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CDE.Saturday Night



Copyright © 1998 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit. This
story may be freely distributed for personal use with this notice attached.
All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

The Saturday evening started off like so many others.
I drove my wife out to meet some black studs at a local
It was either this way of life for me or divorce. I
loved her so much and needed her to keep my life complete.
However, she needed black dicks more than she needed me.
Usually I don't stay with her at her orgy escapades, but
this particular night one of her black men friends drove up
just as I was getting ready to drive off. She beckoned to
me. She wanted to introduce me to Zack.
"I've been fucking your wife so long, I just wanted to
meet you." He said boldly. I turned beet red as he
shook my hand.
I turned around to leave, but he literally grabbed my
arm and urged me to come in and meet the other "dudes who
give your wife a lot of dicking".
In the room were four other big muscular black men.
All were happy to see my wife Patricia. They openly
hugged and groped her ass and tits as Zack introduced me
to the group. All the men had huge bulges in their
pants. I could tell they were ready for sex.
Totally embarrassed and a deeper red than before, I
again made an effort to leave when Zack asked if I would
go get them some beer, liquor and snacks.
When I stood there waiting for money, my wife said
"Silly, they're my guests. Go get what they want." I
hadn't plan on having to pay, but she wanted me to.
Everyone told me what they wanted and I quickly rushed
out of the room. I needed the coolness of the night air.
When I returned, my wife was nude with two men deep in
her. One in her cunt and another in her mouth. Seeing
such a sight almost cause me to drop the bags I was
carrying. I'd never seen her with her black men before and
it was obvious to everyone by my reaction. Those two black
fuck tools were humongous.
I finally snapped back to reality as I laid out the
contents of the bags to make sure everyone got what they
ordered. This time I was so nervous I was trembling. I
had to get out of there. I tried not to look at what was
going on with my wife, but it was difficult not to.
Again I stammered out an excuse for leaving but Zack
pointed to a chair and told me to stay. I politely and
meekly refused. As I moved toward the door another man blocked it and said "What's the matter, you think you too
good to stay here with us?"
I quickly replied that I had no such thoughts at all,
but had to get back to some work at the house.
It was then that the man with his big bone in my
wife's mouth pulled out. She apparently had just
swallowed his load and spoke as she was licking the drool
from around her lips.
"Oh c'mon and stay darling. It'd do you good to see
the fellows fuck me. Maybe you'll learn something ...
and if you're good the fellows might let you join in."
"You heard the bitch. Now go sit down like the man told you." The black man standing at the door barked at
Flustered, scared and totally embarrassed, I meekly went
to the chair that Zack had offered me earlier.
My wife soon had a another long rigid pole of black
meat down her throat. The man in her pussy was moaning
and indicating he was about to bust his nuts. He slammed
into her and uttered a deep moan as his body jerked and
shook from the enjoyment of his getting off. He pistoned
in her a few more times before pulling his semi-hard wet
prick out.
I could see her hairy bush with him out of the way and
it was then I got some idea how much of a wad he shot
off. His thick gooey cum began to ooze out slowly. I'd
never seen such a sight before.
Another stud was about to step up next and mount her.
"Hey you, c'mon over here and clean this shit up for
me! After all you her husband." The man said directing
his comment to me.
I jumped up and got a towel from the bathroom and
headed over to where my wife was with her legs stretched
open wide. As I started to wipe her pussy, he stopped
"What the fuck you gitting a towel for. Don't you know
you suppose to suck her pussy clean! Stupid! Don't you
know anything about respecting the men that fuck your
I was caught completely off guard by what he said.
My wife pulled her mouth off the cock she was sucking and intervened on my behalf.
"Sorry fellows. this is his first time, forgive him.
Honey they're right. A good husband would suck his wife clean for the next man. That's only right don't you
I tried to respond but nothing came out of my mouth.
"C'mon honey, I know you're a little nervous, being
here with all theses real men. But I know you can do me
proud. I know you can. Don't shame me in front of all
my friends now."
I still couldn't speak and I knew my wife would be
severely disappointed if I didn't do as they wanted. So I
found myself with no choice except to girth myself and
dive into her drippy and very slimy muff.
She helped matters by pulling my head right into her
sloppy twat. I sucked up my first mouth full of fuck scum
anticipating a terrible yucky taste. Imagine my surprise
at it's creamy richness. I sucked and lapped greedily
and had her ready for the next dick in less than five
minute. She pushed my head back and waived for the next
guy to come forth with his raging erection.
A couple of the men cheered me.
As I prepared to get up and out of the way he asked me
wasn't I going to put it in for him. Again being a
novice at these things, I thought it better to just do as
I was told. I grasped his rock hard shaft and guided his
swollen blood gorged cock head to those same pouting soft
moist hairy lips I'd just mouth cleaned. His big rod
slipped in and stretched her easily.
I finally returned to my chair, glad I had the towel to
wipe away the sweat popping up on my forehead as well as
the pussy fuck slime around my lips.
I'd just beginning to settled down when the first man,
who'd fucked my wife, stood in front of me. His giant
penis was at rest but was covered with dried cunt gunk.
"You did a good job on your bitch's cunt, lets see you
lick my dick clean too. After all, yo wife's
pussy that caused it to be this way ... and since you be
da husband you oughta clean me up."
Again I was totally speechless as I comprehended the
outrageous suggestion he made. I know I looked pitiful
as I contemplated what to say or do. I looked around and
all eyes were on me again.
My wife, sucking like a baby with a bottle on the cock
in her mouth, nodded her head ever so slightly as a
signal to do what the man wanted. She also sent the same
signal with her eyes that I'd better do it.
I did as I was asked. I was so embarrassed as I
nervously held his big penis and gingerly proceeded to
lick the cock head and up his shaft. As I got into what
I had to do, my mouth cleaning proceeded to go quickly
and soon I'd lapped him clean.
The man had me lick his pee slit and suck on his cock
head before he approved of my efforts.
Almost as soon as he turned away my wife beckoned me
again. It was time to freshen up her pussy again. And
as before, as soon as I'd got her ready, the next man wanted me to guide his dick in also. And just as before,
time I sat back down, the man who'd just pulled out of
her pussy stood before me ready for a mouth cleaning.
This went on all night. I was almost as busy as my
wife taking dicks and tasting fuck goo. To keep my mouth
from getting mucky and caked with the stuff, I had to sip
on a drink between my episodes of cunt and cock cleaning.
As the night went on, the black men in the room were
replaced by new ones. My wife, bless her, knew them all.
I couldn’t help but be proud of her in a strange way for
handling such giant tools.
At Three AM, the last man left the funky motel room
which reeked of heavy dirty sex and spent semen.
We’d been there over six hours and I was on my third
beer. I'm not much of a drinker, so the beer had made me
rather mellow. So much so, that two of her studs talked me
into sucking them off to completion. You see they bet me a
quarter I couldn't do it. I won. I proudly put the two
quarters in my pocket. Even I was surprised at easy it
It was quiet with just the two of us there. We both
embraced and kissed each other with breaths that reeked
of jism and cunt and dick. I told her I was proud of her
and that I loved her even more after seeing how real men could sex her. She responded by saying she to thought
this had brought us closer together and made me promise
to accompany her to other orgy gang bangs. She then had
me clean her pussy out one more time. This last orgasm,
her umpteenth of the night tired her out so she fell
asleep in my arms. I'd just gotten undressed and slipped
into the jism splattered bed to enjoy my wife the same as
15 other men had earlier, but she said she was too tired
and told me to jack off, before she cuddled up and fell
sound asleep in my arms. What else could I do. I jerked


The next morning we both looked like something the cat drug in as we left the motel for home.
After I got showered I went ahead and started breakfast
while Pat was prettying herself up. When she came in she
looked radiant.
We had a leisurely brunch as we talked about the night
before. I confessed how tasty her cum filled pussy was.
She promised me much more of that. She also tried to help
me associate names with all the dicks I'd lapped, licked
and sucked on.
About One PM the phone rang. It was the voice of a
black man. He wanted to speak to my wife. I passed the
phone to her without asking any questions of the caller. As
its a common occurrence in our house for her to get phone
calls from strange black men at all times of the night or
She had long ago made it clear that it was none of my
concern who she talked to or slept with. I on the other
hand was required to account for my every minute of my time
or what I did, whenever she desired such information. She
specifically let me know that she would not tolerate me
messing around with other women. She repeatedly chastised
me for being so unmanly that she had to get her sexual
satisfaction on the outside with black men.
When she hung up she let me know that two of her black
studs were coming over shortly.
The two men had not been at the motel.
When the two well dressed studs arrived, one of them
wanted to have a private conversation with my wife. I
presumed he just wanted to get a quickie, but
they were back so quickly, I assumed it was for another
reason. I got a tray of drinks for everybody as she had
requested me to do.
We four sat and had drinks as my wife told them all
about the motel visit of last night and popped in a video one of the guys brought over from a previous motel orgy
which I hadn't been at.
The two men got horny and took out their giant members.
"Honey, c'mon and give me a hand here. You suck Rich
and I'll take lane here. We don't have much time, we
have to make a run somewhere."
Needless to say I was totally shocked at this sudden
turn of events, but when I started to make a protest she
reminded me of the two quarters I'd won last night.
Shamed, I meekly crawled over between Rich's legs and
began to lap and suckle his huge member.
My wife and I were both in the same position. Kneeling
between the men's open legs, we both started
swallowing the men's copious loads about the same time.
"There honey, you see, two heads are better than one."
My wife said smiling as she walked away to get her purse.
The men had already gone to the car and were waiting
for my wife to join them.
She looked stunning in the skimpy mini dress she wore. As
she came out ready to depart, she revealed where she
was going.
"Honey I going to turn a few tricks to help Rich get a
few hundred for a poker game he wants to get in. I know
you didn't have it, so I didn't bother asking. I'll
probably be back tomorrow morning. Mean while, give the
house a good cleaning, and I want the kitchen floor waxed
again. If you do a good job, I might let you eat my
pussy for breakfast before you go to work."
She kissed me tenderly before she left and let me know
that in case my cock got hard, there were some good jerk
off scenes on the video that was still playing in the
With a heart full of love for her, I waived goodbye as
she left with the two black studs. I couldn't help but be
touched by her caring concern for both me and Rich. How
could I be angry at her for doing what she was going to
do because I didn't have enough money to help her black
stud. Indirectly, I was responsible for her having to
sell her self because I didn’t have the cash he needed.
Therefore, how could I love her any less? Despite all
that'd happened, I didn't love her less but more. Sure
some might say she'd humiliated me in front of her black
men friends as well as helped break me deeper into
cocksucking, and not to mention that she hasn't let me put
it in for over a month. Yet, as I went about my house work
happily humming, I knew if I didn't have her in my life I'd
be the worse off.



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