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CDREADME2 tale aggressive pair



I'm trying to figure out how to do this writing thing. It seems to
be going fairly well but please bear with me. I don't have an editor
or even a proofreader so I have to go over these things a 100 times.

Even with all that checking a typo slips through. If you find one,
please email the offending line to me. With any critical comments
you might like to contribute, please.

You'll need a word wrap capable text editor. I don't break lines so
you'll get each paragraph as one line. I use TextPad and recommend it

I'm writing for my pleasure, dear reader, as well as, hopefully, yours.
Reader feedback has been very good. Occasionally, I've had to normalize
my ego by reading a little Oscar Wilde or Amy Tan. Your emails are
the sugar on my morning bran flakes.

You may also find some stories @ (Use the search page. Author name: california)
and also
ftp to /pub/Authors/califdreamer

Where I list my story telling objectives.
Where simple words attempt to create complex images.

Where fictional characters attempt to illuminate realities and fantasies.

Where the fascinating depth and complexity of the human condition and
experience are explored.

The high hopes of a congenial scribbler.

In other words, I take this effort seriously, but not to worry, I never
take myself seriously.

Thank you, dear reader.

Story sound bytes

But First
An email from a friend, humour.

My Little Hapa
A girl has questions. Who should she ask but her daddy.

LaDonna and Sparky
A young farm girl's sexual awakening.

Generous Momma shares reluctant boy friend with her daughter. A romantic
tale of an aggressive pair of women.

Silicon Valley Tales
an ongoing romp by two nerdy types exploring a wide variey of Carbon
based delights. Until they meet up with... Significant Women.

Tenderloin Tales
Read TT#1 first, or at least the introduction.
Various adventures of Gavin, Slut man. He's got too much testosterone
and shares it liberally in and around San Francisco, the City by the Bay.

A soft spoken middleage man connects with a strong, uninhibited,
very direct woman of the new century

Last update: October 26, 2002


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