yours anyway, I've been stretched
so much, you may be better of jacking off like you've been
doing now."
"I-I see." Was all James said in a low tone when he
finally responded. He knew she didn't intend to hurt him,
but it did. Defeated, all he could say was "I-I still love
you to Jill, b-but I-I don't know h-how much of this I can
go on taking. It-It's just so..."
"But honey, what is the alternative? I believe they
will send the pictures and photos to your job. No darling,
we must continue to be under their control. I know you're
not enjoying it as much as I am, but if you love me enough,
you'll adjust even more than you have now."

"Yes James, I have to admit Jill is right. You don't
have many options. Besides, you risk losing her if you
don't do as they want you to, so your best bet is to go
along and be the accepting cuckold you've been for over a
"B-But Mom, w-what about m-my esteem and pride."
"Dear, I don't mean to insult you or hurt your
feelings, but when you have a little cock and are up
against at least four black studs, you might as well check
your pride at the door each day you go home."
Her son just looked at her with a deeper bit of
weariness that is the hallmark of a truly defeated and
vanquished man.
"An another thing son, you must do as he desires."
"Y-Y-You mean I-I should..."
"Yes. You have to continue sucking all their cocks
like they wants you to. And most importantly dear, you must
do a good job of sucking them all off."
"W-What? I-I can't b-believe y-you're say..."
"Believe it. Remember it's for the good of your
marriage. And you must swallow all they shoot off too, every
drop. You must not give them any reason to complain."
Her son was stunned at his mother's words and her
assessment, since it was of the opposite view of what he
expected from her. They talked on the subject for another
two hours.
"And another thing son, be sure and thank them for the
honor of sucking on their manhood. It'll ease any suspicions
or uneasiness they may still have about you rebelling
against them."
Her son didn't like what he was hearing, but what
could he do.
"Son there is no sense making a fuss about things.
This is the way it's going to be. End of story. You'll
have to accept that your wife will basically be the woman
of her black studs and you'll only be allowed to enjoy her
after they have used her and then only with their
"I-I see... b-but what about the baby she's ..."
"You'll be the daddy, but one of them will be the
father. And I might add dear, you must not be surprised at
the probability that there will be other children she'll
have by these black men."
"And son, you must accept that she may never want to
be made pregnant by you."
"N-Never?" A tone of defeat was very evident in his
voice. Her son's pathetic look and sound pleased her.
"In fact, you may be barred from even putting it in
forever, or maybe just a year at a time."
"W-What? ... Surely ..."
"The best thing dear is to assume nothing, and so
therefore expect nothing. And you must remember a good
husband does not cheat on his wife, therefore, Yes! before
you even say it, you will probably be jacking off regularly
for your sexual relief."
Her grown son just sat totally silent as his mom
continued to shower him with reality.
"You must keep on eating other men's sperm
and not complain about having to do so."
"Whether it be from your wife's well fucked pussy or from
sucking their big dicks, or simply licking it up from her
ass, tits or other places on her. Simply, you must not
complain about the taste, only eat it all, whenever you are
offered it or directed to slurp it up."
"I-I can't believe ..."
'Believe it. You're going to be a jism eating cuckold
wimp husband. I know you complain about her crotch being
so messy, slimy and sloppy. Get use to having your face
covered and smeared with other men's thick rich spent
sperm. Get use to eating her very creamy hair pie."
"P-Please mother, P-please d-don't call me a w-wimp.
"I understand how you feel dear, but we both must face
the truth." She quickly cut him off. "You're a wimp! You
know it! You must face reality! You need this women to
remain in your wife, and you must remain her husband. You
can't be the real man she needs. You both love each other
deeply. She has a need that you must accept. That need is
to be a slut for black men, to have their babies, to show
them that they are the real men in her life. To prove your
love to her and to respect her needs, you must not dessert
her, but be there for her. She wants others to know her
husband truly loves her. What better way than her letting
others know that you support her by standing by passively,
while other men, that is better black men impregnate her,
and you willingly become the daddy of the children they
By this time tears were running down his cheeks. He
sobbed quietly as his mother went off on him. Her verbal
chastisement was like a bucket cold water over his head.
"That's alright son, go on and cry. You're doing what
comes natural. Wimps cry and accept their station in life.
Real men change things or move on. You know you can't do
the latter, so therefore you have to stay and accept your
She hugged her molly-coddled son.
"D-Does t-that m-mean that I-I'll have to also continue
doing, y-you know to s-show that I-I accept them as
her r-real men." His eyes were like that a whipped puppy.
A sight that thrilled her immensely.
"Yes son, you must continue to prepare and present
yourself to them to be fucked up the ass."
"Oh-Oh I-I was a-afraid of that."
"I'll help you. Sweetie, Just like I told you that
you should not be ashamed of admitting or even boasting you
eat other men's sperm from your wife or their big dicks. The
same holds true here. Be proud that you wife's black lovers are
fucking you in the ass. James, you have to accept the fact
that you and your wife are receptacles for black men to
sooth their big dicks and ejaculate into."

"Honey, your mom knows I think you're a great husband
and will be a good daddy for the kids. But you have to
accept that you won't be the biological father of any of
our future children. Both our moms know and have accepted
this. You must also if we're to stay together."
James conceded that he wasn't going to leave, but stay
and be the daddy and husband she wanted for the children
she was planning to have by the four black men in her life.
"Honey, I also want you to be clear on something else.
I truly love you and I don't mean to ever hurt you, but you
have to accept that I don't consider you a real man like
the fellows." She said referring to her black sex studs.
"But I do respect you as a good and loving husband. And as
a good and loving husband, but not looking at you as a man,
I want and expect you to suck my pussy after I've been
fucked by my real men. There are to be no conditions or
complaining. When I or they order you to come and clean me
up their manly mess with your mouth, you are to do so
willingly. Is that clear?"
"Y-Yes dear." Her husband replied meekly.
"Good! Now honey, I know you've expressed some
reluctance about sucking their big dicks to completion and
swallowing their hot creamy sperm. That must stop. It
simply must become second nature for you to suck their
dicks on demand and to eat all their cum. Nothing less is
acceptable. Are we together on this?"
Looking thoroughly conquered, her cowed husband hung
his head and nodded affirmatively.
"And honey, your mom told me she's helping condition
you to take the guy's dicks more frequently up your ass.
You have a good mother. Don't disappoint her or me. Do
your best on getting fucked. I know they're pretty good
size. They assured me they won't hurt you, but if they
want to try and ram your rear, you really owe them the
opportunity. I see it as just part of your husbandly
obligation to the real men in my life. And darling,
because you're their cocksucker and piece of ass, I won't
think any less of you as a man."
James gave his wife an incredulous look at the paradox
of what she said, however, he was thankful for every bit of
esteem she showed him.


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