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CHARLIE'S PERVERSION Part One. b/g, m/b/g

{ b/g, m/b/g, Mast, oral, first time}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman

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Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.
Various ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts,
either willing or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult
material, close this file. If you are offended, or even think that you
might be offended by reading material such as this then go find
something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of
legal age and material such as this is legal to have in your
A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They
might contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power to you! However,
if you find yourself seriously contemplating abusing an innocent minor,
then go seek help. Our children are our future. Donít start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.

I guess the start of my sexual education started when my older
brother showed me how to masturbate. There was an old shack that was in
a field right behind our house. We called it "The Sugar Shack" which
was a popular song in 1960. Even though Bruce (my brother) was in 6th
grade and I was only 6 years old and in 1st grade, we hung around
together quite a bit. At the age of 12, Bruce was starting into puberty
and naturally he was trying to discover what sex was all about.
That first remembrance of my early exposure was when Bruce and I
were in the Sugar Shack for some reason or another.
Bruce said, "Hey Charlie, guess what I heard about at school
"Brent Matheson told me how to jack off! Want me to show you?"
"What's jack off mean Bruce?"
"Brent said you take your dick out and wrap your hand around it,
then go up and down till stuff shoots out! That's what jacking off is.
I did it last night in the bathroom and it feels really great! Wanna
see me do it?"
Naturally I was curious and said yes. He took his pants and
underwear down and put his hand around his dick. Bruce gave me a
running explanation of what he was doing. When he got to the supposed
coming part he turned to the side and pissed.
I forget how much later after that first time that he found out
that he had the last part wrong, but that's how it happened. Bruce had
me try it that day but my little weenie didn't even get hard at the
There was a girl my age named Nadine Tucker. She was the first
girl that I ever played doctor with. Bruce however got really excited
when I told him about what Nadine and I played. The housing development
we lived in was next to a citrus orchard and Bruce had me bring Nadine
there, promising that he would just hide and watch us. Almost as soon
as Nadine and I were safely out of sight of the houses he came up on
us. Nadine got scared when she saw my 12-year-old brother, even though
she and I were just walking.
When Bruce asked us where we were going, Nadine said, "We weren't
gonna do anything, honest!"
I was a little pissed at my brother because I promised Nadine that
I wouldn't tell anyone about playing doctor. I just sort of resigned
myself to letting Bruce do what he wanted and clammed up.
Bruce said, "You guy's are gonna play doctor again aren't you?"
"NO! mommy said I can't play that!"
Nadine gave me the little girl's version of the evil eye. I looked
at the ground and put my hands in my pockets.
Bruce said, "I'm not gonna tell Nadine, honest! I just wanna play
"No, you're too old to play!"
"Charlie said all you guy's did was look at each other. I can show
you some really neat stuff to do, right Charlie?"
I said, "Bruce's dick is really big and it gets hard too Nadine, I
seen it!"
Nadine bunched up her face in thought. She was about half way
ready to probably answer "No" when my brother came up with the
"Hey Nadine I gotta go pee, watch this!"
Bruce never even asked Nadine if she wanted to see him do it, he
just unzipped his fly and pulled out his already stiff cock. He turned
to the side and let out a big long stream for all to see. Nadine's eyes
got big and she covered her mouth. Although she was shocked at what she
saw, she never took her eyes off of my brother's seemingly enormous
Bruce said, "Come on Charlie, I bet you gotta pee too. Show
Nadine, I think she likes it."
Nadine turned to me half expectantly. Being little kids, anything
that had to do with our sexual apparatus was considered sexual and
worth trying. I could see that my brother was definitely getting
somewhere with Nadine, so I followed suit. Nadine giggled when I peed
for her.
Bruce said, "Come on you guys, I know a cool place where we can
The three of us went into the middle of the grove. Bruce stopped
then turned around and pulled down his pants. "Okay Nadine you sit
between us and I'll show you something really cool."
I followed my older brother's lead and pulled my pants down to my
ankles then laid on the ground a couple of feet away from him. Nadine
sat between the two of us. Her eyes were glued to Bruce's enormous five
incher, standing proudly from his crotch. We both took our dicks in
hand and started jacking away. My little cock was even hard which was a
rarity back then.
Bruce said, "Come on Nadine, Charlie and I want to see your
Nadine, who had been the instigator of the sex play between her
and I decided that it was okay and pulled her panties down for us.
"I gotta pee too, you guys want to see?"
"Yeah!" My brother and I piped up at the same time.
Nadine took her panties all the way off. She stood up and brushed
the dirt off from her butt, then she walked a few feet away and
squatted. Not being the one to miss an opportunity, Bruce scooted over
to where Nadine was squatting. His face was less than a foot away when
Nadine let loose.
"Wow! Charlie, get over here! You gotta see this!"
I was quick enough to catch the middle of the show to the finale.
Nadine had a great big "I just did something nasty!" smile on her face.
We watched as used her panties to wipe the dribbles of urine off her
pussy. The three of us had to move before her spreading puddle reached
us, but now Nadine was ready for just about anything. At Bruce's
command she gave us the complete tour of her little six-year-old pussy.
First she squatted with her legs apart while we lay on our stomachs
mindless of the dirt and leaves our cocks were against. She spread her
pussy open with her fingers and showed us her pussy hole and where her
pee came out. At the time none of us knew about clit's, but I still
remember the reddish pink interior of her sex and the bump of her clit.
I also remember the whitish yellow cottage cheese buildup that was in
there too. I was a little grossed out by that. Bruce asked her what it
was and naturally Nadine didn't know. She used her panties to wipe it
away then gave the panties to Bruce to look at. I had to look at it too
just to be cool, but it definitely didn't do a thing for me.
Bruce took off his tee shirt so Nadine could lie down on it. She
spread her legs wide and let us feel her pussy. That was my first
lesson in how ticklish girls can be there, something that I used later
on when I was on my own.
For the grand finale Bruce had Nadine jacking both of our cocks at
the same time. She used her thumb and forefinger on mine and her whole
hand on my brother's. Nadine really liked doing it at first but she got
tired quickly.
Bruce said. "Okay, I'll do it until just before I squirt then I'll
let you take over Nadine. That's the best part cause you can feel how
my dick throbs when It starts shooting."
"Okay! Can I do it when Charlie squirts too?"
"Charlie's not old enough to squirt yet, but it still feels good.
Right Charlie?"
It did feel good, a whole lot better than when I did it. Even
better than when my brother did it to me too. Yes, by then Bruce had
talked me into jacking him off. I even put his dick in my mouth after
he did it to me.
While Bruce jacked himself off for Nadine he told her everything
he knew about sex. In a nutshell it was only that a boys dick goes in
the girls pussy hole and he squirts his come in her and that's what
makes a baby. Nadine paid rapt attention to his explanations, believing
every word of it as did I. He had her tickle his balls and say all the
nasty words she knew, adding his own repertoire to her vocabulary. I
could tell from personal experience that he was getting close to coming
because his leg muscles got tight.
"Okay Nadine I'm getting close! Get ready to take over! You gotta
go as fast as you can okay? Are you ready?"
"Okay go ahead! Use both hands this time!"
Nadine grabbed my brother's cock and feverishly jacked up and
down. Bruce let out a moan then he thrust his hips up and let loose. I
was amazed at how much semen came out of his cock when he shot his wad.
It was not nearly as much as either one of us could produce as an
adult, but a whole lot more than he'd ever done before. It squirted up
in the air about six inches and landed in a puddle on his belly. Nadine
kept jacking just like he told her to do until he said she could stop.
Her arms were tired and achy but she got a kick out of doing it.
Bruce dipped his fingers in the puddle and showed Nadine how thick it
was. Nadine felt it too, but she absolutely refused to taste it.
Without asking permission Bruce wiped the mess up with Nadine's
panties. Nadine refused to put them back on when he handed then to her
saying she might get pregnant.
As soon as the three of us got clear of the citrus trees Bruce
gave Nadine a ride on his shoulders. Later that night when I asked him
how it felt, I had to jack him off before he would tell me.
Not only did Bruce describe how Nadine's naked pussy felt against
the back of his neck, he described how it felt when he came as she
jerked him off. Bruce explained how he talked her into going along with
us. We discussed how he got around her reluctance too. That was the
first time I made my brother come all by myself. It was mainly by hand,
but I sucked his dick without being forced into it for the first time
that night. Afterwards, we made plans for what we were going to do with
Nadine the next time we got her into the citrus.
I didn't see Nadine for a little while. Time is hard to judge back
then, but I'd guess it was a week or two She showed up at my door and
asked if I wanted to play. Bruce was over at a friend's house or
something like that, so it was just the two of us. Once we were safely
outside and out of earshot she asked me if I wanted to do some more
nasty stuff. Nadine always liked to use that word and we both liked the
idea that we were doing something that was taboo. When we got to the
middle of the citrus Nadine took off all her clothes. She was calling
the shots as usual when we were by ourselves. I took off all of mine
We were lying on top of our spread out clothes when Nadine said,
"Bruce showed me how to do a blow job. Do you want me to show you
It hit me like a bombshell. My very own brother had taken my
girlfriend into the citrus and done nasty things with her without me. I
didn't know whether to be mad because I wasn't included or because
Nadine sucked his dick first.
"You went with Bruce?"
"Yeah, when I came over he said you were at the dentist."
"What else did you guys do?"
"He wanted to try fucking but I told him his wiener was too big."
Nadine was right about me being at the dentist that day, but my
brother never told me about it. I decided to let the matter with my
brother pass in order to not blow my chance with Nadine today.
"What about mine Nadine? I bet mine isn't too big to try it."
Nadine's smile said everything I needed to know. I crawled on top
of her and started tying to do the deed without much luck. Nadine
grabbed my little cock and guided it to her hole. When she got it there
I pushed and she made a face.
"Owwie Charlie, that hurts!"
"I'm sorry, was I in the right spot?"
"Yeah but it hurt, let's try something else okay?"
I climbed off Nadine and sat between her legs. Nadine sat up and
thought for a moment. With a smile she scooted up real close to me so
her legs were over mine. She put her hand on my little stiffy and
started playing with it then guided my hand to her pussy.
"Wet your finger in your mouth first Charlie. That's what I do."
I noticed that this time her pussy didn't have any of that gross
looking white stuff inside, which made me feel a lot better. Nadine
liked what I was doing, but it wasn't enough for her. She told me to
lie back then she put her mouth over my dick. The feeling from her
mouth was ever so much better than when my brother had done it to me.
For the first time in my young life I felt true good sexual feelings. I
laid back and looked up into the trees, enjoying the experience. Nadine
climbed on top of me so her pussy was right in front of my face. I knew
what she expected without being asked and complied.
It was my first taste of pussy. She tasted a little of sweat and
dirt but that didn't seem to matter. I felt her body react to my tongue
and as a result Nadine's started moving her mouth faster on my cock. I
kept trying to lick her fuck hole but Nadine always seemed to maneuver
her hole away from my tongue. After a few times I felt a little hard
place towards the top where the flesh in the inside of her pussy came
to a point. Nadine stopped sucking on me and just held my dick in her
mouth while I concentrated on licking that little bump of hers. She
started moving her hips around and making noises.
"Put a lot of your spit in my hole Charlie, I think we can fuck
Nadine turned her body around and guided my little cock into her
pussy. With a little push I felt my cock pop into her pussy. She made a
pained face but stayed in place.
"It's in there Charlie! We're fucking!"
"Yeah, I can feel it too Nadine."
Nadine wiggled and moved on top of me, moving my dick in and out
of her. After a few minutes the lubrication of our combined spit dried
up. We were both getting rubbed raw and the fun soon stopped.
Nadine asked me, "Does it feel good Charlie?"
"Yeah, kinda. But not so much as at first, what about you?"
"It's kinda hurting now. Maybe we better stop okay?"
With a pained expression Nadine extricated my cock from her pussy.
She sat on her butt and scratched her pussy. "It itches now!"
"Your pussy looks kinda red Nadine, do you think we hurt it or
Nadine spread her pussy open then bent down to look. She gave her
pussy one last good scratch, then started getting dressed.
"I don't think we better do that anymore. I'm gonna go home now."
Without another word Nadine dressed herself then left. It took me
a little longer to dress. She was nowhere around when I came out of the
When I told Bruce about it that night he called me a bastard. It
was a good bastard though. I had gotten pussy before my older brother.
Bruce tried to tell me that I didn't really fuck her because I didn't
come, but I knew that he was just jealous. For about a month after that
Bruce kept bugging me about getting Nadine into the citrus so he could
fuck her but that never happened. I went over to her house to see her
but she had a new friend from down the block, a girl. That was the end
of Nadine and I, except for one last interesting item.
When I was in the seventh grade Nadine was in my English class. I
hadn't had a chance to talk to her ever since the first grade because
of some unwritten agreement between us. Now here we were in Mr.
Robertson's English class and she was sitting in her assigned desk
directly in front of me. Now Nadine was popular, a goodie goodie,
teacher teaser with big tits and one hell of a body. On a piece of
paper I wrote a little note and passed it to her.
The note read, "Do you remember first grade?"
Nadine hastily scribbled a quick answer and slapped it on my desk.
Her answer read. "NO!"
That was the end of it, except for that night when I recalled the
events of that day with Nadine in my mind while spanking my monkey.
Bruce never really had many girlfriends, but he had a definite hand in
other sexual encounters with other girls and me. Only one other story
was he directly involved, which will be in part 2. What he did do was
to start me on my way lusting after young females. Neither one of us
were stupid enough to abuse any poor, easily influenced girl as adults.
To tell the truth I'm thankful that my two children are both
well-adjusted boys. My youngest is now 19. I tell myself that if I had
a girl, my outlook would completely different, but who can say.


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