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CDE.Studies In Temptation



Copyright c 1998 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit.
This story may be freely distributed for personal use with
this notice attached.

All Characters And Events Depicted In This story Are Purely
Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To
Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons.

Story Content:(MM/F, MM, MF, Impreg)

"Yes Cecil, it reflects on me, not you, when I get
pregnant with another man's baby." His wife said bluntly.
"It shows that I've failed you as a wife."
"But Dee, you don't have to have ..."
"You know I don't believe in abortion. No honey, I
have to let this go to term so you can rub my nose in my
infidelity and mentally punish me every time you remind me
the child is not yours."
"Oh Dee, don't talk like that. You know I love you
too much to do something like that. You know I'll accept
the child as if it were my own."
"You're a good husband Cecil. A wife couldn't ask for
better. I love you so much darling." She gave her husband
a wet French kiss.
"Who is the father this time?" Her husband asked
"Paul of course. You know I only study temptation
with one man at a time until I've failed. After I'm
pregnant, then of course other men have the right to
humiliate and sexually scold me."
Indeed her husband knew she was faithful to her so
called temptation lovers, if not to him.
"Dee, I know Paul is a friend and member of the
church, but I wish you wouldn't have brought him to the
house so often. I'm tired of sleeping on the couch while
you and your temptation partners are in the master bedroom,
tempting each other."
"But honey, that makes it easier for you to gather
evidence of our failures at resisting our temptations." She
said looking at him as if his question was stupid. "If we
were somewhere else, you'd only have circumstantial
evidence. Most of the evidence would be wiped away. My wet
smeared pussy would be just that. You wouldn't be sure of
who the man was either. But this way, when he wakes you,
as he's leaving, and sends you to the bedroom. You
confront me with gobs of semen leaking from my swollen raw
pussy. You have hard evidence that he and I yielded to
"I-I guess you're right about that." He replied
"By investigating closely and interrogating my cunt
with your probing tongue, you have all the proof you need
that indeed it's sperm and not something else like spilled
lotion or facial cream."
"About that, you keep insisting I lap and suck all his
semen out of you, I don't think it's nec ."
"Darling it's necessary because it shows you're the
better man."
"I-It does?" Her husband had never been told that
before. His eyes opened wide.
"Of course. He wasn't man enough to clean up his
mess, but you were. Besides darling, it shows you're a
good Christian husband and that you forgive me for failing
in my temptation."
"I-I see." Her husband replied trying to absorb his
wife's logic.
"Also honey, you know how aroused you are after
collecting the evidence. I couldn't have you do that
without getting his stuff out of the way first. And also,
you know that you also reduce the chance of me getting
pregnant. Don't you remember the Reverend and mother
Maggie telling you that?"
Cecil remembered it all too well.
"Dee, since we're on that topic . I know what the
Church recommends, and I know we've discussed this before,
but I wish you'd use some protection or make him use a
rubber like you make me?"
"Honey, you know my feelings on that. Every since
I've failed my first temptation studies with a man other
than you, I've felt that I didn't deserve the honor of skin
to skin contact with your prick in me. I'm a branded fallen
woman. My pussy is adulterous. Your faithful prick isn't.
Hence that's why I didn't want to taint your faithful
prick. We can make love, but I won't let my adultery rub off
on you. I just couldn't have that."
"I-I don't mind dear. I-I'd really love to have raw
sex with you. I hate those rubbers. I haven't felt your
pussy with my prick since we've been married. That was ten
years ago."
"Time really flies doesn't it. No dear, I'm sorry.
You'll continue to use condoms indefinitely. We've been
through this all before, Not until I succeed in avoiding
sexual temptation, without failing you, will I be worthy of
thee to have your faithful and true prick in me, skin to
skin, unencumbered. The Reverend and mother Maggie also
agree that things be done this way."
"I wish we could work on our problems without them
getting involved."
"They have been very helpful and you know it. Why
don't you tell them you don't like them getting involved in
our business?" She looked at her husband with a wicked
smirk on her face. He knew what was behind her smile.
He knew that his wife knew he didn't have the backbone to
stand up to either of them.
"M-Maybe one day I will. B-But that's not important
at the moment. I still say you should use protection."
"If I was on the pill or whatever, the temptation to
have sex with another man, and cheat on you, would be too
great and too easy. It would be so easy to get rid of the
evidence, his cum in my cunt. With no threat of a
pregnancy, it all could be swept easily under the rug. I
could tell you nothing happened and that I resisted my
sexual temptations successfully. Now without any
protection, I can't lie to you. Neither he or I. I'm
forced to show you the spermy evidence of our failed
temptation session, because for every failure there is the
possibility of me getting impregnated. Plus, for each
failure, it makes me stronger at resisting him. It takes
me longer to give in before failing again. About the time
I'm strong enough to resist temptation with that man I've
ended up pregnant. The key is for me to resist temptation
all together, which means avoiding sex and of course
"You know I'm proud of you getting stronger in that
regard, but now that you're pregnant again, I hope you
don't feel you have to get absolution from the Reverend,
the deacon board and try to atone for your failure by
helping other men to relieve their temptation in you."
"You know I have to ask for the blessings of the
Reverend and the deacon board. Don't you think it'd be
unfair to the other men in the church if I didn't include
them too?"
"I really don't care about them. It's bad enough I
have to suck the cum of the Reverend and the deacon board,
all twelve of them, out of you when they come over here
together. But when all the other men of the Church come
over, they really leave us a lot of spunk. I really hate
coming home to see a line of men out to the sidewalk
waiting for their turn to fuck you to relieve their
"Well at least your job routinely gives you the first
week off to be with me when my pregnancy is published in
the local paper. The men really enjoy seeing you go down
on me after they relieve their temptation. And I've been
meaning to tell you about your changed attitude. I think
it's better than before. But the men don't mean anything
hurtful or demeaning when they ask you get on your knees
and suck and clean my pussy juice off their big cocks. You
could look a bit more cheerful, after all they are guest in
our home. You should be more eager rather than acting
homophobic. Didn't mother Maggie and the Reverend talk to
you about that?"
"T-They did. T-They, er, helped me see what you're
saying. It still bothers me, b-but I-I go along with
whoever request that I do it for them now."
"That's better, maybe later, you'll feel comfortable
enough to ask everybody rather than wait for them to ask
you. But I'm not complaining, I'm thankful for your
changed attitude. By the way, wasn't it that your attitude
changed after the Reverend and mother Maggie took you out
in the church garden to pray on this matter?"
"Y-Yes that was the time." He replied softly.
"Yes. That's right. I remember you having a hard
time sitting down afterwards. I remember you saying
something about while praying you knelt in some poison Ivy
and getting a rash. You were having problems sitting down
for over a week."
"I-I try to forget about it." He spoke sheepishly. He
wondered if his wife really knew what occurred. How the
big strong Reverend slapped him around, tied him to a tree,
bared his rear, and let mother Maggie exorcised the devils
out of him with over a dozen thin tree switches, until they
were well worn out. Cecil remembered the intensity of the
pain and lost count after the number of lashes went into
triple digits. He remembered fainting from the pain.
He'd put it behind him. He knew his place. He knew there
was no sense in dwelling on history. His concern now was
trying to get his wife to see his perspective on things.
"Dear, I really don't agree with the reverend that we
have to save all the cum when they all come to pull a
train, I-I mean admonish you. It just doesn't seem
necessary that we have to save all your cunt drippings when
I'm not here or am too full to swallow any more."
"There'll be no talk against the church in this house
Cecil! I should report you to mother Maggie!"
"O-Okay. I-I'm sorry. Please don't get her on my
case. It's just that I still haven't finished up three
quarts of frozen cunt drippings from your last failure."
"I'll prepare you a hot bowl of it to go with your
dinner tonight."
"Uh, o-o-okay." The chagrin look was very evident on
Cecil's long sad face.
"Mom! Dad! Look at the butterfly we just caught."
Cecil and Dee heard their parental names being called by
their flock of kids as the patter of a multitude of feet
eventually surrounded them on the patio. Their were six of
them. The range was from two years to 10 years old. None
of them shown any family resemblance to Cecil. They were
all by other men. They were products of his wife's
temptation failures.
While the kids were there, their mother announced that
a new brother or sister was on the way. They were all
joyous. The picking of the name was talked about. Their
mother settled that quickly.
"If a boy, it'll be named Paul. Paulette if a girl."
She looked smugly at her tight lipped husband.
He was not joyous.


Cecil's wife gave birth to a strapping baby boy. As
customary, he carried his real father's first name and
Cecil's last.
Eight months had past. Cecil and Dee and their family
were settling in and adapting to their seventh new bundle
of joy.
The doorbell rang. One of the kids answered. Cecil's
heart dropped when mother Maggie walked in with a newcomer
to the village. She introduced him to the family. His
name was Frank. He would be Cecil's wife's new partner to
study temptation with.
NOTE FROM AUTHOR: If you like these type fictional stories
from me, feel free to send comments or some ideas for
future story plots to C.D.E. at


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