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{b/g, m/f, Mast, oral, first time}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman

Do not repost this story without my header.
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Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.
Various ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts,
either willing or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult
material, close this file. If you are offended, or even think that you
might be offended by reading material such as this then go find
something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of
legal age and material such as this is legal to have in your
A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They
might contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power to you! However,
if you find yourself seriously contemplating abusing an innocent minor,
then go seek help. Our children are our future. Donít start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.

If you haven't read part one, it would be a good
idea to start there.

Bruce and I went with our parents to visit our grandparents in
upstate New York. This was the third summer that our family flew across
country for a three-week visit. One of the places the extended New York
family would go is to the Thousand Islands. We would rent a couple of
cabins that were right next to each other. Bruce was almost 17 and
would be a senior in high school when summer vacation was over and I
was eleven and would be starting the sixth grade.
It had been about a year since I had starting having what I'd call
"almost" orgasms. Now I could come and get a little bit of white stuff
out of my cock. The almost orgasms last year only happened if I jacked
off really fast. Then at the appropriate time the feeling would
intensify to a point, but would end up with a really itchy feeling. I
was finally into my puberty at the time of this tale and proud of it.
In part one Bruce had initiated me into the ways of sex when I was six
years old.
The cabins were small and crowded so Bruce and I slept in a Pop
tent outside. We made sure that we pitched our tent around the side of
the cabin my parents and grand parents stayed in. Down the road in the
camping ground a way was a little store and food stand where all the
teenagers hung out. Bruce and I thought we were in heaven when we
discovered the place. There was a jukebox and all kinds of girls who
hung out there. The first thing Bruce did was to go over to the jukebox
and look over the songs it had listed.
Hey Charlie, it's got all the new stuff! Wow Summer in the City!
California Dreamin'! They're Coming to Take Me Away! Cool!"
Bruce had been working at Jack in the Box for a couple of years
and therefore had money. He put in the outrageous amount of 50 cents
and selected three songs. Some of the kids in the place immediately
recognized a good thing when they saw one (someone with money) and got
really friendly. Well not everyone, some of the guys were a little
pissed when the girls they were sitting with noticed us. I say us
because although I had no money, I was with the person who did. Before
long there was four girls at our table. The first two were really great
looking blondes in skimpy little bikini's (for 1966). Right away they
asked Bruce for jukebox money. When Bruce gave them the two quarters,
they put the money in the machine then selected their songs. When they
went back over to their original table and started kissing the boys
they were with Bruce was more than a little pissed.
"I could have told you that they were gonna do that" Said the last
remaining teenage girl at our table.
"I should'a known better." Bruce said with a shrug. "Oh well,
fifty cents is a cheap lesson."
The girl that spoke up looked to be about fourteen years old,
maybe a little older. Her sister looked like she was around my age of
eleven, maybe younger. They both had long brown hair and brown eyes.
The fourteen-year-old girl had on a large white tee shirt, which went
all the way down to her bare legs. I could see the outline of a
swimming suit top through her shirt. She looked like she had decent
sized boobs which was all important for Bruce and I. The younger sister
was wearing a blue one piece suit. She had small but noticeable tits,
which was a bit of a let down for me. Both girls sat next to my brother
who was across the table from where I sat.
"My name's Shelly and this is my sister Janet. We've been here for
a week, what about you guys?"
"I'm Bruce and that's my little brother Charlie. We got here
yesterday. We're from Arizona, what about you Shelly?"
"Wow! Arizona huh? That's a long way off just to come here. We're
only from Palmyra."
I spoke up. "That's where my grand parents live. We're visiting
them for our vacation."
Shelly said, "Cool, we're gonna be here till this Friday. I been
bored out of my skull!"
I asked her, "Why are you bored?"
"Well, nothing I guess."
Shelly elbowed her sister. When janet turned to look at her
sister, Shelly's eyes swung over to me giving her the signal to go and
sit next to me. Janet's gave her sister the eye, but she look she got
in return put her in motion. When janet got up to walk around the end
of the line of picnic type tables that were pushed tightly together, I
got a good look at her body. Her single piece swimming suit fit her
slim body like a glove. Her pointy little nipples poked out from atop
her small tits and the thin blue material did nothing to flatten or
hide them. As she rounded the end of the row of tables headed towards
me I smiled at her then scooted over to make room. My eyes quickly
scanned Janet's body and immediately stopped at her crotch.
I hadn't ever noticed the pussy bulge that girls had between their
legs before I saw the bulge in front of Janet's crotch. I knew that
older girls had hair down there and that because their pussies were
more developed, they stuck out in front more. By then I had seen two
other pussies beside my first look at Nadine's. One was when my friend
Kenny Madison's mom had changed his baby sister's diaper. That was a
real turn on for me. Unfortunately Kenny's mom noticed my interest
after the third diaper change. After that she changed her daughter's
diaper in another room. I was way too obvious about looking and logged
that mistake away in my memory banks for future use. The other pussy I
had seen was at school when Josh Magruder snuck up behind Shelly
Albertson and jerked her shorts down. Whether he meant to grab Shelly's
panties at the same time, or not, I'll never know. For his troubles
Kenny got kicked out of school for a week. I happened to be looking
right at Shelly when it happened and saw the whole thing, including the
look of horror and utter embarrassment on poor Shelly's face. The poor
girl never deserved what Kenny had done to her.
Back to Janet. All the other girl's pussies I had seen directly
and indirectly like the outline behind a swimming suit had the lips
that were between their legs as was normal and expected. Janet's pussy
bulge started with a mound in front. Until then, I had simply seen tits
as tits and pussy as pussy. For the first time in my young life the
magnificent beauty of the female form was impressed upon me.
Remembering the lessons I learned the hard way earlier, it was all I
could do to tear my eyes away from Janet's enticing frontal swell. I
looked at Janet's eyes. She had been looking at her sister so I thought
I had gotten away with my mistake. I could tell by Shelly expression
that she had caught me staring at her little sister's pussy. I expected
her to at least frown at me, but she just shrugged it off. janet gave
me a shy smile when she sat down beside me.
Shelly asked Bruce, "Have you been to the beach yet Bruce?"
"No. Where's it at?"
"We'll show you if you want, you got a swimsuit to wear?"
"Yeah, back at the cabin. Hey Charlie you want to go swimming?"
Bruce said, "You gonna be here when we get back Shelly?"
"How about if we go with you guys. Nothing's happening here
anyway. We can show you where our camp is on the way."
"Okay. Hey you guys want a pop or something? I got enough money
for all of us."
Shelly smiled gratefully. "Wow, thanks Bruce. I'll have a Pepsi.
Janet what do you want?"
"Umm, Root Beer!"
We all got up when Bruce stood then we went up to the counter and
waited while Bruce bought our pops. Bruce and Shelly walked side by
side, leaving janet and I together. She looked at me and smiled, but
kept silent. It was up to me to break the ice.
"So what grade are you in Janet?"
"Is that this year or next year?"
janet looked at me, sizing me up. She decided that since she was
stuck with me, she might as well talk. "Next year I'll be in fifth
grade. What about you Charlie?"
"The Sixth. I'm so tired of my stupid school. I can't wait till I
get onto Jr. High School."
"Really? Why's that?"
"Cause I been going to the same school for five whole years. Heck
I bet I would walk all the way to that stupid school with my eyes
janet giggled. "I'd probably get hit by a car if I tried that."
"Plus the Jr. High School I'll be going to has a swimming pool.
That's gotta be cool!"
"Really, a pool? The High school in Palmyra has a pool, but not
the Jr. High. Isn't it all desert with cactuses and stuff in Arizona?"
"No, there's lotsa mountains too. They even have forests with huge
pine trees up in the mountains."
"But the desert don't have any water. How come they have swimming
pools then?"
"We got lotsa water. I guess there's so many pools cause it gets
so hot in the summer. The water comes from the mountains and the dams
keep it till the cities use it."
"Oh, okay. I guess that makes sense."
I was feeling pretty good because janet had opened up and started
talking. My little four and a half incher was already at full mast.
When we reached our tent Bruce and I went inside to change. The girls
were waiting by the road or so we thought.
Bruce said, "Hey looks like things might be looking up huh little
"Yeah, I can't wait to see what happens when we go swimming!"
My erection came popping out as soon as I shucked my pants. Bruce
hadn't been paying much attention to me and it really didn't matter
whether I had a boner anyway. I kicked off my sneakers and went
rummaging around in my suitcase for my swimming suit.
"Shelly's kinda young, but at this point I'm so horny I don't give
a shit" Bruce told me. "I hope she likes to make out!"
As soon as Bruce shucked his pants we both heard a giggle coming
from the outside of our tent. Bruce's eyes shot to the window flap but
he couldn't see anyone. He put a finger to his lips then creeped over
to the window and looked out. He and Shelly looked at each other in
surprise. She gasped then ran away. Bruce turned to me and smiled.
"Looks like my girl got a pretty good show."
"What about Janet? Did she see us?"
"Naw. She's too short to see anything, but she was right there
too. That's a good sign kid! They're interested!"
I was silently cursing myself for insisting that mom buy me the
Jammer type of swimming suit I was pulling up my legs. My dad wasn't
thrilled at all with them, especially since there was no built in
underwear like he wanted us to have. They were the latest fashion and
since Bruce had a pair, I had to have the same type. What I didn't
realize was that my boner made one hell of a tent in the front. Bruce
had the same problem too, but he came up with a solution. We put on our
tee shirts and that cured the tenting bulges we both displayed.
As my brother and I exited the tent we saw the two sisters
excitedly whispering to each other. Bruce never mentioned a thing to
the girls about spying on us and being the little brother, I followed
his lead. We made a turn on a side path to Shelly and Janet's camping
place. Their parents were kicked back in lounge chairs when we came up
to their camp. There was a pile of empty beer cans by the fire and both
of them looked like they had a pretty good buzz on.
Shelly said, "Hey Mom! We're gonna go swimming okay?"
Her mom looked at the four of us. "Hi boys. I see my Daughter's
lost her manners. My name is Dora and this here's Bob. What's your
Bruce spoke up, "I'm Bruce and this is my little brother Charlie."
Bob sat up and squinted at us. "Looks like you boys think you
might have found yourselves a coupla girls to go play some slap and
tickle with huh? Well you better not get any big ideas or I'll nail
your balls to a tree!"
"Oh shut up Bobby!" Dora gave us a bleary apologetic smile. "Never
you mind him. Go on and have some fun."
janet had discretely moved behind her sister when Bob mouthed off,
but Shelly proudly stood her ground.
"We'll be home around dark okay Mom?"
"Okay sugar. Have a good time."
Shelly grabbed Janet's hand and stalked off. When we were well
away from their camp she let go and cursed. "That old bastard, I'll
show him a thing or two!"
Shelly grabbed my brother's hand and stomped off, leaving janet
and I together. janet looked at me. "He's not our real Daddy Charlie."
janet looked at her sister and my brother walking hand in hand
ahead of us then she looked at me and took my hand and started walking.
Right after watching my brother put his arm around Shelly, I wasn't to
be outdone so I did the same with Janet. When we reached the beach, I
was glad that my erection had subsided. I shucked off my tee shirt and
headed towards the water with the others. After the way Shelly's step
father shot off his mouth, she seemed determined to do exactly what he
had warned us against.
Shelly put her arms around Bruce and gave him a big long body to
body kiss. She turned to her little sister. "Hey Janet, why don't you
and Charlie go and find another place to swim okay?"
"Okay, c'mon Charlie."
janet grabbed my hand and dragged me to the other end of the
beach. She turned to me, "Looks like Steph's and your brother are gonna
be busy for a while."
She looked at me, then quickly looked away, too shy to initiate
the game her sister was playing. We were standing in waist deep water
and looking at each other, wondering who would make the next move. It
was up to me to fight down my insecurities and take control. It would
be a first for me and the thought frightened me more than a little. I
grabbed Janet's hand and led her into the deeper water, then kissed
All the other girls I had kissed before were just quick pecks.
Apparently it was the same for janet too because neither one of us were
very good at it starting out. We persisted though and finally started
getting comfortable with the act. Naturally, my dick had become hard as
stone and before too much time had passed janet felt its presence. We
were both pretty innocent, being so young. I tried to keep my pelvis
away from her out of sheer embarrassment that she would notice it and
laugh at me.
janet didn't laugh though. I think it was her arm that made the
first contact with the tent in my Jammers. She gave me a funny look
then quite innocently felt for what the back of her arm rubbed against.
As soon as she realized what she had done she jerked her hand away.
"I'm sorry Charlie, that was an accident."
"That's okay Janet, it felt good when you did it, even if it was
by mistake."
"Did it get like that because we were kissing?"
"Yeah, but lately it gets like that at the worst times. Right
now's okay cause we're kissing, but all I gotta do is think about a
girl and it gets hard."
"Yeah, like when I first saw you in your swimsuit today."
"You probably got it looking at Shelly, not me."
"No! Remember when you walked around the tables to sit next to me?
I saw how great you looked and boing!"
janet gave me a slightly blushing smile. I got braver and pulled
her against me then kissed her lips again. To my surprise she wrapped
her arms around my lower back and responded in kind. We held each other
for a while then broke our kiss.
"It sorta feels like a stick or maybe a pickle, how does it feel
when it gets like that? Does it hurt?"
"Well it feels really good right now when it's against you. How
does it feel to you Janet?"
"Nice I guess cause you got it from kissing me, but it's on my
"I bet if you wrap your legs around my waist it'll feel good."
janet giggled, "Okay, but I never done stuff like this before
janet did what I suggested, but her pussy was not touching my
cock. I thought about what to do next and decided to let her get used
to the idea first.
"Do you have a boyfriend at home Janet?"
"No. I kinda liked Jimmy Parsons, but since summer vacation we
haven't seen each other cause he lives across town, what about you
I moved my interlocked hands lower then gently pulled Janet's
pussy against my dick while I answered her.
"Naw. I had a girlfriend for a week or so, but my Dad made me ask
for my jacket back. We were going steady until then. She got mad at me
after took my jacket back."
janet looked a little embarrassed when she felt the hard lump from
my dick against her pussy. We both pretended to act like nothing out of
the ordinary was happening.
With a slightly wavering voice, janet asked me. "Did you and your
girlfriend do anything?"
"I went over to her house once and we messed around in her
bedroom, but she had to leave her door open. We kissed a little."
I started gently moving my hips back and forth. In my mind I was
hoping she wouldn't notice, but I knew there was no way for her not to
feel my cock pushing and prodding against her pussy. Janet's eyed
closed momentarily then she clamped her legs tighter around my waist.
Encouraged, I moved more deliberately.
"What about you Janet? What have you done with your boyfriend?"
"Oh we,....Um.....Kissed. Held hands....."
"Is this the farthest you've gone then?"
"Do you like it?"
janet nodded her head. The feelings from my cock rubbing against
her pussy were demanding her attention. The concentration she needed
for conversation was greatly diminished. I could feel the beginnings of
my own orgasm starting to rear its head. I was surprised that it took
so little stimulation to take me to the edge as compared to when I was
"Janet.... Uh. Something's gonna happen pretty quick If I keep
I had stopped my movement and that got Janet's attention. She
looked at me questionably, then realized what I was talking about. The
urgency of her own need for release had over-ruled any embarrassment or
shyness she was feeling.
"I don't mind Charlie, don't stop!"
"Have you ever, you know when you were alone."
janet started moving against my cock even though I was trying to
stop or at least limit her movement. She nodded her head yes without
looking into my eyes. My cock was beginning to feel a little raw from
the rubbing, but I knew that was only as minor distraction. I would
definitely come, and very hard at this point, even if my Jammers were
lined with sandpaper. What I really wanted was to have her hand wrapped
around my cock when the inevitable happened. I figured the best way to
ensure my goal was to make the boldest move of my young life. "It's now
or never." I told myself.
I slipped my hand under the material of her swimsuit at the leg
hole in back then moved down and under. janet took in a sharp breath
when my fingers came in contact with the lower part of her pussy. She
clamped herself tighter against me in defense of her previously
untouched (by anyone but herself) pussy.
That "No" from janet I immediately categorized then classified it
under the "Oh my god! That feels like nothing I've ever felt before and
I'm a little scared." response. If her "No!" would have been a "NO!" or
followed by "I said NO!" when I continued my explorations, I would have
to honor her request.
The only way to truly know for sure, was to continue with my quest
for her magic button. The thin stretchy material that covered Janet's
crotch slipped to the side, completely exposing her pussy to the water
and my hand. At the right moment I pulled my hips back so her pussy was
no longer against my cock.
My finger followed the inner grove of her pussy upwards until it
hit pay dirt. Janet's ten-year-old clit was a whole lot larger than
Nadine's little six-year-old nubbin. When I found her magic place she
moaned in my ear and clutched me tightly.
"I want you to have the first one Janet. Don't worry about me
trying to put it in you cause I won't okay?"
"Someone's gonna see us!"
I'm gonna take us out a little deeper okay? I just looked around
and nobody's paying any attention to us, honest."
PING! There it was. The green light. Even though janet had started
me off by taking my hand while we were on the road, I had taken over
when her inexperience and shyness made her hesitate. I was still the
same eleven-year-old boy as before, but my confidence in myself had
just gone up a notch. It was a BIG notch for me at that time in my
I took us into the deeper part of the partitioned off swimming
beach, stopping when my shoulders were level with the water. My finger
had been against Janet's clit, but stationary until we reached our
stopping point. Janet's breathing grew heavier when I began gently
pushing her clit around with my finger. Nadine's little clit had been
only a little hard bump that tended to stay in place, but Janet's clit
was perched atop a little hill of pliable flesh. My hand started to
cramp slightly from the strange around the bottom and up position I was
"Janet, this right here is the best spot right?"
"Uh huh!" janet breathed her answer in my ear when I waggled her
button back and forth.
"Can you loosen up your legs a little? My hand is kinda cramped
and I need to change to the front okay?"
janet eased up the grip her legs around my waist. As I changed
position I quickly unbuttoned my Jammers and set my cock free. The
crotch of her swimsuit had tried to spring back into position when I
removed my hand from around and under her backside. It was now
partially covering her pussy when I slipped my hand between us and felt
her from the front. I left it in place and teased my way up and down
the single labia it had left uncovered. janet sighed and squirmed for
me in response. I reached around with my free hand and hooked my finger
into the leg hole in back and pulled the crotch material to the side.
My other hand that was between us moved the front of her single piece
to the same side. When I released the front of her suit, my hand in
back of her held the crotch of her suit safely off to the side and out
of the way. Her pussy was completely exposed and eagerly awaiting my
exploration. I traced my fingers along the entire length her pussy from
where it started at her taint to where it blended into that delicious
mound that caught my attention when I first met her.
"I want to explore here first okay? I'll be gentle I promise. Then
I'll make you feel so good!"
I traced my fingers along every crevice and fold her delightful
pussy had to offer. Then I gently slipped my finger inside the warmth
of her pussy until it hit the barrier if her virginity.
"Don't go in any more Charlie. It'll hurt okay?"
"I know, It's your cherry isn't it."
janet nodded her agreement. "You're driving me crazy Charlie!
Don't tease it anymore, please?"
I reached up and gently pulled on one of Janet's hands until she
released it from behind my neck. She knew where I was leading it to and
didn't fight me.
"Just wrap your hand around it and hold it. I'll show you what to
do later okay?"
The feeling of Janet's hand wrapped around my cock was fantastic.
I had to hold her hand in place until I calmed down enough to continue.
Almost any movement at that point would have been enough set me off.
When I found Janet's erect clit again I noticed that there was a
kind of tube that went from the head of her clit to the base between
her cleft. It reminded me of a tiny little cock. An idea hit me. If
indeed it was like a miniature cock maybe I could jack it off! I held
the round, pencil thin flesh between my thumb and forefinger then
started going up and down, letting the loose skin surrounding it act
like the foreskin that slides up and down my own cock. I could tell
that my idea was working. Janet's hand clamped around my cock and the
muscles of her legs tensed.
"This is kinda like how I do with myself Janet, only my whole hand
is wrapped my dick instead of just two fingers."
"Uh huh!"
"You're getting ready now, aren't you!"
"Uh Huh!"
"Is it the best you've ever felt?"
When janet was well on her way to orgasmic bliss, I found myself
thrusting my cock in and out of her tightly clamped hand. When she
reached her peak, I was right there with her. janet quietly let out the
sound of her release through her clenched teeth. The grunting I made in
her ear let her know I was in the same state as she. Eventually our
quaking bodies grew still. I pulled the crotch of her swimsuit back
into place then wrapped my hands around her back. We kissed as lovers,
familiar and comfortable with each other's unmasked personalities.
I looked down and gave out a short laugh. "See that white stuff
floating between us? I'll give you three guesses what it is!"
janet giggled then removed her hand from my still stiff dick to
swish it around with her fingers. "Wow Charlie!"
With both hands janet reached between us and explored the source
of my semen. I thought she would revert back to the original shy little
girl I had met only hours before, but I was wrong.
"Wow Charlie, I thought it was supposed to shrink afterwards."
"Not when you got you hand around it."
"Want me to stop?"
"Heck no!"
"Okay....So I just move my hand up and down like this?"
"Yeah.....that's the way!"
The old familiar feeling of pleasure spread throughout my body
once again. janet looked very pleased with the effect her pumping hand
was having upon me. Her other hand went under and cupped my balls.
I released her waist when she unhooked her legs from around my
waist. janet grinned then took in a breath and went underwater. I could
feel my cock being moved around as she inspected it close up in the
murky water. She came up giggling, still holding on to me.
"Now it's my turn!"
I took in three deep breaths then held the last one. I had to jerk
my cock out of her hand to go under. I found that I could see her pussy
fairly clearly from about six inches away when I pulled her suit off to
the side. janet had to tread water until I supported her from
underneath. I pulled her legs open then planted my tongue on her clit.
From where I was underwater I could her the squeal she let out. I
licked and sucked her pussy until my lungs burned then I reluctantly
surfaced in front of her.
Janet's face was a delightful shade of red. Her astonished grin
was something to behold. To my surprise she took in a breath and went
under, taking the head of my erect cock into the inviting warmth of her
janet surfaced in front of me grinning widely, proud of her
boldness. "That's what you get for being such a nasty boy!"
She grasped my cock in her hand once again. "Do you think if I
keep doing this, you'll be able to do it again?"
"Heck, I know I will."
"Good, cause I wasn't paying a lot of attention when you did it
before. Is it okay if I try it?"
"Shoot don't let me stop you."
"Will more stuff come out?"
"I don't think so, but maybe."
"I saw a neighbor boy doing this to his thing once."
"Tell me about while you're doing it to me okay?"
janet grinned, slightly embarrassed at the thought. "Well, it was
Billy Thornton. He's seventeen and a real hunk! Him and Shelly were
fooling around in the old playhouse his dad built for him when he and
his older sister were little. I saw him and my sister go in there so I
knew something was gonna happen. There was a knot hole in the back that
I looked through."
janet was just moving her hand up and down slowly on my cock. The
effect of her telling me a secret while slowly jacking me off at the
same time was having quite an effect on me. It wasn't an orgasmic
feeling. More like a general sensual feeling that seemed to flow
through my body. I felt like I could go on and on while she slowly
jacked me off and told me the story.
Billy and Shelly started out kissing then Billy started feeling
Shelly's boobs through her shirt. He tried to feel between her legs but
Shelly stopped him. Billy said, "Come on Shelly, don't be a teaser!"
Shelly still told him no. That's when Billy took her hand and put it
between his legs. He said, "See what you did to me?"
Shelly jerked her hand away and said, "You're always like that
Billy. I'm not letting you go any farther cause I know what you really
want to do."
Then Billy undid his pants and took his dick out. He started going
up and down with his hand, just like this."
janet picked up the pace with her hand on my cock for maximum
effect and stopped telling her story. She slowed back down when she
continued with the tale.
"Shelly tried to leave, but the way Billy was laying blocked the
door. He said, "I promise I won't try anything Shelly, Just watch me
Shelly told Billy he was disgusting, but she stood there and
watched him till he squirted. When Billy sat up, Shelly jerked open the
door and ran out. Billy smiled then started doing it again. That's when
I decided I better leave."
"Wow! Did you ever tell your sister what you saw?"
"No. Promise you won't say anything to her?"
"I promise!"
janet switched hands and started going faster. "Does it feel good
"Yeah! I think I'm getting close. Don't stop!"
"Oh Shoot! Shelly and Bruce are coming this way!"
I quickly looked around. They were still a little ways away from
us. "There's enough time, go faster okay?"
janet bit her lower lip and started jacking on my cock for all she
was worth. I heard the sound of Shelly's voice.
"There you guys are!"
I moaned then fired off while my brother and Shelly were still far
enough away to not hear me. I grabbed Janet's still jerking hands and
slowed them down. To my surprise janet still stroked my cock as Bruce
and her sister stopped right beside us.
Shelly said, "We were looking all over for you guys. Where the
hell were you all this time?"
"We were right here Shelly, talking."
Shelly put her hand on my brother's chest. "Bruce promised to buy
all of us some burgers at the store, you guys hungry?"
janet stopped her slow stroking on my cock, but she still held on
when she answered.
"Yeah! Thanks Bruce!"
Shelly Turned and kissed my brother long and hard. "That's so nice
of you Brucey!"
I almost laughed when I heard the new nickname for my older
brother. The look he gave me promised a thorough beating if I ever used
that name in his presence. I knew from experience that would definitely
be the case too. janet released her leg hold around me then started
swimming towards the shallower water. I used that time to lag behind
and work my Jammers from down around my ankles back into position and
button them up.
It was getting late when we finished our burgers. The respective
couples walked hand in hand until we got close enough to janet and
Shelly's camp.
We could hear the girl's parents drunken argument before we were
in sight of the camp. Shelly wisely told us to go the long way around
so Bob wouldn't go off on us. She said he got really mean at times when
he got to drinking. We made plans to meet the next day at the store,
then left in the opposite direction.
Later that same night while we were in our tent my big brother
bragged about how he got to feel Shelly's tits under her Bikini top and
how he felt her pussy on the outside of her suit. Amazingly he never
asked me what I had done. I would have lied to him anyway in order to
save my skin. Sometimes jealousy between siblings can be hazardous to
the smaller of the two. I listened to the sounds of my brother
masturbating in the darkened tent. We hadn't fooled around with each
other for a while and now I was glad of it. I relieved myself to the
sound of my brother's steady breathing then drifted off to sleep soon
after that.
The next day Bruce and I went back to the little store with great
expectations. Shelly and janet were nowhere to be found. The girl who'd
conned Bruce out of jukebox money approached us and was turned down
flat. When Bruce and I walked over to Shelly and Janet's camp, it was
empty. The neighboring family told us that the park authorities made
them pack up and leave. Apparently we had just missed them.
Bruce and I sulked around camp till the next day. When we got to
the store, he told me to get lost. He didn't want his little brother to
ruin his chances for a big score.
That's when I went to the beach all by myself. I met Carmen and
her baby sister that day. If ever there was a time that I could put a
finger on. A time to say my lust for young girls started it was that
But that's in part three.

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