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CHARLIE'S PERVERSION Part Three. f/b, f/b/g

{f/b, f/b/g, femdom/coerc, oral, mast, sex}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman

Do not repost this story without my header. Do not remove my name from
this story.


Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. Various
ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts, either willing
or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult material, close
this file. If you are offended, or even think that you might be offended
by reading material such as this then go find something else to read. By
continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of legal age
and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.

A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They might
contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the brainchild of
my fertile imagination. If you like to read stories like mine then more
power to you! However, if you find yourself seriously contemplating
abusing an innocent minor, then go seek help. Our children are our future.
Don't start (or continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with
the tale.

If you haven't read part one or two, it would be a good idea to start

I trudged on over to the beach by myself thinking about janet and the
wonderful feeling from her hand as she jacked me off in the water. The
morning was still young and the beach was practically deserted when I got
there. As I sat down in the sand to take my sneakers off I heard the
excited squeal of a child to my right.

Then I heard, "Maria you little turd! Where do you think you're going?"

As I turned to where the noise was coming from, a little naked girl came
scampering right towards me. She had light brown skin and looked to be
about two years old. The girl that the naked toddler escaped from was
struggling to rise from her sitting position on the sand. Reflexively, I
reached out and grabbed the little girl as she tried to streak by me. She
let out a giggling squeal, then squirmed in my single-handed grasp. The
little girl was a lot faster than I figured on and she almost got away from

The older girl called to me. "Hey! Don't let her get away!"

I fell forward and caught the little girl with my other hand then pulled
her towards me. Was it intentional that my hand found itself nestled
between the little girl's legs when I finally brought her wiggling little
body under control? I guess if that were the case I certainly wouldn't
have let anyone see me do it that's for certain.

When I heard the older girl's voice to my right say, "Thanks kid, you're
a life saver!" I knew there would be no plausible explanation for my hand
cupping a two-year-olds pussy, no matter how hard I tried to explain away
the situation. It was my fate that I got caught with my hand in the little
girl's cookie jar.

I said to myself, "Oh shit!" then looked up, directly into the knowing
eyes of the older girl who was standing over me. Her skin was light brown
like the toddler now sitting peacefully in my lap. Her hair was jet-black
and her eyes gave off a fire that radiated intelligence. She looked to be
around seventeen years of age. The Bikini she wore was light brown and
almost the same shade as her skin. In my mind's eye I imagined that she
would look tantalizingly naked from across the beach in her Hispanic flesh
toned Bikini.

I jerked my hand out of the little giggling girl's crotch quite
obviously. "I didn't mean to do that.... Uh, I mean my hand just

"Oh that's okay, Sometimes that's the best way to keep a hold of her."
She bent forward and slapped her legs playfully. "Come here you little
wiggle worm!"

As she bent over to pick up the toddler my eyes locked onto the alluring
sight offered me by twin swells of her medium sized breasts. I was unaware
that my pecker had come to life while the toddler was sitting in my lap.
As the older girl lifted her charge away from my lap, her gaze fell upon
the very rude statement my sexually exited state made. Not only had I been
caught with my hand cupped over a little girl's bare pussy, it also
appeared that I had been enjoying the naked toddlers company a little too
much. The bane of my existence since beginning puberty had been the
erections that would afflict my body while I was sitting. Just like what
happened to me countless numbers of times while at school, my boner and
gotten caught in the fold in my Jammers and was making its presence known
to the world. It was too late to attempt to cover my tenting swimsuit so I
simply bit the bullet and did nothing. Fortunately the girl let me off
easily. She introduced herself and the girl in her arms.

"My name is Carmen. This little wiggle worm that got away from me is my
little sister Maria. What's your name?"

My eyes had already traveled from the swell of Carmen's bikini covered
breasts to where her hand was hand was wedged between her little sister's
legs. It was a supreme effort just to speak.

"Uh....Charlie! My name is Charlie!"

Little Maria let out a squeal and leaned forward in her sister's arms.
She stretched her arms out to me and said, "Charry!"

I looked at Carmen ready to express my surprise that her little sister spoke my name after only hearing it twice. To my horror Carmen's gaze was
once again centered on the painfully obvious erection that protruded from
the crotch of my Jammers. I'm sure I must have turned beet red. My
arousal being the obvious reason for Carmen's slightly amused grin. I
tried to act cool but my hands wouldn't listen to reason. They shot down
to cover the embarrassing tent in my crotch, but only succeeded in drawing more attention to my predicament.

Little Maria squirmed against her sister's hold and called my name once
again. "Charry! Charry Carmen!"

Carmen's retort summed up the situation perfectly. "Well Charlie, I
think little Maria has taken a shine to you! By the look of things I'd say
that you seem to be quite fond of her company too!"

I felt like running away. Maybe digging a deep hole to hide myself in.
My brain furiously tried to come up with the words that might somehow be
used to explain my way out of the mess I found myself in.

Carmen's expression took on an ominous change, "How old are you Charlie,

"Uh....No. It's not what you're thinking honest!"

"Oh? The evidence is a little hard to deny isn't it? What age did you
say you are?"

"Eleven, almost twelve."

I hung my head hung down. There was no denying the facts, as Carmen
very well knew. I could almost see the authorities dragging me off to some
home for wayward boys.

"There's no need to be ashamed Charlie. I know how things are for boys when they reach your age. Do you think you might be able to keep your
hands away from my little sister's privates while I go and get her


When I looked up Carmen was holding her giggling expectant sister out to
me. I took Maria from Carmen's arms then sat her in my lap. Because I was
sitting cross-legged, Maria's little butt had settled against my
persevering erection once again. The two of us watched as Carmen gathered
up their large towel and bag then come back over to where we were sitting.
I tried to hand Maria back to her sister after she spread her towel out and
sat down but Maria would have none of it.

Carmen said, "Well Charlie, It looks like you get to be the lucky sucker
that gets to learn how fun it is to wrestle a swimsuit on a two year old wildcat. The little scamp might not give you a lick of trouble though.
Once little Maria takes a shine to a boy there's no telling what she'll do.
I don't think you'll mind that will you."

"Uh, Okay if you say so Carmen."

Carmen dug around in her bag until she came up with a tiny swimsuit and
a wet washcloth in a plastic bag.

"First you need to clean her up cause she just wet her training panties.
That's why she's bare bottomed." Carmen smiled and put her finger on the
tip of Maria's little nose. "You like playing Nature girl don't you

Maria giggled and squirmed against my crotch. "Girl!"

"See what I mean? Now just lay her out on her back and clean her up
with this."

Carmen took the washcloth out of the bag then handed it to me. I looked
questionably into her expectant eyes.

"Charlie, do you know what happens to bad little boys that don't do like
they're told? They don't get their treats! Or maybe it's a spanking that
you're needing!"


"You heard me! I got two younger brothers Charlie! Since our mother died giving birth to little Maria, I'm the one that has to keep them in
line. Now are you gonna do as I say or will I have to jerk your arm off
then beat you with the bloody stump!"

The tone of Carmen's voice demanded my immediate compliance. As soon as
I laid Maria on her back and began to fumble with the washcloth her tone
became soft and pleasant once again.

"That's a good boy! As soon as you clean your little sister up the
three of us can go swimming."

I didn't know what to do about the strange way Carmen had begun to act.
She had an almost disturbing gleam in her eyes when she pretended like I
was somehow part of her family. After being caught with my hand on her
baby sister's bald little pussy and a tent in my Jammers I knew I was at
her mercy. Now she was adding more kindling to the flames of my sexual
frustration by making me clean and dress the very person that began my
troubles. I didn't dare touch Maria's pussy. My fear of the possible
repercussions from Carmen immediately overruled all of my perverted
thoughts almost as soon as my overactive imagination came up with them. I
took the safest path and wipe began to clean off the lower half of her
legs. Carmen turned Maria's body so her little pussy was pointed directly
face me. As she kicked her legs my eyes had no choice but to watch the way
her puffy little pinkish pussy lips moved against each other. I dared to
glance quickly at Carmen to try and gauge her intentions or reactions.
Making me jump through the hoops she laid out for me was definitely turning
her on. She noticed my glance and shook her head in mock disapproval.

"That won't do Charlie. Do you want your baby sister to get a rash? Go
ahead! I'm right here to make sure you don't do anything to make her cry."

I swallowed hard then started gently wiping off Maria's pussy. She
giggled and kicked her legs as I gingerly moved the washcloth over her
pussy. I grabbed one of her legs to lift her butt off the towel then wiped
her butt off. Maria was a little angel for me giving me only giggles and
smiles until I had her all cleaned up.

Carmen said, "Yeah, she sure likes you Charlie. She'll hardly hold
still for me when I have to clean her pissy little pussy. Now be sure to
get in between her lips. Use your fingers like this."

Carmen spread her little sister's pussy open with her hand to
demonstrate what she wanted. She leaned forward and took my free hand and
placed it on Maria's pussy.

Her voice became stern. "Don't you even think about doing anything but
cleaning Charlie. I'm watching what you're your every move!"

With trembling hands I spread Maria's pussy lips apart then wiped in
between her folds. At Carmen's orders I grabbed Maria by the ankles,
lifted her butt off the towel and cleaned in between her butt cheeks.

Carmen smiled triumphantly, "There! That wasn't so bad was it Charlie?
Now we can take Nature girl out for a nice swim. We both know how much
your little sister hates wearing that nasty old swimsuit don't we?"

"Girl!" Maria said out loud, then giggled.

She rolled over and stood up then held her arms out to me. Carmen stood
then held out her hand and pulled me to my feet. I picked up little Maria
and put her on my hip. Carmen grabbed my hand and led me into the water.

Carmen smiled seductively and stepped in close. "You were a very good
boy Charlie. I bet your little dinky is so hard it could drive nails isn't

I didn't need to answer the obvious. Carmen put her hand on my chest
then let it slide seductively down to the bottom of my ribcage.

"It's been so long since I've had my hands on a young boy's cock
Charlie. When I saw how excited you got over little Maria, I knew you were
like me. I don't know what came over me back there on the beach, but
nobody's hurt are they? You can still tell me no and I'll understand

She looked into my eyes for a moment then held my gaze as her hands went
to the front of my Jammers and began to unbutton them. I felt a gentle tug
then my swimsuit slipped down over my hips.

"Are you ready Charlie? Just give me a nod, that's all I need you to

Carmen hadn't so much as brushed up against my dick once. My balls
ached from desire so there was nothing I could do but nod. A slow smile
spread across Carmen's face. Her eyes held mine captive. I felt a current
of water on my steel hard crank, then another but still no actual human
touch. Little Maria laughed and splashed in the water at my side, kicking
her legs across my bare butt and stomach.

I jumped when felt I felt a single finger lightly brush the head of my
little cock. Then Carmen's fingers touched the inside of my legs. She
lightly trailed her fingers upwards but stopped just short of my balls.

"You're gonna come so quickly when I touch you, I just know it. That's
what little boy's like you do best. It's up to me to see how long I can
get you to hold out before that happens. Now you have to hold still for
me, okay? Keep looking me in the eyes. If you can hold out for two
minutes, I'll let you do whatever you want with me."

Carmen gently wrapped her hand around my cock. "I bet the first thing
you'd like to do is to ram this dinky little weenie of yours up my snatch.
Am I right Charlie?"

I croaked out a dry throated "Yes!"

"That's what little boys think about when they're in bed at night.
Pussy! girl pussy, mommy pussy, sister pussy, it's all the same for boys like you, you can't think of anything else."

Carmen paused as she gauged my state of arousal. She smiled
approvingly, "Hey little boy, I think you just might make it. Now its time
to up the ante a little."

Carmen squeezed then pulled on my cock. I felt an incredible feeling
well up from my loins and shuddered in response.

"Oooo! That was a close one wasn't it little boy. Maybe you just might
not be able to hold out after all. You still have another minute to go. A
minute can seem like an eternity when someone like me is milking your hard
little pecker."

Carmen squeezed my cock and pulled on it again. "Moooo! Do you feel
like a cow right about now little boy? Are you gonna give me some of your
milk? Thirty more seconds Charlie. That can seem like an eternity when
you're trying not to come, right?"

I felt Carmen milk my aching cock again, then again shortly afterwards.
It felt like nothing I'd ever experienced before. Each tug Carmen made on
my cock brought out a wave of pleasure that seemed to build, upon one
another. When she spaced out the time between her milking pulls, I had
been able to recover. Now there was no way to hold myself back. Carmen
had started my orgasm on its way and there was nothing I could do to stop


Carmen pressed her index finger into the soft underside at the base of
my cock. My little cock gave a few quick spasms as it tried to deliver its
load of sperm to the surrounding water, but Carmen's finger had cut the
supply route off. I came, there was no doubt about that, but it was quick
and unfulfilling to say the least.

Carmen raised an eyebrow to me. "Should I count that little thing you
just did as an orgasm sweetie? It certainly didn't look like one to me.
What do you think?"

I nodded yes first, then quickly amended it to a verbal "No?"

She smiled and gave me a conspiratory wink. "That's what I thought.
We'll just call that a dud then."

Carmen roughly grasped my dick then she gave the head a hard painful
flick from her other finger. The surprise and pain made my little cock
deflate like a balloon with the knot pulled undone. She let me go, pulled
up my trunks then buttoned them up.

"Don't you worry little boy, I only stunned your little fuck stick.
It's not dead. I just showed it who's the boss!"

I felt betrayed, but could only say, "But....?"

Carmen repeated after me. "But?"

"You said....!"

"You think I'm gonna just send you on your way little boy? Awwww, that
would be mean of me! I always keep my promises sweetie!"

Carmen took me in her arms and pressed my head into her bosom, pressing
my cheek against the soft rounded flesh between her breasts. When I felt
her hand slip under the back my Jammers and squeeze my butt cheeks, my cock
immediately came out of the state of suspended animation she had put it in.

Carmen spoke quietly in my ear. "Charlie, I'm sure there was a time
when either you or someone you knew had a basketball or something like
that. It was something really neat that all your friends wanted to play
with. For the sake of argument, let's just say it was a basketball. The
kid that had that basketball wanted to play horse, but everyone else wanted
to play half court basketball. Naturally, there was an argument about what
game to play. The kid who owned the ball got mad and threatened to go
home, of course he would take his ball with him if he left. What game do
you think the kids ended up playing?"

"Uh..... horse I guess."

"And why was that?"

"Cause it was his basketball."

"That's right sweetie. Now I want you to think of me as the kid with
the basketball okay? If you want to play with my basketball, we're gonna
play the game I want to play, get the picture?"

"Yeah, I understand. I still want to do it though."

"Good! I was hoping you'd say something like that. Now it's time to
give you the rules of the game, but first some promises from me, okay?"

Carmen took my face in her hands and had me look her in the eyes. "I
promise that I won't hurt you okay? That little flick I did to your weenie
isn't the hurt I'm talking about. That's just a little hurt, the sexual
equivalent of a scraped knee."


"I promise you that you can do whatever you like to me, but it's gonna
be when I say, not you. I'm the one with the basketball remember?"

"Okay, I understand."

"I promise you that you'll have at least three GOOD orgasms as long as
you do EXACTLY as I say."


"At LEAST three. It could be more, but that kinda depends on what

Carmen paused, her tone turned softer.

"Any time you want to stop the game or leave just say so Charlie, I
promise there won't be any hard feelings from me. My Dad's out fishing
with all my brothers. They're out in the channel and won't be home till
dark. This little game we're playing is only for today so if you see Maria
and I tomorrow you better act like a stranger. As a matter of fact it
would be better if Maria doesn't see you. I'm sure you can figure out

"Yeah, she'll start calling my name and stuff like that."

"You got it, now the first time you disobey me I'll give you a choice.
I'll tan your little naked butt or you can leave. You won't get a second
chance if you decide to leave. Now don't worry about me making you do
anything that'll get you into trouble, I'm not gonna do anything like that.
It'll be stuff that'll test your mettle, open up your limited sexual
horizons. It won't be anything too radical. So what do you think about
what I have in mind? Will you promise to do what I tell you? I'm not
gonna put up with any complaining or compromises, I expect you to obey me
without complaint."

There was a long pause while I worried over the possibilities and
consequences of the decision I needed to make. Carmen casually looked
around to see who was in the water around us. The beach was starting to
fill up with people. She put her hands to her hips then pulled her bikini
bottom down. The water where the three of us stood was belly button deep
on her so the casual observer had no idea what she had done. Carmen took
my hand and guided it to her pussy.

"Let's just call this a gesture of good will Charlie. It might help you
make your decision. Now you know I'm not afraid to keep up my end of the

I froze in place with my hand between her legs, not knowing what Carmen
would allow me to do. She took the initiative and guided my fingers to the
opening of her pussy. I felt her warmth surround the tips of three of my
fingers, then more when she pushed on my hand. Carmen bent down and kissed
my forehead. As she bent, my hand came away from her warmth.

Carmen began pulling her bikini bottoms back into place. "Please say
yes Charlie. I'm so hot right now. I promise that you'll never ever
forget the lessons I'll teach you today."

"Charry swim me kay?"

I'd forgotten about the little girl who's naked pussy was pressed
against my side. She'd been content to splash in the water as long as I
was holding her.

I asked, "What about Maria, Carmen? She's gonna get bored and cranky if
she's ignored don't you think?"

"That'll be your first task Charlie. You play with her till you wear
her little butt out. Then she'll take a nice long nap."

"Okay I'll do it."

"Good! You won't be sorry, that I promise. I'm gonna go and get her
swimsuit cause the beach is filling up with people."

Carmen bent over and pinched her little sister's cheek playfully. "It's
time for Nature girl to become swimming suit girl!"

"Girl! Ria want girl Carmen!"

I watched Carmen head towards where our stuff was left on the beach.
Her butt was something to die for and I couldn't believe my luck! Here I
was in the water with a girl that my older brother would drool over and she
was gonna let me do anything I wanted to her. Carmen was right when she
said that my choice would be to fuck her. Even though Nadine Tucker
managed to fit my cock into her pussy five years ago, I still considered
myself at least a partial virgin.

Little Maria brought me out of my reverie. "Girl Charry! Ria want
Charry swim Girl!"

"Oh yeah Maria? Don't you know that Nature girls get their bellies

I took Maria from my side and knelt down in the water. Maria squealed
when I put my lips to her belly and blew, making a kind of farting noise.
Carmen was out of the water and preoccupied with digging through her bag so
took advantage of the situation while I could. I ducked my head under the
water then gave Maria a raspberry where her little pussy lips began at the
lowest part of her abdomen. Her delightful squeal reached new heights. As
an encore I raspberried each of her butt cheeks, then hugged her.

"Berry! Charry!"

"Oh you liked that huh little one? I thought you wanted to swim?"

Carmen came up to us carrying Maria's swimsuit. I was about to learn an
extremely valuable lesson about young children's brutal, trusting honesty.

Maria told Carmen, "Charry berry me Carmen!"

"What did Charlie do sweetie?"

"Berry! Here!" Maria pointed to her belly and I felt the blood in my
veins turned to ice water.

"Berry? What's a berry sweetie?"

Maria made the raspberry noise with her lips. I had to break in and
say, "Raspberry, I just gave her belly a raspberry, that's all Carmen."

"Oh? And where else did you raspberry my baby sister Charlie?"

I briefly considered trying to lie my way out of Carmen's suspicions,
but her next question dashed any hopes I had for a reprieve against the

"Maybe I should ask Maria huh?"

"Maria, where did Charlie give you a raspberry?"

Maria pointed to her belly. "Berry tickles!"

"And where else did Charlie raspberry you sweetie?"

Maria let out a big giggle and pointed directly to her pussy. "Tickle
bebber here!" Maria pointed to her butt as the coup de Gras. "Charry berry
here too!"

The ice water in my veins turned into solid ice. I didn't dare look at
Carmen while I waited for the slaps and blows that she was sure to give me.
They never came.

"Which raspberry did you like best sweetie?"

Carmen's voice had only a hint of ice to it. I had to look and see
where Maria would point as her favorite raspberry receiving area.
Naturally Maria pointed to her pussy with a big smile.

"More berries Charry! Ria likes berries!"

"Maybe later sweetie right now we gotta get this swimsuit of yours on

Maria made a little face but she didn't put up a fuss as Carmen and I
worked together to get her swimsuit on. After that I played "Motorboat"
with her, pushing her prone body through the water while making boat noises
with my mouth slightly underwater. She loved that game and even imitated
my noises. We played other games too. Sometimes when my hands were busy
holding her little sister, Carmen would reach into my Jammers and play with
my cock or just brush against the bulge it made in my suit. She kept me
hard as a rock, but didn't allow me an orgasm for the entire time. Carmen
would never take Maria from me either. I really wanted to try to get a few
feels on her, especially after all the teasing she gave my little cock.
When Maria started getting tired and cranky Carmen gave me my first order.

"It's time Charlie, Maria's ready to take her nap. Are you ready to be
my obedient little boy toy?"


"Okay, here's what I want you to do. Take the road that leads out of
the beach. Make a right turn at the fork. When you come to camping spot
#T-66, you'll see an old green Chevy pickup with a camper shell. There's a
large green six-man tent there too. Got it?"

"Space #T-66 right? Green pickup with a camper shell and a big green

"Good boy! Now when you get there I want you to go inside and take off
all your clothes. Leave them outside the door of the tent. I'll be there
in about twenty or thirty minutes."

"Why can't we go together?"



"From now on it's Yes Ma'am, understand little boy? Do you want to go
home, call the whole thing off right now? You still can you know!"

"No! I mean No Ma'am!"

"Good boy! The reason why I'm coming later is cause I gotta stop at the
store and pick up a little something. Something for you I might add, a
surprise! That's why you can't go with us."

"Yes Ma'am!"

"The game is a lot better if you don't question what I tell you, okay
Charlie? This is the last time I talk to you as a friend now GO!"

I heard Maria calling my name forlornly as I left the water. Once I
slipped on my shoes and tee shirt I followed Carmen's directions and found
their empty campsite. My worry that neighboring campers would spot a
stranger in their neighbor's place was put to rest when I arrived there.
The spot was fairly secluded and the people that were out didn't pay me any
attention. I unzipped the door, then the mosquito net and entered. There
was nothing out of the ordinary inside. Three cots lined two walls one
large sleeping bag made out of two zipped together bags towards the center.
I sat on one of the cots and looked around. With a sigh I stripped off
my clothes and placed them outside the door, then closed the flap.

I lay on one of the cots first but decided that there wouldn't be enough
room for the two of us. The large bag on the floor was the obvious choice.
Despite the warmth inside the tent, I climbed inside the pair of zipped
together bags and waited, gathering the three pillows to prop my back and
head up. As time passed I began to sweat so I climbed out of them. Lying
on top of the bags, I put my hand on my dick and gently stroked it. As
badly as I wanted relief I knew that Carmen would be pissed if I jacked off
so I took my hand away. When I heard Carmen talking to Maria outside the
tent, I scrambled back into the bag I was laying on to cover myself.

"Well look here Maria, Someone left their clothes outside our tent!
Who's swimming suit does this look like?"

"Charry Carmen, Charry!"

"Well let's go and have a look!"

After Carmen unzipped the mosquito netting Maria came running inside.
Her big smile and wide-open arms tugged on my heartstrings.


Maria came running to me and snuggled into my embrace, giggling and
smiling all the way.

I said, "Hiya squirt! Did you miss me?"

Carmen asked, "What's Charlie doing under the covers Maria?"

Mara looked at me then to her big sister. "Charry nappy Ria?"

Maria started climbing under the top sleeping bag with me but Carmen
stopped her. "Let's get this old wet swimsuit off you first okay sweetie?"

"Ria nappy Girl. Kay Carmen?"

"You want to take a nap as Nature girl sweetie?"

Carmen picked up her baby sister and pulled her swimsuit off. With an
evil grin in her eye she went to fold back the top sleeping bag. I knew
what she was going to do and I locked my hands around the edge of the part
that was covering my nakedness.

Carmen set her now naked sister down and gave me the evil eye. "Let go
of the bag little boy. This isn't a good way to start things off." She
turned to her sister. "Maria, what happens to children that disobey me?"

Maria looked at me with wide-eyed seriousness. "Carmen panks Charry!
Carmen panks hard!" She looked at her older sister questionably. "Ria good
girl Carmen?"

"Yeah sweetie you're a good girl, but Charlie's not doing what I say."

Mocking her older sister, Maria made a cute little stern face and shook
her finger at me. "Charry bad boy! Carmen pank Charry, bad boy! Ria pank
Charry too!"

There was no way I was going to let anyone spank me. The thought held
absolutely nothing but unpleasant memories for me. Although as a
fully-grown adult, I don't regret that my father had used a belt on me
because that type of punishment was normal in the early sixties. I was
proud that since about the third grade my father stopped using the belt,
thanks to my brother Bruce. The last time the two of us got a whipping
Bruce and I retired to our bedroom crying. When we thought we were alone
Bruce sliced his arms through the air like a baseball umpire calling a
player out. He said "Okay STOP!"

My legs burned hike hell from the belt but I stopped crying on command
just like my big brother did. When I looked up my father was standing in
the doorway. I thought the shit was going to hit the fan right then but my
Dad shook his head and said, "No more whipping for you boys. You're too
old for that now." That was the end of it for Bruce and I.

I decided to let go of my part of the sleeping bag. Carmen had to know
that I was naked as the day I was born and that her baby sister would see
me in all my glory. When Carmen smiled and peeled the bag away from me, I
knew better than to try to cover my nakedness.

Maria's eyes got big. She pointed to my four and a half incher standing
gloriously at attention. "Charry Nature boy Carmen!"

"Well what do ya know! He sure is Maria, why do you think he's naked

Maria thought for a moment. "Charry go nappy wif Ria?"

"So Nature boy and Nature girl are gonna take a nap then?"

Maria nodded seriously. She looked at my cock, "Charry dinkie BIG!"

Carmen sat on the other side of me and grabbed my erection between two
fingers. "You're right sweetie. Do you think it's bigger than Carlos's or
Ramon's dinkies?"

I almost jumped out of my skin when Maria sat down on the opposite side
of me and imitated her sister by grabbing my cock too. She moved it up and
down just as her sister had done, making a serious thinking face, then
nodded in the affirmative.

Carmen put her index finger on the head of my cock and pushed it
downwards as far as it would go then released it. My bone hard cock sprang
back up straight again. Maria laughed out loud saw how my little boner
sprang back up. When she reached out towards my cock to imitate what her
older sister had done I made a move to stop her but Carmen stopped me with
a wave of her hand.

She said, "Well as long as you guys are playing lewdie nudie, I suppose
I might as well join in the fun.

Carmen reached behind her back and unfastened her bikini top then took
it off. She lay on her back and snaked her bottoms past her hips, then
down her legs and off. I didn't know what to pay attention to. Little
Maria having a great time pushing my cock down to the point of pain and
letting it fly back, or Carmen's fantastic body. I had been anxiously
waiting to see Carmen naked so she got most of my attention.

Carmen's smooth skin was slightly lighter where her bikini had been
blocking out the sun's rays. Most of her body had a delightful toffee
color to it. Any sun worshiping Anglo would kill to have her "perfect tan"
color. Her high medium-sized breasts were full and round. I had never
seen nipples like hers until my eyes feasted upon hers. They weren't
pencil eraser shaped like I had seen in magazines. They were more like the
end of a balloon that was inflated just enough to stretch most of it,
leaving the end to stick out. Each nipple had its own vertical indented
line across the very tip. They gracefully emerged from her slightly oblong
areola with almost no visible starting point. Like God had wanted her
areola and nipples to have some special purpose or significance.

At around seventeen years of age, (I never even thought to ask) Carmen's
pussy hair was black and thick. Fortunately it wasn't so thick as to
completely conceal the beauty that lie beneath its protective umbrella.
She sat facing me cross-legged so my eyes could behold her complete beauty.
The smile on her face combined with the look in her eyes to reveal her
arousal and amusement. This was her game. It was a game of dominance and
control and she had expertly coerced me into playing submissive role. It
was HER basketball and she knew that I would do just about anything to be
allowed to play with it.

I get a raging hard on every time I recall the events of that day. How
Carmen teased me immercifully and toyed with my eager inexperience. The
lessons she taught me I put to good use many times, not to mention the
rewards she gave me for the part I had to play.

I still wonder why Carmen would contrive to place her baby sister in
such a situation with a stranger. My best argument for her actions was
that I was very young and easily controllable. Carmen had her own
perversions too. She loved to make young impressionable boys jump through
hoops and I was ripe for the taking. Maybe she used Maria because she was
the one to innocently start the ball rolling. It was an accident of fate
and circumstance that put the three of us together. Carmen was out from
under the watchful eyes of her father and little brothers for a brief time
and she took advantage of it. She had to take care of her baby sister most
of the time, so she made the best of the situation. I can't argue for or
against her morals because I was merely a pawn in her schemes. I'm sorry
for getting off track, back to the story.

Carmen saw me grimace as Maria bent my little cock too far in the wrong
direction, but that was my problem, not hers. She smiled devilishly at me
and signaled me to let Maria have her fun by laying her hand on one of my
arms. She put her other hand on my leg then moved it up my leg, a promise
of things to come if I held on. I moaned lightly when her fingers bypassed
my dick and played with my closest nipple.

Carmen reached out and pinched my sparse pubic hair between her thumb
and forefinger. The hair that I had been anxiously waiting for since my
brother Bruce had grown his. The same hair that I knew would save me from
ridicule in the seventh grade showers just a little over a year from then.
It distracted her little sister away from breaking my dick off, but in
reality she merely traded one pain and humiliation for another.

Carmen said, "Well looky here Maria! Charlie's got a little ring of
hair right here, see? It's where his little dinky comes out."

Maria got on her hands and knees then bent in for a closer look. She
mimicked her older sister once again, pulling a little too hard on my
precious few pubes.

"Charry big boy Carmen!" She pointed to her older sister's thatch.
"Carmen big girl! More there, see Charry? Carmen got big girl pooter!"

I saw the opportunity and took it. If I could reverse the roles that
Carmen had set up, if even for a minute or two it would be a victory for
me. I reached out and twined my fingers in Carmen's pussy hair.

"You're right Maria, you sister IS a big girl, see? She's got lotsa

I had hoped that Maria would pull on her sister's pussy hair for a while
instead of mine. My idea even looked like it was going to work too. Maria
started to climb over me to so she could examine her sister's bush like she
had done to my sparse few. When the smooth skin of Maria's belly pressed
against my cock, I got a pleasant surprise. The pleasant feeling was
replaced with pain when her little knee came down on my tender balls as she
completed her trek across my body. Before Maria could get a good painful
handful of her sister's pubes Carmen deftly snatched her up. With a
satisfied smile she sat Maria in her lap, facing towards me.

Carmen grabbed Maria's feet spread them wide apart. She bent Maria's
legs at the knees then put the soles of her feet together. Carmen began
clapping her feet together like a child's hands.

The three of us were all entertained at the same time as Carmen began
her nursery rhyme. Carmen savored my reaction as she showed off her little
sister's pussy and Maria got to hear her favorite rhyme.

"Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man.

Bake me a cake, as fast as you can.

Roll it, and roll it, mark it with a B.

Serve it up for Maria and me!"

Maria giggled at she bold new way to play pat-a-cake. Carmen stretched
her sister's legs out wide, then started her own version of the rhyme.

"Time for Maria, to have a little rest.

She'll do it for her sister, cause her sister knows best.

Nature girl can nappy, right next to Nature Boy.

While she's a nappin', he'll be my little toy!"

With her best tiny little pleading voice Maria asked, "Ria no nappy
Carmen please?"

"Tell you what sweetie. You can lie right here on top of Charlie and
he'll rub your back and legs for you. How does that sound? We both know
how much you like back rubs."

Carmen laid her sister belly down on my chest. Maria turned her head to
the side and laid her cheek against my chest abandoning herself to fate. I
gently ran my hands up and down her little body from her ankles to her
neck. She began to relax under my ministrations and her legs slipped open
innocently. I imagined Maria and I alone in the same position. My fingers
would definitely be exploring her wide open baby pussy. With Carmen eagle
eyes watching my every move, I knew better than to go there.

In a quiet sleepy voice, Maria said, "Rub Ria's button Charry!"

I looked at Carmen for a clue, wondering if button might be Maria's name
for a stuffed animal or something like that. Carmen blushed as if she was
caught doing something extremely embarrassing.

She said, "Uh, okay sweetie, but that was supposed to be our little
secret remember?"

"Charry no tell Carmen kay?"

Carmen gave me a stern look. "It helps her go to sleep, so don't get
any funny ideas little boy! She's only two so there's nothing sexual about
it at that age. I only do it to help her relax when she's fussy and that's
all there is to it, okay?"

I gave Carmen a confused look. She was exasperated that I didn't grasp
what she was referring to. Her guilt was too embarrassing for her to put
into words so she took my hand and guided it between Maria's legs.

"Just take three of your fingers and press lightly, right there." When
she had my fingers at the right spot, she told me, "Now just move your
fingers up and down nice and slow. "

Maria's slight smile and slowly glazing over eyes showed how much she
enjoyed the sensations that came from her pussy. As Carmen looked on, her
expression mirrored the conflicting emotions of confusion and shame she
felt. Her shame was the result of the secret she thought safe but so
easily revealed. The confusion over why she was becoming aroused from
watching her baby sister's pussy getting diddled by a stranger. Carmen's
eyes seemed to become fixed on my hand, her nipples started to pucker up
and stand out. Her eyes took on a hungry, desperate look. They met mine
briefly, and expressed a hint of the shame she felt for her increasing
arousal. I brought my fingers to my mouth and gathered my saliva, watching
Carmen's reaction. She bit her lip when my lubricated middle finger
slipped between the hairless folds of her baby sister's pussy. Carmen ran
her hand up my leg, stopping at my crotch as she witnessed the gentle
probing Maria's innocent little sleeping pussy was receiving. When Maria
stirred, Carmen's trance was broken.

"That's enough Charlie, you'll make her sore. Do like I showed you on
the outside only or I'll have to make you stop."

I wordlessly complied. My spittle lubrication was beginning to dry
anyway and I saw the truth in Carmen's words. Carmen slipped a finger into
her pussy then used her glistening wetness to trace a line down the
underside of my cock. I shivered when I felt a line of coolness down my
cock as her moisture evaporated off my tender flesh. Carmen pulled my legs
widely apart then told me, "Close your eyes little boy! Keep your mouth
shut too, you better not wake up my sister!"

I shut my eyes and anxiously waited for her touch, for added measure
Carmen put a towel over my eyes. My hand continued its gentle massage to
Maria's little pussy as if it had a mind of it's own. Carmen had already
stopped one of my orgasms at the beach and now I was experiencing my first
case of "blue balls" at a very early age. I knew that the first of the
three orgasms that Carmen had promised was going to happen. How soon it
would happen however, depended entirely upon Carmen's leisure. She began
with a series of light touches and tickles placed and timed for maximum

With my eyes closed and covered, I could never tell when, or where I
would feel Carmen's touch. Her finger torture game had heightened my
senses to a point that I had never dreamed of before. It was difficult to
endure, and each succeeding touch grew more exquisite. At times I was sure
she had wet her finger either in her mouth or pussy by the coolness that
her touch left behind. Whenever I felt her finger trace between the cheeks
of my ass I would shiver uncontrollably. Maria continued her steady sleep
induced breathing rhythm and was not affected by the shivers and jerks my
body made as her older sister toyed with me.

Carmen lifted my legs straight up in the air then made me abandon
Maria's pussy to hold them in place. I felt the warmth of her breath upon
my balls and knew her mouth was very close. I waited.......

The surprise made my body react with a jerk when I felt Carmen take my
balls into her mouth. I took in a sharp breath and held it in order to
remain quiet.

Carmen released my balls and quietly said, "Yeah that's right little
boy, your time has finally come! Now you keep your legs pointed straight
up in the air and spread wide. You look just like a young girl that's
about to get her hairless little pussy fucked for the first time."

She pulled my cock down towards my crotch then let it go like she and
Maria had both done to me earlier. "Get ready little boy, cause I'm ready
to suck on this teeny little cock of yours. You're gonna come like you
never have done before. Give me all the stuff you're pathetic little
under-developed balls have. That's what I want from you. Every single
drop of your boy spunk!"

I felt the wet warmth of Carmen's mouth envelope my cock completely.
Her tongue reached out and took my balls inside shortly afterwards. She
had all of me inside her eager mouth, from my cock to my balls. I moaned
and tried my best not to thrash around. My orgasm was poised and ready to
strike, needing only the slightest added stimulation to set it off.

Carmen also knew how close I was. She took in a deep breath through her
nose and started to hum. With my little cock nestled into the back of her
throat, the vibrations from her humming transferred directly through my
cock and spread up my abdomen. When she ran out of breath she swirled her
tongue across my glans and the underside of my shaft.

That was all it took to put me over the edge. My cock went rigid, then
fired off. I shook and shuddered while my little cock throbbed and shot my
spunk into Carmen's eager mouth. I lost the tentative grip that I had on
my legs and they landed feet first on the floor of their tent. Carmen
gripped my hips and held my butt to the ground when I arched my back. My
feet lost their purchase and my legs flew straight out. After a few last
quakes my body finally went limp. That was the first time that I had ever
came in anything other than a hand, be it mine or someone else's. As many
times as my older brother and I had fooled around, we never went that far.
The incredible sensations I experienced as I evacuated my loins into
Carmen's eager mouth was an epiphany that changed my sexual life.

Carmen picked up her sleeping sister from my chest and lovingly laid her
back down a safe distance away from the two of us. She then climbed on top
of me and pressed her pussy against my satisfied but still rock hard little

"You feel that little boy? That's my pussy and I'm gonna let you fuck
it. You've been a good obedient little toy and that's your reward! First
though you're gonna make me come, got it? You're gonna use your tongue and
mouth to lick and suck on my pussy till I tell you to stop! When I'm
through with you, my pussy juice is gonna be smeared all over your face!
Now get off your back and earn the right to stick your pathetic little
weenie into paradise."

Carmen rolled off from on top of me taking me with her. She took my
head and pushed it between her legs. I could smell her sexual excitement
as I began to lick. As you know, I had licked other pussies before.
Carmen's pussy was the first fully developed pussy that I'd ever tasted.
Her juices had already spread between her labia from its source at her
pussy hole to her clit. The taste of her sex is difficult to describe. I
do remember the slick, somewhat oily feel it had as it spread across my
tongue and invaded my senses. I've sat here for at least an hour trying to
think of a way to describe its taste and have finally given up. I can tell
you what it was not though. There was no salty urine after taste as I had
expected from my limited experience and imagination. It had a clean,
wholesome quality that drove my libido to its extremes. Later in life I've
tasted a slight sulfur like taste and fortunately never a fishy taste from
other pussies. There have been pussies that I've refused to delve my
tongue into. The thought of pussy cheese still turns my stomach to this

It didn't take Carmen long before she was writhing in the throes of her
own orgasm. I savored the feeling of power I got as she squirmed and
moaned to my oral ministrations. I continued to lick and nibble at her
nubbin until she grabbed me and pulled my body on top of hers, pulling my
mouth away from her ultra sensitive pussy.

The head of my little cock found the inviting wetness between the folds
of her pussy. When my cock found it's way the opening of her pussy, I
thrust my hips forward. The entire length of my little four and a half
incher slipped into her pussy with a single stroke.

When my pelvis bumped against the lips of Carmen's pussy, I held myself

I managed to hold back long enough to congratulate myself, "There it is!
I've finally done it! Unless Bruce got extremely lucky today I've just
kicked his ass in the pussy department! He'd probably kick my ass if I
ever tell him about it though."

Carmen moaned appreciatively when she felt me inside her. For the last
year or so I had fantasized about what I would do when I got my first piece
of pussy. All my grandiose plans to just lay there and enjoy the moment as
my cock was engulfed in female flesh went flying out the window. After the
first three or four tentative thrusts, my hormones took over, demanding the
immediate and complete consummation of the act. I began to thrust into
Carmen's pussy with single-minded determination. I desperately needed to
spew what little seed I had left as deeply into her pussy as I possibly

Carmen had other ideas though. "You just hold your horses little boy!"

Before I could do anything about it I felt cool air on my wet cock. I
wanted to scream at her, remind her of her promise but I knew that it would
get me nowhere.

My best objection was "What's the matter Carmen?"

She rolled her eyes at me and said, "Oh I suppose nothing if I were some
giggling little schoolgirl you managed to talk into letting you dip your
little noodle into. I'm CERTAINLY not an innocent little girl. You're
gonna do this right or not at all."

"What did I do wrong....?"

"Shut up and listen boy! Now, put your hand between my legs and feel
what's down there!"

I did as Carmen ordered and my fingers immediately became wet with her

"I'm gonna clue you in on something Charlie! It's a concept that a lot
of men, and just about ALL boys never seem to grasp. Why do you think
females want to get fucked? Is it that we just love the idea of getting
pregnant at an early age so we can be saddled with a baby?"

"Cause it feels good?"

"Believe me sweetie, there's way too many girls that only let boys stick
their cocks in them cause that's what the boy's want. They've never had an
orgasm or so much as touched their pussies if only to wipe themselves off
after they pee. Then after they finally give in, what does the boy do?
Three strokes, maybe four and he's all done! Then the next day he goes and
brags to all his little friends that he fucked Becky or Lisa or whatever
the poor girl's name is. That's what poor Becky or Lisa get for their

Carmen ran her finger across my cheeks, flaking off a smattering of the
dried remnants of her pussy juice. "What do you suppose would happen if
little miss never touched her pussy unless t was with a wad of toilet paper
received her first orgasm from that talented little tongue of yours? Do
you suppose she might be willing to break loose with some more pussy the
next time? Especially after she goes to school the next day and realizes
that her precious reputation hasn't been sullied? As badly as you wanted
to brag about what you had done, you kept your trap shut?"

Carmen looked into my eyes and saw my answer. She put her finger to my
lips as I tried to put it to words.

"So now the two of you go out again. Why? Well for starters, she let
you have a go at her most precious possession and amazingly she came away
with her virginity intact. Not only does she feel safer being with you,
but she discovers that sex can actually feel fantastic!"

Carmen pulled me back towards her. She placed her hands on my butt and
pushed me into her pussy. "There's a whole lot of ways for both people to
get their jollies without actually fucking Charlie. The only reasons why
I'm letting you fuck me is cause its at a safe time of my cycle. You're
too young to be all that fertile anyway, especially after that wad of yours
I swallowed."

She held me in place inside her pussy and started rocking her hips up
and down, grinding her pussy against my pelvic pad.

"You feel how you're pressing against my clit Charlie? That feels
really good for a girl, especially seeing as what little you have to work
with at your young age. Remember the golden rule and you'll end up with
more girls than you can handle. Think of their pleasure first! You'll
find out that you'll get your own thrill out of driving them wild before
you seek your own satisfaction."

Carmen grabbed my hips and pulled my cock almost all of the way out of
her then she quickly pushed me back in. She ground her pussy against me,
then released her hold.

"You see how that works Charlie? Take your time. Vary the way you
thrust into me. Now just go in and out really slow for a few times."

Carmen gave me a thorough lesson in how to pleasure a woman with my
cock. I was really surprised at how long I lasted. The trick to it was
that as we made love, I was paying more attention to her reactions than to
my own sensations. When Carmen's excitement started to build, I got caught
up in the moment and had one of the best orgasm's I would feel for years.
Carmen put her hands on my butt and wrapped her legs around mine to press
my cock into her pussy as deep as it would go. I watched in awe as she
fucked her clit against my pelvis. As her passions increased so did the
pace and intensity of the way she bucked herself against me. When she did
come, her moans and cries almost woke Maria from her nap.

Carmen let out a long satisfied sigh. She released her grip on my butt
then let her arms and legs land on where they may on her sleeping bag. I
sat between her outstretched legs and used the moment to gaze upon her
pussy. Her thick black bush was sopping wet and plastered to her skin. I
watched in amazement as my semen came slowly oozing out of her pussy. For
some reason I had never thought about what happens to a males spunk after
ejaculation. I naturally figured that it would stay trapped inside her

Carmen's amused tone brought me out of my reverie. "Go and get me a
towel you silly boy, before your splooge runs onto my sleeping bag!"

I grabbed my towel for Carmen to use thinking of the great trophy it
would make after I got back to camp with it. Carmen pressed it between her
legs and sat up, smiling approvingly at me like I was her star pupil.

She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. "The girls are gonna be standing
in line to have a go at you Charlie! You did me really good, especially
seeing as it was your first time!"

The tone of her voice and with the way she talked let me know that the
game was over. We were back on more or less equal terms once again. I
looked into her eyes and smiled.

Carmen said, "Has the cat still got your tongue Charlie? C'mon, tell me
how it felt!"

"Fantastic Carmen! I'll never forget you, honest!"

Carmen's smile faded. She averted her eyes by looking at the floor. "I
just hope you don't end up hating me for seducing you one of these days. I
guess what goes around, comes around though. I didn't have much of a
choice when it happened to me my first time. A lot less of a choice than
you had, that's for sure."

"I'll NEVER hate you Carmen!"

"Don't be so sure about it Charlie. After all, I did use my baby sister to lure you into my trap."

Carmen looked into my eyes for a moment. "I honestly didn't plan on it
Charlie. It was totally accidental when Maria got away from me on the
beach. I guess something inside me lost control when I saw how you reacted
when you realized that you'd gotten caught with your hand on Maria's pussy.
I knew that you right were ripe for plucking and I went for it. I hadn't
had more than a moment for myself since Momma died. It's been over two
years since the last time I had a lover. Even longer than that since the
last boy I seduced......"

She looked at her hands. :"Well when you're an adult I hope you don't
think too badly of me for what I did."

"Why would I think like that Carmen? I'll never think that way about
what happened, honest!"

Carmen pointed to her peacefully sleeping sister. "Oh yeah Charlie?
Take a look at that naked little girl and tell me you don't get turned on."

When I looked at little Maria, she was lying on her back. Her legs were
slightly open and her pussy was pointed directly at me. It almost looked
as though the unconscious child had poised herself that way, but I knew
better than that. She was just an innocent little girl who hadn't the
slightest idea of the significance of her role in what had happened between
the three of us. I shamefully averted my eyes.

"Let me clue you in on another thing Charlie. Sometimes children turn
me on, make me do things that my conscience makes me pay dearly for
afterwards. It's usually boys that do it to me, but I've been known to go
after a girl or two before. Do you know why I get wet when I see a cute
little boy like you Charlie?"

"Uh, no I guess not Carmen. Why?"

"It's cause men seduce women most of the time, especially with us
Hispanic's. It's the game that turns me on Charlie, seeing just how far I
can go once I have a boy in my power. When you first saw me there on the
beach did you like what you saw? Did your pecker give a lurch in your
shorts when you looked at my tits?"

"Yeah! You're a real knockout Carmen!"

"But there was absolutely no way you would have been brave or
knowledgeable enough to approach me was there?"

"Yeah, but you're so much older too Carmen."

"You'd be surprised at how many older girls might give you a second look
if you played your cards right Charlie, but that's not the point. The
point is that I COULD seduce you! Not only that but I could make you jump
through all kinds of hoops just because I know what it takes to get you to
do it. I hope I wasn't too rough on your ego when I started making fun
of....Well, you know. It's not cause you have a little dick, it's cause at
your age you have a little dick."

"Yeah, you oughta see the size of my brother's, Carmen! It's HUGE! I
knew it was just a game you were playing. I'll never be angry at you
because of that."

"That's not what worries me Charlie. You might not realize it, but
there's a good possibility that I passed my weakness on to you. It might
not be as likely to happen if it had been only me that interfered with your
natural growth, but I threw my baby sister at you cause I knew you wouldn't
be able to resist the temptation."

Carmen looked into my eyes to see if what she was trying to say to me
registered in my brain. She sighed, then continued.

"They say that child abuse is a viscous cycle Charlie. Children that
have been sexually abused tend to become abusers themselves when they grow
up. Fortunately not all of the victims carry on the sickness.

My Uncle Nestor was the first one that molested me, then an older cousin. There were others too, but by then the die for me had been cast.

"So you think I might turn out the same way Carmen?"

"Maybe. Some people can control their urges pretty well though. My
Mother, Uncle Nestor's sister was abused too, but she managed to break the
cycle. I'm sorry Charlie. I guess you'll be worried about it happening to
you now. I just felt that I had to tell you about me, that's all. Uncle
Nestor wouldn't take no for an answer. He wanted me and he took what he
wanted. At least you had the chance to walk away."

Carmen banged her fist on the floor. "That's a lie Charlie, My own way
to rationalize away my sins. You're too young to make sound decisions,
especially when it comes to sexual matters. I hope you don't take that the
wrong way Charlie. All kids your age shouldn't be exposed to sex before
they're ready."

"I've been kinda exposed to stuff like that anyway Carmen. Ever since I
was in the first grade my brother Bruce had me do sex things with him. He
even talked my girlfriend into doing things with both of us when she and I
were six and Bruce was 12."

Carmen seemed to feel a little better about herself after hearing my
confession. She took me in her arms and hugged me, then laid back and
stared at the ceiling of the tent. Her mind was elsewhere when I lay
beside her.

I asked, "Carmen?"

She looked at me and smiled. "What honey?"

"How old were you when your Uncle molested you?"

Carmen looked back up to the ceiling. Her voice had an almost childlike
quality to it when she answered me. "I was Nine-years-old. He was my
favorite Uncle too. In my eyes he could do no wrong either, I guess that's
why I never told a soul about what he did until now. Are you sure you want
to hear the whole sordid story?"

"Yeah, tell me!"

End of part 3


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