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CHEATW cum twice How had


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

Title: cheating wife Series

Cheat # 1 It Begins ... At Home


Hi, my name is Cathy Lee, I'm 32 years old,
considered very attractive by my friends both male and
female... and I love to cheat on my husband. Maybe
that sounds tacky to some of you, but until you try
it, until you feel that thrill of secretly fucking
men other than your husband, an women, don't talk. I
learned how much fun it is being unfaithful and have
been having sex with a number of men, several women and
even a few children for five years now. I have never
been caught, at least not yet, but there have been
some close calls. I found those close calls, times
when my husband almost caught me with a lover, to be
the biggest thrills of all. I think down deep I want
Dan to catch me. Wouldn't that be interesting?

My husband, Dan Lee, is a wonderful guy and I
really do love him. He is a sweet, sweet man, a good
provider, a good father to our two children - daughter 13 Jenny and son 12 Robert. My husband is also great in
bed. So what was the problem? The problem that caused
me to stray from my marital bed was I wanted sex a lot
more often than Dan did. I mean a lot more. He was
happy with it a couple times a week. Me I would prefer
a couple of times a day, just for starters. So maybe
it was inevitable that I would be unfaithful.

The first time I was unfaithful to my sweet hubby
was with his younger brother when he came to visit us
five years ago. Ted is a real sweetheart, a big hunk
and the "bad boy" of the family. According to Dan,
Ted had had sex with more women than any three guys should have. I had heard stories about Ted with his
class mates, his teachers, other guy's moms and more.
Those stories about Ted always made me curious, very
very curious and horny.

When Dan told me Ted was coming for a visit I
started having these fantasies about Ted during the day
time and on those nights Dan and I had sex, I thought
of Ted fucking me instead of Dan. Not making love but
just fucking me hard and wild. If I had been as honest
with myself then as I am now, I would have known what
the outcome of Ted's visit would be.

Ted was going to spend a week with us before he
headed on his way back home. Dan apologized profusely
when he told me the project he was on could not allow
for him taking any days off at that time so I would
have to entertain Ted during the day. I knew I was
flirting with danger as a thrill came over me when I
knew I would have that big hunk to myself a lot. As it
turned out that time alone was all that I expected it
to be and more but we didn't wait for that time even.

The night Ted arrived I had on a clingy robe with
nothing on under it. Funny how that happened. Ted
hugged his big brother and then me. I felt his hand run
down my back and knew he was aware of my lack of a bra.
Then his hand dropped lower and lightly ran over my
trim ass and he knew no panties were there either. He
stepped back and smiled at me winking. I winked back,
not real sure what signal I was sending, then Dan led
him away.

We three spent a lot of time catching up but I
noticed Ted looking me over ever few minutes and I felt
a warm flush run through my body. I posed for him
trying to show him what he was missing. I was
wondering what it would be like to actually fuck my
brother-in-law not just dream about it.. I figured he
was thinking about the same thing.

I went into the kitchen to work on dinner as the
guys talked on. In a few minutes Dan came in to get
another couple of beers. As he got them out he said,
"It's good to have Ted here isn't it hon? I sure want
us to show him a good time."

I almost laughed as I said, "I will do my part
honey." He walked over and kissed my cheek and said,
"Thanks baby."

I was having trouble keeping my cool. Suddenly I
wanted Ted to fuck me more than I had ever wanted
anything. I knew all he had to do was try me and I
would be his to do with as he wanted. The strangest
part was I felt no guilt at all. I loved my husband but
I was going to fuck his brother.

Later the swinging door pressed open again and Ted
came in for the next beers. His eyes were all over me
as he got the beer out of the fridge. Then he set them
down on the counter and walked up behind me looking
over my shoulder as he pressed into me saying, "What's
for dinner sweetheart?" and his hand squeezed my ass

I stood very still and said softly, "What do you
want Ted?"

"Don't ask a question like that Cathy, as good as
you look it might be you."

I looked up at him and smiled as he continued to
pat and stroke my ass, "Ted, Dan asked me to help show
you a good time. Do you think he had that in mind?"

It was clear to both of us as we bantered that I
wasn't objecting to his hands on my ass. He kissed my
neck where it is soooo sensitive as his hand slid up
and cupped one of my full breasts. I moaned and after
a couple of nice moments said, "You better stop that
Ted honey... Dan isn't that understanding."

He lightly pinched my nipple and I sighed as he
stepped away. I glanced down and saw his cock hard and
showing clearly through his jeans. He was big and I
knew I was going to know a lot more about that part of
him before he left. I was surprised to realize how
easy it was for me to decide to cheat on my husband.

He smiled as our eyes met and he said, "Later
Cathy." I said nothing and he turned and took the beers
into the living room.

Dinner was good I think. I had a difficult time
paying much attention to that as Ted ran his hand up
and down my bare leg under the table. He couldn't reach
very high up my leg without being too obvious but it
sure had me going. I just smiled at him and my husband
as we tried to talk. Ted and Dan did most of the
talking. I was so turned on I was afraid to say much.

The men finally finished and complimented me on
the dinner and headed back into the living room, at my
suggestion, for coffee. As Dan passed me he hugged
and kissed me and said "Great dinner hon." Then Ted
followed his example and hugged me as Dan left the
room. Ted's hands were both full of my ass and Ted
said softly into my ear, "I'm going to fuck you Cathy,
you know that don't you."

That was so exciting I couldn't speak. I just
nodded in agreement as we looked into each other's
eyes. Ted looked around and Dan was out of sight as he
kissed me with a lot of tongue and his hand covered
my mons through the thin robe. I gasped and he shortly
released me and walked into the living room to find

I was having trouble breathing. Ted had me so hot
and it was even hotter to do all of this almost under
my husband's nose. When I could I fixed the coffee and
carried it in to them. I served Dan's to him and then
Ted's I was facing Dan beside Ted's chair bending over
as he spooned sugar into his cup with one hand. The
other hand was running up the back of my bare leg under
my robe. I locked eyes with him as his hand found the
wet triangle between my legs. I smiled and spread my
legs further apart for him and I felt his finger slowly
insinuate itself into my wet aroused pussy. I held my
breath as Dan was saying something to Ted about sports.
Ted pinched my clit then and I gasped.

Dan looked at me. From his viewpoint all he could
see was me holding the tray for Ted as he said, "You OK

"Yes Dan, I spilled hot coffee on my finger and
burned it a little. I'm fine." Then Ted dropped his
hand away and I returned to the kitchen gasping for
breath since I had been holding mine most of the time.
I was now dying for my brother-in-laws cock. That was
all there was to it. I don't know how I got through
the rest of the evening. Almost in front of my husband
I posed for Ted, did the coffee refill a couple of
times, each time he played with my bare pussy under my
robe. Finally the three of us were heading up the
stairs to bed.

Dan and I went into our bedroom and Ted down the
hall to the guest room. Dan was in bed before I came
out of the bathroom in my sheer, show everything,
little nighty that barely covered my ass. Dan
had had more beer than usual and was near sleep. I
said, "Honey, I'm going to check and see if Ted needs
anything." Dan replied groggily, "That's sweet of you
Cathy. I know Ted thinks you are sweet too." The
last words were mumbles and I knew he was out for the

I moved down the hall with my nerves jangling. I
knocked lightly on Ted's door which opened immediately.
Ted caught my hand and pulled me into the room closing
the door behind me. He looked me over slowly and then
pulled me to him and kissed me hard. Did I mention he
was bare ass naked and his cock stood out like a flag

Then he broke the kiss and stripped the nighty off
of me. He cupped a full bare breast and said, "You are
as eager to get fucked as I am aren't you?"

I caught his cock in my hand and said, "Maybe even
more so Ted. Dan doesn't give me near enough of this."

We kissed and played with each other for a few
minutes. Then he pulled me down on the bed. I stopped
him and said, "Before we get too far to stop, let me
check on Dan first. I'll be right back."

Nude I walked to our bedroom and opened the door.
I could see my husband breathing deeply in sleep. I
whispered so only I could hear,

"Dan honey, your wife is going to go fuck your
brother, good night sweetheart."

It was a couple of hours later before I showered
and crawled in bed beside my husband. I lay there and
thought about how I had sucked Ted's big cock,
swallowing his cum twice. How he had fucked me in all
the best positions. Cumming so many times. I was
truly well fucked but I could hardly wait until the
next morning and Dan and the kids were gone for the

Over the next days Ted and I fucked every way
possible while Dan was at work and the kids at school.
When we weren't fucking we were talking about it. Then
Ted shocked the hell out of me one afternoon when he
said, "Have you noticed how sexy Jenny is getting.
Maybe in a few more years I may have to fuck her too."

Any normal mother would have been pissed at his
comment. But I felt a thrill shoot through my body.
Then he kissed me and said, "But I guess some other
guy is going to beat me to that cherry. She is a hot
little thing already and all the guys will be after her
butt. If I lived around her I wouldn't let that
happen. I would definitely be the first to fuck my
cute little niece." The conversation had me was hot as
hell and I took his half hard cock in my mouth and it
was play time again.

Ted loved to play as much as I did. His hands
were all over me most of the time. When Dan and the
kids were around he would find the opportunity to run
his hand up under my dress onto my perpetually bare
and wet pussy. We almost got caught so many times it
got to be funny. My favorite of those times was then
night that Ted and Dan and I went out to dinner and Ted
fingerfucked me to orgasm in the restaurant as the
three of us talked over coffee. It was a good thing it
was dark and a band was playing to cover my noises.

Well that's the story of my first extramarital
affair.. Ted and I fucked all week long and we were
both pretty pussy whipped by the time he left. He
promised to be back to see us in about six months and
we were all happy The last thing he said to me was
for me to keep an eye on his Jenny until he could get

I was so satisfied it took a whole week before my
next indiscretion, the 16 year old son of my next door
neighbor. Look for that story in Cheat #2



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