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CHANGEUP cum burst forth and filled her



"And Boston red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez is only nine outs away from
his first career no-hitter!"

"Fine, keep jinxing him." I muttered at the TV.

I had the house to myself, a rare occurrence. The kids were at their
grandparents for the weekend. My wife, Carolyn, was out shopping. I had
my chip dip and my orange soda. And my man, Pedro, was pitching the game
of his life.

As the Sox got their at-bats in the top of the seventh, I heard my wife come in.

"Hi, honey!" she chirped cheerfully.

"Hmmmmmm." I said.

She walked over to the TV. "Baseball? Can't you find anything more

"Pedro's got a no-no through six."

She laughed. "I don't even know what that *means*."

"Pedro Martinez is pitching a no hitter after six innings."

"Great. Don't you want to see what I bought?"

"Yeah, honey. Later, OK?"

"Hmmmph." She walked into the bedroom with her packages. Why couldn't I
have fallen in love with a baseball fan, I asked myself for the millionth

Pedro breezed through the bottom of the seventh. Nomar Garciaparra put
one over the wall for insurance run. As Pedro took the mound for the
eighth inning, my wife emerged from the bedroom. She walked right in front
of the TV, and stood there, blocking the view. "Honey!" I whined--and then
saw what she was wearing.

A black bustier, all lace, which pushed her ample breasts up front and
center (not that they needed the help). Black garter belt and stockings.
Black thong panties. And that was it. I could see her erect nipples
through the bustier. I could see the outline of her shaved pussy through
the panties. And, slightly, through her legs, on the TV, I could see Pedro
in his windup.

"Honey, that is dirty pool," I said. I couldn't help but smile as I
said it.

"Fine. Here, I'll move out of the way so you can see your game." She
did so, but stood right next to the TV. I watched the game. Sure I did.
She leaned on the side of the tv with an outstretched arm, and put her
other hand on her hip, which she jutted out. She looked at me with a
smoldering fire in her eyes.

Yeah, I was watching the game. Rigggggght.

"You are not playing fair."

She giggled. "How much longer in this game?"

"Not much, it's the eighth inning."

"Pedro still got the no-hitter?" She did know the basics, after living
with me for so long.

"Yeah, there's one out."

"Fine." She sauntered over to the couch. Her hips swung back and forth,
and her breasts bounced to and fro as she took her sweet time walking
across the room. I completely missed the second out.

"I'm just going to sit here next to you, and watch the end of the game
with you."

"Yeah, right. And you won't distract me at all."

Pedro got the third out. They went to a commercial. Carolyn had
settled on the couch, her legs tucked under her, leaning on my shoulder.

"Sox winning?' she asked me.

"Oh, yeah, 8 to nothing. They're going to win in any case."

"So you don't care about their at-bats, you just want to see Pedro."

Uh-oh. "Yeah."

"Good." She lowered herself down so that her head was in my lap, and
unzipped my zipper.

"You are a cruel beast," I told her.

She laughed. "Hey, when Pedro gets back out, you can just tell me to

"Yeah. The lesser of two evils. Thanks."

"Don't mention it." She took my cock in her mouth in one gulp.

Carolyn had always given great blowjobs, and this was no exception. She
swallowed me in one gulp, then came up on my dick. She licked the
underside with long slurps, and used her tongue on the sensitive tip. I
sat back, thoroughly enjoying it, as she bobbed up and down on my cock,
moving her tongue around with great effect. When my breath started getting
ragged, she pulled off.

She turned around to glance at the TV. "Pedro back out yet?"

"Nah. The Sox are piling on some insurance runs."

"Goody." She unhooked the garter from her stockings, and pulled her
panties down. Then she pulled my pants all the way down. She climbed on
the couch and straddled me, aiming my cock at her entrance and sinking

'Ooooooohhhh," she moaned. "Oh that feels so good. I was in Victoria's
Secret buying all these sexy things and I just got soooooo hot and

"So you had to come here and get *me* all hot and bothered, right?"

"Are you?"

"Do you think I'd be letting you block my view if I weren't?" I reached
up and grabbed one of her tits as she settled in on me. "Of course, if you
*must* block my view, these beautiful babies are the thing to do it with."

"Flatterer." I pulled the bustier off and threw it on the couch. She
reached around my neck with her arms and started to slowly move up and down
on my member. I pinched her nipples with my tongue and mouth, and moved my
hands down to her hips to help steady her rhythm.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," she grunted as she moved up and down on top
of me. "Oh, did I need this."

I moaned agreement, and increased my upward thrusts to meet her downward
ones. She lingered on each one, slowly rising off of me almost all the
way, and then slowly settling back down again. "Mmmmmm," I hummed. Her
arms were tight around my neck, her chest hard against mine, her erect
nipples raking my torso as she moved.

"Still want to watch the baseball game?" she teased.

"I suppose they'll replay it, especially if he gets the no-no."

She giggled, and increased her up and down movements. "Oh God, Oh God,
ooooooooohhhhhh." I grabbed her hips tighter and helped bounce her on top
of me.

" close......nnnggggggg...," she moaned, and then she went stiff
against my chest. "AYYYYY," she howled, her pussy clamping down on my
dick, her nipples drilling holes into my chest, as she climaxed. That was
all I needed, as my cum burst forth and filled her as she spasmed on my

"Hmmmmmmmm," she purred contentedly, as she rested against me, catching
her breath. Then, she turned her head around to glance at the TV. I
looked around her to see myself. There was the whole red Sox team gathered
outside the dugout, jumping up and down and celebrating.

"Looks like Pedro got his no hitter," I observed.

"And you missed it, because your wife was too busy raping you."

"Can't rape the willing, but they *are* going to drum me out of red Sox
Nation for this, you know."

"Yeah, but I can nominate you into the Great Fucks Hall of Fame."

"I suppose that's a fair tradeoff," I smiled at her.

She giggled, and then climbed off me, my still half-erect penis coming
out of her with a 'pop.' "C'mon, stud," she said, "come into the bedroom
and I can show you the rest of these sexy undergarments I bought. And you
can show me how Pedro grips his curveball."

"Ooooooh," I said, grinning, and got up to follow her.



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